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Sep 18, 2004
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Since I've had the need to look up certain terms to use within my writing or (whatever) and I get tired of digging for links to offsite encyclopedias that may or may not still be in operation, I decided to dig up Maki's old list out of the archives. I had to make it readable again due to the effect of the server crashes over the years and I added in a scant few additions.

[Arrancar] "Rip Off”
[Jpn.: "Hamen” - "Ripped Mask”] ( 破面 )
Hollows that have removed the majority of their masks, and that have been bestowed with the powers of a Shinigami. Arrancar assume a humanoid form as a result of their heightened intelligence in comparison with lesser Hollows, and possess Zanpakutou that, rather than contain spirits, are merely tools that seal away their true power.​

[Asauchi] "Shameful Strike” ( 浅打 )
Weapons that are used by Shinigami that have not or cannot reach even Shikai level release. Asauchi are notorious for being significantly weaker than Zanpakutou, for they themselves do not possess an innate spirit. Basically, Asauchi are empty weapons.​


[Bakudou] "Way of Binding” ( 縛道 )
A family of Kidou spells whose purpose is to bind the target, though a number of spells belonging to this family are also used in communications and tracking.​

[Bala] "Bullet”
[Jpn.: "Kyodan” - "Hollow Bullet”] ( 虚弾 )
An attack technique employed by Arrancar, where Reiatsu is pressurized and solidified into energetic bullets that are fired at twenty times the speed of a Cero blast. However, Bala is an attack that primarily stresses speed over destructive capability, hence it is only able to deal a fraction of damage in comparison to Cero.​

[Ban Kai] "Eternality Release” ( 卍解 )
The second and final release of a Zanpakutou. It takes several years, even decades to attain Ban Kai, and perhaps even more so additionally to master it. Ban Kai entails the unfettering of a vast amount of power, such that even the spirit of the Zanpakutou is manifested and made most apparent within the same realm as that of the wielder. It is noted that the collective power available to the wielder is increased by several fold.​


[Cero] "Zero”
[Jpn.: "Kyosen” - "Hollow Flash”] ( 虚閃 )
A Hollow attack skill, usually reserved only to the more higher tiered Hollow entities (Arrancar, Vizards, Menos, etc.). Cero takes the form of a blast or beam of highly concentrated spiritual energy.​

[Chikasuidou] "Underground Waterways” ( 地下水道 )
The water systems that exist beneath Seireitei, which not only act as a network of water transport and sewage management, but also as an emergency medium for escape and shelter, should Seireitei ever fall. For all its vastness and strategic significance, however, there aren't that many Shinigami who are adequately familiar with its layout. Members of the Fourth Division, who primarily maintain the water systems, are perhaps the only ones who are.​

[Chuuou Yonjuuroku Shitsu] "Central 46 Chambers” ( 中央四十六室 )
The highest governing body in Soul Society, composed of forty sages and six judges. These individuals preside over the affairs of both Rukongai and Seireitei, moving to pass legislature, carry out judiciary affairs, and the like. The Central 46 Chambers, however, traditionally cannot extend their influence to either the Shin'ou Reijutsuin or the Ouzoku Tokumu.​


[Dai] "Seat”( Prefix before number ) ( 第 )
A prefix word that goes first when designating the rank of a seated officer. For instance, "fourth seat" is called Daiyonseki.​

[Dangai] "Rejection World” ( 断界 )
The protective realm that exists between the living world and Soul Society. Souls cannot pass through the Dangai through normal conventions, but with the Reishihenkanki, living beings may pass through by converting their Kishi into Reishi. However, should the gate to Soul Society close before they can pass through, they are ultimately trapped within the Dangai forever.​

[Jpn.: "Hankyo” - "Half Hollow”] ( 半虚 )
A term referring to a Plus soul whose Inga no Kusari has already degenerated beyond repair. Demi-Hollows can turn into full-fledged Hollows at any time, though this may take several months. However, should the Inga no Kusari be forcefully removed or agitated, the conversion process is accelerated. Once the full conversion is initiated, the resulting Hollow can materialize at any point in a given region, making it very difficult to track.​

[Denreishinki] "Command-transmitting Device of the Gods , AKA, the cellphone”( 伝令神機 )
An electronic communications device that is identical to a cellphone, used by Shinigami officers on duty within Earth. It allows for inter-dimensional communications, as well as a sort of GPS tracking system, where Hollows within a given area may be delineated in a mapping function of the device itself.​


[Espada] "Sword”
[Jpn.: "Juunin” - "Ten Swords”] ( 十刃 )
The ten most powerful Arrancar chosen by Aizen Sousuke. They assume authority over other Números, and are ranked as according to their level of strength, with Número Uno being the strongest and Número Diez being the weakest out of the ten. All Espada are branded with a numerical tattoo that indicates their rank.​

[Exequias] "Funeral”
[Jpn.: "Soutoubutai” - "Execution Squad” ]( 葬討部隊 )
A squad of Arrancar that apparently act in the same vein as the Keigun of Seireitei.​


[Fukukanshou] "Adjutant Badge” ( 副官章 )
The badge that all Vice Captains wear. It is primarily a white sash that holds a large wooden plate in the middle, with the Division number embossed upon its face.​

[Fukutaichou] "Vice Captain” ( 副隊長 )
The adjutant of a Division's Captain, usually chosen by hand, rather than by power level in comparison to other members of the same Division. Vice Captains handle many of the Division's daily executive duties, and work closely with their Captains on a frequent basis.​


[Garganta] "Throat”
[Jpn.: "Kyokkou” - "Black Cavity”] ( 黒腔 )
The Hollow equivalent to the Shinigami Senkaimon. Arrancar use Garganta as a dimensional travel medium, where a passageway is stabilized between the original realm and the destination.​

[Gentei Kaijo] "Restriction Cancellation” ( 限定解除 )
Permission handed down directly from Seireitei that allows a Shinigami officer on Earth to release the Gentei Reiin, which dampens his or her power to 20%. Usually, a Denreishinki is required to directly request the cancellation.​

[Gentei Reiin] "Restricting Soul Seal” ( 限定霊印 )
A strong seal placed upon Shinigami officers that enter Earth, which effectively sets their power to 20% of what they're originally capable of. This is done so that the spiritual presence of the Earth-bound Shinigami do not unnecessarily affect other souls around him or her.

The seals themselves are patterned after the floral crest that corresponds to their respective Divisions.​

[Gigai ] "Righteous Corpse” ( 義骸 )
A mimic human body constructed in a mix of Kishi and Reishi, reserved primarily for Shinigami while on extended stay within Earth, or when they have sustained injuries that require such an extended stay. A Gigai has the full function of a biological human body, but it is noted that while Shinigami are within Gigai, their powers are dampened idiosyncratically, though generally by a substantial amount.

A Gigai can be seen by beings that aren't spiritually aware, which makes interaction with humans possible, though this in itself may be one of the intended necessities while inhabiting a Gigai.​

[Gijutsu Kaihatsukyoku] "Department of Research & Development” ( 技術開発局 )
The research and development department of Seireitei, founded and first presided over by Urahara Kisuke. Its main responsibility is the research and production of various technologies for use by Seireitei's forces, which include the Gikongan and the Denreishinki.​

[Gikongan] "Righteous Soul Pill” ( 義魂丸 )
A pill loaded with an artificial soul for use by Shinigami that are inhabiting Gigai bodies. When eaten, the Shinigami's spiritual form will automatically dislodge from the Gigai body, which itself is replaced by the artificial soul. It was created for the sake of quick deployment on Earth, as well as subterfuge while the artificial soul takes the Gigai body to a safer location and/or fills in for the Shinigami.

It has been officially dubbed as "Soul Candy" after the Shinigami Women's Association deemed the name "Gikongan" as severely lacking cuteness.​

[Ginpaku Kazahana no Uzuginu] "Silks of the Silverwhite Wildflower” ( 銀白風花の紗 )
The silk scarf worn by Kuchiki Byakuya, appraised to have the value of ten houses. It is passed down the lineage of family heads of the Kuchiki Kizoku.​

[Gintou] "Silver Tube” ( 銀筒 )
A supplementary tool employed by Quincy should they ever be incapacitated. A Gintou is capable of holding reserve amounts of spiritual energy, which when used, can allow the Quincy to execute certain techniques.​

[Gokon Tekkou] "Enlightened Soul Armlet” ( 悟魂手甲 )
The red glove used by Kuchiki Rukia to pull Ichigo's Shinigami form out of his physical body. It is imprinted with a stylized skull surrounded in blue flames.​

[Jpn.: "Konkyuu” - "Soul Suck”] ( 魂吸 )
Technique used by high-level Hollow entities (so far, only Yammy has used this), where souls in a given area are sucked and absorbed. Souls that possess high enough power are able to resist this skill, though may be left in a weakened state.​

[Gotei Juusantai] "Protection Court, Thirteen Teams” ( 護廷十三隊 )
The largest military branch within Seireitei, itself divided into thirteen Divisions, each headed by a Captain. The Divisions themselves hold particular specialties, though not much is revealed in the manga to elaborate upon this.​

[Jpn.: "Gokabaku” - "Five-frame Binding”] ( 五架縛 )

[Gundanchou] "Corps Commander” ( 軍団長 )
A commander of one of the Onmitsu Kidou's five Butai, except for the Keigun, which is headed by the Soushireikan.​


[Hadou] "Way of Destruction” ( 破道 )
A family of Kidou spells whose purpose is to deal direct damage to the target.​

[Jpn.: "Seizei” - "Sacred Bite”] ( 聖噬 )

[Hakuda] "White Strike” ( 白打 )
One of four Shinigami combat capabilities. Hakuda encompasses all forms of empty-handed martial methods. Beyond that, however, not much else is known.​

[Hakunai Fuuin] "Soul-core Seal” ( 魄内封印 )
A powerful seal placed upon a soul that allows a foreign object to be stored directly within the said soul. This was used in Rukia by Urahara to hide the Hougyoku.​

[Hakusui] "Soul Sleep” ( 魄睡 )

[Hakutoumon] "Gate of the White Way” ( 白道門 )
The western gate of Seireitei's Sekkiseki walls.​

[Hierro] "Steel” [Jpn.: "Kouhi” - "Steel Skin”] ( 鋼皮 )
A particular skill made infamous by Arrancar. Hierro allows an Arrancar to compress and form a coating of highly pressurized Reiatsu about their whole form, enabling their entire bodies to take large amounts of damage and even be used as weapons themselves.​

[Hirenkyaku] "Soaring Screen Slide” ( 飛簾脚 )
A movement technique employed by the Quincy, where Reishi is collected and specially manipulated to grant nigh-instantaneous traversal over a given space. It apparently also grants limited flight.​

[Hohou] "Step Method” ( 歩法 )
One of four Zan Ken Sou Ki, the fighting principles of the Shinigami. Hohou governs over footwork, movement methods, and the like. Shunpo is a prime example of a technique that belongs to this particular fighting principle.​

[Jpn.: "Utsuro” - "Hollow” ] ( 虚 )
The result of a Plus soul's degradation, much to the point where his/her/its Chain of Fate is compromised, and what is left is a gaping hole in the chest. This hole represents the un-fillable abyss that is the Hollow's lack of heart; Hollows are instinctively driven to fill it by devouring souls, though it is noted that it is impossible to achieve such a goal.

Hollows may be purified if slain with a Zanpakutou, wherefore they may either be directly reincarnated, sent to Soul Society, or taken into Hell itself, depending on certain circumstances.​

[Hollow Mask]
[Jpn.: "Utsuro no Kamen” - "Hollow Mask”] ( 虚の仮面 )
The distinctive white, skeletal mask of a Hollow that represents a Hollow's insanity, and also acts to shield and retain the raw instinct that persists the Hollow's existence. Though the mask itself is bone-solid and brittle, it is also the prime weakness of the Hollow: should it be compromised beyond immediate repair, the Hollow is either completely destroyed or purified, depending on what was actually used to destroy the mask.

Behind the mask of a Hollow lies the face of his or her most recent human incarnation. Should the mask be broken enough that a portion of the face is shown, the Hollow temporarily loses its instinctual madness, and both assumes a fragmented personality of and recalls certain memories from the pre-Hollow life.​

[Hougyoku] "Crumbling Jewel” ( 崩玉 )
A particular item that was created by Urahara Kisuke, and also one of the reasons why he was exiled from Soul Society. It allows for the disintegration of the partition that separates Shinigami and Hollow powers from each other, effectively enabling either a Shinigami or a Hollow to gain one another's powers.

In order to be fully activated, it must be half-awakened through merging with a spiritual entity with at least twice the power of a Captain-level Shinigami, and directly activated by that spiritual entity.​

[Hueco Mundo] "Hollow World”
[Jpn.: "Kyokai” - "Hollow World”] ( 虚界 )
The desolate world where Hollows predominately reside. Hueco Mundo is a desert realm, riddled with formations of quartz and crowned with a seemingly perpetual night sky. A noticeable peculiarity about the Hollow world is its atmospheric abundance of spiritual energy. Hollows are able to more or less suppress their hunger for souls while in this realm due to this.

The moon phases in Hueco Mundo are always the opposite of those in the living world.​


[Inga no Kusari ] "Chain of Fate” ( 因果の鎖 )
A chain protruding from a Plus soul's chest, which represents his/her/its lingering ties to the living world. If the chain is forcefully destroyed/removed, or should the Plus soul remain within the living world for too long, then he/she/it is doomed into becoming a Hollow.​

[Inuzuri] ( イヌズリ )
District Seventy-Eight of Southern Rukongai, where Rukia and Renji originated from. Since it is one of the highest-numbered Districts in Southern Rukongai, it possesses a rather disheveled and dystopian atmosphere.​


[Jigoku] "Hell” ( 地獄 )
The realm responsible for holding and punishing the most sinful of souls. Not much is otherwise known about this realm.​

[Jigokuchou] "Hell Butterfly” ( 地獄蝶 )
Enigmatic black butterflies that are born whenever a Konsou, or Soul Burial is performed. Jigokuchou are responsible for not only relaying messages between parties, but also for allowing Shinigami safe passage between dimensions.​

[Josei Shinigami Kyoukai] "Shinigami Women’s Association” ( 女性死神協会 )
A particular organization of female Shinigami officers that advocate equality within Seireitei, though they are also responsible for a number of other miscellaneous activities, such as renaming certain things (i.e., Gikongan = Soul Candy) and compiling photographic images for a photobook of Seireitei's most attractive male figures.​

[Junrin’an "Wet Forest Calm” ( 潤林安 )
District One of Western Rukongai. Since it is the closest District to Seireitei in Western Rukongai, it is also one of the safest in all of Soul Society. Hitsugaya Toushiro, Hinamori Momo, and Jidanbou are known to have originated in this District.​

[Juureichi ] "Land of Piled Souls” ( 重霊地 )
A special locus that randomly replaces itself on Earth every millennium or so. The Juureichi is a place of least spiritual resistance within the living world, therefore it becomes easier for spirits to wander to and dwell within this area. In the manga timeline, Karakura Town has become the newest Juureichi, and since 100,000 souls are required as one of the ingredients for the Ouken, it is of particular interest to Aizen Sousuke.​


[Kaizou Konpaku] "Artificial Soul” ( 改造魂魄 )
A soul that has been artificially manufactured in Seireitei, presumably by the Gijutsu Kaihatsukyoku. Though most have been made to be put in Gikongan for Gigai substitution, a number of Kaizou Konpaku were created for the purpose of providing dispensable combatants against the Hollows, all in order to reduce Shinigami casualties. The R&D program surrounding this particular production has since been stopped some time before the current events of the manga occurred due to moral issues, and a vast majority of such Kaizou Konpaku have been destroyed, though some still persist (i.e., Kon).​

[Kakaku Shahou] "Flower Crane’s Shooting Method” ( 花鶴射法 )

[Kamaitachi] "Scythe Weasel” ( 鎌鼬 )
The title given to the best projectile fighter in Soul Society.​

[Keigun] "Punishment Army” ( 刑軍 )
The Onmitsu Kidou's first squad, which specializes in meting out executions and assassinations. Their duties include carrying out orders from the Central 46 Chambers, and act mainly as Seireitei's "FBI."​

[Keiratai] "Admonishment Circumvention Team” ( 警邏隊 )

[Kenpachi] "Sword of Eight” ( 剣八 )
A title given to the greatest known swordsman in Soul Society.​

[Kenseikan] "Pulling Star Attachment” ( 牽星箝 )
A distinguished headdress worn by the head of a Kizoku. Byakuya wears one of these.​

[Kidou] "Demon Way” ( 鬼道 )
A system of thaumaturgical skills employed by Shinigami. Kidou is divided into two known categories: Hadou (Way of Destruction) and Bakudou (Way of Binding).​

[Kidoushuu] "Demon Way Populace” ( 鬼道衆 )
A special, organized military force co-existing with the Gotei 13. Its members are known for their tempered specialty in the practice of Kidou.​

[Kikouou] "King of Blazing Fledglings” ( 燬鷇王 )
The gargantuan halberd Zanpakutou once used to execute high-class criminals and Shinigami accused of treason. Its release summons forth an enormous phoenix that incinerates the sinning soul placed upon the Sou Kyoku.​

[Kishi] "Vessel Particle” ( 器子 )
A term that refers to all matters the living world is composed of. They are perhaps referred to as "vessel particles" since souls are able to possess them, much like how humans inherently house souls of their own.​

[Kizoku] "Noble Family” ( 貴族 )
A particularly distinguished family that resides in Seireitei. It should be noted that Kizoku do not reside within Rukongai.​

[Kojaku] "Bow Sparrow” ( 弧雀 )

[Kokuryoumon] "Gate of the Black Hump” ( 黒隆門 )
The northern gate of Seireitei's Sekkiseki walls.​

[Konpaku] "Soul” ( 魂魄 )
A term referring to any "healthy" soul that has successfully crossed over to Soul Society. However, Shinigami are usually not referred to as 'konpaku,' and in fact, doing so may result in them being offended, since 'konpaku' frequently points to souls that live in Rukongai and do not have the spiritual capacity to join the ranks of Seireitei.​

[Konsou] "Soul Burial” ( 魂葬 )
A specific duty of the Shinigami that entails stamping the kashira of his or her Zanpakutou directly onto the forehead of a Plus soul. A glowing mark is left behind, and the Plus soul is sent directly to Soul Society.​

[Kouryuu] "Seizing Current” ( 拘流 )
The black, coagulated matter that constitutes the Dangai. Any entity that stays within the presence of Kouryuu for too long will run the risk of being irreversibly condemned within the Dangai.​

[Koutotsu] "Seizing Piercer” ( 拘突 )
A seemingly autonomous entity within the Dangai that acts as a "cleaner." It has the semblance of a very large train shrouded in black slime, and any soul caught within its Kouryuu is forever trapped within its depths.​

[Kusajishi ] "Grass Deer” ( 草鹿 )
District Seventy-Nine of Northern Rukongai. Its inhabitants are almost just as bad as those in Zaraki, District Eighty of Northern Rukongai.​

[Kyoka] "Hollow Conversion” ( 虚化 )
The process of transforming a soul into a Hollow. Shinigami that undergo this process are able to turn into Vizards.​


[Las Noches] "The Nights”
[Jpn.: "Kyoyaku” - "Hollow Night Shrine”] ( 虚夜宮 )
The utterly massive, white citadel located in Hueco Mundo. It was home to Aizen Sousuke, the Espada, the Privaron Espada, the Exequias, and among others. In the Bleach RPG, it is not yet known if the structure still exists.​


[Mekkyaku Juuji] "Quincy Cross” ( 滅却十字 )
Lit.: "Cross that Destroys Instead”​

[Mekkyakushi] "Quincy” ( 滅却師 )
Lit.: "Masters that Destroy Instead”​

[Mekkyakushi Saishuu Keitai] "Quincy Finishing Form” ( 滅却師最終形態 )

[Menos Grande] "Less Big”
[Jpn.: "Daikyo” - "Big Hollow”] ( 大虚 )


[Negación] "Negation”
[Jpn.: "Hanmaku” - "Anti-Membrane”] ( 反膜 )

[Números] "Numbers”
[Jpn.: "Suujimochi” - "Number Holders”] ( 数字持ち )


[Onmitsu Kidou] "Spy Maneuver” ( 隠密機動 )
A military body that operates independently of, but also in tandem with the Gotei 13. It specializes in the collection of intelligence, meting out of assassinations, performing punishments and executions, etc. The Onmitsu Kidou is divided up into five Buntai, or squads, each of which are headed by a Guntaichou, or Corps Commander. The head of the Onmitsu Kidou itself holds the title of Soushireikan, or Commander-in-Chief.​

[Onmitsu Kidou Daiichibuntai] "Spy Maneuver's First Squad” ( 隠密機動第一分隊 )
The Executive Force – AKA, The Keigun.​

[Onmitsu Kidou Dainibuntai ] "Spy Maneuver's Second Squad” ( 隠密機動第二分隊 )
The Patrol Corps.​

[Onmitsu Kidou Daisanbuntai] "Spy Maneuver's Third Squad” ( 隠密機動第三分隊 )

[Onmitsu Kidou Daiyonbuntai] "Spy Maneuver's Fourth Squad” ( 隠密機動第四分隊 )

[Onmitsu Kidou Daigobuntai] "Spy Maneuver's Fifth Squad” ( 隠密機動第五分隊 )
The Riteitai, responsible for delivering messages to captains.​

[Ouken] "Royal Key” ( 王鍵 )

[Ouzoku] "Royal Family” ( 王族 )

[Ouzoku Tokumu] "Royal Task Force" ( 王属特務 )
The guardian forces that protect and serve the Royalty. Not much else is known about them.​


[Pesquisa] "Search"
[Jpn.: "Tansa Kairo" - "Inquiry Circuit"] ( 探査回路 )

[Jpn.: "Sei" - "Arrange"] ( 整 )
Souls that have left their perished bodies, but have not been guided to Soul Society by a Shinigami yet. Plus souls are identifiable by the Inga no Kusari, or "Chain of Fate" stemming from their chests, which, if dismantled or pulled out altogether, will result in them becoming Hollows. Also, by staying too long in the living world, or getting devoured by a Hollow, Plus souls themselves will transform into the empty beings.

Plus souls can, to an idiosyncratically greater or lesser degree, sense the presence and approach of Hollows. They also have no appetite for food, as they have little or no spiritual power that needs to be regularly replenished.​

[Privaron Espada] "Prevailed Swords"
[Jpn.: "Juunin Ochi " - "Ten Swords Omission "] ( 十刃落ち )


[Ransou Tengai] "Chaotic Dress, Heaven’s Enormity" ( 乱装天傀 )

[Reiatsu] "Spiritual Pressure" ( 霊圧 )
A manifestation of a soul's power, made most apparent in the form of a usually impalpable pressure persisting throughout the atmosphere. The more pressure is exerted throughout the area, the more powerful the soul in question is said to be. During some points, high exertion of Reiatsu can lead to an outflow of Reiryoku, which results in a colorized manifestation of the soul's power.​

[Reihou] "Soul Law" ( 霊法 )
Laws put in place that all souls in Soul Society must follow. These legislative rules are created, decided upon, and implemented by the Chuuou Yonjuuroku Shitsu.​

[Reika Shousu] "Soul-enchanted Glass" ( 霊化硝子 )

[Reikagin] "Soul-enchanted Silver" ( 霊化銀 )

[Reiraku] "Soul Thread" ( 霊絡 )
The result of visualized Reiatsu, performed by a high-level Shinigami. This works by concentrating on the lingering Reiatsu signatures within a given area and forcefully compressing them all individually into 'threads,' which can then be seen by the said Shinigami. So far, it has been shown that a normal soul's Reiraku appears white in color, and that a Shinigami's is red.​

[Reiryoku]  "Spiritual Power" ( 霊力 )
The innate spiritual capacity and energy of a soul. Reiryoku manifests itself in many forms, more commonly as attacks or other skills that are accompanied by visual displays of this spiritual energy (i.e., Ichigo's Getsuga Tenshou).​

[Reishi] "Spirit Particle" ( 霊子 )
The atomic constitution of all spirits and souls. Reishi is characterized by its ease of manipulation (as indicated by the Quincy), and by the fact that normal souls cannot sense anything constituted by Reishi.​

[Reishi Heisou] "Spirit Particle Military Attire" ( 霊子兵装 )

[Riteitai] "Reversal Special Force" ( 裏挺隊 )

[Rukongai] "Town of Drifting Souls" ( 流魂街 )
The vast civilian regions that surround the exterior of Seireitei's boundaries, stretching on for innumerable distances. Rukongai itself is divided into several "Chiku," or Districts: eighty in each cardinal direction, totaling up to 320 in the whole of Rukongai. Districts that are closer to Seireitei tend to be more orderly and developed, while those lying farther and farther away are more poverty-stricken and afflicted by crimes.​

[Ryoka] "Traveling Calamity" ( 旅禍 )
A term referring to any soul that has trespassed upon either Soul Society or Seireitei itself, and commences hostilities against the inhabitants of the realm.​


[Saketsu] "Chain Link" ( 鎖結 )

[Sanrei] "Scattering Soul" ( 散霊 )

[Sanrei Shutou] "Scattering Soul Glove" ( 散霊手套 )

[Seijoutou Kyorin] "Pure Tower, Residential Forest" ( 清浄塔居林 )
The sealed, conferential enclave of the Central 46, located adjacent to both the Senzaikyuu and the Sou Kyoku. Unless given express permission, no personnel may enter or exit this complex.​

[Seireitei] "Pure Soul Court" ( 瀞霊廷 )

[Seki] "Seat" (Suffix after number) ( 席 )
A suffix word that goes last when designating the rank of a seated officer. For instance, "fourth seat" is called Daiyonseki.​

[Sekkiseki] - "Kill-Spirit Stone" ( 殺気石 )
A powerful stone that negates Reiatsu and Reiryoku. It acts much like a lodestone, where the negating property is present on one side of the stone, but none is present on the other.​

[Senka] - "Flash Flower" ( 閃花 )
Byakuya's favorite attack technique that makes use of both Zanjutsu and Hohou. With a special form of Shunpo, he moves behind his opponent and stabs him/her in the back. This technique was used against Ichigo to destroy both his Hakusui and Saketsu.​

[Senkaimon] "World-piercing Gate" ( 穿界門 )
A gateway that may be either constructed or summoned, used to dimensionally connect one world to another. Members of the Kidoushuu have traditionally been the sole summoners of Senkaimon, but in light of the Great Hollow War, the ability to summon a Senkaimon has been appended to the standard skill repertoire of all Gotei Shinigami.​

[Senzaikyuu Shishinrou] "Shrine of Repenting Sins, Four Deep Prisons" ( 懺罪宮四深牢 )
(Don't know why Kubo spelled it "Senzaikyuu" rather than "Sanzaikyuu"...)​

[Seppa] "Stone Waves" ( 石波 )
A special form of thaumaturgy employed by Ganju. It allows him to turn objects into sand, and similarly stir it up to form quicksand. Whether or not it is a form of Kidou is never explained.​

[Shihakushou] "Dead Soul Garment" ( 死魄装 )
A term referring to the black gi and hakama uniform that all Shinigami wear.​

[Shikai] "Initial Release" ( 始解 )

[Shinigami] "Death God " ( 死神 )
Soul Society ‘s bulk fighting and defense force, based in Seireitei. Charged with purifying Hollows, guiding Plus souls into Soul Society, and maintaining the paramount balance of souls.​

[Shinigami Daikou Sentou Kyokkashou] "Death God Substitute Battle Permit" ( 死神代行戦闘許可証 )
A permit that was given to Ichigo by the Gotei 13. It grants him acknowledgment as a legitimate Shinigami, and enables him to fight alongside and/or substitute Shinigami that officially belong to the Gotei 13. It takes the form of a large wooden badge, which itself has the ability to separate Ichigo's Shinigami form from his physical body, allowing him to quickly respond to such situations as a Hollow attack without having to rely on Rukia's Gokon Tekkou.​

[Shinigamika] - "Shinigami Conversion" ( 死神化 )
The process of converting a soul to the alignment of a Shinigami. It is an essential procedure towards becoming an Arrancar.​

[Shinketsu] "True Blood" ( 真血 )
Categorization for Shinigami that were born between two Shinigami parents. It is noted that Shinigami under this category possess a higher affinity and level of power in comparison to those that aren't born between two Shinigami parents.​

[Shin ‘ou Reijutsuin] "Cardinal Soul Arts Academy" ( 真央霊術院 )
The Academy for Shinigami hopefuls and trainees, established by Yamamoto Genryuusai Shigekuni over two millennia prior to the events in the Bleach manga. Here, students train and study in the many facets of Shinigami life, such as the use of Kidou, engaging in combat with a Zanpakutou, the procedural duties towards protecting and guiding souls, and the like. The majority of the attending students are composed of those trickling in from the populaces of Rukongai, though there are those stemming from Kizoku families.​

[Shouryuumon] "Gate of the Azure Flow " ( 青流門 )
The eastern gate of Seireitei's Sekkiseki walls.​

[Shunkou] "Instant War Cry" ( 瞬閧 )

[Shunpo] - "Instant Step" ( 瞬歩 )
A movement technique practiced by the higher echelons of Shinigami. Shunpo allows for quick, nigh-instantaneous traversal over a given space, and is used for a wide range of purposes. Extended use of Shunpo, whether it be exerted or long-distance, can result in an accelerated onset of fatigue, though this may be compensated for by extensive training.​

[Shunshin] "God of Instantaneity" ( 瞬神 )
A title given to one that has thoroughly mastered the Shunpo technique.​

[Shuwaimon] "Gate of the Vermilion Swamp" ( 朱洼門 )
The southern gate of Seireitei's Sekkiseki walls.​

[Sonido] "Sound"
[Jpn.: "Kyouten" - "Echo Revolution "] ( 響転 )
The Hollow equivalent to the Shinigami Shunpo and the Quincy Hirenkyaku. It allows high-level Hollow entities to travel at a high rate of speed.​

[Sou Kyoku] "Dual Executioner" ( 双殛 )
A place once renowned as the most prominent execution grounds in Seireitei, housing the Kikouou execution Zanpakutou, famously dubbed as the "million Zanpakutou". In the Bleach RPG's timeline, the location long since been converted into a battle arena and training ground.​

[Sougou Kyuugotsu Tsumeshou] "Integrated Aid Station" ( 総合救護詰所 )
The name of the main hospital of the Fourth Division.​

[Soul Society]
[Jpn.: "Shikonkai " - "Dead Soul World" ] ( 尸魂界 )

[Soushireikan] "Commander-in-Chief" ( 総司令官 )
The highest ranking official in the Onmitsu Kidou, in the same vain as the Soutaichou of the Gotei 13. The Soushireikan is usually accompanied by a number of bodyguards.

[Soutaichou] "General Captain" ( 総隊長 )
An ex officio rank of the Gotei 13; the Commander of the thirteen Divisions and Captain of the First Division.​


[Tai] "Team/Division" ( 隊 )
One of the thirteen branches of the Gotei. Each is headed by a Captain, and is generally populated with around two hundred personnel.​

[Taichou] "Captain" ( 隊長 )
The Captain and head of one of the Gotei 13's Divisions. They are also known to be the strongest Shinigami in Soul Society.​

[Taishou] "Division Design" ( 隊章 )
The floral design that is unique to each of the Gotei 13's Divisions. The Gentei Reiin patterns itself after this design.​

[Taishu] "Division Head" ( 隊首 )
Term referring to the test for Captainship that prospective candidates may take.​

[Taishukai] "Meeting of the Division Heads" ( 隊首会 )
An official meeting between all the presiding Captains of the Gotei 13.​

[Tenshiheisou] "Heavenly Gift Soldier Garment" ( 天賜兵装 )
The Shihouin family heirloom that is passed down from generation head to generation head in the same vain as the Kuchiki family's Ginpaku Kazahana no Uzuginu scarf.​

[Tenshintai] "God's Body Change" ( 転神体 )
A plain, mannequin-like figure developed by Urahara Kisuke that allows for the spirit of a Zanpakutou to physically manifest into the present realm. This effectively allows a Shinigami to bypass the prolonged training that is required to manually manifest the spirit. With it, Urahara himself was able to obtain Ban Kai in the span of three days, where it would normally take upwards of a decade without the Tenshintai.​

[Tentouken] "Heaven Trample Dress Design" ( 天踏絢 )
A peculiar brown cloak with a large wooden badge connected to it, which displays the Shihouin heraldic crest. It takes the base form of a sort of wand-like rod that, when activated, expels a cord that wraps around the user's arm and sprouts a set of wings. The Tentouken allows for indefinite flight, and is what Ichigo used to reach Rukia while she was held in the Sou Kyoku.​

[Tres Cifras] "Three Digits"
[Jpn.: "Sanketa" - "Three Digits"] ( 三桁 )
Collective term referring to Arrancar that were formerly Espada. They are given three-digit numbers in contrast to the two-digit numbers held by the Números and Espada. Those of the Tres Cifras are far stronger than the Números, but are weaker than the Espada. In the manga canon, the Tres Cifras were the obsolete byproducts of Aizen Sousuke's creation of newer and stronger Arrancar through the use of the Hougyoku.​


[Vizard] "Mask Worn to Disguise the Face" (old English)
[Jpn.: "Kamen no Gunzei" - "Forces of the Masks "] ( 仮面の軍勢 / ヴァイザード )

[Jpn.: "Ryokuhai" - "Green Grail"] ( 緑杯 )


[Yondai Kizoku] "Four Great Noble Families" ( 四大貴族 )
A collective term referring to the four most eminent Kizoku houses in all of Seireitei.​

[Yondai Seireimon] "Four Great Pure Soul Gates" ( 四大瀞霊門 )
The four gates of Seireitei's Sekkiseki walls, each pointing in the four cardinal directions, and corresponding to the Four Symbols (Sì XiÁ ng 四象) constellation creatures of Chinese mythology. Each gate is protected by a guardian Shinigami, usually humongous in size and holding the capacity to manually lift up and close the massive gates themselves.​


[Zangeki] "Killing Attack" ( 斬撃 )
Any attack that is produced by a weapon of some sort, usually taking the form of an energetic projectile or wave. Ichigo's Tensa Getsuga attack is a prime example of this. Spiritual energy primarily constitutes a Zangeki.​

[Zanjutsu] "Killing Art" ( 斬術 )
A combative art of the Shinigami that encompasses all fighting forms utilizing the Zanpakutou. In the Academy, since students do not yet possess Zanpakutou, training in basic Zanjutsu is facilitated with the use of bokken, or wooden swords.​

[Zan Ken Sou Ki] "Murder, Fist, Run, Demon" ( 斬拳走鬼 )
A collective term referring to the four arts of the Shinigami: Zanjutsu, Hakuda, Hohou, and Kidou. The four words in the term are more or less abbreviated forms of the four arts.​

[Zanpakutou] "Soul Killing Sword" ( 斬魄刀 )
The prime weapon of the Shinigami, usually taking the base form of a katana, though a wakizashi, tantou, and oodachi form have been shown. Within each Zanpakutou, therein resides a powerful spirit that is normally born from the Shinigami him or herself. Each Zanpakutou is strictly idiosyncratic in relation to its wielder, and affords the Shinigami with a unique set of combat capabilities in the form of Shikai, the initial release, and Ban Kai, the highes level of release.​

[Zaraki] "Vigil Tree" ( 更木 )
Name of District Eighty in Northern Rukongai. Since it is the highest numbered District in all of Northern Rukongai, its population mainly consists of criminals and ruffians, many of whom have committed the worst acts possible.​

Divine Truth

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[RPG Unique Terms]​

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[Advent Human]
The term applied to humans that, through prolonged exposure to high amounts of reiatsu, have developed a spiritual awareness. Of these only a small few actually awaken and gain special spiritual based abilities.​

[Jpn.: “Binsoku” - “Quickness, agility”] (敏速 )
Agility covers an advent human’s evasion skill, speed and reaction time. Due to the lack of Hohou, an advent human that has the same stat amount as a Shinigami’s Hohou has greater speed outside of shunpo.​

[Jpn.: “Jishuken” - “Autonomy”] ( 自主権 )
A state achieved by a Quincy that allows them to surpass the limits of their human form. A burnt out Quincy who has persevered through the state and retained their potential Quincy can realize this ability. The Quincy is no longer in danger of losing his powers after they unlock this ability.​


As a last resort, a Restrained Quincy can unleash his true power, but at the possible cost of his life. Upon breaking the glove, a Quincy begins absorbing energy at an absurd rate, forsaking all concern about burnout for the sake of the destruction of his enemy. This is known as "Letzt Stil", or "Last Style".​


[Cerberus Corporation]
The Cerberus organization is a group with debatable ethics who yearns to learn more about the powers hidden within individuals with high sensitivity to spiritual perception. They experiment with drugs to draw out these effects.​

[Chakudan] “Impact”
the measure of a Quincy’s ability to effectively channel the spiritrons he accrues when using his weapon. This stat determines the power within a Quincy’s projectile, and thus alludes to an arrow’s destructive power, barrier-breaking ability and area of effect.​

[Chiyudou] “Way of Healing” ( 治癒道 )
The third family of Kidou spells, which specializes in healing and protection of targets.​

Dictates an advent human’s aptitude to fight and encompasses the shinigami stats of hakuda and zanjutsu. The combat stat can be applied to any weapon, or lack thereof, and regards offensive ability, power and speed. A higher combat skill also assists in reading the opponent’s abilities in combat.​

The bond between a Shinigami and it's zanpakutou. It also acts as a marker for new levels in power, e.g. Shi Kai, Ban Kai, etc.​


[Dentouritsu] “Conductivity”
Similar to a shinigami’s connection stat, Dentouritsu measures the ability of a Quincy to channel the reiatsu around him without damaging himself. A higher conductivity stat means a stronger Quincy overall.​

[Douryuu] “Movement Flow”
Determines a Quincy’s base agility in order to dodge as well as, at higher levels, one’s ability to use Hirenkyaku.​


[ Emptiness]
There are qualities unique to Vizardom that all PCs must consider if they wish to maintain control over their inner Hollow. Unless a Vizard beats their inner Hollow down, it will continue to eat away and replace their persona until there is nothing left but the Hollow itself, at which point the character becomes an NPC Hollow. The weakest a Vizard can be and still defeat their inner Hollow in battle is 3,000 Reiatsu. Until that time the inner hollow’s encroachment is 3% Emptiness every week. This encroachment is the initial total of Emptiness present when masking. Once a Vizard has reached the necessary level of strength, they may complete a pit session, erase their permanent Emptiness, and nullify their Hollow’s encroachment.​

[ Erdeschalk] (Quincy Family)
Erdeschalk means ‘Earth Servant’ and is a play off the idiomatic German expression ‘Gottschalk’, which means ‘God’s Servant’. They are a traditional German Quincy family that’s been around for a long time – even early Shinigami records indicate their existence during a time when most humans were scattered in primitive societies. While they were a dominant family in the early 400s and are amongst the many supporters of the Treaty of Constantinople, they had their greatest practitioners born in the 1300s when Quincies were still struggling with their identity as a species. Recognizing that their talents were needed but becoming disillusioned about what they could do, the Erdeschalk family ended up withdrawing from Quincy political life and withdrawing into the shadows some five centuries ago. Now, their name has faded to history books to all but the most scholarly.

The family was of considerable size before the Black Night. Klein Erdeschalk’s efforts had allowed the Main Family to gather a large portion of their family to be trained in the arts. Those that travelled to the side of the Progenitor and were lost, and those that travelled to Tokyo were as well. Yet many of the innumerable branch families didn’t respond to the Main Family’s call. For some, they never received it. For others, they didn’t receive it in time. For a few, they ignored it. Yet now, all flock to the one surviving family bearing the name Erdeschalk​


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