Feedback for The Drenston Horror


[Insert rimshot]
Jul 29, 2013
Flint, MI
Understanding of Premise: Sad guy down on his luck goes to tie the knot with death, but he pusses out and gets to meet a freaky and benevolent primal force of nature instead.
Rating: 8/10 (There's too many fucking skeletons in here)

Dammit, this was cool.

I don't have any negative critiques here. Your mechanics and execution were awesome, every fucking theme was purposeful and used well, and your premise had the potential to be fucking terrifying.

Instead you had me going "Aw, that's pretty cool" at the end of it instead of; "Holy shit."

You gave me a happy ending and no danger. Dammit.

Having the horror stalk the protag through the forest after he was discovered, cornering him in the tombstone yard and making him pick a tree would have been great to scare the shit out of me. Instead you gave me a story where the protagonist finds out that appearances aren't everything, and sometimes the giant freaky monster thing carrying suicide victims is a friendly Joe just doing it's job.

Good shit. I wouldn't change it in any way. But you can't spook me without somebody getting a game over.

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