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Jul 29, 2013
Flint, MI
Name:Hikaru Miyazaki The Twilight
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Birthdate: Aprillis/20/480 PT

Race: Laicar
Esteem: Notable
Persona: Hikaru is a fairly obnoxious and grandstanding pirate, often filling the air with loud boasts of his various over exaggerated feats. He’s not easily put out, and as one of his redeeming qualities he is capable of maintaining a positive attitude no matter the circumstances, much to the relief and chagrin of his crew.
He is not unnecessarily cruel, though he does have a sharp tongue when provoked, and is liable to violence when something stands between him and something he wants. Most of the time the thing that he wants is fame, and is the great driver to his actions. He doesn't really have much of a solid endgame in his head, much to the chagrin of those around him. This mindset, and his tongue have led to near death situations numerous times, and he is not unaccustomed to looking death in the face and laughing. Though this combined, with his rather flashy, and misdirective way of fighting often put him in more trouble than he can handle alone.

His obsession with an extravagant death comes from a life that he considers less than impressive. The young man was initially an orphan, a young boy with no recollection of his origins or even how he'd arrived in Terminus where he was found by the patrons of the Blue House Orphanage. The only things the boy had to his name were his name, the clothes on his back, and a long black blade. He grew up under the patron''s tutelage under the assumption that he was an abandoned songen, learned the way of the blade and learned as much as he could about the world he inhabited with a single goal, become famous. The boy figured fame might bring more of his origins out of the woodworks, or at least make him something to be remembered, and so set his sight on attracting as much attention as he possibly could.

He deemed that the fastest way to do that was to become infamous, and so took on the life of a pirate. He left his original blade with the patrons of Blue House, and took up a naginata and the arcane arts as replacement, then stole a airship and gathered a crew. The Getsumei is the same ship he flies today, and his first mate Marda spend their days getting into trouble and plastering their names and faces anywhere with a flat surface.

Perseverance, not forethought is his greatest quality.

He prefers to think on his feet, and is very good at doing so, often coming up with unorthodox solutions to problems, or even creating a new one in order to solve an old. Despite all of this, his crew follows him faithfully, and is full of relentless men and women who aspire to greatness as well, damned be the cost.

If one were to hear the rousing chorus of any a one seafaring song even over the roar of their airship’s engines, dropping to sea is often the best course of action.

Appearance:The young man is 5’11, lanky, and muscular. He did not build a large bulky form like most his age, as his training regimen consists of leaping between sail lines, and sinking ships. His features resemble those of the fierce islanders of Songen, which is not a surprise due to his mysterious appearance. The man’s piercing eyes glow like the sun, and his jet black hair is constantly tied back into a thick but neat horsetail, what little does escape his skilled fingers is formed into pair of spiky bangs that adorn his forehead like a crown. His features are sharp with a strong jawline, and thick, eye-brows, high cheekbones and large willowy hands. His skin retains an almost permanent tan from spending his days out on the cloudy sea.
Hikaru typically wears a captain's coat on his shoulders, both are black with orange accents on all the buttons, the collar, the trims, and the seems; effectively making him look about as nondescript as a pumpkin, that which Aelflead has relayed to him on multiple occasion.
His boots are black, and heavy with treads for gripping the wood of airships, and are waterproof as well for his seafaring voyages.

Vigor: 5920
Adept- The Lancer: Contigeri
Adept-The Fencer: Battuentis
Novice- The Destroyer: Bellator
Adept- The Hidden: Occultus
Adept- The Serpent: Serpens

Hilted Naginata - Dahl
Occultus, Bell, and Serpens Catalysts -Dahl

Last Known Location: Prendere bound from Terminus
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