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Jul 25, 2013
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Name: El Tio Di Inferi (Prefers to be called Tio for short)

Race: Spurii (Laicar/Velen)

Age: 18

Height: 6'1"

Weight : 185

Appearance: Tio stands with a slender yet strong build with well defined muscle tone. The cross breed also dawns olive toned skin with the same colored scales running from his shoulders down to his wrists, as well as across his upper sternum, and around his neck back down in a line traveling down his spine. He also has small gills on both side of his neck. Tio has straight jet black curly locks with deep amber colored eyes that gives him a very alluring presence to many. He also has a unique set of teeth thanks to his mixed heritage in which he only has four canine teeth with a set of grinding teeth and molars like any other Laicar, but the difference being that his canine teeth like his Velen counterparts are long and razor sharp like that of a shark. He can usually be found wearing plain dark clothing of all sorts, but nothing that necessarily stands out.

Personality: Tio can be described as someone who is extremely diligent when it comes to completing any task set forth for him. He is by nature driven to excel in anything he does as he loves learning. He is also very well mannered individual and has the capacity to get along with a variety of different people. Tio is also someone who typically loves life and the many things that come with it. However despite all this he is someone whom you shouldn't try to provoke because once he's made up his mind that he's had enough of putting up with someone's bs he's very quick to deal with whomever without an inkling of remorse, though it takes a bit before he reaches this point.

History: Tio was born and raised in Pelagium by his older half sister Rias, a full blooded Velen only thirteen years older than him, because not long after Tio was born their mother died in labor, and not long after that Tio's father committed suicide leaving her and her baby brother all alone to fend for themselves. By the time Tio turned fourteen Rias noticed that her little brother had grown to develop a wide variety of different talents and suggested that he go out and show his talents to the world and to make something of himself. Taking his sister's advice Tio begun his journey traveling across the world doing odd jobs here and there before finding himself within a company known as TorBru where he learned how ugly humanity could really be. Currently he works as an undercover informant for anyone who wishes to take down TorBru and it's affiliates.


Discipline of Militus (Adept)

Discipline of Pugilis (Adept)

Way of Polybolii (Adept)

Way of Cannonis (Adept)

School of Aquila (Adept)

Calling Of Fundibuli (Skilled)
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