Junko Shigenhiroi - Vice Captain of the 8th

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Dr. Impz

Name: Junko Shigenhiroi (the name means obedience and the beginning of a spacious future)

Important person (Naoko): Click here

Age: 23 (It is the only thing he can remember, strangely)

Appearance/Portraits: Click here

Description: Standing at an average height of 5" 9, he is not the type of person you will notice at the start or one that will turn heads. He does not have a beautiful face or one that is of studious nature that brings about a respectful aura. He has silky black hair that clearly shows that he takes quite good care of his hair in a meticulous way.

He generally looks much younger than he looks, and has rather feminine features. In fact, he is often teased when he is young about his feminine appearance and has been forced to wear various female clothes as a punishment in games. The fact that he actually looks good in them is not a fact he is proud to admit.

His eyes never speak, yet they often see the darkness in others. It is his eyes that have seen many things, yet they look clueless at first glance. However, his features meant that people usually find it hard to take him seriously, even though that face will completely change in battle.

When he starts to talk, he immediately attracts attention. It is not because he has the charisma of a siren, but simply because his voice has an extremely high pitch and people take notice of him pretty quickly because of this uncomfortable physical trait.

Persona: He is often mistaken to be an extrovert because he is talkative and very so in a big group where he captures the attention of the group more often than not. However, what people do not know about him is that he is actually someone who prefers to live and stay alone. Junko talks simply and much because he feels uncomfortable if someone has approached him to talk but he seldom do the talking first when people start to observe.

He has many friends that are all in talking terms, yet none that has been able to last longer than the years of his only friend, Shied. Whenever he gets too close to someone, he draws away from the person and it is little wonder why no one really hates him, but yet no one have a strong impression or know who he is inside.

He is calm even in stressful conditions and tends to keep a very positive frame of mind even in dire straits. Someone who hates to give up, he detests people who give up easily and those that are pessimists. Often one to encourage people to continue their own fight for their future, he is sometimes like a light to those who are lost in their path.

His personal motto is "Be positive, not negative" and he upholds this motto to a rule. However, he is not someone who will impose his will unto others, but simply like a guiding light. He often does not impose his rank onto others, much to surprise, especially when it comes to dealing with nobles, who find him too easy or too relaxed as one that had authority.

In recent developments, he also has a vicious and savage side to him, especially when he gets deeper and deeper into fights. He has difficulties controlling himself, with that side appearing often to sink him into a bloodthirsty rage. In that state, he no longer fears fighting and instead fights more courageously and has a one-track mind to kill the thing in front of him. He has however learned to control that strength in him to a reasonable degree.

Division: 8th division VC.

Zanpakutou: Koubatsuhan (Judgment and Punishment of the light) -- In its sealed form, it looks like an exquisite golden dagger with an extremely thin blade of four inches. The blade is coated with a faint aura of gold and the tip of the silver blade is coated with a light layer of golden dust. The hilt is simple and normal, with a simple ruby gem on the centre of the hilt. However, with the small size of his unsealed zanpakutou, he often conceals beneath his exterior robe and he seldom uses it due to his belief as a healer that he will rather kill himself than shed blood with his zanpakutou.

Previous Shikai: Click link

Current Shikai:Click link

Bankai: Click here

Shinno Bankai: Click here

Kyosho Bankai: Click here

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Spell descriptions:Click link

Biography: He lived originally in the world of the learned, in the land known as Sho-rei. A university student, he is simply one of the people that are mildly recognized; with above average results, a good number of friends and a clean history or so people think. During his pre-soul years, he died while attempting to save his closest and only friend, Shied when she was assaulted on her way to meet him. Before his eyes shut for the last time in the land of Sho-rei, he saw tears trail down from the bloodied hands of his only friend, Shion.

As he finally opened up his eyes, he found himself in a residential area, left alone on the bed. With no one around him in this small room, he is confused and wonders who he is. It seems that he has lost all memory of his previous life. (And will continue in front and behind in the sample chapter 1)

Junko Shigenhiroi -- Vice Captain of the 8th Division
Reiatsu: 36355
Koubatsuhan: ~43626~
Datenshi: ~50897~ (16 Turns///*110%*)
Shibito no Kiri: ~58168~ (10 Turns///*100%*)
Grave of the Spiders: ~65439~ (3 Turns///*55%*)
Zanjutsu: 8083
Hakuda: 258
Hohou: 15095
Kidou: 12919
Hadou #30, Aisu
Hadou #38, Altar
Hadou #57, Reaving Wind
Hadou #73, Abadon's Kiss
Bakudou #29, Reaper's Curse
Bakudou #56, Divining Bolt
Bakudou #55, Diamond Dust
Bakudou #64, Ghastly Dentention
Bakudou #86, Honegaoreru
Bougyoudo #4, Cursed mark
Bougyoudo #27, Harinezumi
Bougyoudo #28, Banshiissei
Bougyodou #31, Yaiba no Souseiki
Bougyoudo #50, Forget
Bougyoudo #51, Persecuted Dam
Bougyoudo #52, Mettanimirarenaizu
Bougyoudo #55, Black Tide
Bougyoudo #57, Malice Coil
Bougyoudo #59, Soul Explosion
Bougyoudo #67, Step of Shadows
Bougyoudo #68, Kageryuu Kizouhin
Bougyoudo #75, Feint
Bougyoudo #79, Godspeed
Bougyoudo #91, Lost Arms
Chiyudo #18, Tereiki
Chiyudo #58, Destruction Barrier
Chiyudo #60, Mend
Chiyudo #79, Invincible Soul

Connection: 35,270
Energy pill (5)
Healing pill(5)
Medical kits

Equipped Techniques: Click here

Dr. Impz


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United front:

Yanlan - 20k

Courage under fire - 8.7k
Swimming stars of the sunset - 11.3k


Tristaan - 11.3k

Swimming stars of the sunset - 11.3k


Stgm - 14.1k

The Chilling Fields - 7.6k
First link of the sword - 6.5k


FF - 34.6k

And the soldiers march on - 9.5k
Blood of the forsaken - 25.1k


Sophia - 25.1k

Blood of the forsaken - 25.1k


Norhalism - 53.3k

Roots - 5k
The gift - 5.1k
The chronicles of JHK: The first strike - 13.1 k
Along the river styx, i wept - 1.7k
The weakness of the heart as it starts to feel - 2.2k
The broken chains of the friendship - 2.0k
The sun, the sky and the stars - 9.5k
The wounded should walk into the light - 8.1k
Shattered - 6.5k


Pamy - 18k

Warped - 12k
The cafe - 6k


Draggie - 7.8k

Seize the stars - 5.3k
The calming of his fears - 2.5k


Lazy K-ness - 32.0k

Returning back home - 2.3k
SK with lazy k-ness - 5.7k
Axe fight with Junko & Jinsoku - 4.0k
Travellers in the darkness - 8.6k
The Crossroads of Decisions, Part 2: The Steps of Ascension - 10.4k


Joannanana - 48.3k

The chronicles of JHK: The first strike - 13.1 k
The sun, the sky and the stars - 9.5k
Believe in me - 11.1k
The wounded should walk into the light - 8.1k
Shattered - 6.5k


Roo-ness - 30.1k

Darkness of the snow -2.1k
Bazai Tattari - 8k
The devil's own - 8.3k
First impressions - 5.5k
Another collab (forgot name) - 6.2k <was deleted due to content>


Momo - 17.1k

Bazai Tattari - 8k
Real power - 9.1k


Flare Stragos - 5.2k

Poisoning the Black river - 5.2k


Jemmie - 10.3k

Drunk in the romance of passion - 5.1k
A beginning and a start - 5.2k


Polkie - 4.4k

A quivering journey - 4.4k


Proggyyyyy - 51k

The forgotten scroll - 21.4k
The soul that never betrays - 3.2k
Illusion of the fallen - 16.2k
Within two hearts - 10.2k


Talf-san - 11.2k

The fox and the hare - 11.2k


Shy-kuno - 8k

Mere chance - 8k


Mootiness - 40.9k

Legacy of Ashes I: From ashes to ashes - 12.4k
Legacy of Ashes II: The sins of the father - 9k
Legacy of Ashes III: Revenge of the past - 6.4k
Tourney with Shiroi - 2.8k
Dancing Into A Trap - 10.3k


Rabid - 4k

If a tree falls, will it make a sound - 4k


Rebirthie - 4.6k

SK with Rebirthie - 4.6k


Maki - 4k

SK with maki maki - 4k


Louhi - 10.1k

Open book - 10.1k


Bittman - 14k

Another devil dies - 14k


Batty - 4.1k

A Hero In The Making - 4.1k

Dr. Impz

Name: Yui Isano

Age: A Secret

Description: A fine lady in the same class of Junko, she is what can be considered as the "elder sister" of Junko, often mistreating and poking fun at Junko. However, she is considerably pretty and that her sweet face has made a few heads turn and look once in a while in soul society.

Calm and composed, she is seldom in a panic unless in a difficult situation. She tends to let her emotions run wild rather than using her brain sometimes and it has caused a lot of problems for her. However, she is really concerned about Junko, even with a hint of love in it.

She is a outspoken person and usually the energy bunny of any group that she is in. Even though she can be a little irritating at times, her natural charm is often enough to carry her through. She is however in all, a very sensitive person that knows when to stop when she goes overboard. Yui is very controlled of her own feelings except when to Junko.

Currently, she is with Junko all the time, following him like how a big sister will.

Yui Isano
Spiritual Pressure: 200
Zanjutsu: 160
Hakuda: 10
Hohou: 100
Kidou: 30

Current status: Deceased

Dr. Impz

Aisu - Hadou #30, 250 Kidou/Aisuhaaken (Ice Pick), 1000 Kidou/Aisudansu (Ice Dancing), 1200 Kidou


[Aisu] -- The user gathers water spiritons in their hand, aiming then at the target. Once the energy is release, a thick powerful wave of water shoots out. The water freezes as soon as it flies out, forming a powerful Ice spear that can pierce through the enemy on contact. Aisu has a max reach of 50ft.

[Aisuhaaken] -- A variation of Aisu, Aisuhaaken works by pelting the target with numerous spears of ice and numbing their bodies. Outside of the change in chant, Aisuhaaken also works by changing the casting motion. Instead of point the hand straight, the fingers are shot out. Because of this, the particles of water shoot out in multiple directions. The drops instantly change from droplets to foot long ice spears. The number of spears is always different, but it is usually about a hundred. The number can be increase however by putting more energy into it, since Aisuhaaken was basically made to take on large groups.

[Aisudansu] -- The final and most powerful form of Aisu, Aisudansu works by barraging the target with numerous penetrating icicles. Aisudansu works by releasing a large icicle spear. The spear stops once it breaks the skin of the opponent or when it freezes onto the opponent. The icicle then explodes, numerous icicles exploding from it. The icicles shoot out from the base then all bend back in towards the target, impaling them brutally.

Incantation: (To change the variation all one has to do is change the name at the end of the chant. I.E. saying Aisudansu instead of Aisu)

The Frozen hand breaks, melting away the sun. The frosty breath blows, relentlessly assaulting the wind. The binding ice collapses, nurturing the earth's plants. Hadou #30, Aisu

Diamond Dust -- Bakudou #55, 680 Kidou

Description: The user of the kidou freezing over the moisture surrounding their opponent, giving the air a slight twinkle. The move happens so fast, however that, that is the last thing the person is able to see before their body is surrounded in ice.

Incantation: Dance, playful ice. Spin and twirl, clash and freeze. Let the mystic dance, entrance. Bakudou #55, Diamond Dust

Cursed mark - Bougyoudo #4, 23 kidou

Effect: This spell sends a straight kidou blade at the target, a intricate "X" type mark appearing on the target. This target can stay on the effected target for about two minutes and is not affected by spiritual energy. This mark sends out a "homing" beacon to the caster's kidou. The owner's spells homing in on the target.

Effect range: It is a straight blue beam, it shoots out for about fifty feet

Phrase: Powers of clairvoyance. Guiding hand of the gods. Lead me to the true path, Bougyoudo #4, Cursed mark.

Harinezumi -- Bougyoudo #28, 190 Kidou/Yammarashi, 500 Kidou

Description: A kidou that is used when on is trapped by their opponent in a physical attack. The user's spiritual pressure converges, and then explodes out of the user in multiple directions, stabbing anyone within breathing range of the user with sharp energy spines. The spikes are only a few inches long, but can be very annoying and painful. The spikes will also break off and dig into the victim.

Extension: By clasping their hands together and chanting the word "Yammarashi" the user of this spell can caused the spikes caught in their victim to explode. This spell can even be cast when the spikes are still in the user, but that would be more for a kamikaze attack.

Incantation: Bless my flesh with nature's armor. Pierce my captor and irritate the flesh. Bougyoudo #28, Harinezumi

"Hyoukai Seppen" (means, "Melting Snowflake") - Chiyudo #40, 450 Kidou

* Description: Hyoukai Seppen's focus is on internal wounds and/or damage. The snowflake, a physical manifestation of the caster's SP, enters an open wound and as it melts within the recipient's body, attaches itself to areas of physical internal damage, for example, a laceration to an organ or the disconnect of a vein. Because the process of a foreign SP entering another individual is fairly painful, the snowflake itself serves to numb the point of contact to minimize pain. Healing internal damage, instead of external, serves to increase the overall stamina and well-being of the target once healed.

Beginning with a base chiyudo efficacy of 60%, further increases in healing correlates to caster's SP, where every 200 pts of kidou (above the base cost) allows for up to 10% increased efficacy.

To conduct this, the caster must place one palm over the other facing--but not touching--an open wound. (If no open wound is apparent, a small incision in the flesh must be made.) The snowflake should form just under the bottom palm and will descend directly into the wound. It will become effective almost immediately.

* Incantation: "From the night sky, among the clouds of ice, release a single snowflake of timeless beauty...Chiyudo #40, Hyoukai Seppen."

Seal of Origins - Bakudou #65, 1000 Kidou

Effect: This is a special indirect kidou. This attack sends out two homing kidou lasers that aim for the targets hakusui and saketsu. Once pierced through the kidou beams place strong binding techniques on both of these, causing the shinigami to temporary lose their powers. This spell only last for about 25 seconds with two people of equal strength, one minute on people of half strength or less, and 5 seconds on people of two times or more strength. The effectiveness also changes with target, varying from complete lost of power to a minuscule decrease in combat ability.

Effect range: Two beams are shot directly at the opponent; they have a limited homing range of about 5ft. Yet this can be increased with the use of spells like Cursed Mark

Phrase: The blade is now dull, power nullified. Returning all to a state of complete innocence. Bakudou #65, Seal of Origins

Soul Explosion -- Hadou #55, 860 Kidou

Description: The user goes into a deep state of concentrate, their energy raging out of them a few moments later. The energy starts to form into a large wave, looking much like a snake. Powerful and violently strong, the user can command this energy to destroy their surroundings and their opponent if their target is weak enough. However, how long it lasts depends on the power of the user. For every 250 kidou they gain after the initial cost the spell lasts for extra fives seconds from the initial 20 seconds.

Incantation: The ominous cloud looms once again, my cries for justice summoning the great beast. Through the power of my soul, through the power of my will, it becomes real, rending the earth as I see fit.

Shadow Puppet - Bougyoudo #50, 525 Kidou

Description: The user of this kidou chants the incantation. At first nothing happens, however after being chanted, the spell allows the user to make up to 4 shadow copies of themselves. The spiritual pressure of both the user and the puppet are divided based on how many of summoned (1/2 for 1, 1/3 for 2, ¼ for 3, and 1/5 for 4 remember you are counted in the split so it's +1 person for each division). The puppets are not permanent and will only last for about one minute before a recast is needed.

Incantation: Art of mimicky, doopleganger. Split my very core, clone my very essence. From me bring the perfect construction body and soul. Bougyogdo #50, Shadow Puppet

Sude - Bougyoudo #47, 500 Kidou

Description: After the chant, kidou energy is rerouted into a constant stream into the body instead of casting spells one at a time, this keeps one from casting kidou while this is active but provides a very important benefit. The energy is released from the body in short bursts during points of impact. It allows unarmed fighters to block and be blocked by weapons without injuring them. It requires the user to know the strike is about to happen however, so if someone gets past the user's defense, they will still be injured.

Incantation: My body is my weapon, my soul, Iron! Bougyoudo #47, Sude!

Temperance -- Chiyudo #54, 600 Kidou

Description: The user forces their palms out with the bottom of each touching each other. A clear, liquid-like barrier is then shot out. The barrier will protect against most attacks up to 2x the user's sp, and will half the damage from attacks about 3 to 5 times their SP.

Not only that, but when defending against damage attacks, Temperance releases a sharp shock. The shock temporary disables the attacker by sending out a paralyzing vibration through their body. The barrier lasts for about 10 seconds.

Incanation: Conversation and Abstinence. Pride and Restraint. Chiyudo #54, Temperance

Dr. Impz

Images drawn by others.

~By anchy~


~By Genji~

Dr. Impz

Shikai form: Koubatsuhan (Judgment and Punishment of the light)

Shape: Looking just like a simple wooden sling staff, its carvings around the handle emit this strange magical aura that seems to give a feeling of calm and peace. It is made of the best rosewood and is of four feet length. The carvings around the handle are undecipherable ancient Japanese scriptures and they glow dimly in darkness. At the section of the sling, the parts are made of ivory and the sling itself is a normal U-shape.


Manifest: Koubatsuhan appears as a young girl not more than 16, with slender shoulders and milky white skin. She radiates with a light that seems to emit her heart of goodness and she has fluffy white wings on her back. She is not very tall or strongly built but her eyes give the deep impression that she will be more than a match than anyone.

Abilities: Koubatsuhan's ability is to conjure spiritual balls of light from the sling staff. The speed of the balls decreases as the size of the balls increase.

1. Firstly, the sling staff can conjure small spiritual balls of pure light that will fire rapidly toward the target upon a command from Junko. It will damage the target and has a small chance (5%) of blinding the target on contact. The strength of these spiritual balls of light is strongly correlated to Junko's own spiritual energy.

Limits: The spiritual energy will not do any damage to the target if the target's spiritual energy is more than 20% of Junko. However, in that case, the chance of the target being blinded still remains.

The spiritual balls of light can only travel in the air for 10 seconds before it dissipates into the surroundings. Only five such balls can be conjured by Junko at any one time.

2. If the sling staff conjure a huge spiritual ball of light, the intensity and strength of the ball will increase by three times. It can do a huge amount of damage to a large area as well to way stronger opponents.

Limits: The spiritual ball travels very slowly and can be avoided by any opponent who has elementary skills in dexterity. Hence, the enemy has to somehow be bonded by something before this attack will work.

As the spiritual balls of light drain Junko very quickly, Junko can only conjure two large balls in a time period of 24 hrs. After that, if he attempts to conjure a third one, he will be fully exhausted and will be unable to attempt any vigorous exercise for the next two hours. Any attempt to persist on will simply endanger his life and render him unconscious.

3. The second ability is to find spheres where Junko can adjust the weight of the sphere. He would point the direction where he wanted the ball to travel and it will encase the target that he wanted to in the sphere. Junko has to cause an open wound as this ability is attracted by the blood scent of the target before being able to use this ability. The only way for the user to avoid the sphere effectively is where he has at least 20% more hadou compared to Junko's kidou stat. Once the sphere hits the opponent, it would trap the opponent within the sphere itself. Within the sphere, the opponent's shikai will not function at all.

Kidou spells however can still penetrate through the barrier from the inside, as it is simply a membrane that allows spiritual channeling. Any damage that was done to Junko when he is controlling the sphere would cause him to lose control over the sphere and the sphere will dissipate in the air.

Junko can command to change the weight of the sphere with the opponent trapped within the sphere, causing it to float in the air or sink deep into the ground. However, if the opponent reiatsu is equal or greater to Junko's own spiritual energy, the opponent can attempt to break the barrier in the sphere. He can also release the sphere voluntarily by the "Release, Koubatsuhan" command.

Dr. Impz

Name: Mayu
Age: 19

Physical Appearance
Clothes: She wears a normal set of black shinigami clothes, with a small bracelet on her left hand. Other than that, she seems like just a normal shingami, without any outstanding appearance. She is also Junko's understudy.
Height: Slightly Short
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black and long silky hair that reaches her shoulders

Persona: Not much yet. more details coming soon

Name: Taihu
Age: Already dead

Physical appearance: Is shaped like a muscular human, only that it is not human. Its blue eyes shine often with the malice of evil and has razor sharp claws that could tear a human apart easily. Its skin is brown in color and it is hardened from years of training under his master (who is currently unknown right now).

Fought with Junko and his gang once and was asked by his master to let the three of them go. Might appear later in a new arc.

~more details soon~

Dr. Impz

Name: Tailo
Age: Unknown
Physical appearance: A huge and fatherly figure, Tailo's age is unknown. He is supposedly a simple hermit that lived in the forest of Ao and always wear clothes that are thick and tattered. He has a nice smile that seems to radiate goodness all around and his aura calms people down. A simple old man with a complicated background.

~more details soon~

Dr. Impz


** [Kidou Burn] **- This character is able siphon off his/her spiritual pressure in order to increase the effectiveness of their Kidou. For every 10% of total SP drained, Kidou stat increases by 15%. Drained SP can not be recovered until the end of every week (each time grades come out).


** [ Ascension ] -- An ability that can only be used by someone who understands the Hakusui and Saketsu. This allows the person to release trapped energy in said organs, and concentrate the spiritual energy they do have. While doing this, their Spiritual Pressure will rise by +20% and Hohou will rise by +15%, hence their Shunpo experiences a rise in efficacy as a result. However, this will only last for up to five minutes, then the body will shut down and a person will experience a -20% down in Spiritual Pressure for about three minutes. However, if it is cancelled before it becomes critical, the decrease will only be -10% and last for about a minute, though the ability won't be able to be used again for at least another three minutes either way.


** [ Charon's Road ] -- Charon's Road is a teleportation ability developed by Kyin Fenre, taking the knowledge of the rapid transportation of Reishi and gate technology developed from previous generations. The user of this Kidou Tech quickly opens up a small gate within their environs, and then they quickly sprint through that gate to another checkpoint.

Raw gate teleportation is very taxing and only a few can use it. That is why most users use a series of set teleportation points to get around in. Their teleportation also doesn't work in a setting with large amounts of Bloodstone, and it is disrupted by large amounts of Spiritual Pressure. However, that is only when passing through Bloodstone. Disruptions from Spiritual Pressures only make it a bit more difficult, and the pressures must be massive in comparison to the user's.

Teleportation cannot be used in attacks, because when teleportation occurs, it takes a few seconds for the user's Reishi to reform, making them temporarily vulnerable and unable to do anything, though that doesn't mean it can't be used in evasion. But even then, rapid teleportation is tiring. However, to people who practice enough with it, it can become like breathing.


** [ Sloth's Redemption ] -- This is an ability that allows the user to slowly recover and regain spiritual energy much faster than normal. The ability concentrates the excess Spiritual Pressure into the user, allowing it to be used more efficiently than normal. This ability can heal minor wounds and recover energy, however it cannot be used to recover the person completely.

While using this spell however, the user will feel a temporary -15% drop in Spiritual Pressure. The Technique's effectiveness is even greater if the user remains stationary, but that isn't necessary.


* [ Eishouhaki ] -- "Incantation Bypass" Allows the user to bypass of the chanting of a Kidou spell and simply state the name. However, this also results in a -20% drop in the efficacy of the bypassed Kidou. This penalty does not apply if the user's Kidou is valued at least three times that of the cost of the bypassed Kidou spell. [Attained when 2,000 Kidou is reached.]


[ Kidou Yuugou ] -- "Kidou Fusion" (Aur/Syn/-)
An upper level Kidou Technique which allows the user to "fuse" two Kidou spells together, creating a new hybrid Kidou. Simply put, this Technique works by gently mixing the Kidou as they're formed. When the Kidou is cast, the result is a hybrid spell that carries properties of both of the original Kidou used. The resulting hybrid spell requires 125% of the sum of the Kidou cost of both spells, but has an attack value equal to 150% of the combined power of both of the original Kidou. There are, however, certain limitations to the Kidou that can be used. First, both Kidou must be within ten numbers of each other. Second, only low or mid-classed Kidou can be used due to the immense difficulty of completely controlling the energy required to use high-class Kidou. Thirdly, the cast times of each fused spell are compounded. Finally, when using this Technique, one cannot use a multicasting Technique, Feat, or PrC skill.

[Attained after 4,500 Kidou is reached.]


[ Sakuganki ] -- "Rock Drill" (Atk/-/-)
A sword Technique that utilizes advanced Reiatsu control to repeatedly anchor the tip of a sword onto a target point. Repeated withdrawals of the blade away from the target, and the subsequent attraction of the blade's tip towards it creates a series of thrusting attacks that, with sufficient skill, can create a drill-like force that can punch through a target, or burrow through various obstructions.

[Attained when 2,000 Zanjutsu is reached. For every 1,500 Zanjutsu, one usage of this Technique is gained. For every 750 Zanjutsu, one thrust is gained.]


This one is prior to kuno's teaching desu~

[ Hebijutsu ] -- "Art of Serpents" Followers of Hebijutsu exercise a method of precise, swift strikes, inspired by the lethal and deadly strikes of snakes. Practitioners focus on speedy movements and accurate attacks. Because of this, Techniques that do not follow this belief cannot be used (e.g. Senpuuken can't be used because of its wild and inaccurate nature). There is a certain serpentine gracefulness to a Hebijutsu user, who often remains in a crouched, tense position, ready to strike like cobra at his/her enemy.

[Requires 1,000 Zanjutsu and Hohou. Sakuganki must be learnt beforehand.]

Stat Modification(s) :

+10% to Zanjutsu
+10% to Hohou

Special Condition(s) :

- Flurrying and inaccurate attacks, Techs, and Feats cannot be used.

- Precise attacks, Techs, and Feats are augmented. Currently, Hebijutsu practitioners that have Sakuganki may use the Technique with twice as many thrusts and maximum uses.


Equipped techs: Kidou Yuugou, Eishouhaki, Sakuganki, Hebijutsu (can't use yet desu~), Kidou Burn, Charon's road (invisible), Ascension (invisible), Sloth's Redemption(Invisible).

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"Fallen angel" (Datenshi) -- The Bankai release of Junko is completely different from his Shikai release. If Junko's Shikai was a manifestation of his light side, the one that brings out the goodness in him, the Bankai taps on the darkness within Junko, the ugly and savage side that wants to be strong. Yet, it still retains the white fur, representing that his goodness will never be completely shadowed by the dark side, in which the angel in the heart of Junko remains protected until the darkness devours him. The Bankai is simply showing the desire for Junko to be strong, in order to protect his loved ones. It is that ruthlessness within him that creates this monster, the gigantic snow-white furry spider, to destroy all who will stop his goal.

Description: The look of the Bankai is one that is malicious and dark, contrasting with the snow-white fur of this fifty feet arachnid. It has three eyes and its mouth is the most dominant structure, where its salivation burns whatever it landed onto. Its body is filled with an acidic poison, which is contained in its mouth. It moves very fast around corners and its agility is much faster for a monster of its size. It has its own instincts but will protect Junko when Junko is in dire danger or when commanded by the ivory staff of Junko telepathically.

Visualization: The release for his Bankai is simply to lift his zanpaktou high onto the ground. As he spins the sword once in the air, he would speak the release, forming an ivory staff that can command the spider telepathically to do what he wants.

Ability: The ability of the monster would be to spew out spiders of normal human size (5 feet long in length) that were the smaller replica of the larger spider. These spiders will be spew out from the mouth of the giant spider and would act on its own to attack whomever Junko have directed. Junko could mold up to 25 such creatures from the body of the giant arachnid but he seldom does so, for each spider consumes a considerable amount of his spiritual energy and to mold one more from the giant spider requires additional spiritual energy and a heavier burden on him. Each spider has comparable fighting abilities of Junko to 20% of his strength.

Hence, even though his physical limit is 25, Junko never goes near it unless it is to be done at the risk of his life. The swarming technique is one that brings Junko to near death due to exhaustion of his life force and would never be used unless it is a matter between life and death.

Each of the spiders when it gets itself near the target would attempt to bite in order to inject an acidic poison that causes dark, painful wounds at the area they have bitten. Junko can also command them in advance if he knows that the enemy will strike them to explode with a burst of acid contained in their body when the enemy hits them on melee combat.

Physical manifestation: the same as Shikai, but the wings instead of white, has turned to gray. It represents the darkening of Junko's soul, corrupted by his deep down desires.

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NPC: Las
Age: 22
Location: South Rukongai
Appearance: A girl who is 22, but has the appearance of one that has barely past 16 summers. Las is a girl that is frail and weak, and she has never allowed her body to be exposed to the sun, for her constiution is very weak.

It must be said that the meeting of Junko and her was a chance that was so remote, no one would have expected them to meet. But she has a secret that involves Junko.

~to be added on~

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The form of Koubatsuhan has changed due to the change in Junko's heart. The malicious spirit that is within him (his bankai state) has caused Koubatushan to have completely different properties.

Command line: "Ensnare the soul, Koubatsuhan"
Manifestation picture:

And the form has changed to one of a shimsir.

1. When Junko spoke the command word "Bind my enemy" , the shimsir conjures silk that was formed from water vapor in the air. This silk form can only be condensed only when there is water vapor in the air and only has a limited effect of 30 feet. Junko can will the silk threads to move wherever he wishes and it will bind the opponent effectively in a sticky web-like substance if the silk caught the enemy. If the enemy moves 30 feet away from Junko, the silk would not be able to reach the enemy. The silk can also stay materialize in the air for 30 seconds, hence if Junko tried to maintain the silk movement for more than that, the silk thread will just disappear. The number of threads and thickness consumes Junko's spiritual energy.

2. When Junko spoke the command word "Protect" , he could change the properties of the silk that was formed from water vapor in the air in which to protect himself. At the activation, a sphere of invisible silk will surround Junko, with a 5 cm distance away all around his body. When an enemy attacks him, the silk will formulate and become visible as it attempts to block the attack. It also works in a completely different way compared to Sude's mechanisms and the two effects cannot happen together (aka Junko can't cast Sude and the shikai effect together to get stacked bonuses).

However, this defence has various conditions before it works. Hence,

- Junko must know where the enemy is striking. If the enemy has taken Junko by surprise, it does not work.
- It will not work if the enemy's Spiritual presence that is at least 90% of Junko's spiritual presence. Hence, if it is higher, the silk will break at the blow and the attack will not be blocked by the silk.
- For each turn of using the silk defence, Junko will have to expend 100 kidou points and 50 spiritual presence (just a relative) in order to maintain the all-round defence.​

It is however not a perfect defense still even if the enemy has a lower spiritual energy than Junko. If the opponent effectively attacks fast enough to hit the same area twice, the speed of regeneration would not be able to keep up and he will hit Junko. However, it is a formidable tool.

3. When Junko spoke the command word "Poison my enemy" , a purplish layer of silk wraps all around the sword. The silk looked purplish due to the fact that it had been coated with the venom of a deadly spider. When the sword cuts through the flesh, it injects a poison from the silk that injuries the nerves.

The first cut on the limb reduces the speed of the enemy by 3%, the 2nd cut on the same limb 5% (not cumulative from previous cut). At the third time, the limb is paralyzed and not usable for 1 minute. However, when vital limbs (such as the head and heart) are attacked, there are no visible effects until the third strike.

With the third strike, and the nerves getting poisoned without being noticed by the opponent, the enemy's head and heart will stop functioning. That means death.

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[The zone of tranquility]

Various events have caused Junko to fear fighting and he is currently keen to avoid any form of fighting if he can. He has found his sanctuary in the art of Bouygoudo and he believed it to be the way to lessen the damage of war and pain for anyone in the world. In his attempt to integrate Bouygoudo arts into his repertoire of skills, he has created a strange style in which to aid others when fighting alongside him, while enhancing his defensive arts using kidou as his means.

However, his previous experience of Chiyudo as a healer has also affected his style of fighting unconsciously as he forsake the offensive and binding factions of kidou and ventured deeper in the supportive, defensive and healing nature of kidou. Below are the skills in which he has learned in his journey to discover about himself.

1. Junko, with his intense research on the art of Bouygoudo in the 8th division, has found a way to manipulate the energies of various spells in Bouygoudo that were originally for self implementation. As he studied intensively into the subject matter, he found a way in which to cast the spell so that allies around him gained the same effect.

However, he also realized that to cast the spell to affect others, it required much more kidou energy in order to affect others as it goes against the natural flow of energy. The limitations of this mass-casting ability are as follows. Junko is unable to affect any ally that is more than 15 feet away from him. The base cost of using this skill is 200%. For every ally he is trying to affect for this spell, the cost increases by 50%.

This meant that if he is to cast Sude which is a spell that only affected self (500 kidou), he will need to expend 1250 kidou (250% of the original spell) in order for the spell to affect himself as well as one other ally that is 15 feet away. If he is to affect two allies, he will spend 1500 kidou. In any case, the ability can only stretch to affect 3 people in total (including Junko) because any attempt to affect more people will result in the instability of the spell and a random spell might be cast on all the allies, including Hadou spells or negative effects. (zomg @_@).


2. The second part of this defensive fighting feat is the increased potency of his spell. By expending 5% of his reiatsu as well as 5% of his kidou stats that will be permanent until the next grading week, he is able to increase the potency, the duration as well as the level of affect for Bouygoudo and Chiyudo spells by 20% for a period of five turns . The casting cost of only Bouygoudo spells will be reduced by 10% for five turns as well. This meant that spells that will cause damage will have their damage increased by 20%. Spells that have a duration span will have their duration increased by 20%. Spells with resistance will have their potency increased by 20%. Healing spells will work 20% better than normal.

However, if he uses this skill, the effectiveness of offensive spells from the Hadou and Bakudou classes will be reduced by 20% and the cost of the spell will be increased by 10% as the energies that were expended in this skill goes against the mechanism of how offensive spells would be cast, and hence result in reduced potency.​


Shin-ren (The eye of the heart)

Junko's eyes have been inherently sensitive and he had used this ability well when it came to observing people's actions. From those black eyes of his, he was able to dig out emotions, feelings, pasts that were displayed in the person's body language, eyes. It worked like a form of vision in the mind of the opponent, making him understand the logic of things that had a brain. That meant that it also had applications in real battle. It is a passive skill that he had acquired and it is constantly in action in all cases.

As he could feel the aura of battle, offense and defense of the opponent, he is able to predict the battle flow. In fact, as long as he is able to stay in eye contact with the opponent and observe the opponent's overall actions, he would be able to predict the action and hence see the opponent as though he/she was moving at 50% of the opponent's normal speed. This skill would expend 2% reiatsu every turn and his eyes would glow with a dirty green aura when it is in effect.

That meant that Junko has ample time to defend himself and build up a counterattack. Of course this spell would not work if the opponent kept looking down when he/she fights Junko or was blind. However, even hollows would be subjected to his shin-ren as they do have a primitive brain that at least processes thoughts. Constructs and other beings with no minds or emotions would not be affected.

If Junko expended 1% of his reiatsu, he is also able to change this ability of eyesight to a form of psychic power. Given the chance to have full eye contact with his opponent, he is able to send a wave of psychic energy against his opponent, causing a chilling feeling toward the enemy, causing the enemy to waver in his will and reduce the enemy's spiritual pressure by 10% for its duration.

79% and lower -- 5 turns effect
80% to 99% -- 4 turns effect
100% to 129% - 3 turns effect
130% to 159% - 2 turn effect
160% to 189% - 1 turn effect.
190% and above -- no effect, except feeling a moment of uneasiness.

However, this attack would last according to the spiritual pressure of his opponent. A shimmering glow in Junko's eyes (a strange purple glow that is very obvious) would take place and it required an establishment of at least three seconds of full eye contact before the attack would strike true. If the opponent averts his eyes away from the glow, the spell-like effect would not work.

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NPC: Tojima Shun
Rank: 18th seater, 8th division.
Appearance: A very common face that you cannot remember after seeing him. He wears thick spectales that was probably from intensive reading of books.
Coming out: During Junko's mission in week 61...*to be announced*

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Shibito no Kiri (Mist of the dead)

Command line: "Shibito no Kiri, Funbo kara okiro."

In the Shinno bankai, he found his body to be no longer bounded by the laws of materialization. When released, he would form a thick cloud of poison mist with a radius of 15 meters all around where Junko stood. Anyone who is stuck in the mist would develop a sudden contraction in the muscles as the mist entered in the body, causing them to slow down according to their spiritual pressure. It also will stop all forms of natural healing to the opponent and causes wounds that are already open to widen. If the opponent casts any spells, kidou spells that aid in healing have a 1/3 chance to fail completely in this domain, 1/3 chance the effectiveness will be reduced to 50% and 1/3 chance that it will work normally.

Less than 50% of Junko's sp = 50% reduction in Hohou
51% to 80% of Junko's sp = 40% reduction in Hohou
81% to 100% of Junko's sp = 30% reduction in Hohou
101% to 120% of Junko's sp = 20% reduction in Hohou
121% to 150% of Junko's sp = 10% reduction in Hohou
150% of Junko's sp = not affected

Junko would be camouflaged where his body will turn to the same color of the thick purple mist and is hidden along the stream of material gas. As he merges with the environment in this poison mist, he is not detectable by sight.

He cannot be detected except for a faint shimmering of his outline when he is close to one feet of the opponent as his whole body. His sword form will be like in the shikai form, except that it is one inch longer in this form. Junko often casts Fusuerki with this release to achieve total invisibility in this form.

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Learning Techs/ Want to learn (aka i am hunting u guys down!!!)


[ Senpuuken ] -- "Whirlwind Sword" (Atk/Mov/-)
A sword Technique where by using momentum from a spinning motion, a fast and wild attack is performed. The user swings his/her sword in wide strokes all around them, using the momentum of the rotating motion to increase the speed of the second attack until a rapid combo of strikes is performed all around them. With the wild, long strikes used in this attack, there is not true aimed shot at a specific place, but because of the large area and rapid succession of each attack at the right distance, it is becomes difficult to avoid this attack (this is if both people are at equal standing).

[Attained when 1,500 Reiatsu and Zanjutsu are reached.]

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Name: Naoko Fujiwara

Age: Appears 20.

Description: She is the wife of Junko. A minor noble in the House of Fujiwara, she had a big crush on Junko for the longest time. She was given the chance to pursue her happiness to find a husband and hence became his wife. She generally treats Junko very harshly in public sometimes as he is often too kind and allow himself to be taken advantage of. She is also critical of his mistakes. However, she cares for him a lot and will put her body on the line to protect him.

She never releases her shikai by any means, as though it was forbidden to do so. She would tell no one of the reason, but the darkness in those red eyes spoke with fear.

Persona: She is generally aloof to most people, acting like a noble. However, in private, she is in fact a very sweet and cute lady that always squeak whenever she talks to Junko in her house or in private. She is however aloof normally in the public and seems to be a wife that feels more like a dominatrix. Looks can be deceiving.

She always looks brooding normally, but her eyes flucutate from sheer coldness to warmth.

Naoko Fujiwara
Reiatsu: 15500
Zanjutsu: 4800
Hakuda: 5500
Hohou: 5000
Kidou: 200

Shikai: Scythe of Darkness

Ability: When her sword is activated, a scythe forms, with the element of shadow embodied in the deathly blade. As the sword cuts the opponent, it also siphons a part of the lifeforce away from the opponent.

Bankai: Scythe of the Abyss

Ability: A dark cloud forms 100 feet around her. This does not affect any allies in the vicinity. Within the dark cloud, visibility is reduced by 50% and Naoko can summon blades to fly across the area to cut the opponent. As each blade is stained by the shadow element, it leaves the wound wide open instead of allowing it to close, causing more blood loss.

Current status: Alive, kicking and following Junko wherever he goes.

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Grave of the Spiders

At the Kyoushuu form, Junko will place his palm on his sword. Upon the command, black energy will be released in a huge cloud, creating a huge smoke that will conceal his body from sight for a few seconds due to the thickness created by the mist of energy.

However, that is just a red herring from the true ability of his Kyoushuu. A thousand spiders that are a variation of trap spiders molded from Junko's reiatsu and will travel 10 feet under the ground. Junko will command them toward a spiritual entity that is within 50 feet. However, if there were more than one target, the spiders would evenly spread toward the two targets. The more targets, the spiders will be split up even more. It takes around a turn for the spiders to reach the target.

After a round, the army of spiders will burrow out of the ground and jump to the height of the opponent almost instantly, not giving any chance of the opponent to move away. The only indication would be a glitter of purple light and it will stay in the sky for a very short moment. It will then explode in a brilliant light, with each spider releasing a huge strand of poisonous purple silk shimmering around the air, surrounding the opponent in a giant wave of silk.

The silk is made up of pure reiatsu. Contact with ice or extreme cold will inhibit the poison and cause the silk to be slower and less effective (note: 2/3 strength). This will be the spiders' last action in their short-lived presence as they dissipate, leaving only the silk in the glittering atmosphere.

The silk will stick and start to consume the life force of anything that comes into contact with it as it seeps into the spiritual aura of the opponent. If it lands on something solid, it will start to corrode the substance due to its acidic nature and continue to expand around it, leaving a barren landscape of purple silk.. Every contact with a single strand of silk will consume Reiatsu as the silk feeds on spiritual energy. The amount of life force that is consumed depends on the spiritual energy of the opponent..

Opponent reiatsu less than 90% = 0.1% of Reiatsu per silk thread
From 91% to 120% = 0.07% of per silk thread
From 121% to 150% = 0.05% of per silk thread
From 151% to 180% = 0.03% of per silk thread
181% and above = 0.01% of per silk thread

It will then expand in mass as the silk feeds on the spiritual energy of the enemy, binding them to a cocoon of purple silk. At least three hundred threads will be required to be on contact with the victim in order to form a thick enough cocoon to constraint the victim in his/her place. The time required for the cocoon to form will be one turn before any effects would be felt.

For example:At 30000 connection, the cocoon will only last for 1 turn as it takes one turn for the spiders to set up and release silk, 1 turn for the cocoon to form and the remaining turns to drain.

Inside this cocoon, the opponent will be drained for the remaining turns that they stayed inside this cocoon according to reiatsu difference.

Reiatsu less than 90% = 5% drain of Reiatsu per turn, requires 12% Reiatsu to break free
From 91% to 120% = 4% drain of Reiatsu per turn, requires 10% Reiatsu to break free
From 121% to 150% = 3% drain of Reiatsu per turn, requires 8% Reiatsu to break free
From 151% to 180% = 2% drain of Reiatsu per turn, requires 5% Reiatsu to break free
181% and above = 1% drain of Reiatsu per turn, requires 3% Reiatsu to break free


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