Expectations of Noble Houses

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Jul 29, 2008
As writers of noble houses, you will be expected to adhere to the following guidelines:

Out of Game

  • A minimum of three (3) pieces of writing involving members of your noble family excluding your PC (collab or pchap; annual noble events do not count)
  • Write a minimum of 500-1000 words in the annual noble event
  • Fill in complete history of your family, including - but not limited to:
    • Major historical events
    • PMs
    • How they received their noble status
    • Any notable members throughout history
  • Display and track connections/disputes with other noble families
    • Example: a scale of how well they get along for people to reference in conversation
  • Limited to having only two (2) other writer's families as vassals
    • Vassals created by you prior to and after these changes are fine; keep your created vassals to a respectable number (use your family's ranking in nobility as a marker)
  • Maintain basic knowledge of other noble families
  • Accept that consequences can and will come from IG actions
    • By agreeing to nobility, your family is in the limelight; all of their actions - good and bad - will be scrutinized by everyone
    • Actions may result in raised or decreased ranking

In Game

  • Minimum one (1) representative to attend annual nobility meeting/affair
  • Interact more frequently with vassals and people within your areas of Rukongai
    • Nobility have a responsibility to those under their care; treat it as such
  • Push the limits of nobility within the confines of your characters
    • Higher ranking nobles may get away with bending some rules of Seireitei, but can only cash in that chip so often
    • Lesser nobility can use this as well, but less frequently and with less influence
    • There is a reason you desired nobility; use it with awareness of the consequences
  • Explore dynamic between Gotei and Nobles
    • Each family is different; some goals may align, others may not
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