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<div class="bbWrapper">You asked for it. So here it is.<br /> <br /> I'll start:<br /> <br /> <br /> <b>duo797</b>: That D is one fine piece of man candy<br /> <br /> <b><br /> Winduril</b>: ...oh God<br /> <br /> 27:47<br /> I just got it<br /> <br /> 27:50<br /> Urahara's Bankai<br /> <br /> 27:52<br /> is cocaine</div>


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Jan 8, 2005
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SigmaParadox9: well
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RedBeanPanda: um yeah.
Majin0822: Oh.
SigmaParadox9: we seem to be hated by the aim people
RedBeanPanda: okay.
Tengen1112: yeah
RedBeanPanda: that was hot.
Majin0822: I rejoined.
Majin0822: I use AIM.
Majin0822: And it stopped showing text.
Majin0822: >>
Majin0822: <<
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Winduril: o_o
SigmaParadox9: ....o.o
impzie: lol
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<div class="bbWrapper"><div class="bbCodeBlock bbCodeBlock--expandable bbCodeBlock--quote"> <div class="bbCodeBlock-title"> kokoninja said: </div> <div class="bbCodeBlock-content"> <div class="bbCodeBlock-expandContent"> You asked for it. So here it is.<br /> <br /> I'll start:<br /> <br /> <br /> <b>duo797</b>: That D is one fine piece of man candy<br /> <br /> <b><br /> Winduril</b>: ...oh God<br /> <br /> 27:47<br /> I just got it<br /> <br /> 27:50<br /> Urahara's Bankai<br /> <br /> 27:52<br /> is cocaine </div> <div class="bbCodeBlock-expandLink"><a>Click to expand...</a></div> </div> </div>......Wow such a very intriguing and productive convo amongst the highly intelligent and shiney rpgers of BF <img src="" class="smilie smilie--sprite smilie--sprite7" alt=":p" title="Stick Out Tongue :p" />....sowwy, just spam from me....<img src="" class="smilie smilie--sprite smilie--sprite3" alt=":(" title="Frown :(" /><br /> <br /> Just wanna see what goes on in ze RPG world before joinage 8D</div>


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Sep 29, 2005
Wandering Rukongai
Makoto Satonaka: My Ban Kai automatically makes your face magnetically attracted to Kanie's chest
RedBeanPanda: o.o!
Majin0822: That's a good Ban Kai.
RedBeanPanda: god i want that ban kai <.<
Makoto Satonaka: Yes it is
Majin0822: *Would willingly fall for that one*
xXSonRyogaXx: lol
Majin0822: >>
Makoto Satonaka: I'd use it on myself everyday
Majin0822: <<
Majin0822: XD
RedBeanPanda: ROFL
xXSonRyogaXx: so mak
xXSonRyogaXx: I used
Majin0822: I'd beg Mak to use it on me.
xXSonRyogaXx: momiji zenmetsuken
toolazypinoy: che, i have yuri
Makoto Satonaka: So if you see me arbitrarily floating off somewhere
toolazypinoy: n___n
xXSonRyogaXx: today
RedBeanPanda: its like "Uh, is Sougen using Ban Kai in Seireitei AGAIN?


<div class="bbWrapper"><span style="color: DarkSlateBlue"><span style="font-size: 10px"><span style="font-family: 'Times New Roman'"> <div class="bbCodeBlock bbCodeBlock--expandable bbCodeBlock--quote"> <div class="bbCodeBlock-title"> Sho-kun said: </div> <div class="bbCodeBlock-content"> <div class="bbCodeBlock-expandContent"> Makoto Satonaka: My Ban Kai automatically makes your face magnetically attracted to Kanie's chest<br /> RedBeanPanda: o.o!<br /> Majin0822: That's a good Ban Kai.<br /> RedBeanPanda: god i want that ban kai &lt;.&lt;<br /> Makoto Satonaka: Yes it is<br /> Majin0822: *Would willingly fall for that one*<br /> xXSonRyogaXx: lol<br /> Majin0822: &gt;&gt;<br /> Makoto Satonaka: I'd use it on myself everyday<br /> Majin0822: &lt;&lt;<br /> Majin0822: XD<br /> RedBeanPanda: ROFL<br /> xXSonRyogaXx: so mak<br /> xXSonRyogaXx: I used<br /> Majin0822: I'd beg Mak to use it on me.<br /> xXSonRyogaXx: momiji zenmetsuken<br /> toolazypinoy: che, i have yuri<br /> Makoto Satonaka: So if you see me arbitrarily floating off somewhere<br /> toolazypinoy: n___n<br /> xXSonRyogaXx: today<br /> RedBeanPanda: its like &quot;Uh, is Sougen using Ban Kai in Seireitei AGAIN? </div> <div class="bbCodeBlock-expandLink"><a>Click to expand...</a></div> </div> </div><br /> <br /> ...<br /> <br /> you guys make studying freaking impossible. &gt;.&gt;<br /> <br /> (my friends are going to take my computer away if you post anymore of these.)<br /> <br /> *hugs toki to the bosom anyway*<br /> <br /> ...<br /> </span></span></span></div>


<div class="bbWrapper">chaoticbluez: you don't like my penis ;_:<br /> impzie: *flush redder*<br /> chaoticbluez: WHAT!?<br /> IT'S NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU?<br /> impzie: ...nuuuuuuuuuuu<br /> sho-chan: Who doesn't love Koko's Penis?<br /> impzie: Sorry master!<br /> sho-chan: *Purrrs*<br /> chaoticbluez: That's right, biotch. &gt;&lt;</div>
Mar 19, 2005
Crowley said:


you guys make studying freaking impossible. >.>

(my friends are going to take my computer away if you post anymore of these.)

*hugs toki to the bosom anyway*


xD Weee, hellooo Crow :3

*uses Ban Kai and floats off... somewhere >;3*

Lil' Tailor

<div class="bbWrapper">Dragkonias: What are you going to do?<br /> Dragkonias: Bleed on me with your slit wrists fueled with burning angst?<br /> <br /> *<br /> <br /> Dragkonias: Though...seeing half naked woman pillow fight has never made me want a budweiser. It has however, made me want to have a half-naked woman.<br /> <br /> *<br /> <br /> kunoich1: *avoids stealthninjapenguin wrath by camouflaging self as penguin*<br /> kunoich1: *waddles*<br /> <br /> *<br /> <br /> RabidDreams: Kuno, play nice or you'll be sold to the nasty people in the house on the hill<br /> <br /> *<br /> <br /> SigmaParadox9: there's leftover people in the refrigerator<br /> SigmaParadox9: wait<br /> TheUnsaneSaint: hrm...<br /> SigmaParadox9: leftover people?<br /> SigmaParadox9: .....<br /> SigmaParadox9: &lt;_&lt;<br /> SigmaParadox9: *pizza<br /> SigmaParadox9: &gt;_&gt;<br /> <br /> *<br /> <br /> Ruroken89: is it possible to bruise a bone?<br /> Ruroken89: how do you know if it's bruised?<br /> ShiggtyLuffLuff: Pain?<br /> Tengen1112: ...if it hurts?<br /> shimizujei: poke it ._.<br /> Ruroken89: I did<br /> Ruroken89: it hurt<br /> shimizujei: k its bruised<br /> <br /> *<br /> <br /> Dragkonias: I don't understanding racing<br /> Dragkonias: It's like watching fast traffic<br /> <br /> *<br /> <br /> SigmaParadox9: grammar is my friend<br /> SigmaParadox9: and when people disrespect my friends, they disrespect me<br /> SigmaParadox9: and people that disrespect me cease to be people<br /> SigmaParadox9: *turns them into happy little rodents*<br /> <br /> *<br /> <br /> Makoto Satonaka: The distance from your mom to my pants seems to shrink when you're asleep <img src="" class="smilie smilie--sprite smilie--sprite12" alt="o_O" title="Er... what? o_O" /><br /> <br /> *<br /> <br /> Flaiyer: Kento's friend: You just need some deep ****in' baby<br /> ChaosBandit2k: She was very cuddly with girls<br /> TheIgawa: then your freind was lucky<br /> Flaiyer: Girl: You're asian<br /> Flaiyer: Him: you're a lesbian<br /> ChaosBandit2k: Actually<br /> ChaosBandit2k: it was like<br /> Flaiyer: *girl strangles him*<br /> ChaosBandit2k: &quot;I'll do you so hard, you hit straight, lesbo, than straight.&quot;<br /> ChaosBandit2k: Me &quot;...What the Hell?&quot;<br /> TheIgawa: omg Kento....<br /> ChaosBandit2k: Girl &quot;Bobby, you **** face.&quot;<br /> Flaiyer: *laughs*<br /> ChaosBandit2k: Me &quot;...Bobby, did your brother get all the suave in the family?&quot;<br /> TheIgawa: old is that idiot<br /> ChaosBandit2k: Bobby &quot;Shut up Peter, and listen baby. I know you like to be a rug muncher, but I got what it takes to make you on the winning team.&quot;<br /> ChaosBandit2k: Me &quot;...&quot;<br /> ChaosBandit2k: Girl &quot;....&quot;<br /> Flaiyer: lol<br /> TheIgawa: *explodes with laughter*<br /> ChaosBandit2k: And somewhere after the silence<br /> ChaosBandit2k: He was getting strangled<br /> ChaosBandit2k: and I was trying to stop her<br /> <br /> *<br /> <br /> kunoich1: i recently realized i'm secretly a ruki x renji fan. which when i think consciously about it, seems so wrong, but when i don't think about it and just go with the emotions, is so right.<br /> <br /> *<br /> <br /> i3a12f: i had a bunch of chicks once<br /> i3a12f: my grandma cooked them<br /> i3a12f: they were tasty<br /> i3a12f: i don't think the store would've sold them to us if they knew we were going to eat em<br /> <br /> *<br /> <br /> Flaiyer: *nudges* what about quincigami <br /> Flaiyer: *hides*<br /> Loser kun: =|<br /> Loser kun: they make me sad<br /> Loser kun: very sad</div>
May 6, 2005
Urahara Shoten
AngryPolkaBoy: *chibi-makes a blanket out of roo's sleeves*
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Ururublue: *looks down at chibi Polkie*
Ururublue: *picks him up and puts him in terrarium*
shimizujei: o.o
shimizujei: XD
Ururublue: *watches him run on hamster wheel*
AngryPolkaBoy: o.o
shimizujei: *pokes polka*
Ururublue: *feeds him chibi snax to make him grow tall*
AngryPolkaBoy: *poked by a HUGE finger*
shimizujei: ._.
Ururublue: lol
shimizujei: he must be super chibi @_@
Ururublue: ayup
shimizujei: *gets a magnifying glass and exmaines polka through it*
AngryPolkaBoy: *chibi-munches chibi-snax*
AngryPolkaBoy: *gets burned by the sun light*
AngryPolkaBoy: ><
shimizujei: ._.
shimizujei: *the room is dark though ._.*
Ururublue: *dabs on the sunscreen*
AngryPolkaBoy: *runs around as a chibi fire ball*
shimizujei: *puts magnifying glass on the table and searches for the light source*
Ururublue: *picks chibi up and dunks him in the water bowl*
shimizujei: *finds a flashlight that was burning polka*
AngryPolkaBoy: *sizzles*
Winduril: * o_o*


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Apr 8, 2005
JyuukenNoJubei: YOU ROCK
(22:40:41) ChaoticBlueZ: i do?
(22:40:44) JyuukenNoJubei: yes
(22:40:46) JyuukenNoJubei: everyone
(22:40:47) JyuukenNoJubei: tell ehr
(22:41:03) ChaoticBlueZ: why do I rock
(22:41:08) JyuukenNoJubei: because
(22:41:10) JyuukenNoJubei: your koko
(22:41:16) ChaoticBlueZ: aww
(22:41:16) JyuukenNoJubei: thats enough of a reason
(22:41:21) ChaoticBlueZ: didn't I tie you to a chair once
(22:41:25) toolazypinoy: LOL
(22:41:27) JyuukenNoJubei: <.<
(22:41:29) JyuukenNoJubei: and whipped me

TheUnsaneSaint: I'm making hot, passionate lurve to Windy. Leave me be.
(19:53:31) SigmaParadox9: ....
(19:53:32) Ruroken89: o_O;;;;;;;;;;;
(19:53:33) SaffireDT: ._.
(19:53:33) RedBeanPanda: o.o
(19:53:37) Avilister: *cough*
(19:53:39) SigmaParadox9: er

SigmaParadox9: did requiem totally ignore my toe-stabbing attack?
(00:00:26) Ari Muramatsu: lmao
(00:00:27) Flaiyer: no
(00:00:30) Flaiyer: he talked about it

Tengen1112: what is the loser's aim screenname?
(21:02:41) RedBeanPanda: redbeanpanda. -.-
(21:02:42) Tengen1112: he writes a lot @_@
(21:02:44) Tengen1112: oh
(21:02:48) Tengen1112: wait a sec...
RedBeanPanda: lol
(21:02:49) AngryPolkaBoy: rofl
(21:02:51) Tengen1112: wait...
(21:02:52) Tengen1112: whoa.
(21:02:53) RedBeanPanda: haha
(21:02:56) Tengen1112: this is scary.

Tengen1112: a quote from my friend from a week ago: "Advent children...that movie sounds like children are gonna be raped."
(21:27:33) Ururublue: ah, found the Nipponsei file
(21:27:43) Ururublue: huh?
(21:27:48) Ururublue: where'd they get that?
(21:27:52) Tengen1112: i duuno
(21:27:55) Tengen1112: she's not big on anime
(21:28:02) Ururublue: Advent does not sound like Abduct

ChaoticBlueZ: q43 you w34iouw
(22:13:54) ChaoticBlueZ: wow
(22:13:54) Tengen1112: >_,
(22:13:56) ChaoticBlueZ: are you serious*
Loser kun: =o
(22:14:02) Ruroken89: O____o;;;
(22:14:03) Loser kun: code talk!

TheRisingSun921: spoons with crow
(23:42:46) Flaiyer: ...
(23:42:46) Crowliee: lol
(23:42:46) Loser kun: o___o
(23:42:47) Jhaxavier: 0.0
(23:42:49) TheIgawa: o.o
(23:42:50) Ruroken89: O_O
(23:42:54) Jhaxavier: O_O
(23:42:58) Ururublue: o_O
(23:42:59) RedBeanPanda: o.o

ChaosBandit2k: I'm going into that
(00:45:41) ChaosBandit2k: anime fighting competition
(00:45:46) ChaosBandit2k: Where people with weapons
(00:45:48) ChaosBandit2k: can duke it out
(00:45:49) ChaosBandit2k: o.o
(00:45:54) ChaoticBlueZ: do you know kendo
(00:45:57) impzie: ohhhh...ok
(00:46:00) ChaosBandit2k: Hell no
(00:46:00) impzie: koko...
(00:46:06) ChaosBandit2k: I'll just beat them up with a metal rod
(00:46:12) Ururublue: ahh

SigmaParadox9: they gonna get tetanus?
SigmaParadox9: tetenus...
SigmaParadox9: titanus....
SigmaParadox9: titans....
Ruroken89: o.o
Ruroken89: *watches deus' spelling skillz disappear*
SigmaParadox9: titan
Tengen1112: hmmmm
SigmaParadox9: titty
SigmaParadox9: <_<
Ruroken89: deus
LadySt3ph: O-o
SigmaParadox9: *dies*
Ruroken89: do you remember what you were trying to spell?
SigmaParadox9: tetanus
SigmaParadox9: ..
Ruroken89: LMAO
SigmaParadox9: I dun really know sometimes.....
SigmaParadox9: so i just throw vowels in there for the fun of it

Loser kun: no, but its got a vaguely homosexual character that likes to dress up as a clown
SigmaParadox9: lol
Dragkonias: ..ah...
Loser kun: and expose himself to little boys
SigmaParadox9: o.o;;
SaffireDT: ...
Loser kun: *coughs*hisoka*coughs*
SaffireDT: ><
kunoich1: ... that's vaguely homosexual???

TheUnsaneSaint: CHICKEN!
TheUnsaneSaint: Be my wife?
Ruroken89: ........
SleeepieS: lol.
Ruroken89: .....................
TheUnsaneSaint: lol
Ruroken89: -_-;;;;
SleeepieS: or i'll claim you as a wife, kioh.
toolazypinoy: i thought kioh was my *****
Ruroken89: ................
TheUnsaneSaint: No...
Saiyoisen: ...
TheUnsaneSaint: Kioh is my *****
Ruroken89: ...............
TheUnsaneSaint: *cuddles Kioh*
SleeepieS: kioh... you're.... in demand.
Ruroken89: ........
Tengen1112: o.o
SleeepieS: maybe i'll claim teng as my wife then.

Saiyoisen: geez, i pop in for one second and i see a mental image of justin timberlake getting ****ed by a semi

Flaiyer: actually
Flaiyer: if I hit him with that first attack
Flaiyer: he'd have died
SigmaParadox9: ....
SigmaParadox9: 'that first attack'
Flaiyer: dude...
SigmaParadox9: what did you do?
Flaiyer: 18 shots to the skull would ****ing hurt
SigmaParadox9: ...
Dragkonias: Oh that attack
Dragkonias: That's why I moved

Dragkonias: I think I should create a walky-talky kidou
SigmaParadox9: Tentei Kuura, Drag
Dragkonias: Well
Dragkonias: Tentei is expensive
Dragkonias: And its one-way
Dragkonias: I wanted a two way one
SaffireDT: So invent a walkie-talkie. :p
Dragkonias: Oh
Dragkonias: I could do that

Dragkonias: So basically he and his nazi super soldier army attacked the backbone of the America economy...Mcdonalds
(22:30:12) Dragkonias: But they chose the wrong Mcdonolds
(22:30:14) Ruroken89: weren't we supposed to like
(22:30:20) Ruroken89: reinvite Kiwi... oh...
(22:30:26) Saiyoisen: Oh yeah
(22:30:30) Saiyoisen: 6 mins ago
(22:30:33) Ruroken89: 5-6 minutes ago?
(22:30:34) Ruroken89: yeah
(22:30:44) Dragkonias: Because I was only a field trip see our school was poor and couldn't afford to go anywhere nice. So they sent us to Mcdonalds
(22:30:50) ChaoticBlueZ entered the room.
(22:30:57) Dragkonias: But anyway, back to the supernazis
(22:31:18) Dragkonias: Like I was waiting in line for an hour
(22:31:34) Dragkonias: and when they took it know I wasn't going to take that ****. I wanted my value meal
(22:32:27) Saiyoisen: anyway, we should start initiating noobs
(22:32:35) Saiyoisen: something funny and degrading
(22:32:39) Dragkonias: So like...I unwrapped a nearby spork. And they all came at me. I poked the first guy in the eye, and he started screaming like a *****. So I punched him in the chest, because I'm hella tough, and he exploded
(22:33:09) Ruroken89: hmm
(22:33:13) Ruroken89: have them talk to drag
(22:33:32) Crowliee: 'initiating newbs'?
(22:33:35) Dragkonias: So then the next guy came out me, and I didn't fell like wasting my time with him. All I remember was that I killed him in a matter of seconds
(22:33:39) Crowliee: o_O
(22:33:56) Ruroken89: yeah
(22:33:58) Ruroken89: fun fun fun~
(22:34:08) Ruroken89: they can listen to Drag and his awesomeness
(22:34:13) Ruroken89: if they sit through it
(22:34:14) Dragkonias: Then the rest of them finally started to recognize my mad skillz, so I had to bust out my ninja powers. And I was like "Iku Zo"
(22:34:16) Ruroken89: they're initiated
(22:34:22) Ruroken89: if not... well...
(22:34:25) Ruroken89: ._.
(22:34:39) Mattaku Yazama: Hurray for numb thumb.
(22:34:40) Dragkonias: And then I saved the day, and I got a lifetime supply of freedom fries
(22:34:53) Dragkonias: That's how I saved America with a spoon
(22:34:53) Saiyoisen: we get to dress them up and make them drink sake till they are silly
(22:35:00) Dragkonias: It was awesome
(22:35:09) Dragkonias: Hmmm
(22:35:11) Saiyoisen: but you didn't drag
(22:35:15) Saiyoisen: you used a spork
(22:35:16) Dragkonias: ...
(22:35:19) Crowliee: lol
(22:35:20) SaffireDT: PWNT
(22:35:27) Mattaku Yazama: Hahaha.
(22:35:29) Dragkonias: My triumph is now meaningless

Dragkonias: I wouldn't sacrifice Flay
toolazypinoy: too impure? XD
Tengen1112: flay's already sacrificed
Dragkonias: He's like damaged goods
SleeepieS: lol
Tengen1112: xD
SleeepieS: i was waitinf ro that.
Dragkonias: and he would just confuse the gods

i3a12f: but it was funny
(03:46:16) i3a12f: when wind and saint were rp'ing
(03:46:23) i3a12f: and sosugu's like, what foos?
(03:46:27) i3a12f: and they're like
(03:46:34) i3a12f: hmm, we should beat him
(03:46:36) i3a12f: or something
(03:46:41) i3a12f: maybe i'm just making it up
(03:46:47) toolazypinoy: hahaha
(03:46:48) i3a12f: but it is a rahter fond memory

toolazypinoy: and... poke ouchy several times
(03:41:02) i3a12f: but why?
(03:41:14) toolazypinoy: because
(03:41:20) toolazypinoy: what would a day be like
(03:41:25) toolazypinoy: if you didn't poke ouchy?
(03:41:46) i3a12f: you'd still have all your fingers for one


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Nov 22, 2005
*points to sig* *will edit sig back into thread in just a second* *stabs keyboard for not letting him copy and paste from sig* Its there >_> just click the button.


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Sep 29, 2005
Wandering Rukongai
Majin0822: So, some guy just came over and asked me to browse through a porn site for him.
Majin0822: o_O
LadySt3ph: . . . .
LadySt3ph: IRL?
Majin0822: Yes.
Majin0822: IRL...
LadySt3ph: That's . . . creepy.
Majin0822: Yes, it is.
Miharusan123: lol.. o_O
LadySt3ph: Did you do ti?
LadySt3ph: it?
Majin0822: I didn't know it was porn at first.
Majin0822: o_O
ihi chan: o_o
Majin0822: And then....Yeah, I said, no.
iamNOTtengen: sho
iamNOTtengen: porn sits
iamNOTtengen: *sites
iamNOTtengen: are very shady
iamNOTtengen: watch out for viruses
iamNOTtengen: and adware that comes bundled
iamNOTtengen: while going through it
Majin0822: Yeah. He probably gave my computer STDs.
ihi chan: ROFL
iamNOTtengen: XD
Miharusan123: I see Teng has a lot of experience.. *giggles*
ihi chan: better get tested, Sho
ihi chan: xD
May 6, 2005
Urahara Shoten
impzie: sho-kun, u made wind sound like some uber pervert that hides in closets to snarl victims
Winduril: I AM an uber pervert that hides in closets to snarl victims

JyuukenNoJubei : this place needs more boobies
Majin0822 : I agree.
Ururublue : ....
Majin0822 : *High fives Shik*
Ururublue : I can see two in the chat already
DarAdik : ...
Ururublue : *eyes Shikage and Sho*

Tengen1112: and cali has like the highest avg
NamAngelofDesp9: flay must be buisy
Ururublue: dling
Majin0822: pr0n
Ururublue: yup
NamAngelofDesp9: zackly
Flaiyer: eh?

Xero 01: theres a 7 in the morning too?


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Mar 13, 2005
In your brains, taking your knowledge
Loser kun: i think ill go for a drink
Dragkonias: Cool
Dragkonias: Made it a hard one
Dragkonias: Like Mike's Hard Lemonade
Avilister: i just want another 512 ram stick and another 200gb SATA drive to match the one I have
Dragkonias: whatever that mean
Avilister: that means it has booze in it
Dragkonias: Must people put alcohol in everything
Avilister: in america? yes.
Dragkonias: Hmmm...I thought Germany was beer country
Saiyoisen: well
Saiyoisen: america abuses it more
Dragkonias: That's because we can drink and drive
Dragkonias: duh
Avilister: yeah, we practically had a second revoluition when they took it away in the 20s :p
Avilister: revolution, even
Dragkonias: And we have SUVs that are strong like tanks
Loser kun: tip over like em too
Dragkonias: YEA
Dragkonias: All we need is to be able to equip them with guns
Avilister: dun even get me started on suvs :p I hates 'em
Avilister: I saw a video of an suv with this pop-up gun emplacement thing
Avilister: ogarchive.html
SaffireDT: I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry.
Avilister: yeah
Avilister: video link may be broken
Avilister: its not working for me
SaffireDT: I saw the image, that was about all I needed. :p
Avilister: hehe
Avilister: oh, found their website
Dragkonias: know would be cool
Dragkonias: When we can equip our cars with nuclear weapons
Saiyoisen: giants
Saiyoisen: oh
Dragkonias: and fight terrorist and Canadians
SaffireDT: ...Why would that be cool. :/
Saiyoisen: hear that xero?
Saiyoisen: looking at you buddy
Dragkonias: Because we're Americans
SaffireDT: Exactly. We'll waste them on ourselves long before they reach the Canadian border.
Saiyoisen: well
Saiyoisen: considering how far they reach
Avilister: af teh k, i'll be back irregularly during the course of the evening
Saiyoisen: that might be hard
Dragkonias: ...Hmmm...You're right
Dragkonias: We'll have to have flying SUVs too
SaffireDT: I don't think you can equip an SUV with an ICBM Sai.
Saiyoisen: ...yet...
SaffireDT: Lol
Ruroken89 has entered the room.
Dragkonias: Hmmm...
SaffireDT: *Yachiru divebombs Kioh*
Ruroken89: whoa o.o
Dragkonias: We should have Arsenal Gear
Dragkonias: We'll finally teach those **** Canadians
SaffireDT: Lol.
Saiyoisen: yeah
Saiyoisen: them and their waffles
Saiyoisen: and syrup
Dragkonias: Yeah! Think they're so great...
Saiyoisen: and flanell
SaffireDT: Until Canada reveals that they've been building anti-Gear weaponry in secret and pwns us.
Dragkonias: I know...
Dragkonias: We'll have to take countermeasures
Dragkonias: I've got it
Dragkonias: The source of all Canada's power is Hockey
SaffireDT: Geniuis.
Dragkonias: So by destorying the Hockey...we there by destroy Canada...
Saiyoisen: we almost did it for this country
Saiyoisen: we can do it to them
Dragkonias: Yeah...
SaffireDT: o.o Boxtorrents has a torrent for Ronin Warriors. *wishes he could get it*
Dragkonias: Then we'll destory Soccer and conquer the rest of the world!
Saiyoisen: O.O
Saiyoisen: Ronin Warriors?
Dragkonias: Then Football will be the most popular sport
Saiyoisen: *runs to get*
Dragkonias: Hahahahahahahahahhahaha

Dragkonias: And...maybe we need some kind of ground rules...everyone was saying I was crazy...crazy. But look...without rules, everything is going mad!
Makoto Satonaka: Ah yeah, you're on the new staff for items, right?
SigmaParadox9: yes
SigmaParadox9: rules
SigmaParadox9: we need to get like
TheIgawa: me?
TheIgawa: am I?
SigmaParadox9: 'captain etiquette' up or something
TheIgawa: or Deus?
TheIgawa: yeah Deus
TheIgawa: we need that
Ururublue: yeah...societal expectations and such
SigmaParadox9: yes
Majin0822: *Nods*
SigmaParadox9: okay
SigmaParadox9: who wants to be in charge of choosing what goes in and what doesn't?
Dragkonias: Rule #1 - Captains will not try to kill fellow Gotei members, UNLESS said member stole their eggo
Flaiyer: remember
Makoto Satonaka: ...Eggo?
Flaiyer: dirge is like wolverine
Dragkonias: Rule #2 - Captains will not try to stand on Heaven. That never ends up good
Flaiyer: she just leaves if she disagrees
SigmaParadox9: wolverine....
SigmaParadox9: flay...
SigmaParadox9: .....
Flaiyer: hmm?
Dragkonias: Rule #3 - Captains will not try to be like the coolest X-Men ever
SigmaParadox9: lmao

TheUnsaneSaint: Man
Saiyoisen: sou kyouko looks so bad ***
TheUnsaneSaint: I really hope they animate the Kira v. Matsumoto fight.
Dragkonias: Yeah
Dragkonias: That it does
Dragkonias: ...I really want to know what her shikai does
Dragkonias: It just smoke
Avilister: Yeah
SaffireDT: She gives Kira lung cancer, of course.
Makoto Satonaka: BRUNCHAT5PM
Avilister: ...
Dragkonias: Ah
SaffireDT: Isn't that a little late for brunch?
Dragkonias: That's makes sense
Avilister: yeah, Saff, That is
Tengen1112: lol, saf
Tengen1112: smoking is deadly
SaffireDT: Yesh


<div class="bbWrapper">Winduril: &quot;Setsujoku watched in awe as his teammates continued to destroy Red Moon after Red Moon. Deciding he didn't need to join, he lifted the glaive Eijoku, and stared at it for several moments. <i>How wonderful it would be to my chest open with you, Eijoku. Wait...</i> Setsujoku's eyes glanced down at his bare chest, and then flickered once again back to Eijoku. Without another moment's hesitation, he drove the glaive into his chest as deep as he possible could, an insane grin spreading across his face. &quot;The pain...the pain...bleed away...&quot;<br /> <br /> <br /> SaffireDT: Really high SP can do lots of stuff without backup. <img src="" class="smilie smilie--sprite smilie--sprite7" alt=":p" title="Stick Out Tongue :p" /><br /> Flaiyer: yeah<br /> Flaiyer: my sp can stun you<br /> Flaiyer: bish<br /> ChaosBandit2k: What's your SP?<br /> Flaiyer: 770<br /> SaffireDT: ***** plz.<br /> ChaosBandit2k: That's not much higher than mines<br /> Flaiyer: it is to saff<br /> SaffireDT: You're only twice mine.<br /> Flaiyer: so I'll make you blink really hard with my sp<br /> Flaiyer: t.t<br /> <br /> <br /> TheIgawa: meh, Washington State<br /> i3a12f: apples!<br /> Flaiyer: yeah he has apples<br /> TheIgawa: YUESH<br /> Flaiyer: !!<br /> TheIgawa: apples!<br /> TheIgawa: we got like 30 trees<br /> TheIgawa: not much, but it's good<br /> Flaiyer: How do you like them apples?<br /> TheIgawa: they're good<br /> <br /> <br /> Flaiyer: they should make a special bonus every week for luc<br /> i3a12f: oh yeah?<br /> SaffireDT: For what, being French?<br /> Flaiyer: heh<br /> i3a12f: dangit!<br /> i3a12f: i didn't find out it was french til later!<br /> ChaosBandit2k: He hasn't surrendered yet has he?<br /> ChaosBandit2k: xD<br /> i3a12f: that's it<br /> i3a12f: i'm going to make it lucius<br /> i3a12f: means the same thing anyway<br /> ChaosBandit2k: Lucius.....<br /> Flaiyer: thats even gayer<br /> ChaosBandit2k: I never liked that name<br /> Flaiyer: come on luc I'll help you kill kento<br /> i3a12f: you die first dirge!<br /> Flaiyer: then we can divide his stats amongst ourselves<br /> SaffireDT: Come on Kento, I'll help you kill Luc!<br /> ChaosBandit2k: WHY ARE YOU ALL ATTACKING ME?<br /> ChaosBandit2k: HUZZAH!<br /> ChaosBandit2k: *charges forward*<br /> i3a12f: ahhh<br /> i3a12f: *runs away and surrenders*<br /> <br /> <br /> Winduril: watch out for Kento guys<br /> Winduril: he may go homoerotic in the middle of the mission<br /> ChaosBandit2k: IT WAS ONE TIME<br /> <br /> <br /> Winduril: I have Diega, Kyin, Seisatsu, Yukiko, Jubei, Kenzo, Kento, Setsu, Dirge, Sai, Rei, Kanie...who am I missing<br /> <br /> <br /> Majin0822: Most of the other divisions are pretty...well...they are very similar. Although, the tenth does have some unique elements.<br /> <br /> <br /> Flaiyer: *kicks stupid broken dirge*<br /> <br /> <br /> SaffireDT: Ok, so you both cast the third highest hadou in existance combined with both of you using bankai...SO YOU COULD HAVE A GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICH?<br /> Crowliee: ....<br /> Crowliee: yes.<br /> Crowliee: that was The Dream.<br /> Crowliee: &gt;.&gt;<br /> <br /> <br /> SaffireDT: Haha, I should take a large dog for one of my items so I can ride around on it.<br /> ChaosBandit2k: *pokes Saff*<br /> ChaosBandit2k: That's your bankai thing<br /> ChaosBandit2k: xD<br /> SaffireDT: *pokes Kento*<br /> SaffireDT: Is not!<br /> ChaosBandit2k: Playing with a doggy<br /> ChaosBandit2k: &gt;&gt;<br /> SaffireDT: &gt;&lt;<br /> ChaosBandit2k: But it'd be cute!<br /> ChaosBandit2k: @_@<br /> ChaosBandit2k: we'll all say<br /> ChaosBandit2k: &quot;Awwwww&quot;<br /> SaffireDT: But but!<br /> ChaosBandit2k: then pull your little cheeks<br /> ChaosBandit2k: and watch you whack us with your play sword<br /> SaffireDT: ... *wanders off to save his tattered ego*<br /> ChaosBandit2k: and have it fall down a lot because you can't lift it up with j00 chibness<br /> ChaosBandit2k: *pets the chibi*<br /> <br /> <br /> SaffireDT: Yeah, I'd like to write more, but I'm bad at coming up with plot lines. &gt;&lt;<br /> Ruroken89: hmm<br /> Ruroken89: you got out of jail....<br /> Ruroken89: ooh ooh<br /> Ruroken89: go crazy and kill people!<br /> SaffireDT: &gt;&lt;<br /> Ruroken89: it worked for me &gt;_&gt;;;<br /> SaffireDT: I did that once though, and D made me promise not to do it again. &gt;&lt;<br /> Ruroken89: ...<br /> Ruroken89: why?<br /> Ruroken89: &gt;_&gt;<br /> SaffireDT: In character.<br /> SaffireDT: Because killing people is bad? &gt;&lt;<br /> Ruroken89: ...<br /> Ruroken89: it is?<br /> SaffireDT: *sweatdrop*<br /> <br /> <br /> SigmaParadox9: my cat is angering me<br /> SigmaParadox9: and I thought you all should know<br /> SaffireDT: Glad to hear it.<br /> SigmaParadox9: ;D<br /> Saiyoisen: make it bow before your presence<br /> Saiyoisen: felines must pay homage!<br /> SigmaParadox9: lmao...<br /> SaffireDT: There's a problem with that though. Felines do not bow.<br /> Saiyoisen: that's why they must be forced!<br /> SaffireDT: They do not know the word 'submission'<br /> SaffireDT: Lol<br /> Saiyoisen: Well it's a good thing i'm a great teacher!<br /> SigmaParadox9: my cat enjoys sitting right in front of my monitor<br /> SigmaParadox9: which I highly disapprove of<br /> Saiyoisen: HA! Foolish cat will only get radiation poisoining!<br /> SaffireDT: Blasphemy. It must be punished.<br /> SigmaParadox9: lmao<br /> Saiyoisen: Punish it soundly!<br /> SigmaParadox9: I would, but it also likes collapsing into a cute furry puddle when I walk up to it<br /> SigmaParadox9: that makes it hard to punish =/<br /> Saiyoisen: Weak willed fool! It takes great advantage of your weakness!<br /> Saiyoisen: It is smarter than thou!<br /> SigmaParadox9: lollers<br /> SigmaParadox9: it is still confounded by the awesome power that is the door to my room<br /> SaffireDT: Yeah. That was always my problem too. :/<br /> SigmaParadox9: yeah<br /> SaffireDT: The cute furry puddle, not your door. &gt;&lt;<br /> Saiyoisen: The awesome power that is &quot;Door&quot; will always confound those without thumbs!<br /> SaffireDT: We can build it. We have the technology.<br /> SigmaParadox9: lmao<br /> Saiyoisen: Teach it the meaning of the power of the thumb you weak willed feline servant!<br /> <br /> <br /> TheIgawa: *pokes Sai with a 100,000 volt electric transmission wire*<br /> Saiyoisen: NOOO!!!<br /> Saiyoisen: Terrible, horrible burns!<br /> Saiyoisen: My only weakness!<br /> <br /> <br /> Ruroken89: saff!<br /> SaffireDT: *plugs ears* Lalalala...<br /> Ruroken89: SAFF!<br /> SaffireDT: *poke Kioh*<br /> Ruroken89: you're doing a collab with me ^_^<br /> SaffireDT: I am?<br /> Ruroken89: yes<br /> Ruroken89: it has been decided without your permission<br /> SaffireDT: You're scary though. &gt;.&gt;<br /> Ruroken89: and fish isn't?<br /> SaffireDT: ...Well, yes, but that has nothing to do with this. &gt;&lt;<br /> Ruroken89: &gt;_&gt;<br /> Ruroken89: I haven't even stabbed you yet!<br /> Ruroken89: how am I scary? ;-;<br /> SaffireDT: &quot;Yet&quot; is the keyword!<br /> Ruroken89: I won't stab you ;-;<br /> SaffireDT: Lies!<br /> Ruroken89: I want you as my VC<br /> SaffireDT: I know your tricks!<br /> Ruroken89: why would I stab you?<br /> Ruroken89: T_T<br /> SaffireDT: Because you stab! It's your thing!<br /> Ruroken89: ...<br /> Ruroken89: that's beside the point<br /> SaffireDT: XDDD<br /> <br /> <br /> SaffireDT:'re gonna jump in the way aren't you.<br /> Ruroken89: yep yep<br /> Ruroken89: how'd you guess?<br /> Ruroken89: o.o<br /> SaffireDT: Because it involves getting impaled.<br /> SaffireDT: &gt;.&gt;<br /> Ruroken89: ah &gt;_&gt;<br /> <br /> <br /> Loser kun: i think ill go with the baby eater motif<br /> SigmaParadox9: o.o;;;;;<br /> Makoto Satonaka: Ew.<br /> SaffireDT: &gt;.&gt;<br /> Loser kun: that seems to have gotten a reaction<br /> Ruroken89: saff<br /> SigmaParadox9: ;_;<br /> Ruroken89: stay far, far away from D from now on<br /> SigmaParadox9: xD<br /> toolazypinoy: ZOMG<br /> SaffireDT: ! *runs*<br /> JyuukenNoJubei: i bet<br /> toolazypinoy: teh chibi!<br /> Ruroken89: O_O<br /> Ruroken89: oh man...<br /> Ruroken89: Ryuichi should've been 12th division captain<br /> SaffireDT: *hides his chibiness*<br /> Loser kun: =O<br /> Ruroken89: &gt;______&lt;<br /> SaffireDT: 12th? o.o<br /> Loser kun: lol!<br /> Ruroken89: the irony<br /> SaffireDT: Oh!<br /> SigmaParadox9: xP<br /> Loser kun: *imagines suikuske running after saff with a fork and knife*</div>


New Member
Apr 8, 2005
impzie: ...that said, i never watched porn b4
(20:24:41) impzie: don't ask me to
(20:24:46) ChaoticBlueZ: you poor deprived soul
(20:24:51) impzie: >_>
(20:24:52) ChaoticBlueZ: go download some hardcore lesbian action NOW


<div class="bbWrapper"><span style="color: gray">Winduril:</span> <span style="color: red">we should have a Duel</span><br /> <span style="color: gray">Winduril:</span> <span style="color: red"> I'll win because I believe in the Heart of the Cards</span><br /> <span style="color: green">Dragkonias:</span> <span style="color: gray">...I know</span><br /> <span style="color: green">Dragkonias:</span> <span style="color: gray">That's usually have you win</span><br /> <span style="color: green">Dragkonias:</span> <span style="color: gray">and summon your Dark Magician</span><br /> <span style="color: gray">Winduril:</span> <span style="color: red">oh yes</span><br /> <span style="color: gray">Winduril:</span> <span style="color: red">the Dark Magician is my ultimate card after all</span><br /> <span style="color: green">Dragkonias:</span> <span style="color: gray">...I know</span><br /> <span style="color: gray">Winduril:</span> <span style="color: red">Dark Magic Attack!</span><br /> <span style="color: red">DarAdik:</span> <span style="color: blue">*tears up cards*</span><br /> <span style="color: green">Dragkonias:</span> <span style="color: gray">Yeah</span><br /> <span style="color: red">DarAdik:</span> <span style="color: blue">@.@</span><br /> <span style="color: green">Winduril:</span> <span style="color: red">*defeated*</span><br /> <span style="color: green">Dragkonias:</span> <span style="color: gray">noooo</span><br /> <span style="color: red">DarAdik:</span> <span style="color: red">yay!</span><br /> <span style="color: gray">Winduril:</span> <span style="color: red">noezz...but now</span><br /> <span style="color: red">DarAdik:</span> <span style="color: blue">wohoooo~~~</span><br /> <span style="color: gray">Winduril:</span> <span style="color: red">I'll never be able to save my grandpa!</span><br /> <span style="color: green">Dragkonias:</span> <span style="color: gray">LOL</span><br /> <span style="color: red">DarAdik:</span> <span style="color: blue">@.@</span></div>
Apr 10, 2005
TheUnsaneSaint: Then Diega shall go forth to the tall trees around Central with a pair of shears!
TheUnsaneSaint: And she shall trim the trees!
TheRisingSun921: o_O
TheRisingSun921: ummm
RedBeanPanda has entered the room.
TheRisingSun921: well that is either one large inuendo
TheUnsaneSaint: So it looks like Central is surrounding by verdant green dildos!


TheRisingSun921: oh lord
shimizujei: verdant green?
shimizujei: ._.
TheRisingSun921: i knew it
TheRisingSun921: sick girl
TheRisingSun921: but haha
TheUnsaneSaint: Actually, that is something I've always wanted to do.
TheRisingSun921: ...
TheUnsaneSaint: Put a giant, topiary penis in my front yard
TheRisingSun921: trim a tree so it looks like a dildo?
TheRisingSun921: wow
TheUnsaneSaint: And put little praying angels around it.
TheRisingSun921: you are definly out there
CatherineTeo87: OMG
CatherineTeo87: *covers eyes!*
TheRisingSun921: thats kinda scary
TheRisingSun921: with the angels
TheUnsaneSaint: Maybe wire a sprinkler up top
RedBeanPanda: -pets cat-
TheRisingSun921: ....
TheRisingSun921: you would loose lots of neibors
CatherineTeo87: cover my eyes... tape my eyes... please
TheRisingSun921: however you would be popular with the gay comunity
TheUnsaneSaint: Dude, it would be great
CatherineTeo87: .......
Majin0822 has left the room.
TheUnsaneSaint: Then, when fall comes.
TheUnsaneSaint: The tree will turn black
TheUnsaneSaint: And I can say look! My lawn **** is black!
heRisingSun921: lol
TheRisingSun921: wow
TheUnsaneSaint: My mother will DIE when she sees it.
TheRisingSun921: and saint you have oficaly made the RPG chat Quote list
TheUnsaneSaint: And I'll be all HA! *****!
May 15, 2005
What an awesome thread! xDD


17/11 - 2005

Majin0822: We all know the real reason he said "I want your body, Sasuke-kun."
TheIgawa: lmao Sho
TheIgawa: LMAO
Miharusan123: HAHAHAHA
ihi chan: o_o;
Bad Rebirth: lol
TheIgawa: well
Majin0822: >>
ihi chan: LOL
Flaiyer: lol
Majin0822: <<
AngryPolkaBoy: lol
TheIgawa: at least Junichi's still straight
Flaiyer: juni looks like a molester
Flaiyer: t.t
Miharusan123: *goes into fits of laughter*
TheIgawa: lmao Flay
Bad Rebirth: more like "I want your ***, Sasuke-kun"
ihi chan: Hey now, dont go spilling all of Orochimaru's dirty laundry
TheIgawa: lol Ihi
ihi chan: ;]
Bad Rebirth: xD

21/11 - 2005

Miharusan123: Wind! *ubertackleglompcombo*
Miharusan123: I LOVE YOU!
Miharusan123: >>
Winduril: you don't. You liar Miharu...liar...
Winduril: *shakes head*
Miharusan123: Nuuu Wind! tis true!
Miharusan123: I LOVE YOU!
Miharusan123: <333
SigmaParadox9: lol
Flaiyer: pervert miharu-chan!
Flaiyer: *waves hand*

Dr. Impz

<div class="bbWrapper">Never ever let anyone know ur pervie thoughts T_T...see what happens in a division collab @_@<br /> <br /> Miharusan123: (lol true)<br /> Miharusan123: (so our eyes ar still closed as we do this?)<br /> Ururublue: (you can open them once you form the two spells)<br /> Ururublue: (though, it would be cool if you could follow me with your eyes closed ~_^)<br /> Miharusan123: (rofl. Okay.. xP)<br /> Ururublue: (but whichever way works for you)<br /> Miharusan123: <img src="" class="smilie smilie--sprite smilie--sprite1" alt=":)" title="Smile :)" />3)<br /> impzie: (hmmmm, closed eyes. &gt;_&gt; kinky)<br /> impzie: (&lt;_&lt;)<br /> Ururublue: (...dammit, we should never have let you in rpg you're pervy &gt;_&lt;)<br /> impzie: (T_T....and charlotte dear has helped quite a bit)<br /> impzie: (too...&lt;_&lt;)<br /> Ururublue: (and I'm totally posting that convo from last night...after missions)<br /> Miharusan123: (hey hey! &gt;&lt;)<br /> impzie: (nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...rooooooo!)<br /> Miharusan123: (<img src="" class="smilie smilie--sprite smilie--sprite12" alt="o_O" title="Er... what? o_O" /><br /> Miharusan123: (lol what?)<br /> impzie: (nuuuuuuu, if u do that, charlotte will think i am loony &gt;&lt;)<br /> impzie: (nuuuuuuuu, roo, NO)<br /> Miharusan123: (Yes I wanna see xD)<br /> impzie: (nuuuuuuuuuuuuu)<br /> Miharusan123: (LMAOooo)<br /> impzie: (and no, roo, don't show it, or else i will go to 8th division &gt;&lt;)<br /> impzie: (sob sob)<br /> Miharusan123: (and lol Jan.. you perv.. xD)<br /> impzie: (omg, u know already ?)<br /> impzie: (rooooooooooooo!!!!! u told charlotte dear T_T)<br /> Miharusan123: (hahahahaa)<br /> impzie: (sigh, but u still love me, dear ?)<br /> impzie: (*giggle*)<br /> Miharusan123: (...)<br /> Miharusan123: (maybe..)<br /> Miharusan123: (xP)<br /> impzie: (...oh no, *teary eye*....Walks away dejectedly...goes on to roo and cries a river)</div>


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