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Apr 12, 2005
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Auritium (⏆300 per)
Vitatium (⏆1200 per)
Caelitium (⏆6000 per)

Okay, after a week of revising and talking and stuff, this is the general layout. Keep in mind that this is a new system, created to regulate the amount of items popping up in battles, and make it so some people won't have 10 items.

Feel free to make any points or opinions on how/where i should change stuff.

So, getting on the program..

* Rules & Guidelines *

First, getting to the rules/some info before going to the item list

- The system only affects the battles and Sou Kyouko, but does not affect the writing and chapters, and in co-op fights, both sides agree on items to prevent cheapness. Volumes and other non-battle stuff are not regulated under this system.

- Everyone has 3 normal items, 2 unique items (only one can be used in a battle though, but they can be interchanged at the beginning of the week), and 2 special/rare items (like unique, only one can be used, if allowed)

- Items are freely interchangeable at the beginning of the week, where you do the kidou and the stat upgrades*

- Some items are logically reusable (knives), but some other items aren't (pills). Once you use non-reusable items, they may be taken off the inventory list. There is a 'pack' system, which some items come in bundles while only taking up one slot. Such as:Throwing knives (3), Energy pills (5) or Grappling hook (1) - these items may come in more than one, but only take up one slot of the three slots available.

- Normal items are regular items that are not special, nor unique, an do not posess special attributes. They are just regular items, like a plain knife.

- Unique items are items that only your character uses, and nobody else can have it. To prevent people taking advantage of it, everyone that has a unique item has to have a good explanation of how they got it, a full description of an item, and why is it considered a unique item. That person also has to use the item regularly (every now and then), and not have it just for kicks.

- Run unique items by me or Winduril to get them approved Your'e free to make them as you wish, but we'll give them head-up and opinions, and work out flaws.

- Rare/special items are things awarded by Wind and D for missions and other special events.

- Normal items can also be given for mission purposes, such as for a completion of a task that is be done with a particular item(s). These will be issued to you, and you are able to keep them afterwards. These items may differ from normal items slightly (some modifications may be done on the item, such as a longer rope) These items given to you will still be listed under normal items. You may discard them if you wish after the missions.

- People are discouraged from having two unique items just so they can have a larger inventory.

*If there is any misuse of the item system, such as many people nabbing three items at one so they are better equipped and not think logically, there may be new restrictions applied to te 'free interchange' rule. However, as of now, it's probably best to let all of you loose.

- Feel free to contribute to the item list, and offer opinions. You may also submit the unique items by pming Wind for approval, and then telling me. Post below to add items (which I will edit it in), suggestions, ideas, or unique items (if approved), and rare/special item ideas.

* Equipping an Item *

An example of how it works...

Kenzo Matsumoto - 3rd Seat, 10th Division
Spiritual Pressure: 525
Shoukyakuro ~630~
Zanjutsu: 1210
Hakuda: 1310
Hohou: 199
Kidou: 30

Connection: 2703



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Apr 12, 2005
In squee's pocket! with pocky! ^_^ *munches*
Dahlitium (⏆50 per)
Bigatium (⏆100 per)
Auritium (⏆300 per)
Vitatium (⏆1200 per)
Caelitium (⏆6000 per)


There are four categories of items: (explained more below)
1. Normal Items: Everyone has access to these
2. Unique Items: Items for specific characters
3. Rare Items: Items award by Wind and D for special events
4. Division Items: Items only available to specific divisions​

* Normal Items *
These are normal, non-special generic mass-produced (literally) stuff that is common and can be found anywhere. 3 items max, you can use all 3 items in battle.

Arm Armor (2)
Adds protection to the arm, made of iron plates, one for each arm. Sacrifices speed and agility for defense, and tires the user's arm out easier. 2 arm armors per pack.

Broad axe, wooden handle. Multi-purpose use, can be thrown. Light and efficient.

Battle Axe
Double-bladed axe, primary use a weapon. Long wooden handle can be used to knock opponents too. Heavy and a two-handed weapon. Handle 5 feet long, can provide extra-heavy damage to direct hits.

Caltrops (20)
Tiny spikes, when thrown onto the ground, one of the four spikes is always pointed upward. Used for nuisances, and to stop horses. They can puncture through non-wood sandals.

Chainmail Vest
Armor of chainmail, wore like a vest, full front-and-back protection, but sides are vulnerable. Armor can stop small weaponry, but not large bladed weapons. It does not stop enemy gunfire. Cannot fully defend against zanpakutous. Lighter than traditional iron-plate armor but less protective than the full body armor. Chain mail armor is heavy and will wear out the user over a period of time.

Combat Staff
A long staff, about 8 feet long, wooden, and two-handed weapon. Used for knocking down opponents, or for other creative uses.

A trained dog, usually for scent searching, or for attacking the opponent. The may die. ;)

Energy Pill (5)
5 pills a pack, each pill re-energizes your body by 25% immediately. Once they are eaten, they can no longer be used anymore. Each energy pill makes the user more alert, and restores their SP by a small amount. It also reduces fatigue and sleepiness.

Exlir of Regeneration (3)
A drink that recovers your physical stats by a bit, offering better performance in battles with injuries, designed to restore part of your power. When used, the effects come out immediately,providing 50% of the stats you lost through injuries, kidou, and the like. I will not surpass your stats at full health. Maximum one time per battle, overusage will lead to severe fatigue, lightheadedness, and other side effects.

Fireworks (2)
For signals, or a long range explosive charge, although the accuracy is very low, and the explosion is unpredictable. Fireworks must be lighted to explode, a short 5-second fuse attached. 2 fireworks per pack.

Final Burst Tablet (2)
The final burst tablet is a special tablet that increases the user's spiritual pressure by about 1.5 times. When used, this pill the user's stats also get a boost of about 1.2%. However, this only lasts for about 30 seconds to one minute, and is only meant as a last resort, hence its name. The user will be almost completely drained after using this pill. The longer you strain your body, the nastier the side effects. And if they overextend the time limit they will be drained of all spiritual power, and will not recover for at least 2 days. If a person is already too injured when it is used (like more than half dead), they run the risk of dying or being thrown into a temporary coma. Only use at last resort.

Flour Pill (10)
For no reason, other than a yummy flour pill. (Maybe to kill gluten-intolerant people)

Full Body Armor
A full body iron-plated armor, full protection for the body. It can take medium to somewhat heavy damage, and can deflect knives and such. It can take in enemy gunfire to an extent. The armor is very heavy and will wear out the user after an amount of time. It decreases agility when its used, but in return, provide almost absolute defense. It can even take some hits from an unreleased zanpakutou, if the blade is weak enough.

Complete hand protection, these gauntlets are made from 18-carbon steel and is highly durable, and provide almost full hand range movements, with only some restrictions. Leather straps for fitting almost every hand size.

Grappling Hook
For scaling and climbing walls, trees, or wherever needed. Some creative uses might apply. Good for escape, complete with 30 feet nylon rope. Solid steel. Can be folded and compacted when not in use.

Hair Pins/Needles (15)
Used for throwing and apuncture. Can be poisoned if the user has poison, and can be fatal if thrown in the right spots. Does light damage to non-fatal areas, but ten times as deadly with poison. 15 needles per pack.

Healing Pill (5)
5 pills per pack, this speeds up the rate of recovery with wounds. The wounds can close back up within a half-hour, and they can stop bleeding, internally and externally. Healing is only limited for a normal person's ability. (that is, it can heal broken bones and cuts, but if your arm is lopped off, it can't heal that)

Kevlar Vest
A lighter, more modern solution for protection. Primarily used for bullets and such, it can defend against any very light weapons, such as throwing knives, but cannot stop swords and axes. The Kevlar vest protects the front and back, but the sides are vulnerable. Medium weight, it lowers the agility by some, and increases your defense by some. Weaker than chainmain armor.

Kidou Scroll
A traditional type scroll that contains kidou. This kidou scrolls shortens the time it needs to chant the words required to activate the spell. Instead of chanting the phrase and the name, a kidou scroll allows the user to just chant the name to activate it. However, one kiodu scroll only works for a certain kidou. (say, for Rakurai, then the scroll is only good for Rakurai only)

Any type of knife, some variations can apply. When using knife, be sure to give it some detail, as there are many, many, many different designs and uses. Knives are light and can be used for multiple purposes.

Leather Armguard (2)
Leather Straps around your arm for light protection to knives and other light weapondry, while making little sacrifice to your agility.

Ordinary matchbox matches, lighted for multiple uses. Can be for cigarettes (if you don't have a lighter), lighting fuses, and other purposes. Fun with fire!

Medical Kits
First Aid kits, provide some form of healing over a medium period of time. Works better than healing pills, but takes longer for effect. May be used multiple times.

Nylon Rope (40 feet)
Good ol' rope for multiple purposes, include tripping others, tying people up, bondage ;), wall climbing, and other uses. Nylon rope is very sturdy and can take quite some damage and weight before breaking. Comes in a variety of colors from black to neon pink.

Ointment for the sore body, it temporary reduces pain from wounds or fatique until the battle is over. Has some healing effect.

A small swiss-army knife type pocketknife, good for a variety of uses, with a 31/2 inch blade. made of stainless steel, very compact. A portable toolbox, described in another way. It has: Large knife blade, small knife blade, large screwdriver, small screwdriver, reamer/punch, can opener, bottle opener, wire stripper, tweezers, toothpick, scissors, hook, and corkscrew.

Poison (bottle)
A bottle of poison, may be different types. Used for poisoning many other items. Can be used up to 6 times before empty.

Smoke Bombs (3)
3 tiny bombs, when thrown after a two second delay, will combust, releasing massive amounts of smoke, reducing the visibility of the victims to zero. Smoke clears after a half a minute. Virtually silent when exploding. They are small, black sphere-shaped bombs.

For prolonged underwater activity. Ability to breather underwater, although the user must come back up to the surface regularly.

An extra sword in addition to your zanpakutou. The sword can be almost any shape and size, although it is a normal sword and do not possess any specialties. They must be described in detail to reduce confusion. Size/shape not limited, but preferrably matches well to your character.

Throwing Knives (3)
Much like kunais, these knives are lighter and easier for throwing, and are slipstream. They come in packs of three, although one is enough to do some damage. They can be used in many different ways.

Tracking Device
A handheld device used to detect spiritual pressure around a large radius. This handheld device can accurately detect and track down any spiritual pressure, no matter how small. People who have mastered the art of spiritual pressure manipulation, though, may fool this handy device.

Last, i would like for RPers to look over these items and contribute their own, and give opinions on how to make them better. They may be mistakes, or they are too cheap/too useless, so post if you find a problem, or just want to talk about it.

* Unique Items *
Unique items are one-of-a-kind, personal character item. These things are only carried by you and only you, and nobody else will be able to use them. They posess special attribtes (if any), and have abilities beyond the normal items. A good example would be Saint's Mal Sangre.

To prevent people from taking advantage, the unique item must be approved by Wind. To be considered an unique item (and to filter those who just want extra stuff), there must be a good description of it, and some (if not all) of its abilities. Unique items will be listed below.

-1 can only be used in battle, although a person can acquire 2.
Diega's Mal Sangre-----------Saint
Diega's SP potion-------------Saint
Kyin's Gauntlets--------------Drag
Setsu's Sword----------------Kioh
Junichi's Spring-loaded knife--Igawa
Kento's knives (20)-----------Kento
Rei's Windmill Shuriken--------Rei
(the following is NPC unique items)
Tomoharu's arm-------------Tengen
Kamata's Glue bombs--------Igawa
Gib's Crossbow--------------Kento

* Rare Items *
Items awarded by Wind and Djudge for missions and special events. As thr name suggests, they are arare and special, and not everyone may have them.

So far, this is a compiled list of the possibible items that may be awarded, generated by fellow RPers. These items are special and may boost various stats, or help in one thing or another, or give you new abilities. Only 1 item, if allowed, may be used in a fight, but a person can aquire two maximum.

Jumping sandals (pair) - ability to jump higher
Shadow Dummy (doll) - A fake SP doll to divert enemies, invisible
Electric whip - An electric whip
'agility booster' - Not highly defined yet, but this item will boost the agility of the user
Mechanical Arm - A mechanical prosthetic arm, may have hidden abilities
Renji's glasses - Used for spiritual pressure detection
'trick SP' - Not highly defined, but an article of clothing that multiplies your spiritual pressure threefold
Poison Glove (2) - A leather glove with hidden poison claws
MP3 player - A MP3 player, when used, reduces fatigue and awareness, but adds stamina and agility
Kukkaku's spirit orb - Kukkaku's special spiritual orb that creats a energy shield around the user
'wall walk through thingy' - Undefined, but this item grants the user the ability to walk through walls
Camouflage suit - A suit, once worn, will deem you invisible to everyone, although their SP may still be detected
SP hider suit - A suit, once worn, completely erases your SP and its trail
Mayuri's meat restoring pill (2) - A special pill passed down from Kurotsuchi's lab that instantly restores a part of the body, be it a limb, organ, or bone.
Extendable Combat Staff - A lightweight steel staff that can extend infinitely and contract to its normal size in a metter of seconds Two handed weapon
Tenshintai - Item used by Yourichi to Ichigo to forcibly materialize the zanpakutou's form into the real world
Yourichi's wings - A special artifact that allows the user to fly quicly and rapidly over long distances, can reach greight heights
Urahara's Gigai - A spiritron-less gigai that is undetected by SS, but steadily consumes the user's spiritual power.
Mayuri's Human Bombs (3) - A Kurotsuchi special design, this human bomb, once implanted on an unfortuate being, at the command of a button, will mutate the victim and cause it to spontaneously explode.

the rare/special items can be applied to regular chapters. since this idea is relatively new, it will need some working.

* Division Items *
3rd Division Standard Equipment
As specified in the Division Specializations... all members of the 3rd division are given the option of equipping supply bag with the following items, which may be replenished at will. (Abuse of this system however, is not... favored. >.>) The bag itself is listed in your grades as a SINGLE item (e.g., in my grades, it's listed as: "3rd Div. Medical Supplies")
  • five healing pills
  • medical kits
  • ointment
  • three elixirs of regeneration (slightly modified for increased usage)
  • five energy pills
  • one chiyudo scroll
  • one final burst tablet

11th Division Standard Equipment
(9th is equipped with this for the time being)

(Comes in 43 flavors: angel food cake, apple, banana, beer, blueberry, cherry, coconut, coffee, cola, chicken, chocolate, cookie dough, devil's food cake, eggplant, filet mignon, grape, guava, ice cream, key lime pie, kiwi, kumquat, lemon, lime, mango, mint, orange, oreo, papaya, passionfruit, peach, pear, pineapple, popcorn, plum, plum wine, raspberry, red bean mochi, roast beef, root beer, sake, strawberry, vanilla, and watermelon.)

Each little piece of SP candy, provides a 5% boost to ONE stat for 3 turns and recovers 10% of one's reiatsu. Only 2 SP candy can be taken at once. Any more and one will suffer horrible side effects including but not limited to: hallucinations, increased heart rate, chance of stroke, increased desire for crustaceans, higher sex appeal to Hollows and hybrids, stroke, fatigue, dehydration, and/or death.

Available Dispensers: Ame, Aya, Diega, Junichi, Kanie, Kanoko, Kayla, Kenpachi, Kento, Kenzo, Kyin, Masaru, Nimuro, Rei, Saiyoisen, Sayuri, Seiatsu, Yasuo, Yukiko, Yuusuke

Special Editions: Cerberus, Michi, Quimera

Kidoushuu Special Edition: Kayla, Rei, and Yuusuke (These dispensers wink at you while the others don't)

Heavy Combat Uniforms

These uniforms are specially designed and tailored by several members of the Shinzui house, the cloth handwoven by a master weaver. The uniforms are two part: regular shinigami robes and a body suit worn underneath. The regular robes do not look outwardly different but they do have a slight shimmer to them. Made with fine strands of flexible steel, these uniforms reduce physical attacks by 5% and offer resistance to fire, earth, water, ice, lightning, and wind attacks. The body suit worn underneath is comprised of material woven specially by a Shinzui member's zanpaku. The top is like a turtleneck longsleeve shirt that is tight and formfitting and the bottoms are akin to leggings. Though they are not much as far as a fashion statement goes, they serve a valuable purpose. They help to keep the body cool while in combat (or warm if in cold climates) and act as back up armor while maintaining flexibility. When worn, they also help to regulate and maintain a shinigami's reiatsu, helping them to use their reiatsu more efficiently.

*Note: The uniforms protect against the HOTS and HAWTS weapons physically. Any hybrids handling the substance should where gloves and a mask- or have really high SP. Hoodies, bibs, and gas masks are available for hybrids with too low SP to have resistance.

H.O.T.S. (Hollow Offensive ToxinS)

These are special chemical for use on Hollows and hybrids. The HOTS material is liquid form and can be ignited by the application of a wick or merely applied to a blade or surface. If a Hollow or hybrid touches it, the substance will react in the same manner as hydrochloric acid, spreading over the surface of the creature touching it. One HOTS capsule can completely eat away a Hollow or hybrid's limb and then some. HOTS also works against Hollow abilities and armor. D ranked Hollows fall in a matter of minutes whereas the gas is only a minor irritation to A-ranked Hollows and higher. The inventor of the HOTS is credited to be Faustine Brunhilde and Dane Schultz, both scientists of the Shinzui House.

H.A.W.T.S. (Hollow Airborne War ToxinS)

The updated and far more destructive version of HOTS, this is the deadly gas form. Difficult to create and use, it is harmless to shinigami and souls but for a hybrid or Hollow to breathe, it's like inhaling pepper. It burns the lungs of the creatures and acts in a similar manner as NERVE or SARIN or mustard gas. D ranked Hollows fall in a matter of minutes whereas the gas is only a minor irritation to A-ranked Hollows and higher.




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Changes made include...

... post deletions;

... general change in layout;

... update of 3rd division items.

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Mar 13, 2005
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Dahlitium (⏆50 per)
Bigatium (⏆100 per)
Auritium (⏆300 per)
Vitatium (⏆1200 per)
Caelitium (⏆6000 per)
Since I was asked by a few people, I'm going to be adding this list of all the items the eighth has made and uses. Some of the devices are already on the Item list so excuse me for repeats but most of them aren't I don't think.

I didn't make all of these, but I'm just listing all the items I've ever used or seen used by the eighth. So some may be missing.

8th Division Invention Library

Free Use Devices:

Spirit Glides - A pair of special boots that allow Shinigami to move on vertical surfaces and ceilings. The device works by compressing a large amount of spiritons at the feet and using them as a base just like one would in the human world. The boots can even allow for what to momentary glide across spiritons as if they were in the human world. While they have these advantages to them, because they are still so heavy and cumbersome (about three inches thick) they are only used for special purpose works.

Eighth Division "Readouts" -- Detection Goggles made especially for eighth division fieldwork and simple upgrades of the normal shinigami glasses. They have specialized settings for night vision, heat vision, x-ray vision, and reiatsu detection. They can also be used to detect radiation and other wave based readouts.

Eighth "Safety Suits" -- Full-body suits used in the eighth division during training and fieldwork. They protect against most toxic environments and are even reinforced for durability during combat. They come with alternate modes for both underwater and cave investigations, along with oxygen tanks and temperature readouts.

Eighth Division Database -- A shinigami cell phone upgrade. Links shinigami phones to the eighth's information database.

AARD[All-purpose Arcane Research Device] -- A device used commonly by the eighth. It's comes with a full GPS map of SS and Earth, a photo recognition system for researching unknown devices in the eighth's database. A bioscan for scanning a area for signs of life or objects with high spiritual output and a device that is able to take and store material samples and scan for all known compounds it is made of. It also has a number of upgrades for higher seated members

Kidou Arrows(5 per item): Arrows that come enchanted with a spell type. The basic types of fire, ice, and lightning types. The fire types explode on impact, ice freezes it targets and lightning sends a powerful shock through them. There are also special types. Such as flashbang arrows that are used to create large explosions of lights and others that explode into a reiatsu net. Though some of the more powerful types are only permitted for special use, these are the basic types.

Special Devices[Permitted Use Only]:

Psudeo Environmental Simulator (PES) - A scroll-like objected created for training exercises. The P.E.S. works by taking the materials around its area and reforming them temporary with the use of kidou energy. Depending on the pill model and the size of the new environment, a lot or a little kidou energy will be needed to change the environment. The change is not permanent however, as the pill doesn't reform the surroundings it simply uses kidou to bind it in a certain fashion. Because of this, the PES can only be used in a special room made specifically for it.

Holloscope -- Glasses that allow the user to temporary see things as one would on the hollow plane. They allow rifts caused by hollows to be seen even after the hollow has long left them.

Dimensional Warp Device (DWD) - A device that Kyin first used while studying the Charon's Road technique, it works exactly like said technique. When the device is used, it allows one to travel across the gates without a hellmoth. While it would prove to be somewhat valuable, it still has to many bugs for Kyin to release to the mainstream public and its distance isn't all that great.

Kakuremino -- A large-scale cloaking device used to mask the presence of large groups of people. The Kakuremino not only masks reiatsu but uses light-reflecting to make itself appear invisible when active. However, because of its size, it needs at least three people working each end and it cannot take much combat.

Kumori -- Reiatsu Dampeners. The Kumori suppress a shinigami's reiatsu to near zero, however, it also sharply reduces a shinigami's reiatsu[by about 80 percent] when active.

Capture Net -- A net made of pure reiatsu strings; it allows the user to pour their own reiatsu into a net to strengthen the binds.

Combat Dolls -- An object based on the same principle of Tenshintai. Combat dolls are human-sized, kidou powered animates used mostly for the purpose of training. While they can run on their own battery, the eighth has only been able to get them do around the level of someone with around 2000 reiatsu and even then only for a few minutes. Because of this they still need a watcher while in action.

Counter Seal -- A tag used for breaking seals. When placed on a seal, the CS begins to draw a counter to it through the lines and breaks it. Can only be used during high profile missions and doesn't work on high level seals.


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