Chase Tincliffe

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Feb 16, 2008
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Username: Beaks

Character Name: Chase (Formerly Darius) Tincliffe (They/Them)

Age: 19

Race: Laicar (Terran)
If Spurii, Select Bloodlines:
Racial Trait:
Laicar - Adrenaline Rush (Enhanced Run Speed)

Chase has built their reputation of competence and dependability over the course of several years, tempered with a deep-seeded stubbornness that constantly finds itself at odds with their professionalism. They nurse a anxious streak that often supersedes their speech, taking on gigs that carry excessive risk with little more than a jilted stutter.

Despite their sometimes faltering speech, Chase works to retain a sense of professionalism and courtesy, whether speaking to clients or being led off for questioning when a job goes sour. So long as a job holds a promise to pursue the ever-fleeting runner's high, Chase will be there.

Physical Appearance:
Chase has sandy blond hair that they keep in a tight braid at the back of their head. Their features would have once been called delicate, but now their skin is tanned and freckled from near-constant sun exposure, and the beginnings of wind scarring are starting to take hold on their cheeks. Chase's eyes are a muddied hazel and they constantly flit back and forth when speaking to others, a byproduct from years of looking over their shoulder.

Their frame is thin and shows telltale areas where muscle has grown strong, but chosen not to be protrusile. They dress in functional and no-nonsense apparel, opting for clothing that remains close to the body but still affords flexibility and freedom of movement. The majority of this clothing is in muted earth tones, save for a piece of red cloth tied at the right wrist. Due to both the excessive running and the nervous tic of tapping their toes while idle, Chase goes through footwear at an alarming rate.

Chase was born Darius Tincliffe, a no count nothing from two no count parents in the slums of what many consider 'Old' Terminus. Darius's parents quickly proved unfit for the duties of parenthood, and the child moved down a steady slope from living with aunts and uncles to living with family friends, and finally being forgotten altogether and left to eke out their own living.

On their tenth birthday, they would be involved in an incident that would forever change their life. Chase happened to be trying their luck as a cutpurse in the Ruby Jewel when another group who was engaged in some petty thievery of their own pointed accusing fingers at Chase, declaring they were a thief. While the guards went after Chase, the other criminals were able to carry out their job. This pursuit forced Chase into a headlong dash, and in it they felt the race of excitement and adrenaline for the first time. The world and all its circumstances faded away, and for a fleeting instant everything just... fit.

After the initial escape, Chase began to keep lookout for other criminals in the shopping districts and volunteered over and over to be a red herring to any nearby guards for a cut of whatever was being stolen. As their competence grew they approached others in the criminal circles to expand the tricks available to them, eventually becoming adept with explosives. While it would be arguably easier to make bombs that injured or killed, Chase instead opted to use devices that either emitted bright light or smoke or sound in order to mislead and disorient pursuers. Eventually, Chase met a fellow criminal versed in the arcane, and managed to learn enough of the Contractor's talent to call their own familiar. The familiar itself is a squat and warty little thing resembling a purple toad with long teeth, diminutive bat-like wings, and two independently moving eyes. Dubbing the little creature with the name of Cribbage, Chase has continued to make a name for themselves by being capable, reliable, and (For reasons known only to them) 'working clean,' taking no part in the baser work of murder or manslaughter.

Skill 1: Discipline of Pugilis (Brawler - Unarmed Melee Combat)
Skill 2: Way of Cannonis (Bomber - Explosives)
Skill 3: School of Aquila (Protective Magic)
Skill 4: Calling of Pythonis (Familiar Contractor - Recovery Magic Minions)


Writing Week is 328

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