Feat Generation Thread

Mar 22, 2005
Heya Guys. This here fancy dandy thread is where ya'll can post ideas for your very own individualized feat. Hopefully this will reduce the instances where the feat/tech is jumped as soon as they sign onto AiM.

At the very least it'll make people really think about what they're proposing before sending it in to us, since it'll keep the stats consistent when seeking approval.

When it's posted here, myself and the rest of the staff will talk it out amongst ourselves before coming to a decision. Thank you for the time and consideration.


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Oct 3, 2005
Kaze no Naminori] - Wind Surfer

Many people know the story of Icarus, the young boy, who, when escaping with his father flew too close to the sun and melted his wings plunging to his death. These wings were crafted by his father, the great inventor Daedalus, and allowed him to fly by causing the air currents to flow around his body like they do to that of a bird.

The user of Noukonkaze is able to manifest a similar effect by compressing and molding his own spiritual pressure into an aerodynamic shell that allows flight for a short period of time by catching the winds called forth by the sword. While the user is not able to fly per se, he can hover or glide through the air easily. With enough control, the user can even make sharp turns in the air at a moment's notice. Also, by expending energy, the user can 'boost' himself, adding to his momentum.


Sealed Sword: 300 SP and/or kidou per turn
Shikai: 200 SP and/or kidou per turn
Bankai: 100 SP and/or kidou per turn

Sealed Sword: 300 SP and/or kidou
Shikai: 200 SP and/or kidou
Bankai: 100 SP and/or kidou

The lower cost in bankai and shikai is due to the fact that when the user's sword is released, the sword itself is wind. In shikai, the wind is less than in bankai, and thus reduces it less. The user finds it easier to control these aspects while the sword is released in its higher states. However, if used while in bankai, the distortion caused by the bubble allows the user's location to be sensed by sensing spiritual pressure; the other senses are unaffected.

EDIT: editted in the new version of the feat on Mak's request
[Tente] - 天手

Throughout all martial arts styles, a pattern can be found within the archaic, ancient, and preserving dictates from master to pupil. The first, last, and foremost being the attaining of a 'Void' state of mind that allows for the appropriate reading of an attack, even so far as to expecting attacks. Such a state is the nirvana of a martial artist.

Nifuji, apparently, has a 'Conditional Void'. Such an experience is the first state of the 'Void', on which to build upon. Though he cannot explain it (current plot conditions not revealing everything yet, of course), Nifuji's adeption at fighting with hands is undeniable. However, his real strength lies in fighting against a Zanjutsu user while bare-handed. This is shown in the fact that when fighting such an opponent, Nifuji enters this 'Conditional Void' and movements become far clearer to him.

Such an effect is expressed as such: When Nifuji is using Hakuda against a Zanjutsu-based opponent, he experiences a 'stat switch'. While Zanjutsu is normally used to anticipate attacks from a sword, Nifuji can use the great of his Hakuda or Zanjutsu stat. However, the inverse of this also applies. When Nifuji is fighting a hakuda-based opponent, he uses the lower of his Hakuda or Zanjutsu stat due to his specialization of the void. This 'stat switch' is passive, and only applies to when an attack is being receieved. This 'switch' allows a greater anticipation and vizualization of Zanjutsu-based attacks, while his hakuda-based anticipation is greatly lessened due to his specialization.

Furthermore, Nifuji's 'Void' allows him to access a powerful counterattack. A crude and miniscule version of Shunko is used, in which reiatsu is focused into the fist. This causes a heavenly white glow from the hand, and is the basis of the name 'Tente' (i.e., Heaven Hand). This counterattack burns 2% SP, but adds a temporary 5% to Hakuda. This can only be used in conjunction with, and only after, the 'Void' is attained. Therefore, all limitations to the 'Void' apply to the 'Tente' counterattack.

[Note -- Due to the emotional and mental nature of Nifuji's Shi Kai (or any Kai above), when the counterattack is used, it only burns 1% SP]

If you guys want the justification for the lessened cost while in Shi Kai, PM/IM me and I'll explain.


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Jul 3, 2005
[Akashic Force]

The aspect of a fifth and ethereal element is present in several of the world's eldest religions. It has many names, different in most theologies, but the description is always the same. Whether you call it the Fifth Element or the aether, it has deep foundations in the mythologies of the world. In ancient Greek, where it was common belief that everything around them was composed of the classical elements, the aether was a non-material substance that was even more subtle than the light of the sun itself; it was responsible for the development of all bodies. Aether was the celestial fire, it was the pure essence that composed the home of the Gods, and it was the very air they breathed.

In Hinduism the same substance is called Akasha, and is one of the five great elements, the Panchamahabhuta. It is the unifying energy that inherits every single creature on the planet, and it is a dominating part in all the other four elements: Wind, Fire, Earth and Water. Lightning and ice are included in these elements.
Akasha is the element of spirit and soul, and it governs the others. It is the all-encompassing spirit energy of the Goddess and God. Thus it is natural that a person with control over Akasha can influence the four classical elements that Akasha itself is a vital part of.

Using Akashic Force, Ame gains a resistance to elemental attacks, affecting both spells and Zanpakutou abilities. By accessing control over Akasha, the substance that is a part of all the other elements, damage that is done by an opponent's elemental abilities will be cut down depending on the opponent's level and Spiritual Pressure in comparison to Ame, and the percentage of damage that is cut off varies within the Kais.

  • Damage done to Ame by elementally based Hadou is always lessened by 40%, the reasoning for this being that Kidou users rarely equip only element-based spells for a fight, and thus it would be easy to work around the feat by using spells that do not include the elements. Also, if the opponent successfully casts an elementally based Bakudou on Ame, the amount of time it would take to break free from the bind is lessened by 40% as well.

  • When fighting against an opponent that uses elemental Zanpakutou abilities, this feat applies only to the damage of an attack that is based on a pure element, - meaning the force of element and nothing else. IE a strike that is made by fire-coated sword would not be nullified, it would still do damage, but the fire-damage would not be added onto the normal sword damage.

  • Against Shi Kai abilities, the elemental resistance is calculated as follows:
    - 40% resistance against an opponent that has more than 1k lower SP than Ame.
    - 25% resistance against an opponent around his own level or up to 1k SP higher.
    - 10% resistance against an opponent who's SP is more than 1k higher than Ame's.

    Against Ban Kai abilities, the elemental resistance is calculated as follows:
    - 20% resistance against an opponent that has more than 1k lower SP than Ame.
    - 10% resistance against an opponent that is around his own level or up to 1k SP higher.
    - 0% resistance against an opponent that has more than 1k SP advantage over Ame.

This feat is constant and does not need activation. It is always in work and drains roughly 5% of his Spiritual Pressure every time the resistance is applied, meaning every time Ame gets hit by an elemental attack. This rule does not apply to elemental attacks that are not purely that, as explained above. If elements are used to augment a weapon or another physical attack, the drain is only 2%, as these sort of attacks would be much more frequent.

While this feat was approved, actual use of this against an elementalist will be far too risky as any elemental spamming will totally deplete Ame of his SP.... and thus he'll be more at fault with this feat than without it o.o;;;


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Nov 29, 2005
[Zero Mind]

The forcible bombardment of evil thoughts and fear on one's mind can be devastating to one's psyche. Ritoru Furousha was subject to such experiments as he was being 'prepared' for transfer from the living world to the world of spirit. However, unlike most victims of this form of experimentation, Ritoru's mind absorbed these terrible thoughts as his mind eventually became callous to all forms of mental assault.

This resistance only increased as Ritoru began to realize what it was that his zanpakutou, Aishoutsukai, was beginning to reveal to him. This not only amplified the bad thoughts and memories from his own past, but also began to introduce the greatest fears and iniquity of those around him.

As a result of this hardening of the mind, Ritoru has grown highly resistant to all forms of mental attack and/or alteration. This immunity is only strengthened as Aishoutsukai begins to reveal more and more of himself to Ritoru.

Starting at 2000 connection, Ritoru will also be able to begin imparting this mental protection to those around him. 2 people can receive this protection at 2000 connection, an additional person able to be added under this canopy every 2000 connection afterward.

Edited in the increase of connection required to allow more people the protective canopy.

Thanks again Xero
Dec 18, 2005
[Defense Array: Economy of Scale]

The Faust family has been renown for their combat abilities, yet no one has ever managed to conduct a conclusive analysis as to the nature of their manner of fighting.

This is mostly because people have always tried to study the Faust style by looking at the individual members of the family rather than watching them as a whole. The Faust family crest is a fist, with each finger being weak alone, but strong as a united force. Thus, it is no suprise that their style takes this philosophy to heart.

The secret lies in their instinctive knowledge of each others' movements, thoughts, strengths and weaknesses. In doing so, each person makes subtle adjustments in order to form a fierce fighting unit more powerful than the individuals comprising the whole.

This is accomplished by creating a "Defense Array," which creates a web of spiritual "cords" which bind the user to those who he knows well enough to be able to vibrate on their spiritual frequency. By doing so, he is able to function as two parts of one whole, increasing the ability and effeciency of their spiritual regeneration.

In practice, this results in the ability of Shiroi and the allies he has in United Front to regenerate SP and Kidou by 2.5% per round. When he has reached United Defense with the ally, the regeneration becomes more effecient, raising to a 3.5% regeneration.

Shiroi cannot use this ability on his own and in order to use it with others he must have United Front (and United Defense, if applicable) equipped in an active tech slot. In order to use the ability with multiple allies, the allies must also have United Front (and United Defense, if applicable) with each other, otherwise, one must be chosen for the bonus.
Mar 20, 2005
List of Alabaster Techs (more to come)

Common Feat 1: Athanatoi (Deathless)

The Alabaster/obsidian protocols were designed for the 'subjects' of the alabaster project. Each member of the unit was equipped for the tasks that they were assigned to. Each member has, however, a certain general feat that is common to all six members of the artificial Shinigami project.

This tech, Athanatoi, is each member's distinction against combat against hollows. In wide practice, each member of the Alabaster force showed that they thrived in combat situations. There bodies feeding upon the energies of the fallen to spur them on in combat; making them stronger and more resistant to damage: physical and mental. Yet, in each of the subjects, it was found that the only viable energy that was recovered was that from pure hollows, any gradient of Shinigami energy that was introduced tended to produce limited, but still fantastic, effects. As a safeguard, most of these abilities are turned off with the Deconstruction Blade.

When active, The Alabasterite is a death machine on wheels. His vision is blurred and time is dilated. Minutes stretch to hours and, most times, the RSI complex will usually take over and analyze attack patters. But the main benefit of the technique happens during combat itself. In combat, the Alabasterite will heal wounds and recharge his spiritual batteries as if he was relaxing calmly.

While in combat, Any alabaster (that has the ability active) can reduce his SP expenditures by 25% the normal cost of such an ability. If the unit is damaged during combat, have the wound recharge at 1% per round of combat. After 10 rounds of combat, if the unit is not damaged, it gains a +10% increase to its Spiritual pressure, however, if the unit is damage is severe, this bonus is applied to the damage and gains a -10% sp until the wound is healed.

Common Feat 2: Soul

The Alabaster/obsidian protocols were designed for the 'subjects' of the alabaster project. Each member of the unit was equipped for the tasks that they were assigned to. Each member has, however, a certain general feat that is common to all six members of the artificial Shinigami project.

This tech, Soul, is a relatively bizarre tech that allows the unit to restore lost limbs back to there original footing, how this tech was devised, or even the sheer mechanics of it are unknown at this time, to restore lost limbs with a simple chant, and no energy of kidou is an amazing feat to see, but even stranger is when the unit simply does not notice or restores the limb instantly, and without thinking about it.

System: Alabasterites cannot lose limbs, any limb they loose, they can restore with simple ease. However, depending on whether its an important arm or leg, they may have trouble using it (-1% to zanjitsu/hakuda or Hohru depending on the limb)

Specialty tech (unit zero): Tallon probe.

The Alabaster/obsidian protocols were designed for the 'subjects' of the alabaster project. Each member of the unit was equipped for the tasks that they were assigned to. Each member has, however, a certain unique feat that is unique to all six members of the artificial Shinigami project.

The tech was installed on Unit Zero and was the first attempt at "hollow modification" , the earliest attempt at recombancy in soul society history. It failed in its original attempt; however, it did lead to the creation of this feat.

System: This feat allows the Alabaster to turn any part of his body into a rigid, armor like structure made of pig iron. This 'talon' can extend anywhere from three to six feat in length. In addition, if the 'talon' touches anything organic, unit zero can interface with the creature on a subconscious level, though if this is not voluntary, it can cause internal bleeding and other painful effects that will force him either out of the fight for three rounds or to near incapacitation.

Specialty tech (Units 01 and 06): Living Reatsu ~NPC ability: Gensuko Kira, V2~

The Alabaster/obsidian protocols were designed for the 'subjects' of the alabaster project. Each member of the unit was equipped for the tasks that they were assigned to. Each member has, however, a certain unique feat that is unique to all six members of the artificial Shinigami project.

this tech was installed on unit one in order to increase its fighting capabilites. it was origonaly suposed to enhance the protective reatsu bairer. it was supost to interlock the sword spirit and the living force to create a feadback wave that would have strenthened the protective attributes a hundred fold. this failed miserably. insted, the reatus took a life of its own and was able to promptly proclame itself as a compotant fighter. Researchers simply re-labled the phenomina as "living reatsu" and renamed the Feat such.

System: this Feat costs half of the users reatsu stat. using that number, construct a character sheet (minus connection stats) this new creature is made of pure reatsu. thus, it can only stay verry close to its creator. [can only travel a foot away from the farthest tip of the character's location, not from the sword]. the 'living' reatus is fast in its techinque, but it tends to throw only a single attack per creature before moving onto the next victem. the reatus tend to develop tendencies that are reminiscent of the users soul cutter spirit, a highly frenetic individual who tends to jibber alot in tongues.In the case of V2, this living reatus is a perfect similacra of himself( the two tend to have rather confuseing diologues togeather.)
Oct 27, 2005
In your pants. =3
Bakuhatsuteki Tacchi - (Explosive touch)

The principal behind the attack is reiatsu transmission, where in direct physical contact with either of his hand is needed to start the process or his fingers. After contact is made the transfer begins and Katsu transfers his reiatsu directly into the point of contact, the depth he can place the energy relies on two factors, the length of exposure to his hands, and the amount of SP in comparison to his own.

Once the transfer is complete Katsu can willingly detonate the small SP bomb he left in his opponent at any time of his choosing, the effects and amount of damage vary on the depth and the amount of energy he was able to install.

One second of exposure would penetrate the epidermis of flesh and the effected radius would be about one inches wide, after exploding the flesh wouldn't take much damage but the impact would be strong enough to cause bruises.

Two seconds of exposure and the dermis is penetrated, the area of effect spans to two inches now, the explosion would cause lacerations to the flesh and depending on the area could cause a decent amount of bleeding, the pain is more prominent since the majority of the nerves are located in the dermis.

Three seconds or more of exposure and the energy spans through the fatty tissue and in some cases directly into the muscle fibers, the width stays the same. The resulting damage causes severe lacerations in the flesh, damage to the muscle and tendons, if enough energy is installed bones can be fractured or broken in certain places.

The usage of this attack is nullified by those three times his current SP, those two times stronger experience a lesser effect.

The effects it has on Katsu range depending on how much energy he can install into the opponent, 2-5% max SP cost.
Apr 10, 2005
Just want to try and get this feat aproved for my new character.

[Meimu no Ryoku-Ken ] -- "Illusion Strength-Blade" a feat based on speed and fencing technique. It was originally developed by the Montoya family of fencer's and has been passed down from master to student. this feat requires the user to have a keen eye and confidence in their fighting ability, as they will be starting out with the blade in the non-dominant hand, not only to fool the opponent, but to test their own strength.

Once the practitioner has gotten used to the opponents fighting style and they have been forced to switch to their good hand they receive a large boost in their speed and sword skill. This sudden jump is meant to quickly catch the opponent off guard and then go on the offensive.

Stat Modification's because of this feat:

When starting with the blade in the off/ non-dominant hand:

-20% Zanjutsu
-20% Hohou

After being forced to switch over to the dominant hand stats will return to base then receive this increase:

+20% Zanjutsu
+15% Hohou


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Sep 29, 2005
Wandering Rukongai
[ Soudaina Hiraishin no Kai Kyoudoukumiai ] - "The Released Partnership of the Majestic Flying Thunder God"

Following his battle with Anthracite and the subsequent recovery, Yuusuke had his ability to use both Shi Kai and Ban Kai resealed by a furious Hiraishin, upset with the young warrior's lack of fighting ability. As a result, it will become necessary for him to learn how to fight dangerous enemies relying on nothing but his own strength. To this end, Yuusuke has chosen to adopt the route of Kidou. And as a lightning user, it is only right that his natural strength is in lightning-based Kidou. To this end, this feat was developed.

For every two non-lightning Kidou equipped, Yuusuke may opt to equip a lightning-based Kidou that doesn't take up a Kidou slot. In other words, with ten slots, if all ten Kidou equipped are non-lightning, then he may equip up to five additional Kidou that are lightning based. These do NOT count for Yuusuke's Kidoushuu Mastery requirement (Ie: He still only has ten slots, not fifteen, so he cannot begin work on the Mastery tech. He can, however, apply the technique itself to these Kidou.) In addition, if Yuusuke equips a lightning based Kidou in one of these slots and uses it in combat, it does not count towards the required three times of use to "learn" a new Kidou.
May 15, 2005
["Icy Veil of the Blessed Ice Princess."]
~Sanbi sareta Koori no Oujo no Kootta Beeru~


After the Siege of Seireitei and the fight with Zoraida, Mai feels that her skills haven't improved as much as they should have. Therefore she now chooses to hone her kidou/elemental skills, since that is what she focused on from the start, only lesser.

The requirement for doing this is that she has to have released her sword into Shi Kai in order to activate it. Activation process being, Mai calls out the name of the feat and then a very thick cloud of icy fog seems to materialize around Mai.

The thick cloud of icy fog reaches for a radius of 15 feet, but the nifty part is that her those who are outside the area of the fog or inside it, can't see a thing. It will seem like there is only that area of fog, thus giving Mai a small attack advantage, seeing as she can see through the fog clearly. She can move freely inside the area of the fog but if an enemy chooses to charge into the fog, he/she will be met with a terrifying cold which no-one should be able to take except Mai.

This fog gives a 20% bonus to her kidou stat, though only if she uses an elemental kidou. The fog will cause the elemental mass part of the kidou to heighten greatly, thus making it more powerful and more resistant to counter attacks. If she uses her Shi Kai within that reach it will gain a 10% bonus to her Zanjutsu stat since both of her Shi Kai abilities are ice based.
The feat drains 4% SP every turn when activated.


Props to Kisshu and Joe for thinking of the name. <3
You guys rawk! <3​
Mar 19, 2005
Okay, since some of you might've already noticed that I'm back to some extent, all approved and pending Feats presented in this thread will be withdrawn for review by yours truly. Look back to this particular post some time later to find out what's happening to what.

- Kaze no Naminori > APPROVED
- Tente > Looking bad, I'll contact you soon about this
- Akashic Force > APPROVED
- Zero Mind > APPROVED
- Bakuhatsuteki Tacchi > Being discussed upon
- Ryokuken no Meimu > Being discussed upon
- Soudaina Hiraishin no Kai Kyoudoukumiai > Long name, APPROVED; submitted review for Kidou staff recommended
- Icy Veil of the Blessed Ice Princess > APPROVED
- Akuryoku - Being discussed upon, needs a cost of usage
Aight. Tente got retroactively rejected.

*phails at feats*

Take 2:

- [ Aru Chiyudo no Tekisuto ] -- 'Living Chiyudo Textbook'

Having been on the Siege of Seireitei without healing skills, Nifuji has passively realized the need for Chiyudo. Also, having been in multiple healings of rather high-profile cases including a shattered Taiken Yuusuke and Murray Yukiko, Nifuji has also realized the need for a wide repertoire of Chiyudo skills. Thanks to an extra two years of studying at the Academy in regards to Chiyudo, Nifuji has a great deal of knowledge regarding Chiyudo.

This feat has one requirement; that Nifuji's kidou slots are at least half occupied with Chiyudo. If this requirement is not met, then the Feat's effects are voided until, or if ever again, the requirement is met.

This feat allows for two things. The first is an extra two kidou slots that can only be devoted to Chiyudo. These two Chiyudo are treated like normal spells, as if Nifuji has an extra two kidou slots.

This feat also allows for Nifuji to use any Chiyudo, even those not 'equipped', under his base Kidou stat. However, if this effect is used then the spell either has a 50% efficiency rate or a 133% cost. This cost is applied after any cost reductions (such as the 3rd Division Tech Chiyudo Jukutatsu). Also, if the Chiyudo drains at all from Nifuji's SP, then it has a 150% cost and an 80% efficiency rate.
Mar 19, 2005
Super Total Annihilation

YanLan said:
Alrighty. First time me submit a feat, any problems im or pm me :) here it goes...

Feat: [Chitabibatsu takuetsufuu] -- "Thousand Strikes Wind"

Description: Catherine Teo's first shikai ability would be to catch her opponents off-guard and trap them in either one of her alternate worlds then their bodies will be motionless before she uses her zanpakutou to kill them. She has to kill them quickly to prevent her from spending too much of her strength withholding the alternate world's shape and size. Also, her opponents may break out of the world easily. Therefore, Catherine realised that she has to kill them quick and fast. And this feat allows the user to give off a thousand strikes of the zanpakutou towards the opponent in a split second on different parts of the body. It catches the enemy off-guard with ultra speed hitting the opponents.

Not only can be used in one of the shikai abilities, it can also be used in the second one, adding more speed to the added impact of the blood projectiles.

The feat can only be used with shikai activated.
It exhausts 2% SP and 5% of the Hohou stat, also adds 3% more to the Zanjutsu stat with each turn of activation.

Holy cottage goat cheese, that's broken o_o

As it stands, this Feat has absolutely no chance of even being reviewed by the Staff. @_@ I recommend making a completely new Feat, and toning down the uberness by a couple million notches.

Disapproved. >.>


<div class="bbWrapper"><div class="bbCodeBlock bbCodeBlock--expandable bbCodeBlock--quote"> <div class="bbCodeBlock-title"> Mizumiko said: </div> <div class="bbCodeBlock-content"> <div class="bbCodeBlock-expandContent"> Holy cottage goat cheese, that's broken o_o<br /> <br /> As it stands, this Feat has absolutely no chance of even being reviewed by the Staff. @_@ I recommend making a completely new Feat, and toning down the uberness by a couple million notches.<br /> <br /> Disapproved. &gt;.&gt; </div> <div class="bbCodeBlock-expandLink"><a>Click to expand...</a></div> </div> </div>SIGH... okies then i make new one <img src="" class="smilie smilie--sprite smilie--sprite7" alt=":p" title="Stick Out Tongue :p" /> thanks for the blunt assessment *one BIG heartache given* &gt;&lt; I think i shld double check with someone else b4 i post it here <img src="" class="smilie smilie--sprite smilie--sprite7" alt=":p" title="Stick Out Tongue :p" /></div>


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Jul 3, 2005
Since I have been blessed with two feat slots (one of which was Akashic Force), I have the great pleasure of bestowing upon you a second draft :)
If there's anything you're wondering about it, I'll be free most of the time on AIM the next few days, so just scream. And also, just so it's said the other feat slot was for VC-ship.

[Pentagram Rotation]​

Once the feat is activated, a large glowing pentagram appears on the ground.
Glowing white, the pentagram is composed of a five pointed star inside of a circle measuring some thirty feet in diameter. The top point will always lead out from Ame's own direction that he faces the opponent with. The pentagram star's five points were by neo-pagans meant to describe the five classical elements: fire, wind, water, earth and Akasha, the element of spirit which inhabits every living creature in this world. The circle that surrounds the five pointed star is the force that binds them all together as one power.

The pentagram will begin to rotate with quickening pace. Once the movement of the pentagram has begun, the opponent is bound in place for the attack. The only way to escape the circle is by use of sheer spiritual force, which must be twice that of Ame's to have any effect. As the circle spins, the symbols that crown each star point are lit one by one. The first to light up is the fire, the burning will to defeat the opponent. Second is the wind, on which the courage of the user soars. Third is the water, the mystic and vast. Fourth to light is the earth, the essence of nature and our very surroundings. Last is Akasha, the power of the spirit and the force of our lives. Once the symbols are all lit, the entire area within the circle is bathed in an explosion of light, it's colour indefinable but vivid.

Opponents will suffer the energy force of the combined elements: Fire, Water, Air and Earth are all made one with Akasha, and the circle is the vessel of the attack, which is of great power. The Goboukaiten is not affected by elemental resistances and cannot be fought with other forces of pure elemental base such as elemental Kidou. A great spiritual pressure superiority is the only way to fight the attack.

Evading the Goboukaiten can be done physically, as in simply escaping the radius of the attack before all of the symbols have been lit, which is roughly five-seven seconds. As long as you can clear the ring you're free. As easy as that.

But! If you do find yourself standing inside the ring once the symbols are lit... whether or not you're screwed depends on your spiritual pressure. If the opponent has more than double the amount of Ame's SP, the attack can be fought off with no serious harm.
If the opponent is of similar spiritual pressure the attack can only be fought off under special circumstances, and mentionable damage will still be done.
If the opponent has more than 1k lower SP than Ame, the Goboukaiten cannot be fought off, and the full effect of the damage is implemented.

For every use, Goboukaiten drains away 20% of Ame's spiritual pressure, meaning it bears a heavy penalty. Practically speaking Goboukaiten could thus not be used more than once a fight unless special events demand it.

EDIT: Approved by Windymeister


<div class="bbWrapper"><span style="font-size: 9px">Sorry. It was my stupidity that made me delete the messege of the first feat I posted here )= Well, I toned down the uberness but if I need to tone down more, I can change it again but also please talk with me (=</span><br /> <br /> Feat: <b>Hyakudageki Zanjutsu</b> -- &quot;Hundred Strikes Zanjutsu*<br /> <br /> Description: Catherine realised that for her shikai ability to be performed at its best, she would have to take down or kill her opponents in the shortest time possible or that . <br /> <br /> This feat can only be used with Shinku Kinbaku Gyoushi. With every 100 stats of Zanjutsu, the user can give off a hundred strikes of the zanpakutou towards the opponent in 30 seconds on any parts of the body targeted by the user.<br /> <br /> Cost with each turn of feat activation:<br /> <br /> +5% Zanjutsu (only once in a fight)<br /> -10% Hohou<br /> -15% SP<br /> <br /> <span style="font-size: 9px">thanks for the uber frankness on my first try <img src="" class="smilie smilie--sprite smilie--sprite7" alt=":p" title="Stick Out Tongue :p" /></span></div>
Mar 19, 2005
Seizure Robots

Shiggtyluffluff's Bakuhatsuteki Tacchi

We basically thought this Feat needed certain limits that weren't made clear in its initial post, so this was what we came up with:

2% SP consumption = Four meter detonation range
3% SP consumption = Six meter detonation range
4% SP consumption = Eight meter detonation range
5% SP consumption = Ten meter detonation range

One second exposure = Two turn time limit, or thirty seconds
Two second exposure = Four turn time limit, or a minute
Three second exposure = Six turn time limit, or a minute and a half

If these changes were to be made to this Feat, it would stand with a high chance of being approved.

TheRisingSun's Ryokuken no Meimu

We discussed this Feat thoroughly, and thought that just by switching hands doesn't really justify the amount of bonuses it's able to grant. The concept is nice, but doesn't really appear on a scale that would give that much of a bonus. The system of penalty and reward is balanced, as far as we can see, it's just that its concept needs to be revamped.

dar's Akuryoku

With the addition of the new edits that were made, we thought that would be enough to justify its effectiveness. However, we would like this Feat's Kidou restriction to be set to:

Akuryoku can only nullify the use of all Kidou of whose costs are equal to or lower than the absolute value of Akuryoku's total cost (Spiritual Pressure + Kidou).

With this, it would stand a much better chance at being approved.

Kishyotai's Aru Chiyudou no Tekisutou

Right off the bat, Xero's casting a bad eye over this Feat.

If we can eliminate the +2 Chiyudou slots, and add a clause to which any un-equipped Chiyudou he casts with this is not affected by any augmentation from any other skill, it could work. However, we haven't reviewed this Feat with Xero yet, so all this might change at a later time.

YanLan's Hyakudageki Zanjutsu

We're starting to see a trend here >_>;;

There really isn't much that can be done to make this Feat plausible, unless it can only be used with PC permission. Otherwise, it is subject to being abused through Zanjutsu hoarding, or by piling up all your points into Zanjutsu to power this Feat up to levels I shudder to think of. Basically, with the 400-500 Zanjutsu that you have now in your stats, this Feat allows you to strike +13 times per second over the duration of thirty seconds (equal to about two RP turns). So the only suggestion we could think of is for you to think up of an entirely new concept for your Feat.


<div class="bbWrapper"><b><span style="text-decoration: underline">&quot;Akuryoku&quot;</span></b><span style="text-decoration: underline"> - <i>[grip of hand]</i></span><br /> <br /> <br /> Akuryoku is a binding technique that incorporates one's hakuda and<br /> kidou stat together. The user channels his energy to his palm and <br /> launches a ball of kidou onto the enemy. Once the ball of kidou hits<br /> the opponnent the user closes his hand to a fist and binds the enemies<br /> actions, this includes usage of kidou. Like a can being crushed by the<br /> hand of a man, this is the sensation that the opponent will go through<br /> once he is bound.<br /> <br /> Akuryoku, works like any bakudou spell. The closer the caster is to <br /> the opponent, the stronger the effect will be. And when the caster <br /> is far from the target the effect is lessened. This feat's effect will<br /> vary on the opponents resistance capabilities.<br /> <br /> Akuryoku can only nullify the use of all Kidou of whose costs are equal to or lower than the absolute value of Akuryoku's total cost (Spiritual Pressure + Kidou). The damage caused by offensive kidou cast upon the user who's value is equal to Akuryoku's cost is lessened by half at most.<br /> <br /> The only way the opponent can break out of it is by using SP. Also, when the <br /> opponent's SP is greater than the user's combined hakuda and kidou stats the technique is nullified. But when the opponent is ranging from 2.5x the user's SP and below they can be bound.<br /> <br /> 2x - 2.5x SP - 1 turn<br /> 2x - 1x SP - 2 turns<br /> below SP level - 3-4 turns<br /> <br /> <b>Usage Cost:</b><br /> <br /> This feat can only be done once for every fight. Using the feat would drain the user's kidou by 500 and take 10% out of his Spiritual Pressure.<br /> <br /> ** added maki's revision and clarified damage reception during the hold.</div>


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