[Ca] Week 39: Prodigal Thief Returns

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May 20, 2014
1,121 words

The laicar-velen spurii stepped into a dimly lit room. Its metal walls were covered in rust and hanging swords. The bottom half of the walls were blocked by trunks stacked five feet high. There were papers scattered all over the place. On the far end of the room, there was a desk with a fat laicar sitting on the other side.

“Michael,” the laicar said nonchalantly, “just the laicar I was looking for...”

“Regenald! Buddy! How are you?” Michael practically shouted happily, “I took care of that problem.”

Michael then tossed the box of exa that he was carrying onto the table and smiled, brushing the black bangs away from his dark blue sunglasses with a gloved hand. Regenald looked at the box and frowned.

“Is it true,” Regenald began “that the man that I taught, protected, and supplied for years...is trying to get paid to send a velen to do his dirty work now?”

There’s actually a good explanation for that Reggie,” Michael replied, “you see –”

“Are you sending in that fish or not?!” Regenald snapped and Michael’s smile faded slightly, “I’m not paying you bum around and –”

As Regenald spoke, Michael jumped onto the desk and pulled out his kodachi and pistol. He stared over the top of the sunglasses and into Regenald’s eyes with a demented grin on his face.

“Interrupt me again Reggie,” the spurii said aiming the barrel at his former employer’s throat. “SEE WHAT HAPPENS!”

Regenald turned white with shock and fear.

“No one can hear you scream from behind these walls, remember?” Michael reminded with a playful smirk.

He hopped down and sheathed his weapons.

“You have your allies and I have mine.” Michael concluded.

“...Very well then,” Regenald finally said. “Normally I’d have someone killed for that stunt, but I’ll give you another chance: one last job. It’ll be in the northern side of Terminus. A rival wants to make a move on what would be a very profitable client. Don’t let ‘em.”

Without a word, the spurii turned and kicked the door back open with a skip and proceeded to walk out of the dimly lit warehouse without the slightest glance at anything but the large door that he used to exit. The half-velen man was greeted by a sunny sky as he proceeded to head toward the nearest market, staring at any window that reflected light into his eyes as he walked by. This went on until the arm-dealing vagabond was greeted from afar by the scent of a freshly cut apple. He stepped into the market place and scanned the area to find the nearest vendor with apples.

Ten guards, forty people, fifteen armed, eight vendors, fish, vegetables, poultry, beef, pork, lamb – ooh shiny!

The spurii tilted his head, smiling lightly as he focused in on the ring on the finger of a vendor holding up a basket and an apple. He placed his hands around the sides and back of his neck, holding his shoulder length hair down over his gills and semi-translucent, turquoise scales as he approached the female laicar vendor. He brushed past a hooded enlil man and paused.

That was...a spurii? Hm... I suppose the makeup’s passable, but he definitely had scales.

“...Apple time...” Michael spoke to himself with a crooked smile. “I’ll just have to meet you next time.”

Michael turned to the vendor and started picking apples. He extensively questioned the laicar woman about how crunchy and juicy the apples were, explaining that if it didn’t crunch and pour out its sweet juices, it wasn’t worth buying to him. The woman attempted to remain professional but inevitably wound up staring at his sharp teeth and the pointed finger tips of his gloves.

“Hey...” she began to question, “Are you –”

“I’ll take forty-three!” Michael interrupted, grabbing a basket and picking them quickly before tossing a stuffed coin purse at her while she frantically attempted to catch it.

Michael hurried off, biting into an apple with a blissful expression. He munched and slurped until he finished the apple a moment later and glanced behind himself.

Someone’s following me...Hm...either they’re in the market for a husband oooooor...

Michael turned around to see an eldery velen with a cane following him.

“Occultus dammit.” Michael whispered before addressing the man. “Great Uncle! How are you?”

“Hello, Michael,” his Great Uncle spat out, ignoring the question. “I see you’ve finally returned from those foolish pursuits of yo...”

Occultus take me now!! I’d rather shoot myself than hear his rambling. Get a job – a real job! Get married – to a velen woman! No more ‘jobs!’ leave those laicar and enlil alone! Learn how to shoot if you’re going to carry a gun! AGH!

The spurii wilted visibly, disappointed at the lecture before becoming sidetracked and starting to dance.

“Michael!” the velen yelled.

“Yes Great Uncle?” Michael said quietly as he began to put the apples into the bag strapped to his back and looked at his Great Uncle from behind his sunglasses.

“Pay them a visit soon,” Great Uncle replied before turning away and hobbling off.

I will Great Uncle. I just had to make sure it was safe first...I’m coming home soon.

Michael headed west toward the house he had bought for himself and his favorite laicar woman. The chatter of those around him became like a buzzing noise in his ears. His overly thick clothing made him sweat to the point of considering taking off his hooded coat, regardless of what he was hiding under it – if only for a moment to cool off.

Why couldn’t I be full velen? Then I could just take this off. I wouldn’t have to hide so that mother can keep...her...secret...her secret...wait, why do I have to keep it secret anymore? Why do I care? I don’t perform here, so it doesn’t affect my audience...

Michael walked into an alley and started climbing one of the buildings by the cracks between the bricks. He had a light, yet firm grip as he made sure he did not get any of his ten claws stuck in any cracks.

Thank Occultus for Kivuli...

He grinned as he reached the top of the five floored brick motel. He let out a sigh of relief as he sat and removed his coat, shirt, and gloves. He pulled ot an apple with a smile and took a bite out of an apple that he didn’t put in the back and peered down at himself.

Hot damn, I’m too sexy to hide all the time...I wonder why Grandmother was here...

Just then an elderly laicar woman burst through the access door and stared at Michael in horror.

“Oh, hello Grandmother,” Michael said with a curious look.
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