Interview With Musician, Film Composer and Music Educator William Carlos Reyes

Sep 22, 2009

William Carlos Reyes is a classically educated guitarist, film composer and music educator with an interest in a wide variety of guitar-based music. As well as having collaborated with musicians across many genres of music, he also performs with several video game music cover bands and has contributed to a number of albums in that capacity.
In an email interview, he tells me about how he got started, his sources of inspiration, his creative process and his latest album Guitar Collections Final Fantasy IV for Scarlet Moon Records.
Karl Magi: What sparked your passion for music in the first place?

William Carlos Reyes: I think everyone I know has a passion for music in some way. Mine just developed into a deeper curiosity and possible addiction to trying to understand its inner workings, realize its power and later try to produce it myself through various...
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