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Item FAQ
Credits to: Seraph

What's an Item?
An Item is a piece of equipment or gear that a character uses. Unlike feats, or releases - an item will never get stronger with its user. It will always remain the same level of strength, until the user can upgrade it at a later time. Items are typically separated into one of three categories:

Unique Items, which are personally acquired and used by an individual character.

S-Tier Items, which are legendary one-of-a-kind items given to highly powerful characters.

Faction Items, which are created and distributed through a faction for use by its leader or next responsible member.​

Unique Items​

Unique Items are the primary category. Weighing in on a special system of power called the Tier System, Unique Items are absolutely distinct to the character they belong to. Unique Items are meant to supplement a character, to give them a reliable tool to work with in tandem with the rest of their techniques and abilities. Every character has a single Unique Item Slot to begin with, which can be occupied with an item at any time. Resubmitting an item is free, but a player may purchase a second Unique Item Slot from the store. A player may only purchase an item up to their current tier.

Item Tiers

D-Tier: 100 ~ 4,999 Reiatsu
C-Tier: 5,000 ~ 9,999 Reiatsu
B-Tier: 10,000 ~ 19,999 Reiatsu
A-Tier 20,000 ~ 39,999 Reiatsu
Unique Item Template

Item Name: This is what your character calls your item. Get creative, make it simple, funny, epic, whatever! It's your choice!
Item Tier: This is your item tier. This is basically used to define the limits of your item to make sure you aren't using something too powerful.
Item Appearance: This is what your item looks like, and moreover what it is. Don't be afraid to go into some detail, but keep in mind you want to focus on the important details more than anything. Try to make your item within the boundaries of what your player race would have access to (for instance, a shinigami wouldn't use a rifle).

Item Ability: This is what your item does, and what defines it as an item. Your item ability can be darn near anything, provided it's within your tier.
Acquisition: This is how your character got their item. This can similarly be nearly anything you want, within reason.
Cost Limits

D-Tier - 300 Reiatsu
C-Tier - 500 Reiatsu
B-Tier - 1000 Reiatsu
A-Tier - 2000 Reiatsu
S-Tier - 4000 Reiatsu
Range Limits

D-Tier (radius) - 1m radius
D-Tier (AoE) - 3m diameter
D-Tier (direct) - 5m line

C-Tier (radius) - 3m radius
C-Tier (AoE) - 5m diameter
C-Tier (direct) - 10m line

B-Tier (radius) - 5m radius
B-Tier (AoE) - 8m diameter
B-Tier (direct) - 15m line

A-Tier (radius) - 8m radius
A-Tier (AoE) - 10m diameter
A-Tier (direct) - 20m line

S-Tier - Variable

S-Tier Items​

S-Tier Items are the pinnacle of all Unique Items. Given only to players with 40,000 or more Reiatsu, they are dangerous artefacts of power. One-of-a-kind in nature, an S-Tier Item typically represents some aspect of the character wielding it - defining their personality on a base level. An S-Tier item occupies your primary Unique Item Slot, and approving one requires the consent of both Item Staff, and a GM.

In addition, attaining an S-Tier Item is such a tremendous feat that it requires physical evidence of its acquisition. As such, those who have their S-Tier Item approved must write a chapter of at least 1000 Words, or a collab of at least 2000 Words.

Faction Items​

Faction Items are a small (or large, for Advent Humans) set of items that all members of a faction have access to. Shinigami Factions receive a single item that all members of a division can use at all times, which are as powerful as a B-Tier Unique Item. The same holds true of Vizards, and Quincy. However, Advent Humans have Item Sets, which are large ranges of items that a player character acquires through a system called the Paygrade. Faction Items do not take up any particular slots, and instead a player always has access to them weekly.

Faction Item Template

Item Name: Same as Unique Items, get creative but make sure it's appropriate.
Item Appearance: Describe your item. Make sure you're clear with the description to make it easy to understand what it looks like.

Item Ability: Give your item ability here. Remember to stay within the power limits of the items you have!
Advent Human Paygrade

Independent Advent Human Paygrade:
Allowance: 2,500₢
Initial Awakening: +5,000₢
True Awakening: +10,000₢

Orpheus Initiative Paygrade
Corporal: 5,000₢
Initial Awakening: +5,000₢
True Awakening: +10,000₢

Lieutenant: +10,000₢
Major: +10,000₢
General: +10,000₢

Cerberus Corporation Paygrade
Agent: 5,000₢
Initial Awakening: +5,000₢
True Awakening: +10,000₢

Senior Agent: +10,000₢
Branch Director: +10,000₢
Chairman: +10,000₢
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