Feast of the End, Lightning Heart

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Huzzah, it's finally out, the first book in my series, Feast of the End.

I humbly command you to buy it, read it, and then leave a review! If you like it, tell your friends.

Either get the one on Amazon, Kindle edition, here
or the one on Smashwords, here.

Book Description:
Aarhsolm is the lone land where the sun still shines, yet only weakly. Reaching beyond that is an endless stretch of darkness. Grey skies and chilly weather beat down upon the people. Magic and technology pave the way for safety. But there are things lurking inside the dark that are far mightier than anything humans can defend against.

The largest threat in the land are the monstrous creatures known as dizaks. These vile creatures bring about chaos and destruction in their wake. They have the appearance of corrupted animals. Fury glints in their fangs and malice lines their claws. Their primary instinct is to bring their wrath upon any living being unfortunate enough to get in their path. Having innate, and often deadly, magical powers, the dizaks have become synonymous with death. Every encounter with one is a struggle for survival.

Yet, not everyone flees from the horrific dizaks. A certain nation that lusts for the spectacle of power sacrifices many lives to capture the monsters. Why would they do that? For an ever greater strength. The people that control these creatures of death would certainly be the strongest in the land. Dark rumors swirl around the land. There are stories the nation practices a vile ritual known as the feast of the end. It is said that those who accomplish it can achieve a strength unlike any other.

An orphaned girl finds herself carried into the dark nation. But does she seek to escape? To her, strength is the means to happiness, to be more than just a weak and helpless girl that people sweep aside. And in this place, she finally has the chance to gain that strength. Will she plunge into the darkness in order to gain a dreadful power?
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Congrats on getting it published, Fin!

Went ahead and grabbed a Kindle copy. Will have to see how it looks after your final revisions.

Everyone, go check it out! Buy it, read it... and then finish up your own novels so we can start an HD library.


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I also grabbed a Kindle copy.

I'm looking forward to reading (and finishing) the final copy.


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Hey all, just letting you know that my book is available for free on Smashwords until the 8th of March. Be sure to grab it. And tell your friends and family to get it, too.

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