Hans Laurent

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Nov 18, 2007
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Name: Hans Laurent (Erdeschalk)

Age: 20

Physicality: Hans stands at a height of six feet even while weighing roughly 170 pounds. Despite his average measurements, he has a very menacing presence when standing near or around him, seeming bigger and far more villainous than he actually is. His build is makes him look a tiny bit stringy, but other than that, he seems to at least be in good shape. In possession of golden blond hair, he typically has it slicked back on his head. He also has piercing blue eyes, courtesy of his father. He carries a menacing scar on his left arm that had not faded one bit since he had received it. Hans typically does not dress well, but since arriving at the Erdeschalk’s, he has been outfitted with a wide array of suits.

Personality: Because of the situation he was thrust into, Hans was forced to grow up very quickly and learn to become a functioning citizen very smoothly. He likes to play mind games with people and occasionally gives off the impression of being a "smart-ass". Most conversations he has with people are littered with such discrete sarcasm that it is extremely difficult to tell what he is actually thinking. Despite this, it would be wrong to think of Hans as "a loquacious type" of person, as he generally only responds to people rather than initiating contact. He can often be seen with a slight smirk on his face, making him seem like a villainous kind of person.

Biography: Twenty years prior to present day, Hans Mathieu Erdeschalk was brought into the world. The middle of five children, and second of two boys in a Quincy family, it was only natural that Hans became neglected in favor of the eldest, Lionel. Hans never really understood why he was neglected and never really thought much of it (he never even knew he was a Quincy, in fact). To him, his parents—particularly his father—liked Lionel more, and that was that. He was still part of a noble family, so it wasn’t as if he was completely forgotten, though he often tried to make it a point to get his parents’ attention. Eventually, this task was given up.

Life as usual for a rich boy in Germany continued for Hans until he turned seven. By now, Lionel was eleven and quite proud of himself. In a particularly heated argument, Lionel brought up the fact that no one loved—or even cared about—him. This infuriated Hans for some reason more than Lionel’s usual taunts and he attacked his older brother. Hans, despite being younger, was always much healthier and stronger than his brother, and even started to overpower him despite their age gap. In his desperation, Lionel was able to get away for a short time and shot Hans; with what, Hans still has not figured out to this day. One minute, he was rushing his older brother in anger; the next, he was hunched over in pain as his left arm seemed to be set on fire. Hearing the crying, his parents rushed to the scene. While his mother tried to aid the younger son, the father listened to the sob story of Lionel—even going so far as to praise him on his accomplishment. Of course, Hans heard none of this, as he had long since gone unconscious.

When Hans turned 14, his father mysteriously divorced his mother, taking Lionel with him, leaving Hans and his three sisters with their mother. There was no reason given, nor any sign of being willing to aid the now cast off family. So Hans’s mother took the four remaining children and moved back to France to live with her mother and father. It was at this time that Hans was forced to mature very quickly—being the “man” of the household. He even went so far as to cut himself off from the Erdeschalk completely, taking his mother’s name, Laurent, as his own.

As the years passed, life became harder for the Erdeschalks in France (Hans was the only one to take up Laurent as his surname). Living with his grandparents was convenient, but they and his mother took the divorce too lightheartedly. While Hans saw this as an act of pure evil and ill-will, his mother often tried to convince him otherwise—that they divorced for their safety. It was in this way that Hans eventually became alienated from his mother as well. During this time, he had found work in a steel mill, working for minimum wage and trying to support six people other than himself. One day, he got injured at work, meaning there was no income for the family other than what the government gave to support his retired grandparents. He heard his elder sister, Elise, who was now 22, say something about prostitution, infuriating him. Declaring that he would never allow his sister to do something so despicable, he decided that he would do something even worse to his own dignity—beg his father and brother for money.

Hitchhiking his way across the countries, he eventually made it back to the heart of Deutschland. Not much had changed during his departure, he found, though the Erdeschalk estate had moved. After asking around, he was directed to an even grander mansion than the one he had grown up in. Disgusted that he had family that lived in such luxury while his own family suffered, he sucked up his pride and gained audience with the owner. It was what he found upon entering that shocked his world…

Hans Laurent (Erdeschalk) - Quincy
Grade: 0
Reiatsu: 14,459
Restraint: 15,904 (25% Efficiency)
Shuuhaku: 595
Chakudan: 1500
Kyuuzu: 6900
Douryuu: 5059
Ginkaihou: 1000
Dentouritsu: 11,893
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Energy Weapon -- Erdeschalk Sanrei Glove


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