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Dahlitium Lateris
Okay so, I'm not typically known for my art work here at HD. There are several reasons for this, I'm somewhat slow, compared to someone you'd be paying to do a commission through, say, Deviant Art. But, as implied, I'm free! So there's that. But I also typically only do b/w lineart and sketches.

So, if you would like to peruse stuff I've already done, you can do that here.

Again, I'm not bad, I don't want to give that impression. I've got a good grasp of poses, scale, detail, body composition and have gotten a little better since the drawings in the link.

To give me enough time to do a proper job but not indefinite, we'll say 1 week with a potential for 1 week extension for more detailed or complicated requests.

Again, I only do lineart but if you like my style, you can always get a free drawing out of it to have colored by someone else!

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