Footsteps of the Legion

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Threw this up on a different site for a few reason. If you want to read it, go here Footsteps of the Legion

Originally written up for a writing contest, I decided to move forward with Footsteps of the Legion as a project and I want to see it turned into a fully publishable novel.
Synopsis said:
A legendary army of immortals, an infamous necromancer bent on over-taking the world, and two friends with simple wishes. Or, well, maybe not so simple.

Marcus Fieraeth left his home with hopes of entering the wizard academy in Arac Caithe, and he looks well on his way towards his goal. On the night of his final exam his friend Lucel steals him away with the hopes of seeing the Legion of Immortals - the last defense the world has against Elgaz'mire's horde of undead. If she can just meet them, she's sure she can join them, despite no one knowing how they became immortal.

But when they come upon a small village set ablaze and under the attack of Elgaz'mire, Marc doesn't think he'll be able to go back to the academy. Not when the Legion wants him to be their wizard, and Lucel's only hope of joining now rests on his answer. Is there someway for Marc to return to the academy and get his apprenticeship when the world's elite are asking him to undertake a dire task?
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Chapters for FotL have been on temporary hold while I've been in a writing slump. Slowly working my way out of it, though, so we'll see where we're at by the end of next week.

Current Writing Week is 197

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