[Ca] Week 235: The Caretaker's Quarters

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Nov 28, 2012
Tegalus Logoris office was a patchwork of broken things and small comforts.

Upon looking through the window if the blinds were open or just opening the wooden door, visitors were greeted with sky blue walls covered in framed paintings of a land that Terminus natives would be unfamiliar with. There were sweeping coastlines, endless horizons, and serene mountains; all beautiful, even though some of the colors had faded with time and wear.

On one end of the office was Tegalus’s desk. It was a large credenza desk with a lot of storage space, all of it well-organized and with each drawer clearly labelled. There was a mug of lukewarm cider on the main writing area, though it was missing a piece from its rim and had been for years. The rogue piece lay on the furthest corner of his desk, though he always found himself a little too busy with his patients to get to the craftsman a few blocks away to get the mug fixed.

On the other end of the office, you would find the couch. It was the most well-kept piece of furniture in the entirety of the office: a tan sofa covered in soft fabric and small pillows. Its most frequent use was as a place for patients to take a load off, but it could also be pulled out into a bed for someone in need to sleep for the night. Next to the couch, a small nightstand contained a few stress toys and books that he sometimes used as teaching material or for the purpose of psychological evaluation. If you moved the couch, you would find a trap door that led into a basement area.

If one were to look closely at the sky blue walls, they would find more than a few spots where the material had been paved over to conceal the holes where certain patients had vented their more primal emotions. Even the black armchair that Tegalus sat in while addressing his patients leaned a little bit too far backward. When you looked at Tegalus during a session, though, you would hardly know that his chair was dangerously close to sending him sprawling onto the ground. The casual observer might even confuse his half-closed eyes to mean that he was on the verge of sleeping. In reality, though, the Velen was untroubled by his broken chair, and refused to throw it away because he knew how far it could be pushed before it would break.

Looking past the couch and the desk, a small hallway with two doors lead towards a kitchenette. The door on the right lead to a small washroom, and the door on the left led to a small supply closet where Tegalus kept a variety of cleaning supplies and tissues. In the kitchenette was a pantry that held a variety of non-perishable food and sweets, while a flat, enchanted stone served as the resting place for a kettle. With a whispered word, the stone was capable of producing enough heat to boil water. It was one of his favorite possessions, a gift from a former colleague at the Arcanum that he had used to make tea and hot chocolate for countless people over the years.

This humble office was where Tegalus did his job, and this was also where the Velen most often laid his head.

Such was the cost of the calling, right?


This was a thing that I started forever ago before I left, but never got around to finishing. I wanted to practice detailing a setting and telling things about a character through that setting, and I figured that the place that this character spends most of his time was a good place to detail!


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