Hamamoto, Seiji

Sep 29, 2010
Hamamoto, Seiji

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Age: 17

Physical Stature:
Seiji has a very slim build with his already short body, that he tries desperately to make up for with an overly confident stride. With a wardrobe composed of mainly suits, sticking to the ‘suit up’ way of life, he hopes to make an impact with those he meets, which he often does albeit not always the impact he was aiming for. Most of the baby has is gone from his body, but he still has a very young looking face which is hard in contrast to his eyes. He has very deep green eyes, which have obviously seen much more sorrow than anyone should. From his mother the boy gained his Japanese name and facial features, but he adopted his European father’s blond hair and green eyes.

Although he tries to act older in hopes of impressing his peers, his inner child often shines through instead. Although he had no choice but to grow up quicker than he should have, he still likes to have fun.

He tends to over exert himself when doing anything, and tries his best to learn from those around him the ‘art of the adult’. He studies often but always escapes his school work in hope of entertainment, in many forms. He enjoys music and classical instruments greatly, as well as plays be they professionally done or amateurs. He tries to thoroughly enjoy life despite the very deep and prominent mental scar he bears.

He never shows his fear in front of others if he can help it, but there have been times where he couldn't control the huge wave of terror and broke down right where he stood.

Seiji lived a rather comfortable life up until the age of fifteen where any and everything he thought he knew was torn asunder and the bits laid bare in front of him. He was taken with both of his parents to stay at a complex in Tokyo. The memory of that dreadful day laid dormant until he was approached by a man who muttered some indistinguishable words. Everything from that day, all that he had forgotten flooded his mind. He watched through his mothers arms as his father was hacked down, as well as many, many others.

Even in present, he won’t even get near a dojo, as their uniform reminds him too much of the devils that stole everything from him. He knows not who they were, or even why they did what they did, but they are his greatest fear in the world.

Not even a year later, the boys mother came down with a bad cough that grew worse and worse every day. After coughing up blood one day she went to see a doctor, and was diagnosed with cancer. She had an unusually aggressive case of cancer that eradicated her lungs, killing her only a couple of months later, making Seiji the de-facto head of his home at his very young age, with no one to teach him but the books in his fathers old study.

Reiatsu: 2275 (1908/4543 bleeding (2/10)
Shuuhaku: 227
Kyuuzu: 1000
Namazan: 637
Douryuu: 638​
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Sep 29, 2010


[ Reiatsu Noukan ] - "Spiritual Pressure Perception"
The heightened ability of a Quincy to sense Reiatsu. Its potency and maximum range grows as the user's reiatsu level rises, and will be able to single out the signature of a single entity within range. A target may choose to mask their signature, making their exact location difficult to ascertain. However, the presence of a strong fighter in combat is unmistakable. As traditional hunters, all Quincy possess exceptionally high sensing abilities, able to precisely pinpoint targets up to their full range.

Class E : 1 km / 500 reiatsu
Class D : 3 km / 1,000 reiatsu
Class C : 6 km / 2,000 reiatsu
Class B : 9 km / 3,000 reiatsu
Class A : 12 km / 4,000 reiatsu
Class S : 15 km / 5,000 reiatsu

[ Fuubi ]- "Overpower"
When a Quincy is restrained or bound and has been left with no other alternative, they can try to force their way out through sheer strength and raw reiatsu. Especially dangerous to the Quincy's body and soul, they must pay the same cost as what bound or restrained them, using Shuuhaku and Reiatsu as necessary. The more reiatsu used, the more painful it is for the Quincy.

Requirements: 1,000 Reiatsu


[Weitshuss] - "Longshot" (+5m : Total 30m)
As masters of ranged combat, Quincy dominate long-range encounters, able to fight from a distance with enhanced efficacy over the average. As their skill in Kyuuzu grows, a Quincy is able to focus their shots over greater and greater distances.

A Quincy's range of 25m for their standard shots increases by 5m per 1000 Kyuuzu. This caps out at 100m max range at 15,000 Kyuuzu.

Requirements: 1,000 Kyuuzu

Writing Week is 219

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