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Feb 18, 2008
Dahlitium (⏆50 per)
Bigatium (⏆100 per)
Auritium (⏆300 per)
Vitatium (⏆1200 per)
Caelitium (⏆6000 per)
Types of Kidou:

Hadou (Path of Destruction): Utilizes kidou energy to directly damage an opponent.

Bakudou (Path of Binding): A more general category consisting of spells used to deter an opponent in various ways, such as binding, disorientation, barriers, and tracking spells. Many bakudou also cause damage as a secondary effect.

Chiyudou (Path of Healing): A special subset of kidou that enables a user to manipulate energy in order to cure ailments and heal wounds. This is unique to those who have the Fourth Division technique.

Kindou (Path of Forbidden Words): An exclusive and highly dangerous set of kidou, the Way of Forbidden Words is open for training only to those have have attained 10,000 Kidou.

Equipping Kidou:

The number associated with a Kidou indicates the level of skill and power required to cast it.

Additionally, the user's kidou stat must be greater than the cost of a spell in order to equip it.

Shinigami and Vizards have 3 slots by default, and a new slot is gained for every 500 points in the Kidou stat.

For example:
(Kidou stat - # of available slots)
0 - 3
500 - 4
1000 - 5
1500 - 6
2000 - 7
2500 - 8
3000 - 9
3500 - 10

Depending on the level of a spell, it may require multiple slots to equip:

Kidou between 1 - 30 occupy 1 slot
Kidou between 31 - 50 occupy 2 slots
Kidou between 51 - 70 occupy 3 slots
Kidou between 71 - 90 occupy 4 slots
Kidou 91+ occupy 5 slots

Extensions do not require additional slots.

Using Kidou:

Most kidou are cast from the hands by reciting an incantation, but some may differ - pay attention to any special movements or rituals which may be mentioned in the spell's description.

As a general rule, only one spell should be cast per turn in a battle unless a special technique is being used. Reciting an incantation takes time, so be realistic - an opponent who isn't otherwise occupied may be able to interrupt before the spell is completed.

Kidou spells are cast by draining an amount equal to the cost of the spell from the user's reiatsu.

The quantity of Reiatsu a player has available to spend on Kidou is determined by their Kidou stat multiplied by 1.5. For example, a shinigami with a kidou stat of 1,500 may cast 2,250 points worth of spells.

Damage Calculation:

Overall, common sense should be used in determining the amount of damage caused by a spell. A target's ability to dodge should also be determined by circumstances - a high hohou stat is not a free ticket to dodge.

The level of a spell, its function and physical attributes, the caster's reiatsu and kidou stat, and the strength of an opponent all factor into how much damage a spell can cause. Even a low level Hadou can be powerful in the right hands.

Bindings and Barriers

Both bindings and barriers are going to degrade over time. This will affect how easy they are to break. This applies to all forms of bindings and barriers, not just kidou.

Simply put, the effects are at 100% during their first turn. At the end of each turn, its strength is reduced by 25% of its total cost. The resulting strength is how much must be beaten to break the effect.



Saju Sabaku (Winding Binding Chains)
- Bakudou #63, 1200 Kidou

During the first round, the binding has the full strength of 1200 reiatsu. This is too strong for Banshisei or Keshisaru (without extension) to break, and would cost 2400 to break with Fuubi.

At the end of the round, its strength drops 25% (300), and during the following round it has a strength of 900 reiatsu. This can be broken by Banshisei (with extension) or Keshisaru, and only costs 1800 to break with Fuubi.


Kyoumon (Mirror Door)
- Bakudou #76, 3400 Kidou

During the first round, the barrier has the full strength of 3400 reiatsu. At the end of that round, its strength is reduced by 25% of its max (850).

The following round, it can only block a maximum of 2550.

Any damage dealt to the barrier reduces this amount accordingly. Damage dealt to a barrier will reduce its duration accordingly. If someone were to deal 75% (2550) in damage to Kyoumon in the first round, it would then disappear at the end of the first round.

This not only gives barriers and bindings a duration, but makes them easier to break as time passes. It is thus more important to time these abilities wisely instead of keeping them always active.

Some spells or abilities may have different durations. Rikujoukourou, for instance, will lose only 1/6th of its strength each round. If not otherwise stated, the default is 25% per round. Certain barriers, like Dankuu or Tangent, do not persist round after round. They will have their full strength for the round they are active and then are gone.

Range and Duration:

If not otherwise specified in the description, the ranges on spells are as follows:

Kidou (1-30) (radius): 5m radius
Kidou (31-50) (radius): 10m radius
Kidou (51-70) (radius): 15m radius
Kidou (71-90) (radius): 20m radius
Kidou (91+) (radius): 25m radius

Kidou (1-30) (AoE): 3m diameter
Kidou (31-50) (AoE): 5m diameter
Kidou (51-70) (AoE): 10m diameter
Kidou (71-90) (AoE): 15m diameter
Kidou (91+) (AoE): 20m diameter

Kidou (1-30) (direct): 15m line
Kidou (31-50) (direct): 20m line
Kidou (51-70) (direct): 25m line
Kidou (71-90) (direct): 30m line
Kidou (91+) (direct): 35m line

Spread effects, like Kamaitachi, will have 1/2 the direct range for distance, and 1/4 for spread.

If not otherwise specified, durations will be the following:

Barriers: Lose 1/4 max strength each round.
Bindings: Lose 1/4 max strength each round.
Debuffs: 2 rounds​
Buffs: 3 rounds
Kidou (other): 2 rounds

Kidou Techs

[nobr]- Eishouhaki[/nobr]
[nobr]- Eishou Tekkin[/nobr]
[nobr]- Jumon Kaiki[/nobr]
[nobr]- Koujutsu Eishou[/nobr]
[nobr]- Jumon Zoukyuu[/nobr]
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Feb 18, 2008
Dahlitium (⏆50 per)
Bigatium (⏆100 per)
Auritium (⏆300 per)
Vitatium (⏆1200 per)
Caelitium (⏆6000 per)
Hadou - The Path of Destruction

Hadou #1-30

== Hadou #1-30 ==

Shou - Hadou #1, 8 Kidou

Description: Creates a weak telekinetic push in the direction of the user's hand.

Incantation: The god's hands divide heaven from earth, Hadou #1, Shou.

Yakekoge - Hadou #2, 10 Kidou

Description: Ignites the index and middle fingers in an extremely hot flame, though it does not scorch the user. It lasts until the user cancels it or it is doused with water.

Incantation: Ignite and thrive. Hadou #2, Yakekoge.

Beniikazuchi (Crimson Thunder) - Hadou #3, 15 kidou

Description: A beam of deep red lightning is blasted from the user's pointing finger towards the enemy. The spell creates a deafening sound equivalent to a destructive 80s-level hadou. Its strike is not very strong but the impact can make superficial bruises and cause the skin to blister.

Incantation: Under the celestial ruby, shall my voice roar like thunder. Hadou #3, Beniikazuchi.

Byakurai - Hadou #4, 25 Kidou

Description: The user takes aim with a single finger and fires a bolt of searing white lightning. A staple of many budding casters, Byakurai is often the spell of choice for accuracy, even if it lacks in punch.

Incantation: Converge light into spaces of darkness. Hadou #4, Byakurai.

Demon Fist - Hadou #5, 30 Kidou

Description: The user of this spell quickly wraps energy into their fist then releases it. As the power is released, the beastly image of a demon is formed around the fist. Upon impact, the energy explodes violently against the target.

Incantation: From the tower's summit, hurl the roaring beast. Hadou #5, Demon Fist.

Static Blast - Hadou #6, 45 Kidou

Description: The user points their fingers at their opponent, releasing a series of wild electric blasts. Although not very damaging, Static Blast has a good spread and can stun targets briefly, or deflect small projectiles.

Incantation: My body's circuit springs from me. Hadou #6, Static Blast.

Talon - Hadou #7, 50 Kidou

Description: Conjures Kidou energy around the user's fingers, which extends into 20cm long, thin talons. They are glowing white and razor sharp, able to tear through flesh easily and vicious for stabbing. The talons last as long as the user wishes them to, or until they are broken. The talons themselves are strong enough to parry an unreleased zanpakutou several times before breaking.

Incantation: Birds of prey, a predator's strike. Rip through flesh and tear off the bone. With a hawk's precision and the greed of a vulture, Hadou #8,Talon!

Rakurai - Hadou #8, 50 Kidou

Description: Lightning based damage on opponent

User gathers spiritual energy into the palm, until it's about as big as a tennis ball. The ball is then releases at high speed, though it has a limited range of about 20 - 30 yards. The ball stays solid as long as the user clasps their hand as if holding a ball, if their hand is quickly outstretched the ball will explode, hitting anything within a 5 ft. radius.

Incantation: The earth trembles. The children of the sky scream in retribution. Hadou #8, Rakurai!

Kamaitachi (Sickle Wind) - Hadou #9, 90 Kidou

Description: Unleashes a barrage of slicing air currents, up to a dozen with a single cast. It is most effective at close range, with a maximum effective range of 5m. Although it will still hit targets beyond this, its cutting power will be vastly reduced.

Incantation: Slice open the gaps to Heaven's gateway! Draw the hidden blade. Hadou #9, Kamaitachi!

Kaishou (Sweeping Victory) - Hadou #10, 80 Kidou

Description: The user rolls their palm outward, a small wave of spiritual energy being released. The wave moves fast and low to ground, hovering only a few inches above it. While not very damaging, because of its speed and center of gravity, it is used by many shinigami to throw their opponents off balance by attack their legs. Usually used as a surprise tactic or a way for a shinigami to stall for time.

Incantation: Downward spiral, Wayward wind. While the wind be my will, your own folly shall be your downfall. Hadou #10, Kaishou.

Tsuzuri Raiden - Hadou #11, 80 Kidou

Description: Imbues an electrical charge to the caster's hands, and by extension, anything he is holding.

Incantation: Thunder and lightning are but putty in my hands. I can grasp the storms themselves and shock the world with all my might! Hadou #11, Tsuzuri Raiden!

Inflamari - Hadou #12, 95 Kidou

Description: Creates a wave of fire that speeds towards the enemy. Weakness lies with the fact that it's connected to the ground.

Incantation: From the thousand grains of sand, to the very tops of the mountains. Let us hear you roar Earth Mother. Hadou #12, Inflamari.

Sou Ryo Meku - Hadou #13, 85 Kidou

Description: The user's sword is imbued with a staggering effect which is released on contact, briefly weakening the target's grip and knocking them off-balance.

Incantation: You will fumble in your opposition of my quest! Hadou #13, Sou Ryo Meku.

Genshi (Atom) - Hadou #14, 100 Kidou

Description: The user of this kidou charges the energy into their body. Rings of reiatsu then glow at three points around their body and burst out, slashing out at everything in an atom like formation. The energy blasts are as strong as blades and can cut the skin.

Incantation: The south gate is broken. The north gate shatters. Hadou #14, Genshi.

Touza Raiden - Hadou #15, 110 Kidou

Description: Immediately after the incantation is spoken a powerful electrical shock is released in the air around the user. The current only lasts for a few seconds, but if another person or metallic object comes into contact with the user, the current will stun the attacker or run through the metal object to the person holding it. The current is only powerful enough to provide a small shock throughout the body; this is used mostly to defend against any physical attacks.

Incantation: Don the armor of the thunder god and strike back, Hadou #15 Touza Raiden.

Hiashi (Spreading Fire) - Hadou #16, 120 KidouDescription: A luminous spell circle appears on the ground, 2m in diameter. This spell is best used beneath a target's feet. A fiery pillar erupts from the circle up to 5m into the air.

Incantation: Subjects of fire, dance! Hadou #16, Hiashi!

Extension: Hiashi no Hari (Determination of the Spreading Fire), 180 Kidou

Description: By the additional cost, the user can add to the spell three additional replicas of Hiashi. Each replica has half the power from the original Hiashi. The replicas can be cast over different targets or empower the damage in one target. When the Kidou circumferences overlay, their diameter grows by .5m, per circle, and the fire eruption's size gets equally bigger.

Incantation: Hadou #16, part two, Hiashi no Hari!

Dragon's Breath - Hadou #17, 125 Kidou

Description: After chanting the incantation, the user gathers kidou energy at their lungs. The energy is then forced out, changing into the form of fire once it leaves the body. The attack stretches out for about 2 yards, its range growing larger the farther out it goes. This attack can be used three times before the energy is exhausted, but it is half as strong with every use.

Incantation: Soaring red dog, drink the balm of flame. Into his eyes leaps the dragon's spark. Hadou #17, Dragon's Breath.

Star Shriek Blast - Hadou #18, 95 Kidou

Description: This kidou generates heat and can be used to brighten even the darkest area within a 8m radius. Other than the fact that this spell is meant to attack the sight of all that gaze into its light, Star Shriek Blast, is a harmless, but useful kidou.

The user forms a pearl colored orb in the palm of their hand and holds it high above their head. After saying the incantation, the orb makes a noise similar to that of a charging cero and moments later, it will douse the area with a multitude of bright rays from every direction, except beneath the caster, granting up to 3 nearby allies immunity from the effects. This kidou expires after one round.

Once the user acquires 2000 kidou, the range and longevity of this spell will double.

Incantation: Midnight air comfort the dreary. Sunlit orb blind thy sight, Hadou #18, Star Shriek Blast!

Infurnus - Hadou #19, 135 Kidou

Description: By placing their palm to the ground, the user causes a pillar of fire to leap forth from any flat surface within 10m.

Incantation: From the spirit of the earth, and by the wrath of heaven, be purified. Hadou #19, Infurnus.

Cosmos Summit - Hadou #20, 140 Kidou

Description: Summons three large pedestals made of stone from the ground to slam into the target.

Incantation: Cast yourself upon the sacrificial altar. Three sinners rise and pray to an indifferent universe. Hadou #20, Cosmos Summit.

Reaper - Hadou #21, 150 Kidou

Description: A simple and easy to use kidou: The user sends out a thin, sonic blade of kidou energy. The blade is only about 2-3 inches thick, and about 2-3 meters tall. Upon impact, the blade cuts rather than explodes.

Incantation: Slice through the beast's sin. Bleed the flesh and cleanse the soul. Hadou #21, Reaper.

Deadly Quill - Hadou #22, 175 Kidou

Description: The user throws a ball of their energy into the air. The ball bursts into a multitude of black feathers, seemingly hundreds in amount. The feathers then turn their quills onto the target and all violently shoot down and pierce that person.

Incantation: Black bird Hemaskas. Feed the trickster's black rain. Hadou #22, Deadly Quill.

Raigen - Hadou #23, 200 Kidou

Description: Lightning based damage on opponent.

User gathers spiritual energy into the palm, until the energy forms around his/her forearm. He/she then releases a searing electric wave that travels over 15m and last for about five seconds.

Incantation: Thor's pride springs forth from me. The power of the skies give me strength. Hadou #23, Raigen!

Kujikubofu (Crushing Storm) - Hadou #24, 400 Kidou

Description: With the user's arm pointed outward and palm-up, the caster points their index and middle finger towards the opponent. A bright blue circle appears around the target area, up to 8m in diameter. Once the caster lifts their pointed fingers upward, a violent explosion occurs within the circle.

Incantation: Rain reach the complacent bottom feeders. Ye Lord reward the honest and earnest with your mercy, beat the devil's tail and awaken his nostalgic wrath. Hadou #24, Kujikubofu!

Breaking Palm - Hadou #25, 220 Kidou

Description: The user of this attack focuses Kidou energy into their hands, the entire hands soon becoming covered in the energy. The energy is constant, and will stay as long as the person wills it to. This technique gives the hands a great destructive force, allowing it to punch holes in walls and greatly increase that person's striking power - to the point of being able to fracture or break bone. The power of the fist becomes stronger the longer the person keeps the energy concentrated, the energy becoming more taxing to keep it going. To maintain the spell longer than two rounds, the user must pay a cumulative 100 reiatsu per round (3rd round 100, 4th round 200, 5th round 300, etc). The strength of the spell factors in all reiatsu paid.

Incantation: Forbidden hand formed of the soul, strike with the might of a titan. Hadou #25, Breaking Palm.

Boukun Gukou (Tyrant’s Folly) - Hadou #26, 260 Kidou/Boukunro, 330 Kidou

Description: The user holds their arm in front of them and coats it with a layer of kidou energy. By applying additional reiatsu in the form of heat, the user’s arm is then lit ablaze. This flaming limb will burn for two rounds. While this does not cause damage to their own arm, it will incinerate any fabric on the target area. This spell is often used in close-combat situations but has some practical uses for environmental warfare.

Incantation: Shadrach! Meshach! Abednego! May your faith stay you from the tyrant’s burning temper! Hadou #26, Boukun Gukou!

Extension: Boukunro (Tyrant’s Furnace), 330 Kidou

Description: The user projects the flames on their arm forward. This results in a stream of fire reminiscent of a flamethrower. This stream of flame has a range of five meters and is directed by the motion of the user’s hand. The value of this attack is factored using all reiatsu paid into the spell and therefore extinguishes the spell at the end of the round this extension is used. This spell may be maintained for one full round.

: His keepers melt before the pit of flame, destroyed by the hot rage of the tyrant’s icy heart! Hadou #26 part two, Boukunro!

Harinezumi - Hadou #27, 250 Kidou/Yammarashi, 500 Kidou

Description: A kidou that is used when on is trapped by their opponent in a physical attack. The user's spiritual pressure converges, and then explodes out of the user in multiple directions, stabbing anyone within breathing range of the user with sharp energy spines. The spikes start out only a few inches long, but can be very annoying and painful. The spikes will also break off and dig into the victim. The spikes for Harinezumi start out at 1 inch, but gains an inch for every 100 kidou you gain afterwards. However, the maximum length of the spikes can only been increased to 2ft.

Incantation: Quill of heaven, script this poem of needles. Hadou #27, Harinezumi.

Extension: Yammarashi, 500 Kidou

Description: By clasping their hands together and chanting the word Yammarashi the user of this spell can cause the spikes caught in their victim to explode.

: Hadou #27 part two, Yammarashi, Yammarashi, Yammarashi.

Banshisei - Hadou #28, 500 Kidou

Description: A Bakudou removal spell. Forcing reiatsu out of their body to counter the opponents', this spell requires physical contact with the target spell, but can disperse Bakudou of equal or lesser cost almost instantly.

Incantation: The captured begs for freedom, selling their souls for a chance to escape. The cornered man forcing his last hand. Hadou #28, Banshisei.

Extension: Ruzai, 500 Kidou

Description: Doubling the energy released, Ruzai adds to Banshisei's banishing properties, dispelling Bakudou equal to or less than the cost of Banshisei and Ruzai.

Incantation: Hadou #28 part two, Ruzai.

Lightning Rod - Hadou #29, 275 Kidou

Description: When cast, a bolt of kidou energy forms and strikes unerringly to the caster's zanpakuto. Within the following round, the first person to come in contact with the blade, besides the user, will receive a powerful shock.

Incantation: Beware he who touches this blade for the might of the hammer shall fall upon you. Hadou #29, Lightning Rod.

Big Bang - Hadou #30, 300 Kidou

Description: Big Bang is used when the user of the kidou forms a small ball of energy no bigger than the size of a baby's fist within their palm. When completely formed, the kidou looks like a miniature sun, but it has no heat to it and it doesn't harm the user. Until it is used, it simply floats off an inch from the user's palm. However, the indiscrete size and small chant belay the kidou's true power. When launched at a target [most people take the habit of launching the kidou with a flick of the thumb], the kidou will explode with the power of a half a pound of dynamite. Its overall power is not only able to punch holes in walls, if used by an expert it can be powerful enough to level small cabins and so fast that most of the time it won't be seen coming. Because of this, the kidou is not only useful for combat situation but for missions where an untraceable diversion is needed.

Incantation: Break the dragon's jaw, little firestar. Hadou #30, Big Bang.

Hadou #31-50

== Hadou #31-50 ==

Shakkahou (Shot of Red Fire) - Hadou #31, 320 Kidou

Description: The user creates an orb of red fire, half a meter in diameter, which can be shot directly at an opponent. The spell has an effective range of 50m and will explode on contact.

Incantation: Ye Lord! Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! Inferno and pandemonium, the sea barrier surges, march on to the south! Hadou #31, Shakkahou.

Oukasen (Yellow Fire Flash) - Hadou #32, 350 Kidou

Description: The user creates a sustained gout of yellow flame. This beam of fire lasts up to a full round and has an effective range of 20m. The yellow fire will explode on contact with an enemy.

Incantation: Ye Lord! Mask of flesh and bone, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! Vigilance and courage, the falcon hunts the world freely from the sky. Hadou #32, Oukasen.

Soukatsui (Blue Fire, Crash Down) - Hadou #33, 375 Kidou

Description: The user unleashes a broad, flat plane of blue fire, 2m across. The spell has an effective range of 30m, and will explode on contact with the enemy.

Incantation: Ye Lord! Mask of flesh and bone, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! Truth and temperance, Upon this sinless wall of dreams unleash but slightly the wrath of your claws! Hadou #33, Soukatsui!

Oil Bomb - Hadou #34, 300 Kidou

Description: The user gathers kidou energy in their lungs and then shoots it from their mouth in a massive spray of volatile oil. Fire lit from this oil will burn for three rounds unless otherwise extinguished.

Incantation: This world of ours has made me sick, let all I see now become slick! Hadou #34, Oil Bomb!

Aisu - Hadou #35, 350 Kidou

Description: The user gathers water spiritrons in their hand, aiming them at the target. Once the energy is released, a thick powerful wave of water shoots out. The water freezes as soon as it flies out, forming a powerful Ice spear that can pierce through the enemy on contact. Aisu has a max reach of 15m.

Incantation: The Frozen hand breaks, melting away the sun. The frosty breath blows, relentlessly assaulting the wind. The binding ice collapses, nurturing the earth's plants. Hadou #35, Aisu.

Extension: Aisu Wave, 350 Kidou

Description: Immediately after a target has been struck, the caster may cause thick sheets of ice to spread from the wound.

Incantation: With the wind's howl, the storm grows. Hadou #35 part two, Aisu Wave.

Daiken - Hadou #36, 400 Kidou

Description: Daiken creates an energy blade around one of the caster's hands, with a width 1.5 times that of the user's hand. The total length of the blade can range from barely beyond the user's fingertips, to three hand-lengths from their fingertips. The hand which is surrounded by the blade must remain flat while this kidou is in use. In combat, this spell lasts 3 rounds before it must be re-cast.

Incantation: Energies of the dark one, take my heart and forge for me a blade! Hadou #36, Daiken!

Kancho - Hadou #37, 420 Kidou

Description: The spell's high cost comes from its lack of gesture required to cast. At the end of the chant, a spire of earth shoots diagonally up from behind the opponent. This spire is infused with the kidou energy, and has a maximum extending range of 3m.

Incantation: Adults cry as the children reap what they deem theirs. Crimson blood to tired reflexes, I summon thy infantilism. Hadou #37, Kancho.

Daishou - Hadou #38, 460 Kidou

Description: An advanced version of the first Hadou, Daishou creates a large black arrow imprinted on the ground. All objects and people up to ten feet above the arrow are violently launched in the direction that the arrow points at high speeds. When used on substantially weaker spirits, this kidou has been known to smash the target's body against metal and stone with the sheer force of impact.

Incantation: In furor my enemy cries! May the earth god accelerate his ruin and bring me victory, Hadou #38, Daishou!

Akekataki - Hadou #39, 480 Kidou

Description: When the user is injured and bleeding, Akekataki will temporarily charge the blood to have an acidic burning property to anything that touches it aside from themselves.

The effect will cause damage by burning and irritation to skin, lasting for a maximum of three rounds.

Incantation: The scorching breath of life, sixteen rivers flow from the burning citadel. Hadou #39, Akekataki.

Koshou (Little Thrust) - Hadou #40, 490 Kidou

Description: An advanced version the first Hadou. Koshou creates an arrow along one of the caster's limbs, usually an arm. The user can place a single object against the arrow weighing no more than 3kg. The spell will hold the item in place until the caster triggers it with a burst of reiatsu. Once triggered, the object is launched out at sonic speeds. Weight and bulkiness of the item will affect its range and accuracy, capping at 30m for something like an arrow.

The arrow will last up to three rounds or one use.

Incantation: An arrow, straight and true, shall pierce through the heart of you. Hadou #40, Koshou

Coiling Abyss - Hadou #41, 500 Kidou

Description: The user slams their fist into the ground; their hand sinks into a black pool below and their entire forearm is engulfed. The creeping darkness then sails out towards the target, deadly serpentine shadows shooting out at the target. The shadows lash out violently at the target, striking like whips.

Incantation: Like darkness salt the earth, let my anger burn away life. Rise, venomous coil, winding the day into night. Hadou #41, Coiling Abyss.

Ryuu Kushami (Dragon's Sneeze) - Hadou #42, 500 Kidou

Description: Upon gathering kidou into the lungs, the user will expel dozens of small fireballs from their mouth. The orbs will scatter out in a fifteen-foot cone. The flames are sticky, and will burn where they land for two rounds.

Incantation: Winged lizard of the sky, feel the tickle and spit the fire. Hadou #42, Ryuu Kushami!

Dead Air - Hadou #43, 575 Kidou

Description: Large amounts of air are compressed to the size of a small ball in the palm of the user's hand. This heavily compressed air is thrown at the opponent. When the ball makes contact or when the user detonates the sphere, dozens of wind blades are released in every direction.

Incantation: God of the wind, release your strength. Call forth the calm before the storm. Hadou #43, Dead Air.

One Hundred Wooden Arrows - Hadou #44, 600 Kidou

Description: When the incantation is finished, the user summons 100 wooden arrows out of thin air. These arrows are then fired at a high velocity like a bullet. Only 100 arrows may form per cast. Arrows may be summoned from your general location and have a range of 10m. These arrows persist for three rounds. No more than five arrows may pierce the same target. The arrows can be pulled out normally.

Incantation: The arrows that fell a hero. Falling sun. Mourn, precious moon, for the withering earth. Hadou #44, One Hundred Wooden Arrows.

Kanen (Inflammable) - Hadou #45, 600 Kidou

Description: The kanji (Kanen) shoots forth from the user's extended fingertips. If it lands on a target, it will begin releasing a greenish-gray flammable gas that surrounds the target and everything within a fifteen-foot radius. The vapor will hang in the air for three rounds before it begins to dissipate.

Incantation: Blood to fuel, skin to tinder, bones to kindling. The spark of life, the wind of death. Hadou #45, Kanen.

Extension: Kogasu, 300 Kidou

Description: Speaking the extension aloud will cause the kanji to burn away, igniting any fumes around the target.

Incantation: Hadou #45 part two, Kogasu.

Altar - Hadou #46, 600 Kidou

Description: The user presses their hands to the ground as they chant this spell. Stone javelins shoot forth from the ground, surrounding the opponent. At the user's command, the javelins will simultaneously thrust towards the point at their center. Altar begins with 4 javelins; two additional javelins may be added for every 1000 in the kidou stat. However, every pair of javelins in excess of four costs an extra 200 kidou. The maximum number of spears is capped at 10. Each javelin appears 2m from the target, they are all about one meter in length and 4 inches in thickness. The spears can surround an opponent for two rounds before they must be used, or else they will disintegrate.

Incantation: Screaming earth rushes from the ground striking down all those who stand in its way, Mother nature's fury made real. The frightening power revealed. Hadou #46, Altar!

Kongoubaku (Adamantine Blast) - Hadou #47, 625 Kidou

Description: A large, fiery orange sphere of kidou energy is launched at the target, similar to Shakkahou. Upon impact, jagged metal shrapnel is launched from the center of the burning kidou energy. It is effective up to 30m.

Incantation: Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! Immolation and devastation, the wind sages rage, cast the spears ahead! Hadou #47, Kongoubaku.

Burst Stream - Hadou #48, 635 Kidou

Description: The user of this spell gathers energy into their hands. The energy then calls upon the elements of water, causing a spherical ball of liquid to form between the user's palms. The Energy is then shot out with a great burst of strength. A screw-like whirlpool shoots from the orb, blasting right at the target, up to a range of 8m.

Incantation: The power of the raging sea lies within me, the savage power twisting and turning as it pleads to be let free. The monstrous force aching to corrode everything before it. Hadou #48, Burst Stream.

Gaki Rekkou (Raging Light Fang) - Hadou #49, 800 Kidou

Description: The user taps the air with their hand or zanpakuto, making a green circle of energy one meter in diameter before firing numerous piercing beams of the same green light from its center, spread in a cage-like formation.

Incantation: Carriage of thunder. Gap of the spinning wheel. Divide this light and let it tear away the darkness. Hadou #49, Gaki Rekkou.

Reitouten - Hadou #50, 1000 Kidou

Description: Reitouten allows the user to glaciate a part of their opponent's body. To tap into this power, the user chants the spell beforehand. Then, by grabbing their opponent or throwing the flickering snow-white orb from their hand they can freeze a part of the target's body inside out. The frozen mark becomes brittle and easily broken.

Incantation: A civilization freezes, wolves howl the music of oblivion. Bring forth the ice and snow which glaciates the land of sin, Hadou #50, Reitouten.

Hadou #51-70

== Hadou #51-70 ==

Keshisaru - Hadou #51, 1000 Kidou

Description: A more powerful Bakudou removal spell. The caster focuses a great amount of energy out of the user to push away and nullify a Bakudou spell. This spell requires physical contact with the target spell, but can disperse Bakudou of equal or lesser cost almost instantly.

Incantation: The captured roars for freedom, trembling before the grim toll at the gates. Iron bars, green nails, the white doves fly free. Hadou #51, Keshisaru.

Extension: Fuki Kesu, 1500 Kidou

Description: A second, even greater burst of energy combines with the first, erasing all Bakudou equal to or less than the cost of Keshisaru and Fuki Kesu.

Incantation: Hadou #51 part two, Fuki Kesu.

Funsha (Jet Propulsion) - Hadou #52, 1025 Kidou

Description: Upon reciting the incantation, the user's feet begin to glow white hot as if aflame. Once the caster has left the ground either by jumping or running off of an elevated surface, jets of fire burst from their feet, propelling them akin to a jet-engined aircraft. This effect requires 500 Reiatsu per round to maintain. If this cost cannot be paid the effect immediately ceases, regardless of how high or fast the user may be moving.

The user is capable of traveling 20 meters per round, and there is no 'hover' or 'slow' option.

Incantation: Listen to the howling roar! Spread your wings and cleave the twilight! Let my intensity burn bright! Hadou #52, Funsha!

Sanjukageki (Triple Fire Attack) - Hadou #53, 1045 Kidou

Description: Swirls together red, yellow and blue in a powerful and explosive spiral of fire that is shot out at the opponent. For the times you just don't feel like choosing a single color.

This kidou has no slot cost if the user has Shakkahou, Oukasen, and Soukatsui equipped.

Incantation: Ye Lord! Mask of flesh and bone, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! Ashes and dust, strike at the world with the power no less than three. Hadou #53, Sanjukageki

Haien (Abolishing Flames) - Hadou #54, 1100 Kidou

Description: A powerful spell, Haien allows the user to incinerate a part of their opponent's body. To tap into this power, the user chants the spell beforehand. Then, by throwing the flame from their hand (or by grabbing their opponent) they can burn a part of the target's body inside out. However, the damage done is decreased if the target has considerably more reiatsu than the caster, and if the caster is using the spell from range.

Incantation: A civilization crumbles, birds scream the music of destruction. Bring forth the fires which purge the land of sin, Hadou #54, Haien.

Hyouheki (Ice Wall) - Hadou #55, 1150 Kidou

Description: The user reels back one arm then shoots it forward. The gather energy lashes out, splitting the earth apart as it charges towards the target. Large chunks of ice (about 2m on average with a total distance of about 10m and a width of 1m) shoot out, freezing and shredding anything that gets in their way. If something is directly caught in the path of the attack it can even before trapped in the ice itself.

Incantation: The coldest memory of childhood emerges from a sparkling rift. Sting, rattle, shatter. Divide the land with a bitter mountain. Hadou #55, Hyouheki.

Blood Lance - Hadou #56, 1200 Kidou

Description: This hadou takes hold of any blood covering the user's body. This blood condenses on the user's chest and then bursts out as crystallized spires. These spires shoot up to 5m from the user, in a spread fashion.

Incantation: Take my suffering and respond in kind! Hadou #56, Blood Lance!

Reaving Wind - Hadou #57, 1250 Kidou

Description: A fierce wind fills the air, viciously circling around the user's target. The fierce gate of wind traps the user inside the power attack and the winds start to turn red. The wind streaks then start to shoot out violently, striking out at the target like claws from a feral beast.

Incantation: Gods of wind grace your humble servant with your presence. Destroy the infidel which speaks lowly of you and restore you titles as the true kings. Hadou #57, Reaving Wind.

Tenran (Orchid Sky) - Hadou #58, 1300 Kidou

Description: This Hadou forms an orchid-colored whirlwind that is shot straight at the opponent. The tornado is capable of disrupting people in flight, making it especially effective against airborne enemies.

Incantation: Disrupt flight, motions of the air, let them fall to the ground, in failure. Hadou #58, Tenran.

Kienzan (Circular Energy Razor) - Hadou #59, 2700 Kidou

Description: The user gathers Kidou energy just above their palm. The energy flattens and rotates constantly until a large, spinning disk is formed. The user throws the disk toward its target and, upon contact, can cut clear through nearly any object while retaining its momentum. The maximum range of the disk is 30 meters, but it wavers and becomes less accurate after traveling over 15 meters.

Incantation: Let the meek rise up, let the strong be felled, Gods, let the winds favor the righteous, man, let yourselves be humbled before the shining idols. Hadou #59, Kienzan.

Kikenbutsu (Explosive) - Hadou #60, 1400 Kidou

Description: The kanji for Kikenbutsu is formed in the air and launched at the target at an incredible speed. The kanji will explode in a wave of flames during the following round, the flames filling an 8m radius.

Incantation: Blood to boiling, skin to cinders, bones to ashes. The flames of life, count down to death. Hadou #60, Kikenbutsu.

Homurahana (Blaze Petals) - Hadou #61, 1400 Kidou

Description: After the spell's incantation is finished, a large flutter of red petals puffs from the caster's body, slowly dispersing away from him and floating within an 8m radius. The higher the caster's Kidou status, the more petals he releases. When the petals touch a target, other than the caster, they will stick. Beware the 'friendly fire'.

When the caster snaps his fingers, the nearest petals burst on fire, transmitting the scorching flames to the others by contact, in an incendiary chain reaction. The flames wither the further the petals are from the burning epicenter.

Incantation: The crimson goddess weeps upon the fallen demon. Seven suns. Forty-nine martyrs. The heavenly flower burns for an ephemeral aeon. Hadou #61, Homurahana.

Gouka - Hadou #62, 1470 kidou

Description: The user sets his palm on the ground and creates a circle of fire around his opponent. This circle of fire is 12 meters in diameter the area in between will then turn black instantly and shoot up flames as high as 20-25 meters.

Incantation: Flames from the pits of hell arise and heed my call. Scorch the land, and clear it of all impurity. Burn! Hadou #62, Gouka!

Raikouhou - Hadou #63, 1500 Kidou

Description: The user fires a powerful beam of yellow lightning from their arm. This spell is effective up to 30m.

Incantation: Sprinkled on the bones of the beast! Sharp tower, red crystal, steel ring. Move and become the wind, stop and become the calm. The sound of warring spears fills the empty castle! Hadou #63, Raikouhou.

Kageyakedo - Hadou #64, 1600 Kidou

Description: Upon casting this Kidou, all the shadows in the area immediately condense under the target area, creating a shadow pentagram on the ground. From the shadow pentagram, waves of dark energy flow up from the ground, lashing at anything under the area of influence. Taking a direct hit from this attack causes serious burns from the energies that flow within the attack. If the target is struck by the waves of dark energy, whatever part of their flesh which was struck is left jet black, the burn marks left from the acidic properties of the kidou. The more shadows within the area, the more powerful the attack becomes.

Incantation: Corrupter of souls, demon of the night. Five points of darkness joined, the embers die. Hadou #64, Kageyakedo.

Hofuku Akki (Creeping Spirit) - Hadou #65, 1600 Kidou

Description: The user puts their heels together and spreads out both arms while casting this kidou. Once completed, both caster and a single target within 10m will be surrounded in darkness as a dark, ghastly shape emerges from the caster's chest. The shadowy visage is tied to the caster's soul but not under their control. It will move quickly, jumpily toward its first victim and stab its claws into the target's chest. The claws will reach out through the initial target and attack anything within 5m (dealing half damage), and again from those targets to strike anything within 3m (dealing one quarter damage).

The caster is forced to pay 400 reiatsu for each additional target.

Incantation: Light fades, the soul wanes, barbed fingers reach from the depths. Cast aside all hopes. Hadou #65, Hofuku Akki.

Landslide - Hadou #66, 1800 Kidou

Description: Stomping their foot against the ground, the user summons a large shift in the earth to flow upward. The flow of earth then slides down within the area of the target. The target is then buried within dirt, rocks, mud, and any other material within the soil. Also, if this attack is used on a slope, the attack is even faster because the first part does not have to activate and the earth will simply shift and engulf the target.

Incantation: Shave, Grand Mountain. Let your soul fly free, and your flesh roll down. Hadou #66, Landslide.

Anjinryuumei - Hadou #68, 1500 kidou

Description: This hadou is simple in form, but when properly employed can be of significant use in the field of combat. By focusing their kidou energies, the caster is able to summon forth a brilliant orb of golden light. When first summoned, anyone in the area of effect (10m) may be blinded for one round at the sheer intensity and sudden presence of this potent kidou. This is determined by the user's Kidou stat.

The caster may attempt to anchor this orb in one of three ways. With guaranteed success, they may attempt to anchor the effect to their own person or an object within 15m of the caster's position when the spell is incanted. Lastly, they may attempt to fire it at and tether it to an enemy, though the success of this maneuver is dependent on their Kidou stat.

Once anchored, the golden ball eliminates and forbids all shadows to appear in a 10m around its point of origin. Beyond this, shadows and illumination effects may act as they please. Further, the caster will always know where the anchored object or person is, regardless of their visual state. This would allow the caster to direct attacks towards the enemy (physical obstacles cannot be bypassed by this spell, so you can't shoot through walls without the wall interfering even if you know where the enemy is). This effect endures for three rounds.

Incantation: Strength of mind, temperance of soul, abstinence of body. Bring forth the manifestation of my trials, reveal the wisdom of my ages, show a fragment of nirvana! Hadou #68, Anjinryuumei!

Daigeki no Taka (Falcon Punch) - Hadou #69, 1600 Kidou

Description: An improved version of the basic Hadou, Demon Fist, the user amasses reiatsu within one limb. This allows for an explosive melee strike, making it a favored kidou among hakuda specialists. Visually, a large falcon made of kidou flames will manifest itself on the limb. When launched, the falcon will screech and flap its wings to give the user a boost of acceleration with the attack. This kidou is very difficult to conceal due to its explosive release of power on contact; all of the channeled reiatsu is forced out of the limb to severely damage the victim and anything within a cone reaching 5 meters behind the victim. However, this energy can be damaging if the user's kidou skills aren't powerful enough to fully withstand and control the powerful energy within his/her body. If the user of this kidou has less than 4000 kidou, then the limb will be hit by backlash equal to one fourth of Falcon Punch's power.

Incantation: Bird of prey, traveler of the winds, guardian of the forest. Lend me your strength and beauty to annihilate those who would threaten our territory. Hadou #69, Daigeki no Taka!

Kokuryuha - Hadou #70, 1750 Kidou

Description: The user stretches out his hand and his arm is covered in coruscating blackness. With a screeching hiss, the ebon flames are unleashed in the shape of a ravenous black dragon, flying up to 20m. Upon contact, the hungry fires will burn for three rounds, unquenchable by normal means.

It takes an ability of a greater cost than Kokuryuha to extinguish the black flames.

Incantation: The black serpent rises, the winged beast roars. Flames of Heaven and Hell converge, scorching the land in its fury. Corrupt dragon of the East, purge this world of life. Hadou #70, Kokuryuha.

Hadou #71-90

== Hadou #71-90 ==

Writhing Spark - Hadou #71, 1800 Kidou

Description: A large coiling stream of electric power is formed and shot out by the user, reaching 5m in length. The coil then starts to bear down on the target with a powerful magnetic force. The force starts to tug at the target’s bodies, causing severe pain, then crashes into the target at full force, wrapping around them and anyone nearby. All targets hit by the stream of electricity receive a powerful shock.

Incantation: Destructive forces of the skies crash down and rend the land. Sear through all evil and smother it in your unforgiving light. Hadou #71, Writhing Spark!

Mind Blast - Hadou #72, 2000 Kidou

Description: Upon casting the spell, the user must make direct eye contact with their target in order to hit them with a wave of psionic force. This rush of energy jumbles the target's thoughts, making it more difficult to think swiftly. As a result, for the next two rounds, the affected target may not bypass spells.

Incantation: The clash of sage titans, the war of ink and numbers. Loose thy greatest calculation, brace for the mightiest cipher. Hadou #72, Mind Blast.

Souren Soukatsui - Hadou #73, 1500 Kidou

Description: The user unleashes two broad, flat planes of blue fire, each 3m across. The spell has an effective range of 30m, and will explode on contact with the enemy.

Incantation: Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! On the wall of blue flame, inscribe a twin lotus. In the abyss of conflagration, wait at the far heavens. Hadou #73, Souren Soukatsui.

Hyakurai (One Hundred Thunderclaps) - Hadou #74, 2200 Kidou

Description: This Hadou has the same principle as Byakurai. While chanting the spell, the caster points the fingers of one hand towards the opponents. On each finger a dense light orb of around 2 inches diameter is formed and, when the spell is ready, each of them will shoot towards the finger's direction a rapid salvo of white lightning bullets, which are identical to Byakurai. The caster may fire up to one hundred shots, across multiple turns, but the effect and any remaining shots are immediately canceled when another spell is cast. The maximum shots per round is one per 100 Kidou.

For the multitude of bolts shot, Hyakurai is not as accurate as Byakurai, being its major advantage the fact that the caster can control the Kidou bullet salvo with the movement of the hand and fingers, being able to chase and attack a larger number of opponents.

Incantation: Converge light into spaces of darkness. One hundred spears fall from the knight's hand. Looking to the North, he marches to the West. Hadou #74, Hyakurai.

Houkiboshi (Comet) - Hadou #76, 3200 Kidou

Description: The most powerful striking kidou known to date, Comet works by having the user gather an extremely large amount of kidou into their fist. The energy shoots out like a comet from the fist, but because it is limited to the arm, it can only travel with the appendage. That doesn’t mean that it won’t deal massive damage however, as the attack has enough force to break even some of the most formidable defenses.

Incantation: Crushing star, flesh of man. The eternal sky's journey begins with a spark. Hadou #76, Houkiboshi

Meteor - Hadou #77, 3,500 Kidou

Description: Just as its name implies, Meteor summons a falling star to strike the enemy. As the spell is invoked the caster chooses a fixed point within 20 meters, this chosen point is where the stone will drop. The skies above this point turn to a blackish hue, dispersing once the flaming rock has fallen to earth. Whereas mobile opponents may be able to escape, the single flaming rock is well-suited to pinpoint destruction on a fixed structure or immobilized opponent.

Incantation: Astral stone, heed my call and crush my enemies with your might! Hadou #77, Meteor.

Takitsuse (Torrent) - Hadou #78, 3600 Kidou

Description: The user of this spell gathers the spiritual energy into massive clumps that gather moisture from the surrounding around. The energy expands then explodes. The water bursts out in one giant tornado, shredding anything in its way. This destructive force lasts through two rounds and takes pity on nothing that stands up to it.

Incantation: Poseidon’s rage, Leviathan’s anger. Lay waste to all that stands before me and wash away all sin. Until nothingness is reflected in your clear waters. Hadou #78, Takitsuse.

Harasu - Hadou #80, 4000 Kidou

Description: The greatest Bakudou removal spell. The caster concentrates a large amount of reiatsu and lets it burst out suddenly. This spell requires physical contact with the target spell, but can disperse Bakudou of equal or lesser cost almost instantly.

Incantation: The captured gives his life to escape, beats down the doors of the cell. One hundred guards, one thousand keys, the march to freedom, the horn of the redeemed. Hadou #80, Harasu.

Extension: Arai Nagasu, 4000 Kidou

Description: A second burst of spiritual pressure immediately after the first, this extension will break through all but the strongest of bindings. It will immediately blow away any bakudou equal to or less than the cost of Harasu and Arai Nagasu.

Incantation: Hadou #80 part two, Arai Nagasu.

Kyakka (Dismissal) - Hadou #82, 4150 Kidou

Description: Upon casting, the user flicks a single finger toward their target as if knocking off a particularly bothersome pest. From said finger, a circular ring of compressed air and reishi is generated that pushes against the target in a single direction with violent force. It will not stop pushing an object in its path until it has reached a distance of 35 m. This spell has enough force to push an opponent through even buildings. Naturally, this spell also has applications in terms of destructive potential as well.

Incantation: The rabid admirer making his final advance. A distant father returning to repair a burnt bridge. The persistent student eager for one more lesson. Depart! Take but an eon to temper your passions! Hadou #82, Kyakka.

Volcanic Summit - Hadou #83, 4100 Kidou

Description: While reciting the incantation, the caster will stretch out their arms with the palms facing down and begin channeling their reiatsu at a specific point on the ground up to 100 meters. Towards the end of the incantation user will turn palms upwards, causing the ground chosen to shift and elevate. Once the incantation is finished magma will erupt from the peak and shoot as far as 70 meters in all directions.

Incantation: The devil himself reduces the world to cinders, all around the children scream as all they have known is reduced to naught but ash. The flames of war dance, the fallen cries block out the victory chants. Hadou #83, Volcanic Summit.

Guardian’s Fist - Hadou #84, 4150 Kidou

Description: Available materials such as earth, stone and metal are massed together, forming an enormous fist. The fist reels back, then slams down on the target.

Incantation: The Giant's belly rolls with thunder. Defender and destroyer, grind the secret stone. Hadou #84, Guardian’s Fist.

Hadouken - Hadou #85, 4300 Kidou

Description: A legendary and forbidden Kidou, rumored to possess the destructive power to vaporize a city block in an instant. Upon charging up this powerful Kidou, the user uses both of their hands to form a large controlled sphere of Kidou energy at their side. After and only after the sphere is formed they start the incantation. Once it is complete, the user surges an excess amount of Kidou energy through their arms which violently opposes the sphere in their hands causing it to become unstable. Then by swinging their arms out in the targeted direction, the sphere launches forward in a wave of energy twice the size of the user. The user can break the wave of energy at any time by grasping their hands together, which will cause it to explode as if it had hit a target.

Incantation: Great King, ruler of the worlds, a guardian asks for your assistance. Lend me the strength to destroy the evils that plague society. Let my power rival the strength of the Titans themselves. Let this soul touch the legendary powers of old. Hadou #85, Hadouken!

White Lightning Maelstrom - Hadou #86, 5200 Kidou

Description: The sky darkens as huge electrical energy is built up. From the black clouds bolts of lightning flash down in a vicious storm, striking anything.

This hadou covers a very large area and thus, it does not distinguish between friend and foe. All may fall victim to it. The kidou may last up to 3 turns.

Incantation: The wrath of Juno, the rage of Jupiter; called forth from the fiery heavens down to the mortal earth. Hadou #86, White Lightning Maelstrom.

Dancing Sparks - Hadou #87, 5500 Kidou

Description: The user gathers energy on their fingertips but not their thumbs. When the energy is fully gathered all eight bolts home straight onto their target. When the bolts strike they explode extremely violently almost certainly knocking the target of their feet. The explosions produce vast numbers of sparks that begin to dance over the target making countless small cuts until he or she rids themselves of the sparks. Each cut made by a spark is cauterized instantly, therefore they pose little threat to the recipient, however they do cause intense pain given the sheer number of them that exist. This effect lasts for two rounds or until the caster uses another spell.

Incantation: Dance across the skin of my foe. Let him feel the pain of a million cuts that will not bleed. Waltz across my enemy, charges of destruction. Cause him to cry out for mercy. Hadou #87, Dancing Sparks.

Hiryuu Gekizoku Shintenraihou (Flying Dragon Striking, Heaven-Shaking, Lightning Cannon) - Hadou #88, 5750 Kidou

Description: Fires a massive wave of pure lightning at the opponent. As might be guessed from the cost this is an exceptionally powerful spell that can cripple all but the most powerful opponents. The beam is 5m in diameter and travels up to 100m at full power.

Incantation: Heavens weep, gods tremble. Chaos usurps control over the skies and strikes down the guilty. Hadou #88, Hiryuu Gekizoku Shintenraihou.

Grand Cross - Hadou #89, 5800 Kidou

Description: The user thrusts their palms forward then separates them. A cross-shaped fissure 8m across is formed before them in the same motion that the user performs. A powerful searing light explodes from the gap and envelopes everything caught in its path.

Incantation: The great road intersects, life and death becoming one. Created only to be destroyed, the doomed world cries. Hadou #89, Grand Cross.

Kurohitsugi (Black Coffin) - Hadou #90, 6500 Kidou

Description: An extremely powerful Kidou used on a single opponent. A box of black energy forms around the target, which is then pierced by dozens of energy spears, lacerating the one inside from head to toe. The size of this attack can fit practically any single target.

Incantation: The crest of turbidity, seeping out. An insolent vessel of madness. Boiling up, denying numbness, blinking, obstructing slumber. The steel princess who creeps; the mud doll, ever disintegrating. Unite! Oppose! Filling the earth, know your own impotence! Hadou #90, Kurohitsugi.

Hadou #91-99

== Hadou #91-99 ==

Senju Kouten Taihou (Thousand Hand Bright Heavenly Flare) - Hadou #91, 6800 Kidou

Description: Summons numerous spears of light that appear in the air surrounding the user. As the spell is completed, the dozens of spears are all fired directly forward at once, bursting outward in a spread formation. On impact, each spear detonates in a 5m radius explosion of searing light.

Incantation: Limit of the thousands hands, sacred hands of unreachable darkness, shooting hands of the invisible sky. The path that drops light, wind that stirs up the embers; do not hesitate to gather, look at my fingers. Light bullets, eight bodies, nine articles, tome of heaven, diseased treasure, great wheel, grey turret. Aim far away and disappear brightly. Hadou #91, Senju Kouten Taihou!

Avalanche - Hadou #92, 7000 Kidou

Description: The user slams his/her hands into the ground, infusing it with kidou energy to a point where the ground ruptures and snow and ice erupts like lava erupts from a volcano. The large wave of snow and ice then rapidly flows towards the target, enveloping everything in snow with its icy grip. The wave is 10m thick and it has no definite width since the dense snow and ice will keep on flowing into every corner, destroying everything on its path.

As the snow rises upward, it will slowly begin to ice over, turning into a large sphere-like iceberg that traps all caught in it inside until it collapses violently, crushing everything caught within the attack.

Incantation: Nature herself descends, her wrath flows down gathering momentum to topple all that lies before her. The land itself is stripped bare beneath the white wave. Tremble piteous soul, seek warmth, and beg for mercy before the great mother’s icy will. Hadou #92 Avalanche

Gun no Kyousei (Army's Force) - Hadou #93, 8000 Kidou

Description: The user will hold out his zanpakutou and begin the chant, standing firmly. As the incantation begins, 80 translucent copies of the user's blade of varying colors will appear in their general area. Once the user finishes the chant, each copy will be absorbed by the original zanpakutou and transfer its strength. Once the absorption is completed, the blade will crackle with reiatsu and the kidou energy spent will be directly transferred into the striking power of the user's next strike.

Incantation: The kingdom's army, sworn to crush the enemy. The call to arms begins as each soldier takes up a weapon to defend their honor. As they march forward, eighty warriors race outward to drive back their many opponents to finish the war. Hadou #93, Gun no Kyousei!

Hyouga Seiran (Glacier Vapor Storm) - Hadou #94, 8250 Kidou

Description: The user thrusts their weapon forward after completing the spell. A massive wave of ice and snow crashes forward in a widening cone, capable of freezing its targets and the surrounding area up to 50m in front of the caster. The width of the cone is half of its length.

Incantation: Winter's breath, the glacial apocalypse. Forty-three ice floes, seventy-two white rivers. A gelid landscape remains. Hell itself freezes before the power to start an Ice Age. Hadou #94, Hyouga Seiran.

Cal - Hadou #95, 8500

Description: Focusing their magical powers into their hands, the caster of this spell summons a golden sword made of ethereal crystal and hurls it at their enemy. The sword bursts spontaneously, casting down a hail of lightning that strike the ground around the target. Red discs leap from the ground where lightning hits, spinning up to torso level only to erupt into shards.

Extremely visual, the purpose of the spells long demonstration is to create a sufficient distraction so that an enemy cannot detect when an actual strike is coming, eventually ending in thousands of deadly shards of energy ripping through them.

Incantation: Intertwining powers, eternal dancing, reach beyond powers yet unfathomed. Foul taint of the Dark, Blessed water of the Light, bring forth to my hands and sunder the world in my Name. Hadou #95, Cal.

Ittou Kasou (Single Blade Cremation) - Hadou #96, 8750 Kidou

Description: Reducing everything to ash, an immense sword of churning flames thrusts up from hell itself. The blade is fully 5m thick, stretches forward 15m ahead ahead, and reaches over 50m into the air. With a single, all-encompassing fwoosh the blade incinerates everything within its reach, instantly cremating all but the strongest of beings.

The blade returns to its cursed origins, leaving behind a molten trench where it appeared.

Incantation: Flesh, bones, souls, weapons, buildings, plants... all of life and all of mankind's innovations; existence itself, nothing more than ashes. Hadou #96, Ittou Kasou.

Blade Spirits - Hadou #97, 9000 Kidou

Description: Upon the utterance of this powerful kidou's incantation, a storm of swords appears overhead. Three vortexes of sharpened blades form around the target, climbing from the ground to the storm clouds overhead and filling the air with the cacophony of steel swords chiming and scraping against each other. These massive tornadoes rapidly converge on the target, drawing tighter and tighter, surrounding them in an endless stream of churning weapons.

At the end of the round, the storm rapidly expands back outward, the blades disappearing with the dark clouds.

Incantation: The edge of steel, roiling clouds, crashes of thunder, flashes of light. Dread as the darkness grows, quake as the wind howls, shrink back from the tumult of a thousand blades. Pain withstood through their creation, pain returned through their invocation. Hadou #97, Blade Spirits.

Meteor Rain - Hadou #98, 9500 Kidou

Description: One of the most powerful and dreaded kidou there is. Only known by a few shinigami and only allowed use in sparse situations, this can be deemed one of the forbidden arts.

When activated an ominous black cloud forms above the user's head, the cloud spirals about the caster feeding off the reiatsu pumped into the technique before exploding outward shrouding an area of 100m in an artificial night. In this darkness crimson tears begin to form overhead from which 1m long chunks of flaming rock pour forth decimating all caught in the kidou's shadow. The specific number is unknown but it is said to be almost over 100. Battle fields are reduced to nothing more than craters of smoldering ash in its wake.

Incantation: Children of the stars rage down onto the earth, and ravage the land. Converge and meld, ripping through the now doomed planet. Separate the heavens and the earth, crumbling everything into eternal nothingness. Hadou #98, Meteor Rain.

Shinzui (Quintessence) - Hadou #99, 10000 Kidou to learn, 3000 per attack

Description: Shinzui is the essential final element, the true meaning found in the Way of Destruction. It is the distillation of ideas into form: upon casting Shinzui, the user calls upon avatars of concept, physical manifestations that stand twice as tall as life. The caster may summon one or all, and their strength will increase accordingly. The spell affects a 15m radius per avatar summoned, up to 60m with all four.

Nadegiri (Clean Sweep)
A grey spell circle appears in front of and behind the target area.

The shimmering grey form of a samurai in full armor appears, wielding a nodachi. Nadegiri slashes at the air, forming large kanji that flies through the air toward the enemy, able to slice many opponents in one sweep. The amount of kanji and area covered increases with the amount paid into Shinzui.

Koukotsu (Uncompromising Bones)
A yellow spell circle appears under the target area.

A solid yellow form of a warrior monk appears, wearing a sleeveless kimono and half a breastplate. Koukotsu stomps the ground, causing a devastating earthquake in the target area. Kanji erupts upward in the form of stone spires. The affected area and amount of kanji increase with the amount paid into Shinzui.

Ryuusen (Flow Line)
A blue spell circle appears on both sides of the target area.

The wavy blue form of a spearman wearing dragon armor takes shape, wielding a wave-bladed ji. Ryuusen streams forward rapidly, arcing around and swinging his weapon from the side. Powerful waves surge forward, summoned by the movements, attacking in the form of kanji and crashing from one side to the next. The speed of the waves and amountof kanji increase with the amount paid into Shinzui.

Kasuiishi (Bursting Will)
A red spell circle appears above the target area.

The thrumming red form of a sage appears, with extravagant robes and a long beard and bearing a twisting staff with a skull on its top. Kasuiishi lifts his arms and brings down a rain of fire over the target area, shaped into kanji. This firestorm and the amount of kanji increases with the amount paid into Shinzui.

Incantation: Noble reason, infinite faculty. In form and movement both express and admirable. How like an angel, how like a god. Beauty of the world, paragon of animals. Behold the quintessence of dust! Hadou #99, Shinzui.

Extension: Zenrei (One's Whole Soul), 8000 Kidou

Description: Only possible after summoning all four avatars, once the four sets of symbols reach in the center of the blast zone, the caster may enact Zenrei, opening up his soul to utterly crush his targets once and for all. The affected area becomes an opening to the caster's inner world.

Those within the area partially cross the line between worlds, where the caster delivers one final attack with the force of their own spirit, a mental blast that directly damages the affected parties. Following the attack, the inner world disappears.

Incantation: My whole nature, my whole soul, my very spark itself. Hadou #99 part two, Zenrei.

Bakudou - The Path of Binding

Bakudou #1-30

== Bakudou #1-30 ==

Sai (Restrain) - Bakudou #1, 15 Kidou

Description: Ribbons of spiritual fabric invisibly bind the target's rams together. This is the most basic binding available.

Incantation: Hand of god, come down and bind the demon. Lock away that which offends and hold it in your grasp. Bakudou #1, Sai.

Extension: Nisai (Double Restraint), 20 Kidou

Description: The extension strengthens the original binding slightly and also binds the target's legs.

Incantation: Seal away their malevolent nature! Bakudou #1 part two, Nisai.

Blue Mist - Bakudou #2, 25 Kidou

Description: Covers a 3m radius area with a thick blanket of blue mist, which centers on the target, making it virtually impossible to see normally. The mist lasts for 10 seconds initially, but gains an additional ten seconds for every 100 the user has in kidou.

The range of the move also increases to 12m when the user reaches 1000 in kidou.

Incantation: Remove me from sight, blind their eyes. Do not allow this foe to hit their mark. Bakudou #2, Blue Mist.

Lockdown - Bakudou #3, 30 Kidou

Description: The user swipes a hand down their weapon, gathering the power it holds, and consolidates it with a continuous pulse of Kidou. Thereafter for a period of ten seconds, any limb struck by the affected hand is numbed and bound by restricting anti-active energies, increasing its cumbersomeness and restricting ease of use. One additional use of this effect is allowed per 1,000 points of Kidou before the spell must be re-cast.

Incantation: What I touch, I destroy; and what I love, I give unto the jaws of demise. Bakudou #3, Lockdown.

Hainawa (Crawling Rope) - Bakudou #4, 25 Kidou

Description: A rope of kidou energy extends up to 3m from the user's hand, wrapping around the opponent's limbs or body.

Incantation: Spinner of fate, unwind and cast yourself. Bakudou #4, Hainawa.

Mage Eye - Bakudou #5, 35 Kidou

Description: Upon casting, the user selects a spectrum, either Red, Blue or Green. The user's eyes start turn the selected color, distorting their vision.

With red eyes, the eyes are tuned to track heat signatures, viewing things in the infrared spectrum.

With green eyes, the eyes are tuned to see in relative darkness, acting like night vision goggles. Ambient light is greatly magnified, allowing the user to see in great darkness.

With blue eyes, the eyes are attuned to a spectrum of reiatsu, similar to heat vision. Objects which have no reiatsu or have cloaked reiatsu will appear as black, while sources of reiatsu glow blue.

The spell lasts until the user cancels it.

Incantation: Give vision life, make the intangibles tangible. Bakudou #5, Mage Eye.

Tensoku (Foot Binding) - Bakudou #6, 60 Kidou

Description: The caster stomps a foot on the ground and a glowing string of blue Kidou will chase the target's corresponding foot for a distance of 10m. When Tensoku manages to reach the target's foot, it will anchor his foot to the ground for one round.

Incantation: Atlas forbids Hermes' will. Bakudou #6, Tensoku.

Mujuuryou (Zero Gravity) - Bakudou #7, 70 Kidou

Description: For a brief seven seconds (less than one turn), the user is brought to a halt and gravity ceases to affect the caster. Their body is rapidly but safely decelerated and all downward acceleration on their body is nullified while the bakudou is in effect.

Incantation: Natural law undone! The world turned on its head, the apple high in the tree. Bakudou #7, Mujuuryou.

Seki - Bakudou #8, 60 Kidou

Description: Creates a small barrier just above one of the caster's limbs that acts as a thin shield. It's effective only for weaker hits, and is shattered after just a single hit.

Incantation: May I be protected from the evils of this world, and shielded from all harm! Bakudou #8, Seki!

Geki - Bakudou #9, 70 Kidou

Description: The user draws with his/her hand a red light ideogram in the air that vanishes as the cast begins. The bakudou painfully binds the enemy's entire body with a red pressure, causing pain and muscle contraction.

Incantation: Disintegrate, you black dog of Rondanini! Look upon yourself with horror and then claw out your own throat! Bakudou #9, Geki!

Extension: Hourin (Disintegrating Circle), 75 Kidou

Description: The pressure solidifies into an orange- and yellow-patterned tendril. The end of it remains in the hands of the user allowing them to control the path of the tendril before and after capture. The tendril causes similar pain to Geki.

Incantation: Unwind as you tear out your own throat! Bakudou #9 part two, Hourin!

Sealing Rings - Bakudou #10, 65 Kidou

Description: Three yellow rings form around the target's body. One around the upper body, one around the lower body, and one around the legs. The rings close in on the target, temporary binding them, and placing a hard squeeze on them at the same time.

Incantation: The first ring comes in the morn. The second ring seals in the afternoon. The final ring binds at the day's dusk. Bakudou #10, Sealing Rings.

Ghost Fire - Bakudou #11, 70 Kidou

Description: Summons up to five small floating balls of fire that can be any color of the caster's choosing. These fires will last until caster dismisses them. They cannot burn anything but will cast a light in a 3m radius area. The floating fire can be ordered to move in any direction though it usually only goes at a walking pace.

The flames can be also ordered to stick to a target and it will do so regardless of speed. This makes that person easier to see and find. It costs an extra 70 Kidou per attached flame per round to keep this effect active.

Incantation: Show me the way through the marshes. Cut a path through the darkness. Be my guide in the night. Bakudou #11, Ghost Fire.

Break of Dusk - Bakudou #12, 75 Kidou

Description: Shrouds an area in low-visibility darkness within a 5m radius, starting from the user.

The user locks his/her fingers together and, as the incantation finishes, spreads them widely around his/her area, bursting out several wavelengths of Kidou and Reiatsu that shade the air particles about the area pitch-black. Useful especially for those who favor the darkness and adapt well to low-visibility. Lasts for 3 rounds plus one round per 1,000 Kidou.

When the user becomes skilled (reaches 2000 Kidou) they then have the ability to double Break of Dusk's range.

Incantation: Blacken the night deeper, o watcher of life. Veil, hide, cast away your foolish pride. Bakudou #12, Break of Dusk.

Fushibi - Bakudou #13, 85 Kidou + cost of Hadou

Description: Makes a large net in which the caster can store a single Hadou that triggers when touched, attacking the intruder.

Incantation: Bind my enemies with a web, destroy them with their own desires. Bakudou #13, Fushibi.

Kansei - Bakudou #14, 85 Kidou + cost of Bakudou

Description: Kansei (also known as Trap) is a kidou that allows the user to place a time release bakudou anywhere they wish (as long as the surface is solid). The user chants this kidou then presses their hands against the ground with the bakudou of their choice in mind. The earth lets out a small glow as the energy is infused in it but the light then fades. When the specified time is up or when the target steps in the designated area, the bakudou is sprung. The trap zone cannot exceed 3m.

Incantation: Let those who blindly walk forward be punished for their arrogance with damnation. Bakudou #14, Kansei.

Shouaku - Bakudou #15, 100 Kidou

Description: The user casts out a hand and can reach out invisibly to grab and then manipulate any item in immediate sight, within 20m. The strength depends on the strength of the caster's own arm.

The kidou can't form a grip on living reiatsu. Shouaku also requires the caster to manipulate the kidou's grip with one of their hands. It is not precise enough to wield a weapon in combat, but can perform acts of brute force, such as throwing, pulling, or lifting.

Shouaku's effect lasts for two turns, but the caster can pay the reiatsu cost again to keep the kidou active.

Incantation: The hands of the gods bridge the gaps between realms, reveling in the subjugation of distance's awe. Bakudou #15, Shouaku.

Familiar Stranger - Bakudou #16, 120 Kidou

Description: The user of this spell takes the form of someone at random from the target's mind. The spell perfectly mimics their looks, voice, and even smell. However the user of the spell doesn’t know whose form they've taken unless it's given away by their target. Even then they can still be found out by doing things that are suspicious or that the target knows the person wouldn't do.

This spell affects all who see the user, each person seeing someone from their mind, making it risky to use near groups. The spell lasts for three turns before wearing off, however if the user recasts the spell on any turn before it wears off they gain three more turns with it, starting after the turn they recast it, with the same guise.

Incantation: Clay, flesh of the father, cover me. Bakudou # 16, Familiar Stranger.

Earthen Maw - Bakudou #17, 120 Kidou

Description: Creates incredibly strong tendrils of dirt to spring from the ground and ensnare the arms and legs of the opponent.

Because the nature of the tendrils is somewhat tricky, the caster must be close to the target. 10m is the maximum. Otherwise the strength won't be sufficient to hold the opponent.

Incantation: Ensnaring sands, fleeting winds, bind yourself to mine enemy. And cease his movements. Bakudou #17, Earthen Maw.

Aura Bubble - Bakudou #18, 145 Kidou

Description: A simple spell that creates an 8m spherical shell of energy around a point of faint green light that floats over the caster's current position. Unlike most barriers, Aura Bubble does nothing to keep malicious forces out. Instead, it merely alerts the caster to objects and beings that pass through the barrier. The caster can move into or out of the area, but can only have one Aura Bubble active at one time.

Incantation: Master of the seventh ring, inform me of the sinner's trespass. Bakudou #18, Aura Bubble.

Sticky Draw - Bakudou #19, 150 Kidou

Description: Freezes a sword in whatever it's encased in. If not already pulled from its sheath, the opponent won't be able to draw their zanpakutou out of its sheath. This spell's effect lasts one round, and the sword can be drawn by destroying whatever is surrounding it.

Incantation: Hades! Unleash your charges! Zombies erupt from the underworld and manifest! Groan into my foe's sheath and cling to the soul of their slayer. Let go on pain of death. Bakudou #19, Sticky Draw.

Spectrum - Bakudou #20, 150 Kidou

Description: The user releases a bright flash from their hands, a flash that temporarily blinds their opponent. However, the blinding effect only works for 3 seconds. Afterwards, the victim(s) of the spell will find their eyes seeing their environs in a color of the user's choice (black and white, however, will just make the targets vision really dark or really bright but still with 50% of their seeing ability).

While this may not seem all that powerful, the purpose of Spectrum is to prevent opponents from seeing an attack of a certain color that coloring being whatever the user picks. Because of the incantation, the attacks colored the same as the chosen spectrum will appear as invisible to the inflicted target. This spell lasts for 2 of the user's turns before it is released.

Incantation: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet. Black to white, the world to the unknown. Bakudou #20, Spectrum.

Sekienton (Red Smoke Escape) - Bakudou #21, 200 Kidou

Description: Thrusting his palms against a surface, the caster conjures a large veiling red cloud that puffs forwards, engulfing everything in front of him. The red smoke is made of a pepper-like substance that causes irritation in the eyes, nostrils, mouth, throat and even the skin.

Incantation: The bleeding Auriga rides through the void desert. The ascending cloud forsakes the blind hermit. Bakudou #21, Sekienton.

Material Summon - Bakudou #22, 200 Kidou

Description: This kidou can summon a single item no larger than the caster. The item appears in the user's hand or on the ground within 2m of their location.

While useful for transferring important, fragile items or large, bulky ones, the spell cannot be used on a living being or on a zanpakuto. The caster must know the exact location of the item and it cannot be in another being's possession.

Incantation: Traversing the space of the world in the time of an instant. The laws of distance cease to exist. Bakudou #22, Material Summon.

Clay - Bakudou #23, 200 Kidou

Description: The ground below the target grows soft, turning to mud. The mud crawls up the targets legs, binding them in place as if it were very thick glue. The mud continues to flow until it completely covers the legs (which takes one full round), it then keeps the target locked in place until they break free. Dispelling this bakudou will not withdraw the mud, it will only prevent it from climbing further.

Incantation: Noble stone, unmovable force. Bend to my will and aid me. Take this stray lamb back under guidance and bestow upon them all truths. Bakudou #23, Clay.

Bansoukou - Bakudou #24, 150 Kidou

Description: A thick padding of spiritons gathers at the users hands and feet. While this spell is active, the user gains the ability to latch onto walks by pressing up against them with said appendages. The compression even allows the user to run on vertical structures with ease. The user's jumping power is also doubled while in this spell is active.

Incantation: Make my flesh adhesive, and bind my soul to stone. Bestow upon to me the reptile's birthright, Bakudou #24, Bansoukou.

Atlas - Bakudou #25, 270 Kidou

Description: In Greek mythology the titan Atlas was punished by the god Zeus to forever bear the Heavens on his shoulders after the war of the titans against the Olympians. This spell will conjure a weight (prior to connecting it is visible as a box of rippling air) that falls from the air above the opponent, with an aim to land on the opponent's shoulders, making their arms incredibly heavy. Thus their capability to strike quickly with their arms is hindered. If it hits, it will visually be invisible.

Incantation: Weight of the World on your shoulders, suffer your punishment. Bear the Heavens or all shall fall. No rest for the weary, no sleep for the wretched. Bakudou #25, Atlas!

Kyokko - Bakudou #26, 500 Kidou

Description: Can hide a single kidou from sight, but since it must be cast on an existing kidou, it cannot be used on short-lived spells like projectile Hadou, unless the caster uses the Arcanist tech Mahoubai or its equivalent.

Incantation: Blind them from what they think they see, hide my power from what they think they know. Make them ignorant of my strength. Bakudou #26, Kyokko.

Keeji - Bakudou #27, 100 Kidou

Description: Immediately after the spell is cast, a square-sided steel bar cage surrounds the opponent. The bars are 3 inches in diameter, and confine a person inside. This lasts two rounds plus one round per 1000 Kidou.

Incantation: Halt! Confine to these bars, Bakudou #27, Keeji!

Anchor - Bakudou #28, 325 Kidou

Description: The user of this kidou shoots their energy out in the form of a thick strap. The strap wraps around the target's torso, and then an energy spike shoots from it. The spike will either drag the victim back 8m or burrow into whatever hits it before then. When that spike hits something (or burrows into the ground), three more spikes will shoot out in all directions. The spikes will bind the victim in their spot. The spell lasts one full round after anchoring the target.

The spell can also be used on the self or an ally to withstand against raging winds or torrents of water which threaten to blow them away.

Incantation: The titans curse the chosen, forcing them to carry their great burden. Bind and restraint, O' demon's chain. The sinister blight renewed once again. Bakudou #28, Anchor.

Threshold - Bakudou #29, 290 Kidou

Description: Deadens the body and makes the user incapable of feeling pain for a limited amount of time. The user ignores cuts, bruises, and broken bones that they have. The side effect is that it is very possible to bleed to death, since while the kidou is in effect you feel like you're in perfect health. It becomes near impossible to tell the extent of your injuries. Unfortunately, when the kidou wears off prepare yourself since with severe injuries you'll probably be overwhelmed with pain if not rendered unconscious. Lasts for a maximum of four rounds.

Incantation: Kill the senses, deaden this body! Restrain any pain that could be inflicted! Bakudou #29, Threshold!

Shitotsu Sansen (Beak-piercing Triple Beam) - Bakudou #30, 300 Kidou

Description: While reciting the incantation, the caster gathers Kidou energy on his hands, drawing an inverted luminous triangle in the air. Each vertex of the triangle turns into a glowing talon, of about 1m. When the incantation is finished, the fangs are shot forward, binding the target to the nearest solid surface.

For this Bakudou to work effectively, the target needs to be between a close solid surface and Shitotsu Sansen's shooting direction.

Incantation: Three sparrows fall from heaven. The fallen Garuda faces the sky. Bakudou #30, Shitotsu Sansen.

Bakudou #31-50

== Bakudou #31-50 ==

Clone - Bakudou #31, 300 Kidou

Description: Creates a fake human body composed of kidou energy. If based on the user, it is practically impossible to tell the two apart. Its speed, power, and resilience, however, are identical to those of a normal human being, and it possesses no Reiatsu. The clone lasts about ten minutes.

Incantation: Rise, my puppet, and take on flesh! Bakudou #31, Clone!

Tangent - Bakudou #32, 320 Kidou

Description: One of the fastest working barrier spells around, it is a speedy and relatively easy going counter. Chanting the short incantation, an instantaneous burst of energy flares in front of the user, lasting only for a split second. It is capable of blocking strikes at the user's own strength or lower. If any physical contact with the Tangent barrier is made, the opponent will be knocked off his/her feet, sent flying backwards roughly 8m, though not hurt. All the combined effects of this spell happen in less than a second from the completion of the incantation, making it light but hard to evade.

Incantation: Aggressive and agile, Bakudou #32, Tangent!

Sandals of Hermes - Bakudou #33, 350 Kidou

Description: Hermes possessed sandals that enabled him to fly or glide across the ground. This kidou is based off of those legendary sandals. The winds will gather underneath the user's feet as the incantation is spoken. The winds will then form a sphere under each foot which allows the user to move on the ground as if they were skating.

While active, it gives the user the ability to hover for short periods of time. That is to say when running off objects or jumping, they can move forward at the height for a few seconds before falling once more. Furthermore, it reduces the strain on the user's legs during elongated periods of running, increasing their general endurance. This kidou lasts for three turns before it must be cast again to refresh the effect.

Incantation: Soar thine wings of the messenger and evade the downfall of nations! Bakudou #33, Sandals of Hermes.

Iron Bastion - Bakudou #34, 375 Kidou

Description: Immediately after the incantation, a wall of energy erupts from the ground and stands in front of the user. The barrier is rectangular: 1m wide, and 3m high. It is especially effective in blocking hits from zanpakutou and other physical weapons, but somewhat weak against energy-based attacks.

Incantation: Rise oh maddening gala of the earth, erupt in your imperial wall! Bakudou #34, Iron Bastion.

Cursed Mark - Bakudou #35, 400 Kidou

Description: This spell fires a small beam of kidou at the target, inscribing an intricate mark around the area of impact. This target will stay on the effected target for three rounds. This mark sends out a homing beacon to the caster's kidou, causing the first kidou to home in on the target. Kidou more than 3 times the cost of Cursed Mark are unaffected.

Incantation: Powers of clairvoyance. Guiding hand of the gods. Lead me to the true path, Bakudou #35, Cursed Mark.

Yusuru - Bakudou #36, 450 Kidou

Description: The user sends a concentrated wave of energy out across the ground in a 3m radius. The wave itself is harmless, but it has a destabilizing effect. This wave of energy sends a nagging current through your opponent's legs, temporary encasing them in an electromagnetic field. Once activated, whenever the spiritons in a person's body starts to move at a rapid speed (say with shunpo) the spell will cause the spiritons to regroup by forcing them together. The user is then stopped in their tracks. This spell lasts for 2 rounds once activated, and can stay dormant on the victim for up to 5 rounds.

Incantation: Bind the soul and clasp the spirit. Stop all deviancy, and strip it of its freedom. Bakudou #36, Yusuru.

Tsuriboshi - Bakudou #37, 450 Kidou

Description: Creates an elastic net of energy within a certain area that is able to capture and secure one person within itself.

Incantation: Gods of the heavens, shine thy helping hand upon the Earth. Protect thy faithful servant! Bakudou #37, Tsuriboshi!

Hinome (Sunlight) - Bakudou #38, 500 Kidou

Description: Hinome allows the user to manipulate the heat energy of the sun to form thick strips of their own reiatsu to physically bind an opponent. The strips must be concentrated around a certain area of the body (e.g., the arms, the legs) and once set in place, will cause burns on the area bound. The binding itself is instantaneous.

While the spell can be cast anywhere, if used an area of high sunlight, the burn will double in intensity.

To cast this, the user holds one palm up toward the source of sunlight while aiming the other toward their opponent. The bindings will come forth from the latter.

Incantation: Called down from the heavens above, drawing strength from the spirit of a god, bind and burn my foe to protect me, a child of the sun. Bakudou #38, Hinome.

Enkosen (Arc Shield) - Bakudou #39, 475 Kidou

Description: As the name implied this forms a round shield of energy directly before the user. The shield isn't particularly strong but it is capable of deflecting kidou of an equal or lower cast cost. It dissipates directly after having been struck. As with all shield kidou this can be cast very quickly.

Incantation: Shield me from the blows of my enemy. Bakudou #39, Enkosen.

Surveillance Clone - Bakudou #40, 600 Kidou

Description: Creates four identical copies of the user. These clones possess no discretionary Reiatsu. These copies all have the same senses as the caster, including buffs and debuffs active at the time of casting. Attacks will destroy one of these clones in a single hit, and the clones naturally expire after ten minutes. All sensory data experienced by a clone are transmitted to the caster when a given clone expires, as if the caster had experienced it themselves.

Incantation: New eyes, observe my enemy, record his iniquities, judge his fate. Bakudou #40, Surveillance Clone!

Dark Claw - Bakudou #41, 500 Kidou + 500 Demon's Claw

Description: A pool of endless darkness appears under the target, shadowy claws jumping from the pool. The claws endlessly hunt down the person, following them for up to one full round before they dissipate. Once caught, they drag the target into the pool, a sphere of pure darkness appearing from the pool and levitating in the air with the person for two rounds before disappearing.

Incantation: Fiend's hand of the dark spectre. Return from the bowels of the underworld and do my bidding. Bakudou #41, Dark Claw.

Extension: Demon's Claw, 500 Kidou

Description: The user of this spell reaches into the sphere. While it looks like they're just reaching in to them, to the captured opponent it looks like a giant demon's claw is inside the sphere. While in action, any action the user takes, the hand will do the same. If the person does a strangling motion with their hand, the giant hand will wrap itself around the target and squeeze tightly, and so on.

Incantation: Fiend's hand of the demonic phantasm. Unleash your madness at my call. Bakudou #41 part two, Demon's Claw.

Pseudo Blade - Bakudou #42, 600 Kidou

Description: Upon casting, a translucent copy of the user's zanpakuto, with identical weight and heft, will appear either in an open hand or in the ground near their feet. Regardless of the current state of release, the copied zanpakuto will be in its sealed state (for users of permanent release, it will be in the shape of an asauchi).

The pseudo blade's durability is determined by the caster's Kidou stat, but it only lasts for three rounds. The user may renew it by paying the cost once again.

Incantation: The forge, the anvil, searing heat, cooling water. The smith's domain within my reach, and the results in my hand. Bakudou #42, Pseudo Blade.

Aquatic Cell - Bakudou #43, 600 Kidou

Description: This spell creates a column of water and binds the target within it. The conjured spire of liquid's width and height is determined by the caster's Kidou Stat, but is always able to completely engulf the enemy. Aquatic Cell is very rich in oxygen and allows living things without gills to breathe.

Incantation: Let the wave-tossed Undine appear from sleep and submerge the enemy into the riverbed! Aquatic Cell!

Extension: Aquatic Coffin, 300 Kidou

Description: As an extension the oxygen can also be cut off to drown the target inside.

Incantation: Let the wave-tossed Undine appear from sleep and submerge the enemy into the ocean depths, for the enemy too will sleep. Bakudou #43 part two, Aquatic Coffin.

Sandstorm - Bakudou #44, 620 Kidou

Description: The user stomps their foot on the ground sending their Reiatsu under the opponent. It then shoots upwards dislodging chunks of the earth beneath them before spinning it at high speeds, trapping the opponent in a miniature storm with a 1m radius centered on the user. In the eye of the storm the target remains unharmed, but should they try to push away from the storm, they are bombarded by deadly debris. The storm lasts for two rounds before dissipating.

Incantation: Spin and dance in the maddening gyre, reduce my enemy to the dust from which he came. Bakudou #44 Sandstorm.

Beast Fangs - Bakudou #45, 700 Kidou

Description: The user raises their hand, clenching the fingers like fangs. A large red jaw (about 2m large) then shoots from that fist, fangs formed from pure kidou energy. The fangs latch onto the target, trapping them in its grasp and biting down on them harder and harder until the spell dissipates two rounds later.

Incantation: The moon glows red, the wolf baring its teeth. Eclipsing shadows of death enveloping its unlucky victims and carrying them on to the underworld. Bakudou #45, Beast Fangs.

Ningyō Tsukaiken - Bakudou #46, 600 Kidou

Description: Ningyō Tsukaiken creates a perfect imitation of the caster. The caster imbues the clone with enough reiatsu to perform a single potent melee attack before vanishing. Choosing either Hakuda or Zanjutsu (not both), the caster gives their clone striking power equal to half of the chosen stat. The effect lasts for as long as the clone is in play. When zanjutsu is the chosen stat, the caster may supply the clone with a weapon, should the clone not already possess one.

Incantation: My fury extends to my brother. Let him strike down the enemy I cannot. Bakudou #46, Ningyō Tsukaiken!

Lazarus - Bakudou #47, 750 Kidou

Description: This kidou makes the user appear dead to the world having all the appearance of a corpse. If examined the user will show no vital signs though all senses will work for them. This effect lasts for one round per 1000 Kidou or until the user cancels it.

Incantation: Shepherd me where they cannot venture. Take me beyond the gates of death and leave open the door so that I may rise again. Bakudou #47, Lazarus.

Gorogoro (Thundering Purring) - Bakudou #48, 800 Kidou

Description: Upon casting, a swarm of cat-shaped balls of lightning rain out of the sky around the targeted area. The cats thrum with power, making a distinct purring noise audible from several feet away. While not sapient, the lightning cats react to movement, immediately pouncing at anything that moves too much or too quickly, friend or foe. The cats will remain where they are for two rounds after being cast before dissipating -- staying still or moving very slowly may spare a person from attack. The kidou can be continued by paying the cost again. Each does 5% of the total damage, although most will usually swarm the same target.

Incantation: The skies break open and thunder pours down. Tremble and see the sparks lunge. Bakudou #48, Gorogoro.

Control Doll - Bakudou #49, 600 Kidou + cost of Bakudou used (if any)

Description: A technique that includes two different variations that can be used at any time. The first ability is simple. Using their own energy, the wielder has the ability to form a doll that looks just like them. The doll can looks, talks, and even smells like the user of the spell. This makes it extremely hard to tell the difference between the user and the doll. The doll itself lasts for about 10 minutes and can be used for anything from a decoy to an espionage tool. However, the doll lacks zanpakutou and kidou abilities, so it cannot stand combat too long since its reiatsu is only 10% that of the caster's. This reiatsu only measures the doll's durability, and cannot be used to power techniques.

One surprise the doll has is that it can have a binding spell imprinted on its body. The user can cast a binding spell on their control doll which will be absorbed by the doll so that when it is destroyed, the spell will automatically activate on the attacker.

Incantation: Finesse of a God, Hand of a puppeteer. Give me power over all that lives and breathes. Grant me the will to make and break the dreams to which I see fit. Bakudou #49, Control Doll.

Ginshinrin (Silver Forest) - Bakudou #50, 750 Kidou

Description: A 5m radius area sprouts a forest of shining metal trees, the branches interlocking overhead. Though the trees are only a few inches in diameter, they are tightly packed, with only about three feet between each, making it difficult to swing long weapons.

Incantation: Seed, sprout, grow, spread your majestic crown. Silver cherry blossoms frozen on the wind. Bakudou #50, Ginshinrin.

Bakudou #51-70

== Bakudou #51-70 ==

Shade - Bakudou #51, 850 Kidou + 1.5x cost of Hadou

Description: Shade creates a darker-hued imitation of the caster. The caster imbues the clone with enough reiatsu to cast a single hadou at 1.5x its normal cost. After releasing the hadou, the shade disperses.

Incantation: Arise, shadow of the soul. Take form and do my bidding. Bakudou #51, Shade.

Teiryuu (Halt) - Bakudou #52, 630 Kidou

Description: A binding spell. When the user of this kidou is attacked at close range, the user sends out a short wave or energy. The energy shoots out for a maximum range of 2m.

When the spell is shot out, the binds contract around the part of the user's body where they've concentrated the most power (usually the same part they're attacking with). The binds then freeze that weapon or appendage in place for two round.

However, while the spell is in play, the caster cannot use the palm they cast the spell with.

Incantation: Freeze the warrior's blood. The planets stand still in horror, and look upon their own futility. Bakudou #52, Teiryuu.

Tenjiku Botan Kousei (Steel Dahlia) - Bakudou #53, 650 Kidou

Description: The caster summons a flurry of silver-colored cactus dahlias, which swirl out to fill the air in a 3m radius, slowly drifting down to settle on the ground. Despite their frail appearance, each flower is hard as steel and razor sharp, slicing through clothing and skin in an instant.

Incantation: Scion of beauty, paragon of war. From the haunting groves of vibrant dreams to lay a silver carpet upon the floor, waiting to blossom into crimson. Bakudou #53, Tenjiku Botan Kousei.

Black Tide - Bakudou #54, 775 Kidou

Description: A defensive spell, Black Tide works by forcefully ejecting the target and all surrounding beings away from the user. When activated, a large burst of black wind will shoot from the user in all directions. The wave acts as a barrier and pushes away all things in the user's way, launching them up to 10m back.

Also, if the target is directly in the user's vicinity when the spell is active, the effected target(s) will go through a momentary bound of exhaustion because of the detrimental effects on the spell on the target(s).

Incantation: Surround, Dark Wind! Protect the fragile soul and wash away all ill intent. Bakudou #54, Black Tide.

Diamond Dust - Bakudou #55, 780 Kidou

Description: The user of the kidou freezing over the moisture surrounding their opponent, giving the air a slight twinkle. That is the last thing the person is able to see before their body is surrounded in ice.

Incantation: Dance, playful sprite. Spin and twirl, clash and freeze. Let the mystic dance, entrance. Bakudou #55, Diamond Dust.

Material Freeze - Bakudou #56, 800 Kidou

Description: Expanding their own reiatsu from the body, the user creates a spiritual bubble which effectively acts as a Pause Button, stopping the movement for any object or creature with very low reiatsu. The technique works on ordinary humans, animals, buildings, pavement, trees, items, and spiritual creatures with lower reiatsu than the spell cost. Unaffected people within the field can still move any object normally, but that object will not move on its own, so projectiles will freeze in mid-flight. The technique affects a radius of 10m from the caster and will last 3 rounds before disappearing.

Incantation: Time is relative, space is personal. Bend both to my will and create a world all my own! Bakudou #56, Material Freeze!

Amagoi (Rain Prayer) - Bakudou #57, 800 Kidou

Description: The user cups their hands together and creates a miniature cloud of reishi inside of it, then releases it into the air above. The atmosphere changes as the clouds darken, blocking the sun and swelling up with water. The energy released into the sky causes a twenty meter radius area to have a downpour of rain on it. The rain lowers visibility and causes everything to be overrun with water, much like flooding. The air's moisture content greatly increases and the ambient temperature will drop low enough for one to see their own breath. The kidou lasts for three turns and gains an additional turn for every 1000 kidou the user has, maxing out at ten turns.

With a greater moisture content in the air and the abundance of water, the next water or iced based kidou has its duration extended by one turn (if it is a constant effect) or its range extended by five meters in the case of projectiles or direct attacks. This can be applied to only one kidou. The rain and temperature change will not end until the spell has run its course. This has no effect on any fire or heat based kidou.

Incantation: The deity of the skies, bound to her clouds. The celestial of the rock, confined to his mountain. The deity laments, connecting heaven and Earth for an instant with her sorrow. Bakudou #57, Amagoi.

Kakushi Tsuijyaku (Summoning of the Tracking Sparrows) - Bakudou #58, 730 Kidou

Description: Tracks and locates any spiritual force the user focuses on. To activate it, the user must draw a circle on the ground, cut into four parts with a specific character in each. The incantation animates the circle, causing various numbers to appear within until the specific set is found. The number set gives a location in a fashion similar to longitude and latitude.

This spell only works when the target is within the same realm as the caster (You can't cast it in Soul Society to find someone on earth, Hueco Mundo, etc). Additionally, the caster must be familiar with the target's reiatsu they are looking for, in order to seek out their presence. Reiatsu cloaking and dampening abilities will make the spell ineffective or confuse the results.

Incantation: Heart of the south, eye of the north, finger of the west, foot of the east, arrive with the wind and depart with the rain. Bakudou #58, Kakushitsuijaku!

Kaiousei no Tate - Bakudou #59, 780 Kidou

Description: A barrier Kidou that focuses on blocking large-scale strikes as opposed to more concentrated attacks; Kaiousei no Tate utilizes the water vapor found in the air and condenses it at the shape of a perfectly rectangular wall of water in front of the user. The barrier's height can range from two-stories high to a small sky-scraper's size, and its width stands in inverse proportion to its vertical size - the taller Kaiousei no Tate is made out to be, the narrower it'll be on the vertical axis, and vice-versa. Successful manipulation of size comes with experience, and most new users of Kaiousei no Tate will find out that at first they are only able to execute the Kidou in its minimal measurements on both axes.

Being made entirely out of water, Kaiousei no Tate works by the known principle that the larger the area of an object hitting the surface of water, the stronger the impact and force applied on the object; thus Kaiousei no Tate is a barrier that works best when faced against huge blasts or very large physical attacks, even of otherwise insurmountable power, while attacks that are more precise (such as by a sword or Byakurai) will easily pierce the water surface regardless of their strength.

Due to its way of forming, which drains all water vapor from the nearby area (the size of which is determined by the size of the barrier), after Kaiousei no Tate's execution the perimeter around it will become parched and hot, affecting all abilities and techniques that are related to the atmosphere around their users (for example, a fire-elemental Advent Human's ability would most likely work slightly better, while a Kidou spell such as Aisu would lose most of its efficiency).

To cast this spell the user needs to simply place an open palm in front of his/her body with the elbow locked and move each digit in succession, create a sort of a traveling wave motion.

Incantation: Four corners of the ocean, the king's trident strikes the surface of the pool, the drops all gather at the lowest point, throw the pebble and it will bounce forever. Bakudou #59, Kaiousei no Tate.

Glass Veil - Bakudou #60, 995 Kidou

Description: An extremely difficult Bakudou to implement. Uses Kidou energy to bend light around the caster. Also dampens the caster's spirit pressure to hide their presence. Does not allow for quick movements, as the shimmers in the spell can be seen. This spell is ideal for scouting, spying, hiding from pursuit, and laying an ambush.

Incantation: Blind them from what they think they see, hide me from they think they know. Make them ignorant of my presence. Bakudou #60, Glass Veil.

Rikujoukourou (Six Rods Prison of Light) - Bakudou #61, 900 Kidou

Description: Summons six thin, but wide, beams of light that slam into a target's midsection, holding them in place and immobilizing their limbs with intense pressure.

This binding boasts longevity over most bindings, only losing 1/6th of its strength (150) with each passing round, represented by a beam of light shattering.

Incantation: Carriage of thunder. Gap of the spinning wheel. Divide this light into six pieces. Bakudou #61, Rikujoukourou.

HyappoRankan (Hundred Stepped Rails) - Bakudou #62, 1000 Kidou

Description: The user forms a hex-sided rod of energy before throwing it at his opponent. In the air this then splits into one hundred identical rods that chase after the target. The rods will pierce through the target and pin them to the nearest surface. No more than five of the rods can pierce a target at any given time, however.

Incantation: Pin the foe, pierce his flesh and hold him firm, do not let him move. Bakudou #62, HyappoRankan.

Saju Sabaku (Winding Binding Chains) - Bakudou #63, 1200 Kidou

Description: The caster faces its palm towards the opponent in a gripping-like gesture while a serpentine luminous chain, 5m long, materializes around the caster's hand and rushes towards the target, entangling itself around him. Immobile, the target is subdued by the seizing chain's weight and is forced towards the ground or nearest surface.

Incantation: Castling titan. Serpentine wind. Forsaken by your own greed. The endless chain entangles the dying sun. Bakudou #63, Saju Sabaku.

Sinking Shadow - Bakudou #64, 1200 Kidou

Description: This spell can only be cast on a target which is at least 50% covered in a shadow. Areas where the shadow covers the target's body are immobilized, and black energy covers the areas of densest shadow on the target's body.

Incantation: Shadows are deeper than you think; step on one and you'll get sucked into the drink! Bakudou #64, Sinking Shadow.

Radiant Run - Bakudou #65, 1350 Kidou

Description: After chanting this kidou, the user emits light from one hand-- The user can instantly move themselves to any point illuminated by that light. The light can be reflected by a clever user, making this kidou able to cross vast distances instantly. If they know the area well, they can travel up to 100m.

Incantation: Portals of the neutral world, lend your use to me! Allow me to step through your lands freely! Bakudou #65, Radiant Run!

Water Walk - Bakudou #66, 1350 Kidou

Description: After chanting this kidou, the user steps into a puddle that is bigger than they are, and comes out of a puddle in a different area. If the person is unfamiliar with the area, they are limited to what they can see, either by their own sight or by the use of kidou. If they know the area well, they can travel up to 100m.

Incantation: Portals of the neutral world, lend your use to me! Allow me to step through your lands freely! Bakudou #66, Water Walk!

Step of Shadows - Bakudou #67, 1350 Kidou

Description: After chanting this kidou, the user steps into an area of shadows that is bigger than they are, and comes out of the shadows in a different area. The shadow must be of an object and not of a person, including their own shadow. If the person is unfamiliar with the area, they are limited to what they can see, either by their own sight or by the use of kidou. If they know the area well, they can travel up to 100m.

Incantation: Portals of the neutral world, lend your use to me! Allow me to step through your lands freely! Bakudou #67, Step of Shadows!

Kageryuu Kizouhin - Bakudou #68, 1500 Kidou

Description: The user touches their palms as if praying. As they do this, their energy forms above them in the shape of a dragon. Their energy then scatters and is used to manipulate any shadows or darkness in the area for five rounds. This effect has an effective radius of 10m.

Incantation: Guardian of the night sky, conceal the movements of your servant. Eclipse of the Sun and Moon! Bakudou #68, Kageryuu Kizouhin!

Death Rose - Bakudou #69, 1400 Kidou

Description: The user forces their reiatsu in to the earth. Four large vines the size of tree trunks then shoot up around the general proximity of the target. The vines circle the target and begin to twist as they shoot up high into the sky, large thorns starting to protrude out of the sides of the vines and digging into the body of the captured.

As they twist, the space between the target and the vines is closed and the target is soon caught in the middle without any hope of escape, only left to be shredded by the thorns and crushed by the girth of the vines as they close in over it. When the vines are done twisting up to the sky, large crystalline spikes shoot out of the top, making it look much like a rose.

Incantation: Beauty from death, entwine about my enemy. Let your face rise toward the heavens as their blood feeds your roots. Shame all who look upon you with hubris in their hearts, for you outshine them all. Bakudou #69, Death Rose.

Mage Aura - Bakudou #70, 1500 Kidou

Description: The user's Reiatsu field becomes visible and three white glowing stars appear above the caster's head. When the caster is struck by a Hadou, if the cost of that Hadou is less than the amount paid to cast this kidou, that Hadou is sealed for three rounds, after which it is released. Hadou of a greater cost are unaffected. This spell can only seal one spell of one opposing caster at a time.

Incantation: Fear not! The enemy's wrath will be their downfall! Bakudou #70, Mage Aura!

Bakudou #71-90

== Bakudou #71-90 ==

Chikara Tsuku - Bakudou #71, 1600 Kidou

Description: The caster holds their hand out, palm downward, and then abruptly lifts it upward. Following the motion of the hand, a tangle of leafy reddish-purple vines spurts up from the ground and wraps around the target's limbs. Though the leaves themselves are safe, the vines are extremely poisonous, causing rashes on contact with the skin. The vines are extremely tough, but if torn or cut the poison will seep out, thinning the target's blood on contact and preventing wounds from closing.

By the end of the first round, purplish-red camellia flowers will bloom along the vine.

Incantation: Stretch skyward, envenomed tendrils. Share with the world the wages of vanity, the hidden thorn of the guileless plant. Bakudou #71, Chikara Tsuku.

Energy Clone - Bakudou #72, 1250 Kidou

Description: Creates an identical clone of the caster. If the caster of this kidou is struck by an opponent's attack while this spell is active, the caster automatically swaps places with the clone at the moment of impact. Only one Energy Clone may be active at a time, and that clone cannot stray more than 20m from its caster. While this kidou is active, the caster cannot use any Hadou.

Incantation: Mirror hide my weakness, water conceal my guilt. Bakudou #72, Energy Clone!

Tozansho - Bakudou #73, 2100 Kidou

Description: Creates a reiatsu field that extends for 10m around the caster, which cloaks all people within it, including their reiatsu signatures. Anybody can enter and leave this field at any time, excluding the caster, who must remain within it at all times or else it will be dispersed.

Incantation: Hide me from these prying eyes, those judging faces! Keep secret my thoughts and feelings, from all that bear their gazes upon me! Bakudou #73, Tozansho!

Gravity Ring - Bakudou #74, 2400 Kidou

Description: A high level kidou that sacrifices overall power for long lasting use, Gravity Ring works by putting one's opponent under a great deal of overbearing force centered around the body's center of gravity.

When activated, the spell shoots out in a cone of bright light, 2m wide and 10m long. If the target is hit by the heavy light, their body will flash over once and then a large ring of solid kidou energy will shoot forth from their bodies. The kidou ring is inscribed heavy with magic symbols and other seals, and is used to lock down the target's body to the ground.

The user will not be paralyzed, but in the full six turns the spell is active the target's speed techs take up twice as many Shunpo/Hirenkyaku/Sonido uses as normal.

Incantation: Lonely rock, fly down from the great Orion. Surf the stars and find the truth in your nothingness, accepting futility. Bakudou #74, Gravity Ring.

Gochuutekkan (Quintet of One-Kan Iron Pillars) - Bakudou #75, 2500 Kidou

Description: Summons five incredibly tall and thick pillars to pin a target to the ground.

Incantation: Walls of ironsand, a priestly pagoda, glowing ironclad fireflies. Standing upright, silent to the end. Bakudou #75, Gochuutekkan.

Kyoumon (Mirror Door) - Bakudou #76, 3400 Kidou

Description: Creates a glass-like barrier which surrounds the caster. It is nearly impossible to break from the outside, but is vulnerable to attacks from within. Attacks to the outside are only 2/3rd as effective at breaking the barrier, but attacks from inside are 3 times as effective.

Incantation: The gods' most steadfast protection, sealed from all injury. Wall of purity, impenetrable mirror, precious bastion. Bakudou #76, Kyoumon.

Tenteikuura (Heavenly Rickshaws in Silken Air) - Bakudou #77, 2000 Kidou

Description: Can transmit messages to anyone the with whom the target is familiar. In addition to reciting the spell, the user must draw specific markings on their arms, which are animated by the spell to convey the messages. This spell has a maximum of 30 recipients, and the number of recipients is fixed at the time the kidou is cast. Recipients can speak back to the caster with sufficient concentration.

Incantation: Black and white net. Twenty-two bridges, sixty-six crowns and belts. Footprints, distant thunder, sharp peak, engulfing land, hidden in the night, sea of clouds, blue line. Form a circle and fly through the heavens. Bakudou #77, Tentei Kuura.

Hakufuku (White Crawl) - Bakudou #78, 2200 Kidou

Description: Dark black and purple flower petals flutter down around the caster, mesmerizing those who witness it into drowsiness, even knocking out significantly weaker targets for a short time. Hakufuku is effective on targets up to 10m away, and its effects persist for two rounds.

Incantation: White storm, drifting cloud. Overcome with a peaceful feeling, lay down your head and rest. Leave silence in my wake, Bakudou #78, Hakufuku.

Kuyou Shibari (Nine Sunlight Traps) - Bakudou #79, 3000 Kidou

Description: Creates eight black holes that emit spiritual energy in the space surrounding the target. The combined pressure tugs the target in all directions, threatening to pull their body apart. A final black hole manifests in the center of the target's chest, tightening the hold. The first hadou cast while this spell is active will be drawn immediately and entirely to the bound target.

Incantation: Cast a memorial for heavenly light, buried in the traps of consummate darkness. Stolen shadows, rod of enmity, cast forth and draw in. Bakudou #79, Kuyou Shibari.

Kure'n Gaikotsu no Souko (Storehouse of the Crane's Skeleton) - Bakudou #80, 3,500 Kidou

Description: The user manifests through Kidou a vast amount of long blades, 25cm wide. These blades form a triangular pyramid around the opponent, with 4m long edges, leaving about 3m feet between floor and the apex. The floor of the pyramid is flat, but the walls are formed entirely of blades facing inward, with 25cm gaps between each blade. After the first turn, the blades turn, entrapping the target in a solid metal pyramid.

Incantation: Twist passionately as we forgive you for your death. Forgive the siblings of the Sun and lead us from your Armageddon. Weeping East and victorious West, fly from the South and break into the Northern heavens. Bakudou #80, Kure'n Gaikotsu no Souko!

Dankuu (Rejection Void) - Bakudou #81, 5000 Kidou

Description: This spell, when used, conjures a wall of pure energy that has the ability to block Hadou attacks numbering 89 or below. However, it drains the user as the spell must over power the other, thus using more kidou energy by principle.

Incantation: Protect me, oh heavenly wall. Bind the forces of the way of destruction and throw them to the ground. Bakudou #81, Dankuu!

Kuiki Kansei (Trap Zone) - Bakudou #82, 3500 Kidou + cost of Bakudou

Description: A stationary, semi-translucent blue circle surrounds the caster's current position and rises high in the air, with a radius of 5m. The barrier is implanted with a single Bakudou the user knows, which is released at the first contact.

Incantation: Let those who arrogantly walk forward be consumed for their ignorance with damnation. Bakudou #82, Kuiki Kansei.

Kumonosu Fushibi (Webbed Ambush Flare) - Bakudou #83, 3500 Kidou + cost of Hadou

Description: A stationary dome of red webbing surrounds the caster's current position, with a radius of 5m. The barrier is implanted with a single Hadou the user knows, which is released at the first contact.

Incantation: Surround my holdings with webbing, flaring to punish the desirous and foolhardy. Bakudou #83, Kumonosu Fushibi.

Onihojiru (Ogre Wheel) - Bakudou #84, 4000 Kidou

Description: A luminous thick wheel of around 3m diameter is circumscribed around the targeted area. When the circle is finished, multiple thin wheel-rods are shot from the wheel towards its center, anchoring multiple targets inside the binding radius, completely immobilizing them. Then, a luminescent leash is shot from the wheel towards the caster's hand.

Casting Hadou on the targets will break Onihojiru.

Incantation: The beast howls at the forbidden gate. Silver Eye. God's trail. Endless chariot. The mauler kneels beneath the dominator's whip. Bakudou #84, Onihojiru.

Event Horizon - Bakudou #85, 4800 Kidou

Description: Event Horizon creates a gravity sink which draws in anything within an 15m radius with more than 100 Reiatsu, save for the caster. Unless the target's hohou stat is twice that of the caster's kidou stat, the sink cannot be escaped through normal movement; running will only slow the pull by half, and any attempt to leap or fly will be nullified. The only way to move within the spell's range is through shunpo or an equivalent, but even shunpo's effectiveness is halved. The spell sustains itself for 5 turns.

Incantation: Deep abyss, grasp my enemies. Hold fast, and do not let them escape your cold embrace. Lock them in your grip and draw them deep into your abyssal maw. Bakudou #85, Event Horizon!

Solanum - Bakudou #86, 5000 Kidou

Description: A contingency barrier, this bakudou is cast ahead of time to protect a specific, small area of the user's choosing, such as the back of the neck. The protected area would be little larger than an open palm, and the barrier is impossible to detect once in place. When the protected area is attacked, a large, translucent green, hexagonal barrier rapidly expands outward, absorbing even the most powerful attacks completely and pushing them aside.

Only one Solanum may be in effect per caster and the barrier takes two full rounds to charge up after casting. The barrier is of limited protection against wide-range or area-effect attacks: it only activates when the chosen area is targeted directly. The barrier will remain in place for most of a day.

Incantation: Flowering nightshade bloom! Black petals form in a bitter symphony! Bakudou #86, Solanum!

Senmori no Gajou (One Thousand Spears' Bastion) - Bakudou #87, 5200 Kidou

Description: While reciting the incantation, the caster puts his hands facing with palms facing each other. A luminous tetrahedron is formed between the caster's palm and, when the incantation is finished, the prism pulses and a copy of it expands itself around the caster to form a thick tetrahedral barrier of around 10m in height and proportional ground area.

When the prismatic barrier reaches its full size, a luminous pattern of triangles covers its surface. From each triangle a sharp and pointy spear-like protrusion of about 3m long sprouts forward, resulting in a pale blue urchin-like barrier.

In order to keep the barrier active, the caster must keep the small tetrahedron between his hands. It can be sustained for up to five rounds.

Incantation: Celestial hordes look upon the weeping citadel. One winged crown. Two headed horse. Three winged demon. Four headed beast. The ironclad pyramid is the insurrect. The deprived god marches against one thousand spears. Bakudou #87, Senmori no Gajou.

Strappado - Bakudou #88, 5700 Kidou

Description: A binding technique that resonates with the 18th century Russian torture device with the shared name. Two black metal pillars rise from the ground with a perpendicular bar that bridges the two pillars together. From the center of the bar, a metal chain whips out and grabs the target's hands behind their back. A moment later, the chains pull upward, lifting the opponent up high above the ground. As the victim rises, spears rise from the ground, daring the target to plunge onto its sharps tips.

The pull against gravity will cause intense pain and possible dislocation of the arms. While the technique shows no external injuries, the full weight of the victim's body is merely supported by their arms and internally rotated shoulder sockets. This may cause shoulder dislocation, nerve, tendon, ligament damage, and possibly long-term paralysis.

Incantation: Traitorous filth! Shame and sin shall suspend you over abyssal hell. Hang like bait for the devil's dog. Submit or you shall die here! Bakudou #88, Strappado.

Extension: Rack, 2000 Kidou

Description: While the target is suspended, a cement weight is added to the opponent's legs, making the torture process even more painful.

Incantation: Shatter the limbs. Listen to the pop of snapped bones, ligaments, cartilage. Thou shall know torture! Bakudou #88 part two, Rack.

Raiden Tougyou (Lightning Control) - Bakudou #89, 6000 Kidou

Description: The caster points three fingers at their target, unleashing a highly charged bolt of electricity. The electricity will permeate through the brain, going into the nerves. Now the caster alters the electric signals sent by the brain to the nerves, indulging in a reversal of the control of the body.

For the 3-turn duration of the spell, the victim's nervous system will invert left and right. Attempting to move the left arm will move the right. Attempting to turn right will turn left. This is relative to pain as well. If a person is struck on one side, then the actual pain will be felt on the reverse limb.

Incantation: God of the storm, king of the disaster, charmer of the lightning's power! Unify your strength and relinquish your control to strike the enemy senseless, and destroy his sense of self. Leave behind nothing but a singed shell of their former bodies. Bakudou #89, Raiden Tougyou!

Shirohitsugi (White Coffin) - Bakudou #90, 6500 Kidou

Description: An exceptionally potent Kidou when surrounded by enemies. A coffin of energy forms around the user, giving off glaring white light. The box seals the user inside so that they cannot move for the duration of the spell.

Every turn, dozens of white spears shoot out from every side of the coffin, piercing anything in the vicinity of 3m. The coffin itself acts as a barrier to outside attacks, though it wears down with each attack. Its normal duration is three turns.

Incantation: The crown of steadiness devours itself. The heretic seeks sanctuary from the avalanche of sanity; the iron prince wallows in exile. Separate! Surrender! The reigning king, flooding down persecution, expands beyond limits, filling the heavens with his divine will. Bakudou #90, Shirohitsugi.

Bakudou #91-99

== Bakudou #91-99 ==

Iron Wheel - Bakudou #91, 6500 Kidou

Description: Upon finishing the incantation, a 10-meter wagon wheel made of pure iron quickly rises from the ground until it stops, levitating approximately three meters from the ground. The moment it stops, four double-barbed wires burst forth from its sides, wrapping itself around the opponent's limbs while one rope of crimson energy bursts from the top, wrapping itself around the target's neck. As soon as the target is secured, the wheel stays still on the spot and glows a bright red hue, signaling the start of its actual torture: the five bindings start reverting to the sides where they emerged, pulling the opponent's limbs with it, stretching the body to its limits with a possibility of dislocating several joints or tearing up the fibers composing the structure of the body such as the muscles, tissues, veins and the like.

Incantation: Wheel of torture, rise up from your grave and claim your sinner! Claim his body and make it become yours, pull him tighter and tighter into your painful embrace. Let his blood rain down on the earth as his flesh cling to your claws. Force him into submission, he is yours! Bakudou #91, Iron Wheel!

Idol of Talos - Bakudou #93, 7200 Kidou

Description: An infamously gruesome binding, the Idol of Talos is largely reserved for causing horrific damage in addition to locking up a target’s movement. Upon incantation, a massive bronze statue of a spear wielding giant nearly 7m tall manifests around the opponent locking them within a chamber inside of the chest cavity of the creation. Once fully summoned, the bronze begins to heat up to terrifyingly hot temperatures aiming to roast the captured target alive within the structure.

Incantation: Assaulter of barbarians, immortal soldier, guardian of all against uncivilized hordes, rise. Accept this heathen in the forge of your bosom that you may guard me once more. Bakudou #93, Idol of Talos.

Penta Gonfalon - Bakudou #95, 8000 Kidou

Description: A magic pentagon appears around the target with the pointed end at the top. Mystical symbols are written into the lines of the pentagon.

Five lines are drawn from the pentagon onto the target: one for each limb and the head. The lines will pull the target tight, preventing them from moving. The pulling will cause the body to straighten up and be unable to react to attacks, therefore they receive one extra wound level of damage from any attacks while trapped.

This spell is adaptable to things with more than five limbs but the name must be changed and the person casting it must know the proper numeric prefix. For example, ennea gonfalon (9) for an octopus (8 for arms 1 for head). A lesser amount than the amount of limbs can be used but all the limbs won't be trapped and the target won't receive extra damage.

This spell only lasts one turn. However, it can only be disabled by the one it is cast on. Someone else cannot damage the binding.

Incantation: At high noon the sound will boom, and I will start racing for the land we call home. I stuck my flag in the ground, screaming and shouting, "I've never felt so proud, love! We are free from eternal serfdom, I'm going to bring you home my light!" Bakudou number ninety five, <numeral prefix> Gonfalon.

Shisou Kekkai (Quad Burial Barrier) - Bakudou #96, 8500 Kidou

Description: As the user begins the incantation, four halberds made of golden Kidou energy with large golden axe blades emerge from the ground in front of them. They then use these spears, by either throwing them at the opponent or wielding them directly, to bind the opponent's four limbs to particular spot. Once within direct proximity of these limbs, the spear shots a golden leash of energy similar to Hainawa that tethers the wrist or ankle it comes into contact with, leaving the opponent bound in place.

Each of the four bindings of the halberds represents 1/4 of the spell's total strength.

Incantation: Bury the unforgiven beneath the bloody quarry! Four palms of the blue Hellion, rise up and steal away the sins of the unjust! Bakudou #96, Shisou Kekkai!

Extension: Hyakukase Hitsugi (Hundred Chain Interment), 1500 Kidou

Description: Once all four spears have been applied, the user clasps their hands together and finishes the incantation. The spears retract outward and the leashes of energy become a ringlet that keeps the opponent bound as a wooden coffin materializes around them. The energy dissipates just before the several chains wrap around the coffin and the hovering halberds impale it from all sides. These weapons, made of Kidou energy, do not harm the opponent; they serve as an additional physical binding to restrict the target trapped within.

Incantation: Bakudou #96, Part two, Hyakukase Hitsugi!

Valer - Bakudou #97, 7500 Kidou

Description: Known as one of the more theatrical of bakudou, Valer in its most basic form hinders the movement of the target substantially making it nearly impossible for even the simplest of motions to be performed. Once incanted, a light rolling mist stretches out before the caster as a dozen spectral bodies fly towards the target. The appearance of each of these specters varies based on the individual caster, each face familiar as though looking into a mirror yet names drift just on the tip of the tongue. Two ghosts attach to each limb as well as the target's neck and torso. Separating Valer from similar bindings apart from its strength is while each of the specters may be attacked, assaults lacking reiatsu payment phase harmlessly through the ghosts hitting nothing but air.

Incantation: Hear now the herald of the forsaken, seek me now avatars of vengeance; the grave itself does not bar my call. Set forth once more and hasten to add another to your number until the ages fall to ruin. Bakudou #97 Valer.

Gates of the Four Beasts - Bakudou #98, 8000 Kidou to learn, 2000 per side

Description: This legendary barrier is said to be able to withstand the strongest bankai. Its power lies in the multiple components contributing to the gate as a whole. The entire finished barrier takes the form of a 20m cube, with one side having a sunburst opening for attacks and learned opponents to enter and leave the barrier.

Each barrier can be formed individually for 2000 reiatsu at a moderate strength, but the full completed Gates of the Four Beasts requires a total of 10000 reiatsu.

Ryubi no Jomon
The first gate is made of kidou infused pillars. The side facing the opponent is smooth, while the side the caster is facing the intricate weaving setup of the pillars needed to keep it stable can be seen. This forms the front of the barrier.

Koko no Jomon
The second gate formed creates a wheel shape, in the completed structure this forms the right side of the barrier.

Kigai no Jomon
The third gate materializes in a beehive-like shape to make up the left side of the spell.

Hoyoku no Jomon
The fourth gate creates a giant fan shape behind the target of the barrier, with an apparent opening in the center. At this point, the conjured gates begin to connect together, gaining in strength.

Shiji no Saimon
Combining the four gates, two final gates -- ribbed wheel shapes on the top and bottom -- complete the spell and significantly strengthen the effect.

Incantation: Brethren in arms, never contemplating retreat. Blue Bolt, White Bolt, Black Bolt, Red Bolt. Sinking together into the sea to redeem themselves, Ryubi no Jomon, Koko no Jomon, Kigai no Jomon, Hoyoku no Jomon, Shiju no Jomon. Bakudou #98, Gates of the Four Beasts.

Kin (Seal) - Bakudou #99, 9000 Kidou

Description: The strongest binding, Kin binds the arms of a target with spiritual fabric and shafts of iron.

Incantation: The power to halt the strongest warrior, sing. Bakudou #99, Kin.

Extension: Bankin (Great Seal), 10000 Kidou

Description: This spell covers a target from head to toe with spiritual fabric (first song), stabs them with numerous metal blades (second song), and then smashes them with an immense metal cube (final song).

Incantation: First song: halting fabric, second song: hundred linked bolts, final song: great seal of 10,000 forbiddings. Bakudou #99 part two, Bankin.

Chiyudou - The Path of Healing
(Requires Fourth Division Technique: Chiyudou)

Chiyudou Rules

All chiyudou that the user must channel over a period of time (such as Mend) have a bonus affect of restoring the target's reiatsu. One-slot chiyudou restores 1% reiatsu per turn, two-slot chiyudou restore 2% reiatsu per turn, 3-slot chiyudou restore 3% reiatsu per turn, 4-slot chiyudou restore 4% reiatsu per turn, and 5-slot chiyudou restores 5% reiatsu per turn.

This percentage is based on the caster's total, not the target's.

Channeling means that a spell can only be used on one target at a time and the user must stay within 5m of the target. The user only pays the cost once, and a spell can be channeled for up to 5 rounds per casting.

You cannot channel the same spell on different targets (for instance, casting High Mend on yourself and casting High mend on an ally), but you can channel different spells on different targets (Mend on yourself and High Mend on an ally).

Spells may be channeled in combat so long as the target remains in range.

While channeling, the target's reiatsu is restored based on the caster's reiatsu. Yes, a Chiyudou user can replenish their own reiatsu (but not any thresholds).

Chiyudou #1-30

== Chiyudou #1-30 ==

Mend - Chiyudou #1, 25 Kidou

Description: The most basic healing kidou used for simple wounds. It can work on more complex wounds but the time taken would be doubled. Ideal for teaching the principles behind higher Chiyudou spells. Wounds can be closed up by using reiatsu to encourage the edges of a wound to grow back together.

A mild white glow envelops the users hand’s while this is active. The area healed is about the same size as the user's palm. Small wounds can be healed in 3 turns and medium wounds in 5 turns.

Incantation: Break apart and return, turn and overcome. Unity from division before the sickle moon. Chiyudou #1, Mend.

Purge - Chiyudou #2, 20 Kidou

Description: A simple chiyudou often used before more advanced spells, this spell’s main function resides in the cleaning and disinfection of injuries.. The user’s hands seem to steam with energy. Placing their hands over a wound completely cleanses the wound of any infectants and facilitates healing.

Incantation: Begone corruption that seeks to ruin pure souls. Chiydou #2, Purge.

Stretcher - Chiyudou #3, 35 Kidou

Description: Use in situations when the victim has injuries beyond those that can be healed by the medic at hand - this person may be gently transported to the field hospital or to the medic that has enough expertise.

The caster puts their hand several inches above the prone target and speaks the incantation. The injured person then gently floats 1m in the air with a shimmering platform supporting them, following the hand of the caster. The caster must keep their hand right above the floating person and keep their palm open - if they fail to do that the spell will be broken.

The stretcher lasts as long as the user wishes. Up to two stretchers can exist at a time (one for each hand).

Incantation: Strapped by the air, bound by earth - brought to salvation by blood. Rejoice! Chiyudou #3 Stretcher.

Soft Breath - Chiyudou #8, 50 Kidou

Description: Reiatsu is used to ease the sensation from skin damage due to extreme temperatures. This effect is only for the surface of the skin. And pain from burns or frost is greatly reduced. Each use lasts for half an hour and is capable of covering the entire body at high enough kidou skill. The breath is visible in the form of white mist, like on a cold day.

Incantation: Starvation of warmth, deep embrace. Spill across the flames and flow in the sky. Chiyudou #8, Soft Breath.

Cleansing Barrier - Chiyudou #10, 75 Kidou

Description: This chiyudou creates a barrier 3m in diameter or the maximum allowable size in a given area. The insides of the barrier acts like a sterilized room. People may enter and leave as necessary and this will not stop reiatsu based contaminants.

All healing (chiyudou or not) done inside the field has a 20% increase in efficiency and effect.

The barrier lasts as long as the person who made it is still inside. Due to the concentration needed in keeping the barrier up, the user cannot create another one until 2 hours after the first barrier is brought down.

When creating the barrier, the user must first cup the hands together and gather energy. The energy slowly spreads out until maximum size.

Incantation: Cleanse the wasted land and purify the weeping moon. Grant a haven from the ravages of the world. Chiyudou #10, Cleansing Barrier.

Pressure Seal - Chiyudou #15, 100 Kidou

Description: This is used primarily in slowing or stopping the loss of blood. This is done by carefully forming reiatsu inside a wound to seal off blood flow. The area sealed starts of at a single wound but at higher kidou, the size and complexity of the seal is able to be increased. Each seal lasts up to half an hour and only one seal can be kept up at a time.

This kidou will not heal a wound, it is used for emergency situations to keep a patient’s blood pressure from dropping and causing their heart to fail.

Incantation: Seeking the hidden, impeding the flow. Verdant follows itself, North rises below the West. Chiyudou #15, Pressure Seal.

Sigh of a Spring - Chiyudou #17, 110 Kidou

Description: For use on muscles and ligaments. This chiyudou heals sprains and muscle tears. It also relieves fatigue in the body. Relieving fatigue takes longer than healing though since it's more about relaxation and can't be done quickly.

It takes 2 turns to heal a sprain and 4 turns to heal muscle injuries. Removing fatigue takes up to 8 turns.

Incantation: Depths of the body, warmth of the spirit, caress the gentle currents. The kiss of the mountain spring gives life to the parched grounds. Chiyudou #17, Sigh of a Spring.

Lacuna Release - Chiyudou #18, 110 Kidou

Description: This is used on injuries to bones ranging from fractured to shattered.

The healer focuses their reiatsu into the broken bone and increases the rate of removal of dead tissue while encouraging cell growth and the reconstruction of the hard outer calcium-phosphate matrix.

Fractures can be healed in 3 turns, broken bones in 5 and shattered bones in 7.

Incantation: Entangle and tighten the cords above, devour and preserve in the darkness. Sift through the river and reverse the roots. Chiyudou #18, Lacuna Release.

Spirit Stitch - Chiyudou #23, 140 Kidou

Description: The user forms thin threads out of reiatsu, usually from the hands, that can be manipulated as desired. The most common use is to perform emergency stitching on a large wound. The stitching is completely painless and can be quickly finished if the user is good at controlling the lines.

Threads will only last for up to an hour before dissipating, so more medical attention should be provided. The threads are charged with energy and thus, are harder to cut or rip than normal sutures.

Incantation: The threads of fate have not yet given up on you. But the scissors creep ever closer so open your eyes and take in everything before it is too late. Chiyudou #23, Spirit Stitch.

Current - Chiyudou #26, 120 Kidou to Learn, 1.3x Reiatsu Removed

Description: In cases where attacks infect the target with bad reiatsu that causes harmful effects, Current can be used to remove the offending spirit energy. The user injects their reiatsu and uses that to force out the negative energy.

A small area can be cleansed in 2 turns, a medium area can be cleansed in 5 turns and the whole body can be cleansed in 8 turns.

Incantation: Remnants of the past, be banished from the present. Thy presence is not desired. Chiyudou #26, Current.

Numbing Touch - Chiyudou #27, 150 Kidou

Description: For those instances when anesthetic isn't available, this spell would allow the healer to anesthetize a patient for a procedure or for transport. A secondary application would be for the numbing of an entire section of their patient's body with their touch. The numbing would only affect enervation of the surface tissues, i.e. skin and muscles, where most sensory nerves are located.

Incantation: Sleep, Warrior. You’ve done enough. Chiyudou #27, Numbing Touch.

Venom Scale - Chiyudou #29, 120 Kidou to Learn, 0.75x Poison Weakened

Description: Any poison in the patient's body will stop spreading. Any effects delivered by the poison will weaken by 50%. The effect of this spell will last for fifteen minutes of calm or three rounds of battle at max; it can be easily broken by administering the same or any other poison once again.

The user extends their arm and says the incantation, their reiatsu concentrates around the wrist, visually turning into a green-colored snake, waiting to be used. Even a slightest touch of the hand to the body of the other person will make the energy snake venture into the target's body, delivering the effects.

Incantation: Serpents of Death - you who sleep in our grasp, you who dream of abyss. Open your eyes and bite. Chiyudou #29, Venom Scale.

Clear Sight - Chiyudou #30, 250 Kidou

Description: This is used to examine a patient for internal wounds. The user eyes will gain a gold, starburst look and their vision will be able to penetrate the tissues of their patient and observe any damage or gross disease states that may be present.

Incantation: Obscure the flight. Rendering darkness. Four cranes standing. Open the eyes of the soul and return to the twilight. Chiyudou #30, Clear Sight.

Chiyudou #31-50

== Chiyudou #31-50 ==

Safety Bind - Chiyudou #31, 280 Kidou

Description: Reiatsu is formed into long thin sheets that can be wrapped around the body like bandages. While these reiatsu bandages only last for half an hour per casting, they have an added toughness that will protect the area from minor damage.

Incantation: When the loneliness gets to real, when the pain gets to much, reach out towards safety and lose yourself in my embrace. Chiyudou #31, Safety Bind.

Deep Breath - Chiyudou #32, 300 Kidou

Description: This chiyudou is used to heal damage done by extreme temperatures such as cold and heat. It is able to work past the skin and into the muscles. The user first needs to breathe out reiatsu onto the affected area and then use their hands to keep it there.

Light injuries can be healed in 2 turns, medium injuries in 4 and severe injuries in 6.

Incantation: The glowing ember in the dark reflects light of a single ice crystal. Their light pours forth into the everlasting world. Chiyudou #32, Deep Breath

Dark Tendril - Chiyudou #35, 300 Kidou

Description: Dark Tendril's intended use is to kill parasitic organisms or other entities that live inside someone's body. But there can be some more offensive applications of the spell as well.

Several black, sharp ended tendrils that can grow to a maximum of 40 cm sprout from the casters hand. The caster has full control over the motion of these tendrils. The caster can also optionally have tendrils phase through a portion of the target, leaving no physical wound, (mainly used to attack parasites without causing damage to the target). Even though the target won't suffer physical damage if phased, the pain of being pierced will still be felt. The tendrils can only be phased once per casting.

In the end, the parasite will still need to be removed physically through other means.

The tendrils can also be used for offense as well but mainly piercing attacks. They are very easy to cut through so they can't really be used defensively.

Incantation: The wisps of the dark hunt and seek out a soul. The wisps of the dark entwine and pierce a soul. The wisps of the dark fade and disappear with the soul. Chiyudou #35, Dark Tendrils.

Extension: Dark Burst, 100 Kidou

Description: Dark Burst sends out a surge of violent spirit energy through the tip of the tendrils. This is mostly used to completely eradicate a parasite instead of surgically removing it. The energy burst will destroy the tendrils however.

Incantation: The wisps of the dark sear and tear at a soul. Chiyudou #35 part two, Dark Burst.

Purification - Chiyudou #36, 300 Kidou to Learn, 0.75x Fumes Weakened

Description: The air around the caster, in a 10m radius, becomes resistant to foreign matter, including gases and mist. All gas based abilities are reduced to 50% effectiveness. This lasts for three rounds.

Incantation: Away contagion, be gone disease. Breathe deep and savor the ventilated air. Chiyudou #36, Purification.

Ghost Surgery - Chiyudou #37, 300 Kidou

Description: Many times, a patient is afflicted with an illness or injury that is located in a place that is too delicate for surgery, yet must be healed to prevent loss of life. Upon learning this spell, a healer would learn to phase their hands so they could pass through their patient's body and operate on the damage. Requires the use of Chiyudo #30 at the same time in order to see properly.

Incantation: With sight unerring and hands as steady as the great mount, infirmity shall not take this soul. Chiyudou #37, Ghost Surgery.

Extension: Ghost Surgery part two, 200 Kidou

Description: This spell can also be used offensively, but in a more limited manner. The user spends an additional 200 kidou to reach a maximum penetration of 2.5cm.

Incantation: With sight unerring and hands as that pierce like a blade, justice shall be served. Chiyudou #37, Ghost Surgery part two.

Placebo - Chiyudou #38, 300 Kidou to Learn, 1.3x Mind Effect Removed

Description: When patients are overcome by irrational fear or other mental malfunctions, the medic may use Placebo to calm the nerves of everyone within a 3m radius.

The cost of this spell is based on the strongest effect on the targets in range.

Incantation: Fear and worry have no place here. Chiyudou #38, Placebo.

Black Gut - Chiyudou #47, 400 Kidou, 1.3x Poison Removed

Description: Caster places his hands upon the target's abdomen and recites the incantation. All of the poison in target's body immediately rushes into the abdomen area and seeps through the skin right into the reiatsu orb in the caster's hands. This orb then may be dissolved at the caster's will; retaining the orb costs 100 reiatsu for every minute.

Incantation: White honor, red blood, black corruption. Open your heart and show us the purity. Chiyudou #47, Black Gut.

Triage - Chiyudou #48, 600 Kidou

Description: In certain cases, the patient does not need prolonged medical attention and may in fact recover under their own strength given time. In these situations, the medic may elect to use this spell, which is quick to cast and requires no more attention from the medic. This spell restores 1% of the patient's reiatsu per round for five rounds plus one round per 2000 Kidou.

This is the only chiyudou that does not need to be channeled in order to restore reiatsu.

Incantation: The healing hands of time and the soothing balm of self-effort. Release yourself from the stretcher. Chiyudou #48, Triage.

Chiyudou #51-70

== Chiyudou #51-70 ==

Greater Cleansing Barrier - Chiyudou #51, 750 Kidou

Description: A barrier spreads around the caster, 8m in diameter. The inside of this barrier acts as a sterilized room. People may enter and leave as necessary and this will not stop reiatsu based contaminants.

Any healing done inside the barrier has a 50% increase in efficiency and effect.

The caster must remain inside the barrier at all times to maintain it. Due to the concentration needed in keeping the barrier up, the user cannot create another one until 2 hours after the first barrier is brought down.

When creating the barrier, the user must first cup the hands together and gather energy. The energy slowly spreads out until maximum size.

Incantation: Cleanse the wasted land and purify the weeping moon. Cast out all ravages of the bleeding world and erect a haven for the victims. Chiyudou #51, Greater Cleansing Barrier.

High Mend - Chiyudou #52, 700 Kidou

Description: A much more powerful version of mend. The area healed is almost half the size of a normal person and the rate of healing is much faster. The user's hands have a mild, white glow while this is active.

Small wounds can be healed in 2 turns, medium wounds in 3, and large wounds in 4.

Incantation: Break apart and return, turn and overcome. Never lose your light, fall into the arms of the world. Bathe underneath the purity of the full moon and reach your true potential. Chiyudou #52, High Mend

Reiatsu Cast - Chiyudou #55, 800 Kidou

Description: The caster, upon identifying a serious fracture, may use their reiatsu to pull the bones and fragments back into place. The necessary time depends on how badly the bone is broken. Once the bone is back in place, the caster encases it in a powerful reiatsu barrier of similar strength to the original bone, allowing the patient full use of the limb while it is active.

This reiatsu cast will last only one hour.

Incantation: Encased in steel, the sundered soul made whole. Chiyudou #55, Reiatsu Cast.

Sweet Breeze - Chiyudou #56, 800 Kidou to Learn, 1.3x Fumes Removed

Description: The user lets out a deep breath that removes any gas based abilities in the air in an 8m cone in front of the user. The air is replaced with a sweet scent that lingers for three rounds, preventing further contamination by deadly gases during that time.

Incantation: Travel across the great sky, over new and exotic locales. There is no need for rest as excitement is the spur. With nothing but a tiny breeze, a cloud makes a map of the entire world. Chiyudou #56, Sweet Breeze.

Stasis Lock - Chiyudou #63, 1500 Kidou

Description: Many a time, a situation presents itself that makes direct healing either dangerous or impossible. As such, the medic can choose implement stop-gap measures to prevent the worsening of the injury. By placing their hands over the chosen wound and chanting the spell, a golden light covers the injury.

For the next four turns, the wound will be preserved in its exact state. The injury will not worsen, nor can outside influences enter and infect the wound. The size of the area preserved is roughly the size of the user’s hand. This spell does not need to be channeled. The user may repay the cost to refresh the duration. Only one instance of Stasis Lock can occur at a time.

Incantation: Hold the unending march of the time, let the dynamic tempo return to a standstill. Let the wait, yearn for the impending finale.The conductor's baton waits to resume the coda. Chiyduou #63, Stasis Lock.

Restoration - Chiyudou #69, 1000 Kidou to Learn, 1.3x Effect Removed

Description: For use when a patient has not suffered physical injury, but rather has received a spiritual injury that constricts the patient's abilities. The medic must spend two turns with the patient without distraction, focusing on restoring the natural flow of their reiatsu, bringing the patient's abilities back to their natural order.

Incantation: The twisted flow, detoured stream, roaring past the blockade. Chiyudou #69, Restoration.

Chiyudou #71-90

== Chiyudou #71-90 ==

Compelling Rest - Chiyudou #71, 2200 Kidou

Description: Compelling Rest is used to put patients to sleep. Often used on uncooperative patients and patients who are too strong to be put under by general anesthetics, the effects last for five rounds and slowly wears off thereafter. To use this chiyudou, the wielder places their hands on the target’s temples and speaks the incantation. They must be able to channel the spell uninterrupted for three consecutive rounds in order to sedate the patient.

Incantation: Slow the stream, goddess of the moon. Pull us under into enveloping depths. The air is thick, the wind is slow, fall into my arms. Chiyudo #71, Compelling Rest!

Immunization - Chiyudou #72, 2300 Kidou

Description: This chiyudou is used after another chiyudou that removes or weakens a certain effect from a person. For the next five rounds, the person will be immune or partially resistant to the effect depending on if it was removed or weakened respectively.

Incantation: Blinded by a great flash, wounded by a horrendous slash, burned by a roaring fire, frustrated by a great ire, whatever the world my put forth, the spirit will persevere. Underneath a torrent of hardships, seek the strength and fortitude to carry on. Chiyudou #72, Immunization.

The Walking Dead - Chiyudou #73, 2400 Kidou

Description: If a target is near a point where they would lose consciousness, this spell gives them a temporary boost in adrenaline. The rush allows the target to remain conscious for three turns past their usual endurance limit. The spell may remain dormant for up to five rounds, only activating once the user would otherwise be unconscious. Unless the target is healed sufficiently by the time the three turns are over, the target will immediately fall unconscious when the spell wears off.

The spellcaster traces the symbol for 忍 anywhere on the target’s body and speaks the incantation.

Incantation: The dead tree stands, the body floats, the spirits of bones lock themselves away. Endure and stand. Chiyudo #73, The Walking Dead!

Rejoin - Chiyudou #75, 2500 Kidou

Description: The caster may rejoin a separated body part to the patient, using their reiatsu to revive and accelerate cell growth on both sides of the injury. The process of reattachment itself is very quick, but it will take several hours before the limb regains its normal range of motion and strength.

Incantation: Even as darkness covers the sky and the the land crumbles. Even as the seas rage and the air twists. Seek your own light and create the path for those unable to do so themselves. Under the immortal spirit, the dream is not over. Chiyudou #75, Rejoin.

Mascara Roto - Chiyudou #80, 3000 Kidou

Description: A chiyudou used on bones or bone-like structures. The spell was initially created to assist with resetting broken bones or to minimize trauma to the patient when bones needed to be removed for surgery or even amputation. Since then, however, its practical applications in combat have been extensively explored.

The most prominent targets are hollow masks. Any such structure targeted by the chiyudou will become brittle and easier to break. As such, any wounds inflicted on the bone structure are increased by one level. Minor to moderate, moderate to major, major to fatal, fatal to instant death. Any special effects directly tied to the target are also canceled. For inanimate structures (shields made of bone, for instance), they take twice the normal damage to their durability. This effect lasts for 5 turns.

The user raises an open palm and then closes it towards the direction of the intended target. A thin mist that shimmers covers the target. It does not obstruct vision but only acts as a visual cue of the chiyudou and what area it encompasses.

Incantation: The purity of white tells the tale of innocence. To be broken and shattered by the trials of life. As the cogs turn and the gears grind, light crumbles into darkness. Nothing to stand on, nothing to rely on, everything is as nothing. Chiyudou #80, Mascara Roto.

Chiyudou #91-99

== Chiyudou #91-99 ==

Superior Mend - Chiyudou #91, 5000 kidou

Description: The epitome of regenerative power attainable through the progression of Mend healing techniques, Superior Mend allows the user to restore lost and damaged tissue at an exponential rate. The user's hands produce a mild white glow while the spell is active.

Small wounds are healed in one turn, medium wounds in two turns, and large wounds in three turns.

Incantation: Break apart and return, turn and overcome. Follow the cycle of the heavens, healed with the night and reborn with the new moon. Chiyudou number #91, Superior Mend.

Kindou - The Path of Forbidden Words
(Requires Trained Feat: Kindou)

Kindou #100-109

== Kindou #100-109 ==

Kuukanten'i - Kindou #100, 5000 Kidou

Description: A gleaming spell circle appears on the ground underneath the caster, affecting everything within a 20m radius. This powerful forbidden spell allows the user to enact a spatial displacement on anything and anyone within that radius, at the user's discretion, even affecting active kidou within the radius. The caster and all displaced targets appear in a new location allowing for the radius of the spell.

This forbidden spell is able to cross dimensional boundaries between Soul Society, Hueco Mundo, and the mortal world.

Incantation: All consciousness released from essential law, spatial reality freed from mathematical walls. Consciousness itself becomes transcendent, displacing the spatial world. Kindou #100, Kuukanten'i.

Jikanteishi (Temporal Stasis) - Kindou #101, 8000 Kidou

Description: Between the user's open palms, a gleaming three-sided pillar appears. Behind the sheen, sand can be seen pouring rapidly from the top and falling endlessly to the bottom. As the user of this forbidden spell finishes the incantation, the vivid green glow increases, blinding everything within a 20m radius. People, creatures, structures, kidou -- everything within the area of effect is halted in a temporal stasis, unable to act or be acted upon.

The caster may move out of the area at will, but cannot cast any hadou, bakudou, or chiyudou within the affected area. The stasis lasts for five rounds or until the caster willingly ends it.

Incantation: To knowledge belongs the rational apprehension of all things temporal. Concept of form without direction, form without climax; that which allows time to stand still. Kindou #101, Jikanteishi.

Asobikurasu - Kindou #102, 7500 Kidou

Description: In its time Asobikurasu was feared for its ability to crumble even the strongest of attacks and barriers. The caster summons up a localized temporal anomaly, spreading to fill a 10m radius around the caster. This anomaly lasts only a few seconds. During those few seconds, any attack or barrier costing less reiatsu than Asobikurasu is aged thousands of years, effectively destroying them.

The end of the kidou's incantation is marked by the appearance of a large circle encompassing the area of effect. A single large hourglass appears overhead, decorated with numerous runic circles. Within the circle, time itself warps. This causes a strobe effect as day and night pass rapidly. Accompanied by this is the horrid sound of rushing wind bearing down unrelentingly on those outside. To those within, the world around them seems to age with each passing second as everything is seen to wither, die, and turn to dust before returning to life again at the end of the attack.

This kindou has no lasting effect on living beings or zanpakuto.

Incantation: The sands of time weather down even the most stalwart of bastions. Let the dance of hours quicken as all is devoured in the maw of the ages. Remember, thou art dust and to dust thou shall return. Kindou #102, Asobikurasu.

Senkenteki (Transcendental) - Kindou #103, 7500 Kidou

Description: The user transcends the world around him, appearing on a different plane of being. For the next three rounds, the user ceases to exist in the world and instead exists beyond it. The user's form appears to be like a specter, partially visible following his movements. Nothing from the world of origin, including spells, can reach the user, nor can anything from beyond reach the world. While in this form, the user cannot activate any techniques, whether it be kai abilities, feats, division or racial techniques.

Incantation: Dreams pass into the reality of action. From the actions stems the dream again; from the unconscious, brought into connection with action. A process of becoming, a combination of states; catch up, live for a moment in unison with it. Kindou #103, Senkenteki.

Kaichuu (One's Pocket) - Kindou #104, 7500 kidou

Description: Kaichuu's best known purpose is to make certain areas immensely difficult to infiltrate. In principle the kindou operates as a barrier, however one immune to the effects of barrier decay, around a chosen location no larger than a single discrete unit, more often than not a building or other structure. The energies then segment the location outside of normal space-time creating an empty void where it once was. To the kindouist, and any chosen persons, the location is still visible and able to be entered. To any outsiders the barrier shields all conventional methods of communication and sensing abilities to the area within. However should an outsider assume something is amiss and attack the location of the barrier it will ultimately shatter revealing the hidden area. Since the target of Kaichuu is moved to an extra-dimensional space, it can be traveled to by means of Kuukanten'i.

Incantation: The recluse seeks lost sanctuary, the forsaken seeks paradise, the nomad seeks his home. I seek a path where the uninvited may not follow. Let the chosen find shelter amid the growing storms. Kindou #104, Kaichuu.

Special Purpose Trained Kidou


Shunko - Flash Cry
(Requires Trained Feat: Shunko)

Kyuuzou Maou (Devil's Surge) - Shunko #99, 3000 Kidou

Description: The user pressurizes their kidou energy around the back and shoulders, channeling it through the body and down their legs. This energy is volatile and difficult to control, and can only be maintained for two rounds plus one round per 5000 kidou, up to four rounds. At the end of the technique, the pressurized energy must be released. If the user doesn't voluntarily direct the release or has nowhere to release it, or if the technique fails in another manner, the built-up energy will detonate, severely damaging the user and everything within a five-foot radius for an amount equal to half the reiatsu cost for each round it was active.

For each round the user is in this state, 10% of the caster's kidou stat is transferred into the attacking power of the Shunko user. Their skill in Hakuda still determines their prowess and accuracy.

One Shunko spell can be used each round that Kyuuzou Maou is active.

Incantation: None

Hanki (Reverse Demon) - Shunko #69, 1x Target's Kidou

Description: While Kyuuzou Maou is active, a Shunko practitioner can activate Hanki, an ability which nullifies an opponent's kidou by hitting it with their own burst of kidou, of perfectly opposite speed and energy. The ability can even neutralize an opponent's movements if they are amplified by kidou -- for instance, users propelled by Bansoukou or attacks using Breaking Palm. Most importantly, other Shunko practitioners' attacks can be halted by matching the movement and paying 500 reiatsu.

The user's Hakuda needs to be relative to or greater than the attack in order to use Hanki on it. The use of this ability halts the user where they stand for the remainder of their turn and threatens to stall Kyuuzou Maou. Using it two turns in a row will cause Kyuuzou Maou to fail.

Incantation: None

Hakkeiki (Demon's Release) - Shunko #85, 2000 Kidou

Description: While Kyuuzou Maou is active, the user builds up kidou energy at a point in their body and then releases it in a blast of raw, destructive force that extends for 30m. The energy must be released within seconds of concentrating it, or it will explode in the user's face. It takes a remarkable kidou user, at least 8000 base Kidou, to be able to divide or restrain the blast once it's released.

This ability will strain the stability of Kyuuzou Maou. If used two turns in a row, Kyuuzou Maou will fail.

Incantation: None


Togishi - Sharpener of the Sword, Polisher of the Mirror
(Requires Trained Feat: Togishi)

Togitate (Sharpened Sword) - Togishi #65, 3000 Kidou to Learn

Description: With Togitate's activation, the user's zanpakuto begins to give off blue-white light. This ability costs 2% reiatsu (also deducted from kidou threshold) per round to keep active. The user's strikes are enhanced by that amount, and they may be able to cut through some barriers.

Incantation: none

Mei Kagami Shisui (Polished Mirror) - Togishi #70, 3000 Kidou to Learn

Description: While Togitate is active, the user may choose to invoke Mei Kagami Shisui with the imbued energy, opting for defense rather than offense. Each slash of the sword lingers in the air as a barrier, four inches wide and following the shape of each slash. These reflective ribbons of energy are best at stopping melee strikes and are difficult to use effectively against kidou.

The strength of each barrier is based on the caster’s kidou stat and the reiatsu spent on Togitate.

Incantation: none

Kakikata (Way of Writing) - Togishi #75, 5000 Kidou to Learn

Description: While Togitate is active, with every slash of the sword, the user may leave writing in the air. Kakikata allows for mundane writing, expressing the user's thoughts, but more importantly, it can also be used to cast kidou by adding 10% of the spell's cost.

The caster's zanjutsu must be equal or greater than the cost of the spell or ability, and the spell will be written in the air at a normal casting speed. This does not allow users to cast more spells per round than normal.

Each stream of writing is about 10cm wide and as long as the sword slash it follows. These words flare up very brightly and release loud but indecipherable chanting noises.

Incantation: none


Idaten - Swift Running, Heavenly Warrior
(Requires Trained Feat: Idaten)

Shunkaji (Flash Incantation) - Idaten #65, 5000 Kidou to Learn

Description: Imbuing the intrinsic properties of kidou with the staple technique of all hohou practitioners, Shunkaji allows Idaten users to emanate these properties with motion. Paying 2% reiatsu per round active, users of Shunkaji are capable of casting spells while mid-shunpo. Spells cast in this manner are considered bypassed, unleashed with little to no warning from unexpected angles.

The spell can be cast from any point in the path of a single shunpo, allowing skilled practitioners to cast from one direction and then attack from another. Casting during Shunkaji takes the place of two normal shunpo uses in addition to using one of the caster's spells for that round.

Incantation: None

Kouhou Rankiryuu (Wake Turbulence) - Idaten #70, 5000 Kidou to Learn

Description: While under the effects of Shunkaji, the Idaten practitioner can enact Kouhou Rankiryuu. Rather than firing a hadou from within their shunpo, the user is able to imbue that hadou into the wake of their own passing, for an additional 10% of the spell's cost. For as long as Shunkaji remains active, Kouhou Rankiryuu allows the user to emanate the properties of the chosen hadou, unleashing a wave of destruction that follows their path, spreading out up to 3m wide.

Kouhou Rankiryuu takes the place of two normal shunpo uses in addition to using one of the caster's spells for that round, and is usable with spells up to two slots. The Idaten practitioner can maintain the same spell for additional rounds by paying 50% of the spell's cost, but casting a new spell requires the full cost + 10%. Ending Shunkaji cancels Kouhou Rankiryuu.

Incantation: None

Adauchishi (Vengeful Corpse) - Idaten #99, 7500 Kidou

Description: The pinnacle of hohou is to produce the elusive Utsusemi, a movement fast enough to leave behind a semi-physical shell to deceive opponents. Idaten, however, takes this deceitful ability and turns it into a devastating trap.

While Shunkaji is active, the practitioner can substitute Adauchishi in place of Utsusemi. Adauchishi augments the high-class Hohou technique with kidou energy, allowing the user to escape a deadly situation and turn it around on their attacker. The skill is highly straining and must be used wisely. The user launches themselves into several different Shunpo simultaneously, accelerating the user so quickly that it leaves behind a 'skin' which the attacker will see taking the hit that was meant for the user.
Immediately upon impact the core of kidou energy within the skin will roar to life, creating a vacuum which draws in all nearby reiatsu-based abilities as well as physical matter within a 10m radius. This prevents the victim from escaping the radius via normal movement, and halves the distance traveled via shunpo or similar techniques.

This technique costs 7,500 reiatsu and exhausts all of the user's Kidou and Shunpo attempts for that round, adding 6,000 to the user's Hohou for one dodge. The skin and the vortex persist for one round before dissipating.

Incantation: None
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