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Mar 18, 2007
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Book two is now out! You shall buy it. You shall read it. You shall tell your friends. You shall take bath. You shall assess the risk of bringing electronics to read it in the bath. Thanks and enjoy!

For now, only at Amazon!

Book Description:
Anmaul is a dark city that deals in secrets and favors. Monstrous creatures known as dizaks roam the surrounding lands. Yet the people have tamed the wilds and even found a way to twist the dizaks’ powers for their own gain. Through the feast of the end, people can absorb the monsters’ strengths, their abilities and their magics. The rest of the world considers merging with such beasts a dishonorable act. For the people in Anmaul, it's nothing more than a way to gain more power.

After becoming a feastend, Selaf finds a place she can call home in the dark city. Perhaps, for the first time in her life, she has stability in the service of her master.

However, a great storm rips through Anmaul and the surrounding lands, leaving the nearby island devastated. Selaf's ever-ambitious master, the vice-president of the railway business, is sent as a representative of Anmaul to direct relief efforts and increase the company's influence.

In an unfamiliar land, Selaf is pushed into new dangers, the least of which are the dizaks invading the shores. She will have to deal with a mysterious ailment plaguing the people and a rival company seeking their own fortunes, both of which threaten to tear her new life apart.

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