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Follow these simple rules to avoid conflict with the upper hierarchies.

1. Winduril is the sugar plumpkin and a gingerbreadman, but for some reason we still listen to him.

2. Read everything in all the forums, don't expect somebody to explain everything to you. Not understanding something is a different matter.

3. Don't god-mode. You're given the freedom to write your character how you want, but that does not mean you have the power to blow up the world.

4. Respect all the players.

5. Do not vanish unannounced. Please tell somebody if you will be gone. Computer troubles are excluded from this.

Yes, you can kill other players (but it must be with their consent). If a shinigami is killed, they are reincarnated.

Yes, it is possible for you to come back if you die. Depending, of course, on how you died. (Angering other players is not a good way to die.)

Yes, shinigami that have their hakusui and saketsu will be powerless and be an ordinary soul.

6. Do not offer anything but constructive criticism. There will be NO 100% derogatory statements in this RPG without offering advice for the writer.

7. RPers cannot have more than one character. This is to ensue the maximum amount of time writing for one character and to make things less confusing concerning usernames to PCs.

8. Feign Ignorance while IC (in character). Unless there's a very good reason (like you've already met your fellow RPer's character or have a history with them or their infamous as a seated officer), you aren't going to happen to know what their Shi Kai is and be able to form plans on how to react to that. However, you are allowed to read other characters' profiles, which holds all their information. What to do? In short, feint ignorance while in character. Don't take the information you learned OOC and apply it in a fight...let your character find out for his or her self.

Infamous would be there was a well known incident, recently or in the past, that would constitute people not only knowing your name but your abilities. For example, Yasuo (Djudge) was witnessed by people in a practically legendary battle using his Shi Kai, and as such the properties are well known. Diega (Sainty) is a Captain, but besides that, she hasn't blown up a huge section of Rukongai so she would mostly be known in name only (except for all the people she's fought and such).

9. If someone gives away the identity of a Vizard to another player without the permission of the Vizard in question, they are automatically kicked out of the RPG permanently.

One does not have any right to let anyone know about a secret that should be easily kept and that serves to make the roleplay much more fun and intriguing than without. This policy goes into effect immediately.

Use your common sense. However, if you're still unsure about something, feel free to ask.

10. No PC can be in more than one PrC.

11. No auto hits in fights:

In roleplayed fights, regardless of them being exhibition, Sou Kyouko, or plot based melees, if person A roleplays connecting a hit with person B without giving person B the chance to evade or counter, then person B gets to write a hit of about proportionate damage dealt to person A on his next turn. Originally, I had it so that person B would just be able to return the favor whenever...but then I noticed that the possibility for abusing that at the conclusion to a fight is just too great. So it has to be done the following turn, or not at all.

12. Captainship Challenging; The following qualifications are necessary:

*One must be within 1,000 Connection of the Captain he/she wishes to challenge.
*One must gain approval from 3 other Captains before challenging.
*One must be able to conform to the Division's specialty.

In the event of the current Captain's victory:
*Challenger can be placed at whatever seat the Captain decides.
*Challenger is not allowed to challenge the Captain for another 3 weeks.

In the event of the Challenger's victory:
*The Captain is automatically given whatever rank the Challenger had within the Division.
*The Captain cannot challenge the Challenger for another 3 weeks.
*If the other 9 Captains do not approve of the Challenger, than they can revoke their attainment of the Captain slot and return it to the original Captain. This requires ALL 9 of the other Captains to agree beyond a doubt that they much rather have the current Captain over the Challenger.


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