Coming of the Legions - Unique Feat Rewards!

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Feb 18, 2008
These PMs were tough, and there were a lot of factors adding to that, most of them on me. Still, for those of you who stuck with it until the end, I think you've all earned a reward. Ignis and Deni have both previously earned Unique Feat Slots, and now the following three characters have earned one, as well:

  • Aelflead Kirastes - While at times your writing was slow in coming, Aelflead played a vital role in the success of the Ferocitas and Pura Imperium threads. Most characters remained cautious, edging backwards, playing defense, but Aelflead rushed in to attack. Certainly not clever, but the boost things needed to move forward, especially in the final battle.
  • Aeria Luxus - Aeria's effectiveness was hampered by misjudged stats, but even so, she jumped into battles she felt unprepared for. OOC, you did a good job of juggling NPCs, setting Aeria up into a commander role to compensate for her weaknesses in direct combat.
  • Ioannes Furvus - It's a shame that RL kept you from joining the final battle before it was too late, but your work in Misericorde was pivotal to the thread's success. Seeing past the distractions, Ioannes was able to bolster the men and women around him, and then take the fight to the leader of the battle. Not content to remain in the background, he went out alone to face an archmagi, becoming the first to defeat one in direct combat.

Thank you to everyone who participated, thank you for your patience with me, and please don't expect more PMs for a long time coming!

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