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Sep 23, 2006
Dahlitium (⏆50 per)
Bigatium (⏆100 per)
Auritium (⏆300 per)
Vitatium (⏆1200 per)
Caelitium (⏆6000 per)
Hollow Stats


Reiatsu – The sum of all stats except for Emptiness.

Combat – The hollow’s combat potential. This functions just like the combat for Advent Humans, meaning that hollows who are skilled in this area can deliver powerful physical attacks.

Sonido – The ability of hollows to move, both with localized speed and the use of the technique named Sonido. Its difficult for non-hollows to perceive the movement, meaning that the stat functions at 125% increased capability against those without it.

Ability – This is the stat that governs the hollow’s skill with their Cero and aimed abilities.

Emptiness – This functions as a separate pool equivalent to that of a vizard's rage. Hollows start with 0% emptiness, and will gain emptiness in either abilities or to use their cero. Each 1% of their emptiness is like 1% of their reiatsu. The more emptiness a hollow has gained, the less intelligence and control they maintain. A hollow with 100% emptiness is a berserk killing machine, rending and slaughtering everything in sight until they can satiate their hunger. Emptiness pools can be regained by feeding or resting for a few days.

Types of Hollows - A newly formed hollow has no special title, and is called just a hollow. They are nearly mindless and devoid of emotion, simply carrying out their impulse to attack both their own kind and weak souls.

Large Hollows
Once a hollow attains 3,000 reiatsu it becomes a large hollow, and gains an ability slot that is on par in strength with a shinigami's but has no restrictions in terms of form or nature. These types of hollows begin engaging in cannibalism to rapidly expand their power, and are only drawn to earth to feast on strong souls. Large hollows are very dangerous, and shinigami who have yet to attain a shikai have little hope when facing one of these terrors. This is the first class of hollow capable of using a cero.

Menos Grande
When a hollow attains 8,000 reiatsu it evolves into that of a Menos Grande. Its also possible that many small and large hollows may join together and form a Menos Grande. When this occurs the resulting creature usually possesses a identifiable mask, and can evolve no further. These types of Menos have no ability, but retain their deadly cero. However, when a Menos Grande evolves from a large hollow or a particular potent soul gains control, they gain a distinct mask and retain their hunger to consume souls and their own kind to continue their evolution. Seeing any of this class or higher ranking class of hollow on earth is a extremely rare event.

When a hollow retains its distinctive mask and feeds enough, it evolves into a Gillian at 15,000 reiatsu. These hollows have regained a distinctive, smaller shape and gain a second ability slot, on a level of bankai and once gain with no restrictions on form or nature. They also have a distinct personality and grip over their personal power, earning a unique feat slot and a trained feat slot. A menos class hollow is a extremely formidable enemy, capable of challenging Lieutenant grade shinigami in a fatal engagement.

Those few menos who feast enough to evolve once more become a deadly Adjuchas at 30,000 reiatsu. Adjuchas have distinct forms, unique personalities, and total self awareness. Combine this with yet another bankai level ability slot and another unique and trained level feat slot and it is easy to recognize how this level of hollow is capable of challenging even captain level shinigami in direct combat. Entire squads have been known to mobilize in order to combat this level of hollow and their coming to earth is a catastrophe of the highest caliber.

Vasto Lorde
The number of confirmed Vasto Lordes to ever exist is thought to be less then ten. Hollows that consume enough to reach 80,000 reiatsu or more evolve into this state. The birth of a Vasto Lorde or a confirmed awakening is a dark day for all of creation, their power is enough to utterly destroy several divisions of shinigami and threaten the order of Seireitei itself. Vasto Lordes gain another unique and trained feat, and a final, devastatingly powerful release ability slot.

Should a Vasto Lorde come to earth, it could be an armageddon-level event. Each and every confirmed Vasto Lorde has killed at least one captain before being dispatched. Thankfully, they almost never leave Hueco Mundo, but are often thought to directly control and order Menos and Adjuchas level hollows to carry out their bidding. It is considered suicide to face a Vasto Lorde in single combat, for its possible for them to even kill legendary shinigami such as Masaru, Faust, and Inuzuri.

Hollow Racial Techs


[Pesquisa] : Spiritual Perception
The heightened ability of a Hollow to sense Reiatsu. Its potency and maximum range grows as the Hollow's level rises, and may become advanced enough that he or she may be able to single out the signature of a single entity within range. As a broad sense, hollows become aware of and attracted to large spiritual powers anywhere on their same plane within hundreds of miles. A target may choose to mask their signature, making their exact location difficult to ascertain. However, the presence of a strong fighter in combat is unmistakable.

[Chikaihou Shinou]
Laws that apply to the living don't faze the Hollow race as these broken rules are instinct to these beings. Examples of this phenomenon include walking on air, phasing through walls in the land of the living and other reality bending feats.

[Hollow Regeneration] : Hollows are relentless hunters. Nothing short of destruction is enough to stop a hollow from attempting to get at his chosen prey: souls. Every hollow, from the weakest fledgling to the strongest Vasto Lorde has this to some degree, but its potency depends on how far it has gone up the Emptiness ladder.

-Minor scratches, burns and stabs in non-vital places can be healed in 2 rounds.
-Deep wounds, internal injuries and non-lethal damage to the mask area can be healed completely in 5 rounds.
-Major wounds, such as missing limbs, large swaths of missing flesh or high levels of damage to the mask area can be healed completely in 10 rounds.

This is an active process so note that wounds are constantly being healed rather than as a quick burst.

This property has a limit, however and when a hollow begins to near exhaustion at 50% reiatsu or lower, all of these times are multiplied by two. They are multiplied by four at 25% reiatsu or lower.

Menos of all types subtract two round from all of these figures, Adjucas subtract four and Vasto Lordes subtract seven. This means that Vasto Lordes are not affected by anything short of deep wounds.

[Sonido] : Gained at 1000 Sonido, uses the same table as Shunpo, but is 25% more difficult to track for those without the Sonido stat.

[Cero] : The signature red beam of death of all hollows. Gained at 1000 Emptiness. Costs 20% of a Hollow's Emptiness, though the attack is treated as though powered by the Hollow's Reiatsu. It should be noted that the breadth and range of the attack become greater with a greater Ability stat.

[Consumption] : A hollow can regain Emptiness and Reiatsu based on a recent meal's power. A hollow can gain 50 Reiatsu and 10 Emptiness to its pool for every plus soul it eats. For spiritually awakened souls, it gains 1/5 the total Reiatsu the meal had and in Emptiness. Note this is a permanent increase. If the meal is near the hollows own strength or greater, it gains 1/3 instead. If the meal is drastically stronger than itself, it gains 2/3 of these values.

[ Garganta ] Hollows can tear holes in space, allowing them to move between dimensions. However, barriers like the one engulfing Seireitei cannot be penetrated using this ability.
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