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Jul 29, 2008
[ The House of Yagara ]

[ yagara // arrow shaft ]

"You know... This world is a ruthless place where you either can do, or get done. We are the House of Yagara, and we are far from done."

- Kinzou of Yagara

The House of Yagara is a name only known by those who rooted their prominence deep enough into Soul Society’s games of power. Even for those very, very few oligarchs, there is still a veil of mystery over the House. Accordingly to what is said - carefully said - the House of Yagara arrived in Rukongai about three hundred years ago, formed by a union of treasure hunters and sages from unknown origin. Men and women of unmatched skill that owned vast knowledge of the spiritual realm and its societies, as well as being holders of considerable wealth, the Yagara quickly ascended to a faceless force in Soul Society. The location of their manor is not known and its complete roster has never been confirmed.

Lingering in the shadows of its secrecy, the House of Yagara had established many trading relationships with several noble houses, offering their elite services as fortune seekers. So, relics, legends and forbidden artifacts were brought by them into the vaults of the high nobility. In no time, the wealth and influence of the Yagara became an invisible hand that influenced Soul Society's economical and political flow. Rumor has it that their phantom touch even reached inside the walls of Seireitei, as one of the sponsors of the Shinō Academy and the Gotei itself.

The truth is that, inside the very few clans that have a liaison to the House of Yagara, there is an unspoken tension whenever its name is mentioned. Well, as one can easily calculate, the noble houses had put themselves in a very delicate position when they delivered their most covetous - and forbidden - desires in the hands of people who decided to dwell in the shadows of society.

The House of Yagara recently ascended to a noble title; conveniently.

House Name:

House Status:
House of Nearer Rukongai

Territory: Unknown.

Titular Head: Yagara Yuuto (Judge #41 of the Central 46)

Heir(s): Unknown.

Confirmed Members: Kinzou, Sadame.

Crest: Crimson sun with a white arrow shaft within.

Patron House(s): Unknown.

Vassal House(s): Unknown.

Rival House(s): Unknown.

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Jul 29, 2008

遊 蕩 矢 柄

Yuuto of Yagara
[ ambitious plan | arrow shaft ]

Central 46 | #41 | Judge

theme song: this mortal coil - strenght of strings

[ Appearance ]

Tall and with a slender, almost fragile, build, Yuuto has a rather androgynous appearance compared to his manly demeanour and deep voice. Being frozen in eternal youth, Yuuto has an extremely pale and delicate visage, usually deprived of any visible emotion or anything warmer than the winter-frost murkiness that dwells in his indigo eyes. His undulated hair is as grey as lead, cascading until his shoulders. One will usually find feminine traits on his looks, such as make up, hair accessories and varnished nails.

Note: Yuuto is voiced by Alan Rickman.

[ Persona ]

Very few is actually known about what truly lies within Yuuto’s laconic self. By those who know him, he is often referred to as a cold snake, waiting for an oportunity to lunge. It couldn’t be far from true. Yuuto calculates the world through the variable of his interests and is ruthless against obstacles. Owner of a silver tongue and extensive in his grip, as a shrewd member of an influential House, he tends to weave many political ties through the means of economic interest, blackmail and boycott, pulling his liaisons with a sharp leash. Cynism dances within his melifluous words of false courtesy; the rope he ties around your neck is made of fine silk.

[ Biography ]

Yuuto of Yagara. It is almost impossible to refer to him without mentioning the House whose name he carries so proudly. It is not known when or how he joined the House of Yagara, but there is no doubt about his high rank inside its hierarchy. As the House itself, there is a veil of secrecy and questions unanswered over Yuuto’s personal story.

Yuuto stepped out from the curtains of the House when, with the dilligent help of supporting noble houses, he was elected as one of the Judges of the Central Forty-six, after of one the judges resigned, few years ago. Since then, he has ruled his place in the eminent tribune with an iron fist, keeping an ever-watching eye in the Gotei Thirteen. His presence as a Judge was frowned upon and looked with distrust by some judges, like Septimus LaSalle.

The Yagara judge was conveniently not present when the Central Forty-Six was raided by the man named Raifuku. In fact, apart from the protocol mourn letters to the families, lacquered in synthetic grief, no further time - or sentiment - was wasted over the deceased judges. His ambitions were indulged. Indeed.

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