Hiana Maisaku - Captain of the 10th

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May 15, 2005
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- Surname:
Hiana. ひあな

- First name:
Maisaku. 舞作 "Dancing Harvest"

- Age:
Around 3-400 years old, but she doesn't know exactly anymore. She never cared about her age too much to keep track. She died at 19 and has kept her appearance since then.

- Birthday:
The 21st of September. Hakuda Seiki was the one who gave her this birthday while Maisaku was still living in Rukongai with him.

- Division and Rank:
Captain of the Tenth Division.

- Persona:
Hot headed and stubborn characterizes this particular Captain. Her eyes, despite her stubborn attitude, are always filled with sincerity and kindness towards those who treat her the same way. Mai is a very big believer of everyone being equal and that Captains or Vice Captains, in every day life, are essentially the same as their subordinates. Backing down in a fight is not acceptable for this young woman, and she will go all out in every one of her battles. May it be physical or verbal. She is a strong willed woman and knows what she wants, but when it comes to her life, she takes one day at a time and embraces everything that crosses her path; both the good and the bad experiences. Her love for knowledge comes in periods. Sometimes she can sit down and really get lost in a book, however most of the time she can only read the same sentence over and over again. She figures it's because of the load of paperwork she does all day since it takes away her will to read.

- Physical stature:
A pair of striking emerald eyes adorns this woman's face. Sparkling as if they were jewels, they can also pierce through your very soul once she gazes into your eyes. Long crimson locks flow down her back like a waterfall, which is often kept up in a tall ponytail. Thick tresses hang down in front of her chest, reaching just above her breasts. While parted on her left, her bangs flow freely to which side it wants; Maisaku doesn't put much effort into keeping her hair as it seems to have a will of its own. Standing at 178 cm and roughly 50 kg, she is a slender and beautiful woman who isn't sickly thin.

- Clothing:
Maisaku has had her normal, standard shihakushou modified slightly to fit her persona. On each sleeve, there is sown on some thick, crimson colored fur. The gi is open in a v-cut, which reaches down to her breasts, revealing a bit of her cleavage which is sown together with some red fishnet just below her bosom. Around her waist, she wears a scarlet colored sash with a small pocket on her right hip where she carries healing pills, potions, needles and the like. The standard black hakama drapes over her thighs and down to the ground, looking as if they were one size too big. She likes the freedom this gives her to move in. When she isn't wearing her shihakushou, she usually wears a red, full-body overcoat which is bolstered with black, sturdy fur and a pair of black leather gloves on her hands; the right glove extending up her arm to her elbow while the left glove ends at her wrist. When wearing her shihakushou, she wears the usual waraji slippers on her feet, although when she is out of uniform a pair of leather, slightly high heel boots sit upon her feet. The white pristine haori is cut off at the shoulders, leaving room for her Shihakushou sleeves to poke out instead. Red fur has been sown onto the collar of the haori and around her waist, Mai's crimson sash binds the haori close around her waist.

- Zanpakutou:
[ Fuyumiko ] 冬巫子 - Winter Shrine Maiden
Looks like a normal Katana, though it's about five inches longer and five inches thicker. In its sealed form, the sword is completely black with only the white runes at the end of the sword, visible. The runes are carved into the red plate and they mean "Winter". The hilt is a complete black color with leather wrapped around it instead of cloth and there are several markings along the guard. Mai wears Fuyumiko strapped around her waist on her lower back.

- Biography:
In a small forest outside a city in Japan, Maisaku lived happily with her family. Her father and mother both worked in the city and therefore had to travel a lot, but since she wasn't very old then, Maisaku thought nothing more of it. As she grew older she found herself wanting to go to the city. Her parents had long since retired and settled for a life in the peaceful forest. Wanting to explore the world, Maisaku left her home in the woods and took off to the city. Night time had arrived when she reached her destination and she saw millions of big flashy signs all over the place. Wandering around, she met a man who treated her to a drink, being hungry, tired and always in the mood for a party, she accepted. The drinks had kept coming that night and the last thing she remembers is walking out of the bar with the man, and then suddenly everything was black. Vaguely, she can remember a figure in black before once again, her world turned upside down.

Waking up in a small dark alley in Western Rukongai, Mai would soon have to adapt to this new world of starvation and possibly a life of theft. She went for a few years, barely getting through life by stealing food here and there and had to move from district to district since her face was being recognized all too easily. One day, a man named Hakuda Seiki caught her red-handed and Mai thought she was done for, however, the man showed her an unusual kindness she hadn't experienced since before her death. He took her in and raised her as his own daughter, taught her to cook, clean and gave her food and a place to stay in return. Seiki was a retired Shinigami who had retreated back to Rukongai to live. Mai's interest was perked into the Shinigami world when he had told her many tales of when he, himself had been a God of Death. Eventually, he had found a way to get her signed up for the Academy where she attended with great marks and easily excelled at Kidou over most of her classmates.

Once she graduated, she was immediately assigned to the Fifth Division where, after an interview with the current Captain Yukiko Murray, she settled for a new beginning. Soon enough, she met the Vice Captain, Kokuei Diaz and developed a fast relationship with him. During that time, Mai had also begun seeing a man from the Seventh Division, Senbokuji Ame the Vice Captain as well. Drama ensued quickly between the three when Mai's heart had been torn into two pieces by her love for the two men but finally, after months of pain and agony, her and Ame had reconciled and they began anew together.

The Siege of Seireitei.
Quickly following the drama, an invasion happened upon Soul Society. Incredible masses of hollows attacked the Bloodstone walls, hoping to enter and annihilate the population within Seireitei and Rukongai. Mai had gained strength during her time in the Fifth Division and had been ordered to go protect the Bloodstone walls with her Captain and Vice Captain by her side as well as the Seventh Division. They fought off the hollows and prevented the mass of hollows from entering the Court of Pure Souls. But the battle wasn't over yet. An Arrancar named Zoraida manifested in front of Mai and they battled furiously, leaving Maisaku victorious in the end.

After the Siege.
The Siege had been a large blow to the Gotei Thirteen. A Captain had been lost and a large amount of Shinigami had suffered injuries or had been killed during the attack. Mai had to spend some time within the walls of the Third Division herself as a result of her battle with Zoraida, where she met a woman much like herself. Sayuri Chikako, one of the higher seated members. When Maisaku had returned from the Hospital, she had retired back to Seiki's house for a while to regain her strength. Unknowingly, he had arranged a 'coming back' and a birthday party for her which she celebrated with joy. However, her best friend from even before she joined the Academy, Fujihara Araki, had gone missing. Mai had resumed her duties as a Shinigami, but there didn't go one day without him being on her mind.

Peace and a promotion.
Finally, peace had returned back to Soul Society after the Siege, although the problems in Rukongai still needed to be fixed. During this time, Maisaku met a lot of people. Iwakami Katsu, a member of the Eleventh. Junichi Terada, Captain of the Ninth Division. Nifuji Jinte, Vice Captain of the Third Division and more. All the while, Mai had grown in the ranks and had been the strongest in the Division except for the Captain with whom she had also developed a good relationship. After a slightly... odd, dream which she never really figured out if happened or not, Mai was promoted to Vice Captain and now took on the job of leading the Division with Yukiko. Quickly afterwards, Mai suffered another blow to her psyche. One of her life long friends, Murashima Keisuke, had been played by his brother who had turned into an Arrancar and made Mai kill Keisuke with her own hands. She suffered from a deep depression afterwards but somehow managed to pull herself out of it.

The Kidoushuu.
Having been a Vice Captain for a while, Mai had gathered information about the organization that called themselves the Kidoushuu, supposedly masters of Kidou manipulation. With the recommendation of her Captain, Mai joined and met the various members who would soon play a large role in her life. Kayla Arujo who was acting as the 11th Hanchou and the Vice Captain of the Sixth, Rei Jiiro, the Captain of the Second Division, Taiken Yuusuke, the Captain of the Sixth, Yume-chan, who was a seated officer of the Second, Yukiko and Nifuji as well.

The Valley of ÁƒŠ¡ltimo Crepusculo.
It was time for another attack, however, this time it was the Gotei Thirteen that would be doing the attacking. Mai, leading a part of the 5th Division through the Senkaimon gate worried about the outcome of the upcoming battle. People she knew and loved would be fighting against another mass of hollows and even worse, Espada. As they entered Hueco Mundo, they were met with a sight of the very essence of death and destruction. They set up camp and Mai met up with a few people before the battles were to stand. The Vice Captain had been stationed at The Wall together with her Division, the Twelfth and the Sixth Division. Their objective was to keep the hollows from climbing into the mountains so that the Initial Strike unit wouldn't have a problem with annihilating them. It was a success and now, the battles within the Fortaleza de Acrimonia Antigua waited. Mai had met up with Ame within the fortress and engaged in battle with one of the Espada, however she doesn't recall this happening all too well, so she isn't sure that it really happened or not. However, the battle was won at Hueco Mundo, even though the Commander Captain suffered a severe loss in power which resulted in his retirement from the Commander position.

Returning to Soul Society.
Once again, the Gotei was weakened and Mai was as well. The news of Commander General Shinkou Masaru's loss of strength and his retirement quickly found its way around which caused worry between the members of the Gotei. Mai, being still weakened from the attack was shocked to find out that several Captains had left the Gotei as well to follow Masaru. The Gotei stood now without Captains to several Divisions. A new Commander had been appointed though, which was a small ensuring factor. Directly after, Mai found out that Nifuji had died. She received a sake bottle and his Third Division badge which she keeps close to her every single moment.

Captains Elections.
Receiving a letter from an anonymous sender, Mai ventured out into Rukongai where she was met by Sayuri, Yuusuke and Yukiko. Soon enough, she figured out that this was a Taishuu to determine whether or not she was able to stand up to the task of being a Captain. A month prior, Mai had written an essay to the Captains about how and why she wanted to be a Captain as had a few other selected members of the Gotei.

Sprites made by Matt. <3


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May 15, 2005
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[ Writings ]


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Rebirth: 130.867
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Gina: 48.000
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Impz: 17.149
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Xero: 13.700
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Sophia: 6.000
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Proggy: 5.375
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May 15, 2005
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[ Stats ]

Week 101:

Hiana Maisaku -- Captain of the 10th Division
Kidoushuu - Fukuhanchou
Grade --
Reiatsu: 40,385
Fuyumiko - ~48,462~
Fuyumiko no Shoukan - ~56,539~ (19 Turns///*115%*)
Fuyumiko: Tenrou Zetsumeiga Atemi - ~64,616~ (13 Turns///*110%*)
Kyousho Bankai - ~72,692~ (4 Turns///*70%*)

Zanjutsu: 4,297
Hakuda: 1,449
Hohou: 15,252
Kidou: 19,247
Kidoushuu: (1.23) 23,674

[ Slot 1 ] Hadou #11 - Hoteruchion/Inflamari/Infurnus [ 70/85/135 Reiatsu ]
[ Slot 2 ] Hadou #16 - Ice Water [ 115 Reiatsu ]
[ Slot 3 ] Hadou #24 - Raigen [ 200 Reiatsu ]
[ Slot 4 ] Hadou #28 - Aisu/Aishuhaaken/Aisudansu/Aisurondo [ 280/1000/1200/2000 Reiatsu ]
[ Slot 5 ] Hadou #32 - Heki [ 350 Reiatsu ]
[ Slot 6 ] Hadou #31 - Shakkahou [ 325 Reiatsu ]
[ Slot 7 ] Hadou #37 - Altar/Kancho [ 475/450 Reiatsu ]
[ Slot 8 ] Hadou #50 - Shindou/Jiraigen/Chain Reaction/Uchuusename [ 700/950/1800/2000 Reiatsu ]
[ Slot 9 ] Hadou #54 - Haien [ 1100 Reiatsu ]
[ Slot 10 ] Hadou #55 - Ice Pike [ 1150 Reiatsu ]
[ Slot 11 ] Hadou #63 - Raikouhou [ 1500 Reiatsu ]
[ Slot 12 ] Hadou #67 - Flash Freeze [ 1900 Reiatsu ]
[ Slot 13 ] Hadou #77 - Snowstorm [ 3400 Reiatsu
[ Slot 14 ] Hadou #82 - Demon's Baptism [ 4400 Reiatsu ]
[ Slot 15 ] Hadou #90 - Kurohitsugi [ 6000 Reiatsu ]
[ Slot 16 ] Hadou #91 - Kyuuden [ 6500 Reiatsu ]
[ Slot 17 ] Hadou #92 - Avalanche [ 6800 Reiatsu ]
[ Slot 18 ] Hadou #99 - Radiance [ 10000 Reiatsu ]

[ Slot 19 ] Bakudou #8 - Sealing Rings [ 65 Reiatsu ]
[ Slot 20 ] Bakudou #17 - Ice Prison/Ice Maiden [ 135/600 Reiatsu ]
[ Slot 21 ] Bakudou #42 - Spider's Web [ 520 Reiatsu ]
[ Slot 22 ] Bakudou #45 - Beast Fang [ 550 Reiatsu ]
[ Slot 23 ] Bakudou #55 - Diamond Dust/Divining Bolt [ 680/700 Reiatsu ]
[ Slot 24 ] Bakudou #61 - Rikijyoukourou [ 835 Reiatsu ]
[ Slot 25 ] Bakudou #69 - MÁƒ¡scara Roto [K] [ 1200 Reiatsu ]
[ Slot 26 ] Bakudou #80 - Mugendai [K] [ 3200 Reiatsu ]

[ Slot 27 ] Bougyoudo #10 - Talon [ 65 Reiatsu ]
[ Slot 29 ] Bougyoudo #52 - Black Tide [ 700 Reiatsu ]
[ Slot 30 ] Bougyoudo #55 - Kageshyunpo/Sounokageshyunpo [ 775/0 Reiatsu ]
[ Slot 31 ] Bougyoudo #57 - Malice Coil [ 830 Reiatsu ]
[ Slot 32 ] Bougyoudo #62 - Glass Veil [ 995 Reiatsu ]

[ Slot 33 ] Chiyudo #26 - Hanshakyou [ 175 Reiatsu ]
[ Slot 34 ] Chiyudo #54 - Temperance/Saint's Patience [ 640/1600 Reiatsu ]
[ Slot 35 ] Chiyudo #58 - Destruction Barrier/Reflect [ 800/3500 Reiatsu ]

[ Slot 36 ]
[ Slot 37 ]
[ Slot 38 ]
[ Slot 39 ]
[ Slot 40 ]
[ Slot 41 ]
Connection: 39,893
[ Tech Slot 1 ] - [ Toukihaku ]
[ Tech Slot 2 ] - [ Kakusan ]
[ Tech Slot 3 ] - [ Kagami Jutsu ]
[ Tech Slot 4 ] - [ Kidou Yuugo ]
[ Tech Slot 5 ] - [ Kidounen ]
[ Division Tech Slot 1 ] - ** [ Baizou Tatari ]
[ Invisible Tech Slot 1 ] - * [ Eishouhaki ]
[ Invisible Tech Slot 2 ] - * [ Shirei Hatsuri ]
[ Invisible Tech Slot 3 ] - *** [ Onko no Fuuin ]
[ Invisible Tech Slot 4 ] - *** [ Touitsu Sensen ]
[ Invisible Tech Slot 5 ] - *** [ Touitsu Kousen ]
[ Invisible Tech Slot 6 ] - *** [ Sankakuen ]

[ Kidoushuu Tech Slot 1 ] - [ Bypass Mastery ]
[ Kidoushuu Tech Slot 2 ] - [ Absolute Bypass ]
[ Kidoushuu Tech Slot 3 ] - [ Kidou Mastery - Element Kin ]
[ Kidoushuu Tech Slot 4 ] - [ Multicast ]
[ Kidoushuu Tech Slot 5 ] - [ Ranged Touch ]
[ Kidoushuu Tech Slot 6 ] - [ Synergical Aura ]
[ Kidoushuu Tech Slot 7 ] - [ Tower Technique 1 ]
[ Kidoushuu Tech Slot 8 ] - [ Tower Technique 2 ]

[ Feat Slot 1 ] - [ ??? ]
[ Feat Slot 2 ] - [ ??? ]
[ Feat Slot 3 ] - [ ??? ]

[ Item Slot 1 ] - [ Healing Pills (5) ]
[ Item Slot 2 ] - [ Hair Pins/Needles (10) ]
[ Item Slot 3 ] - [ Poison Bottle (5) ]
[ Item Slot 4 ] - [ Yin Necklace ]
[ Kidoushuu Item Slot 1 ] - [ Kidoushuu Suit ]
[ Kidoushuu Item Slot 2 ] - [ Suisei ]


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May 15, 2005
Dahlitium (⏆50 per)
Bigatium (⏆100 per)
Auritium (⏆300 per)
Vitatium (⏆1200 per)
Caelitium (⏆6000 per)
[ Zanpakutou - Fuyumiko ]

Zanpakutou Info

Name: [ Fuyumiko ] 冬巫子 - Winter Shrine Maiden

[ Strongest Ice Zanpakutou in the Gotei ]

Sealed Form: Looks like a normal Katana, though it's about five inches longer and five inches thicker. In its sealed form, the sword is completely black with only the white runes at the end of the sword, visible. The runes are carved into the red plate and they mean "Winter". The hilt is a complete black color with leather wrapped around it instead of cloth and there are several markings along the guard. Mai wears Fuyumiko strapped around her waist on her lower back.​

- Fuyumiko's sheathe -

Shi Kai

Release Command~: "Freeze ~ Fuyumiko!"
Japanese~: "Itetsuku ~ Fuyumiko!"
Kanji~: "凍て付く ~ 冬巫子"

Released Form:
Upon release, Fuyumiko starts glowing a fiery red color. The markings at the guard also light up and the white runes starts to glow as well.​

- Fuyumiko in its released form -

Description and Ability:

Holding the katana up in front of her face as she whispers the call phrase, there suddenly becomes a chilly atmosphere around her; frozen air starting to whip up around her. It envelopes her almost completely; only small holes in the forming ice can be seen. A thin pillar of ice has now surrounded her, but in an instant breaks apart; the shattered ice flying everywhere.

Mai merely swings the whole sword; starting from the ground and towards her opponent, making a wave of ice starting to form from where she started the swing, and she can manipulate the flow of ice rushing towards them. If hit full force, it will make the opponent freeze over in a matter of 20 seconds if the opponent has a higher SP than herself. If the opponent is graced by it, it will only freeze that area where it has hit. Depending on her Reiatsu it can vary in size and power. The ability can reach for a max of 15 feet.​

Manifestation: A pure white wolf with piercing golden eyes and a dignified attitude.

Ban Kai

Fuyumiko no Shoukan
"Winter Shrine Maiden's Redemption"


A white, very thick fog starts to emanate around Mai, hiding her from all eyes. As the fog grows slightly bigger, ice starts to envelop the ground around her, spreading with haste and forming into a very large arena of pure ice where the temperature is below zero. The fog fades from Mai again and reveals her in a new uniform and her sword has morphed into one sword again. The sword is completely black yet when Mai draws it out of the sheathe it slowly disappears as if it was never there.

The sword has now turned into 5 almost see-through ribbons which are each five inches wide and paper-thin. One can get a quick glance at them in the sunlight, though the arena stretches around 15 feet into the air, shielding a lot of light. Mai can control these ribbons with her mind and her hands, meaning if she merely thinks about the location they move, but she can also "trade in" that ability for the use of her hands to control them instead. The arena is of complete and pure ice, infused with some of her kidou energy, making it stronger and harder to break. Also, the ground is made of pure ice inside the arena, which makes it very, very hard to stand on and only Mai can use it to its full potential.

The ability of these ribbons is freezing on touch. As one of the ribbons wrap around the target, that spot freezes over. She can of course use all five ribbons to attack individually but they can also melt together, forming one huge ribbon which Mai can easier see than the opponent, but it is still visible to others. When she attacks with this ribbon, it wraps around the target completely, freezing over the opponent almost instantly, depending on SP difference. This will result in the ice exploding after a few seconds around the target, doing much damage to him/her as the debris and the cold had enveloped the foe.

Using a kidou inside the arena of ice heightens the strength of the kidou by 50%.


The ribbons can freeze the target point over quite easily if he is 2x lower in SP of Mai's own. If the target has around the same SP as Mai, it would take around 10 seconds to freeze that area. If the target is around 2x higher SP than Mai's own, it would take at least 25-30 seconds to freeze over the area. Of course, the dampness in the air inside the arena helps the ice grow slightly faster.
For the attack with the one huge ribbon, the same stats are used as above.​

Shinno Ban Kai

Fuyumiko: Tenrou Zetsumeiga Atemi
"Winter Shrine Maiden: Heaven Wolf Death Fang Strike"
冬巫子: 天狼絶命牙当て身


As Mai enters her Shinno, the walls of ice which were there in her ban kai dematerializes and transforms into small ice crystals. The ice crystals float towards Mai and in a blinding burst of light, transforms Mai's black outfit into a complete white one with buckles over her torso, arms and forms a collar at her neck. The buckles sit over the fabric of the long white dress which drapes over her form. The dress is a symbol of the yin-yang connection with her Zanpakutou and thus, the before black yin necklace Mai always carries around her neck has turned into the white yang pendant. (Picture of the outfit in profile)

The thick fog which was there simultaneously starts condensing into the form of a large wolf at Mai's side. As the transformation becomes complete, a loud wolf cry sounds and the form of a 6 feet large wolf has materialized at her side. This wolf is named Shian, he is a spirit whom Mai has had a contact with ever since she learned her Ban Kai. There is a single red mark which goes diagonally over its maw which is its power central. Also, the wolf is made out of pure, razor sharp ice which is infused with Mai's reiryoku making his body extremely dense and almost as hard as a diamond and also as sharp as one.

Above her, the sky turns dark and the clouds start to rumble slightly. Not rumble as much as thunder, but a deep humming. After a moment or so, snow starts to fall. The temperature keeps dropping below zero as a result of the snow's effect.

Around Shian, a white glow emanates from his form. This aura is several degrees below zero and if it comes even slightly into contact with a target, the spot on the target where the aura brushed against will start to freeze over, slowly hindering movement. Shian's attack doesn't have to hit for this effect to work since the aura is 3 feet thick.

Mai can control Shian's actions with her mind. The bond they've shared after Mai learned her ban kai has been able to grown into a bond of trust and friendship and Shian has no problem in being Mai's companion.

The attack itself revolves around Shian. If ordered, Shian will dart forward and run as fast as he can. The aura around him will start to pulsate as he gains more speed. When he's at the peak of his speed, he jumps into the air and starts to spin in a circle around himself. As he is made of ice, the razor sharp edges of his fur will be used to cut his target as he rushes past them in a lethal blow which is the main attack. This attack costs 3% reiatsu and thus can only be used three times during Mai's shinno release. Shian's ability to fight like a normal and real wolf also applies if Mai orders him to.​



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May 15, 2005
Dahlitium (⏆50 per)
Bigatium (⏆100 per)
Auritium (⏆300 per)
Vitatium (⏆1200 per)
Caelitium (⏆6000 per)
[ Techs ]


Equipped Techs:

[ Toukihaku ]
[ Kakusan ]
[ Kagami Jutsu ]
[ Kidou Yuugo ]
[ Kidounen ]
* [ Eishouhaki ]
* [ Shirei Hatsuri ]
** [ Baizou Tatari ]
*** [ Onko no Fuuin ]
*** [ Touitsu Sensen ]
*** [ Touitsu Kousen ]
*** [ Sankakuen ]

Kidoushuu techs equipped:

[ Bypass Mastery ]
[ Absolute Bypass ]
[ Kidou Mastery ]

"¢ Element Kin 1
"¢ Element Kin 2
"¢ Element Kin 3

[ Multicast ]
"¢ Chained Doublecast
"¢ Chained Triplecast/Simultaneous Doublecast
"¢ Chained Tetracast/Simultaneous Triplecast
"¢ Simultaneous Tetracast

[ Ranged Touch ]
[ Synergical Aura ]
[ Tower Techniques ]


[ Toukihaku ] -- "Surpassing Drive" (Aur/--/--)
Throughout the generations, further study of the ancient skill "Shunkou" has led to various advances in Kidouryoku control, as well as increased understanding in the behavior of such energy. Toukihaku exists as one of the more rudimentary applications of such research, allowing one to allocate more Kidou energy into skills that already use Kidouryoku. This Tech works to widen the channels of energy passage, as well as facilitating the flow and density of Kidou energy, resulting in the ability to, at most times, double the power of the Kidou spell by consuming more power. Toukihaku governs over all skills that utilize Kidou, and with it, the user is able to execute the said skills with +100% more power at the cost of consuming +75% more Kidou than normal. There is no limit to how many times Toukihaku may be used, and rather than being limited to a duration of effect, the usage of this Technique is purely selective. After the initial usage, Kidou may not be replenished for the entire duration of battle. Also, Toukihaku may not be augmented by any other enhancing effects derived from any other skill.

[Attained after reaching 2,500 Kidou. Members of the Kidoushuu may learn Toukihaku without having to meet the stat requirement.]

[ Kakusan ] -- "Diffusion" (Aur/-/-)
This Technique is designed to counter Atozukeru, however, it is also useful in its own right. As a counter, it enables the user to "diffuse" their energy patterns, and at higher levels, the user is able to diffuse patterns so much so that they may become untraceable by those with less Spiritual Pressure. As a unique Technique (and a higher level one), Kakusan enables the "throwing" of energy patterns so as to distract or confuse opponents by resting patterns on sound waves (e.g., echoes). When this Technique is mastered, Kakusan can be used to form "clouds" of energy around opponents which dull their sense abilities by 10%.

[Attained when 2,000 Spiritual Pressure is reached. Optimum efficiency for Kakusan is reached at 2,500 Spiritual Pressure.]

[ Kagami Jujutsu ] -- "Mirror Spell" (Aur/-/-)
A Technique in which the same projectile-type Kidou can be fired twice during the same chant. The Technique fires the two identical Kidou spells right after another and in the same direction(s) as the previous one. The attack costs about 150% the regular amount of the two Kidou, however the second blast will be around half the strength of the first one. This can even be used with lingering effects having one activate after the other.

[Attained when 3,500 Kidou is reached.]

[ Kidou Yuugou ] -- "Kidou Fusion" (Aur[7color]/Syn/-)
An upper level Kidou Technique which allows the user to "fuse" two Kidou spells together, creating a new hybrid Kidou. Simply put, this Technique works by gently mixing the Kidou as they're formed. When the Kidou is cast, the result is a hybrid spell that carries properties of both of the original Kidou used. The resulting hybrid spell requires 125% of the sum of the Kidou cost of both spells, but has an attack value equal to 150% of the combined power of both of the original Kidou. There are, however, certain limitations to the Kidou that can be used. First, both Kidou must be within ten numbers of each other. Second, only low or mid-classed Kidou can be used due to the immense difficulty of completely controlling the energy required to use high-class Kidou. Thirdly, the cast times of each fused spell are compounded. Finally, when using this Technique, one cannot use a multicasting Technique, Feat, or PrC skill.

[Attained after 4,500 Kidou is reached.]

[ Kidounen ] -- "Kidou Burn" (Bst/-/-)
This character is able siphon off his/her Reiatsu in order to increase the effectiveness of their Kidou. For every 10% of total Reiatsu drained, Kidou stat increases by +15%. Drained Reiatsu cannot be recovered until the end of every week (each time grades come out). The Kidou stat's boost may never breach +40%. When this Tech is used to boost Kidou by +40%, the entire effect stays in effect for three turns.

[Attained when completing Kidou training with a member of the Sanbagarasu.]

* [ Eishouhaki ] -- "Incantation Bypass" (Aur/-/-)
Allows the user to bypass of the chanting of a Kidou spell and simply state the name. However, this also results in a -20% drop in the efficacy of the bypassed Kidou. This penalty does not apply if the user's Kidou is valued at least three times that of the cost of the bypassed Kidou spell. [Attained when 2,000 Kidou is reached.]

Low Level

1:1 User's Kidou:Spell Cost = 66% Power
2:1 User's Kidou:Spell Cost = 88% Power
3:1 User's Kidou:Spell Cost = 100% Power

Mid Level

1:1 User's Kidou:Spell Cost = 50% Power
2:1 User's Kidou:Spell Cost = 75% Power
3:1 User's Kidou:Spell Cost = 100% Power

High Level

1:1 User's Kidou:Spell Cost = 33% Power
2:1 User's Kidou:Spell Cost = 66% Power
3:1 User's Kidou:Spell Cost = 100% Power​

* [ Shirei Hatsuri ] -- "Command Bypass" (Aur/-/-)
After achieving Ban Kai, the release phrase for Shikai is no longer necessary. This Technique allows the user to simply release his/her Shikai instantaneously through a higher bond achieved with his/her Zanpaku.

[Attained when Ban Kai is acquired.]

*** [ Onko no Fuuin ] -- "Seal of the Hidden Tiger" (Aur/--/--)
The majestic Tiger grants its blessing only to those standing in either sun or moonlight, usually visible in the form of a striped, ethereal tattoo branded all around the user's neck and shoulder crowns. Onko no Fuuin may only be used if the opponent's current Kidou capacity is below half. Once the seal is in place, two of the opponent's equipped Kidou are "randomly" selected (the executing RPer chooses the Kidou). The two chosen Kidou are then disabled from usage for as long as the opponent's Kidou stays at or below half capacity. Any boosts, modifications, and/or effects incurred by those two Kidou are automatically cancelled out. A deliberate Kidou skill aimed at the seal area may be nullified at the user's choosing, but doing so will break the seal. Onko no Fuuin may be only be re-used in the next round after its dissipation, and the user must be standing in direct sun or moonlight. The executing RPer may choose a different pair should this Tech be reused.

[Attained when 1,900 Kidou is reached. Only one Fuuin Tech may be held at all times. At 5,000 Spiritual Pressure, Onko no Fuuin does not occupy a Tech Allocation slot, but still counts toward the Tech List total.]

*** [ Touitsu Sensen ] -- "United Front" (Bst/Syn/-) In battle, two characters who have spent much time with one another and are fighting together against an adversary receive a +20% stat boost to two stats of their liking (except Connection). [Attained after 30,000 words have been written together.]

Achieved with:
Senbokuji Ame | Kokuei Diaz | Takero Idaten | Meigetsu
Yukiko Murray | Iwakami Katsu | Tenshirou Hisame​

*** [ Touitsu Kousen ] -- "United Resistance" (Def/Aur/Syn)
Allies that have faced many hardships together often gain a higher bond. Through such a connection, comrades are able to face the brunt of duress and adversity with a heightened degree of tolerance. Touitsu Kousen, a sister Technique to Touitsu Sensen, culminates this aspect of bonds into an inherent defensive mechanism. This Tech allows characters that have reached a special bond to endure and tolerate more damage than usual. Characters under Touitsu Kousen's effect receive a -15% physical and spiritual damage reduction, and a +15% effectiveness increase to all defensive Kidou, Techs/Feats, and Zanpaku abilities. Touitsu Kousen remains wholly invisible in a "non-duel" circumstance. Otherwise, it automatically occupies a Tech Allocation slot (though still does not count towards the Tech List).

[Attained after writing 45,000 words with another character. All connected characters must have Touitsu Sensen with each other beforehand. Word count for Touitsu Kousen starts after the initial 30,000 required for Touitsu Sensen.]

Achieved with:
Senbokuji Ame​

*** [ Sankakuen ] -- "Fate of Triangles" (Syn/--/--)
Real, unconditional comradeship is a rarity that comes only to those true of heart. Allies that have attained such a legendary bond are said to be inseparable and unbreakable in battle. Sankakuen emphasizes the power of invincible bonds, allowing indivisible comrades to combine their efforts into a singular, unique, and synergetic skill. Sankakuen remains wholly invisible in a "non-duel" circumstance. Otherwise, it automatically occupies a Tech Allocation slot (though still does not count towards the Tech List). No more than three characters may unite under a single Sankakuen. All characters are limited to one Sankakuen group.

[Attained after writing 60,000 words with other character(s). All connected characters must have Touitsu Sensen and Touitsu Kousen with each other beforehand. Word count for Sankakuen starts after the cumulative 75,000 words required for learning both Touitsu Sensen and Touitsu Kousen.]

Achieved with:
Senbokuji Ame​

5th Division Techs

** [ Baizou Tatari ] -- "Double Cast" The user is able to fire off two Kidou spells at once for the price/cost of one. For users with a Connection below 4,000, only low level Kidou may be used with this Tech. Those with 4,001-6,999 Connection, low and mid level Kidou may be used. Those with 7,000+ Connection can use all levels as long as they have the Kidou reserve for it. There is an eight to fifteen second recoil time afterwards that Kidou cannot be used. When using Baizou Tatari, the Kidou used must belong to the same family, i.e. Hadou, Bakudou, or Bougyoudo. Baizou Tatari may be used more than once if Kidou reserves are over half, but once Kidou drops below 50%, the cost of using this Tech rises by +20% increments per additional usage.

Kidoushuu Techs

[Bypass Mastery] -- Kidoushuu members are capable of bypassing all spells at full power whether it is an Incantation bypass or the symbolic Absolute bypass of the Kidoushuu. (Note: The Vizards can be thanked for suggesting this one.)

[Absolute Bypass] - Inductees into the Kidoushuu have their skills at spellwork immediately augmented through the revelation of a relatively simple, yet highly secretive technique that only the most Kidou-capable of Shinigami have discovered and mastered. As part of the Kidoushuu, Shinigami are able first immediately able to cast Kidou without the use/direction of its somatic component. Merely glancing at or knowing where your target is will guide the spell to activation. As their skills grow and the Shinigami are capable of using a Kidou Mastery skillset, the Absolute Bypass technique reaches maturity and the Shinigami is now capable of casting the spell muted and blind if need be. Both somatic and verbal components of spells can now be ignored.

[Kidou Mastery] - Upon reaching various levels of advance competence with Kidou, Shinigami that are part of the Kidoushuu have arcane mysteries from past generations of Kidoushuu revealed to them. Each Master Kidoushuu member now chooses to specialize in one of three areas: Counterspelling, Elemental, Shapes. Once a field has been chosen, the Kidou Master must stay in that discipline and can not change to another.

@15 slots - Element Kin (Level 1) - At this level, a Kidou Master must choose a particular element of Kidou to develop an affinity for. The offensive power of a Kidou of the favored element will increase by 20% and damage taken from such Kidou will decrease by 20%.

@20 slots - Element Kin (Level 2) - At this level, a Kidou Master can extend his or her benefits to elemental Zanpakutou. Zanpakutou of the favored element will do 20% more damage with their corresponding abilities against a target and will inflict 20% less damage against the Kidou Master. If the Zanpakutou of a Kidou Master is not of their favored element, the Kidou Master can pass on this trait at half effectiveness to another Zanpakutou of their choosing for every minute per 1000 base Kidou score.

@25 slots - Element Kin (Level 3) - At this level, a Kidou Master will see spells involving their favored element have their cost to cast in half. All the benefits of Level 2 are retained.
[Multicast] - For developing their Kidou prowess above all other Shinigami skills, Kidoushuu members are able to chain together various Kidou at a previously unheard of speed and also gain simultaneous casting:

"¢ Chained Doublecast (Earned at 4k Kidou) - Kidoushuu can now cast two Kidou together in succession by paying the full cost of the more expensive spell and half of the cheaper.

"¢ Chained Triplecast/Simultaneous Doublecast (Earned at 8k Kidou) - Kidoushuu can now cast three Kidou together in succession by paying the full cost of the most expensive spell, half of the next cheapest, and a third of the cheapest. Also Kidoushuu can cast two Kidou simultaneously for same rule as chained.

"¢ Chained Tetracast/Simultaneous Triplecast (Earned at 12k Kidou) - Kidoushuu can now cast four Kidou together in succession by paying the full cost of the most expensive spell, half of the next expensive, a third of the third most expensive, and a quarter of the cheapest. Also Kidoushuu can cast three simultaneously for same rule as chained.

"¢ Simultaneous Tetracast (Earned at 16k Kidou) -- Kidoushuu can cast four spells simultaneously for same rule as chained.

If two spells cost exactly the same, order their costs in whatever manner to satisfy the new costs arrangements. Kidou cast must either be all different or all the same. If they are all the same, cost reductions can be ignored to see the damage increase by 10 percent each time the Kidou is chained/repeated. (Note: Because it really doesn't make us any stronger)

[Ranged Touch] - Kidoushuu can now cast Kidou that require touching a subject/target as part of its somatic component at a distance of five feet per every thousand points of Kidou score.

[Synergical Aura] - For every Kidou that a member Shinigami knows, a .01 bonus is applied to their base Kidou score. For example, a Shinigami with 10 Kidou learned will gain a 1.10 bonus. Bonus is always applied and counts as base Kidou stat for Kidoushuu, meaning it counts towards slots, casting speed, learning costs, etc. (Note: Does not change reiatsu)

[Tower Techniques] -- Like the Gotei Division Techniques, the Tower Techniques of the Kidoushuu relate to the Tower in which a member belongs. Members are limited to learning 2 techniques of their Tower.


New Member
May 15, 2005
Dahlitium (⏆50 per)
Bigatium (⏆100 per)
Auritium (⏆300 per)
Vitatium (⏆1200 per)
Caelitium (⏆6000 per)
[ Items ]

Items List

[1] Healing Pills (5)
[2] Hair Pins/Needles (10)
[3] Poison Bottle (5)
[N] Yin necklace
[K] Kidoushuu Suit
[K] Suisei

  1. [ Healing Pill - 5 ]

    5 pills per pack, this speeds up the rate of recovery with wounds. The wounds can close back up within a half-hour, and they can stop bleeding, internally and externally. Healing is only limited for a normal person's ability. (that is, it can heal broken bones and cuts, but if your arm is lopped off, it can't heal that)

  • [ Hair Pins/Needles - 10 ]

    Used for throwing and apuncture. Can be poisoned if the user has poison, and can be fatal if thrown in the right spots. Does light damage to non-fatal areas, but ten times as deadly with poison. 15 needles per pack.

  • [ Poison Bottle - 5 ]

    A bottle of poison, may be different types. Used for poisoning many other items. Can be used up to 6 times before empty.

  • [ Yin necklace ]

    A necklace given to Mai by her Zanpakutou spirit. The other half is carried by Yukihari and symbolizes that the two are connected and cannot exist without each other.

  • [ Kidoushuu Suit - Unique ]

    Bodysuits customized for use by the Kidoushuu. These body suits are form fitting, yet comfortable come with a special pair of gloves and boots (cape is optional). When worn, these suits stimulate the flow of kidou energy, making the use of kidou more efficient and subsequently reducing the cost off all kidou by 10% and allowing the person to use kidou with better control.

    The suits also have a constant kidou routing effect, which adds as a special energy barrier. By expending 50 kidou a turn, the energy forms all around the new. When damaged by an attack made by energy, kidou or basic reiatsu, all damage done to the person is reduced by 20%. The re-routing also give protection in minor hazardous fields, filtering out low-level poisons while active.

    The suit also is equipped to use basic spells such as Heat Seeker, Unbolt, Bikan, and Bansoukou, allowing for special ops. However, while these are active on the suit and additional 50 kidou must be expended for each turn active.

  • [ Suisei ]

    These devices are so indicative of a Kidoushuu's station that they are commonly referred to as such on the same level of Zanpakutou to Shinigami in general. Constructed by hand ever since their inception by the Kidoushuu's 2nd generation, the Suisei are known to be indispensable to any common Kidoushuu operation by providing tactical support and targeting assistance.

    The original Suisei were bulky instruments that were meant to be worn around the neck and severely limited movement due to the sheer stress it placed on a spiritual body. Size reductions were the main improvements to the device in subsequent centuries, with the most profound by the soon-to-be 3rd Successor to the Kidoushuu leadership, Zanma Eriko.

    With the introduction of powdered Bloodstone and specialized techniques, the Suisei's construction was simplified to that of a small ear-mounted device that would suffer only a 20% reduction in ability. The results were still within range of preferred operational standards and so Zanma's model was approved by the Central 46 for field use. Unfortunately for the Shinigami, Zanma was slain by what were believed to be high-level Vizards during an incursion to curb the Army of Masks' recruitment operations in the Living World. With her demise, the knowledge necessary to build the instruments were lost to the ages until the reappearance of the 10th Successor, Ohara Aya.

    Before apparently befalling the same fate as her distant predecessor during the Fukushu raid on Seireitei during the 3rd Siege on the court, Ohara managed to pass on several working models based on Zanma's plans to the revived Kidoushuu, which was entering its 11th generation of members. The schematics for the Suisei are as follows:

    * *For every point of SP a target may have, the Suisei user must apportion an equal amount of SP as well as at least 25% of the value in terms of Kidou to gain a glimpse of the target's structural weaknesses; areas where the spiritrons are least dense and therefore more vulnerable to concentrated attack, such as those found in Kidou. For example: Hollow has 4000 SP, to obtain information on areas to target and score a direct critical hit, the Suisei user must have at least 4000 SP and must use up 1000 Kidou to run a proper diagnostic on the target. After words, the amount of Kidou used burns off in a "feedback" that damages the SP total of the Suisei user; in this case the user will now only have 3000 SP.

    * *If the target's SP exceeds the user's own, a scan may still be performed, however, in addition to the Kidou feedback penalty, the difference between the two totals will be set aside as a cool-down total which acts as follows: Hollow has 4000 SP and the Suisei only has 2000, the scan will act as if the uer's total was equal to the target's and go through. However, the user may not recover SP using any method before exhausting half the difference first. So if the user has his/her SP reduced to 1500, he/she will not be able to increase from 1500 before he/she first does away with half the SP difference (which was 2000, so 1000 total). In short, to increase 1500 back to 1501 SP, a total of 1001 must be attained.

    * *The backlash of Kidou feedback was somehow removed for the models given to the inaugural members of the 11th generation of Kidoushuu by Ohara Aya. However, each subsequent model of Suisei to be constructed yield a penalty in which not only is Kidou spent to engage the targeting system, but double that same amount is also subtracted from the user's current SP. Ohara left no plans behind to remedy this situation when the Sanbagarasu were confirmed annihilated by Fukushu raiders in Seireitei.

    Currently, the Zanma model of Suisei is constructed using particular blueprints left behind in the Central 46 record and can only be accessed by those accepted into the Kidoushuu. A generic chapter must be written detailing attempts to piece one together and test it during field assignments before the user can add it into his/her regular inventory. There is no set standard on how to write the construction other than the prime materials needed to start are encapsulated orbs of powdered Bloodstone and core electronics easily obtained from either the 8th Division or Central Spirit Academy stores.


New Member
May 15, 2005
Dahlitium (⏆50 per)
Bigatium (⏆100 per)
Auritium (⏆300 per)
Vitatium (⏆1200 per)
Caelitium (⏆6000 per)
[ Active NPCs ]

Active NPCs

[ Gotei Shinigami ]

Name: Hiana Kaiya

Age: Looks around 10, but she can't remember her real age.


Bubbly and fun to be around. Always has a smile plastered on her face while she's running around playing tricks on others, and especially on Mai. She hates being sad, and hates seeing others sad which is why she's always laughing and smiling, running around, trying to forget and trying to make others happy.

Physical Stature:
Short, around 4 feet in height, weighs around a 100 pounds. She had short puffy orange tinted hair, which glistens to a very bright pale colour when exposed to sunlight. She has big blue eyes, and a small frame which fits her assumed age; not very strong physically as her body is very frail.
Kaiya wears the usual Shihakushou, though she has a single white stripe running down the sides of her uniform.

Division: 5th, Unseated.

Zanpakutou: [Shirozatou ~白砂糖~]

A pure white blade with a blue coloured hilt and a guard, shaped as a heart. The sheath is black and the sword is tied around her waist, hanging at her left hip loosely.

Shi Kai:

Release Phrase: "Lighten Up ~ Shirozatou."

Shirozatou disappears when she is called for and is compressed into hundreds of small orbs of energy which Kaiya can manipulate with her hands. She can send them hurling at her enemy and make them explode on impact, giving damage from the explosion and covering that area in sugar, making it very sticky and hard to break.

If her opponent is 1k stronger than her, they will only feel the stickyness and won't be affected that much by it. If stronger then of course, they won't feel a thing, except the explosion.

Manifestation: A small fairy. (piccu soon)

Dying at a very young age, Kaiya has no memories whatsoever of her past life. The only life she remembers is the one she's lived in Rukongai which practically seems as the only life for her, the one life she's loved, hated and died for.
She grew up in Rukongai with Mai. Mai found Kaiya wandering around on her own, with no one to care for her. It was then she decided to take Kaiya in and help her. The little girl was thankful and they lived together as sisters, Kaiya even adopted Mai's name for her own. Although they weren't living together, they still considered each other as their sister.


Spiritual Pressure: 1500
Shirozatou ~1650~
Zanjutsu: 500
Hakuda: 0
Hohou: 1000
Kidou: 2000
Connection: 5000

Name: Owabe Tomoki

Age: Looks to be around 12 years old.

Like to sulk, is easily irritated and mopes around a lot when stuff doesn't happen like he wants it to. Otherwise, he's quite light hearted, his smile can light up a dark room whenever he isn't sulking. He's a happy boy and doesn't like to see other get hurt.

Physical Stature:
Short brown hair, deep golden-brown eyes. He stands at around 5 feet and weighs around 110 pounds. His small body fits his slightly oversized head, although he has muscles under his robes which can't be seen, making him seem like a small kid without any power. His robes are the normal Shihakushou and his sword is tied around his waist, resting at his right hip.

Division: ~7th, Unseated.~

Zanpakutou: [Kioi ~気負い~]

Shi Kai: Mmmm... Soon to come.. *needs to think of something* @_@

Manifestation: [Not yet decided.. o.o!]

Having died at a young age, all he remembers is living with his father in Kyoto who ran a small store from their home. Tomoki remembers one day he went out into the forest near their house, and never returning since he got lost there, and when it became night it was freezing. Without anything to cover him, Tomoki died a cold death. He haunted his father for a year before a Shinigami came and took him to Soul Society where he found a new family and he found a girl who lived just next door to him. A girl named Kaiya, who had a sister named Mai. Tomoki and Kaiya became best friends and entered the Academy together.


Spiritual Pressure: 2000
Zanjutsu: 2000
Kioi ~2200~
Hakuda: 0
Hohou: 1000
Kidou: 0
Connection: 5000

Name: Akemi Yumiko

Age/Gender/Appearance: Around 100 years old. Female. Auburn eyes/hair. Wears a modified shihakushou. She wears a ribbon around her head which makes some of her hair hang down at the sides of her face.

Brief Persona: Yumiko is a sweet girl with a sense of humor. She always has a comeback for whatever she's put up for and isn't afraid of taking challenges. She has a very cool temper and doesn't flare up easily but in general she is fun loving and a nice person to be around.


Connection: 5000
Reiatsu: 1500
Zanjutsu: 620
Hakuda: 250
Hohou: 630
Kidou: 2000
-Kidoushuu: (1.07) 2140
Hadou #15 - Defusion
Hadou #17 - Ice Water
Hadou #61 - Ice Pike
Bakudou #9 - Geki
Bakudou #17 - Ice Prison
--Bakudou #15 - Ice Maiden [Extension]
Bakudou #55 - Diamond Dust

[Absolute Bypass]
- Double
[Synergical Aura]
[Ranged Touch]


Name: Morikawa Saitou.

Age: 500-600 years old. Looks about 28.

Personality: Hard to say how Saitou will react to someone. If someone approaches him in need of healing, he won't back down from healing them, yet, since he hates fighting he might have a spiteful attitude towards them. He seems very collected when you see him staring into the sky, but in his mind there are a lot of thoughts running through his head. Despite his rather rough appearance, he is quite intellectual and has a cunning mind. Saitou is laid-back most of the time and enjoys having a cigarette poking out from his mouth.

Physical Stature: (See Picture)

Division: 3rd.

[ Unknown ]

Doesn't remember his life on Earth, only bits and pieces.

Reiatsu: 20000
Zanjutsu: 10000
Hakuda: 0
Hohou: 5000
Kidou: 10000
Connection: 25000

[ Rogues ]

Name: Fujihara Araki [ ふじはら, あらき ]
Age: 210

Persona: Being the outgoing person Araki is, he never has trouble socializing.. He is loud and laughs a lot when talking to someone, even if it's the smallest thing, he can laugh about it for half an hour! He does well in his school studies and even though he's smart, he's a popular guy; not the typical nerd as one would call it. He tries to break that image that even though someone is smart, they can also be social and have friends. After his graduation from the Academy, he stuck around Mai.. They had been friends from the start of their Rukongai times, so he was prioritizing his time with her.. Though he would never say it out loud.. He is a deep thinker though, and can come up with some rather good explanations as to why some thing are like they are..

Physical stature: Around 6 feet tall, dark intense eyes and has long darkbrown hair that flows down beyond his back. He usually wears it up in a loose ponytail so he doesn't have to deal that much with it on a daily basis.. He's muscular though it fits him nicely, not the all too bulky muscles, but he's nicely built. He wears the usual Shinigami robes, though his left sleeve is ripped off at the shoulder. He has a black leather band around his neck and left wrist. A piercing can be seen in his right eyebrow, and he has 5 piercings in his right ear.

Division: Rogue Shinigami.

Zanpakutou: Tokage - 蜥蜴 Lizard


Hi sen no Kaji Tokage
Fire Arrow of the Brightly Burning Lizard

Dying at the young age of 13, Araki came to Soul Society and immediately found a loving family who would take him in. They took care of him for a long time, but they soon drifted apart and so Araki was left without a family once more. He lived alone in a small house in district 50 of Rukongai, not wanting to talk to anyone. One day, a girl arrived in Rukongai.. She lived next to him and they didn't talk that much at first, though Araki had seen her a lot.
Upon joining the Academy, Araki and the girl met up and became best friends. The girl made his life happy again, and so he was totally transformed into being the man he is today.


Reiatsu: 10000
Tokage - ~11000~
Hi sen no Kaji Tokage - ~20000~ (4 Turns//*20%*)

Zanjutsu: 10000
Hakuda: 5000
Hohou: 10000
Kidou: 0
Connection: 30000

Name: Ishikawa Inoue [ 石川井上 ] - Stone River Above the Well

Age: Unknown.

Personality: Calm, sensual and cunning. Her manipulation skills indeed surpasses any other and she knows it. She is selfish, cold-hearted and confident. However, when it comes to her faithful 'servant' Ryuu, her heart melts just a bit.

Physical Stature: Long obsidian tresses which flows down her back. Her skin is pale and silky with a couple of rosy cheeks on her face. Her eyes are dark and mysterious. On her body, she wears a completely black dress which sits tight around her slender body.


Not yet revealed.

Name: Akimoto Ryuu.

Age: 1500.

Personality: An extremely intellectual man. He is Inoue's servant/advisor, and has been for the past 500 years. He is a loyal man and he knows what he's doing. He believes in planning things out before executing them and prefers to have an organized structure instead of doing something spontaneous.

Physical Stature: A dark brown mane of hair sits upon his head, reaching down to his shoulders where it spikes outwards slightly. He stands at 6'1" and always carries around a notebook. He wears a black and white leather jacket with a tightfitting tank top beneath it. On his lower body, he wears a pair of slightly tight fitting black leather panths.



[ Retired Shinigami ]

Name: Hakuda Seiki [ はくだ, せいき ]

Age: 720

A peaceful man, with a peaceful nature. He rarely gets upset and therefore he has a mysterious aura around him. He is willing to take care of anyone who asks, and willing to help in any way he can.

Physical stature:
Standing at around 5.9 feet, his body structure fits him perfectly. He is nicely built, with no muscles shown too much. His face seems peaceful and it makes you wonder if he is as serious as he actually is. He has golden hair and a pair of faded, intense golden eyes. His face looks very young and handsome even though he's quite old. Normally, he wears a white loose shirt around the house, with a pair of white pants that looks a bit like a Shinigami's.


Division: Retired Shinigami/Central 46, 3rd Counsil Member.

Zanpakutou: "Higure" (Twilight) [ - ひぐれ - ]

Shi Kai: Coming soon~
Ban Kai: Unkown~

Seiki remembers nothing from his time on Earth. He considers his only life as the one he spends in Soul Society. An accident which nearly crippled him, forced him to retire from the Gotei and settle down in West Rukongai. There, he found Mai one day and took her in as his daughter and trainee. From the beginning he had noticed Mai had exceptional skills in Kidou which was lucky since Seiki himself, was a kidou master.

A few years after taking Mai in, Hakuda's immune system shut down and he suffered from various sicknesses. Every day was a struggle for him, although what he hated the most was the fact that Mai had to take care of him. He fought the sicknesses one by one and regained his immune system little by little.

After Mai left for the Gotei, he was left on his own which wasn't a problem for him at that point. Mai had wanted to stay behind and continue taking care of her master, but Hakuda stressed that she needed to explore her shinigami abilities. Seiki had always beena high profile when in the Gotei so it didn't surprise him when he was chosen to be a member of the Central 46 council. Being originally from North Rukongai, Seiki was assigned the spot in the Northern council.

[ Earth Civillians ]

Name: Murashima Kuea

Status: Civilian, Queen


Physical Stature:


New Member
May 15, 2005
Dahlitium (⏆50 per)
Bigatium (⏆100 per)
Auritium (⏆300 per)
Vitatium (⏆1200 per)
Caelitium (⏆6000 per)
[ Kidou Library ]

Kidou Library

Chiyudo #50 - Seimei Bifuu
Chiyudo #54 - Temperance/Saint's Patience

Bakudou #2 - Double Obstruction
Bakudou #8 - Sealing Rings
Bakudou #17 - Ice Prison/Ice Maiden
Bakudou #61 - Rikijyoukourou
Bakudou #69 - MÁƒ¡scara Roto
Bakudou #80 - Mugendai

Bougyoudo #52 - Black Tide [1]
Bougyoudo #57 - Malice Coil [1]
Bougyoudo #62 - Glass Veil

Hadou #1 - Yakekoge
Hadou #7 - Rakurai
Hadou #16 - Ice Water
Hadou #24 - Raigen
Hadou #28 - Aisu/Aisuhaaken/Aisudansu/Aisurondo
Hadou #32 - Heki
Hadou #37 - Altar/Kancho [1]
Hadou #50 - Shindou/Jiraigen/Chain Reaction/Uchuusename [1]
Hadou #55 - Ice Pike [1]
Hadou #63 - Raikouhou [1]
Hadou #67 - Flash Freeze [1] [2]

Total Spells: 23
Bonus: 1.23

Pending spells:
Hadou #11 - Hoteruchion/Inflamari/Infurnus
Hadou #31 - Shakkahou
Hadou #54 - Haien
Hadou #77 - Snowstorm
Hadou #82 - Demon's Baptism
Hadou #90 - Kurohitsugi
Hadou #91 - Kyuuden
Hadou #92 - Avalanche
Hadou #99 - Radiance
Bakudou #42 - Spider's Web
Bakudou #45 - Beast Fang
Bakudou #55 - Diamond Dust/Divining Bolt
Bougyoudo #10 - Talon
Bougyoudo #55 - Kageshyunpo/Sounokageshyunpo
Chiyudo #26 - Hanshakyou
Chiyudo #58 - Destruction Barrier/Reflect


New Member
May 15, 2005
Dahlitium (⏆50 per)
Bigatium (⏆100 per)
Auritium (⏆300 per)
Vitatium (⏆1200 per)
Caelitium (⏆6000 per)
[ Kidou Descriptions ]

Kidou Descriptions - Currently in use


Hoteruchion - Hadou #11, 70 Kidou

Description: This turns the ground underneath the opponent fiery hot burning the soles of their feet. The kidou stat determines how large the area and strength of the fire.

Incantation: Thermo! Wither the grass, vaporize the moister, incinerate the very foundation of life! Call up your lake of fire and engulf my foe!
Hadou #11, Hoteruchion!

Inflamari - Hadou #11, 85 Kidou

Attack: Creates a wave of fire that speeds towards the enemy. Weakness lies with the fact that it's connected to the ground. But the height and speed can be altered by energy put into it.

Incantation: From the thousand grains of sand, to the very tops of the mountains. Let us hear you roar Earth Moth3r. Hadou #11, Inflamari

Infurnus - Hadou #11, 135 Kidou

Attack: Placing the palm to the ground sends an enormous amount of fire at the person from the ground, creating a pillar of flame. Speed that it travels depends on the strength of the user, and skill with Kidou.

Incantation: From the spirit of the earth, and by the wrath of heaven, be purified. Hadou #11, Infurnus

Ice Water -- Hadou #16, 115 Kidou

Description: The user of the spell gathers water into their palm into it shapes into a perfect sphere. The sphere is then shot out by the user, violently hitting the target and freezing over on impact.

Incantation: Frosty breath of the water serpent brush over my foe. Crack the flesh and chill the bone. Hadou #16, Ice Water

Raigen - Hadou #24, 200 Kidou

Description: Lightning based damage on opponent.

User gathers spiritual energy into the palm, until the energy forms around his/her forearm. He/she then releases a searing electric wave that travels over fifty feet and last for about five seconds.

Incantation: Thor's pride springs forth from me. The power of the skies give me strength. The driving will cutting through my enemies. Hadou #24, Raigen!

Aisu - Hadou #30, 280 Kidou/Aisuhaaken (Ice Pick), 1000 Kidou/Aisudansu (Ice Dancing), 1200 Kidou


[Aisu] -- The user gathers water spiritons in their hand, aiming then at the target. Once the energy is release, a thick powerful wave of water shoots out. The water freezes as soon as it flies out, forming a powerful Ice spear that can pierce through the enemy on contact. Aisu has a max reach of 50ft.

[Aisuhaaken] -- A variation of Aisu, Aisuhaaken works by pelting the target with numerous spears of ice and numbing their bodies. Outside of the change in chant, Aisuhaaken also works by changing the casting motion. Instead of point the hand straight, the fingers are shot out. Because of this, the particles of water shoot out in multiple directions. The drops instantly change from droplets to foot long ice spears. The number of spears is always different, but it is usually about a hundred. The number can be increase however by putting more energy into it, since Aisuhaaken was basically made to take on large groups.

[Aisudansu] -- The final and most powerful form of Aisu, Aisudansu works by barraging the target with numerous penetrating icicles. Aisudansu works by releasing a large icicle spear. The spear stops once it breaks the skin of the opponent or when it freezes onto the opponent. The icicle then explodes, numerous icicles exploding from it. The icicles shoot out from the base then all bend back in towards the target, impaling them brutally.

Incantation: (To change the variation all one has to do is change the name at the end of the chant. I.E. saying Aisudansu instead of Aisu)

The Frozen hand breaks, melting away the sun. The frosty breath blows, relentlessly assaulting the wind. The binding ice collapses, nurturing the earth's plants. Hadou #28, Aisu

Aisurondo - [Ice/Con/Tar] - 2000 Kidou (variant to Aisu)

A variant of the original Aisu, the user charges reiatsu into his or her feet, making it so that icicles pop up from the ground after each step. These icicles grow to be only about half a meter in height, but are infused with an unstable amount of the user's kidou energy and flash brightly to show this. Thus, whenever a person gets too close (within a third of a meter, roughly a foot) to the icicles, they will explode. Because this spell is a continuous effect, upkeep is roughly 10 reiatsu for each step; this upkeep is free for the first 20 steps. When the upkeep cannot be paid, or when the user utters the command, 'Shatter,' all of the existing icicles shatter automatically, and the spell ends.

It should be noted that if the user would flash step with this active, icicles would simply sprout from the first Flash step and the last Flash step.

Incantation: An extra line is added towards the end.

"The Frozen hand breaks, melting away the sun. The frosty breath blows, relentlessly assaulting the wind. The binding ice collapses, nurturing the earth's plants. May ice hark, and walk upwards from my steps. Hadou #30, Aisurondo"

Shakkahou - Hadou #31, 325 Kidou

Description: A powerful fireball attack

Incantation: "Oh Lord, the mask of flesh, all shapes. The wings, crowned with life of men! Fire and chaos. Go against the current across the sea to the south! Hadou #31, Shakkahou!"

Heki -- Hadou #32, 350 Kidou

Description: The user forms a sharp burst of spiritual pressure into their palm. As the power is released, the energy burst out into a powerful spear. The energy is so compact and so precise that it allows the user to pierce the armor of people up to two times their own spiritual energy.

Incantation: My hand holds the power to destroy a god. Piercing through the very core of creation. Break! Hadou #32, Heki

Altar - Hadou #37, 475 Kidou

Effect: The user presses their hands to the ground as they chant this spell. Stone javelins shoot forth from the ground, surrounding the opponent. They all come down on the person, shredding them. Altar begins with 4 javelins; however 2 javelins are added for every additional 200 in the kidou stat. However, after one is able to summon 20 spears by default, they must pay an extra 200 kidou for every 2 spears summoned.

Each javelin appears 10 ft from the target, they are all about one yard in length and 4 inches in thickness.

Incantation: Screaming earth rushes from the ground. Striking down all those who stand in its way, M0ther nature's fury made real. The frightening power revealed. Hadou #37, Altar!

Shindou -- Hadou #50, 700

Description: The user forms a ball of kidou energy in their hands. The ball is about the size of a soccer ball, and its form very solid. When shot out the ball shots out with the force and power of a cannonball, spiraling reiatsu flowing behind it to give it the look of a comet. It is so fast and strong that it can even create enough force to crush/rip body parts.

Because of its force, Shindou has the addition effect of being able to break any barrier spell valued under 700 kidou as long as the target user is no more than 1.5 times stronger than the user of this attack. It can also break through other kinds of armor and barricades with enough power.

Incantation: Concussive wave given solid form. Explode from thy threshold and break the land. Hadou #50, Shindou

Jiraigen - Hadou #50, 950 Kidou

Description: The user sends their spiritual energy out in waves. The waves spread around the opponent and each of the waves becomes a small sphere. The spheres are about 1 foot in diameter and they surroud the target in a 10ft radius. The balls don't do anything at first, however, if the target trips one of the orbs or if the user sets them off, they will all explode in an explosive flash.

Incantation: The shining lights burst, spreading across the cursed battlefield. Their deceitful light only aiding in the destruction as they mark their next victim. Hadou #50, Jiraigen

Chain reaction - Hadou #50, 1800 Kidou

Description: The user of this spell injects their Kidou energy into the ground, they then direct it to the target(s) of their chose. Once the kidou is under them, it creates a marking around whatever limb it touches. The energy then shoots up from the ground, and if it marked someone it will even follow after them. The Kidou and even be manipulated to be used in traps, or even to destroy the earth beneath your opponent and cause them to fall.

Incantation: Destruction of the grounds below, crumbling earth envelop all below. Springing power, destroy everything that has been chosen. Hadou #50, Chain reaction.

Uchuusename - Hadou #50, 2000 Kidou

Description: Holding out one hand, large amounts of spiritual pressure are concentrated into a sphere, and then fired. When the user clenches their open hand tightly into a fist, this sphere shatters into hundreds of blasts, raining down on the target area.


Haien (Waste Flame) - Hadou #54, 1100 Kidou

Description: A powerful spell, Haien allows the user to incinerate a part of their opponent's body. To tap into this power, the user chants the spell beforehand. Then, by throwing the flame from their hand(or by grabbing their opponent) they can burn a part of the target's body inside out. However, the damage done counts differences in reiatsu and at what range the attack is done.

Incantation: Unknown

Ice Pike -- Hadou #55, 1150 Kidou

Description: The user reels back on arm then shoots it forward. The gather energy lashes out, splitting the earth apart as it charges towards the target. Large chunks of ice (about five feet on average with a total distance of about 10m and a width of 4 feet) shoot out, freezing and shredding anything that gets in their way. If something is directly caught in the path of the attack it can even before trapped in the ice itself.

Incantation: The ice age reawakening, all ice once fading into the frigid embrace. The witch's kiss freezing the soul. Hadou #61, Ice Pike.

Raikouhou -- Hadou #63, 1500 Kidou

Description: A wide, long-range spell that beats down a target with massive electrical discharges.

Phrase:"The scattered bones of beasts! Spiral Tower-Red Crystal-Steel Wheels. If it moves the wind, if it stops the sky. The sound of lances fills the Tiger Castle! Hadou #63, Raikouhou!!!"

Flash Freeze -- Hadou #67, 1900 Kidou

Description: The user forms a large sphere of water over their head by gathering all the precipitation in the area. The water in turned into a large raindrop, one that drops down and forms the area with a giant wave of water and washes away the area in a giant tidal wave. The water then slowly but surely starts to freeze over, dropping the area to the negative degrees and turning it into an ice field.

Incantation: Spirits of water and ice rage and wrath. Wash upon my foes your furious breath and chill away their hot-blooded spirit. Hadou #67, Flash Freeze

Snowstorm -- Hadou #77, 3400 Kidou

Description: Wind and Ice are gathered in a massive force, heavy snow and large chunks of hail raining down on the field. The weather delivers a biting cold on ones enemies, frostbite level temperature violently shredding and assaulting their body until it is left completely numb. After the initial assault, everything within 40ft of the user is left snowed over; the snow formed more because of kidou energy than any drop in temperature.

Incantation: Gather the northern wind and rain down its fury. Let all green become brown and let all rock become snow as the chilling cycle comes to ahead once again. Hadou #77, Snowstorm

Demon's Baptism - Hadou #82, 4400 Kidou

This kidou summons energy from the depths of the underworld in order to annihilate foes with a blast of tremendous elemental darkness energy.

In order to cast this spell, the user concentrates kidou energy into their index finger, with which they draw a pentagram incased in a circle measuring four feet in diameter in the air in front of them. After saying the chant, a point of black energy surgers in the middle of the pentagram and then explodes forwards in a cone shaped until the width of the beam measures twelve feet, in which then it simply continues to fly straight.

Chant: "Lord of the underworld, possesor of the heart of darkness! Open the gates of Hades! Unleash hell fire wrath upon my foes! Hadou #83, Demon's Baptism!

Kurohitsugi (Black Coffin) - Hadou #90, 6000 Kidou

Description: An extremely powerful Kidou used on a single opponent. The user erects two giant masses of kidou at the feet of their opponent. The energy slams into the opponent, crushing them.

Phrase: "Completely encompass my enemy and let the grave take them. Darkness crushes the sinful under the weight of their conscience. Final destruction of the wayward soul! Hadou #90, Kurohitsugi!"

Kyuuden -- Hadou #91, 6500 Kidou

Description: The user extends open their palms and slowly moves their hands away from the body. A fierce wind begins to brew around the person, the wind's source originating from the user. A large, cloudy sphere cloaks the entire area, everything within a radius of 15 yards becoming a hazy mess. Not only that, but large blue streaks of lightning can be seen coiling around the outer edge of the attack, making it almost impossible for the target to escape once they've been captured. The lightning shooting out in random directions and striking anyone it hits at first, and will electrocute anyone who tries to break though it's wall, but that is not the true power of the attack.

That power comes from when the wind implodes on itself and a fierce vacuum is formed. The fierce vacuum pulls in everything in the sphere towards the user, whose body starts to release a wild, blue glow. The blue glow grows larger and larger as the vacuum rages on. The thunderous energy is then released. The lightning strikes at every edge of the cloud and lasts for a good ten seconds, making the kidou look like a plasma lamp and punishing the user's target(s) severely.

Incantation: The eastern sky burn brazen like the red sun, smoldering all resistance. The western sky storms cold, dark clouds diminishing all hope. The beginning and the end of all existence born in their core, a core that I control. Hadou #91, Kyuuden

Avalanche -- Hadou #92, 6800 Kidou.

Description: The user slams his/her hands into the ground, infusing it with kidou energy to a point where the ground ruptures and snow and ice erupts like lava erupts from a volcano. The large wave of snow and ice then rapidly flows towards the target, enveloping everything in snow with its icy grip. The wave is 30 feet thick and it has no definite width since the dense snow and ice will keep on flowing into every corner, destroying everything on its path.

Six, large snow crystals will then form around the structure of the snow, each of them spinning faster and faster as time passes. They will release a horrible biting wind, one that twists and throws around the avalanche spell like a mini-blizzard. As the snow rises upward, it will slowly begin to ice over. Turning into a large sphere-like iceberg that traps all caught in it inside until it collapses violently, crushing everything caught within the attack. The crystals will then break apart, releasing a gentle snow upon the now quiet land.

Incantation: "Let the fury of Mother Nature arise. Freeze over the land as you would Hell and bring forth a new Ice Age. Hadou #92, Avalanche!"

Radiance -- Hadou #99, 10000 Kidou

Description -- When released, 9 large white orbs shot from around the user of towards the sky. The 9 orbs surround the user in a 50ft diameter and shoot down rays of light. These rays phase through all targets within the orbs field of vision (which is 50ft, meaning that they target anything within 100ft of the user). Once the rays have phase through each target, the being is stuck in the attack's sight.

The giant orbs then begin to melt down, the pulsing light shooting through each and every target. The intense pressure of this attack, causes the insides of the target to be completely obliterated on contact with the spell, turning them into a hollow husk. However, the spell is weakened with every addition target and can still be survived by anyone with 3x the spiritual pressure of the user, however they will still take very heavy damage. Weaker beings on the under hand, will be completely destroyed.

Incantation: Harmonious cruelty brings about a merciful end. Scorching pillars of twisted benevolence obey my call! Grant me the swift scorn to destroy all of those of the opposition; all who defy my will. Hadou #99 Radiance!


Sealing Rings -- Bakudou #8, 65 Kidou

Description: Three yellow rings form around the target's body. One around the upper body, one around the lower body, and one around the legs. The rings close in on the target, temporary binding them, and placing a hard squeeze on them at the same time.

Incantation: The first ring comes in the morn. The second ring seals in the afternoon. The final ring binds at the day's dusk. Bakudou #8, Sealing Rings

Ice Prison -- Bakudou #17, 135 Kidou

Effect: This is a tricky kidou, because unlike others this one utilizes the foot instead of the hands. When the spell is cast, the user stomps the ground, the kidou then shoots through the ground. It travels under the opponent then shoots up like a mini geyser, trapping their legs in ice. It slowly moves upward until their entire body is covered. It takes about 15 seconds(2 turns) for up to the waist be covered, and 40 seconds(4-5 turns) for the entire body to be frozen.

The ice is about 4 inches thick and infused with kidou energy, making it very strong. People of considerably greater spiritual pressure can break out of it easily, however people of similar strength may find it difficult of people and a little time-consuming and people of considerably weaker strength, impossible. Ice prison's strength is increased in places with lots of water and is decreased in places with little water, taking half the time in former places and almost double in the latter. It also works faster if the opponent is already covered in ice. Can be extended into Ice Maiden.

Range: The stream can travel underground for about 30 feet. However, since the opponent cannot see it, the attack is hard to evade. Higher level shinigami can detect the attack though.

Phrase: The body runs cold, the sins clear in the liquids cold reflection. Judgment divine. Bakudou #17, Ice Prison!

Ice Maiden -- Bakudou #17, 600 Kidou(Extension)

Effect: Ice Maiden can only be extended from Ice Prison. When 50 percent or more of the opponent's body is covered in ice. The user clasps his fist, causing the kidou energy within the ice to retract, driving the solid material into the trapped victim. When used by stronger shinigami, this technique can even break bone.

Range: Extends from Ice Prison, so it can only be used when opponent is caught in that kidou.

Phrase: Destruction of form, destruction of will. Recede and destroy, oh frozen wrath. Bakudou #15, Ice Maiden!

Spider's Web -- Bakudou #42, 520 Kidou

Description: The user of this kidou compacts their energy into a ball. The ball is then shot at the opponent, and then explodes on contact. The strings of kidou wrap around the target's limbs and binds themselves to the ground. The victim of the spell is allowed some movement, but the wires will constrict the more the victim fights. The spell will dissipate after about 30 seconds.

Incantation: Tarantula's embrace, widow's rapture. Bind my foes in webs of iron, destroying my opponent's will. Bakudou #55, Spider's Web

Beast Fang -- Bakudou #45, 550 Kidou

Description -- The user raises their hand, clenching the fingers like fangs. A large red jaw (about 5 feet large) then shoots from that fist, fangs formed from pure kidou energy. The fangs latch onto the target, trapping them in its grasp and biting down on them harder and harder until the spell dissipates about 20 seconds later.

Incantation: The moon glows red, the wolf baring its teeth. Eclipsing shadows of death enveloping its unlucky victims and carrying them on to the underworld. Bakudou #45, Beast Fangs.

Diamond Dust -- Bakudou #55, 680 Kidou

Description: The user of the kidou freezing over the moisture surrounding their opponent, giving the air a slight twinkle. The move happens so fast, however that, that is the last thing the person is able to see before their body is surrounded in ice.

Incantation: Dance, playful sprite. Spin and twirl, clash and freeze. Let the mystic dance, entrance. Bakudou #55, Diamond Dust

Divining Bolt - Bakudou #55, 700 Kidou

Description: A magic circle appears under your opponent. The circle acts as a beacon for the attack, as after it appears a large bolt of lightning comes down. Not only does the bolt do severe damage to the opponent, but also it sends out a strong paralyzing force that binds the opponent for a short time. About 5-10 seconds, but in that time it is almost impossible for the person to move.

Incantation: Crash! Fry! Lightning from the heavens. Reveal your fearsome beauty and entrap us in your awe. Bakudou #55, Divining Bolt

Rikijyoukourou - Bakudo #61, 835 Kidou

Description: A mere extension of the middle finger and this fearsome binding spell occurs. Dense, powerful sheets of spiritual pressure plunge into the target, immobilizing them completely.


MÁƒ¡scara Roto (Broken Mask): Bakudo # 69, 1200 Kidou

Description: Based on research with hollow masks, this spell has been developed to weaken their properties creating a kidou flow opposite the charge of the spiritron make up of masks (note, this spell CANNOT destroy a mask on it's own, simply weaken it).

It must be done at point blank range. The user concentrates kidou in his or her hand and presses the palm against the forehead of the mask and activates the spell. Depending on the opponent and strength gaps will affect the effectiveness of the attack.

Spell duration: User with a base Kidou stat of 3000 - 4000 will allow the weakened state to last for 5 minutes. For every 1000 more kidou, the length increases for another minute.

Hollows/Arrancar: If the combined kidou and reiatsu of the caster is within 200 points of the reiatsu of the hollow they fight, the spell can weaken the mask up to 50% allowing for weaker spells and attacks to shatter it. If they surpass the reiatsu, for every 500 points, the mask is weakened another 10%. For every 500 under, its strength goes up 10%.

Vizards(NPC Vizards Only): In order to weaken the mask by 50%, the user's base kidou MUST equal the base reiatsu of the opponent. If the mask is shattered, the regeneration period is slowed by 40% at equal stats and increases 10% for every 500 kidou above the enemy reiatsu.
Vizard skills relying on masks to function are slowed and weakened for a max of 20%.

Phrase: "These opposite souls clash among the three worlds in eternal conflict. Let the darkess within be silenced by my will. Bakudo #76, MÁƒ¡sara Roto!"

*Kidoushuu Special: Kidoushuu members who are taught and trained to use this kidou by a superior can receive a 40% cost reduction.

Mugendai (Infinity) -- Bakudou #80, 3200 Kidou

Mugendai is a Bakudou designed for the purpose of countering Hollow skills. The user of this spell extends both hands forward, touching the thumb and index finger together. A bright blue glow surrounds the hands, creating a circular aura of approximately three feet in diameter. When the encantation is finished, a pale blue beam blasts forward, turning back any skill that's become manifested on it's user. Following the reversal of the attack, and the damage incured, a pale blue "X" appears on the opponents chest for a period of a minute; during this period, the enemy may not use that particular Hollow ability again. Mugendai is limited, however, in that it can only counter a skill if the user has an SP of around twice the casters or lower; any higher and the attempt to counter and seal will fail.

*Only usable on NPCs hollows/vizards/arrancar/etc.

Chant: Opposing Natures, Clashing Worlds. Everything and Nothing; Reverse the moment, destroy the advantage. Bakudou #74, Mugendai!!

*Kidoushuu Special: Kidoushuu members who are taught and trained to use this kidou by a superior can receive a 25% Cost reduction.


Talon - Bougyoudou #10, 65 Kidou

Conjures Kidou energy around the user's fingers, which extends into 20cm long, thin talons. They are glowing white and razor sharp, able to tear through flesh easily and vicious for stabbing. The talons last as long as the user wishes them to, or until they are broken. The talons themselves are strong enough to parry a unreleased Zanpakutou. This does however not prevent from losing your arm if you're not careful...

Incantation: "Birds of prey, a predator's strike. Rip through flesh and tear off the bone. With a hawks precision and the greed of a vulture, Bougyoudou #10, Talon!"

Black Tide -- Bougyoudo #55, 700 Kidou

Description -- A defensive spell, Black Tide works by forcefully ejecting the target and all surrounding beings away from the user. When activated, a large burst of black wind will shoot from the user in all directions. The wave acts as a barrier and pushes away all things in the user's way like two same pole magnets would push away from each other. The distance ejected from varies between 3-10 yards depending on difference in power.

Also, if the target is directly in the user's vicinity when the spell is active, the effected target(s) will go through a momentary bound of exhaustion because of the detrimental effects on the spell on the target(s).

Incantation (Courtesy of Sho): "Surround, Dark Wind! Protect the fragile soul and wash away all ill intent. Bougyoudo #55, Black Tide"

Kageshyunpo -- Bougyoudo #67, 775 Kidou

Description: A shadow is left in the wake of a shyunpo, holding form for up to half a minute before dissipating, confusing the opponent. The Kageshyunpo is prefaced by a dark, purple outline forming around the body and clouding the user's features. This is the only hint the Kidou gives, however.


Sounokageshyunpo - 0 Kidou(variation on Kageshyunpo, Kage shyunpo must be cast first)

Description: When activated this kidou covers the entire body(Also any weapon the user may be holding. As long as this spell is activate, 3 set kidou forms will closely knit into the user. When the user moves or strikes the images will do the same action in 1 second intervals. Their attacks will be about ¼ as strong as the users, but can be devastating when compiled. The time limit for beginners is about 1 minute but can last for up to 5 minutes with experts(about 3 times the required kidou skill level).

Incantation: Shadow's hand, soul's strike. Mimic my movements, follow my way. The jagged mirror becomes my blade. Bougyoudo #67, Sounokageshyunpo!

Malice Coil -- Bougyoudo #59, 830 Kidou

Description: The user of this forms their energy into their palms, a green flaming fireball being formed between their hands. On contact with the target, a foreboding mark will be placed on the body. While this match is in place, the target will fill a small nagging pain in their chest, but that is not it's main ability.

When Malice Coil is activated, the target of this spell will be constantly drained of SP for 5 turns. The drain doubles with every turn, starting at one percent. So it goes 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 for a maximum drainage of 16%. This attack can only be negated by someone with 3x the SP of the user or more. However, because the coils stays on the target, the spell becomes halved with every used. The first use will drain 16% of SP, the second 8%, the third 4%, etc.

Incantation: I call the serpent to do my bidding one more, the happy serpent obliging. Enraptured in it's grasp, the foolish titan falls before me. Bougyoudo #57, Malice Coil

Glass Veil - Bougyoudo #62, 995 Kidou

Effect: An extremely difficult Bougyoudo to implement. Uses Kidou energy to bend light around the person. Also dampens the persons spirit pressure to hide their presence. Does not allow for quick movements, as the shimmers in the spell can be seen. Making this spell ideal for scouting, spying, hiding from pursuit, and laying an ambush.

Incantation: Blind them from what they think they see, hide me from they think they know. Make them ignorant of my presence. Bougyoudo #70, Glass Veil.


Hanshakyou - Chiyudo #26, 175 Kidou

Effect: Creates a temporary barrier in front of the user, deflecting from 1 to 3 attacks depending on their opponent's spiritual energy(the max it can deflect is up to 1.25 their own reiatsu). The barrier itself only lasts for about 10 seconds per incantation. And my sometimes fail if used back to back repeatedly.

Effect range: Shield projects itself about 2 ft. in front of user

Phrase: The forgiving maiden weeps for the lost. Redeeming sin. Chiyudo #25, Hanshakyou.

Temperance -- Chiyudo #54, 600 Kidou

Description: The user forces their palms out with the bottom of each touching each other. A clear, liquid-like barrier is then shot out. The barrier will protect against most attacks up to 2x the user's sp, and will half the damage from attacks about 3 to 5 times their SP.

Not only that, but when defending against damage attacks, Temperance releases a sharp shock. The shock temporary disables the attacker by sending out a paralyzing vibration through their body. The barrier lasts for about 10 seconds.

Incanation: Conversation and Abstinence. Pride and Restraint. Chiyudo #54, Temperance

Saint's Patience -- Chiyudo #54, 1600 Kidou

Description: The next step of Temperance. Unlike Temperance that uses the hands, raising either forearm to defend activates Saint's Patience. The same liquid barrier will then appear to block. Another difference between Saint's Patience and Temperance is that, while Temperance sent a debilitating shock through their opponent's body...when struck by a melee attack, Saint's Patience releases a full-on knock back effect that bounces the offending attacker back and pushes them to the ground.

Another difference is that Saint's Patience moves with the forearm. Meaning one can actually "smack" their opponent with the shield and knock them back

Incantation: Same as Temperance, Just change it to Saint's Patience at the end.

Destruction Barrier -- Chiyudo #58, 800 Kidou

Description: The user forces their energy out into a barrier, canceling out an incoming attacking energy. The barrier then shoots forth at the user opponent like a massive wave of energy. The damage that this counter causes is usually around the same as the user's strength. The stronger their opponent is, the less effective it will be, and if their opponent is 2x stronger than them, the user of the spell will still incur damage from the attack.

Incantation: Pure spirits come to my aid. Destroy all malicious energy and punish all those who wrought to bring me harm. Chiyudo #58, Destruction Barrier

Reflect -- Chiyudo #58, 3500 Kidou

Description: The next step in Destruction Barrier. While, Destruction barrier breaks down and attack and send it back at a foe, Reflect will completely reflect an attack, usually not giving its sender time to counter. When activated, giant bowl shield energy will be formed in front of the user. From then on, whenever any propelled attack is launched at the barrier and successfully blocked, it will be sent back to its original point with a power valued at .75 of that of the original attack..

Incantation: No power no matter how great will break me. No lie no matter how foul will trick me. No seduction no matter how tempting will corrupt me. My will is iron, and your might is nothing. Chiyudo #58, Reflects


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May 15, 2005
Dahlitium (⏆50 per)
Bigatium (⏆100 per)
Auritium (⏆300 per)
Vitatium (⏆1200 per)
Caelitium (⏆6000 per)
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Hiana Maisaku


Character Theme: Sedge Flower - Shenfa
Pairing theme with Senbokuji Ame: Come What May - Nicole Kidman & Ewan McGreggor​


Character Theme: Heroine - Nami Tamaki
Scene Theme: Moments after the Battle // Judgement - "Ake ni Somaru" - Takanashi Yasuharu
Kidoushuu Theme: Look Where We Are - Hoobastank​


Character Theme: Rebirthing - Skillet
Battle Theme: (vs. SQN Lieutenant Asakura Sumiteru) - Pride ~Nageki no Tabi - AKINO​


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May 15, 2005
Dahlitium (⏆50 per)
Bigatium (⏆100 per)
Auritium (⏆300 per)
Vitatium (⏆1200 per)
Caelitium (⏆6000 per)
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- Sexy drawing of Mai - Done by Stephie. <3
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- Yuri, Sayuri and Mai as the Power Puff Girls! - Done by Stephie. <3
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- O_O Such a sexy picture of Mai - Done by Shady. <3
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- Mai with her former shi kai. ^^ - Done by Lomo. <3
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