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Mar 13, 2005
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Dahlitium (⏆50 per)
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Auritium (⏆300 per)
Vitatium (⏆1200 per)
Caelitium (⏆6000 per)

Explanations & Updates for Kidou


Byakucho Kaisou

Tattoo of the Gods
Chaining Blast
Chakra In
Chopping Block
Orbs of Light
Heaven's Essence
Iron Man
Tower of Babel

Well, I asked Wind if I could go ahead and create a list about kidou. I made a list from 1-100, I had to change some of of you guys kidou numbers/cost to better fit what we just learned from the manga(higher number = more powerful). First, I plan on making each list then I will alphabetize all the descriptions.

Also, each spell will now be put into a cateorgy, like this.
  • Hadou: Attack spells/Destructive Arts
  • Bakudou: Binding Arts
  • Bougyoudo: Support spells/Misc Arts
  • Chiyudo: Healing spells/Defensive Arts
I'll update the list when new kidou is added, and I'll try to make up chants for spells that don't have them. Unless, the person who made them wants to make one.


As for other kidou stuff: You gain an extra kidou slot every 500 kidou points and incantation bypass is learned at 2000 kidou.

Kidou Slots(Measured per Kidou)

0 - 3
500 - 4
1000 - 5
1500 - 6
2000 - 7
2500 - 8
3000 - 9
3500 - 10
4000 - 11
4500 - 12
5000 - 13
5500 - 14
6000 - 15
6500 - 16
7000 - 17
7500 - 18
8000 - 19
8500 - 20
9000 - 21
9500 - 22
10000 and up - (Hopefully it's obvious by now)

Explains Extensions​

To make things easier to understand, all extensions should be read like this.

1st spell - Intial Cost/2nd Spell - Total Cost

So if you have a spell that costs 500 and its extensions says 1000, then both simply cost 500.

Then you have moves that are not extensions, simply variations. For moves like that you use whatever cost it says for that attack.

So if 1st spell is 500 and 2nd one is 500 both cost 500 but you can't combo them like with and extension spell.

From now on each extension will have (ext to show extension and var for variations). I'll try to get to the older ones as soon as I can.

*NOTE: NO STACKING STAT BOOSTS. You cannot take a 20% boost from SP, add it to a 30% boost another technique gives you and make it 50%. It's the maximum boost you can get at the time, in this case, 30%.

General Explanation:​

Concerning Stat Boost Feats & Techniques:​

Stat Boost Kidou -
  • The maximum you can raise a stat is 50%, and that is if the kidou only raises that one stat, and only for three or less turns. There are some special cases however.
  • The maximum stat boost for 2-3 stats is 20%.
  • The maximum stat boost for all stats is 10%.
  • All of the maximums for kidou are duplicated for techniques, except the maximum for a single stat is not 50%, but 40%.

You may have as many as you want...just remember, they don't stack!!! (So basically, you would be one retarded fellow to waste all your kidou slots on stat boosters.)

Team Kidou​

A team kidou will basically be a combined kidou between a group of two or more people. When done you take the cost of the kidou and divide it between the users of the kidou.

As for power, it's simple. You basically take the power levels of each of the users, and combine them into one. There are limits however, the kidou's maximum power cannot exceed, 50% of the strongest user's SP ranking. So basically it works this way:

5000 cost/2 people with 10000 SP = 2500 cost/15000 power

5000 cost/2 people - one with 10000, one with 5000 = 2500 cost/15000 power

This may seem unfair to people with the same SP, but their is a reasoning behind it. The person with the highest SP acts as the "conduit" when a duo spell is used, therefore the spell puts a strain on that person. So, as not to cause exhaustion, their is a limit to the max power of the attack.

There are a few other rules too. For a duo kidou to be used, both people must know the spell. However, it can still be used if only one person knows the spell. But they need the cooperation of the other person and they have to pay a 30% cost penalty.

As for incantation, you can either have it that both people speak the same incantation(one person if the penalty is used.) Or have the people speak different parts of the incantation to combine one.

I'm still in the middle of working everything out, so expect some changes here and there. But it took me long enough just to come up with this system, so it should be okay for now. I'll post these rulings in the section later. Here goes an example.

Harbinger - Hadou #75, 2800 Kidou (1400 each)

Description: One of the rare duo kidou, Harbinger works by having two people combine their reiatsu and releasing it out into a massive force. To use this attack, the two users stand side by side (however, it can still be used as long as they're within 10ft of each other) and force their palms forward. The two separate reiatsu combine a form one large wave (the hue of the wave is the color that would come from both the combined energies).

The large, focused wave (about 5 ft in diameter) shoots out like a tornado. As it twists outward in sucks in anything unfortunate to be close to attack is caught in the brutal torrent. The attack then breaks around and shoots out at every target in range. A solid wave of reiatsu barreling into each of them. There are about up to 20 separate blasts all together, and the blasts are a divided between the targets (so one person would take the full onslaught of each blast).

Incantation: (1st person) The high current falls pulling down the sky. (2nd) The low current rises as the land breaks. (Together) The dead light carries the future chart, and man's destiny. Hadou #75, Harbinger.

*Note: I'll try to make more kidou teamable in the future.

Spell Classes:​

Low Class [0-600 cost]

These spells are the weakest and easiest spells to use. They are not quite as damaging as higher level spells, however their cost is much lower and they can usually be used many times without tiring out the user. They are also the simplest of all the spell classes, so their effects will usually(but not always) be temporary with a low range of effect.

Low-level spells aren't very damaging and most of the time will not kill an opponent unless they are severely weaker than you or they are already near death. Many low-level spells are used to slowly whittle away at your opponent, or temporarily stun them. When used properly most low-level spells can be damaging to the area of the body they strike, almost making that part unusable.

Area of effect and durability:
Most low-level spells do not have very large areas of effect, and most of the ones that do are support spells with very weak overall effects. Also, depending on the power and the skill of the user, most low-level spells will only last a few seconds before dissipating.

Most healing spells of these levels are mainly used to heal minor wounds while still in the heat of battle. The usually effect small areas and have slow regeneration speeds. They are usually more efficient when one doesn't have much time to spare.

Mid Class [600-2500 cost]

Mid class spells are the most balanced efficiency and power wise. They aren't as damaging as high level spells. However, they can do considerable amounts of damage without tiring out the user as much as a high level spell would. They cannot be used as many times as low-level spells could be used without tiring out the user. The effects of mid-class spells aren't as simple as lower class ones, so they involve some level of concentration. Their effects last longer and have great effect areas.

Mid class spells can do considerable amounts of damage without tiring out the user. If used properly they have a decent chance of killing or incapacitating an opponent with one or two direct shots. Mid-level spells are usually used to do a decent level of damage to one's opponent without tiring one's self out too much or to take out a group of weaker enemies all at once.

Area of effect and durability:
Most mid-level spells have decent areas of effect, whether for attack or support. The support spells are also more elaborate than those of low-level spells and allow greater manipulation of one's spiritual energy. Unlike most of low-level spells, mid-level ones can last for long stretches of times. Most stronger mid levels usually only last for a few seconds to about a minute.

Mid-level spells are the most efficient because they have the ability to heal both minor and major injuring without draining too much of one's energy. They usually can effect large sections of the body or more than one person at a time, and they can even heal large gashes and broken bones in a good amount of time.

High Class [2500+]

High-class spells are the strongest and hardest spells to learn and use. Their power is great, usually allowing one to kill or incapacitate one or more persons in one incantation. Because they are so strong, most people will only be able to cast them once or twice before they tire themselves out. Because of their difficulty to complete and cost, most high-level spells are only used by skilled kidou users or as a desperation act.

High-class spells are the most powerful of all spells and therefore the most damaging. They can kill and incapacitate in one blow, and they usually can hit more than one person at a time. Because of this, most (if not all) high-level spells are only used in serious battles and are usually barred from use in friendly competitions.

Area of Effect and Durability:
Most high-level spells have giant areas of effect, some actually being able to envelop a small battlefield. Because these are the highest levels of kidou, these spells allow near perfect manipulation of one's energy for support spells, allowing the person to pull off many elaborate moves. High-level spells can last very long, some taking days to dissipate and others remaining on the battlefield long after a battle has ended. However, like all other classes, the strongest ones will only last for about a few seconds to a few minutes.

High class healing is the best around, and also the most taxing. These spells allow almost instant healing and can even regenerate lost limbs if possible. There are some so powerful that they can even bring a person back from the brink of death. However, only the most skilled shinigami even know of their existence.

To make the kidou listing a bit faster (and easier for me to keep track of), I'm going to be adding property terms to the Hadou, Bakudou, Bougyudou and Chiyudo lists. Each properties bar will be spaced as such [--/--/--] and feature element/type/range respectfully.

Each type will be mark as such:

Element - Elemental Properties. Basically this is the elemental affiliation of a spell. In case of multiple affiliations, the spell will either have two or it will only have the element that is most favored.

[Fir] - Fire. Primary source of flame and heat based damage. It used for any kidou favoring said element. Mainly used in Hadou and Bakudou. Favored element of aggressive kidou users. Attacks of this sort tend to be focused on causing a great amount of damage to one person. Bakudou of this nature tends to be based around not only binding the opponent but causing heavy burns to hinder movement.

[Wat] - Water. Primary source of all things water. It used for any kidou favoring said element. Mainly used in Hadou and Bakudou, but present in some Chiyudo. Favored element of Chiyudo users. Attacks of this type tend to be based around drowning or simply bombarding target with large amounts of water. Chiyudo of this nature is based mainly about cleaning the body of infections and impurities.

[Ice] - Ice. Primary source of all things Ice. Is used for any kidou favoring said element. Mainly used in Hadou and Bakudou. Favored element of aggressive attackers and chiyudo users. Ice kidou tends to be about to heavy damage to one or more target and temporary freezing their movements. While chiyudo of the type is usally for preventing blood lose or preserving limbs.

[Wnd] - Wind. Primary source of all things involving wind and air. Mainly used in Hadou, but can be featured in Bakudou, Bougyoudo, and Chiyudo. Balanced element, favored by aggressive kidou users and passive ones. Has many practical uses for all arts.

[Ear] - Earth. Primary source of all things concerning the ground and earth. Mainly used in Hadou, but can be featured in others as well. Favored by aggressive kidou users. Hadou of this nature tends to be about taking down a large group of people and temporary disorienting them.

[Wood] - Wood. Primary source of all things concerning plantlife. Used in multiple arts. Has many practical uses.

[Met] - Metal. Primary source of all things concerning Iron and other metals. Used in multiple arts. Has many practical uses.

[Ltg] - Lightning. Primary source of all things related with lightning and the heavens. Mainly used in Hadou. Favored by aggressive kidou users. Lightning based attacks usually revolve around causing great damage to one target and temporary paralyzing their movements.

[Dark] - Dark. Intangible element, Dark is more of a state of being than a element. Most dark attacks are based around draining the strength of a target, causing a infliction upon them, or killing them in a malicious way. Mostly used in Hadou. Favored by aggressive kidou users for it's ability to weaken opponent.

[Lgt] - Light. Like Dark, Light is intangible. Mainly used for kidou that focus on healing and purifying the body of both wounds and malicious presences, and destructive arts that are based around purging dark spirits. Balanced type, but extremely rare.

[Non] - Non-Elemental. An ability that has no specific place in the elements. Usually seen in Bougyoudo. Favored by mainly and has many uses.

Type - Basically, this is what the kidou basically is or what it does.

[For] - Force. An intangible form of kidou, basically used to describe when kidou is used in a way that is unseen. Has many different types.

[Brt] - Burst. A term for a large force of kidou that is released in a short amount of time. Such as a desperation attack or a close-range attack.

[Beam] - Beam. A term for focused kidou that is released steady and in one direction, such as a laser beam. Used mainly for Hadou.

[Sht] - Shot. A term for a focused kidou that is released all at once but in one direction, like a bullet.

[Cnt] - Counter. A term for kidou that is specifically for countering something. Usually used in Bougyoudo

[Str] - Strike. A term for kidou that involves physical striking.

[Bst] - Boost. A term for kidou that is used to augment an ability or stat. Mainly used in Bougyudou.

[Ill] - Illusion. A term for kidou that is used to trick the opponent or create illusions.

[Hea] - Healing. A term for kidou that is used mainly to heal and/or purify one of wounds and other malicious properties.

[Wave] - Wave. A term for kidou that is released like a wave, usually causing massive destruction and hard to evade. Also term used for skinnier waves, such as energy blades.

[Grd] - Ground. A term for kidou that effects the earth or comes from the ground.

[Bar] - Barrier. A term for kidou that causes barriers and shields.

[Phy] - Physical. A term for kidou that causes a physical augmentation on the user or target.

[Men] - Mental. A term for kidou that causes a mental augmentation on the user or target.

[Mov] - Movement. A term for a kidou that is mainly used for moving user or target.

[Com] - Communication. A kidou that allows the user to communicate with one or more persons, or to communicate with something they normally wouldn't.

[Dim] - Dimensional. Term for kidou that affects the dimensions of Soul Society, Earth, Hell, and Huero Muero in any way.

[Bind] - Binding. Used mainly in bakudou, it is a term for any kidou that keeps something stored or binds something for any long period of time.

[Hom] - Homing. A kidou that homes in on the target and usually will not stop until it has been fully evaded or has hit its target.

[Exp] - Explosion. A kidou that when released explodes violently.

[Con] - Constant. A kidou that stays active as long as the user wills it.

[Sky] - Sky. A kidou that strikes from the skies, usually raining down on the target.

[Area] - Area. A kidou that is meant to affect only a specific area.

[Mat] - Materialization. A kidou that forms an object.

[Team] - Team. A kidou that can only be performed by two or more people

[Te-op] - Team Optional. A kidou that can be performed alone or with multiple persons.

Range - Basically the area of influence for a Kidou.

[Srt] - Short. Kidou only reaches a few feet and is usually accomplished by direct contact with the user and target.

[Mid] - Mid. Kidou that have a decent range, but one not far enough to be considered long.

[Lng] - Long. Kidou can reach far places, allowing the user to hit their target without being in the line of fire themselves.

[Wide] - Wide. A term for a kidou that has a large, but undefined, area effect. Usually seen in high levels.

[Tar] - Target. A term for kidou that only works in a fixed area, usually one decided by the user.

[Dome] - Dome. A term for a kidou with a Dome like area of effect. One that can or cannot be based around the user or target as the center.

[Frt] - Frontal. Barrier Only. Term for a barrier that only appears at the front of the target.

[Side] - Side. Barrier Only. Term for a barrier that only appears at the side of the target.

[Rear] - Rear. Barrier Only. Term for a barrier that only appears at the rear of the target.

[Self] - Self. Term for kidou that is only meant to affect the user.


Spell Speed 0(S0) = User's Total Kidou Stat x .75 = Kidou Speed
Spell Speed 1(S1) = User's Total Kidou Stat x 1.00 = Kidou Speed
Spell Speed 2(S2) = User's Total Kidou Stat x 1.25 = Kidou Speed
Spell Speed 3(S3) = User's Total Kidou Stat x 1.50 = Kidou Speed

1. Hadou #1, Yakekoge [Fir/Con/Srt] - 10 Kidou/S1
2. Hadou #2 - Beniikazuchi [Ltg/Beam/Lng] - 15 kidou/S3
3. Hadou #3, Myaku [Non/For/Lng] - 20 Kidou/S3
4. Hadou #4, Byakurai [Ltg/Beam/Lng] - 25 Kidou/S3
5. Hadou #5, Demon Fist [Non/Brt/Srt] - 30 kidou/Hakuda-Dependent
7. Hadou #7, Rakurai [Ltg/Sht/Lng] - 40 Kidou/S2
8. Hadou #8, Static Blast [Ltg/Beam/Srt] - 45 Kidou/S1
9. Hadou #9, Kamaitachi [Wnd/Brt/Mid] - 50 Kidou/S2
10. Hadou #10, Red Snow [Fir/Sht/Lng] - 60 Kidou /S1
11. Hadou #11, Hoteruchion [Fir/Grd/Tar] - 70 Kidou/S1
12. Hadou #12, Sweep [Wind/Sht/Mid] - 80 Kidou/S2
13. Hadou #13, Inflamari [Fir/Grd/Lng] - 85 Kidou/S2
14. Hadou #14, Hakke Kuushou [Non/For/Srt] - 90 Kidou/S1
15. Hadou #15, Defusion [Non/Brt/Self] - 100 Kidou/S1
16. Hadou #16, Ice Water [Ice/Sht/Lng] - 115 Kidou/S1
17. Hadou #17, Dragon's Breath [Fir/Beam/Lng] - 125 Kidou/(single-shot S1/Rapid Fire S2)
18. Hadou #21, Infurnus [Fir/Grd/Tar] - 135 Kidou/S2
19. Hadou #19, Cosmos Summit [Ear/Grd/Wide] - 140 Kidou/S1
20. Hadou #20, Reaper [Non/Wave/Lng] - 150 Kidou/S3
22. Hadou #22, Deadly Quill [Non/Sky/Tar] - 175 Kidou/S0
24. Hadou #24, Raigen [Ltg/Beam/Lng] - 200 Kidou/S2
25. Hadou #25, Breaking Palm [Non/Brt/Srt] - 220 Kidou/Hakuda-Dependent
26. Hadou #26, Toutenya [Lgt/Sht/Lng] - 240 Kidou/S3
27. Hadou #27, Chuujou [Ear/Grd/Tar]/Assatsu [Ext/Ear/Grd/Tar] - 260/1000 kidou - S1/S2
28. Hadou #28, Aisu [Var/Ice/Beam/Lng]/Aisuhaaken [Var/Ice/Sht/Lng]/Aisudansu [Var/Ice/Beam/Tar] - 280/1000/1200 Kidou - S2/S0/S1
29. Hadou #29, Diamond Cutter [Ear/Area/Wide] -- 290 Kidou
30. Hadou #30, Big Bang[Non/Sht/Lng] - 300 Kidou
31. Hadou #31, Shakkahou [Fir/Sht/Lng] - 325 Kidou/S2
32. Hadou #32, Heki [Non/Brt-Sht/Srt] - 350 Kidou/S1
33. Hadou #33, Soukatsui [Non/Brt/Wide] - 375 Kidou/S3
34. Hadou #34 Underbite[Ear/Area/Mid]/Overbite[Ext/Ear/Area/Mid]/Grand Divide[Ext/Ear/Area/Mid] - 400/700/1000 Kidou - S1/S1/S1
35. Hadou #35, Cinder [Fir/Brt/Srt]/Blaze[Var/Fir/Beam/Lng]/Sun Flare[Var/Fir/Sht/Long] - 425/500/1200 Kidou - S1/S0/S1
36. Hadou #36, Kancho [Ear/Grd/Tar] - 450 Kidou - add to list
37. Hadou #37, Altar [Ear/Grd/Tar] - 475 Kidou/S0
38. Hadou #38, Coiling Abyss[Drk/Tar/Lng] - 500 Kidou/S2
39. Hadou #39, Wind Master [Wnd/Sky/Tar] - 525 kidou/S3 -revise
40. Hadou #40, Byakucho Kaisou (White Boar's Stampede) [Ear/Grd/Lng] - 550 Kidou/S3
41. Hadou #41, Dead Air [Wind/Sht/Lng] - 575 Kidou/S3 - revise
42. Hadou #42, Raiden [Ltg/Beam/Lng] - 600 Kidou/S1
43. Hadou #43, Burst Stream [Wat/Beam/Lng] - 635 Kidou/S1
44. Hadou #44, Bloody Vulcan [Non/Beam/Lng] - 650 Kidou/S1
45. Hadou #45, Kageryuu Ikari [Non/Grd/Tar] - 675 Kidou/S0
46. Hadou #46, Shindou [Non/Sht/Lng] - 700 Kidou/S1
47. Hadou #47, Fist of Destruction [Lgt/Brt/Srt] - 750 Kidou/Hakuda-Dependent
50. Hadou #50, Cataclysm [Ear/Wave/Lng] - 900 Kidou/S0
51. Hadou #51, Jiraigen [Non/Exp/Wide] - 950 Kidou/S1
52. Hadou #52, Thor's Hammer [Ltg/Con-Sht/Srt-Lng] - 1000 Kidou/S2
54. Hadou #54, Haien [Fir/Exp/Srt] - 1100 Kidou/S1
55. Hadou #55, Ice Pike [Ice/Grd/Lng] - 1150 Kidou/S1
57. Hadou #57, Reaving Wind [Wind/Sky/Tar] - 1250 Kidou/S3
61. Hadou #61, Writhing Spark [Ltg/Hom/Lng]/Writhing Demon [Var/Ltg/Area/Lng] - 1400/3000 Kidou - S1/S0
62. Hadou #62, Gouka [Fir/Grd/Tar] - 1470 Kidou/S1
63. Hadou #63, Raikouhou [Ltg/Brt/Lng] - 1500 Kidou/S2
64. Hadou #64, Kageyakedo [Dark/Area/Mid] 1600 Kidou/S3
66. Hadou #66, Chain reaction [Non/Grd/Tar] - 1800 Kidou/S2
67. Hadou #67, Flash Freeze [Ice/Wave/Wide] - 1900 Kidou/S0
68. Hadou #68, Uchuusename [Non/Sht/Lng] - 2000 Kidou/S1
69. Hadou #69, Zantanuskin [Fir/Sky/Wide] - 2100 Kidou/S0
70. Hadou #70, Shoshin [Lgt/Sht/Lng] - 2200 Kidou/S2
71. Hadou #71, Burst Geyser [Fir/Grd/Wide] - 2300 Kidou/S1
72. Hadou #72, Abadon's Kiss [Dark/Hom/Tar] - 2400 Kidou/S1
73. Hadou #73, Ebon[Dark/Exp/Srt] - 2600 Kidou/Hakuda-Dependent
74. Hadou #74, Harbinger - 2800 Kidou [Non/Team/Lng] (1400 each)/S2
75. Hadou #75, Black Wind [Wind/Sky/Tar] - 3000 Kidou/S2
76. Hadou #76, Comet [Non/Brt/Srt] - 3200 Kidou/Hakuda-Dependent
77. Hadou #77, Snowstorm [Ice/Sky/Wide] - 3400 Kidou/S1
78. Hadou #78, Torrential Wrath [Wat/Grd/Wide] - 3600 Kidou/S1
79. Hadou #79, Banrai [Ltg/Sky/Wide] - 3800 Kidou/(Initial strike - S1/Smaller strikes - S3)
80. Hadou #80, Bakuhatsu [Fir/Exp/Wide] - 4000 Kidou/S2
81. Hadou #81, Daijishin [Ear/Grd/Wide] - 4200 Kidou/S2
82. Hadou #82, Demon's Baptism [Dark/Hom/Tar] - 4400 Kidou/S2
83. Hadou #83, Guardian's Palm [Ear/Grd/Wide] - 4600 Kidou/S0
84. Hadou #84, Forgotten Punishment [Drk/Hom/Tar]- 4800 kidou/S1
85. Hadou #85, Graviton[Non/Sht/Tar] - 5000 Kidou/S2
86. Hadou #86, Hadouken[Non/Beam/Lng] - 5200 Kidou/S2
87. Hadou #87, Deforvastation[Wood/Area/Wide] - 5500 Kidou/S3
88. Hadou #88, Kaiton Saihou [Non/Sht/Lng] - 5,700 Reiatsu (fixed)/S4 (Gotei 13 only)
89. Hadou #89, Grand Cross [Lgt/Area/Wide] - 5,800 Kidou/S0
90. Hadou #90, Kurohitsugi [Dark/Hom/Tar] - 6,000 Kidou/S1
91. Hadou #91, Kyuuden [Ltg/Area/Wide] - 6500 Kidou/S0
92. Hadou #92, Avalanche [Ice-Wind/Area/Wide] - 6800 Kidou/S2
93. Hadou #93, Karamaridaigyakusatsu [Fir/Hom/Tar] - 7000 Kidou/S1
94. Hadou #94, Senken [Non/Hom/Tar] - 7500 Kidou
95. -
96. Hadou #96, Dark Hole [Dark/Exp/Wide] - 8500 Kidou/S1
97. Hadou #97, Shounetsujigoku [Fir/Exp/Dome] - 9000 Kidou/S2
98. Hadou #98, Meteor Rain [Fir-Ear/Sky/Wide] - 9500 Kidou/S0
99. Hadou #99, Radiance - 10000 Kidou (S0 while forming/S2 while striking)
100. -

<Bakudou >

1. Bakudou #1, Obstruction [Non/Bind/Lng]- 15 Kidou/S3
2. Bakudou #2, Double Obstruction [Non/Bind/Lng] - 20 kidou/S2
3. -
4. Bakudou #4, Lockdown [Non/Bind/Srt] - 30 Kidou
5. Bakudou #5, Mummification [Non/Bind/Tar] - 40 Kidou/S2
6. -
7. Bakudou #7, Thorn [Wood/Grd/-] - 60 Kidou/S2
8. Bakudou #8, Sealing Rings [Non/Hom/Lng] - 65 Kidou/S3
9. Bakudou #9, Geki [Non/Hom/Lng] - 70 Kidou/S1
10. Bakudou #10, Gokuin [Non/Beam/Lng] - 75 Kidou/S1
11. Bakudou #11, Cage [Met/Area/Tar] - 75 Kidou/S1
12. Bakudou #12,Tragic Kingdom [Non/Hom/Lng]/Red Kingdom [Ext/Non/Bind/Tar] -- 90 Kidou/600 Kidou -- S2/S1
13. Bakudou #13, Earthen Maw. [Ear/Grd/Tar] - 90 Kidou/S1
14. Bakudou #14, Spirit Prison [Non/Bind/Mid] - 100 Kidou/S1
15. Bakudou #15, Time Bomb [Non/Exp/Srt] - 110 Kidou/ S1
16. Bakudou #16, Encumber [Non/Man/Tar] - 120 Kidou/S3
17. Bakudou #17, Ice Prison [Ice/Grd/Mid]/Ice Maiden [Ext/Ice/Bind/Tar] -- 135 Kidou/600 Kidou -- S2/S1
18. -
19. Bakudou #19, Betobetokenwonuku/Sticky draw [Non/Hom/Tar] - 150 Kidou/S3
20. Bakudou #20, Chains of Misery [Fir/Sht/Lng]/Chains of Torment [Ext/Fir/Bind/Tar] - 170/700 Kidou -- S2/S2
21. Bakudou #21, Clay [Ear/Grd/Tar]/Pale Embrace[Ext/Ear/Bind/Tar]/Grim Embrace[Ext/Ear/Bind/Tar] - 200/1000/6000 Kidou -- S2/S2/S2
23. Bakudou #23, Seizing Vines (Shouaku Tsurukusa)[Wood/Hom/Mid] - 230 Kidou/S3
24. -
25. Bakudou #25, Razorwire Restraint (Shinzui Clan Special) [Non/Grd/Tar] - 250 Kidou/Persecution [Non/Bind/Tar] - 600 Kidou/S2
26. Bakudou #26, Atlas [Non/Bind/Tar] - 270 Kidou/S3
27. Bakudou #27, Bisokudo [Non/Bind/Lng] - 300 Kidou/S1
28. Bakudou #28, Anchor [Non/Sht/Lng] - 325 Kidou/S2
29. Bakudou #29, Reaper's Curse [Non/Bind/Srt] - 350 Kidou
30. Bakudou #30, Liquid Prison (Based off Naruto manga) [Wat/Bind/Srt] - 360 Kidou/Celsius [Ice/Bind/Srt] - 1000 Kidou -- S2
31. -
32. -
33. Bakudou #33, Hold [Non/Bind/Srt] - 400 Kidou/S3
34. Bakudou #34, Terra's Fly Trap [Wood/-/-] - 410 Kidou/S1
35. Bakudou #35, Tremor [Ear/Grd/Tar] - 425 Kidou/S0
36. Bakudou #36, Kagewana [Non/Bind/Lng] - 550 Kidou/Kageshihai [Non/Bind/Tar] - 1200 Kidou -- S3
37. Bakudou #37, Yusuru [Non/Bind/Area] - 450 Kidou/S1
38. -
39. Bakudou #39, Raifutsukamu [Non/Bind/Mid] - 480 Kidou/S1
40. Bakudou #40, Hinome [Fir/Area/Tar] - Bakudou #40, 500 kidou/S1
41. Bakudou #41, Dark Claw [Dark/Grd/Tar] - 500 Kidou / Demon's Claw [Ext/Dark/Bind/Tar] - 1000 kidou -- S2
42. Bakudou #42, Spider's Web [Non/Sht/Lng] - 520 Kidou/S2
43. Bakudou #43, Rapture [Wind/Wave/Tar] - 525 Kidou/S0
44. Bakudou #44, Mask of Punishment [Non/Sht/Lng] - 530 Kidou/S1
45. Bakudou #45, Beast Fang [Non/Sht/Lng] - 550 Kidou/S2
46. Bakudou #46, Ancestral Clasp [Ear/Bind/Tar] - 550 kidou/Bakudou #46, Ancestral Wrath [Lgt/Sky/Tar] - 2000 kidou - S0/S1
48. -
49. -
50. Bakudou #50, Entombment [Ear/Area/Tar] - 600 Kidou/S2
51. Bakudou #51, Gesshoku [Ice/Area/Tar] - 610 Kidou/S1
53. Bakudou #53, Asamoya [Non/Wave/Lng] - 650 Kidou/S0
54. Bakudou #54, Tsuchinikaeru [Non/Sky/Tar] - 600 Kidou/S0
55. Bakudou #55, Diamond Dust [Ice/Hom/Tar] - 680 Kidou/S3
56. Bakudou #56, Divining Bolt [Ltg/Area/Tar] - 700 Kidou/S2
57. Bakudou #57, Tree of Stolen Life [Wood/Grd/Tar] - 720 Kidou/S1
58. Bakudou #58, Kakushitsuijaku [Non/Hom/Tar] - 730 Kidou/S1
59. Bakudou #59, Trap Floor [Non/Area/Lng] - 790 Kidou/S1
60. Bakudou #60, Vampire's Rapture [Non/Hom/Tar] - 800 Kidou/S2
61. Bakudou #61, Rikijyoukourou [Non/Bind/Tar] - 835 Kidou/S3
62. Bakudou #62, Suho [Non/Area/Tar] - 890 Kidou/S1
63. Bakudou #63, Kingusari [Non/Grd/Tar] - 950 Kidou/S2
64. Bakudou #64, Ghastly Dentention[Non/Bind/Tar] - 975 Kidou/Bakudou #64, Ghastly Punishment - 1500 Kidou -- S2/S2
65. Bakudou #65, Seal of Origins [Non/Beam/Lng] - 1000 Kidou/S1
66. Bakudou #66, Sinner's Burial [Ear/Grd/Tar] - 1055 Kidou/S1
67. Bakudou #67, Nowhere's Gate [Lgt/Area/Tar] - 1100 Kidou/Bakudou #67, Purgatory [Ext/Lgt/Area/Tar] - 4000 Kidou -- S1/S1
68. Bakudou #68, Itojinjoumae [Non/Cnt/Lng] - 1135 Kidou/S2
69. Bakudou #69, MÁƒ¡scara Roto [Non/Sht/Tar] - 1200 Kidou/S1
70. Bakudou #70, Death Rose [Wood/Grd/Tar] - 1400 Kidou/S1
71. Bakudou #71, Synapse Break [Non/Con/Srt] - 1800 Kidou/S1
72. Bakudou #72, Exorcism [Dark/Grd/Tar] - 2000 Kidou/S2
73. Bakudou #73, Pyramid of Light [Lgt/Area/Tar] - 2200 Kidou/S1
74. Bakudou #74, Gravity Ring[Non/Bind/Wide] - 2400 Kidou/S2
75. Bakudou #75, Gocchu Tekkan [Ear/Sky/Tar] - 2500 Kidou/S2
76. Bakudou #76, Guillotine [Non/Hom/Tar] - 2800 Kidou/S1
77. Bakudou #77, Tenteikuura [Non/Com/Wide] - 500 Kidou(because it doesn't need to be high)/S0
78. Bakudou #78, 100 Knives Torture [Non/Bind/Tar] - 3000 Kidou/S2
79. Bakudou #79, Stone Sarcophagus [Ear/Area/Tar] - 3150 kidou/S1
80. Bakudou #80, Mugendai (Infinity) [Non/Cnt/Sht] - 3200 Kidou/S1
81. -
82. Bakudou #82, Magma Sarcophougus [Fir/Area/Tar] - 3550 Kidou/S1
84. -
85. -
86. Bakudou 86, Honegaoreru [Non/Bind/Tar] - 4500 Kidou/S1
87. -
88. -
90. Bakudou #90, Longinus [Lgt/Hom/Tar] - 5000 Kidou/S2
91. Bakudou #91, Magnetic Storm [Non/Area/Dome] - 6000 Kidou/S3
92. -
93. -
94. -
95. -
96. -
97. Fugyoutenchi [Non/Area/Tar] - Bakudou 97, 7800 Kidou/S1
99. Bakudou #99, Kin (Extends into Bankin) [Non/Sky/Tar] - 9000 Kidou (Kin)/Bankin [Ext/Non/Bind/Tar] 10000 Kidou -- S2/S2
100. - Munashii Migawari [Non/Phy/Self] - Bakudou 100, 10000 Kidou/S1


1. Bougyoudo #1, Senkou [Lgt/Sht/Srt] - 15 Kidou
2. Bougyoudo #2, Hakkuten [Lgt/Sht/Mid] - 20 Kidou
3. Bougyoudo #3, Blue Mist [Non/Area/Srt] - 25 Kidou
4. Bougyoudo #4, Cursed mark [Non/Beam/Lng] - 30 kidou
5. Bougyoudo #5, Red Eye [Non/Men/Self] - 35 Kidou
6. Bougyoudo #6, Hasaki [Non/Con/Mid] - 45 Kidou
7. Bougyoudo #7, Edge [Non/Con/Self] - 50 Kidou
8. Bougyoudo #8, Spirit Blade [Non/Con/Self] - 55 Kidou
9. Bougyoudo #9, Flow Break [Ltg/Brt/Self] - 60 kidou
10. Bougyoudou #10, Talon [Non/Self/Srt] - 65 Kidou
11. Bougyoudo #11, Yobiyoseru [Non/For/Tar] - 70 Kidou
12. Bougyoudo #12, Break of Dusk [Non/Area/Mid] - 75 Kidou
13. Bougyoudo #13, Unbolt [Non/Phy/Srt] - 80 Kidou
14. Bougyoudo #14, Kansei [Non/Area/Tar]- 85 Kidou
15. Bougyoudo #15, Shock [Ltg/For/Srt] - 90 Kidou
16. Bougyoudo #16, Kenkekkai [Non/Phy/Tar] - 95 Kidou
17. Bougyoudo #17, Bikan [Non/Men/Self] - 100 Kidou
20. Bougyoudo #20, Saint's Indulgence (Shinzui Clan Secret) [Non/Cnt/Self] - 50% of spells cost for 1000 or less kidou, 75% for 1001-4000 cost kidou
21. Bougyoudo #21, Zankoku Zutsū [Dark/Men/Srt] - 130 Kidou
23. Bougyoudo #23, Bansoukou [Non/Con/Self] - 150 Kidou
25. Bougyoudo #25, Haneru [Non/Con/Self] - 170 Kidou
26. Bougyoudo #26, Disruption [Wnd/Wave/Mid] - 185 Kidou
27. Bougyoudo #27, Harinezumi [Non/Brt/Self] - 200 Kidou/Yammarashi [Ext/Non/Brt/Self] - 500 Kidou
28. Bougyoudo #28, Banshiissei [Non/Cnt/Self] - 1.3 times the Bakudou used.
29. Bougyoudo #29, Blight [Non/Beam/Lng] - 250 Kidou
30. Bougyoudo #30, Threshold [Non/Con/Self] - 290 kidou
31. Bougyodou #31, Yaiba no Souseiki [Non/Mat/Srt] - Variable kidou
32. Bougyoudo #32, Infiltrator's Vision [Non/Men/Tar] - 325 Kidou
33. Bougyoudo #33, Reaitsu Kōsho [Non/Con/Self] - 350 Kidou
34. Bougyoudo #34, Meikyou [Non/Cnt/Tar] - 1.5-2x kidou used
35. Bougyoudo #35, Collapse [Non/Cnt/Tar] - 1.5 times the cost of the used spell
36. Bougyoudou #36, Ributai Kotsue[Non/Con] - 325 Kidou (1st Division Only)
37. Bougyoudo #37, Third Eye [Non/Mat/Lng] - 430 Kidou
38. Bougyoudo #38, Fiendish Shadow [Non/Mat/Mid] - 450 Kidou
39. Bougyoudo #39, Recall [Non/Dim/Tar] - 470 Kidou
40. Bougyoudo #40, Akekataki [Non/Phy/Self] - 480 Kidou
41. Bougyoudo #41, Viper's Tongue [Dark/Con/Srt] - 490 Kidou
42. Bougyoudo #42, Control Doll [Non/Ill/Lng] - 500 Kidou
43. Bougyoudo #43, Sude [Non/Con/Self]/Ran [Non/Brt/Self] - 510/150(per strike, and prestitque to learn) Kidou
44. Bougyoudo #44, Sacrifice [Non/Ill/Self] - 525 Kidou
45. Bougyoudo #45, Daishyunpo [Non/Con/Self] - 550 Kidou
46. Bougyoudo #46, Shadow Puppet [Non/Ill/Lng] - 575 Kidou/Shadow Scapegoat [Var/Non/Ill/Lng] - 100 Kidou(per clone)
47. Bougyoudo #47, Persecuted Dam [Non/Cnt/Tar] - 1.3x Kidou used
48. Bougyoudo #48, Mettanimirarenaizu [Non/Men/Self] - 600 Kidou
49. Bougyoudo #49, Fuseruki [Non/Con/Self] - 630 Kidou
50. Bougyoudo #50, Forget [Non/Men/Srt] - 650 Kidou
51. Bougyoudo #51, Quicksand [Ear/Grd/Wide] - 680 Kidou
52. Bougyoudo #52, Black Tide [Dark/Self/Srt] - 700 Kidou
53. Bougyoudo #53, Shattered visage [Lgt/Wave/Lng] - 725 Kidou
54. Bougyoudo #54, Kankatsugan [Non/Men/Self] - 750 Kidou
55. Bougyoudo #55, Kageshyunpo [Non/Ill/Self] - 775 Kidou/Sounokageshyunpo [Var/Non/Con/Self] - 0 Kidou(Kageshyunpo must be cast first)
56. Bougyoudo #56, Curse [Non/Men/Srt] - 800 Kidou
57. Bougyoudo #57, Malice Coil [Non/Sht/Lng] - 830 Kidou
58. Bougyoudo #58, Delirium [Non/Sht/Lng] -- 850 Kidou
59. Bougyoudo #59, Soul Explosion [Non/Hom/Tar] - 880 Kidou
62. Bougyoudo #62, Glass Veil [Non/Con/Srt] - 995 Kidou
63. Bougyoudo #63, Symbol of Summoning [Non/Dim/Lng] - 1000 Kidou
64. Bougyoudo #64, Levitate [Non/Self/Srt] - 1100 Kidou (650 for each additional 45 seconds)
66. Bougyoudo #66, Kundera's Vistage [Non/Men/Tar] - 1300 Kidou
67. Bougyoudo #67, Step of Shadows [Non/Mov/Self] - 1350 Kidou/Bougyoudo #69, The Roots Run Deep (Ne Nobiru Fukai) [Wood/Mov/Self] - 1450 Kidou (500 for each additional 30 seconds)
68. Bougyoundo #68, Kageryuu Kizouhin [Non/Ill/Self] - 1400 Kidou
72. Bougyoudo #72, Fallacy [Non/Ill/Area] - 2000 Kidou
73. Bougyoudo #73, Spirit Armor [Non/Con/Self] (need 2000 to learn)
74. Bougyoudo #74, Dampening Field [Non/Area/Dome] - 2100 Kidou
75. Bougyoudo #75, Feint [???/???/???] - 2200 Kidou needed to learn
76. -
77. -
78. -
79. Bougyoudo #79, Godspeed [Non/Bst/Self] - 3000 kidou
82. -
83. Bougyoudo #83, Disintegration [Non/Self/Srt] - 4000 Kidou
86. -
87. -
90. Bougyoudo #90, Elemental Shift[???/Area/Self] - 5000 Kidou
91. Bougyoudo #91, Lost Arms [Non/Dim/Dome]- 6000 kidou
93. Bougyoudo #93, Colossus [Non/Ill/Self] -- 7000 Kidou
95. -
96. -
97. -
98. Bougyoudo #98, Chamber[Non/Area/Dome] - 9000 Kidou
100. Bougyoudo #100, Lunatic Seal[Non/For/Srt] -- 10000 Kidou


1. Chiyudo #1, Higashiyori [Lgt/Hea/Srt] - 5 Kidou
2. Chiyudo #2, Amatsubu [Wat/Hea/Srt] - 10 Kidou
3. Chiyudo #3, Hakuen [Wnd /Hea/Srt] - 15 kidou
4. Chiyudo #4, Kajikamu [Ice/Bind/Srt] - 20 Kidou
5. Chiyudo #5, Vieo [Non/Bind/Mid] - 25 Kidou
6. Chiyudo #6, Appakuhoutai [Non/Hea/Srt] - 28 Kidou
7. Chiyudo #7, Mollio [Non/Phy/Srt] - 30 Kidou
8. Chiyudo #8, Antidote [Non/Hea/Srt] - 30 Kidou
9. -
10. Chiyudo #10, Healing Sight [Non/Phy/Self] - 35 Kidou
11. -
12. -
13. -
14. -
15. Chiyudo #15, Igneus [Lgt/Phy/Self] - 58 Kidou
16. -
18. Chiyudo #18, Tereiki [Lgt/Hea/Srt] - 65 Kidou
19. -
20. Chiyudo #20, Kaze no Megumi [Wnd/Area/Tar] - 75 Kidou
21. Chiyudo #21, Interlace [Non/Hea/Tar] - 80 Kidou
22. Chiyudo #22, Flow Stop [Non/Bind/Srt] - 85 Kidou
23. Chiyudo #23, Santo Incendio [Lgt/Hea/Lng] - 100 Kidou
24. Chiyudo #24, Chi Chiyudo, Blood Chiyudo [Non/Hea/Srt] - 120 Kidou /Shirochi Chiyudo [Non/Hea/Srt] - 500 Kidou
25. Chiyudo #25, Bandaidification [Non/Hea/Mid] - 150 Kidou
26. Chiyudo #26, Hanshakyou [Non/Bar/Frt] - 175 Kidou
27. Chiyudo #27, Daifuku [Non/Hea/Srt] - 200 kidou
28. Chiyudo #28, Life Whirl [Lgt/Bar/Srt] - 220 Kidou
29. Chiyudo #29, Earth's Bounty [Ear/Hea/Mid] - 250 Kidou
30. Chiyudo #30, Chuuwa [Non/Hea/Srt] - 300 kidou
31. -
32. Chiyudo #32, Tangent [Non/Bar/Frt] - 320 Kidou
33. Chiyudo #33, Water of Life [Wat/Hea/Srt] - 335 Kidou
34. Chiyudo #34, Ukiyo-Tama [Lgt/Hea/Srt] - 350 Kidou
35. Chiyudo #35, Dispel [Non/Hea/Self] -- Requires 375 kidou to learn
36. Chiyudou #36, Urazuki - 350 Kidou (1st Division Only)
37. Chiyudo #37, Kaishun [Non/Hea/Srt] - 400 Kidou (3rd Div. Only)
38. Chiyudo #38, Great Wall [Ear/Bar/Mid] - 420 Kidou
39. Chiyudo #39, Kazekami no Megumi [Lgt/Area/Tar] - 440 Kidou
40. Chiyudo #40, Hyoukai Seppen [Ice/Hea/Srt] - 450 Kidou
41. -
42. -
43. -
44. -
45. Chiyudo #45, Rethread [Non/Hea/Srt] - 465 Kidou
46. -
47. -
48. Chiyudo #48, Blessed Rain [Wat/Area/Mid] - 480 Kidou
49. Chiyudo #49, Gardeurange [Wat/Bst/Lng] - 485 Kidou
50. Chiyudo #50, Seimei Bifuu [Wind/Hea/Tar] - 500 Kidou
51. Chiyudo #51, Knight's Honor [Non/Bar/Tar] - 550 kidou
52. Chiyudo #52, Forteresse [Non/Phy/Self] - 590 Kidou
53. Chiyudo #53, Secchaku [Non/Bind/Srt] - 600 kidou
54. Chiyudo #54, Temperance [Non/Bar/Frt] - 640 Kidou
55. Chiyudo #55, Great Barrier [Non/Bar/Self] - 680 Kidou
56. Chiyudo #56, Bastion [Non/Hea/Self] - 700 Kidou (300 kidou for every extra minute)
57. Chiyudo #57, Arcobaleno [Met/Bst/Tar] - 750 Kidou
58. Chiyudo #58, Destruction Barrier [Non/Bar/Frt] - 800 Kidou
59. Chiyudo #59, Kamon Defense Array [Non/Bar Te-op/Frt] - 850 Kidou
60. Chiyudo #60, Mend [Lgt/Hea/Mid] - 900 Kidou
61. Chiyudo #61, Rubrica [Ear/Bar/Lng] - 950 Kidou
62. Chiyudo #62, Vitre Patron [/Hea/Tar] - 960 Kidou
63. Chiyudo #63, Aotenohira [Non/Hea/Mid] - 1000 Kidou
64. Chiyudo #64, Renkinjutsushi no Chiyudo [Non/Hea/Srt] - 1040 Kidou
65. Chiyudo #65, Beniseki [Non/Bar/Tar] - 1060 Kidou
66. Chiyudo #66, White Flame [Lgt/Hea/Srt] - 1100 Kidou
67. Chiyudo #67, Bent Soul [Non/Bar/Tar] - 1200 Kidou
68. Chiyudo #68, Granite Guard [Ear/Bar/Self] - 1300 Kidou
69. Chiyudo #69, Arrosez Miroiter [Wat/Bar/Frnt] - 1500 Kidou
70. Chiyudo #70, Contego ab Aqua [Wat/Bar/Self] - 1700 Kidou
71. Chiyudo #71, Zanokusu [Met/Mat/Tar] - 1850 Kidou
72. Chiyudo #72, Crescendo Symphony [None/Bar/Self] - 2000 Kidou (+ 250 for each additional turn)
73. Chiyudo #73, Mirror [Wat/Dim/Frt] - 2100 Kidou
74. Chiyudo #74, Maritate [Wat/Bar/Self] - 2200 Kidou
75. Chiyudo #75, Clef Blanc [Lgt/Hea/Tar] - 2300 Kidou
76. Chiyudo #76, Elemental Earth Barrier (Special) [Ear/Mat/Lng] - 1200 Kidou
77. -
78. -
79. Chiyudo #79, Invincible Soul [Non/Bar/Self] - 2900 Kidou
80. Chiyudo #80, Taisha Eda [Non/Hea/Srt] - 3000 Kidou
81. Chiyudo #81, Boutokuhaji [Lgt/Bar/Tar] - 3100 Kidou
82. Chiyudo #82, Kazekami no Tenmegumi [Wind/Bar/Tar] -3500 Kidou
83. -
84. Chiyudo #84, Gekaibaiyou [Ear/Hea/Wide] - 3800 Kidou (3rd Div. Only)
85. Chiyudou #85, Goryoukaku [--/--/--] - 4000 kidou
86. Chiyudo #86, Kyoumon [Non/Bar/Tar] - 4400 Kidou
87. -
88. Chiyudo #88, Medulla Grand [Non/Hea/Self] - 4700 Kidou
89. -
90. -
91. -
92. -
93. Chiyudo #93, Karada no Chikara [Non/Hea/Srt] - 6000 Kidou(+1000 for a max of 2 minutes)
94. Chiyudo #94, Kenpu no Yakushi [Non/Hea/Srt] - 6300 Kidou
96. -
97. -
98. -
99. -
100. -

Trying something different with this since nothing else seems to be working


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Mar 13, 2005
In your brains, taking your knowledge
Dahlitium (⏆50 per)
Bigatium (⏆100 per)
Auritium (⏆300 per)
Vitatium (⏆1200 per)
Caelitium (⏆6000 per)
100 Knives Torture - Bakudou #78, 3000 Kidou

Description: Heavy clothes of kidou wrap around the target, forming into an iron sarcophagus. The user then clenches their fist and one hundred long, knives of searing hot reiatsu start to levitate around the sarcophagus. Since this was used as an interrogation tactic in the old days, the user can control when the knives are plunged into the coffin. However, the longer they wait the easier it is for the person to break free.

Incantation: Send my opponent to an early grave. Make my hatred steel, strong enough to pierce the very soul of my nemesis. Bakudou #78, Hundred Knives Torture.


Abadon's Kiss - Hadou #72, 2400 Kidou

The user of this kidou temporarily opens a gate to the underworld and unleashes a pack of ravenous spirits to attack the enemy. The user says the chant, and then a twenty foot gate to hell drops in behind them, opening to reveal hazy red portal in which the tormented spirits come out and attack.

Chant: "Gatekeeper to the world below! Obey the blood oath and open the door to my foe's demise! Hadou #72, Abadon's Kiss!


Aisu - Hadou #30, 280 Kidou/Aisuhaaken (Ice Pick), 1000 Kidou/Aisudansu (Ice Dancing), 1200 Kidou


[Aisu] - The user gathers water spiritons in their hand, aiming then at the target. Once the energy is release, a thick powerful wave of water shoots out. The water freezes as soon as it flies out, forming a powerful Ice spear that can pierce through the enemy on contact. Aisu has a max reach of 50ft.

[Aisuhaaken] - A variation of Aisu, Aisuhaaken works by pelting the target with numerous spears of ice and numbing their bodies. Outside of the change in chant, Aisuhaaken also works by changing the casting motion. Instead of point the hand straight, the fingers are shot out. Because of this, the particles of water shoot out in multiple directions. The drops instantly change from droplets to foot long ice spears. The number of spears is always different, but it is usually about a hundred. The number can be increase however by putting more energy into it, since Aisuhaaken was basically made to take on large groups.

[Aisudansu] - The final and most powerful form of Aisu, Aisudansu works by barraging the target with numerous penetrating icicles. Aisudansu works by releasing a large icicle spear. The spear stops once it breaks the skin of the opponent or when it freezes onto the opponent. The icicle then explodes, numerous icicles exploding from it. The icicles shoot out from the base then all bend back in towards the target, impaling them brutally.

Incantation: (To change the variation all one has to do is change the name at the end of the chant. I.E. saying Aisudansu instead of Aisu)

The Frozen hand breaks, melting away the sun. The frosty breath blows, relentlessly assaulting the wind. The binding ice collapses, nurturing the earth's plants. Hadou #30, Aisu


Akekataki - Bougyoudo #40, 480 Kidou


"Scarlet Revenge" When the user is injured and bleeding, akekataki will temporarily charge the blood to have an acidic burning property to anything that touches it aside from themselves.

-The basic level of this kidou will last for 20 seconds with an intensity of 1, which will cause painful irritation. For every 100 points of kidou stat the user has, the effects will last 10 seconds longer and increase intensity by 1, causing more damage.
Max Level: 6
Max Duration: 60 sec.


"Wounds that bleed for vengeance, burn! Bougyoudo #40, Akekataki!"


Altar - Hadou #37, 475 Kidou

Effect: The user presses their hands to the ground as they chant this spell. Stone javelins shoot forth from the ground, surrounding the opponent. They all come down on the person, shredding them. Altar begins with 4 javelins; however 2 javelins are added for every additional 200 in the kidou stat. However, after one is able to summon 20 spears by default, they must pay an extra 200 kidou for every 2 spears summoned.

Each javelin appears 10 ft from the target, they are all about one yard in length and 4 inches in thickness.

Incantation: Screaming earth rushes from the ground. Striking down all those who stand in its way, M0ther nature's fury made real. The frightening power revealed. Hadou #37, Altar!


Anchor - Bakudou #28, 325 Kidou

Description: The user of this kidou shoots their energy out in the form of a thick strap. The strap wraps around the target's torso, and then an energy spike shoots from it. The spike is connected to the strap and will shoot out, dragging the trapped victim with it. The spike will either drag the victim back about 20ft or burrow into whatever hits it before then. When that spike hits something (or burrows into the ground), three more spikes will shoot out in all directions. The spikes will bind the victim in their spot. They will then dissipate after 20 seconds, and can only be broken by someone of moderately higher spiritual energy than the user.

Incantation: The titans curse the chosen, forcing them to carry their great burden. Bind and restraint, O' demon's chain. The sinister blight renewed once again. Bakudou #28, Anchor.


Amatsubu (means, "Rain Drop") - Chiyudo #2, 10 Kidou

Description: A concentrated spell, able to heal mildly deep wounds, with a limitation of six centimeters in depth and two centimeters in length. Concentration is based on the level of spirit pressure used to power this spell, where the healing effects can be distributed within a two inch radius of the wound.

Incantation: As a breath of air, as a ray of sun, as a beam of flame, and as a bit of earth... flow within this body to wash away all that may harm it...Chiyudo #2, Amatsubu.


Ancestral Clasp [Grd / Bind / Tar] - Bakudou # 46, 550 kidou

Description: The user points index and middle finger towards their intended target. Once the incantation is cast, the user then stomps on the ground. After which a crevice in the earth will open up beneath the target. Two large bone hands will reach up from the ground and clench around the target concealing the entire body except the head within the bone grasp. The thumbs of the two bone hands will hold the head of the target in place facing skyward. The hold will last a maximum of 1 minute and a minimum of 10 seconds depending on difference between user's kidou to target's SP.

Incantation: Ancestors of old, let it be known to all who are present of your continual watch. Reach through the ages and take hold of my opponent. Bakudou # 46, Ancestral Clasp.

Ancestral Wrath (Can only be cast when Ancestral Clasp has succeed) [Sky/ Lgt]-
2000 kidou (includes cost of Ancestral Clasp)

Description: Once Ancestral Clasp has been successfully cast and the target is lock within the grasp of the bone hands the user may then choose to spend another 1450 kidou to cast Ancestral Wrath.

Ancestral Wrath will then cause a cloud to form and darken over the head of the user. Once the cloud has darkened to a deep black color it will then fire a single bolt of weak lightening at the target's head. The lightening strike is not strong enough to kill an opponent of any level, but enough to momentarily casue lossof control over the muscles in thier limbs.

Upon striking, the target opponent will be anywhere from momentarily stunned to paralyzed for a 30 seconds. Also the bone hands will instantly disintegrate to ashes and the crevice will seal over.

Incantation: Within your grasp my opponent sits, now ancestors reveal your wrath. Ancestral Wrath.


Antidote - Chiyudo #8, 30 Kidou

Range: None (Touch)

Effect: A basic medical incantation against poisons. Will have 3 different effects depending on the strength of the poison. If it is a low level poison, the ailments will be completly cured and poison removed. If medium level, the poison is stopped for a extended period of time, but not removed. If it is a high level poison, the poison is slowed down, but not stopped. The spell must touch the infected area.

Incantation: Cleanse the soul and body with the waters of life. Chiyudo #8, Antidote.


Aotenohira - Chiyudo #63, 1000 Kidou

Description: A relatively advanced healing technique that can reach from a medium distance. Healing is general and not specialized, and therefore not as effective as specialized chiyudo for specific wounds. As the distance increases, however, the efficiency of Aotenohira decreases.

Incantation: Though from great distance, let great pain be healed by the kindness in my hand... Chiyudo #63, Aotenohira.


Appakuhoutai (means, "Pressure Bandage") - Chiyudo #6, 28 Kidou

Description: Similar to Bandaidification (Chiyudo #25), Appakuhoutai forms a single bandage of reiatsu that lasts for 30 seconds and is 'attached' to a surface wound to being the healing process very very slowly, and if completed, it can heal up to 50% successfully. It provides for 2% defense against future attacks in the first 15 seconds the spell is active.

Range: Within 2 feet of the target. The user takes 5 seconds to 'apply' the bandage with their spirit pressure and must remain near the target for that duration for the spell to activate correctly.

Incantation: Cleanse this wound and protect it from harm, use my strength to protect those in need... Chiyudo #6, Appakuhoutai.


Arcobaleno - Chiyudo #57, 750 Kidou

Projects a rainbow-like arch above the battlefield, adapted to the size of the fighting grounds. The user and any ally fighting under the arch will gain a faint, multicoloured glow to their Zanpakutou. For the 5-minute duration of this spell, any ally's Zanpakutou is extremely hard to break, virtually impossible unless the opposing force has many times the strength of the wielder, and only in powerful attacks. The arch itself may not be destroyed.

Incantation: "Through the storm, through the rain, into sunlight, see the rainbow! Take pride in the wonders of Nature and do not hesitate. Do not waver, and worry not. Chiyudo #57, Arcobaleno!"


Arrosez Miroiter - Chiyudo #69, 1500 Kidou

Erects a gleaming and crystal clear wall of water some two feet thick in front of the caster, held in shape by a powerful layer of Kidou energy around it. The wall will nullify a single attack valued up to 2x the caster's Reiatsu. Getting hit by an attack causes the water inside the barrier to boil immediately as the energy of the attack is routed through it. A few seconds after the opponent's attack, the front wall of the barrier will vanish and the huge amount of boiling water will be washed over the opponent. The rest of the barrier will disappear soon after.

Incantation: "Beast from Air, beast from Water! Wrapped around my finger the noble composition, a perfect alloy! Serve and protect, claim vengance for unjust! Chiyudo #69, Arrosez Miroiter!"


Asamoya (means, "Morning Mist") - Bakudou #53, 650 Kidou

* Description: Asamoya diffuses a caster's energy into general waves and enters an opponent's body through their pores. In doing so, Asamoya strengthen's the caster's reiatsu in such a way that (A) the mere presence of foreign reiatsu in the opponent's body causes nearly all of the basic life processes (e.g., breathing, seeing, moving) to slow; and (B) to allow the caster to control or concentrate their reiatsu into a specific location (e.g., the arms or legs) to particularly bind that area into non-movement.

This is a rather slow-working spell, and therefore may not be particular effective in battle. It takes no more than 1 minute to become effective (dependent on the difference on caster-opponent reiatsu), and remains effective for a maximum of 3 minutes.

To cast this, the user needs to be within a 5 foot radius of the opponent, and holds their palms up generally toward the opponent.

Incantation: Cover our lands, enter our bodies and bring serenity to light through the turmoil of darkness... Bakudou #53, Asamoya.


Atlas - Bakudou #26, 270 Kidou

In Greek mythology the titan Atlas was punished by the god Zeus to forever bear the Heavens on his shoulders after the war of the titans against the Olympians. This spell will conjure a weight (prior to connecting it is visible as a box of rippling air) that falls from the air above the opponent, with an aim to land on the opponent's shoulders, making their arms incredibly heavy. Thus their capability to strike quickly with a sword is reduced. If it hits, it will visually be invisible.
A person with great Zanjutsu mastery is able to ignore the effects of this spell. In order to do so, the opponent must have at least twice as much Zanjutsu as the caster.

Incantation: "Weight of the World on your shoulders, suffer your punishment. Bear the Heavens or all shall fall. No rest for the weary, no sleep for the wretched. Bakudou #26, Atlas!"


Avalanche - Hadou #92, 6800 Kidou.

Description: The user slams his/her hands into the ground, infusing it with kidou energy to a point where the ground ruptures and snow and ice erupts like lava erupts from a volcano. The large wave of snow and ice then rapidly flows towards the target, enveloping everything in snow with its icy grip. The wave is 30 feet thick and it has no definite width since the dense snow and ice will keep on flowing into every corner, destroying everything on its path.

Six, large snow crystals will then form around the structure of the snow, each of them spinning faster and faster as time passes. They will release a horrible biting wind, one that twists and throws around the avalanche spell like a mini-blizzard. As the snow rises upward, it will slowly begin to ice over. Turning into a large sphere-like iceberg that traps all caught in it inside until it collapses violently, crushing everything caught within the attack. The crystals will then break apart, releasing a gentle snow upon the now quiet land.

Incantation: "Let the fury of Mother Nature arise. Freeze over the land as you would Hell and bring forth a new Ice Age. Hadou #92, Avalanche!"


Bakuhatsu - Hadou #80, 4000 Kidou

Description: The user of the kidou extends their hand, an unstable, bubbling ball of red energy forming wherever they wish. Upon command, the ball explodes. Though small at the flaming energy expands quickly, everything within the flaming sphere's influence being burned away. The kidou maximum destruction range is that of about half a city block.

Incantation: The origin of fire is reborn into this world. It dries the land and melts away the earth, charring all existence. Hadou #80, Bakuhatsu


Bandaidification - Chiyudo #25, 150 Kidou

Description: This is an extraordinarily slow working spell, which is the reason for its cost and placement. Casting this spell wraps invisible "bandaids" of SP around a target, encasing the target in somewhat of a shell. (The more a target moves, the less effective the spell becomes.) Externally, the bandaids defend from about 10% of further damage by attacks. (This is done not by preventing the attack itself, but by reducing the damage that is felt within the shell.) Internally, the shell begins to heal wounds at a rate of 1% for every minute the bandaids are in place.

Overall, the spell cannot be held for more than 1 full hour. (A full 60% recovery would mean that the target didn't move at all. Even slight movement within the shell will reduce its healing properties.)

To cast the spell, one must be within 5 feet of the target, and the spell will complete its shell formation in 5 seconds. Visible strands of SP will emerge slowly from the caster's palms and extend towards the recipient.

Incantation: Wrap this heart in the warmth of those who wish it to heal, and protect it against the cold who wish it to fail... Chiyudo #25, Bandaidification.


Bankin - Bakudou #99(extends from Kin), 10000 Kidou

Description: An extension to Kin; demolishes a target entrapped by Kin with a single massive block of Kidou.



Banrai - Hadou #79, 3800

Description: A cloud forms over the target, a heavy bolt of lightning crashing down. The lightning has the width of a small house and sparks out about three times as wide. After the first bolt finishes, blue firefly-like lights are left hanging in the air. The lights start to vibrate, then the cloud starts to unsettle. After that, a series of smaller lightning bolts struck down, assaulting the area violently.

Incantation: Cry, heavy storm. Rebel in the skies, and let your fury be known. Shimmer your memory into the weary traveler and burn your ill omen into their mind's eye. Hadou #79, Banrai


Banshiissei - Bougyoudo #28, 1.3 times the Bakudou used.

Description: A Bakudou removal spell. The user chants the spell and concentrates. This focuses a greater amount of energy out of the user to push away and nullify a Bakudou spell. Since there are many different types of bakudou, there is no set rate.

It takes about 3-10 seconds depending on how much the spell has formed and how powerful it is (the more powerful bakudou taking at least 10 or more seconds to break). So, the effects are not instant and any damage that occurs from the spell itself stays.

When the bakudou is released however, a bright flash is released, allowing the user to escape. However, the flash only lasts for a few seconds itself.

Incantation: The captured begs for freedom, selling their souls for a chance to escape. The cornered man forcing his last hand. Bougyoudo #28, Banshiissei.


Bansoukou - Bougyoudo #23, 150 Kidou

Description: A thick padding of spiritons gathers at the users hands and feet. While this spell is active, the user gains the ability to latch onto walks by pressing up against them with said appendages. The compression even allows the user to run on vertical structures with ease.

Incantation: Make my flesh adhesive, and bind my soul to stone. Bestow upon to me the reptile's birthright, Bougyoudo #23, Bansoukou.


Bastion - Chiyudo #56, 700 Kidou (300 kidou for every extra minute)

Description: A special kidou, Bastion cast a constant healing effect on the user. When the spell is activated, a spiraling aura surrounds the user(aura is dependent on user's SP). While the spell is active, Bastion will heal any and all minor-medium range wounds that the user incurs (though the recovery time is dependent on extent of damage).

Bastion is active for one minute when first activated and takes an extra 300 kidou to stay active afterwards. While Bastion is active, the user may not activate any kidou valued at over 800 or Bastion will be broken (because it works by rerouting the energy use for kidou in constant effect around the body and any "shock" to the fixed route will change it back to its original form).

Incantation (courtesy of Kish): "Variant Masochism, all swords have but one origin. Return to the shadows so you may begin again. One power, two souls, two wills, one bond. Chiyudo #56, Bastion"


Beast Fang - Bakudou #45, 550 Kidou

Description - The user raises their hand, clenching the fingers like fangs. A large red jaw (about 5 feet large) then shoots from that fist, fangs formed from pure kidou energy. The fangs latch onto the target, trapping them in its grasp and biting down on them harder and harder until the spell dissipates about 20 seconds later.

Incantation: The moon glows red, the wolf baring its teeth. Eclipsing shadows of death enveloping its unlucky victims and carrying them on to the underworld. Bakudou #45, Beast Fangs.


Beniikazuchi (Crimson Thunder) - Hadou #2, 15 kidou

Description: A beam of deep red lightning is blasted from the user's pointing finger towards the enemy. It's particularity is to make so much noise that breaks the enemy orientation. Its strike is not very strong but the impact can make superficial bruises. It's a good hadou for beginners.

Summon phrase: Under the celestial ruby, shall my voice roar like a thunder. Hadou #2, Beniikazuchi.


Beniseki - Chiyudo #65, 1060 Kidou

Description: Extending both arms out, a red shield forms around the user, holding off all low to medium powered spiritual pressures and physical-based attacks for several moments.

Phrase: From all that is pure, conform my energy into that which would protect me from corruption...Chiyudo #65, Beniseki.


Bent Soul - Chiyudo #67, 1200 Kidou

Class: Low Level

Effect: Guards against Kidou with a barrier

Effect range: Immediate vicinity (effective in two directions facing one another)

Attack: The user spreads out both limbs (whether they hold a weapon or not), throwing them out vigorously. As the incantation is spoken he/she then lifts their elbows to face precisely parallel with each other (if used left-to-right) or kitty-corner (if used front-to-back). The effects of the Kidou are to counter any spell applied to those locations (~30 cm. radius, flat) with an equal force of the stored Kidou, then blasts a spell of equal force back at the user. Because of that, any attack that exceeds the amount placed into this Kidou passes through, but with that 1000 Kidou deducted from its strength accordingly. Does not work on one 2x the strength of the user and only on kidou valued at least than 1000.

Phrase: Away! The light at the end, the darkness beyond. Break! Chiyudo #61, Bent Soul!


Betobetokenwonuku - Bakudou #19, 150 Kidou

Description: Freezes the sword in the sheath. If not already drawn out, the opponent won't be able to pull the zanpakutou out of the sheath. The kidou stat and also the spirtual pressure, relative to the opponent's stats determine how long the sword stays undrawn - at least half a minute. If the targeted person is 1.5 times stronger than the user of the spell they can unsheath their weapon without trouble.

When one reaches 1000 in kidou, they also gain the ability to freeze their opponent's sword into any other solid material. Say one has their sword in a tree, then the user can freeze the sword in that tree. However, this lasts only half as long as when the sword is trapped into the sheathe and the targeted person can remove the weapon if they're 1.5 times strong than the user of the spell.

Incantation: Hades! Unleash your charges! Zombies erupt from the underworld and manifest! Groan into my foe's sheath and cling to the soul of their slayer. Let go on pain of death... Bakudou #25, Betobetokenwonuku.


Big Bang - Hadou #30, 300 Kidou

Description: Big Bang is used when the user of the kidou forms a small ball of energy no bigger than the size of a baby's fist within their palm. When completely formed, the kidou looks like a miniature sun, but it has no heat to it and it doesn't harm the user. Until it is used, it simply floats off an inch from the user's palm. However, the indiscrete size and small chant belay the kidou's true power.

When launched at a target [most people take the habit of launching the kidou with a flick of the thumb], the kidou will explode with the power of a half a pound of dynamite. Its overall power is not only able to punch holes in walls, if used by an expert it can be powerful enough to level small cabins and so fast that most of the time it won't be seen coming.

Because of this, the kidou is not only useful for combat situation but for missions where an untraceable diversion is needed.

Incantation: Break the dragon's jaw, little firestar. Hadou #30, Big Bang


Bikan (means, "Beautiful Sight") - Bougyoudo #17, 100 Kidou

Description: A flexible spell, designed to sharpen the vision of those it is cast upon, by enabling the recipient to "see" speed. Bikan increases the ability to see by up to 10% for every 200 points of hohou (for a maximum of half that person's hohou stat). So for example, casting the spell while fighting an opponent with 800 hohou would mean that would the caster would "see" the opponent moving only at 720 hohou.

Flexibility is given to the duration of the spell effect and the number of those it can be used on. The maximum time limit of the spell is 30 seconds (meaning the effect can only be used on one recipient), and the maximum number of recipients is three (meaning the maximum time on each is 10 seconds.)

Incantation: As storm clouds fade, as fog flows away, and as the sun once returns, grant true sight in the eyes of those who wish to see... Bougyoudo #17, Bikan.


Bisokudo - Bakudou #27, 300 Kidou

Bisokudo significantly slows the spiritons in the target's body, rendering them less able to respond properly to physical movements. Pointing the palm towards the opponent. A bolt of light is released at the opponent. If hit, the spiritons throughout the entire body are slowed 15% for a fixed time of 30 seconds.

Effect Range: Straight.

Phrase: Water flows, as does Time, cursing the unforgiven. Bakudou #20, Bisokudo.


Black Wind - Hadou #75, 3000 Kidou

Description: The ground unsettles and the clouds above start to rage. Heavy, hot winds begin to blow from the ground and cold frosty air starts to shoot down from the sky. The mixture of hot and cold air forms a massive tornado. The winds dark color an omen to their forecoming destruction. The massive tornado then starts to rage out violently, destroying everything within their area for up to a 30 seconds.

A bright light is then seen above the tornado, a bolt of light crashing into the tornado's eye and spreading the wind across the land with massive force.

Description: The frozen winds of the north come down. The heated winds of the south fly forth. Meeting in the middle, their destructive dance begins, the east and west torn asunder. Hadou #75, 3000 Kidou


Black Tide - Bougyoudo #55, 775 Kidou

Description - A defensive spell, Black Tide works by forcefully ejecting the target and all surrounding beings away from the user. When activated, a large burst of black wind will shoot from the user in all directions. The wave acts as a barrier and pushes away all things in the user's way like two same pole magnets would push away from each other. The distance ejected from varies between 3-10 yards depending on difference in power.

Also, if the target is directly in the user's vicinity when the spell is active, the effected target(s) will go through a momentary bound of exhaustion because of the detrimental effects on the spell on the target(s).

Incantation (Courtesy of Sho): "Surround, Dark Wind! Protect the fragile soul and wash away all ill intent. Bougyoudo #55, Black Tide"


Blessed Rain - Chiyudo #48, 480 Kidou

Description: Amasses a cloud of Kidou above one spot (maximum of 4x4 feet) and rains down droplets of aura that seep into wounds and heal them. The rain is capable of healing most wounds up to a moderate gash or burn, but must touch some part of the injury to enact. Otherwise, the effect is similar to Santo Incendio and affects most of the body.

Distance: 0-20 feet

Incantation: The Father's pride, remember the birth of your child and repent. Drop your tears upon the stained earth, dispelling the dark sickness! Chiyudo #48, Blessed Rain.


Blight - Bougyoudo #29, 250 Kidou

Description: The user shoots out a beam of pure energy at the user. The beam does nothing at first, but causes the target's body to be covered in a spiraling mark. The mark takes about 15 seconds to manifest, but when it does the fun begins.

When the user's next kidou attack is launched, no matter what it is, the attack itself is not launched. Instead, the user's hand glow and a signal is sent out. When the signal is received, the symbols on the target's body begin to glow, and the attack is sent directly at the person. However, because the attack is not done directly by the user, it suffers a 50% penalty to power.

Incantation: Cursed selection, chaotic contempt. The sand drains and your luck runs thin as the path to the underworld is marked upon your flesh. Bougyoudo #29, Blight


Bloody Vulcan - Hadou #44, 650 Kidou

The user of this kidou starts the chant while keeping their index and pinky finger together with the other three fingers outstretched. During the chant, a small orb of energy appears on the index and pinky finger individually, with a slightly larger orb appearing on top of the three other fingers. Upon completion of the chant, the user expends the furious amount of kidou stored in their body forward as they point the hand at the general direction of the target. The three orbs fly forward, with the smaller two spreading apart and being encased by the larger orb as the user spreads their index and pinky finger apart.

The massive amounts of kidou energy channeled through the disruption created by suddenly seperating the two smaller spheres causes what normally would be a massive beam of kidou to split and fan out into a dozen smaller beams. The user can then choose for the beams to cause a medium amount of damage to a dozen targets or less, or can focus all of the beams to converge on a single target, blasting them with massive force. Due to the nature of splitting and converging the energy again, if the user targets only one enemy with this spell, the damage is valued at 1.25x higher than it normally would be.

Chant: Power of the converging spirits, bend to my will and course my power into the enemies before me and destroy them with my might! Hadou # 44, Bloody Vulcan!


Blue Mist - Bougyoudo #3, 25 Kidou

Covers a 10-foot area with a thick blanket of blue mist, which centers on the target, making it virtually impossible to see normally. The mist lasts for 10 seconds initally, but gains an additional ten seconds for every 100 the user has in kidou.

The range of the move also triples when the user reaches 1000 in kidou.

Phrase - Remove me from sight, blind their eyes. Do not allow this foe to hit their mark. Bougyoudo #3, Blue Mist.


Boutokuhaji - Chiyudo #81, 3100 Kidou

When fighting alongside allies every Shinigami has an obligation towards his companions to protect them and not put them in a situation they cannot handle. If an ally is threatened or needs to be taken out of account in any situation, removing that factor from the gameplay entirely, if only for a shorter while, is a true shielding power.

Summoning a circle of small white stones close around the object or person one intends to shield, an impenetrable barrier is erected around that object.
Only one person can be inside a barrier at any time. Meaning if it's cast to shield 3 persons, three separate barriers will be erected. If one single object or person is shielded the duration is 1 minute and 30 seconds. If two circles are created the duration of both is 45 seconds. The maximum number of circles is three, and the duration of all three would be 20 seconds.

Anyone inside a barrier will be healed off all superficial wounds. Any blood from a open wound will coagulate and the blood flow stopped.
Boutokuhaji cannot be cast upon the user himself/herself.

Incantation: Spare the pawn of the onslaught of his Kings and Queens, save the deer from wolves on the prowl. Lords and ladies High look after their child, Chiyudo #81, Boutokuhaji!


Breaking Palm - Hadou #25, 220 Kidou

A direct Kidou attack, this move must be done at point blank range. The user of this attack focuses Kidou energy into one of their hands, the entire hand soon becoming covered in the energy. The energy is constant, and will stay as long as the person wills it to. This technique gives the hand a great destructive force, allowing it to punch holes in walls and greatly increase that person's striking power - to the point of being able to fracture or break bone. The power of the fist becomes stronger the longer the person keeps the energy concentrated, the energy becoming more taxing to keep it going. The largest cost is in between successful strikes when the energy has to renew itself. In stronger shinigami this technique can even allow them to destroy large structures even without a zanpakutou.

Phrase: Forbidden hand formed of the soul, strike with the might of a titan. With this power allow me to obliterate all that stands before me, reducing it to rumble. Raw energy given shape. Hadou #25, Breaking Palm.


Break of Dusk - Bougyoudo #12, 75 Kidou

Class: Low Level

Effect: Shrouds an area in low-visibility darkness

Effect range: 15 ft. radius, starting from the user

Attack: The user locks his/her fingers together and, as the incantation finishes, spreads them widely around his/her area, bursting out several wavelengths of Kidou and Reiatsu that shade the air particles about the area pitch-black. Useful especially for those who favor the darkness and adapt well to low-visibility. Effective for one to two minutes.

When the user becomes skilled(gets 1000 kidou) They then have the ability to double Break of Dusk's range.

Phrase: Blacken the night deeper, o watcher of life. Veil, hide, cast away your foolish pride. Bougyoudo #12, Break of Dusk.


Burst Geyser - Hadou #71, 2300 Kidou

Four flaming geysers of lava and magma begin to shoot forth from the ground. The geysers start to twist and turn, creating four power whirlpools. The flaming whirlpools then start to converge, moving in on the target and trapping them in a single, gigantic whirlpool of fire.

Incantation: Raging demons of the flames scorch and char the land. Blister the earth and turn all life to ash. With your temporal pools of fire, melt away all that is righteous. Hadou #71, Burst Geyser


Burst Stream - Hadou #43, 635 Kidou

Description: The user of this spell gathers energy into their hands. The energy then calls upon the elements of water, causing a spherical ball of liquid to form between the users palms. The Energy is then shot out with a great burst of strength. A small (1ft) screw-like whirlpool shoots from the orb blasting right at the target. The whirlpools lasting time varies on level. Beginners can only hold it for 10-15 seconds, but more experienced Kidou users can hold it for up to 1 minute. Higher-level shinigami can use this technique with one hand and can even control the whirlpools direction. Even higher-level shinigami can create whirlpools so strong that anything nearby will be caught in them.

Incantation: The power of the raging sea lies within me, the savage power twisting and turning as it pleads to be let free. The monstrous force aching to corrode everything before it. Hadou #43, Burst Stream.


Byakucho Kaisou (White Boar's Stampede) - Hadou #40, 550 Kidou [Ear/Grd/Lng]
Members of the Fourth, who are trained from the moment they enter their Taisho to take enemies by surprise with their very first attack, have mastered abilities that are aimed entirely to startle a foe with their opening attack, even though that is usually the most easily discerned and evaded attack in the course of a battle.

Such tactic is the use of Byakucho Kaisou, a kidou spell that is unique to the Fourth; by stomping their front foot on the ground, the user gathers kidouryuko underground beneath the foe that causes a tremor around the opponent/s, making the earth cave-in by an inch or so.
This shift of the platform will force the foe to stagger and lose his balance, even if for a split second, the user will then send earthen spikes that'll shoot from the ground in an upwards angle towards the enemy's torso, taking advantage of the moment they can't react or move away.

This kidou is mainly used from a long distance, when the user isn't in the enemy's line of fire, or even within their sight if possible; it affects an area of around 8 ft in radius, though by burning up an extra 100 kidou, this area can be expended by another 4 ft each time (with a maximum of 24 ft total).

Incantation: "Tremble in fear as I call upon the powers of the white to shatter the very foundations of the land. Let the inner beast be unleashed and its fury be known! Hadou #40, Byakucho Kaisou!"


Byakurai - Hadou #4, 25 Kidou

Description: A blasting spell, intended to pierce an opponent like a bullet. Though it is a simple Kidou for beginners, on higher levels the attack is extremely effective in melee situations of face offs.

Incantation: Converge light into spaces of darkness... Hadou #4, Byakurai.


Cataclysm - Hadou #50, 900 Kidou

Description - The user of this spell forces a large wave of energy forward, the energy shaking the very earth before it. As the earth rises, large pillars of stone rise up 5 feet away from the wave of energy. The pillars are about 5 meters high and 2 meters long and reach out for about 10 meters. The pillars all slam together in a row, like a bunch of dominos, crushing anything between them.

Incantation: Vengeful Gaia rise! Crush the foolish between your palms and scatter them with the dancing winds. Hadou #50, Cataclysm


Chain reaction - Hadou #66, 1800 Kidou

Description: The user of this spell injects their Kidou energy into the ground, they then direct it to the target(s) of their chose. Once the kidou is under them, it creates a marking around whatever limb it touches. The energy then shoots up from the ground, and if it marked someone it will even follow after them. The Kidou and even be manipulated to be used in traps, or even to destroy the earth beneath your opponent and cause them to fall.

Incantation: Destruction of the grounds below, crumbling earth envelop all below. Springing power, destroy everything that has been chosen. Hadou #66, Chain reaction.


Chains of Misery - Bakudou #20, 170 Kidou/Chains of Torment - 700 Kidou

Description (Chains of Misery): The user forces their kidou energy onto their forearm. Translucent, fiery chains are materialized. The chains wrap around the user's hand, but the tips flail out wildly. Upon mental command, three chains can be shot out from the base. They have a maximum length of 30ft, after that they lose the mental command and fall to the ground (and must be mentally retracted after that). The kidou can last for a maximum of 30 seconds.

While they can be used as whips, the basic attack comes from using them to bind your enemy. When bound, not only the user lock their opponents to themselves, but the chains send out a searing flame through the parts of the body they bind.

Description (Chains of Torment): Can only be extended from Chains of Misery and only when your opponent is bound. The user forces their kidou energy through the chains, and the fire on the chains rises. The flames shoot through the chains to the target, and then the target is completely engulfed in the flames.

Incantation (Chains of Misery): The body burns hot, the soul's evil engulfed in the purifying flame. Judgment Absolute. Bakudou #20, Chains of Misery!

Incantation (Chains of Torment): Destruction of Form, destruction of will. Burn and melt away, oh fiery vengeance. Bakudou #20, Chains of Torment!


Chamber - Bougyoudo #98, 9000 Kidou

Description: When activated, a blue flash in instantly released over the battlefield. The blue flash scans out for a 50ft diameter and reaches upward to 40ft, forming a dome like shape. Someone of at least 3x only breaks the dome the user's SP, and if the person is just on that median it will take him or her considerable force.

When the dome is forced, large blades begin to protrude on the outer edge of the dome. The blades are about a 1 and half feet in width, and they are covered all across the barrier. If one is the hit the wall, the blades will impale them, but that isn't where the true power of the technique lies. Once every 15 seconds (or about 2 turns RP-wise) one of the large blades and sink in from the barrier all the way through it. The blades punctuate point is gated by the user's will, and can catch their opponent off guard if they are not lucky. While in the barrier, the fighters must not only deal with the dangers of the large blades, but the ever closing fighting space as their area becomes more and more enclosed.

The barrier will only dissipate under certain conditions. One, it must be broken. Two, the user most either cancel it out or they must step out of it(the user can leave of their own free will, but that will break the spell right away). Three, the user is killed, unconscious, or too weak to keep the spell going.

Incantation: The coliseum rises as the game of death goes on. The earth screams for mayhem to quench it's unquenchable thirst. Slam down the cage, and let the curtain fall, this evil game finally comes to an end. Bougyoudo #98, Chamber


Chi Chiyudo - Blood Chiyudo
Chiyudo #24, 120 Kidou

There have always been legends of an archaic fighting style that is centered on attacking the inside of a body as opposed to the outside of a body. Indeed, what marginally skilled healer can heal internal damage? This Chiyudo is an alternative to the 'structuralism' tech that is specific to the 3rd division, and allows for internal healing by a marginally skilled healer.

This kidou requires a superficial cut or small scratch, any way to access the bloodstream of the patient's body. By touching their hand to the blood coming out of the wound (this is essential), the healer imbues some of his or her healing energy into the blood. This energy is general chiyudo energy, much akin to the 'Structuralism' tech of the 3rd division. This energy can stay in the blood for 72 hours before disapatting, if not used. The healer must stay in contact with this wound as they work the spell (which takes up to two minutes of energy flooding)

The energy also diffuses into all bloodcells it touches. Eventually, unless the patient is bleeding out through another wound, the blood will touch the afflicted area and start to work general healing. This can be used to heal internal damage to a stable level or better, where the body can then take over. Completely healing with this kidou would take up to four uses.

Note - Having the 'Structuralism' tech of the 3rd division increases efficiency by another 20%, and reduces the time needed to work the Kidou to be 1 minute.

Chant- "Steel is my muscle, yet weak is the body! Now, the sun sets. Will we all stand, or shall you die? Intense sunsets! Chiyudo #24, Chi Chiyudo!"

Extension- [Shirochi Chiyudo] White Blood Healing
Extra Cost - 500 Kidou

By adding an extra 500 kidou energy, the healer can focus this extra energy into the white blood cells and immune system of the patient, which protects them from foreign substances and other such invasions that may hamper the healing process. This is a passive effect that works for 12 hours before the energy is used up (whether an alien substance
was put in the patient or not).

Chant- "Steel is your muscles, and I make the body strong! Your sun shall not set, as I stand here! The moon yet rises! Chiyudo #24, Shirochi Chiyudo!"


Chuujou - Hadou #27, 260 kidou

Description: The user of the spell puts their middle and index finger together and forces them to the ground. The earth in front of the target then shoots out at a 45-degree angle, a thick block of hard rock slamming into them.

Incantation: The dwarves rage, fighting against the travesty that has ravaged this land. Punishing the wrong and restoring order. Hadou #27, Chuujou.

Assatsu - Extends from Chuujou, 1000 kidou (including Chuujou cost)

Description: Unlike other extensions, Assatsu doesn't use two incantations; it only modifies the base one.

When activated, a birth circle forms under the target, the circle being split into four pie like slices. The earth the shoots up, the ground beneath the target collapsing as the earth slams violently into them.

Incantation: The dwarves rage, fighting against the travesty that has ravaged this land. Punish the wrong and restoring order. Crushing all evil... Hadou #27, Assastu.


Chuuwa (means, "Neutralize") - Chiyudo #30, 300 kidou

* Description: A higher form of Antidote (Chiyudo #5), Chuuwa neutralizes medium level poison effects. Low and medium level poisons will be cured and neutralized completely, while higher level poisons (depending on the difference in SP between the user and the target) will either be stopped temporary or slowed.

* Range: Within 2 ft of the target. To cast this, the user guides reiatsu toward the wound by holding their palm toward the wound. Healing reiatsu must enter an open wound to dispel the poison.

* Incantation: From this body, neutralize any evil that may harm it, banish any pain it may feel and leave it free... Chiyudo #30, Chuuwa.


Cinder - Hadou #35, 425 Kidou

Description: The user charges their kidou energy into their left or right arm. Their arm it then engulfed in flames. The flames don't hurt the user or burn their clothing, but it will do just that to anything else in comes into contact with. The flames last for about 30 seconds before it burns out, but that isn't its primary use. The primary means of attack for this move is to force all those forces from the arm to the hand and release it in one giant burst, large enough to completely engulf the body of an average-sized person.

Incantation: Skin replaced by scale, nail swapped for claw, tooth succeeded in fang. The eye of the dead dragon opens, it flickering life overwhelms me as I summon its strength. Hadou #35, Cinder

Blaze - Hadou #36, 500 Kidou(Variation)

Description: A variation of Cinder. Instead of sending out an attack as one big burst. Blaze sends in out in a flamethrower-like attack, increasing its range and concentration of power.

Incantation: None, just change Cinder to Blaze.

Sun Flare - Hadou #36, 1200 Kidou(Variation)

Description: Another variation of Cinder, Sun Flare works by increasing the power of the burst even furhter. Instead of a red burst, it looks like a small, orange sun(about 5ft in diameter). The sun has fiery flames blazing off up it and gives off extreme amounts of heat, causing great damage when it hits.

Incantation: None, just change Cinder to Sun Flare


Clay - Bakudou #21, 200 Kidou

Description: The ground below the target grows soft, turning to mud. The mud crawls up the targets legs, binding them in place as if it were very thick glue. The mud continues to flow until it completely covers the legs (which takes about 20 seconds total), it then keeps the target locked in place until they break free.

Anyone of over 1.25x the user's SP can break out of the spell with ease. Someone of similar strength will need time to do it, and anyone of less than 1.4x the user strength will find it near impossible without outside help.

Incantation: Noble stone, unmovable force. Bend to my will and aid me. Take this stray lamb back under guidance and bestow upon them all truths. Bakudou #21, Clay

Pale Embrace - Bakudou #21, 1000 Kidou (including Clay cost)

Description: Can only be extended from Clay, and only when the targets legs are completely covered.

With a sharp jerk of force from the hardened substance, the captured target's legs are crushed and twisted in opposite direction. The force is so great, that it causes extreme damage and has a high chance or breaking or at least temporary paralyzing the legs.

Incantation: Break the Phoenix's wings, cast him from the skies. Bound to the earth to wallow it his sorrow for the rest of his days. Bakudou #21, Pale Embrace

Grim Embrace - Bakudou #21, 6000 Kidou (including Clay cost)

Description: Can only be extended from Clay and only when the target's legs are completely covered.

Binds quickly shoot out from the earth, binding the targets arms. The bind pull the target down to the earth and keep them in place. A large(12m) blade created from sharp stone then shoots from the earth. It snaps from one section and over the target, promptly smashing against them and splitting them if strong enough. As such, this technique is banned from casual duels.

Incantation: Rain down the final hour, split the White Sea and drain it crimson. Yin and Yang broken with the soul. Bakudou #21, Grim Embrace


Clef Blanc - Chiyudo #75, 2300 Kidou

Requires a great amount of light present. The more light that is around at the time of casting, the greater the effect of this spell. The light can be both natural and artificial. Standard and relatively unhindered sunlight is enough for this spell to be at standard efficiency, but with extra illumination overhead it's strength can be increased by 25%.

Chanting the incantation, a large blanket of white, shimmering substance is cast. It hovers above the user at around fifty feet, usually covering a greater area, but can be resized. As light filters through the substance, it acts as a catalyst and turns the light into a healing rain that will affect the user and all allies within the range of the blanket. Potent to heal all minor wounds, moderately deep slashes and close even the deepest of wounds, though not really healing the latter. Will wash away any poison and rejuvenates the muscles and mind, removing fatigue. Works for two minutes before fading, and all objects subject to healing may move freely while the spell is in effect.

Incantation: "A gift from the skies, the soft touch of Divinity in a realm of filth and impurity. Chastity and charity, let the soothing rain fall from the Heavens and calm the storm, taming the beast. How I wish. Shine your light, Chiyudo #75, Clef Blanc!"


Coiling Abyss - Hadou #38, 500 Kidou

Description: The user slams their fist into the ground; their hand sinking into a black pool below and their entire forearm is engulfed. The creeping darkness then sails out towards the target, deadly serpentine shadows shooting out at the target. The shadows lash out violently at the target, damaging their body heavily. The attack is only retracted when the user recalls the kidou or thirty seconds have passed.

Incantation: Like darkness salt the earth, let my anger burn away life. Rise, venomous coil, rise and destruct. Hadou #38, Coiling Abyss


Collapse - Bougyoudo #35, 1.5 times the cost of the used spell

Description: When a barrier is formed from kidou, the user of this spell can counter it. The spell shoots out a spear like projectile, the projectile then breaks through the barrier and negates it. This bow's energy then scatters around in a 10-meter radius, and shoots out strange runic symbols into the air. The seals keep the same spell from being cast within 30 seconds of this spells activation this move's activation while the user is in the field.

Also, the spell has to hit the barrier, or else it won't know what it's negating.

Incantation: Reveal to me my hidden foe. Break through their defenses and seal away their power. Bougyoudo #35, Collapse.


Comet - Hadou #76, 3200 Kidou

Description: The most powerful striking kidou known to date, Comet works by having the user gather an extremely large amount of kidou into their fist. The energy shoots out like a comet from the fist, but because it is limited to the arm, it can only travel with the appendage. That doesn't mean that it won't deal massive damage however, as the attack has enough force to break even some of the most formidable defenses.

Incantation: Crushing star, flesh of man. Meld and break apart, power absolute. Grant me the power of the cosmos in my palm, power mighty enough to break apart the sun itself. Hadou #76, Comet


Contego ab Aqua - Chiyudo #70, 1700 Kidou

From the moment the user begins to chant the incantation for this spell, water begins to pool around his/her feet, increasing in amount as the chant progresses. The water begins to whirl faster and faster and rises from the ground to cover the user in a whirlpool of water. At the completion of the incantation, the amount of water is incredible, and it whirls at great speed. Not only does it protect against flames (pure fire only, not physical projectiles), but it either nullifies or dampens the power of a Kidou shot at the user. If the opponent's Kidou is more than two times that of the user the attacking spell will be halved , and if the user and the opponent are of similar Kidou the attacking spell will in most cases be "extinguished" . This applies only for pure Kidou energy attacks. For a physical Kidou attack to be completely nullified, the user's Kidou and general strength must both be higher than the opponent.

Has a max duration of 30 seconds from completion of the chant.

Incantation: "Poseidon, protect me with water, the greatest of elements. Put out the fire that seeks to destroy me, drown my attacker. Vortex and Whirlpool, the deluge to redeem the world. Chiyudo #67, Contego ab Aqua!"


Control Doll - Bougyoudo #42, 400 Kidou

Description: A technique that includes two different variations that can be used at any time. The first ability is simple. Using their own energy, the wielder has the ability to form a doll that looks just like them. The doll can looks, talks, and even smells like the user of the spell. This makes it extremely hard to tell the difference between the user and the doll. The doll itself lasts for about 10 minutes and can be used for anything from a decoy to an espionage tool. However, the doll lacks zanpakutou and kidou abilities, so it cannot stand combat too long since it's sp is only 10% that of the caster's. One surprise the doll has is that it has a binding spell imprinted on its body. So, when it is destroyed, the energy put into the spell will displace and reform around the person who attacked it. Temporary binding them for about 15 seconds.

Incantation: Finesse of a God, Hand of a puppeteer. Give me power over all that lives and breathes. Grant me the will to make and break the dreams to which I see fit. Bougyoudo #42, Control Doll.


Cosmos Summit - Hadou #19, 140 Kidou

Summons large pedestals made of stone from the ground to slam into the target.

Incantation: Poseidon, almighty over Earth. Land to sea, shockwaves, immense destruction. To the ends of the land, to the grounds of the Seven Seas! Rise and affront to one's toll! Hadou #19, Cosmos Summit!


Crescendo Symphony - Chiyudo #72, 2000 Kidou (+ 250 for each additional rpg turn)

Casts a powerful shielding spell on the user which grows stronger and stronger as time progresses. At first all it will do is mildly reduce damage done to the user by 5%. After 10 seconds that percentage is doubled to 10%, and for every additional 10 seconds another 5% damage reduction is applied.

Upon casting = 5% damage reduction.
After 10 seconds = 10% damage reduction.
After 20 seconds = 15% damage reduction
After 30 seconds = 20% damage reduction.
After 40 seconds = 25% damage reduction (figured it out by now?)

After 70 seconds, at which the damage reduction will be 40%, the spell has reached maximum efficiency and can be held at this point for a max of three rpg turns before the effects disappear. The max duration is thus roughly 7 rpg turns + casting turn, meaning the cost for the entire and maxed out spell is 3750 Kidou.

Incantation: "A Masterpiece of Music, the Destruction Choir, pick up your tempo and race with my heart. Furious blood boiling in passion at the calling of your name, beautiful deities, Chiyudo #72, Crescendo Symphony!"


Curse - Bougyoudo #56, 800 Kidou

Description: A kidou used to stop hollow regeneration, Venom curse works by forcing your palm onto a part of the target's body. When the attack lands, a sigil is placed on the user's body, the spell covering the rest of the body with flash. The spell binds anyone of equal of lesser SP for 2 minutes, anyone with 2-3 times one's SP for 1 minute, and anyone higher than that for 30 seconds.

During this time, any healing or regenerative spell/ability that is placed on the body is negated. If healing is forced, the spell instantly destroys any cell that attempts to recover and causes even greater damage to the target. This spell will also retard any normal healing the body would go through. Also, for five minutes after the spell is completed, if one attempts regeneration the wounds they bare so far will only recover by 25% what they normal would (any regeneration of wounds incurred afterwards will be fine however).

Incantation: Sever the hydra's head, cut the lizard's tail and burn away the body. Let thine own vanity be thy downfall. Bougyoudo #56, Curse


Cursed mark - Bougyoudo #4, 30 kidou

Effect: This spell sends a straight kidou blade at the target, a intricate "X" type mark appearing on the target. This target can stay on the effected target for about two minutes and is not affected by spiritual energy. This mark sends out a "homing" beacon to the caster's kidou. The owner's spells homing in on the target.

Effect range: It is a straight blue beam, it shoots out for about fifty feet

Phrase: Powers of clairvoyance. Guiding hand of the gods. Lead me to the true path, Bougyoudo #4, Cursed mark.


Daifuku (means, "Rice Cake") - Chiyudo #27, 200 kidou

Description: Daifuku heals muscle fatigue for battles of longer duration. In other words, by forming "oxygen" through a user's reiatsu that replenishes lost energy in a target's muscle tendons, movement is renewed and restored. This therefore enables rejuvenated speed and defense abilities by up to 10%, depending on the SP differences between the user and target.

Range: Within 2 ft of the target. To cast this, the user guides reiatsu through an open wound, but if none is present, the spell may be cast near the mouth, and if done this way, it creates a sensation in the target like having eaten a Daifuku cake. (>.>)

Incantation: "Cool muscles like the sweetness of the evening and the warmth of the sunrise, let this body replenish... Chiyudo #27, Daifuku."


Daijishin - Hadou #81, 4200

Description: The user presses their hands against the ground, infusing it with their energy. Wild jaggy marks spread through earth, breaking it apart. The plate in the earth rumble and shift. Quaking violently as spires shoot out wildly and doing damage on par with an earthquake.

Incantation: Erupting earth, quaking sand. Fragile soil, unbreakable diamond. Meld and become one. Reshape the earth and calm the land once more. Hadou #81, Daijishin


Daishyunpo - Bougyoudo #45, 550 Kidou

Description: Shyunpo for a limited time can now be used in mid-air and does not exhaust its user's endurance. Once activated, for one minute, Shyunpo can be used in both the air and on the ground as if they were the same. Aerial shyunpo can also be chained to each other.



Dark Claw - Bakudou #41, 500 Kidou / Demon's Claw - 1000(counting base 500 for Dark Claw) kidou


(Dark Claw) A pool of endless darkness appears under the target, shadowy claws jumping from the pool. The claws endlessly hunt down the person, following them for up to 15 seconds before they dissipate. Once caught, they drag the target into the pool, a sphere of pure darkness appearing from the pool and levitating in the air with the person for 30 seconds before disappearing.

(Demon's Claw) Extension: The user of this spell reaches into the sphere. While it looks like they're just reaching in to them, to the captured opponent it looks like a giant demon's claw is inside the sphere. While in action, any action the user takes, the hand will do the same. If the person does a strangling motion with their hand, the giant hand will wrap itself around the target and squeeze tightly, and so on.

Incantation: Fiend's hand of the dark spectre. Return from the bowels of the underworld and do my bidding. Bakudou #41, Dark Claw


Dark Hole - Hadou #96, 8500 Kidou

Description: A forbidden kidou art. The user of this spell creates a ball of kidou energy in their hand. The ball is shot into the center of the field and it implodes into a dark vortex. The black vortex swirls violently as it crackles with red lightning. Four gates then form inside of the kidou, each one a different gate to the Dangai. The gates form together and cause a convengance of matter. It sucks in everything in the general area, the matter being obliterated as they are assaulted relentously by the spatial feel as they're ripped apart and sent through different spaces.

Though powerful, there is some danger to the user. Any user under 13000k in kidou may find themselves being sucked into the powerful spell.

Phrase: The pain of man, given form. The true power of nothingness made real. The hopes and dream of mankind, the future of mankind, in their destruction lays my power. Hadou #96, Dark Hole.


Dead Air - Hadou #41, 575 Kidou

Effect: Large amounts of air are compressed to the size of a small ball in the palm of the user's hand. This heavily compressed air is thrown at the opponent. When the ball makes contact or when the user detonates the sphere, the released air acts like a vacuum blade.

Incantation: God of the wind, release your strength. Call forth the calm before the storm. Hadou #47, Dead Air.


Deadly Quill - Hadou #22, 175 Kidou

Description: The user throws a ball of their energy into the air. The ball bursts into a multitude of black feathers, seemingly hundreds in amount. The feathers then turn their quills onto the target and all violently shoot down and pierce that person.

Incantation: Guardians of the skies come to me. Spread your wings and rain down your flurry. Hadou #22, Deadly Quill


Death Rose - Bakudou #70, 1400 Kidou

Description: The user forces their reisatsu in to the earth. Four large vines the size of tree trunks then shoot up around the general proximity of the target. The vines circle the target and begin to twist as they shoot up high into the sky, large thorns starting to protrude out of the sides of the vines and digging into the body of the captured.

As they twist, the space between the target and the vines is closed and the target is soon caught in the middle without any hope of escape, only left to be shredded by the thorns and crushed by the girth of the vines as they close in over it. When the vines art done twisting up to the sky, large crystalline spikes shoot out of the top...making it look much like a rose.

Incantation: (Courtesy of Roo): Beauty from death, entwine about my enemy. Let your face rise toward the heavens as their blood feeds your roots. Shame all who look upon you with hubris in their hearts, for you outshine them all. Bakudou #70, Death Rose.


Deforvastation - Hadou #87, 5500 Kidou

Description: When activated, five giant trees will sprout away from the user in a radius of 50ft. The tress wills rustle metal and their very bark with be swept away. The leaves and branches will form in a giant tornado, encompassing all caught within it's space in a wind barrier with leaves covering the other rim of the space. While the inside of the space can be considered the "eye", the leaves are still blown around fiercely by the winds and visibility inside is almost zero.

The leaves themselves are also coated in a special kind of kidou energy, once that not only gives them cutting power as they run across the opponent's skin, but also carries a small poison. While the poison itself is very weak, if compounded heavily[say from a massive amount of leaf cuts] it can be debiltating. It takes around 100 cuts to do that, but combined with the massive amount of leaves blowing around...that isn't too difficult. The only way to escape the full poison force of the leaves is to be within 10ft of the user[safety range], because while not poisonous to the user, the venom of the leaves around that person is weakened to prevent from harming allies. However, prolonged exposure can still harm the person.

Once caught in the attack, it is almost impossible to escape because of the heavy barrier projection itself around the battlefield. Covered in the possible winds, a fleeing target not only faces being torn apart by the winds, but also being poisoned and shredded by the foliage. Only a person of 3x the user's reiatsu can break through the barrier[but with minor-moderate damage], and only someone 4x can escape with no serious damage.

The storm rages for two minutes before it concludes and if it is used in a heavily forested area, it will tear away all the foliage within it's wings.

Incantation: Look down on man's ruin, Dryad. As their venom has spread through your home shall your venom course through their veins. Blazen destruction of thy own creation, do so with reckless abandon. Hadou #87, Deforvastation


Defusion - Hadou #15, 100 Kidou

Description: The user of this kidou charges the energy into them. Rings of reisatsu glow around their body then burst out, slashing out at everything in an atom like formation. The energy blasts are as strong as blades and can cut the skin as one would with a regular zanpakutou

Incantation: The south gate is broken. The north gate scatters unleashing my potential. Ablaze is my soul, impossible to touch. Hadou #15, Defusion


Demon's Baptism - Hadou #82, 4400 Kidou

This kidou summons energy from the depths of the underworld in order to annihilate foes with a blast of tremendous elemental darkness energy.

In order to cast this spell, the user concentrates kidou energy into their index finger, with which they draw a pentagram incased in a circle measuring four feet in diameter in the air in front of them. After saying the chant, a point of black energy surgers in the middle of the pentagram and then explodes forwards in a cone shaped until the width of the beam measures twelve feet, in which then it simply continues to fly straight.

Chant: "Lord of the underworld, possesor of the heart of darkness! Open the gates of Hades! Unleash hell fire wrath upon my foes! Hadou #83, Demon's Baptism!


Demon Fist - Hadou #5, 30 kidou

Description: The user of this spell quickly wraps energy into their fist then releases it. As the power is released the beastly image of a demon is formed around the fist. Upon impact, the energy explodes violently against the target striking with up to five times the force of a normal punch.

Note: This does not increase Hakuda by x5 or whatever(I mean if you look at stat boost rules *further up*, a 5x stat boost is not even possible). Rather, to put it in simple terms. If someone were to hit with a regular fist, using demon fist would be like hitting with a sledgehammer.

Incantion: The wild soul of the demon flows through me. Granting me the power to strike down at the world. Hadou #5, Demon Fist


Destruction Barrier - Chiyudo #58, 800 Kidou

Description: The user forces their energy out into a barrier, canceling out an incoming attacking energy. The barrier then shoots forth at the user opponent like a massive wave of energy. The damage that this counter causes is usually around the same as the user's strength. The stronger their opponent is, the less effective it will be, and if their opponent is 2x stronger than them, the user of the spell will still incur damage from the attack.

Incantation: Pure spirits come to my aid. Destroy all malicious energy and punish all those who wrought to bring me harm. Chiyudo #58, Destruction Barrier


Diamond Dust - Bakudou #55, 680 Kidou

Description: The user of the kidou freezing over the moisture surrounding their opponent, giving the air a slight twinkle. The move happens so fast, however that, that is the last thing the person is able to see before their body is surrounded in ice.

Incantation: Dance, playful sprite. Spin and twirl, clash and freeze. Let the mystic dance, entrance. Bakudou #55, Diamond Dust


Disintegration - Bougyoudo #83, 4000 Kidou

Description: When activated, a black or dark green (depending on user's spiritual energy) energy is formed around the left or right arm (depending on choice). A mass that forms into a clawed gauntlet around that part of the limb. This energy is thicker than most, and tends to fluctuate at times. If it were to be compared to something, it would be compared to goo, except it doesn't have a weight or solid form. However, the Bougyoudo also serves as a protectant on the level of Sude, allowing once to uses the kidou more freely.

Disintegration works by breaking down any matter it comes into contact with. When it hits, it'll slowly eat away at whatever it touched like an acid, weakening the physical construct of that object. Disintegration can be used in a multitude of ways. It can melt barriers down (kidou or solid), burn and eat way at an opponent, and so forth. The level of disintegration depends on the comparisons in spiritual pressure. Someone who is vastly weaker than the user will be easily overwhelmed, while someone on equal reiatsu footing as the person will be able to strive off the effects while still taking a good deal of damage.

Incantation: Degradation of mind and body. The smiling skull rots away sanity and melts away the flesh. Consuming all that is. Bougyoudo #83, Disintegration


Disruption - Bougyoudo #26, 185 Kidou

Description: The user extends their hand, blasting out unseen kidou energy. The energy is converted into hard sound as it's released, a blaring sonic wave being released. The sound doesn't register to anyone who isn't caught directly in the waves, but is excruciating to anyone who is. When stricken with this attack, the target will go through many different ailments. Mainly, temporary lose of hearing and bleeding of the ears, blurred sight, and reduced hand/eye coordination (usually dropping one's zanjutsu/hakuda skill by 10%)

Duration/Severity of this attack is measured by distance applied. The wave is only really one feet in width and only has a maximum reach of 15ft, however it can be hard to follow because you can't really see the attack. When used from it's maximum distance, the attack will only cause a momentary annoyance to your opponent. When used from 10-5 feet it will usually only stun for 5 seconds. When used within five feet, the time will last for about 15 seconds. However, when one places their hands directly on their opponent's face the spell can last for 30 seconds and their senses can be disabled to a devastating point.

Incantation: Dance dreadful wave. Tear away at my foe's mind and break their sanity. Bougyoudo #26, Disruption!


Divining Bolt - Bakudou #56, 700 Kidou

Description: A magic circle appears under your opponent. The circle acts as a beacon for the attack, as after it appears a large bolt of lightning comes down. Not only does the bolt do severe damage to the opponent, but also it sends out a strong paralyzing force that binds the opponent for a short time. About 5-10 seconds, but in that time it is almost impossible for the person to move.

Incantation: Crash! Fry! Lightning from the heavens. Reveal your fearsome beauty and entrap us in your awe. Bakudou #56, Divining Bolt


Double Obstruction - Bakudou #2, 20 kidou

Description: A modification of Obstruction, D.B. works by binding both the legs and arms of the target. Not much stronger than Obstruction, however, it can still be broken just as easily by people of similar or greater strength.

Incantation: Hand of god, come down and bind the demon. Lock away they appendages, and seal their malevolent nature. Bakudou #2, Double Obstruction


Dragon's Breath - Hadou #17, 125 Kidou

Description: After chanting the incantation, the user gathers kidou energy at their lungs. The energy is then forced out, changing into the form of fire once it leaves the body. The attack stretches out for about 2 yards, it's range growing larger the farther out it goes. This attack can be used three times before the energy is exhausted, but it grows weaker with every use.

Incantation: Fill my lung's with the dragon's power. Let my lung's wind burn through the plains and melt the mountains. Hadou #17, Dragon's Breath


Earthen Maw - Bakudou #13, 90 Kidou

Effect: Creates incredibly strong tendrils of dirt to spring from the ground and ensnare the arms and legs of the opponent.

Range:Because the nature of the tendrils is somewhat tricky, the caster must be close to the target. 5 Meters is the maximum. Otherwise the strength won't be sufficient to hold the opponent.

Incantation: Ensnaring sands, fleeting winds, bind yourself to mine enemy. And cease his movements. Bakudou #13, Earthen Maw.


Earth's Bounty - Chiyudo #29, 250 Kidou

Description: Heals a subject by drawing power from the earth below. Though it may only be used while touching the ground, the healing is effective in mending moderate wounds and erasing minor ones. The user must be in contact with the ground, as with the subject (if not the user) during the final part of the incantation ("... return his love. Chiyudo #29, Earth's Bounty"); all other times serve no purpose or special benefit to the caster

Distance: 0-30 feet

Incantation: The Mother's compassion, the saintly instinct of parenthood and rebirth! Well your strength for a poor, sickened child of yours, return his love. Chiyudo #29, Earth's Bounty.


Ebon - Hadou #73, 2600 Kidou

Descriptions: A dark cloud forms from around the user's fist. The cloud crackles and smokes wildly, giving off a menacing presence. The attack (which lists for 30 seconds before dissipating) greatly increases the destruction power of the user's fist, allowing them to punch through walls and such while providing a protective aura.

When the attack punctures a body, the energy can be released into the body all at once. The energy quickly floods the body and shoots out in all directions. A dark, plasma sphere surrounding the user and the target. The attack causes great damage to the target as all the power of the attack is mercilessly wrought directly upon their bodies.

Incantation: Shrouded misguidance, clear folly. Bury the raven within the living tomb, and unleash madness. Hadou #73, Ebon


Edge - Bougyoudo #7, 50 Kidou

Description: A thin layer of kidou energy forms around the user's palm. The energy is shaped like a spearhead, and needs the user to have their fist flat with their fingers together to work. The edges and the tip of the energy blade are sharp, allowing the person to slice with the power like they would with a blade.

Incantion: Threads of Iron encase my hand. My strikes become as deadly as the warrior's blade. Bougyoudo #7, Edge


Elemental Earth Barrier - Chiyudo #76, 1200 Kidou (Special)

The user of this kidou throws down 8 specially created stone charms in an octagon pattern in a radius of 3 feet. After the chant, the charms melt into the ground and create 3 octagon lines, one starting at 20 feet diameter, then 25, then 30. At the corners of the outermost octagon, a giant stone golem measuring 30 feet rises to defend against attacks and reciprocate with an attack of their own, but they are unable to move from their position. The golems have a combat rating equal to 1/2 of the kidou stat of the user.

The innermost octagon has a minor barrier effect to slow an attack, so if an enemy is able to get past the golems, then they have a small window of opportunity to help them defend against the attack.

If one caster casts this, the spell has no additional effects. If two people cast this kidou at the same time, and within the diameter of the innermost octagon pattern, the effect of the spell strengthens greatly. The innermost octagon now has a complete barrier effect, and repels all attacks that are 1/2 strength of the casters, or a great reduction of attacks from strength around the casters level. If the casters are greatly different in kidou, then the average of their kidou stat is used. Also, with the second kidou user concentrating on maintaining the spell, the first caster can now control the golems directly using mental commands in order to move them around. In this case, each golem has a combat strength and speed of 1/2 of the average kidou stat between the two casters.

Incantation: The fifth element Earth: Eight cornered wall, emerge from the ground! Chiyudo #76, Elemental Earth Barrier


Elemental Shift - Bougyoudo #90, 5000 Kidou

Description: This high level kidou actually allows the user to shift the weather in their area to increase the power of attacks of a specific element and decrease the power of others. When activated, a field 30ft in diameter will be erected around the user. This field will be unaffected by the outside world but will not be able to affect it in the same token. When activated, the user will have to choose from several settings:

Desert: Reduces the cost of fire and earth attacks by 25 percent and increases their power by that amount. Reduces the power of water/ice based attacks by 25 percent.

Storm: Reduces the cost of water, wind and lightning attacks by 25 percent and increases their power by that amount. Reduces power of fire attacks by 25 percent.

Rain Forest: Reduces the cost of wood, water and earth based attacks by 25 percent and increases their power by the same amount. Reduces power of wind and fire attacks by 25 percent.

Ice field: Reduces cost of water and ice attacks by 25 percent and increases their power by that amount. Reduces power of fire and wood attacks by 25 percent.

Tundra: Reduces cost of ice and wind attacks by 25 percent and increases power by that amount. Reduces power of earth and wood attacks by 25 percent.

Lightning Valley: Reduces cost of wind, fire and lightning attacks by 25 percent and increases power by that amount. Reduces power of earth and water/ice attacks by 25 percent

The effects of this spell lasts for a total of 2 minutes[10 turn] and the change within the area isn't cosmetic as much as it is a superficial effect given off by the seals surrounding the dome. However, while in the dome, all inside will feel the effects[i.e. while using ice field all the people inside will feel a severe cold and sharp wind]. The dome is escapable, however its center of gravity is the user themselves, which makes it inescapable in close battle. And if an attack breaks through the barrier to the outside world, it still receives the cost reduction but the power increase is lowered to 10 percent.

Incanation: Because of the unique nature of the spell it uses a unique chant. Bougyoudo #90, Elemental Shift! [insert desired effect name here]!


Encumber - Bakudou #16, 120 Kidou

Description: Blocks of reiatsu instantly within the area of the targets, neck, wrists, and ankles. The blocks close down on those body parts quickly and the target is bound in place.

Incantation: Ready the stocks. Shackle the immoral. Contain temptation and burden the heavy soul. Bakudou #16, Encumber


Entombment - Bakudou #50, 600 Kidou

Description: The user pressed their hand against the ground, a zooming wave sent under the earth and outward 20ft in front of the user. The wave can disrupt the footing of anything above it, but that is not the purpose of the kidou. When the wave obtains its maximum reach, it then rolls in back towards the user. The earth is then uprooted and sent towards the user's in a wave. Along the way, anyone caught in the path of the attack is rolled up into the earth like one would be rolled into a carpet and delivered to the foot of the kidou's user.

Incantation: The grand entrance has been made, the red carpet set. Deliver to me thine divine form so that I may ascend it to the heavens. Bakudou #50, Entombment


Exorcism - Bakudou #72, 2000 Kidou

Description: The user points their fingers forward, chains shooting from the ground and coiling themselves tightly around the target's arms and legs. The user is then slammed down to the ground and large slab of rock shoots up from the ground, the target being anchored to the rock as they are hoisted into the air. Four vents of kidou energy then shoot out from four ghastly beast mouths.

The kidou energy all shoots up towards the sky and begins to gather at a 45 degree angle 15ft above and away from the target. A dark spear is the formed when the energy solidifies. The streams of energy buckling, the spear shoots down and impaled the target straight through. The spear then begins to glow as a black cloud forms at its handle. The cloud asborbs all the energy in its general area, the spear slowly beginning to fill. Once full, the energy is then unleashed completely onto the trapped victim, causing great damage.

Incantation(Courtesy of Steph): "Earthly consumption from below rise up. Heaven's corrupt justice from above rain down. Divine punishment crumble and cascade upon those found guilty. Bakudou #72, Exorcism."


Feint - Bougyoudo #75

(Need 2200 Kidou to learn)

Description: The user chants an incantation of a spell (the user most know the spell being used), the general outline for the spell created with one little difference. The complete lack of power. The spell is a fake and a decoy, meant as nothing more than to temporary confuse the target and position one's self for a better attack. Since kidou have different massed, they take different amounts of energy to create even if they are empty, as such, here is the power drain for each kidou on that respective level.

Note: This attack is only usable once per battle.

1- 500 cost Kidou = 100 kidou drain
500 - 1000 cost kidou = 200 kidou drain
1000-2000 cost kidou = 300 kidou drain
2000 - 3000 cost kidou = 500 kidou drain
3000 - 4000 cost kidou = 700 drain
4000 - 5000 cost kidou = 800 cost drain
5000 and up = 1000 kidou drain

Incantation: None. Simply cast the kidou you want to fake.


Fiendish Shadow - Bougyoudo #38, 450 Kidou

Description: The user of the kidou focuses their spiritual energy around their body. The spiritual energy than rests back onto the body, and sits until unleashed. For the next two minutes after the spell is cast, whenever a person strikes out at their opponent, their energy is thrown out against their target. The energy, while not as powerful as the person usually is, can stretch and is very elastic. The energy has a limited flexibility, allowing it to turn and follow a target for a short time, usually around 10 feet.

When this spell is mastered (User has over 1400 kidou), the user can manipulate the shadow with their mind and for much longer periods of time. Allowing them to move it as they wish and the distance that the spell can travel is doubled.

Incantation: The dark shadow of the demon king becomes me. Reaching out to destroy all that is innocent. I unbind thine self, and forever curse my soul. Bougyoudo #38, Fiendish Shadow


Fist of Destruction - Hadou #47, 750 Kidou, Arcana special

Description: A special kidou formed by the Arcana, other shinigami have been known to have knowledge of this attack however that in itself has been a rare occurrence. Fist of Destruction takes and wraps Kidou energy around the user's hand. The energy then becomes a bright white. The energy can be extended from the fist for 5ft and the damaged minimized, but the true strength comes from direct contact. When FoD strikes at close range the focused energy will gather into the striking point then explode, blowing apart the stricken object and leaving a searing crater. However, the Arcana were said to have refined the ability so much that it actually tears away at the outer flesh of the user, causing the cracked skin to glow brightly.

Incantation: Judgment of Anubis, god of death, grant me your powers of demise. In my right palm allow me to break through falsehood, to tear though the fabrications of the weak and bestow upon fiends only fatality. Hadou #47, Fist of Destruction


Flash Freeze - Hadou #67, 1900 Kidou

Description: The user forms a large sphere of water over their head by gathering all the precipitation in the area. The water in turned into a large raindrop, one that drops down and forms the area with a giant wave of water and washes away the area in a giant tidal wave. The water then slowly but surely starts to freeze over, dropping the area to the negative degrees and turning it into an ice field.

Incantation: Spirits of water and ice rage and wrath. Wash upon my foes your furious breath and chill away their hot-blooded spirit. Hadou #67, Flash Freeze


Flow Break - Bougyoudo #9, 60 kidou


Surrounds the target ally (or self) with a thin layer of energy that will separate their being with that of another. Used in situations where someone is being forcefully held on to and needs to be released. It will cause an electricution like discomfort and pain in the attacker.

"The free of mind desire release. Be discharged from these binds! Bougyoudo #9 , Flow Break!"

Flow Stop - Chiyudo #22, 85 Kidou(Variation of Flow Break)

Range: None (Touch) Area: 5'' diameter of touch

Effect: Mainly used in operations and other high level procedures, this spell causes the patient to have all moving parts and liquids to temporary hold in posistion. This is to prevent messy operations. This prevents the flow of spiritrons, blood, and other liquids. Also safely stops organs from moving or functioning, this will not cause any damage to patients body. Also, the larger the subject, the shorter amount of time of blockage allowed. It is rumored that this spell has combat uses, often not recommended due the size of area affected. Also the fact if the enemy gathers enough spirit pressure into the area affected, the spell can be broken.

Incantation: Stop the rivers of the soul and flesh to make way for life. Chiyudo #22, Flow Stop.


Forget - Bougyoudo #50, 650 Kidou

Description: A mental attack, Forget requires direct contact with the user's head. Once obtained, Forget sends out a shocking blast through the user's mind. The attack temporary closes off the user's memory to one of three skills (zanjutsu, hakuda, or kidou : Or just combat stat for a hollow). While active, the user receives a 25% reduction to that ability for 1 minute (when returned, unused kidou is also returned).

Incantation: The elderly epoch creeps upon you. Faded and decrepit is the knowledge you once held dear, nothing more than a distant memory. Bougyoudo #39, Forget


Forgotten Punishment [Drk/Hom/Tar]]- Hadou # 87, 3500 kidou

Note: This spell is potentially fatal and is not allowed to be used on fellow shinagami with out prior permission to do so.

Description: The user of this spell indicates the chosen target by pointing their casting hand with a closed fist pointing down. After finishing the incantation the user then turns over their hand and opens their fist. Five glowing red lights will leave the user's hand and chase after the chosen target. They will then swarm around the opponent tracing out any and all past wounds. Once every past wound is revealed with a glowing red line, the lights will fade and the wounds will be reopened. The spell only works on a target if they have received even the slightest paper cut. Again this could be potentially fatal, if the target has had several nearly fatal injuries in their past.

Incantation: As the flesh of the fighter remembers the wound, so shall your memory be renewed of such afflictions. Hadou # 87, Forgotten Punishment.


Forteresse - Chiyudo #52, 590 Kidou

Hardens the durability of the human brain, making it resistant to shock and mind attacks. This kidou makes the user immune to attacks on the mind and brain provided that the caster of the spell is within 2k range of the opponent's Kidou stat. Must be cast beforehand and will not remove shock/mind tricks/stuff etc if already in effect.
Useful when fighting against an opponent utilizing electrical powers, as it grants protection against falling into shock which often occurs when subjected to high voltage, making the nervous system impervious to damage.
If the user is subjected to repeated mental/shock/brain function attacks, the protection of this spell lessens, and will be broken off if sufficient force is used. Lasts 1 minute from activation, or until broken.
Also dullens the sense of pain to some extent.

Incantation: "Flay not my mind! PÁƒ ©nible et pardonnant! Intruder, invader, these gates are locked for all your devious plots. Sense your defeat and bother me no more, Chiyudo #31, Forteresse!"


Fugyoutenchi - Bakudou 97, 7800

Description: A truly terrifying Kidou that's usage has been recorded in legends due to the catastrophic implications of its power.

Fugyoutenchi relies on a singularity, a single point of compressed spiritual pressure the user creates within a hand of their choosing. They create this collapsed marvel within their palm by clasping their spare hand around the wrist of the other and chanting the incantation. After the energy has been condensed, the user must find some means to attach it to the intended target. The target need not be a can be anything, and it is fastened by merely touching the victim. Once affixed, the user can activate the Bakudou whenever they wish by clenching the open hand they used into a tight fist.

Instantly, the climatic storm begins: the sky and the earth are drawn into the point with a ferocious warping of reality. This potent exchange between the heavens and the ground obliterates the area that enshrouds the singularity, and creates a spectacle for the ages as the world blurs into a tumultuous flurry of blue and brown. When the binding has finished, the landscape is returned to its former condition, though anything unfortunate enough to have been connected to the magnetic point of binding is gone, annihilated into a colossal demise.

Incantation: "Paint this canvas that rolls across the land in streaks of azure and auburn, and erase that horizon in favor of a blinding bridge between heaven and earth! Bakudou 97, Fugyoutenchi!"


Fuseruki - Bougyoudo #53, 630 Kidou

Description: A layer of Kidou suppresses the user's spiritual pressure to zero, allowing him/her to move undetected. However, while they are undectable by the spiritual senses.

Incantation: None so far(suggestions welcome)


Gardeurange - Chiyudo #49, 485 Kidou

Covers an area of 50 ft radius around the user in a light but wet fog. The user and any ally inside of the fog will feel rejuvenated, and the effects of the fog causes them to feel little pain from already existent injuries, thus alleviating them of that agony. Does not allow the affected persons to act as berserkers who feel no pain at all, since all pain from injuries acquired after the initial casting will only be reduced, not removed. The fog is present for three minutes, and once it lifts, pain and tiredness will return to the affected persons. The feeling of rejuvenation within the fog causes the user and his allies to execute the art of shyunpo better, and during the duration of the spell affected persons will increase their hohou by 5%.

Incantation: "Cool dusk of morning, the dew falling from grass. Quench my thirst, the raw moist of life. Cup your hands and feel the cold streams, Chiyudo #35, Gardeurange."


Gekaibaiyou "World Nurture" - Chiyudo #84, 3,800 Kidou (3rd Div. Only)

Description: The Gekaibaiyou is a technique only the highest echelons of former 4th Division and current 3rd Division members have mastered. By chanting the incantation (if needed) and placing one hand on the soil of any portion of the ground in Soul Society, a massive wave of kidou is released. This wave hits whatever matter the user of the Gekaibaiyou has determined to be "foreign" or "harmful", and bounces back to the user. Now that the user knows where the matter is, he closes the hand he has placed against the ground, grabbing a handful of soil, and the wave condenses before swirling through the area like a whirlpool and destroying the harmful matter, leaving nothing but the healthy earth remaining.

Incantation: "Residing in the crying earth beneath us is shadow; I call upon the wave of soil to take back the land to its former light, and replenish the life found in smallest of grains; Chiyudo #84 Gekaibaiyou!"


Geki - Bakudou #9, 70 Kidou

Description: The user draws with his/her hand a red light ideogram in the air that vanishes as the cast begins. the bakudou binds painfully the enemy with a red pressure, causing pain and muscle contraction. The torture of the pain is frequently used for making the oponnent give up the battle without no more blood spill. The spell can be broken easily if the target has higher spiritual pressure that the caster.

Spell casting: "Desintagrate, Black Dog of Rondanini.Look upon yourself and burn! Devour your own throat! Bakudou #9 - GEKI!"


Gesshoku (means, "Moonlight") - Bakudou #51, 610 Kidou

Description: Gesshoku works in the same way Hinome does. The user meshes the energy of moonlight with their own reiatsu to create strips of binding that concentrate around a certain area of an opponent (e.g., the arms or legs) and once set in place, will cause 10% burns on the area binded. The binding itself is instantaneous, but the duration and strength of the spell is dependent on the difference in sp between the caster and opponent. At equal strength, the spell can last for 15-20 seconds.

The difference, however, is Gesshoku uses 'cold heat' to burn within the bindings. Unlike a flame-based burn which merely sears and kills cells, Gesshoku does the same while chilling the life processes of surrounding cells, which means (A) it's harder for the burned area to heal on its own; and (B) it's harder to use a healing ability on it effectively.

While the spell can be cast anywhere, if used an area of high moonlight, the burn will increase to 15-20% (depending on sp difference).

To cast this, the user holds one palm up toward the source of moonlight while aiming the other toward their opponent. The bindings will come forth from the latter.

Incantation: "Called down from the heavens above, drawing strength from the spirit of a goddess, bind and cool my foe to protect me, a child of the moon... Bakudou #41, Gesshoku."


Ghastly Dentention - Bakudou #64, 975 Kidou

Description: An extremely painful kidou that found its basis in interrogation, GDT was used as a way to get information out of a POW without actually killing them.

When the symbol for the kidou is formed and erased, a set of barricades form around the user's body in the same speed and fashion as Rikijyoukourou. One set cuffing the wrists, another the ankles and the final set cuffing the neck. The cuffs then raise the captured target into the air and lift their legs towards their back so that they are about two feet off the air.

The target is then suspended from about one to five turns[one turn for someone twice your reiatsu, three for someone on around the same level, and five for someone half your reiatsu].

Incantation: Shout, grim warden. Turn the key and raise the gallows. Today, the vultures will feed. Bakudou #64, Ghastly Dentention


Ghastly Punishment Bakudou #64, 1500 Kidou

Description: An extension to GD and a kidou that is considered in bad form against fellow shinigami simply because of the way it words.
GP works by opening up sets of holes through the cuffs formed from GD. Needle-like forms of kidou then materialize in the holes. Upon the users discretion, the needles are then impaled straight through the cuff and their respective body part.

It was given an alternate speed because like GD, it was used a lot during interrogation.

Incantation: Oh, vicious warden! The verdict has been decided, the onlookers cry for justice! LET THE VULTURES FEED! Bakudou #64, Ghastly Punishment


Glass Veil - Bougyoudo #62, 995 Kidou

Effect: An extremely difficult Bougyoudo to implement. Uses Kidou energy to bend light around the person. Also dampens the persons spirit pressure to hide their presence. Does not allow for quick movements, as the shimmers in the spell can be seen. Making this spell ideal for scouting, spying, hiding from pursuit, and laying an ambush.

Incantation: Blind them from what they think they see, hide me from they think they know. Make them ignorant of my presence. Bougyoudo #70, Glass Veil.


Gocchu Tekkan - Bakudou #75, 2500 Kidou

Description: When chanted, Gocchu Tekken sends five large(over 20ft tall and 3 feet wide) cylinder-like blocks of stone barreling down on its target. The target is then pinned down under the kidou, the 5 blocks usually pinning them down. Usually in the arms, legs, and the main body.

Incantation: Unknown


Godspeed - Bougyoudo #79, 3000 kidou

Effect: When Godspeed is in place the speed of the user is greatly increased. Their hohou stat is raised by 50%. This kidou increases temporarily raises the rate of shyunpo, agility, and your overall reaction time. This spell only lasts for about 3-5 minutes(only 3 turns in a PC fight, and after it is finished the user's original agility will be reduced by 50%(25% in a PC fight for 3 turns). Also, in a PC fight, one must wait at least 5 turns after the spell has worn off before using it again.


Phrase: Like those that dwell in the heavens, take my speed beyond known limits. Bougyoudo #75, Godspeed!!!


Gokuin - Bakudou #10, 75 Kidou

Effect: Temporary binds enemy making them unable to move.

Effect range: Straight

Attack: The user points their fingers at their target releasing an invisible beam at their opponent. Once hit, the opponent becomes bound in either the arms or legs depending on the body part hit. Depending on the difference in spiritual energy the technique can last anywhere from 3 minutes to not at all. About 30 seconds on average.

Phrase: Blood to blood, dust to dust. The sinful one reveals the beast's mark. Bakudou #25, GOKUIN!


Goryoukaku - Chiyudo #85, 4000 kidou

This kidou is one of the most powerful and effective barrier spells developed in the history of Sou Society. This creates a shield around a certain area that repels any physical attack or even energy attacks directed at the people inside the barrier.

The user extends extends his index finger and channels his energy at the very tip of it, giving it a yellwoish glow. He then uses his finger to create a pentagram with a circle enclosure in the air. That pentagram will not disappear until the user had completely cast the spell. To complete the spell, the user chants the incantation for the barrier and then extends his hand forwards putting his palm at the center of the pentagram. Once the spell has been cast, there will be 5 yellow orbs floating in mid air about 5 meters from the user, all at seperate directions.(Take note that the distance maximum distance of the orbs can be increased by 1meter/500kidou) These 5 will then glow brightly and then a yellowish wall will be joining them. When bypassing, the user will still need to create teh pentagram before saying the name of the kidou.

This wall will be 1 foot thick and will have a height of 12 meters. This barrier will be able to defend against most attacks that are its level and a few high level attacks. Take note that the barrier can only withstand spells that are valued under it's cost. Also, if succesive attacks on the barrier is done, the total amount of kidou used to assualt the barrier should be greater than 1.5x the cost of Goryoukaku.

Should the user want to keep the barrier even though it is already weakened, the user should pay the cost of each kidou shot at the barrier for it to be able to repel it, else it will break.

Also a special feature of this kidou is that it remains constant. Meaning that when the user erects the barrier at a certain location, it will stay there until the user wishes it to break or is borken by an external force. This can be userful when in need of a field medical center.

Upkeep Cost: 500/round
Weakened Barrier state: cost to repel = kidou used on it.

Also, since the barrier is a compressed mass of energy, it can deflect physical attacks dealt onto it. It could defend easily against attacks that are equal to the casting cost and the reiatsu of the user. But once it is attack by someone who has a higher attacking capabilities and reiatsu, the barrier would shatter from the pressure of the attack if attacked.

Incantation: "Five Kings of heaven come down and bear thy swords and repel thy offenders. Bear thy swords and protect those within the walls of thy kingdom. Chiyudou #85, Goryoukaku!"


Gouka - Hadou #62, 1470 kidou

Effect: Fire-based damage on opponent.

Range: Long range, Area efffect.

The user sets his palm on the ground and creates a circle of fire
around his opponent. This circle of fire is 12 metres in diameter
the area in between will then turn black instantly and shoot up
flames as high as 20-25 meters.

"Flames from the pits of hell arise and heed my call. Scorge the
land, and clear it of all impurity. Burn! Hadou #62, Gouka!"


Grand Cross - Hadou #89, 5800 Kidou

Description: The user thrusts their palms forward then separate them. A large cross-shaped fissure is formed before them in the same motion that the user perform, a powerful light exploding from the gap and enveloping everything caught in its light.

Incantation: The great road intersects, life and death becoming one. Created only to be destroyed the doomed world cries the mournful song as it cases away its binding chain. Hadou #89, Grand Cross


Granite Guard - Chiyudo #68, 1300 Kidou

Drawing rock, stone and minerals out of the earth the user is standing on, the matter is quickly surmounted onto the caster's body, hardening into a stone armour. The stone is ten inches thick and provides a solid barrier against physical blows, sword strikes etc. It is very useful if up against the water element, as the heavy nature of this armour grounds the user and keeps him or her in place. Meaning no getting washed away. Has many other useful aspects, as stone is naturally resistant against other elements such as ... lightning, maybe? Useful indeed.
After being cast, this armour can be held in place for a max of 10 seconds, or until the armour is destroyed or dismissed. Protects against physical strikes up to twice the user's strength. Use common sense and logic when attacked by other forces.

Incantation: "Earthen spirits, the underground treasures - surmount and protect! Clay and rock, shield my flesh. Gaia is my shield, this earth my guardian. Chiyudo #68, Ishijin!"


Graviton - Hadou #85, 5000 Kidou

Description: The user gathers a dark orb of energy into their fist, the very earth around them starting to rise and break apart as the ball is launched. The ball then shoots out at high speed, imploding when given the mental command by the user. When it explodes, the attack sucks in all matter in the area of the attack. If a person is caught in the attack, they feel excoriating pain as their battle is crushed under the pressure and they are slammed with the mainly objects of their surroundings.

Incantation: The cosmic balance shifts. Surrendered is thine will and thine flesh as it is rind asunder. Clashing force and crashing petulance will to me power absolute. Hadou #85, Graviton


Gravity Ring - Bakudou #74, 2400 Kidou

Description: A high level kidou that sacrifices overall power for long lasting use, Gravity Ring works by putting one's opponent under a great deal of overbearing force centered around the body's center of gravity.

When activated, the spell shoots out like a bright flash of light. The spell has an overall range of 25ft and a wide of about 5. If the target is hit by the heavy light, their body will flash over once and then a large ring of solid kidou energy will shoot forth from their bodies. The kidou ring is inscribed heavy with magic symbols and other seals, and is used to lock down the target's body to the ground.

The user will not be paralyzed, but in the full six turns the spell is active the target's general movement speed, shyunpo, and jumping ability will be cut in half. This spell is effective against people up to 2.5x the user's own reiatsu.

Incantation: Lonely rock, fly down from the great Orion. Surf the stars and find the true in your nothing, accepting futility. Bakudou #74, Gravity Ring


Great Barrier - Chiyudo #55, 680 Kidou

Description: When this spell is cast, a perfect sphere surrounds the user. The sphere takes the users spiritual energy and turns it into a solid translucent shell of energy. The shell by itself can take a great deal of damage. It can take up to four powered hits from some of equal or slightly greater strength than the user. And it can take at least two powered shots from someone of greater strength. The bubble itself is stationary and last for about 2 minutes or until the user steps out of it. However, the user of the spell can keep pouring energy into the bubble to sustain it, but they must concentrate only on the bubble while doing it and it can become draining after a while. While inside the shell, the user cannot attack.

Incantation: Shell of the great guardian, blessing of the gods above. Give me the strength to block the tyrant's blows, to resist all that wishes to harm me. Chiyudo #55, Great Barrier


Great Wall - Chiyudo #38, 420 Kidou

Description: The user of this spell presses their hands against the ground. A solid barrier of rock then shoots forth from the ground. The barrier is about 2 meters thick and can defend directly against most manner of attack. How long it lasts however, depends on how power that attack is and the earth from which the spell is created.

Incantation: The southern wind blows north, uprooting the land. Gravel splits and breaks, structuring into unbreakable steel. Chiyudo #38, Great Wall


Guardian's Palm - Hadou #84, 4150 Kidou

Description: Dirt, metal, and gravel are mashed toward. They converge and form into a giant 25ft fist. The fist reels back, then slammed forward down on the target. The weight and power of the gravel all barreling down on the victim at once.

Incantation: Great golems of the mother earth lend me your aid. Your blade becomes my blade, and your shield becomes my shield. With this mighty blow may I will my enemies to dust. Hadou #66, Guardian's Palm


Guillotine - Bakudou #76, 2800 Kidou

Description: Powerful binding chains of kidou energy lock down on the opponent, forcing them to the ground. The chains lock them into place, then a thin sheet of kidou energy materializes over the captive. The flat sheet then smash into the person's neck, usually causing the person great damage. Because of its dangerous nature, this spell is barred from use in friendly shinigami battles.

Incantation: The Executioner raises his palm. The final hours of the guilty at hand. Mockings of the justified reign as the demon king awaits his new tenant. Bakudou #75, Guillotine


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Dahlitium (⏆50 per)
Bigatium (⏆100 per)
Auritium (⏆300 per)
Vitatium (⏆1200 per)
Caelitium (⏆6000 per)

Haien (Waste Flame) - Hadou #54, 1100 Kidou

Description: A powerful spell, Haien allows the user to incinerate a part of their opponent's body. To tap into this power, the user chants the spell beforehand. Then, by throwing the flame from their hand(or by grabbing their opponent) they can burn a part of the target's body inside out. However, the damage done counts differences in reiatsu and at what range the attack is done.

Incantation: Unknown


Hadouken - Hadou #85, 4300 Kidou

A legendary and forbidden Kidou, rumored to possess the destructive power to vaporize a city block in an instant. Upon charging up this powerful Kidou, the user uses both of their hands to form a large controlled sphere of Kidou energy at their side. After and only after the sphere is formed they start the incantation. Once it is complete, the user surges an excess amount of Kidou energy through their arms which violently opposes the sphere in their hands causing it to become unstable. Then by swinging their arms out in the targeted direction, the sphere launches forward in a wave of energy twice the size of the user. The user can break the wave of energy at any time by grasping their hands together, which will cause it to explode as if it had hit a target.

Incantation: "Great King, ruler of the worlds, a guardian asks for your assistance. Lend me the strength to destroy the evils that plague society. Let my power rival the strength of the Titans themselves. Let this soul touch the legendary powers of old. Hadou #85, Hadouken!"


Hakkuten - Bougyoudo #2, 20 Kidou

Description: The user cares a white ball of energy into their palm, slamming it whatever they may. When the ball is released a bright flash shoots out of the area, temporary blinding anyone caught in the blast for 5-10 seconds.

Incantion: Shape the very essence of lightning into my hand and burst! Bougyoudo #2, Hakkuten


Hakke Kuushou - Hadou #14, 90 Kidou

Description: Hits the opponent akin to the effects of the Force in Star Wars. Depending on the Kidou stat the opponent may be flung back completely or just momentarily stunned.

Incantation: Chikatsu the eminent star of earth! Lend me thy powers of push and pull! Gather thy force at the forefront of evil and expel threats to my existance! Repel thee!
Hadou #14, Hakke Kuushou!


"Hakuen" (means, "White Smoke") - Chiyudo #3, 15 kidou

Description: A low-level 'all-purpose' healing spell, Hakuen uses a white cloud of healing reiatsu to hover just above a target's wounds to significantly heal a surface injury of no more than a foot in radius. The more the target moves, however, the less effective Hakuen is.

Range: Within 2 ft of the target. To cast this, the user guides reiatsu toward the wound by using both hands to conjure 'white smoke' in the direction of the wound.

Incantation: "From the morning mist to the evening darkness, let white smoke purify and calm the pain in this body... Chiyudo #3, Hakuen."


Haneru- Bougyoudo #25, 170 Kidou

Description: The user of this kidou gathers energy into their feet. The energy powers the legs double ones jumping power. The kidou also controls the spiritons around the person's feet during falls, allowing them to slow their descent even in the spiritual world.

Incantation: Nimble sprite, jackrabbit's spirit. Strength my legs and help me reach the sky. Bougyoudo #25, Haneru


Hanshakyou - Chiyudo #26, 175 Kidou

Effect: Creates a temporary barrier in front of the user, deflecting from 1 to 3 attacks depending on their opponent's spiritual energy(the max it can deflect is up to 1.25 their own reiatsu). The barrier itself only lasts for about 10 seconds per incantation. And my sometimes fail if used back to back repeatedly.

Effect range: Shield projects itself about 2 ft. in front of user

Phrase: The forgiving maiden weeps for the lost. Redeeming sin. Chiyudo #26, Hanshakyou.


Harbinger - Hadou #74, 2800 Kidou (1400 each)

Description: One of the rare duo kidou, Harbinger works by having two people combine their reiatsu and releasing it out into a massive force. To use this attack, the two users stand side by side (however, it can still be used as long as they're within 10ft of each other) and force their palms forward. The two separate reiatsu combine a form one large wave (the hue of the wave is the color that would come from both the combined energies).

The large, focused wave (about 5 ft in diameter) shoots out like a tornado. As it twists outward in sucks in anything unfortunate to be close to attack is caught in the brutal torrent. The attack then breaks around and shoots out at every target in range. A solid wave of reiatsu barreling into each of them. There are about up to 20 separate blasts all together, and the blasts are a divided between the targets (so one person would take the full onslaught of each blast).

Incantation: (1st person) The high current falls pulling down the sky. (2nd) The low current rises as the land breaks. (Together) The dead light carries the future chart, and man's destiny. Hadou #75, Harbinger


Harinezumi - Bougyoudo #27, 200 Kidou/Yammarashi, 500 Kidou

Description: A kidou that is used when on is trapped by their opponent in a physical attack. The user's spiritual pressure converges, and then explodes out of the user in multiple directions, stabbing anyone within breathing range of the user with sharp energy spines. The spikes start out only a few inches long, but can be very annoying and painful. The spikes will also break off and dig into the victim.

The spikes for Harine start out at 1 inch, but gains an inch for every 100 kidou you gain afterwards. However, the maximum length of the spikes can only been increased to 2ft maximum.

Extension: By clasping their hands together and chanting the word "Yammarashi" the user of this spell can caused the spikes caught in their victim to explode. This spell can even be cast when the spikes are still in the user, but that would be more for a kamikaze attack.

Incantation: Bless my flesh with nature's armor. Pierce my captor and irritate the flesh. Bougyoudo #27, Harinezumi


Hasaki - Bougyoudo #6, 45 Kidou

Description: The user gather energy in their left and/or right hand. The energy is weak, but constant. While this is in tack, this allows the user to form blades of knives from that energy. The knives do minimum damage but can be used to greatly annoy the opponent. The spells lasts for about 1-2 minutes depending on the user's strength, and the person can throw from one to three knives. The greater the number, the lower the accuracy however.

Incantation: Sharpen my soul, and give my fury form. Cut through all deception and pin down all lies. Bougyoudo #6, Hasaki


Healing Sight - Chiyudo #10, 35 Kidou

Range: None (Of Spell)/ 5ft/150 max kidou (Sight)

Effect: Allows the user to have enlightened vision to literally see the vitality of another person. This includes broken bones, fractures, organ damage, viral invasion, bacteria, etc. This spell is mainly used in operations or medical purposes.

Incantation: Pure sight to aid the curing hand. Chiyudo #10, Healing Sight.


Heki - Hadou #32, 350 Kidou

Description: The user forms a sharp burst of spiritual pressure into their palm. As the power is released, the energy burst out into a powerful spear. The energy is so compact and so precise that it allows the user to pierce the armor of people up to two times their own spiritual energy.

Incantation: My hand holds the power to destroy a god. Piercing through the very core of creation. Break! Hadou #32, Heki


Higashiyori (means, "Spring Wind") - Chiyudo #1, 5 Kidou

Description: A flexible spell, able to heal extremely light wounds in the midst of battle, with limitations of three centimeters deep and six centimeters square in length. Flexibility comes in balancing the use of speed and of degree of healing. For example, this can be used to heal a light wound while moving (thus, high speed, low healing), or to heal a deeper wound while remaining still (thus, low speed, high healing.)

* Incantation: "From between the clouds above, to the branches below... from the buds of spring, to the trickles of early streams... remove pain with gentle speed... Chiyudo #1, Higashiyori."


Hinome (means, "Sunlight") - Bakudou #40, 500 kidou

* Description: Hinome allows the user to manipulate the heat energy of the sun to form thick strips of their own reiatsu to physically bind an opponent. The strips must be concentrated around a certain area of the body (e.g., the arms, the legs) and once set in place, will cause 10% burns on the area binded. The binding itself is instantaneous, but the duration and strength of the spell is dependent on the difference in sp between the caster and opponent. At equal strength, the spell can last for 15-20 seconds.

While the spell can be cast anywhere, if used an area of high sunlight, the burn will increase to 15-20% (depending on sp difference).

To cast this, the user holds one palm up toward the source of sunlight while aiming the other toward their opponent. The bindings will come forth from the latter.

* Incantation: "Called down from the heavens above, drawing strength from the spirit of a god, bind and burn my foe to protect me, a child of the sun... Bakudou #40, Hinome."


Hold - Bakudou #52, 630 Kidou

Description: A binding spell. When the user of this kidou is attacked at close range, the user sends out a short wave or energy. The energy shoots out for a maximum range of five feet.

When the spell is shot out, the binds contract around the part of the user's body where they've concentrated the most power (usually the same part they're attacking with). The binds then freeze that weapon and/or appendage (incase of hand to hand attack) in place for a maximum of 10 seconds.

The bakudou will completely freeze the limb/blade of a person of similar of lower spiritual pressure. It will greatly slow down the limb/blade of a person of 2x the strength, only allowing them to move that limb/blade at about an inch a second. And it will half the speed of anyone at 3x-5x the spiritual energy. Anyone higher than 5x is completely unaffected.

However, while the person has the spell in play, they cannot use the palm they cast the spell with. The rest of the body is fine, however.

Incantation: Freeze the warrior's blood. Halt his evil intentions. Bakudou #52, Hold


Honegaoreru (Breaking of the Bones) - Bakudou 86, 4500 Kidou

Description: The nature of this Bakudou was such that at one time, it was banned from use by the Gotei 13, until it was shown to be useful in combat against speedy and multi-limbed opponents. The user of the demon spell pulls their index finger back until the bone cracks, then speaks the incantation. Immediately, the finger returns to its previous state, but now a pale blue aura envelopes it. The user may either force this energy into a target directly, or siphon it to another item, such as their sword or a rock, and then hit the intended victim with the said item. The effect is instantaneous: the energy seeps into the joint and tendons that allow the body's frame to move and bind the bones, effectively cutting off all movement.

The spiritual pressure instilled into the technique is of a destructive disposition: it eats away at the bones that it has bound, deteriorating the marrow until it crumbles to a useless pile of internal rubble. The longer it takes for the victim to break free of the Bakudou, the further along the degenerative property melts away at their skeleton. After a single minute, the Honegaoreru will have begun to crumble the victim's frame. After a second minute, all bones will be broken and useless. After a third minute, the target is no more than a pulp of accumulated flesh, without any matter to support it.

Incantation: "Delve deep into the ivory that holds up that flesh, rot the marrow to a broth of mush and mud, and take shape away from this incessantly inferior infidel. Bakudou 86, Honegaoreru."


Hoteruchion/Hot soil - Hadou #11, 70 Kidou

Description: This turns the ground underneath the opponent fiery hot burning the soles of their feet. The kidou stat determines how large the area and strength of the fire.

Incantation: Thermo! Wither the grass, vaporize the moister, incinerate the very foundation of life! Call up your lake of fire and engulf my foe!
Hadou #11, Hoteruchion!


"Hyoukai Seppen" (means, "Melting Snowflake") - Chiyudo #40, 450 Kidou

* Description: Hyoukai Seppen's focus is on internal wounds and/or damage. The snowflake, a physical manifestation of the caster's SP, enters an open wound and as it melts within the recipient's body, attaches itself to areas of physical internal damage, for example, a laceration to an organ or the disconnect of a vein. Because the process of a foreign SP entering another individual is fairly painful, the snowflake itself serves to numb the point of contact to minimize pain. Healing internal damage, instead of external, serves to increase the overall stamina and well-being of the target once healed.

Beginning with a base chiyudo efficacy of 60%, further increases in healing correlates to caster's SP, where every 200 pts of kidou (above the base cost) allows for up to 10% increased efficacy.

To conduct this, the caster must place one palm over the other facing--but not touching--an open wound. (If no open wound is apparent, a small incision in the flesh must be made.) The snowflake should form just under the bottom palm and will descend directly into the wound. It will become effective almost immediately.

* Incantation: "From the night sky, among the clouds of ice, release a single snowflake of timeless beauty...Chiyudo #40, Hyoukai Seppen."


Jiraigen - Hadou #51, 950 Kidou

Description: The user sends their spiritual energy out in waves. The waves spread around the opponent and each of the waves becomes a small sphere. The spheres are about 1 foot in diameter and they surroud the target in a 10ft radius. The balls don't do anything at first, however, if the target trips one of the orbs or if the user sets them off, they will all explode in an explosive flash.

Incantation: The shining lights burst, spreading across the cursed battlefield. Their deceitful light only aiding in the destruction as they mark their next victim. Hadou #51, Jiraigen


Ice Maiden - Bakudou #17, 600 Kidou(Extension)

Effect: Ice Maiden can only be extended from Ice Prison. When 50 percent or more of the opponent's body is covered in ice. The user clasps his fist, causing the kidou energy within the ice to retract, driving the solid material into the trapped victim. When used by stronger shinigami, this technique can even break bone.

Range: Extends from Ice Prison, so it can only be used when opponent is caught in that kidou.

Phrase: Destruction of form, destruction of will. Recede and destroy, oh frozen wrath. Bakudou #15, Ice Maiden!


Ice Pike - Hadou #55, 1150 Kidou

Description: The user reels back on arm then shoots it forward. The gather energy lashes out, splitting the earth apart as it charges towards the target. Large chunks of ice (about five feet on average with a total distance of about 10m and a width of 4 feet) shoot out, freezing and shredding anything that gets in their way. If something is directly caught in the path of the attack it can even before trapped in the ice itself.

Incantation: The ice age reawakening, all ice once fading into the frigid embrace. The witch's kiss freezing the soul. Hadou #61, Ice Pike.


Ice Prison - Bakudou #17, 135 Kidou

Effect: This is a tricky kidou, because unlike others this one utilizes the foot instead of the hands. When the spell is cast, the user stomps the ground, the kidou then shoots through the ground. It travels under the opponent then shoots up like a mini geyser, trapping their legs in ice. It slowly moves upward until their entire body is covered. It takes about 15 seconds(2 turns) for up to the waist be covered, and 40 seconds(4-5 turns) for the entire body to be frozen.

The ice is about 4 inches thick and infused with kidou energy, making it very strong. People of considerably greater spiritual pressure can break out of it easily, however people of similar strength may find it difficult of people and a little time-consuming and people of considerably weaker strength, impossible. Ice prison's strength is increased in places with lots of water and is decreased in places with little water, taking half the time in former places and almost double in the latter. It also works faster if the opponent is already covered in ice. Can be extended into Ice Maiden.

Range: The stream can travel underground for about 30 feet. However, since the opponent cannot see it, the attack is hard to evade. Higher level shinigami can detect the attack though.

Phrase: The body runs cold, the sins clear in the liquids cold reflection. Judgment divine. Bakudou #17, Ice Prison!


Ice Water - Hadou #16, 115 Kidou

Description: The user of the spell gathers water into their palm into it shapes into a perfect sphere. The sphere is then shot out by the user, violently hitting the target and freezing over on impact.

Incantation: Frosty breath of the water serpent brush over my foe. Crack the flesh and chill the bone. Hadou #16, Ice Water


Igneus - Chiyudo #15, 58 Kidou

Covers the user's legs from the knees and down in a bright but colourless glow that lasts for approximately a minute. While in effect, this spell will preserve the energy of the user's leg muscles and prevent fatigue. When Igneus is applied it is greatly challenging to make the user loose balance, as the spell will actively perfect the centre of gravity even without the user's command, thus making it hard to fall over unless struck with great force. This will however not anchor the user to the ground in anyway, and he/she will still be affected by impacts, only not to such a heavy degree that they hit the ground. Is useful for fighting on rough and unstable terrain.

Incantation: "A stable blessing from Gravity, perfect balance and footwork. Spare me my weariness and make light of my feet, Chiyudo #15, Igneus."


Infiltrator's Vision - Bougyoudou #32, 325 Kidou

The user of this kidou casts this kidou and names X number of people to receive the benefits of this spell. From the point after he names them and touches a specially made arcane symbol corresponding to the symbol on the receiver's forehead, the receiver can see what the caster sees as if they were witnessing it themselves. They can only see, they can not communicate in any way, nor do they gain any other benefits or side effects of the connection. The receivers can shut off the spell at any time, though they cannot start it back again after stopping it.

Chant: Unseen friend, sight that transcends distance! Lend my eyes to those who hold no malice! Bougyoudo #32, Infiltrator's Vision!


Inflamari - Hadou #13, 85 Kidou

Attack: Creates a wave of fire that speeds towards the enemy. Weakness lies with the fact that it's connected to the ground. But the height and speed can be altered by energy put into it.

Incantation: From the thousand grains of sand, to the very tops of the mountains. Let us hear you roar Earth M0th3r. Hadou #13, Inflamari

Infurnus - Hadou #21, 135 Kidou

Attack: Placing the palm to the ground sends an enormous amount of fire at the person from the ground, creating a pillar of flame. Speed that it travels depends on the strength of the user, and skill with Kidou.

Incantation: From the spirit of the earth, and by the wrath of heaven, be purified. Hadou #21, Infurnus


Interlace - Chiyudo #21, 80 Kidou

Description: Allows user to interlace energy into an item for the purpose of healing. This energy is constantly fed to whatever it is touching. The Energy can recover almost anything, in a mattler of weeks, if in constant use. A wound such as a slash can be recovered in a matter of about 2 minutes. The user will tire quickly, if this technique is in use. The user would likely pass out if this were kept up for more than an hour. Overall SP is also lowered by 1/4 when using this.

Incantation: Give from the heart! Take my strenth and heal! Put my heart in the charm! Interlace! Chiyudo #21


Invincible Soul - Chiyudo #79, 2900 Kidou

Description: A powerful barrier of kidou energy wraps around the user's body, increasing their defenses almost tenfold(figuratively) and washing a healing aura over their body. While wrapped in this shield, attacks from someone with similar or weaker spiritual energy will bounce off the user. Attacks from someone with two times the user's sp will be stopped in their tracks, and attacks from someone with three times the energy will have to take a few shots at the barrier to crack it.

While, in the barrier a regenerative aura wraps is instilled. The aura will heal most minor wounds in a matter of seconds, and deep gashes will be healed in about a minute. That minute is also the time limit of the spell, and the barrier will dissipate after that.

Because of it's exhausting effect, the spell can only be used once in a thirty minute period without having a negative effect on the user. If used again before that, the user will be completely drained after the spell disappears again.

Incanation: The raging spirit of the warrior and the guardian spirit of the protector guide me. Their great souls grant me strength and lead me to immortality. Chiyudo #79, Invincible Soul


Itojinjoumae - Bakudo #68, 1135 Kidou

Description: Any attack made from spiritual pressure is prone to being countered with Itojinjoumae. The user simply points the index and middle fingers at the target, and fires the Itojinjoumae, a silk-like line of energy that binds around the projectile like a boa constrictor and annihilates the energy in a flash of light.



Kageryuu Ikari - Hadou #45, 675 Kidou

Description: The user concentrates their energy into their palm then slam their palm to the ground. The energy then spreads and takes control of the shadows/darkness of the area which gathers under a single target of the user's choice.The shadows/darkness then form into spikes which attack the target.

Incantation: The Night beckons for help. The hoard has been taken. Revenge of the Shadowy King! Hadou #45, Kageryuu Ikari.


Kageryuu Kizouhin - Bougyoudo #68, 1400 Kidou

Description: The user touches their palms together as if praying. As the user does this their energy forms above them in the shape of a dragon. Their energy then scatters and is used to manipulate any shadows or darkness in the area of the user's range to conceal them from the sight of their opponent for about one minute.

At 3000 kidou the user becomes proficient in using Kageryuu Kizouhin and can make it include more then just the user in being concealed.

Incantation: Guardian of the Night's Sky, conceal the movements of your servant with your great power. Eclipse of the Sun and Moon! Bougyoundo #68, Kageryuu Kizouhin.


Kageshyunpo - Bougyoudo #55, 775 Kidou

Description: A shadow is left in the wake of a shyunpo, holding form for up to half a minute before dissipating, confusing the opponent. The Kageshyunpo is prefaced by a dark, purple outline forming around the body and clouding the user's features. This is the only hint the Kidou gives, however.



Kagewana - Bakudou #36, 550 Kidou

The user of this kidou holds an open hand out pointed at the target and speaks the incantation. Upon closing their hand, making a fist, the user's shadow shoots out at the target, trying to make contact with their target's shadow nearly at the speed of light. If the user's shadow manages to make contact, the target is held froze, unable to move any muscle except for their eyes and mouth. In order to maintain this binding, the user of this kidou must remain still himself/herself to maintain full concentration on their target. This bakudou really shines when in a team situation. The length of the binding lasts up to 45 seconds depending on the reiatsu difference between the user and target. This kidou obviously requires there be lighting conditions to produce solid shadows. In the event the lighting condition changes to where solid shadows cannot be produced, this bind immediately brakes.

Incantation: "Dark lord, ruler of shadows. Darkness is thy power, shadows are thy medium of destruction. Bind with the demon's touch!"


Kageshihai "Shadow Control" Additional 650 Kidou

If the person using Kagewana doesn't have anyone else around to make effective use of the base Kidou, the user may use this extension to take full additional control of his/her target. When under the effects of this Kidou extension, any movement the user takes, the target will be forced to mirror the exact same movement. That said, it is obviously possible for the user to move around now. The use of this extension will add a maximum of an extra 10 seconds to the binding duration.

Incantation: "Kageshihai!"


Kageyakedo - Hadou #64, 1600 Kidou

Upon basting this Kidou, all the shadows in the area immediately condense under the target area, creating a shadow pentagram on the ground. From the shadow pentagram, waves of dark energy flow up from the ground, lashing at anything under the area of influence. Taking a direct hit from this attack causes serious burns from the energies that flow within the attack. If the target is struck by the waves of dark energy, whatever part of their flesh which was struck is left jet black, the burn marks left from the acidic properties of the kidou. The more shadows within the area, the more powerful the attack becomes.

Incantation: "Corrupter of souls, demon of the night. Let my shadow become my weapon! Hadou #64, Kageyakedo


Kaishun - Chiyudo #37, 400 kidou[/B] (open only to 3rd Div.)

* Description: Kaishun works under the same principle that the "Elixir of Regeneration" item does, but can be more effective, can be used twice, but cannot be cast on oneself. Kaishun does two things.

(1) It will restore a target's used up spirit pressure and kidou stats. 400 kidou is the base cost required to cast Kaishun and with that base, a user can restore up to 50% of a target's stats. For every 400 kidou stat after the base, the user can restore up to 5% more. (e.g., someone with 1200 kidou stat can heal 60%.)

(2) It concludes the spell by casting a milder version of Meidan (Chiyudo #17) so that the target is able to mentally readjust to the change in stats and make clearer judgments based on the rejuvenation.

The downside to this spell is the time required to complete it. Depending on the difference in power, this spell can take up to a minute and a half to complete. The power difference is divided by these guideline ratios:

User (1) : Target (2) = 1.5 minutes *
User (1) : Target (1) = 1 minute
User (2) : Target (1) = 30 seconds

* So say for example the user has 100 SP while the target has 200 SP. Kaishun would take a minute and a half to complete. But if the user has 200 SP while the target has 100, it'd only take 30 seconds.

To cast the spell, the user must be within a 2 ft radius of the target and remain there until the energy is restored.

* Incantation: "From a heart that wishes to restore... from a mind that wishes to heal... rejuvenate this lost soul... Chiyudo #37, Kaishun."


Kaiton Saihou - Hadou #88, 5,700 Reiatsu

The fastest Hadou spell ever created, and also one of the newest. Kaiton Saihou ("Ashen Primeval Chaos, Disaster Cannon") is unique in that its summoned program shape is modeled like a fist-sized sphere: once the caster recites the incantation or calls forth Kaiton Saihou's designation, the Kidouryoku consumed to fuel this Hadou will collect and compress into that single receptacle, usually placed directly in front of the caster or where he or she aims with an exposed palm. This collection process is a harrowingly intense one, such that the gathering Kidouryoku, which is normally invisible, condenses with such activity that it becomes visible in the form of a blindingly white haze congregating into a single point in space, after which it will appear as though it were a miniature, floating quasar. The immense condensation of energy serves not only to escalate the impact power of the spell itself, but also to instantaneously accelerate the resulting blast to unheard-of speeds.

The "charging" period requires two to three seconds, regardless of the user's skill level, during which (accompanied by the collecting haze) a shrieking cacophony like that of a revving jet engine will occur... so much that even the caster's recitation or designation of the Hadou will be completely muffled out. After the energy is completely gathered, it will remain in its "silent" state for a maximum of five seconds. The caster may aim and release the Hadou spell at any time during those five seconds, but failure to do so will result in a cataclysmic fragmentation of the spell that may critically wound whoever is caught in the tumultuous explosion.

Once the caster decides to fire the Hadou, a visible sonic boom will erupt in its wake: the force of the shell release is enough to break the sound barrier. The resultant projectile fires off in a straight path, appearing as a blinding, white orb the size of a cannonball, and due to its intense composition, which causes the air flowing around it to ignite in ivory flames, the projectile itself looks like a blurring streak, and may trick observers into thinking the spell itself has the form of a laser. However, the peculiar nature of the blast lies not only in its lightning-strike appearance, but in its velocity. By far, Kaiton Saihou is the fastest Hadou, capable of reaching supersonic speeds (as determined by the user's current Kidou) and causing damage easily equivalent to Hadou spells numbered in the 90's. The blurring projectile itself travels for miles upon miles without diverging even a degree from its straight path, much like a laser beam. Upon impact with the target or an obstruction, Kaiton Saihou will erupt into a fierce, incinerating flare the size of a large house that generates a deafening boom and causes most types of matter caught within its blast to degenerate into ash. The percussive force of the explosion is so great, given the velocity of the spell itself, that it is not uncommon for targets to be utterly blown away by scores of meters.

Unlike other Kidou spells, however, Kaiton Saihou's cost cannot be bypassed. Cost reductions cannot be applied to this spell, as it specifically needs its listed amount of Reiatsu for optimum results. However, given the caster's base Kidou stat, it is possible to increase the output power of the spell itself (for instance, with at least 28,500 Kidou, being able to normally reduce the cost of this spell by 50% will not result in the cost reduction, but rather a power increase of +50% instead). It should be noted, however, that any other skill that modifies the cost of Kidou cannot be applied to this particular spell, even if it increases its power in the same vein. Therefore, such skills as Toukihaku or Senmonka will prove ineffective in augmenting Kaiton Saihou.

Because of its relative youth compared to many other Kidou spells, Kaiton Saihou can only be learned and utilized by members of the Gotei 13 and its branching organizations (Kidoushuu, Onmitsu Kidou, etc.).

Japanese Incantation: "Senhyakujuuichi no Fuseiran, Hyakujuuichi no Kokusesshin, Juuichi no Raunka, Itsu no Shakkou, Rei no Mumyou. Kuuzen o ware. Hadou no Hachijuuhachi, Kaiton Saihou."

Translated Incantation: "1111 Unborn Chaos, 111 Black Snow Forests, 11 Naked Clouds and Flames, 1 Red Chimera, 0 Darkness of the Ignorant. Cut the entire sky in half. Hadou #88, Kaiton Saihou."


Kajikamu - Chiyudo #4, 20 Kidou

* Description: Similar to Chiyudo #22 (Flow Stop), this spell is meant to slow the release of blood and fluids by "cooling" an external wound, but also intended to numb the pain of that wound. There is a surface restriction of 4-5 inches, as well as a duration restriction of 10 minutes, depending on the size and depth of the wound.

Note that this is *not* meant to be a "healing" spell, but instead a delaying ability until more effective treatment can be attained.

* Incantation: "With gentle snow and frosty ice, freeze the pain and blood of this wound with the strength of the cold... Chiyudo #4, Kajikamu."


Kakushitsuijaku - Bakudou #58, 730 Kidou

Can trace the location of a person from a long distance. (What Isane used to find Aizen and Gin after they vanished.)

Incantation: Heart of the South, Eye of the North, Fingers of the West, Feet of the East, arrive with the wind and depart with the rain! Bakudou 58, Kakushitsuijaku!"


Kamaitachi (Sickle Wind) - Hadou #9, 50 Kidou

Description: Directs an air current to slash with the force of a normal sword's swing. The cuts will be very light, but dozens of them may be released with a single casting

Distance: 0-15 feet (most effective at close-range)

Incantation: Slice open the gaps to Heaven's gateway! Draw the hidden blade. Hadou #9, Kamaitachi!


Kamon Defense Array - Chiyudo #59, 850 Kidou

Description: The Kamon Defense Array forms a shield in front of the caster at least three feet in diameter and in the form of the user's division kamon. For every 500 points of kidou used in the kidou, the shield gains another foot on the diameter and the strength of the shield doubles. Any attack from someone of up two 3x the user's SP. KDA is also quite versatile in that two or more shinigami can use it at once. However, the attack will only be able to block up to 3x the strongest user's SP or 3x 75% of the combined SPs(whichever is higher). One shinigami can supply the casting cost while another can supply additional power if they wish, but they will face the same penalty as with any team cast kidou.

The shinigami touches his thumb and forefinger of both hands together and recites the chant or says the name of the kidou. Then, they slide their right hand along their left arm and grip their bicep. As this is done, neon light will trace the division's kamon in the air 6 inches away from the shinigami's outstretched palm.

Chant: O Lord, send forth your page with his shield. O Pawn, go forth and sacrifice yourself for your king. Chiyudo 59, Kamon Defense Array!


Kankatsugan - Bougyoudo #54, 750 Kidou

Kankatsugan is a powerful surveillance Kidou used by high-level shinigami. It greatly increases a shinigami's field of vision. They also become able to detect and separate every energy signature in their range perfectly. The kidou has a limit though, and will strain the user's eyes if used for too long.

Incantation: Hawk's eye, Eagle's will, Seer's gift. Grant me the power to see what is unseen. Command over omnipotence. Bougyoudo #54, Kankatsugan


Kansei - Bougyoudo #14, 85 Kidou(Plus cost of Bakudou used)

Description: Kansei(also known as Trap) is a kidou that allows the user to place a time release bakudou anywhere they wish(as long as the surface is solid. The user chants this kidou then presses their hands against the ground with the bakudou of their choice in mind. The earth lets out a small glow as the energy is infused in it but the light then fades. Afterwards, when the specified time is up...or when the target steps on the designated area, the bakudou is sprung. The limitations to Kansei however are that you can't use a bakudou on a surface that you usually wouldn't be able to use that bakudou(I.E. you can't use something like anchor, that you have to fire manually, on the ground). Another limitations is that the trap zone cannot exceed 3 meters, however it can be below three meters. One most also say the name of the Bakudou they are using after they release Kansei(except for people with Absolute Bypass).

Incantation: Let those who blindly walk forward be punished for their arrogance with damnation. Erase all traces of their transgressions from the land, and by dawn's new light let silence reign again. Bougyoudo #14, Kansei


Karada no Chikara(Heart's Strength) - Chiyudo #93 - 6000 Kidou (+1000 points per extra minute for a max of two)

Often considered one of the hardest Chiyudou to master, this has only been recorded in Shinigami history a sparce amount of times. This Chiyudou is usually used as the mark of a master, and often times only two Captains have ever attempted such a spell.

The caster compresses an abhorrent amount of Kidou into a small gem, which solidifies. This gem is ruby colored, and feeds off of both the energy given to it and surrounding spiritrons. This gem lasts for three minutes, slowly disinegrating as its energy stores lessen.

The gem emits a powerful aura of chiyudou energy, flooding a ten-foot radius in general healing energy not unlike Aotenohira. Also, this energy purifies any of the air it touches. In addition, those who are not considered allies will be slightly hampered, thinking that the air is thick and humid.

The gem can be broken by one of far higher spiritual pressure than the caster, in which case half of the energy left is released in a wave of chiyudou energy to those the spell was made to heal. (The energy is calculated as; 4000 is consumed the first minute, then 1500, then 1500 for the first three minutes. After that, it takes the 500 kidou given to it per turn to go beyond the normal three-minite limit).

Chant: "Malicious spirits, I will not bend. Coating the world in evil is a sin, and now I expel you from this realm of mine. I use my hands, I use my soul! Chiyudo #93, Karada no Chikara!"


Karamaridaigyakusatsu - Hadou #93, 7000 Kidou

Description: One of the feared "Eishouhaki", the ultimate Destructive Arts past 90 on the count used to determine power of a Hadou. The user extends his index and middle finger together, and a crimson sphere lined with black clouds appears on the tip of these fingers. The user then sweeps his fingers, and the energy wraps around the target, entangling them in a temporary, but powerful bind. In the conclusion, the user places the extended fingers on the heart of the tied target, and hits the back of this hand with the non-used hand. The cords of energy that have wrapped around the trapped target viciously tear apart everything within their binding, then swirl into a mass in the center, before violently exploding.



Kaze no Megumi - Chiyudo #20, 75 Kidou

This kidou is a basic level air purification skill. By putting a large amount of kidou energy in an area of space that is seven feet cubed, any persons in that area have a two-inch clean air barrier around them. This clean-air barrier is passive and doesn't allow for impurities to enter. This barrier's effects disappate when the caster (or the original casting point) leaves within five feet of the target.

Chant: "I shall use my soul to cleanse this air! To the north I cast my soul, and to the east I cast your regrets! Sun, Moon, Water, Air. I shall move the heavens. Chiyudo #20, Kaze no Megumi."

Kazekami no Megumi - Chiyudo #39, 440 Kidou

This kidou is a more advanced level air purification skill. The person expands their kidou energy into a cylindrical wall that shoot out from them into the heavens. A light falls down upon the caster, who then hits their hands to the ground. Steam shoots up from the ground, and any area within this cylindrical wall, which has a diameter of ten feet from the caster and is intangible except in sight, is purified. This cylinder of purified air is ten feet tall as well, and steam will rise every thirty seconds at no additional kidou cost, re-purifying the air.

Chant: "Shattered shaft, broken regrets! Bestow upon the lion your ferocious care! Power, tender, caress. Begin to end the strife! Lion's towers growl in approval! Chiyudo #39, Kazekami no Megumi."

Kazekami no Tenmegumi(Wind God's Divine Blessing) - Chiyudo #82, 3500 Kidou

This kidou is both a barrier and a very advanced air purification skill. The caster raises their hands to the sky, and a divine whirlwind circles the caster fifteen feet from the casting point. This wind is them imbued with the caster's kidou energy and forms a tangible, cylindrical barrier that can only be broken by those of at least 2x the SP of the caster. All air within the cylindrical barrier is purified and will remain so.

Chant: "Your winds coat my skin, and from there I walk forward. Everything has a purpose, but now I bend purposes to my will. The God of Lions bows to no one, but bends to me! I institute change! Chiyudo #82, Kazekami no Tenmegumi!"


Keeji - Bakudou #11, 75 Kidou

Effect: Immediately after the spell is cast, a square steel bar cage surrounds the opponent. The bars are 3 inches in diameter, and confine a person inside. An unarmed person cannot break through, and must use a zanpakutou (or equivalent weapon) to slice through. However, during the time the opponent is trapped, he/she is vulnerable to other attacks.

Chant: Halt! Confine to these bars, Bakudou #27, Keeji!


Kenkekkai - Bougyoudo #16, 95 Kidou

Effect: Dulls and Hardens the Blade of the Zanpakutou, making it more durable but without an edge.

Phrase: Shield and Sword... One sign of war... One Blade! Bougyoudo #16, Kenkekkai!


Kenpu no Yakushi - Chiyudo #94, 6300 Kidou

Description: Upper-level healing technique that requires the caster to remain stationary and within a meter of the target. If the target's maximum spiritual pressure is less than the caster's base Kidou value, the target is restored to full health with no status abnormalities.

Incantation: Heaven's rapture, earth mother's embrace. Restore which that has been scarred to perfection. Heal the body and the soul of the mighty. Clearing away all that is imperfect. Chiyudo #94, Kenpu no Yakushi


Kin - Bakudou #99, 9000 Kidou

Description: The most powerful immobilization spell known to Soul Society; wraps a target in sheets of reiraku pinned together with shafts of pure Kidou.


Bankin - Bakudou #99(extends from Kin), 10000 Kidou

Description: An extension to Kin; demolishes a target entrapped by Kin with a single massive block of Kidou.



Kingusari - Bakudou #63, 950 Kidou

Description: Golden chains of dense Kidou burst through the ground and actively pursue and bind an opponent for up to half a minute. Chains can be summoned all at once, or up to five can be stretched out over the span of a minute.

Incantation: Binding formed from the treasures of the land, shoot forth. Pursue the fleeing, hunt the fearful, track the chosen. Leaving them to the fate that has been given to them. Bakudou #63, Kingusari


Knight's Honor - Chiyudo #51, 550 kidou

Description: The user of this spell wraps the energy around their left or right arm until it forms into a bowl-type shield. This still is used to protect the user and can also be used for striking attacks.

The shield can defend against attacks that are similar or lesser than the user's own spiritual pressure without too much trouble. It can also block spiritual pressure up to almost two times the user's spiritual pressure, however with that case the user will be tired out if they keep taking too many powered attacks from someone of 1.5x their own strength

As the shield weakens, its form starts to become harder to maintain.

Incantation: Fulfillment of the solemn swear, chivalry given form. The great battle of shield and sword starting anew. Chiyudo #51, Knight's Honor.

Kundera's Vestige: Bougyoudou #66, Kidou 1400 (base cost)

Description: A memory altering kidou that causes the target to have a memory lapse for a period of time, the user can cast on his/herself or someone else. The spells lasts from anywhere from one to five hours depending on power difference, and needs the target to be in a stationary state for a minute or so to activate.

The spell will cause a small, slightly illuminated mark (kanji for "memory" : ?? ) to appear on the back of the neck of the target, often hidden by clothes or hair. To instantly deactivate the spell, one must take the end of a zanpakuto and lightly tap the mark.

Phrase: Let your memories be free in the alteration of mind, bougyoudou #66, Kundera's Vestige.

*Kidoushuu Special: Kidoushuu members who are taught and trained to use this kidou by a superior can receive a 40% cost reduction.


Kurohitsugi (Black Coffin) - Hadou #90, 6000 Kidou

Description: An extremely powerful Kidou used on a single opponent. The user erects two giant masses of kidou at the feet of their opponent. The energy slams into the opponent, crushing them.



Kyoumon - Chiyudo #86, 4400 Kidou

Description: Materializes an impenetrable shield of Kidou. No other actions may be taken or no damage can be done to the interior of the shield or the spell will dissipate.



Kyuuden - Hadou #91, 6500 Kidou

Description: The user extends open their palms and slowly moves their hands away from the body. A fierce wind begins to brew around the person, the wind's source originating from the user. A large, cloudy sphere cloaks the entire area, everything within a radius of 15 yards becoming a hazy mess. Not only that, but large blue streaks of lightning can be seen coiling around the outer edge of the attack, making it almost impossible for the target to escape once they've been captured. The lightning shooting out in random directions and striking anyone it hits at first, and will electrocute anyone who tries to break though it's wall, but that is not the true power of the attack.

That power comes from when the wind implodes on itself and a fierce vacuum is formed. The fierce vacuum pulls in everything in the sphere towards the user, whose body starts to release a wild, blue glow. The blue glow grows larger and larger as the vacuum rages on. The thunderous energy is then released. The lightning strikes at every edge of the cloud and lasts for a good ten seconds, making the kidou look like a plasma lamp and punishing the user's target(s) severely.

Incantation: The eastern sky burn brazen like the red sun, smoldering all resistance. The western sky storms cold, dark clouds diminishing all hope. The beginning and the end of all existence born in their core, a core that I control. Hadou #91, Kyuuden


Levitate - Bougyoudo #64, 1100 Kidou (650 for each additional 45 seconds)

By letting Kidou energy continuously flow evenly through their body, the user is able to allow himself/herself to levitate off of the ground, making them a much harder target to attack while allowing them to attack their targets much easier. Since this is not a normal means of movement, speed is restricted to a quarter of normal running speed and the user can only levitate about 7 feet off the ground. Once the technique has been mastered (3900 Kidou), the user is able to move at half their normal running speed and reach heights of up to 15 feet. This lasts for up to one minute, but the user can spend another 650 kidou to increase the length for another 45 seconds.

Incantation: "Gods of the Wind, heed my call. Make me light as a feather, lighter than them all. Bougyoudo #64, Levitate!"


Life Whirl - Chiyudo #28, 220 Kidou

Class: Low Level

Effect: Guards against attacks with a barrier

Effect range: Immediate vicinity (effective in one direction)

Attack: The user thrusts out a hand and, using Kidou on the fingertips, etches a thin marking resembling a spiral. Weak and lower mid-range attacks, corporeal or Kidou, from somone with a lower reiatsu stat than the user's reiatsu stat are obstructed and redirected harmlessly to the side.

Phrase: Swirl and bend, my life defend... Chiyudo #28, Life Whirl!


Liquid Prison (Based off Naruto manga) - Bakudou #30, 360 Kidou/Celsius - Bakudou #30, 1000 Kidou

Description: The user grabs a part of their opponent's body then releases their spiritual pressure in one quick burst. The user's body is completely engulfed in a blue sphere of water. The sphere has no definite time limit, but depending on one's opponent's Sp, it can last from anywhere to 5 seconds to 30 seconds.

Incantation: The Dead Sea goes still, and the waves receded. The once unruly ocean now bound to me, let it flow into you. Bakudou #30, Liquid Prison


Description: Can only be extended from Liquid Prison, once the user is captured in the water sphere...another burst of energy is sent through the sphere. The sphere is then completely frozen over, with the captured person inside.

*Please don't use to shatter other PCs unless you have their permission...though I seriously doubt anyone would give you permission to blow them up...know I wouldn't. >_>

Incantation: Arctic winds blow north as winter's furious breath blows over the lands. The chilling force silencing all that has voice. Bakudou #30, Celsius


Lockdown - Bakudou #4, 30 Kidou

Class: Low Level

Effect: Binds the use of a touched limb for a short time.

Effect range: Touch

Attack: The user swipes a hand down their weapon, gathering the power it holds, and consolidates it with a continuous pulse of Kidou. Thereafter for a period of ten seconds, any limb struck by the affected hand is numbed and bound by restricting anti-active energies, increasing its cumbersomeness and restricting ease of use. Three uses are allowed of this effect per 1,000 points of Connection. Ineffective against creatures with Reiatsu greater than 1.25x of the caster.

Phrase: What I touch, I destroy; and what I love, I give unto the jaws of demise. Bakudou #3, Lockdown.


Longinus - Bakudou #90, 5000 Kidou

Description: The user summons a multitude of tiny spears around the target. The user then brings down their fingers and the spears impale their target almost instantaneously and lock them in place. A bright circle appears, and a massive beam is shot down at the target.

The target is completely engulfed in the light, the bright flash of the spell making it almost impossible for anyone around to see. After the attack is completed (and if the target manages to survive), they are rendered completely blind for 3 minutes.

Description: Oh Holy Grail guide the Spear of Destiny to my hand. Bless my aim so that my sacred weapon might cleanse all those before me off all wickedness. Bakudou #90, Longinus


Lost Arms - Bougyoudo # 91, 6000 kidou

Description: The user points his casting arm to the sky with his palm open then says the incantation. An invisible beam shoots skyward then a yellowish color can be seen as it forms an invisible dome over the battle area. Upon the formation of the dome all weapons with in the dome are removed including the user's. This then forces all combatants within the dome to fight solely in hand-to-hand combat. The spell remains in effect for five minutes, after which time the weapons are returned to their respective users. A combatant can leave the dome and instantly regain his weapon, but can not return to the dome with it. Also any attack made from outside the dome originating from a weapon other than a hand or foot will be stopped at the dome edge.

Incantation: A fighter reveals himself through his fists, now let us show each other who we are. Bougyoudo # 91 , Lost Arms


Lunatic Seal -- Bougyoudo #100, 10000 Kidou

Description: All techniques are garnered from the memory. When a technique or kidou is used, one must first recall the technique and then place energy into it. However, the Lunatic Seal has the power to negate all that. The user forms a seal on the palm of their fist and slams it into their opponent. Once activated, the inflicted opponent is restricted from using all non-zanpakutou techniques that involve the use of reiatsu in any way (basically any attack that isn't 100% melee in form) for 15 rounds and all non-zanpakutou techniques that were already in play are stopped and negated. The only technique that can be used through this is the one known as dispel which was specially built for the negation of such spells.

Description: The ethereal eye of the divine, cast away into the abysmal pit of shadows. Those who were once blessed by the gods now shiver in infamy as those to cry for their once noble blood seek it. Bougyoudo #100, Lunatic Seal


Magma Sarcophougus - Bakudou #82, 3550 Kidou

Effect: Forming geysers to launch molten lava at the opponent from the ground beneath them. If the person isn't burnt into submission, the magma cools on the person, trapping them in the stone as its formed. Not to be used against fellow Shinigami, as it is a punishable offense to do so.

Incantation: Core of the earth and the fires of heaven. Like the moon and the sun in a never ending cycle of renewal. Come together to prepare this foe for his journey. Bakudou #82, Magma Sarcophougus.


Magnetic Storm - Bakudou #91, 6000 Kidou

Description: The users forces out a large wave of kinetic energy. The storm forces back any object within a 10ft radius of the users, a strong binding force locking all beings caught in the attack helplessly to the ground for a average of about 20 seconds(2-3 turns) and disorienting all of their senses for about one minute.

Incantation: Heaven's force repels you, protecting its loyal agent from evil intent. Be bound for your corruption and let your power be nullified as you are placed the Gaia's altar. Bakudou #91, Magnetic Storm


Malice Coil - Bougyoudo #57, 830 Kidou

Description: The user of this forms their energy into their palms, a green flaming fireball being formed between their hands. On contact with the target, a foreboding mark will be placed on the body. While this match is in place, the target will fill a small nagging pain in their chest, but that is not it's main ability.

When Malice Coil is activated, the target of this spell will be constantly drained of SP for 5 turns. The drain doubles with every turn, starting at one percent. So it goes 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 for a maximum drainage of 16%. This attack can only be negated by someone with 3x the SP of the user or more. However, because the coils stays on the target, the spell becomes halved with every used. The first use will drain 16% of SP, the second 8%, the third 4%, etc.

Incantation: I call the serpent to do my bidding one more, the happy serpent obliging. Enraptured in it's grasp, the foolish titan falls before me. Bougyoudo #57, Malice Coil


Maritate - Chiyudo #74, 2200 Kidou

The caster pools Kidou energy like flowing water around himself/herself and stretch out both arms. An azure blue, brilliant orb of flowing Chiyudo energy surmounts around the caster and creates a barrier that is able to withstand up to two times the user's strength. With the ball-shaped barrier around oneself, the caster can provide the form with movement, creating a sort of human cannonball that is apt for ramming against a force, all while keeping protection. The shape of the barrier can be held for no more than ten seconds, and if it is subjected to any force stronger than twice the strength of the caster, it will immediately crumble. On another note it is also heat-deflective and provides good protection against fire. The cannonball, so to say, will naturally do physical damage to whatever it may ram into.

Incantation: "City lights blurring by, the stars fall at night. A droplet of water, the Spring be my shield. Athena of valour, Chiyudo #74, Maritate!"


MÁƒ¡scara Roto (Broken Mask): Bakudo # 69, 1200 Kidou

Description: Based on research with hollow masks, this spell has been developed to weaken their properties creating a kidou flow opposite the charge of the spiritron make up of masks (note, this spell CANNOT destroy a mask on it's own, simply weaken it).

It must be done at point blank range. The user concentrates kidou in his or her hand and presses the palm against the forehead of the mask and activates the spell. Depending on the opponent and strength gaps will affect the effectiveness of the attack.

Spell duration: User with a base Kidou stat of 3000 - 4000 will allow the weakened state to last for 5 minutes. For every 1000 more kidou, the length increases for another minute.

Hollows/Arrancar: If the combined kidou and reiatsu of the caster is within 200 points of the reiatsu of the hollow they fight, the spell can weaken the mask up to 50% allowing for weaker spells and attacks to shatter it. If they surpass the reiatsu, for every 500 points, the mask is weakened another 10%. For every 500 under, its strength goes up 10%.

Vizards(NPC Vizards Only): In order to weaken the mask by 50%, the user's base kidou MUST equal the base reiatsu of the opponent. If the mask is shattered, the regeneration period is slowed by 40% at equal stats and increases 10% for every 500 kidou above the enemy reiatsu.
Vizard skills relying on masks to function are slowed and weakened for a max of 20%.

Phrase: "These opposite souls clash among the three worlds in eternal conflict. Let the darkess within be silenced by my will. Bakudo #76, MÁƒ¡sara Roto!"

*Kidoushuu Special: Kidoushuu members who are taught and trained to use this kidou by a superior can receive a 40% cost reduction.


Mask of Punishment - Bakudou #44, 530 Kidou

Description: The user shoots out thick bandages of kidou. The bandages wrap around their opponent's face and forms into a mask that looks much like a hollow's (in case of the target is a hollow, the bandage will just cover their mask).

The mask then drills small holes into the user's skin, sending out painful shock through their brain. Depending on the power difference, the mask can either simply disrupt or completely incapacitate the opponent.

Incantation: Bind the tortured soul. Show them the folly of their ways, and with them find peace once more. Bakudou #44, Mask of Punishment


Medulla Grand - Chiyudo #88, 4700 Kidou

Through directing an impressive Kidou energy to every single bone in the body, the energy circulates and increases in force, making the skin of the user glow brilliantly pale blue, a pulsating light that matches the users heartbeat. The Kidou energy in the skeleton forces the cells in the bones to increases the rapidity of the splitting of cells several hundred times over, thus gaining the effect of natural healing only inconceivably faster. This causes any and all broken bones in the users body to almost instantly heal and fuse back together without any worry of them being crookedly grown together, as the bones are forced into alignment before they heal. This process takes only about 10 seconds, and will affect any degree of broken bones. This spell will not restore any lost limbs, and applies for fractures only.

Because the nature of splitting up cells and thus accelerating the body's own healing powers is highly stressing for a person, the use of Medulla Grand causes great weariness, and for the next 20 seconds the user cannot cast any Kidou.

Incantation: "The fragments of my frame, this broken body. By Virtue and Faith, take me into the Rapture and bless me with wisdom and restoration. Heaven Queen, cover me, dress me in starlit robes. Beauty ardent, sing from the base of the stairs. Chiyudo #88, Medulla Grand."


Meikyou (means, "Mirror") - Bougyoduo #34, 1.5-2x kidou used

* Description: Meikyou uses and reverses the energy a kidou user will use in the moments before a kidou is cast. (In other words, it jams the outflowing energy someone uses when trying to cast a spell, and "punches back," or reverses the energy into an attack.)

Once within 2 feet of the opponent, the caster either during the saying of the incantation or spell name (through Incant Bypass) will use Meikyou to manipulate the energy used in a Hadou or Bakudou to cause an internal "explosion" within the opponent, which radiates throughout the reiatsu veins of the opponent's body. This renders the opponent unable to cast kidou effectively, unable to rely heavily on reiatsu, and causes significant physical internal damage. The degree of damage of the explosion should be roughly proportional to the level of spell the opponent was attempting to be used. (If the caster is able to cast Meikyou before the incantation or name is said, the spell is more effective.)

The cost of this spell is 1.5-2x the kidou the opponent was using--the range dependent on the caster's level of reiatsu in comparison to the opponent's.

To cast this, the user manipulates the reiatsu of their opponent while within the two feet range by holding their palms toward the general center of the opponent's body. Only a faint white glow will indicate the spell is in progress.

* Incantation: "In love, through hate... in black through white... in day, through night... reverse and mirror the energy of bad intent... Bougyoudo #34, Meikyou."


Mend - Chiyudo #60, 900 Kidou

Description: A sacred circle forms around the user. The orb forms 10ft away from the user. It is one foot in width and has an inscribed circle at the north, south, east, and west points of the circle. The circle is a pinkish color and when it activates an upstream of air shoots from it.

The circle has a healing effect on all organisms within the circle that the user chooses to use it on. The circle completely heals all minor and moderate wounds and can slightly recover all major wounds. During the entire time that the user and all those inside the circle are save from all impure substance. The circle lasts for 20 seconds before it disappears.

Incantation: Divining grace, Unicorn's horn. Grant me the eternal elixir of life and save me from all plagues. Chiyudo #60, Mend


Meteor Rain - Hadou #98, 9500 Kidou

Description: One of the most powerful and dreaded kidou there is. Only known by a few shinigami and only allowed use in sparse situations, this can be deemed one of the forbidden arts.

When activated a ominous black cloud forms above the user's head, the cloud stretches out for about 100ft and cloaks everything in darkness. A great crimson rift is then seen in the clouds, giant flaming balls of rock about 1 yard in diameter each then starting to rain down. The specific number is unknown but it is said to be almost over 100. The meteors destroy everything within their reach, leaving only a soot-covered wasteland.

Incantation: Children of the stars rage down onto the earth, and ravage the land. Converge and meld, ripping through the now doomed planet. Separate the heavens and the earth, crumbling everything into eternal nothingness. Hadou #98, Meteor Rain


Mettanimirarenaizu (means, "Seldom Seen Sight") - Bougyoudo #48, 600 Kidou

Description: This is the evolved form of Bikan. Like Bikan, it enables clear sight against high levels of speed and at this level, it also increases the degree to which the spell is effective where the recipient may see up to 30% for every 200 pts of hohou (depending on SP). Duration has also increased to a maximum of 2 minutes (for a single recipient), and possible recipients have increased to 6 people (and hence, 30 seconds per person.)

Incantation: Bright as the sky, green as the fields, clear as the water below, come forth a single rainbow into a single white light...Bougyoudo #48, Mettanimirarenaizu.


Mirror - Chiyudo #73, 2100 Kidou

Description: The user brings their hands to their front, a large liquid rectangle the size of the user's body forms in front of them. The liquid instantly solidifies into a mirror like object and reflects everything it sees. When an attack is thrown through the mirror, it will be instantly reflected back in the direction it was shot and if a person charges through the mirror they will be spat right out in the opposite direction.

However, this cannot be used to block attacks of high spiritual mass(attacks way larger than the barrier, the barrier itself has a diameter of about 7ft) and it can be broken through by attack valved at higher than 2x the user's SP.

Incantation: Golden Shield of Perseus. Reflect the stone eye. Petrify the ghastly beast. Chiyudo #73, Mirror


Mollio - Chiyudo #7, 30 Kidou

The name of this spell derives from the Latin word meaning "to soften, to make gentle" , and that is exactly what it does. Mollio is a mild sedative that is used by healers to ease the pains of in-field operations and surgery. Mollio only affects a small area of some 20 cm diameter, and the patient needs to lie perfectly still for 20 seconds while the spell is being applied. Once the spell is effective, the patient will feel a bare minimum of pain during treatment of the hurt area. However it is advised for any healer to apply this spell several times over to the areas surrounding the injury as well, as most operations transplants pain throughout larger parts of the body as well.
Mollio is not a strong sedative and will only soften the pain, and will render any parts of the body unusable. Effect wears out after three minutes. For use in longer operations Mollio needs repeated recasting.

Range: None, must be applied on touch.

Incantation: "Cool the wound and enter Perdition, treat me as you treat your kin. Soft and aching, bless you for your kind heart. Loving spirit, mild and gentle, Chiyudo #7, Mollio."


Mugendai (Infinity) [Non/Cnt/Sht] - Bakudou #80, 3200 Kidou

Mugendai is a Bakudou designed for the purpose of countering Hollow skills. The user of this spell extends both hands forward, touching the thumb and index finger together. A bright blue glow surrounds the hands, creating a circular aura of approximately three feet in diameter. When the encantation is finished, a pale blue beam blasts forward, turning back any skill that's become manifested on it's user. Following the reversal of the attack, and the damage incured, a pale blue "X" appears on the opponents chest for a period of a minute; during this period, the enemy may not use that particular Hollow ability again. Mugendai is limited, however, in that it can only counter a skill if the user has an SP of around twice the casters or lower; any higher and the attempt to counter and seal will fail.

*Only usable on NPCs hollows/viazards/arrancar/etc.

Chant: Opposing Natures, Clashing Worlds. Everything and Nothing; Reverse the moment, destroy the advantage. Bakudou #74, Mugendai!!

*Kidoushuu Special: Kidoushuu members who are taught and trained to use this kidou by a superior can receive a 25% Cost reduction.


Mummification - Bakudou #5, 40 Kidou

Description: A weaker and much more simplified form a "Kin" , Mummification is made specifically for novices. Weak but easily constructed bandages of kidou shoot forth from the ground and quickly wrap around the target's entire body. The bandages only last for a few seconds and can be easily broken by someone of equal or similar strength, but are great for catching someone off guard.

Incantation: Spring forth from the earth, oh graven dressings. Let the Pharoh's burial commence. Bakudou #5, Mummification


Munashii Migawari (Empty Sacrifice) - Bakudou 100, 10000

Description: The highest of all binding Kidou, Munashii Migawari is a formidable enchantment that uses a most precious scapegoat as ammunition for its precious in fact, that this Bakudou can only be used once in a Shinigami's lifetime.

It is a near-death spell, intended to be used moments before one's life coil is cut away and their heart beat is extinguished. When the user is at death's door, they chant the short incantation with their remaining breath, and then clasp their dominate hand across their heart. Springing forth from their core, a string scintillating with all of the colors in the spectrum instantaneously ties and binds itself around a forlorn, forgotten item...the user's old body, or whatever remains on Earth. The carrion, be it mere ashes or a well preserved skeleton, momentarily is resurrected in form, and the revitalized body takes the place of the dying user's spirit through a surreal exchange in reality. The user remains conscious throughout the entire experience, feeling death with a dream-like certainty once again snuffing out their vitality, and then darkness.

After a single lapse of time so miniscule its existence arguably doesn't occur, warmth takes back the user's body, as their soul once again takes the place of their corporeal, melting away to leave no more mark upon this world. The user is fully resuscitated, at maximized health, and ready to continue fighting. A final gift from the now ethereal remnants: the phantasmal, ghost-like energy entwines around its owner, and grants them a temporary boost of 20% to all of their stats for the duration of the battle, ensuring that the last reminder of an Earthly continued life is not sacrificed in vain.

Incantation: "The dying beat for the dead beat, and thus, the living heart will return. Bakudou 100, Munashii Migawari."


Myaku - Hadou #3, 20 Kidou

Effect: A 5cm Sphere of air exploding outward, often used to launch other objects. Can launch things at high velocity. It was little potential on its own. It activates on contact.

Incantation: Suprise the fool, capture him with defeat. Shock his as you are elite. Throw out... all the tricks! Hadou #03, Myaku!"


Nowhere's Gate - Bakudou #67, 1100 Kidou/Purgatory - Bakudou #67, 4000 Kidou

Description: The user lifts their hand into the air. The ground beneath their target crumbles and explodes, a bright light appearing from a gate beneath the target. The light shoots up to the heaven's and traps the target inside. While inide the gate, the target is pelted relentously with innumerable spears of light.

Extension - Purgatory - The user then clasps their fist, the gate's light going back on itself. The light then compresses itself over the target to a level so compact that it is blinding. The light then implodes on itself like a black hole, if strong can completely destroy the target and leave little trace of them. It is activated in conjunction with Nowhere's Gate when the complete chant is uttered.

Incantation: Shout out to the Heaven's o' foul creature. Repent for the sin as the netherworld takes you. Be consumed and perish. (Ext for Purgatory) Into the depths of Purgatory I banish you! Bakudou #67, Nowhere's Gate


Obstruction - Bakudou #1, 15 Kidou

Description: Basically the same thing that Rukia uses in the beginning of the manga. Binds a target's arms together, can easily be defeated by opponents of similar or greater spiritual pressure.



Persecuted Dam - Bougyoudou #47, 1.3x Kidou used

While there exists such techniques as the 'Mirror' Hadou, and the 'Hanki' technique, sometimes one wishes to cancel an attack and not reflect it, but cannot use Shunkou. So, this spell exists for those of the quick wit and faster mouth.

However, this spell must be used and finished while the other is still chating or gathering energy, so its practicality against quick, weak Hadou spells is very limited. However, the greater Hadou spells are much more easily targeted with this (especially with Incantation Bypass).

Chant: "End time, the seventh plane quakes. To the east, your sun rebels and does not rise. Nothing shall ever stand the test of time, and so I perish your will! Bougyoudo #47, Persecuted Dam"


Persecution - 600 kidou

Description: See Razorwire Restraint


Pyramid of Light - Bakudou #73, 2200 Kidou

Description: The user of this kidou forces their energy into an orb. He then forced the ball above his opponent's head. Thick yellow sheets of energy then close around the target(s), enclosing them in a pyramid with a 5m x 5m pyramid. The orb above the pyramid then shoots a strong light down on the opponent. The light blinds the target, however those outside are protected by the pyramid's energy shell. The pyramid then starts to radiate violently, exploding on the inside shortly afterwards.

Incantation: Judgment of the ages, rain your divinity down upon my foes. Bestow on the ignorance divine knowledge, and blow away the wicked with your shining light. The mercy of the heavens erasing all that is impure. Bakudou #73, Pyramid of Light


Quicksand - Bougyoudo #51, 680 Kidou

Description: A large circular line pops out from under the target. The circle is 3 meters in size. A quick flash is then since. After that, almost instantaneously the earth under the target turns to sand. The depth of the hole is about 20ft, and the user sinks almost instantly, rather than slowly with regular quicksand.

The kidou isn't all that damaging, and the trapped person can usually escape after about a minute. This spell is most commonly used by Keigun officers when they're spotted during a mission and has been used commonly and other escape attempts

Incantation: Soften the earth and weaken its structure. Break the ground apart and shallow my foe whole. Bougyoudo #51, Quicksand


Radiance - Hadou #99, 10000 Kidou

Description - When released, 9 large white orbs shot from around the user of towards the sky. The 9 orbs surround the user in a 50ft diameter and shoot down rays of light. These rays phase through all targets within the orbs field of vision (which is 50ft, meaning that they target anything within 100ft of the user). Once the rays have phase through each target, the being is stuck in the attack's sight.

The giant orbs then begin to melt down, the pulsing light shooting through each and every target. The intense pressure of this attack, causes the insides of the target to be completely obliterated on contact with the spell, turning them into a hollow husk. However, the spell is weakened with every addition target and can still be survived by anyone with 3x the spiritual pressure of the user, however they will still take very heavy damage. Weaker beings on the under hand, will be completely destroyed.

Incantation: Harmonious cruelty brings about a merciful end. Scorching pillars of twisted benevolence obey my call! Grant me the swift scorn to destroy all of those of the opposition; all who defy my will. Hadou #99 Radiance!


Raiden - Hadou #44, 590 Kidou

Description: Though created after such spells as Byakurai or Raigen, Raiden is considered to be the strongest of the beam lightning attacks. It works by sending after a heavy wave of energy, more condensed then the latter spells but still larger. The coursing spell is known to be about 10 inches in width and has a maximum reach of over 100 ft. Raiden is used not only to harass its lightning power, but to put heavy force behind the very attack, allowing it to break through stone on force alone. Like Raigen, the spell lasts for 5 seconds before vanishing. However, since it has so much force behind it, it is harder to control and harder to turn once activated. Also, one's fingers are not enough for this spell, the entire palm must be used to control it properly.

Incantation: The wave crashes down from the heavens, breaking apart the crags of restrain. The clouds split and rise and the skies turn as the heralding of doom begins. Hadou #44, Raiden


Raifutsukamu - Bakudou #39, 480 Kidou

Effect: An invisible vice grip on whatever part of the opponents body the caster wishes. The higher the sp, the longer and harder it can be held. The vice grip can also be manipulated thus as a regular physical grip would be. It's most effective at 5-10 feet. And the seal can be broken with by a greater will of spiritual pressure.

Incantation: Old keepers fool, young seekers tramp, and wretched middlemans watcher, bless this curse, heaven let it sing, for chance, one last fling; for grief, tightly to cling.


Raigen - Hadou #24, 200 Kidou

Description: Lightning based damage on opponent.

User gathers spiritual energy into the palm, until the energy forms around his/her forearm. He/she then releases a searing electric wave that travels over fifty feet and last for about five seconds.

Incantation: Thor's pride springs forth from me. The power of the skies give me strength. The driving will cutting through my enemies. Hadou #24, Raigen!


Raikouhou - Hadou #63, 1500 Kidou

Description: A wide, long-range spell that beats down a target with massive electrical discharges.

Phrase:"The scattered bones of beasts! Spiral Tower-Red Crystal-Steel Wheels. If it moves the wind, if it stops the sky. The sound of lances fills the Tiger Castle! Hadou #63, Raikouhou!!!"


Rakurai - Hadou #7, 40 Kidou

Description: Lightning based damage on opponent

User gathers spiritual energy into the palm, until it's about as big as a tennis ball. The ball is then releases at high speed, though it has a limited range of about 20 - 30 yards. The ball stays solid as long as the user clasps their hand as if holding a ball, if their hand is quickly outstretched the ball will explode, hitting anything within a 5 ft. radius.

Phrase: The earth trembles. The children of the sky scream in retribution. Hadou #7, Rakurai!


Razorwire Restraint - Bakudou #25, 250 Kidou

Description: Binds the target in sharp razorwire that shoots up from the ground. The more the victim struggles, the tighter the wire becomes.

- The extension to Razorwire Restraint is Persecution. Persecution is where the wire forcibly constricts around the target, cutting deep into their flesh and severing smaller limbs. Persecution is learned once the caster reaches 600 in their Kidou stat.
- It is a crime punishable by death to use Persecution on another Shinigami without just cause. Unless one is on the brink of death or the target Shinigami is evading arrest, Persecute should not be used. It is frowned upon for Razorwire Restraint to be used on other Shinigami in general.
- Originally created by some Onmitsu Kidou members of the Shinzui house for the express purpose of quickly eliminating Hollows, early abuses of the Kidou let to it being heavily regulated and monitored. Currently, use of the Kidou is permitted to Shinzui clan Shinigami only.
- If the target's spiritual pressure is at least 1.25 times higher than the caster's spiritual pressure, the wire will not constrict if the target moves.

Chant: "Claws of steel, moving to eviscerate and make you sing a song of agony. Threaded along for miles to restrict and ensnare. I bindeth thee from moving. Be still my little lamb and submit to bleeding bliss lest the blade miss your neck. Be still now in my embrace, lest you fall to pieces. Bakudou #25, Razorwire Restraint!"


Reaitsu Kōsho [Reaitsu Negotiation - Bougyoudou #33

~350 intial, 25 per ten turns (Only paid on the tenth/twentieth/thirtieth/etc... turn)

Effect: When an opponent is faced with overwhelming odds, their spiritual body is vulnerable. One who is unconditioned towards combat or faces and opponent with severely larger reaitsu, they often find their body revolting. This reaction, while usually attributed to an intense bloodlust not shared by one opponent, is theorized to come from an imbalance in reaitsu that stifles and manipulates the senses.

Therefore, to counter this, a combatant breaks down their outer reaitsu into a less complex form, making it far more generic. This generic reaitsu is far thinner than 'normal' reaitsu, and the opponents' reaitsu seeps in to take the space. The generic reaitsu then bonds with this reaitsu, forming a 'comprimise' reaitsu that is harmful to neither combatant. This reaitsu is denser than 'normal' reiatsu, and is used to shield any physical effets of bloodlust or reaitsu difference. This 'comprimise' reaitsu forms a shield around the user, and cannot be extended.

At more advanced levels and higher spiritual pressure, combined with ten successful uses, a person can actually draw from this 'comprimise' reaitsu, allowing the use of their opponents' spiritual pressure for up to 10% of a skill's cost. [This 'leeching' ability can only be used if the person can normally use the skill with their base stat (i.e., You can't use this part of the spell to have over 5k Kidou when you wouldn't normally so you can use Kurohitsugi), and can only be used once per ten times this kidou has been used].

Chant: Endless deathwishes blended in with ignorance, fainting into nothing. Be my shield, unwillingly comprimised. Bougyoudou #33, Reiatsu Kōshō


Reaper - Hadou #20, 150 Kidou

Description: A simple and easy to use kidou. The user sends out a thin, sonic blade of kidou energy. The blade is only about 2-3 inches thick, and about 2-3 meters tall. Upon impact, the blade cuts rather than explodes. It is said that back in the older days, this spell was the basic moved used by shinigami to split hollow masks when zanpaku were not yet created.

Incantation: Grim Scythe, slice through the beast's sin. Bleed the flesh and cleanse the soul. Hadou #20, Reaper


Reaper's Curse - Bakudou #29, 350 Kidou

Description: The user raises their hand and a large black symbol appears in front of them in one quick motion. If the attacker slashes through the symbol, it explodes and dark bandages shoot out from it. The bandages then wrap around the attackers sword and their hands, binding them together.

Incantation: Branding of the vengeful spirits, bind and punish all who oppose me. Seal away lawless hands and dull the dark blade. Reap the land of all that brings death and let life flourish once again. Bakudou #50, Reaper's Curse


Reaving Wind - Hadou #57, 1250 Kidou

Description: A fierce wind fills the air, viciously circling around the user's target. The fierce gate of wind traps the user inside the power attack and the winds start to turn red. The wind streaks then start to shoot out violently, striking out at the target like claws from a feral beast. The victim is helpless as their body is then rend asunder.

Description: Gods of wind grace your humble servant with your presence. Destroy the infidel which speaks lowly of you and restore you titles as the true kings. Hadou #57, Reaving Wind


Recall - Bougyoudo #39, 470 Kidou

When the user casts this kidou, they can choose one of two options.

1. Have their spirit tied to the place they are standing.
2. Be recalled to the point where they previously tied themselves.

After chanting, tiny pinpricks of light surround the caster and then fall to the ground, imprinting a mark unique to that person on the spot they were standing. The mark is only about an inch wide, and it is semi-transparent, making it quite hard to locate.

If they choose to be recalled, the tiny motes of light surround them again, but this time it yanks them back to the spot they previously designated, somewhat disoriented for a minute or two.

This spell takes a full minute to take effect in either case, so escape in a battle is usually not an option, while escape in a situation where one can get away momentarily is usually successful.

Chant: "Protector of the Earth, bless this spot with your divine protection! Chain my soul to this safe-haven! Bougyoudo #39, Recall!"


Red Eye - Bougyoudo #5, 35 Kidou

Description: The user's eyes start turn a bright red, distorting their vision. While in this mode, the eyes are tuned to track heat signatures, acting pretty much like night vision goggles. The spells disappears when the user cancels it.

Incantion: Give heat life, make its intangibles tangible. Bougyoudo #5, Red Eye


Red Kingdom (Extends from Tragic Kingdom) - 600 Kidou

Description: This spell must be extended from Tragic Kingdom once the opponent's body is covered approximately 50% in the wax.

The wax hardens and constricts cutting off the flow of oxygen and blood so that to opponent begins to suffocate to death.

Incantation: "Those stained with sin should not walk amongst us. I cast you into Hell. Red Kingdom!"


Red Snow - Hadou #10, 60 Kidou

Effects: Creates a red force contained in an orb, similar to a snowball you might say.

Requirements: No incantation required. Basic Kidou power ball.


Renkinjutsushi no Chiyudo - Chiyudo #64, 1040 Kidou

The ancient art of alchemy strives towards one goal; making gold of lead. While the goal was never completely realized, the knowledge of chemical reactions and strives in the field of Chemistry were not ignored for other uses. This Chiyudo makes use of a molecular level of alchemy to help heal the body.

When a body is invaded by an alien substance, the body's natural reactions that take place are taxing and usually ineffecient. Removal of this object and proper healing therefore constitute the best method. However, most often, the foreign substance is never fully extracted.

Using spiritual energy as a molecular force, the healer performs fission. Then, with the raw materials that are created from this foreign substance, use more energy and the energy from the fission to create a controlled fusion, creating a pussy substance from the foreign body. This substance is ph neutral, and can much more easily be contained or expelled by the human body. (Note - if the substance is completely contained within the body it will create a pocket of puss, and will eventually rise to the patient's skin and require popping. This can complicate matters if the pocket is near major organs)

The spiritual matter within an object determines the amount of spiritual pressure needed to be used to break it down. For instance, a steel blade (non-Zanpaku) would be far harder to use this technique on than some sulfur in someone's body. In addition, anything with a spiritual pressure or with it's own spirit (for instance, a Zanpaku or a gem inbued with a spirit) cannot be destroyed through this technique and will actually have the user's limb explode into puss.

This technique's uses can be thought of as far and varied. Though cellular-size structures (such as viruses or bacteria) can't be targeted with this (the user will always destroy part of the patient's body with it, no matter how refined the technique, if this is attempted), poisons, fragments of a blade, or other pollutants (such as dirt) can be expelled this way.

Be Advised: this spell can certainly be used maliciously. While its abillities allow for burnt, gangreen, or other flesh allow to be dissimilated and formed into puss, this also includes limbs. A strike to the head through this technique would spread pus throughout the brain cavity and most definitely constitute brain damage that could be permanent (depending on how quickly after one was healed).

Chant: "All things are cycles, and now I manipulate thee! Circle of no edges, fall to the prey of my whim! Chiyudo #64, Renkenjutsushi no Chiyudo!"


Rethread - Chiyudo #45, 465 Kidou

Description: Used on broken bones and severed ligaments, Rethread works by creating a many small threads of energy that repair and heal the damaged area. With this spell minor fractures and injuries can be repaired in a matter of seconds and more serious injuries can be healed in a few seconds. However, during the healing process, if the user does not go easy on the injured limb, the threading can become loose. But that is only under extreme stress.

Description: Repair with has broken and heal what has been torn asunder. Restore to me man's ideal form. Chiyudo #45, Rethread


Ributai Kotsue - Bougyoudo #36, 325 Kidou (1st Division Only)

A passive, power enhancing Byougyoudou spell created specifically for the First Division, fashioned after the same concept as the Demon Fist Hadou spell. Ributai Kotsue works by escalating the kinetic potential of a non-Zanpakutou weapon through better streamlining the process of cutting into and/or impacting upon targets and matter. This spell differs from Demon Fist, however, by the way of how each spell maintains itself. Ributai Kotsue has a set duration of effect, instead of allowing only one use per casting. The duration lasts for two minutes, during which the user's non-Zanpakutou weapon strikes with three times more force upon the target. If a bladed weapon enhanced with this spell enters the body of the opponent and makes contact with any sort of bone, the weapon will slice through it as if it were just flesh if the opponent's Reiatsu is equal to or lower than 60% of the user's. If a blunt weapon enhanced with this spell is able to critically impact the opponent, then the bones located within the struck area will fracture and possibly shatter if the opponent's Reiatsu is equal to or lower than 60% of the user's. After the duration runs out, there is a three round recoil time in which this spell may not be cast again.

Incantation : "See the audience shatter under the night god's gallop. This moon falls upon the frigid navel of the sun; there, I stand upon this Stage of Bone. Bougyoudou #13, Ributai Kotsue."


Rikijyoukourou - Bakudo #61, 835 Kidou

Description: A mere extension of the middle finger and this fearsome binding spell occurs. Dense, powerful sheets of spiritual pressure plunge into the target, immobilizing them completely.



Rubrica - Chiyudo #61, 950 Kidou

Causes long wall of red earth to shoot up in front of the user, stretching out like a tall fence in a horizontal line for some 50 feet, to protect not only the user but also his/her allies, or to separate them from enemy forces. The wall isn't very strong, and can't stand more than 3-5 hits against fairly stronger opponents, and only a couple against greatly stronger ones, but will endures very well against opponents of similar strength. Lasts for 10 seconds and is often used as means to isolate oneself or bide time. Because of it's stretched out length the wall will not fare well against concentrated attacks such as Demon Fist or Heki.

Incantation: "Bricks and stones and clay of the Earth, separate me from my foes. The Sinners Wall, cry at the closed gates and pine away. Chiyudo #49, Rubrica."


Saint's Indulgence - Bougyoudo #20, 50% 1000 kidou or lower spells and 75% for 1001-4000 cost kidou

Effect: Releases the caster from a Binding Spell.

- Another Shinzui clan Kidou. This Kidou is not restricted to the Shinzui but a few people outside the clan have it.
- This spell temporarily weakens its caster since it can be a bit draining on one's spiritual energy. However, after about 5 minutes, the spent spiritual energy returns to the caster and they are at normal stasis for a while.
- The effectiveness of Saint's Indulgence is dependant on the caster's spiritual pressure. The length of time that the caster is weak is lengthened or shortened by the spiritual pressure of both parties. Say the caster has an SP stat of 200 and their target has an SP stat of 150. It's a 50 points difference so they would be sluggish for about 5 posts before they would be back to normal.
- Saint's Indulgence is very damaging to the caster if they use it repeatedly in a fight. Because of this, it has a 3 use limit per fight.

Chant: "Cry of the faithful, may it be heard by the liberators and may they free the oppressed. Tear away these chains, strike open the locks, set free the beast that stands caged! Bougyoudo #20, Saint's Indulgence!


Sacrifice - Bougyoudo #44, 525 Kidou

Description: A special kidou that activates when you're attack. Once the spell is cased, an imprint is brought across your body. Once attacked directly the imprint moves to the point of impact then separates from your body, creating a short distance between you and your opponent. While a useful technique, this spell takes about 5 seconds to settle onto the user, and .5% of the user's reiatsu for every turn it is held in place.

Incantation: Guardian, protect me from pain. Shield me from unsavory thoughts and secure my existence. Bougyoudo #44, Sacrifice


Santo Incendio - Chiyudo #23, 100 Kidou

A light healing spell that works fast and can be applied to a moving target. Movement does not inhibit the efficiency of this spell, and for many it is a very good alternative to slightly more powerful but slower working spells that requires the target to be stationary. With Santo Incendio a Shinigami can continue fighting as soon as the incantation is completed, or even while chanting it.

Heals shallow wounds and superficial damage such as burns and bruises. Closes most moderate wounds, preventing blood loss but not actually healing the wounds. Is light of use and easy to learn, designed to be a efficient spell for beginners. Can be cast from a distance without significant efficiency drop. Once chanted the spell will produce a bright beam of flames that either be directed at the user or another target.

Incantation: "Holy fire, the sleeping cherubs in innocent dreams, rage but do not harm, serve with the power of relief. Chiyudo #23, Santo Incendio!"


Seal of Origins - Bakudou #65, 1000 Kidou

Effect: This is a special indirect kidou. This attack sends out two homing kidou lasers that aim for the targets hakusui and saketsu. Once pierced through the kidou beams place strong binding techniques on both of these, causing the shinigami to temporary lose their powers, reducing them to about 50% of their normal power. This spell only last for about 10 seconds with two people of equal strength, 15 seconds on people of half strength or less, and less than 5 seconds on people of 1.5 times ones own strength and is ineffective against anyone stronger. The effectiveness also changes with target, varying from complete lost of power to a minuscule decrease in combat ability.

Incantation: The blade is now dull, power nullified. Returning all to a state of complete innocence. Bakudou #65, Seal of Origins


Sealing Rings - Bakudou #8, 65 Kidou

Description: Three yellow rings form around the target's body. One around the upper body, one around the lower body, and one around the legs. The rings close in on the target, temporary binding them, and placing a hard squeeze on them at the same time.

Incantation: The first ring comes in the morn. The second ring seals in the afternoon. The final ring binds at the day's dusk. Bakudou #8, Sealing Rings


Secchaku - Chiyudo #53, 600 kidou

Description: Secchaku binds broken bones only for the duration of a battle. Proper medical treatment is required for broken bones to heal completely; however, Secchaku allows for a user to form a 'sticky' substance with one's reiatsu to bind bones together enough so that a person is able to move.

Range: Within 1 ft of the target. To cast this, the user must form reiatsu in their palm and insert it through an open wound. Once the reiatsu has entered the body, the user must remain at the wound for 30 seconds to complete the binding.

Incantation: "Within this body of fragments, guide the energies of the earth to bind bones that have broken and give this body freedom... Chiyudo #53, Secchaku."


Seimei Bifuu - Chiyudo #50, 500 Kidou

* Description: Seimei is a healing spell for groups. With the base cost, it allows a basic level of healing for two targets. The Chiyudo can heal most minor wounds easily, and can heal moderate range wounds with enough time...though it takes a lot longer than more powerful spells(like Mend) for that purpose.

With the payment of an additional 150 points after the base cost, one additional target can be healed for a maximum of up to 25 people. Healing is also spread out equally over the targets. To cast this, each target must be within a 3 meter radius of the caster. Two hands must be held outwards toward the targets, and a light wave of air will cast forth from the palms.

Incantation: "Imbue the body with the purest of the air, cover its wounds and cool its soul... Chiyudo #50, Seimei Bifuu."


[/i]Seizing Vines (Shouaku Tsurukusa)[/i] - Bakudou #23, 230 Kidou
Description: User draws energy into their chosen arm before whipping it towards the target. From within the sleeves of the shinigami uniform, four controllable vines emerge and rapidly burst out towards the opponent. The vines are each tipped with thick variants of the 'Venus Fly Trap' plant with teeth an inch long. The vines home in on the target specified by the user at an average speed and attempt to latch on with the heads rather than wrap around (though this will automatically take place if the head is destroyed).

The heads send a minor poison into the opponent which runs through the bloodstream with the intent of creating impaired eyesight. Someone with a higher reiatsu than the user may notice slight blurring in their vision while those with lower reiatsu will have their vision strongly blurred. After successfully seizing the opponent with the Kidou, the user can draw in the target with a tug of their arm. The vines themselves are five metres in length and gain an additional three metres for every 1,000 Kidou achieved (i.e. at 2,000 Kidou, length would be 11 metres) to be a maximum of 35 metres.

Incantation: Mother of nature. Seize the desecrator of your land, show them the world through your tearful eyes and let them dwell upon it. Bakudou #23, Shouaku Tsurukusa.


Senken - Hadou #94, 7500 kidou

One of the least-known Eishouhaki, Senken has been lost to kidou users for many years. However, with the reviving of the Kidoushuu and investigation into old Central 46 records, this spell's basic layout has been discovered.

Senken's first move is to create a sphere of pure kidou energy around the target. This happens instanteously, as the chant is versed. The kidou barrier gains strength as the verse completes, and when the icnantation is 3/4 done the kidou barrier is complete.

When this is completed, the user expends the entire kidou cost to make a thousand swords of kidou energy around the sphere, holding their hand, palm-up, at waist level. An imitation of the spell is there, complete with images of the sphere and the thousand blades. The user can then choose to bring in finger by finger, which sends in 200 blades at a time, or crush the sphere in the hand, which brings all 1,000 blades in at once.

These blades have adjustable aims, and can be made to simply pierce the enemy 1,000 times or to kill them through a thousand piercings.

[ This spell cannot be reflected back with Meikyou, and Eishoukai and Kichouji can only work on this kidou when the user has gained 3x the cost(22500 Kidou). Also, due to this spell's intense power, it only reaches full potential striking power at 1.5 the original cost (11250 kidou) ]

Chant - "Seraphim and Cherubim bring me to the world. Now I bleed to make blades, focus all of everything into the bone of my sword. I am, so I strike back. Praying brings me to conviction, which to the cycle never ends. Fire, steel, anger, they are my eyes when I resist. Now, I strike! Hadou #94, Senken!"


Senkou - Bougyoudo #1, 15 Kidou

Effect: blinds enemy for a few seconds

Attack: The user chants the incantation, points his finger, and a small ball of light flashes right in front of the enemy's eyes.

Incantation: The shadow swells, the night is dark! Bougyoudo #10, Senkou!


Shadow Puppet - Bougyoudo #46, 575 Kidou

Description: The user of this kidou chants the incantation. At first nothing happens, however after being chanted, the spell allows the user to make up to 4 shadow copies of themselves. The spiritual pressure of both the user and the puppet are divided based on how many of summoned (1/2 for 1, 1/3 for 2, ¼ for 3, and 1/5 for 4 remember you are counted in the split so it's +1 person for each division). The puppets are not permanent and will only last for about one minute before a recast is needed.

Incantation: Art of mimicky, doopleganger. Split my very core, clone my very essence. From me bring the perfect construction body and soul. Bougyogdo #46, Shadow Puppet

Shadow Scapegoat(extends from Shadow puppet) - Bougyoudo #46, 100 Kidou(per clone)

Description: Extension to shadow puppet, when attacked the user can switch places with one of their puppets. The puppet is destroyed after being used as a decoy though, even if your opponent wouldn't have killed them.

Incantation: None, only the main spell needs to be cast


Shakkahou - Hadou #31, 325 Kidou

Description: A powerful fireball attack

Incantation: "Oh Lord, the mask of flesh, all shapes. The wings, crowned with life of men! Fire and chaos. Go against the current across the sea to the south! Hadou #31, Shakkahou!"


Shattered visage - Bougyoudo #53, 725 Kidou

Attack: Rays of light attack the victim's mind, the facial area becoming illuminated from the attack. The light sends searing waves through the victim's mind. Destroying the minds of the weak, and simply stunning the minds of the strong-willed. It can also be used to clear the minds of those who have been possessed, assaulting the possessor instead of the victim.

Phrase: God's judgment rains down. The minds of the tormented beg for salvation, as the punishing light destroys their lies. Truth in turn, the only thing that remains. Bougyoudo #53, Shattered visage


Shock - Bougyoudo #15, 90 Kidou

Description: A spell usually used in the medical division as an emergency defibrillator, it can also double as an attack. Gathering a small mixture of spiritual energy and electric power in one's hands, a small shockwave is formed. The user can adjust the power of the spell by applying more spiritual energy into it, but its base level is non-fatal. The user then presses the fist against the target, and the energy is released through the person's body. The attack goes through like quick jolt of electricity. Against an opponent of adequate or greater strength, it can cause a temporary numbness that goes away after a few seconds. However, in severely weaker or injured people it can cause them to go into an unconscious state and if used again it can awaken them from that state.

Incantation - Raiden's palm becomes mine. The beat of the mighty drum matching the beat of one's heart. The divine breath healing and hurting those who it sees fit. Bougyoudo #15, Shock


Shoshin - Hadou #70, 2200 Kidou

Description: Ten shimmering spears surround the caster of this attack. The spears shoot out at the target, impaling said target. The impaling doesn't hurt, however the spears instantly interweave with the target's spiritual energy. Upon command they will then violently explode directly unto the person.

Phrase: Ten threads' binding, final decision of the executioner. Lock and repel thy very being and from within create nothing. Hadou #70, Shoshin


Shounetsujigoku - Hadou #97, 9000 Kidou

Description: The most powerful, pure fire-based Kidou. Multiple cyclones of fire rise from the ground and converge onto a focal point fifty meters from the ground. The resulting dome-like structure then collapses inwards into a catastrophic explosion that engulfs and incinerates everything within a twenty-meter radius.

Incantation: The inferno rises, the flames of Hades shooting forth. Cleansing flames melt away the flesh of the wicked, as the god of the underworld simply watches and smiles. Trial by fire, judgment absolute. Hadou #97, Shounetsujigoku


Sinner's Burial - Bakudou #66, 1055 Kidou

Effect: Takes a bound opponent and pulls them into the depths of the earth. Making it difficult and energy consuming to escape.

Range: Again, a difficult depth to escape from cannot be attained from a distance. 10 meters out and the depth begins to suffer.

Incantation: Be gone from my sight, go back into the depths, and be crushed by your wrongdoings. Bakudou #66, Sinner's Burial


Snowstorm - Hadou #77, 3400 Kidou

Description: Wind and Ice are gathered in a massive force, heavy snow and large chunks of hail raining down on the field. The weather delivers a biting cold on ones enemies, frostbite level temperature violently shredding and assaulting their body until it is left completely numb. After the initial assault, everything within 40ft of the user is left snowed over; the snow formed more because of kidou energy than any drop in temperature.

Incantation: Gather the northern wind and rain down its fury. Let all green become brown and let all rock become snow as the chilling cycle comes to ahead once again. Hadou #77, Snowstorm


Soukatsui - Hadou #33, 375 Kidou

Description: Projects a flat projectile of Kidou that bears down on a target and violently explodes upon contact.

Phrase:"Dominator! Mask of flesh and blood. All living beings. Flutter of wings. That which has the name human! Truth and temperance, slightly imbed your claws into the walls of innocent dreams. Hadou #33, Soukatsui!"


Soul Explosion - Bougyoudo #59, 880 Kidou

Description: The user goes into a deep state of concentrate, their energy raging out of them a few moments later. The energy starts to form into a large wave, looking much like a snake. Powerful and violently strong, the user can command this energy to destroy their surroundings and their opponent if their target is weak enough. However, how long it lasts depends on the power of the user. For every 250 kidou they gain after the initial cost the spell lasts for extra fives seconds from the initial 20 seconds.

Incantation: The ominous cloud looms once again, my cries for justice summoning the great beast. Through the power of my soul, through the power of my will, it becomes real, rending the earth as I see fit. Bougyoudo #59, Soul Explosion


Sounokageshyunpo - 0 Kidou(variation on Kageshyunpo, Kage shyunpo must be cast first)

Description: When activated this kidou covers the entire body(Also any weapon the user may be holding. As long as this spell is activate, 3 set kidou forms will closely knit into the user. When the user moves or strikes the images will do the same action in 1 second intervals. Their attacks will be about ¼ as strong as the users, but can be devastating when compiled. The time limit for beginners is about 1 minute but can last for up to 5 minutes with experts(about 3 times the required kidou skill level).

Incantation: Shadow's hand, soul's strike. Mimic my movements, follow my way. The jagged mirror becomes my blade. Bougyoudo #55, Sounokageshyunpo!


Spider's Web - Bakudou #42, 520 Kidou

Description: The user of this kidou compacts their energy into a ball. The ball is then shot at the opponent, and then explodes on contact. The strings of kidou wrap around the target's limbs and binds themselves to the ground. The victim of the spell is allowed some movement, but the wires will constrict the more the victim fights. The spell will dissipate after about 30 seconds.

Incantation: Tarantula's embrace, widow's rapture. Bind my foes in webs of iron, destroying my opponent's will. Bakudou #55, Spider's Web


Spirit Armor - Bougyoudo #73(need 2000 to learn)

Requires 2000 kidou to learn

Description: Kidou users are sometimes forced into psychical confrontations, and while some are able to handle themselves in said fights, others may not be. As such a spell that allows one to boost their physical attributes was needed.

Spirit Armor works back having the shinigami force their spiritual energy into a form of translucent armor over their bodies. The armor not only serves as a damage dampener but it works to increase one's fighting power too. The layer of the armor is no more than a few centimeters itself and it is extremely light-weight and flexible as not to hinder movement.

When activated, the user burns a set amount of kidou energy of their choosing. Then that amount of energy is refined from kidou energy to that of reisatsu. That total is then added into the user's maximum SP total, increasing their power by that amount. This not only increases the user's attack power but the armor also dampens damage from physical attacks.

There are limits, however. No more than 25% of one's kidou can be converted and if one wants the full protective effects of the armor they must at least burn out 1000 kidou points.

Incantation: "My soul becomes my shield, hardened to the point of steel. Unbreakable is my resolve, untainted is my faith. Bougyoudo #73, Spirit Armor"


Spirit Blade - Bougyoudo #8, 55 Kidou

Description: Energy wraps around the user's blade, thinning out until it's about 3 inches on both sides and making it look like a broadsword. While the barrier is on the sword, it acts as an extension of sword. While it's in play the barrier allows the user to block physical and spiritual attacks of opponent's as if the barrier was a regular extension of the sword. The barrier lasts about 1-3 minutes depending on the kidou skill of the user, and the barrier don't cut the opponent, phasing through them and allowing the real blade to slice when used.

Incantation: Imbue my blade with power. Let my spirit defend against the strongest of attacks. Bougyoudo #8, Spirit Blade


Spirit Prison - Bakudou #14, 100 Kidou

Description: The user shoots a beam of spiritual energy from their palm. When the energy is strikes a target it wraps around them in a claw-like fashion, binding their body and arms. While bound, the target is also tied to the target by the line of energy released from the user's palm. The closer the two are, the stronger the kidou is. However, on average, it will only last for about 10 seconds. It can be broken out of easily by someone with 2x the reisatsu of the user, and someone with 1.5 times the reisatsu of the user could break out in 3 to 5 seconds.

Incantation: The warden's watchful eye shines down on thee. Their shall be no escape, not for you...not for me. Bakudou #14, Spirit Prison


Static Blast - Hadou #8, 45 Kidou

Description: The user points their fingers at their opponent, releasing a series of wild electric blasts. The attack isn't all too powerful, however it will temporary stun one's opponent. The attack also has some magnetic properties, allowing one to temporary halt attacks from metal objects.

Incantation: My body's circuit springs from me. Hadou #8, Static Blast


Step of Shadows - Bougyoudo #67, 1350 Kidou

After chanting this kidou, the user steps into an area of shadows that is bigger than they are, and comes out of the shadows in a different area. The shadow must be of an object and not of a person, including their own shadow. If the person is unfamiliar with the area, they are limited to what they can see, either by their own sight or by the use of kidou. If they know the area well, they can travel up to 10x the distance of what they could normally shyunpo.

Chant: "Portals of the neutral world, lend your use to me! Allow me to step through your lands freely! Bougyoudo #67, Step of Shadows!"

The Roots Run Deep (Ne Nobiru Fukai) - Bougyoudo #69, 1450 Kidou (500 for each additional 30 seconds) [wood/self/move]

After chanting this kidou, the user temporarily (for 1 minute) enters a state of synchronization with any nearby plant life. In truth, the user enters this connection not with any single plant, but with the tapestry of life surrounding his body that is woven into the earth. The user can quite literally step into any nearby rooted plant and, in an instant, travel along that plant's roots, shooting himself in an incorporeal form through to another root of another plant and being immediately ejected from that plant. This kidou functions in many ways like a shunpo or Step of Shadows, allowing the user to pass through these plants as he or she wishes.

Unfortunately, this kidou has many limitations. First of all, one cannot travel more than 300 meters away from the original casting point of the kidou. Furthermore, one can only transfer itself to a ground-rooted plant or series of plants that are no more than 5 meters away from one another. Furthermore, the user cannot exceed a range of 50 feet with each "jump".

The user cannot "delay" this transport, although if the plant he is transferring his body to or from is destroyed in the same exact moment as his activation of this kidou (although unlikely), he will simply be ejected from the plant he entered in less than a second. Furthermore and finally, the user cannot transfer himself to kidou produced or other supernaturally occurring plants he himself did not create or otherwise connect with. If the user uses this kidou only to discover there are no more plants in the surrounding area, he is not refunded reiatsu and can only hop into the plant to figure this out once (so you cannot use this to dodge attacks more than once if there is only one plant nearby).

Finally, it should be noted that the user can only eject himself from plants with leaves or petals (or other sunlight-absorbing devices that exist above ground), and the user is quite literally ejected from these leaves (although usually only finds himself a foot or two above the ground).

Incantation: "Roots buried deep in the earth become one! Allow me passage through the life stream through these patient acolytes of the soil! Bougyoudo #58, Ne Nobiru Fukai!"


Stone Sarcophagus - Bakudou #79, 3150 kidou

Description: A bakudou born from the "sarcophagus" family, it was born to be the final resting place for whoever it is used on. A swirling screw of sand rises up under the target and traps them. The sand then pulls their body into the ground and melts them with the earth so that only 50% of their body is visible from the heavy prison. The earth around them then shoots up into the air and forms into a gigantic slab of stone, one so large that it completely engulfs the target in darkness. The stone slab is then dropped down on its target and they are crushed completely.

Incantation: The betrayed pharaoh cries out for thee. Whirling sands lead you down the path of ruin. The fallen one smiles as he drags down another to their ranks, your fate chosen and your eternity sealed. Bakudou #79, Stone Sarcophagus


Sude - Bougyoudo #43, 510 Kidou

Description: After the chant, kidou energy is rerouted into a constant stream into the body instead of casting spells one at a time, this keeps one from casting kidou while this is active but provides a very important benefit. The energy is released from the body in short bursts during points of impact. It allows unarmed fighters to block and be blocked by weapons without injuring them. It requires the user to know the strike is about to happen however, so if someone gets past the user's defense, they will still be injured.

Incantation: My body is my weapon, my soul, Iron! Bougyoudo #43, Sude!

Ran "Chaos" - 150 Kidou (Per Enhanced Strike) with 1500 Kidou as a prerequisite to learn the extension

An extension to the spell 'Sude', Ran costs an extra 150 kidou per strike to come into effect. The user summons even more kidou energy during an attack, forcing the energy to course wildly and surge to levels that it was not meant to rise to. The result is that the energy coursing through the body becomes somewhat unstable, causing the energy to not remain as a simple burst when coming in contact with something.

Upon contact, the energy normally used to simply allow the limb to survive an attack from a weapon, changes to a concussion type of focused blast that, when attacking, makes the the opponent feel as if they are getting hit with the full on force of a sledge hammer in addition to the normal damage the strike would cause.

Incantation: None, just needs to be used while Sude is active.


Suho - "Perfume of the Moon"
Bakudou #62, 890 Kidou

This Bakudou may only be used in the presence of moonlight. While being cast, ribbons of floating sigils entwine the user's casting arm, which instantly disperse toward the moon's direction when the casting is complete. Once Suho is active, targets selected by the user are automatically struck down and harshly restrained towards the ground or against any obstructing object, so long as they are hit by a pillar of xenon moonlight that beams down from whence the sigils vanished. The angle at which they are struck down and which the moonlight pillar descends is determined by which direction the moon is facing. If the moon is directly above them, then they will be restrained to the ground immediately. However, if the moon faces them at an acute angle, the targets would be "dragged" into the ground by a few meters before being fully restrained.

The user may select as many targets as he/she wishes, so long as the pillar of moonlight is being cast upon their bodies. The strength of the spell wanes as according to the current phase of the moon: a full moon possesses the highest degree of restraint, while a thin, crescent moon provides the least amount of power. The width of the moonlight pillar spans one meter for every 500 Kidou for a maximum of ten meters (reached at 5,000 Kidou). The duration of restraint is relative to the user's Kidou vs. the target(s) Reiatsu stat; against those of equal strength, Suho lasts for thirty to forty-five seconds. The moonlight pillar itself, if it is unable to strike down upon a target, lasts approximately half a minute before vanishing.

Incantation: "The pearl dragon flees from the west. Ten thousand grasses rebuke the stars. A bloody lance pierces the slumbering moon in the holy lake; sweet is the perfume unleashed! Bakudou #62, Suho!"


Sweep - Hadou #12, 80 Kidou

Description: The user rolls their palm outward, a small wave of spiritual energy being released. The wave moves fast and low to ground, hovering only a few inches above it. While not very damaging, because of its speed and center of gravity, it is used by many shinigami to throw their opponent's off balance by attack their legs. Usually used as a surprise tactic or a way for a shinigami to stall for time.

Incantation: Downward spiral, Wayward wind. While the wind be my will, your own folly such be your downfall. Hadou #12, Sweep


Symbol of Summoning - Bougyoudo #63 - 1000 Kidou

The user of this kidou scribes a circle, filled with arcane symbols, of 5 feet in diameter and says the chant continuously while the second person scribes the same circle anywhere else in the world. The second person then steps into the circle and attempts to shyunpo through the circle. They are then transported inside of the circle the first person scribed.

This is a delicate process and not to be used in a stressful situation unless needed. To complete the ritual perfectly, the time required is about 10 minutes.

Chant: The road is long and the need is dire. Fate will change course through our force. Bougyoudo #63, Symbol of Summoning


Synapse Break - Bakudou #71, 1800 Kidou

Description: A swirling wave of kidou energy forms around the user's forearm. The wave is so powerful that the user's fist actually shakes as they try to hold in the power of the attack. The energy stays firm on the user's arm for up to 30 seconds and dissipates afterwards.

When a blow is dealt to the target, a menacing seal forms around the area struck. The area instantly becomes numb and a brutal shock is sent out through the body of the inflicted. Against anyone of ½ the user's reisatsu, the attack can temporary leave them unable to move because of a shorting out of the victim's nervous system. Against someone of similar of greater strength, it not paralyze but a powerful numbing sensation will be sent through the body and the person's senses can become blurred, making it difficult for them to react. If the person is hit repeatedly with this attack, they can be put into the same vegetative state as a weaker person (thought that may require 2-3 strikes).

Incantation: Though my palm spurns wickedness, sinful enough to break the weak. Through my fist is born power, irresistible force. Through my hand, all pieces will fall into place. Bakudou #71, Synapse Break


Taisha Eda - Chiyudo #80, 3000 Kidou

Effect: Regrows a single limb, in 75% condition. Can be enhanced to 80% with the extended Incantation.

Incantation: That which is lost, should be found. That which is broken, Should be Repaired. That which is there, is to stay! Chiyudo #80, Taisha Eda

Extended: That, that is not, should be. The that is, always is. That Which is lost, should be found. That which is broken, should be rejouvenated, and repaired. That, that we have, we should always have. Chyudo #80, Limb Taishi Eda!


Talon - Bougyoudou #10, 65 Kidou

Conjures Kidou energy around the user's fingers, which extends into 20cm long, thin talons. They are glowing white and razor sharp, able to tear through flesh easily and vicious for stabbing. The talons last as long as the user wishes them to, or until they are broken. The talons themselves are strong enough to parry a unreleased Zanpakutou. This does however not prevent from losing your arm if you're not careful...

Incantation: "Birds of prey, a predator's strike. Rip through flesh and tear off the bone. With a hawks precision and the greed of a vulture, Bougyoudou #10, Talon!"


Tangent - Chiyudo #32, 320 Kidou

One of the fastest working barrier spells around, it is a speedy and relatively easy going counter. Chanting the short incantation, an instantaneous burst of energy flares in front of the user, lasting only for a split second. Only capable of blocking strikes at the user's own strength or lower, it is still very useful. If any physical contact with the Tangent barrier is made, the opponent will be knocked off his/her feet, sent flying backwards roughly 20 feet, though not hurt. All the combined effects of this spell happens in less than a second from the completion of the incantation, making it light but hard to evade.

Incantation: "Aggressive and agile, Chiyudo #32, Tangent!"


Temperance - Chiyudo #54, 600 Kidou

Description: The user forces their palms out with the bottom of each touching each other. A clear, liquid-like barrier is then shot out. The barrier will protect against most attacks up to 2x the user's sp, and will half the damage from attacks about 3 to 5 times their SP.

Not only that, but when defending against damage attacks, Temperance releases a sharp shock. The shock temporary disables the attacker by sending out a paralyzing vibration through their body. The barrier lasts for about 10 seconds.

Incanation: Conversation and Abstinence. Pride and Restraint. Chiyudo #54, Temperance


Tentei Kuura - Bakudou #77, 500 Kidou

Description: Establishes a long-range link with previously identified spiritual pressures. Useful for immediate and confidential communication.

Phrase:"The net of black and white. Kyouryou 22, kantai 66. Footprints, far lightning, sharp peak engulfing land. Dark night, cloudy seas, blue division. Form a circle and fly through the heavens! Bakudou #77, Tentei Kuura!"


Tereiki - Chiyudo #18, 65 Kidou

Effect: Slowly heals anything within 5 centimeters around the users right hand (Don't abuse healing ability)
Phrase: "Return to the way you were... Be free of weakness...Expel your pain... Chiyudo #18, Tereiki!"


Terra's Fly Trap - Bakudou #34, 410 Kidou

Effect: Placing a palm on the ground, the energy is put into the ground. Creates a huge pair of jaws from the ground to slam shut and trap the opponent. Usually the diameter is 7 Feet. Can be increased in size.

Range: 10 Meter Maximum for the distance away.

Incantation: Hunger of the earth, heed this call, devour the one who stands against me. Bakudou #19, Terra's Fly Trap.


Third Eye - Bougyoudo #37, 430 Kidou

As the caster chants this kidou, a small amount of kidou energy appears in their hands with which they then mold to what ever shape they want the appearance to take, up to a maximum height and width of 2 feet. The user can then concentrate in order to cause the energy to levitate away from them for a distance of up to 100 yards. They have full visual sense through the energy and can move it in whatever direction they wish. The "eye" lasts for about 10 minutes at most per casting.

Chant: "The warrior wields death, the defender bears forth life! This servent asks for niether, merely to see and to know. Bougyoudo #37, Third Eye!"


Thor's Hammer - Hadou #52, 1000 Kidou

Description: A dark cloud forms above the user of this technique, and a bolt of lightning strikes. This does not harm the user away, however, both their arms start to crackle with an electric energy. The user of this technique can either use this for combat for shoot the attack in a blast. In combat, the thunder acts much like a gauntlet, adding power to the users attack. However, the user can also smash both hands against the ground. When this happens, a large electrical field will shoot out for about 20ft, injuring anyone who is caught within it. The gauntlets however will start to weaken and disappear after two minutes.

The thunder blast shoots out like a wild current, with a giant spherical ball of lightning flying out at the target while it crackles savagely. The bolt of lightning can travel at incredible speeds, what's that are hard to catch with the normal human eye. The blast will then barrel down on the target with a fierce power, much like a giant hammer.

Incantation: God of Thunder, come down from your cloud and grant me your power. Barrel down upon them with the full force of your anger and decimate all that makes them. Hadou #59, Thor's Hammer


Thorn - Bakudou #7, 60 Kidou

Description: Usable only when within five feet of the target, the user of this kidou points their index and middle finger up towards the sky. With that beacon, two small thorny vines will pop up from under the ground. The vine are no more than a few feet in length, but are sharp enough to impale themselves through the feet of almost anyone it is used against.

Incantation: The deceptive rose blossoms once more, alluring all those it in its twisted beauty and piercing their hearts. Bakudou #7, Thorn


Threshold - Bougyoudo #30, 290 kidou

Effect: Deadens the body making the user incabable of feeling pain for a limited amount of time. The user ignores cuts, bruises, and broken bones that they have. The side effect is that it is very possible to bleed to death, since while the kidou is in effect you feel like you're in perfect health. So it becomes near impossible to tell the extent of your injuries. Unfortunately, when the kidou wears off prepare yourself since with servere injuries you'll probably be overwhelmed with pain.

Phrase: Kill the senses, deadened this body! Restrain any pain that could be inflicted! Bougyoudo #30, Threshold!!!


Time Bomb - Bakudou #15, 110 Kidou

Description: The user focuses a small amount of kidou into their hand. Upon contact with the hand a small 'time bomb' will be placed. To activate, the user of the kidou needs to snap their fingers which will cause the kidou to detonate. At lower levels this will only stun opponents but a higher levels it can cause a decent amount of damage. The strength of the blast is determined by how much kidou is used in the attack.
Level 1 - Base Cost
Level 2 - 200 Kidou
Level 3 - 300 Kidou

Max level of 20 requiring 2000 kidou. Level 1 requires one second to charge, each level after requires an extra second to charge (level 2 - 2 second charge, level 3 - 3 second charge etc).

Chant: Divine fire, judge the unworthy. By your hand their fate is decided. Bakudou #15, Time Bomb.


Torrential Wrath - Hadou #78, 3600 Kidou

Description: The user of this spell gathers the spiritual energy into massive clumps, the clumps this energy when any moisture in the air. The energy expands and expands this liquid then explodes. The water bursts out in four giant tornado-whirlpools, shredding anything in their way. The waters will dissipate after 30 seconds but the earth will be covered in water.

Incantation: Poseidon's rage, Leviathan's anger. Lay waste to all that stands before me and wash away all sin. Until nothingness is reflected in your clear waters. Hadou #78, Torrential Wrath


Toutenya (Strike Heaven Arrow) - Hadou #26, 240 Kidou

Casting Info: The caster extends his/her fingertip outward, parellel to a side of their body (be it left or right). Channelling energy into the tip of their finger, he/she draws three lines into the air, the lines are jagged arrow shaped and may be launched in a straight line in a given direction; the arrows can be fired one by one, or in rapid succession the command differing.

Effects: The arrows' damage is miniscule, however when a target is struck, the area that was hit (i.e. arm, leg) becomes numb and unresponsive for twenty seconds. Much like getting hit with a taser. If shot in the chest or head unconsciousness usually follows, as having your chest or brain being unresponsive could...well, kill you.

(single shot) Shooting across the heavens, strike my enemies. Shoot! Hadou #26, Toutenya!
(rapid shot) Breaking through the heavens, mow down my enemies. Fire! Hadou #26, Toutenya!


Tragic Kingdom - Bakudou #12, 90 Kidou

Description: The user must be within 8 meters of his opponent and extends his left hand toward the opponent palm first and fires a beam of energy then pulls the beam backward with his right hand once it touches the opponent. The opponent is covered in a white chalky substance that does not restrict movement, but also which does not come off.

Seven red dots appear all over the victim's body. One on the top of his head, one on each shoulder, one in the middle of the chest and middle of the back and one on each knee. These red dots begin to secrete a dark waxy substance that numbs and restricts movement. This substance continues to secrete until the entire body is covered in the substance.

If done to someone with similar spiritual pressure it takes approximately 30 seconds to cover the body. If done to someone with significantly higher spiritual pressure it can take as long as one minute and when done to someone much weaker it can be as quick as fifteen seconds.

The effect is much like being covered in hardening wax. To escape a person must forcefully tear away the waxy substance.

Incantation: "Cover my enemy in his sin, so that he may know the pain he has caused to others. Let this sin consume him, Bakudou #12, Tragic Kingdom!"


Trap Floor - Bakudou #59, 790 Kidou

Description: The user of this spell since a thin sheet of kidou energy pulsing through the ground. The energy looks much like a giant web and stretches out for about 50ft. When activated, any person or thing in the area other than the user of the spell suffers a 25% drop in speed and their Shyunpo abilities are cut in half. The areas will also glow when stepped on by the target(s) of the spell.

Incantation: Entrap my speedy foe and reveal to me his weakness. Cripple movement and bring be victory in this fight. Bakudou #59, Trap Floor


Tree of Stolen Life - Bakudou #57, 720 Kidou

Description: Small almost unnoticeable sprouts start to pop up from under the target. The sprouts then violently explode from under the user, thick vines twisting around and binding them in place. Once locked, the vines dig into the skin of the captive and slowly start to sap away at the user's energy. The drained amount is measured by how much the tree had matured. After one minute, the tree is then fully matured, and the captured victim is drained of about 1/6 of their strength.

Incantation: The fiendish tree grasps the foolish traveler. Ensnaring and draining them of their life. Vanishing their very trace from this world and sending it onward to the next. Bakudou #57, Tree of Stolen Life


Tremor - Bakudou #35, 425 Kidou

Description: The user slams their foots against the ground, their energy flowing through the earth for a maximum distance of 35ft. The earth behind their target instantly softens and turns to mud, the mud sucking the target in through a vacuum like force. When the user is trapped inside (their head the only thing exposed) the mud hardens over into dirt once again.

Incantation: Mighty earth sinks before my might, grasping at thy fallen's form in fear. Frozen lies your body and hers as you return to the cycle. Bakudou #35, Tremor


Tsuchinikaeru - Bakudou #54, 600 Kidou
Return to Mother Nature

Description: A mushroom 30x30x20 feet raises up from the position of the caster into the sky creating a giant shadow on the ground, 30 feet from the ground. Black spores from the mushroom rain down endlessly for 2 minutes. At 2 minutes mark, the mushroom itself disintegrates similar to the spores returning to the earth.

When the spores come into contact with anything, they turn into a mollases like substance, extremely stick for a duration of 25 seconds. After 25 seconds, the substance liquidises and turns into water. This spell can hinder movements or enable the caster to heal themselves. The spores will essentially create a wall of mollases, as the spores fall in such numbers that they can connect midair. They can block kidou spells as well.

Incantation: The shade of life and death, like the leaves of autumn fall down and return to nature. Bakudou #54, Tuschinikaeru


Unbolt - Bougyoudo #13, 80 Kidou

Description: A special purpose kidou, Unbolt is used specifically for opening doors and breaking down walls. Unbolt works when the user presses their hand against a door or wall then it is broken down spiriton by spiriton and disintegrated completely. People with skill in this kidou can choose to disintegrate only certain sections of the doors, and people even more skilled can perfectly reform the door.

This spell does not work on doors made of bloodstone, nor does it work against doors with barriers protecting them since barriers usually have extremely dense spiriton compositions (though it will weaken barriers with low to medium spiritual composition). The spell will however work on some doors that have seals placed on them, however that may take longer and it doesn't work on all sealed doors.

Incantation: Thief's hand, monkey's tail. Dexterity, nimbleness and slight of hand. Break away the wall that stands before my goal. Bougyoudo #13, Unbolt


Uchuusename - Hadou #68, 2000 Kidou

Description: Holding out one hand, large amounts of spiritual pressure are concentrated into a sphere, and then fired. When the user clenches their open hand tightly into a fist, this sphere shatters into hundreds of blasts, raining down on the target area.


Ukiyo-Tama - Chiyudo #34, 350 Kidou

Effect: Ability to gather energy from outside sources into an orb, that can be implanted into a patient to heal them. Stops bleeding, and cleans the body's systems or most common viruses and infections.

Incantation: Pull together world beyond. Come forth into my hand. I call upon that which is outside of the boundries, to restore that within! Gather here to heal! Chiyudo #34 Ukiyo-Tama!


Underbite - Hadou #34, 400 Kidou

Description: Another kidou that utilized the feet, Underbite works by having the user stomp their foot against the ground. When this happens a large spire of earth shoots up directly in front of the user. The spire is as 6ft wide and 6ft long and shoots straight out almost instantaeously. This attack is used mainly to stop charging enemies or to gain the advantage over a stationary opponent but it can cause big damage either way and usually leaves one's enemy sailing in the air.

Incantation: Gaia's jaw rises, the beastly fang searing the dwellers above. Into the heavens, they rise. Hard to the earth, they are destined to fall. Hadou #34, Underbite!


Overbite - Hadou #34, 700 Kidou (counting cost to Underbite)

Description: After Underbite is chanted; one can activate its extension spell to further press the attack. Waving one's arm forward, an earthen tidal wave is extended from the back of the user into their front in a wave similar to arc of their arm. The wave is like a giant claw and rips apart anything it hits and slams it violently into the ground. It is most effective when the target is still dizzied from Underbite.

Incantation (Chant after Underbite): From above Gaia's merciless assault is resumed. To eradicate the fading light their only wish, my only demand. Hadou #34, Overbite!

Grand Divide - Hadou #34, 1000 Kidou (counting costs for Under and Overbite)

Description: The final attack in the kidou, the user presses their palm forward. One last slab of earth shoots out from in front of them and shoots out like a table saw through the ground. The earth is flat and sharp like a clever. The clever of stone then drives right into whatever the user aims out, either causing great damage or breaking it apart.

Incantation (Chant after Overbite): Twice I have failed, Twice the Earth has risen only to be disappointed. My battle long, my fatigue great, this frivolous battle ends now. Hadou #34, Grand Divide!


Urazuki - Chiyudo #36, 350 Kidou (1st Division Only)

Though the First Division has long held dueling as its specialty, and not healing, many members of the Division have come to self-enlightenment concerning the healing arts. The power of healing became very apparent in the wars of attrition that resulted during the Third Siege of Seireitei and the Battle of Ultimo Crepsculo, forcing the First Division to consider a specialized Chiyudou.

Urazuki is a healing spell derived from the Chiyudou spell Daifuku. Expanding upon latter spell's muscle-rejuvenating abilities, this spell can re-create up to 15% the user's speed and defensive abilities, while also refreshing the muscles with similar, yet more efficient, Kidou-generated 'oxygen'. Also, Urazuki creates a passive Chiyudou swirl within the user's body for five turns, which will instantly close (but not heal) any slash wounds inflicted upon the user. It passively works to heal these wounds, but can only completely heal light wounds.

Urazuki's key difference lies in the casting: the spell was created for duelists, who are not inclined to accept assistance from another fighter, so it is a self-casting spell that cannot be bent upon others (not even by Kidoushuu techniques).

Incantation: "Upon Order, upon Chaos. Blades turn in their sheaths as the bodies stain their guards. In time, all shall pass and I shall be a soul, and yet I stand. Roar, Gods, in approval of your steadfast guardian. Chiyudou #36, Urazuki."


Vampire's Rapture - Bakudou #60, 800 Kidou

Description: The user's hand is enclosed, and the power springs from it. Small beams of energy wrap around the target, covering them with ritual symbols. The symbols then start to glow, sending a slightly painful burning sensation through the victim. The symbols cause a binding between the user and the target, the spell draining the target's strength and giving it to the caster.

The spell takes about three minutes to complete and the drainage depends on SP. For victims of half the user's strength, the spell will drain about 25 percent of their energy, people of similar strength, 15 percent, double strength, 10 percent, and triple or more around 5 percent. As the spell activates the user will start to become covered in the same symbols as the victim. The spell is completed when the symbols fully form on the user. The spell can only be broken if the seals are disrupted before they complete on the user. This usually means the victim has to cut the caster in one of the spots were the seals form.

Since the seals form on a person, the spell cannot be cast again against them. Once it has been used, it cannot be used again until the seals disappear about 10 minutes later.

Incantation: Succubus's kiss, demon's breath. Drain from my victim's their very essence and bestow upon me eternal life. Bakudou #60, Vampire's Rapture.


Vieo - Chiyudo #5, 25 Kidou

A thin, but very strong string emerges from the tip of the user's index. The string is incredibly easy to manipulate and guide, it's precision pinpoint accurate. It is designed for surgical use as a means of stitching, and is very useful during operations, for closing up wounds or tying things together.

The string can grow to a length of a five feet in total, never any longer. However, by multiplying the Kidou cost with the number of desired strings (these would emerge from other fingers), one can conjure more strings with only one casting. The strings are very durable and are not easily cut by normal weapons. At will, the user can sever the strings at the base of his or her fingers.

Incantation: "The seamstress' chamber, the needle and thread. Mending the body, repairing the flesh. Chiyudo #5, Vieo!"


Viper's Tongue - Bougyoudo #41, 490 Kidou

Description: A small blade of kidou energy forms around the user's palm. The blade is as sharp as an zanpakutou, and can break skin just as easily. Once an living thing is hit, a burning pain will course through them. The pain is excruciating, but will only last for a few seconds. Afterwards, the inflicted area will start to numb over, paralyzing that body part for about a minute or two. The length and pain of the attack, usually depends on the depth of the slash. A minor cut won't do much, however a direct hit will be very effective.

Incantation: Serpent's tongue, stun and punish. Unleash my spiteful wrath upon all those who threaten. Strike out and freeze with fear. Bougyoudo #41, Viper's Tongue


Vitre Patron - Chiyudo #62, 960 Kidou

Conjures a glass cage with 2, 5m sides. Any living organism inside the walls will be subjected to it's field of healing. Requiring the object of healing to lie perfectly still, or else the efficacy will be reduced. Will during the course of five minutes heal the object(s) inside of all minor and moderate wounds, replenish blood loss and rid the object's body of toxic substances. Can be quite messy, as all impure liquids will escape the object's body.

Anyone who tries to approach the cage besides the caster him/herself will experience a tough repelling aura emitting from it, making it hard to come close to. The closer one gets the harder the counter-force is. Approaching the cage by normal means of movement unless one has more than 2x the caster's Reiatsu will be futile. This also applies to shyunpo. The cage is unfortunately brittle and won't withstand much. It's repellant aura protects it well against physical projectiles and attacks, but has no effect on long-range attacks such as for instance fire.

Incantation: "No prisoner, but a loved one of mine. Chain not, but purify and make whole. These walls not your coffin, but your shield. Repel and expell, crystal deity. Chiyudo #62, Vitre Patron!"


Vulcan - Bakudou #52, 630 Kidou

Effect: The user forces their kidou out in great amounts, a mini tornado like structure being formed. Anything within it's range is caught up, the energy in the spell being shredding the trapped person.

Effect range: The tornado itself is on 10 ft high and 4 ft wide. However, it lasts for about a minute, and its path can be manipulated in that time.

Phrase: The crimson wind blows, the turbulent earth dancing in its wake. The twirling winds rending all in their way. Bakudou #52, Vulcan


Water of Life - Chiyudo #33, 335 Kidou

Effect: Doesn't make instant recovery possible. But rapidly increases the bodies natural processes in order to speed up the healing. Can be draining on the bodies reserves due to the increased healing.

The kidou will also heal most minor wounds and lower moderate spells on activation.

Incantation: Sprites in the air, spirits in the water, quicken thine pace, and lend your aid. Chiyodu #33, Water of Life.


White Flame - Chiyodu #6, 1100 Kidou

Effect: Almost instantly heals all major wounds. But due to the nature of the magic/energy, is very painful to use. Can also kill someone who is too weakened to deal with the shock, so caution is recommended in its use.

Incantation: You cannot run from what is within, so use it to strengthen yourself. Chiyodu #61, White Flame


Wind Master [Wnd/Sky/Tar] - Hadou # 39, 525 kidou

Description: The user shows both palms out one hand by their waist, the other is outstretched with the Thumb, Index, and Middle finger pointing up. The ring and pinky are closed. When the spell incantation begins, four streams of wind rush in on the user from the North, South, East, and West. They begin to circle the user. Once the user has declared the target, the circling winds shoot upwards in an arc and crash down on the target in one surge of compressed air. The wind is infused with kidou energy, allowing it to hit much harder than normal air.

Incantation: Where the four winds meet, I stand to command them. Hadou #39. Wind Master

Wind Master 2nd Style

At 800 Kidou they master the spell to be able to do the following description.

Description: Same stance and beginning as Wind Master, but with the palm at the waist the user can determine the number of strikes that are issued; either 1, 2 or 4. Naturally as the number of attacks increase the power decreases. As the user cites the incantation, the user determines the number of attacks with their hand at the waist. The attacks then strike as the user closes each finger. So the user can declare four attacks, and strike with three at the same time.


Writhing Spark - Hadou #61, 1400 Kidou

Description: A large coiling stream of electric power is formed and shot out by the user. The energy coils around the target in a 15ft radius. The barrier then starts to bare down on the target with a powerful magnetic force. The force starts to tug at the target's bodies, causing severe pain as the victim feels like their body is being ripped in two. The coil then shoots into the air then crashes into the target at full force, shocking them to unconsciously, death, or in the least causing a good amount of damage.

Incantation: Destructive forces of the skies crash down and rend the land. Sear through all evil and smother it in your unforgiving light. Hadou #61, Writhing Spark!

Writhing Demon - Hadou #61, 2800 Kidou

Description: Variation of Writhing Spark. The user clasps their hands together, sparks of air floating all about. The lightning then reforms behind the user, looking as the form of a giant, screaming demon's head. Great streams of wind flow across the ground as this attacks fury is unleashed, the very hairs of anyone in the area standing high because of the electrical discharce.

When the user shoots their palm forward, the attack will zip out and slam into it's target. Causing damage to anyone within 10ft of the target.

Incantation: Change Writhing Spark to Writhing Demon in incantation


Yaiba no Souseiki (Blade of Genesis) - Variable

Description: A unique Bougyoudou spell that allows for the flexible creation of weapons. Once cast, the user will create an ethereal frame either in his/her hand, in the air, or on the ground. The frame itself takes after the outline of the desired weapon that the user wishes to create. Once the frame is fully visualized, Reishi from the surrounding environment will rapidly collect and compact to physically form the weapon itself, much like water pouring into a receptacle.

The conceived weapon behaves like an Asauchi, in that it does not possess a Zanpakutou spirit, hence it cannot be released. It lasts for as long as the user desires, or until it is broken or destroyed in battle. Also, the cost of creating the weapon varies as according to its shape and mass. A general outline is provided:

Kodachi, wakizashi, long knives, etc. - 200 Kidou
Axes, Swords, katana, broadswords, etc. - 300 Kidou
Large Axes, no-dachi, greatswords, spears, etc. - 400 Kidou

Incantation: "A waterfall from heaven descends to wash away the castle of a thousand spears. Let the staining blood swirl in the clouds; dreams will never see so great a sea of swords! Bougyodou #31, Souseiki no Yaiba!"


Yakekoge - Hadou #1, 10 Kidou

Effect: Ignites the index and middle fingers in extremely hot flame, it wont scold the use but anything else sure. It lasts until the user cancels it or it is doused with water...

Effect Range: Point Blank.

Attack: More or less you're attempting to burn or scald by touch. Originally an eye gouging technique. Though some just use it to light fires. *Good hint - bring gasoline or any other flammable liquid and toss it on your opponent then use the spell and torch them.*

Phrase: As God molded the Earth, may I mold your Flesh. Hadou #1, Yakekoge.


Yobiyoseru/Retrieval (spell inspired by Harry Potter) - Bougyoudo #11, 70 Kidou
Description: Summons an object to the caller's hand. The further away the object is the higher the kidou stat must be(needing an extra 80 points of skill in the stat for every 3 meters away the object is).

The person will also have a greater time drawing in an object they have a spiritual affinity for than one they don't. So drawing in one's own zanpakutou will be easier than drawing in that of an enemy's(drawing in an enemie's weapon is pretty much impossible when they hve it held and if they grab the weapon or use a retrieval spell on it while you're trying to take it, they will probably pull their weapon back).

Incantation: Nymphs taking shade in the clouds on high, take flight! With prudent valiance, cross sage and brush, seek out my heart's desire and lay it in my hands! Bougyoudo #11, Yobiyoseru!


Yusuru - Bakudou #37, 450 Kidou

Description: The user sends a concentrated wave of energy out across the ground in a 10ft radius. The wave itself is harmless, but it has a destabilizing effect. This wave of energy since a nagging current through your opponent's legs, temporary encasing them in an electromagnetic field. Once activate, whenever the spiritons in a person's body starts to move at a rapid speed (say with shyunpo) the spell will cause the spiritons to regroup by forcing them together, the user is then stopped in their tracks. This spell lasts for twenty-five seconds once activated, and can stay dormant on the victim for up to 2 minutes.

Incantation: Bind the soul and clasp the spirit. Stop all deviancy, and strip it of its freedom. Bakudou #37, Yusuru


Zankoku Zutsū - Cruel Headache
Bougyoudo #21 - Cost: 130 Kidou (+30 per extra turn)

In battle, there is no foe less powerful than fatigue. A tireless opponent of tiredness, fatigue has been compared to the great behemoths of the colossus. So, taking in the stride of fatigue's detrimental effects, kidou users have attempted to re-create such a tireless foe.

Zankoku Zutsū works by implaing a malicious kidou energy into the body's energy. If tangible, it would look much like a sea urchin, though far smaller. Requiring bodily contact, the user focuses power into their index and middle fingers. Touching the enemy with these two fingers implants this urchin energy into the opponent. The 'urchin's' spikes slowly expand, eventually striking a nerve. The kidou energy's max width is achieved after 1 minute, and unless the user pays another 30 kidou per turn it evaporates.

This urchin's aim is to create a very sharp, very minute, and long-lasting pain. It slowly increases during the 1 minute of expansion, and therefore isn't noticable unless used on someone of very high bodily knowedge.

[Note - Only internal-wound spells can cancel this out, and to cancel Zankoku Zutsū out the healer must pay and extra 50 kidou on top of the healing spell's cost]

Chant - "The warrior's enemy lies within himself. All things stop when your body revolts. As the moon sets, I shall stand without spikes. Bougyoudo #21, Zankoku Zutsū!"


Zanokusu - Chiyudo #71, 1850 Kidou

Description: Should someone's blades be broken, this dramatically increases the recovery time for the zanpakutou to regrow. The blades can be regrown in a matter of minutes.



Zantanuskin - Hadou #69, 2100 Kidou

Effect: User cries out to the beings above for assistance. When their cry is answered, hundreds of burning spears begin to rain down on the target. The spears can be directed toward one individual or over a wider area to take out armies. This causes massive devastation to the area that is affected. The more the target is hit, the greater their wounds will be. Works extremely well if the target has been bound or slowed prior to casting.
However, this spell is not without cost. The user shall suffer major drawbacks as well. After casting all stats will be reduced by 50% and will remain in this state for 10 minutes, or this time can be reduced upon taking something to cure the impairment (A special medication rumored that only hollows have access (only loose 25%) to, or the special kidou developed by Ture Amoto(again only loose 25%)). Owing the drawback of this spell, generally it is only saved for the direst of all situations.

Incantation: (may not be Bypassed, if it is you will loose 80% of your stats and nothing can cure it... for 2 days)

Fiery beings resting high,
I beseech thee; Heed my cry!
I've found myself with in a perilous plight,
Send forth thine spears with astounding might!

Thine spears, dost fill many with woe,
Send them now, to smite my foe!
May thine spears take to the air both fast and true,
All of these, I ask of you.

Hadou #69, Zantanuskin!!


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Mar 13, 2005
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Dahlitium (⏆50 per)
Bigatium (⏆100 per)
Auritium (⏆300 per)
Vitatium (⏆1200 per)
Caelitium (⏆6000 per)
Well...umm...not sure if it's working correctly yet or not but it seems to be working well enough so I'll go ahead and re-post my last update.


Update to kidou: From now on the their will be a new rule to kidou basically depending on one's stat they will receive an overall cost reduction to kidou. Basically it'll look something like this

Kidou stat 1.5x greater than cost - 10% reduction

Kidou stat 2x greater than cost - 15%

Kidou stat 2.5x greater than cost - 20%

Kidou stat 3x greater than cost - 25% reduction

Kidou stat 3.5x greater than cost - 30% reduction

Kidou stat 4x greater than cost - 40% reduction

Kidou stat 4.5x greater than cost - 45% reduction

Kidou stat 5x greater than cost - 50% reduction

However, their are a few rules. 1. Kidou won't be able to be reduced under 50% by tech/feats. Meaning that while you can have something that reduces cost...when added with this new ruling it can't exceed 50%. The only exception to this will be the Kidoushuu, they will still have their reductions in play.

Also, the cost reduction doesn't reduce overall power...just needed output. Basically when using a spell at a reduced usage it will still be like using the spell at the normal usage. Basically, it's in play to show one's increased effiency in the use of kidou.

This new update is in play and expect to see it added to the rules seen(probably when I get to merging the library).

EDIT: Looks like somebody already did. Thanks, Dip.

*Next update: Barrier Effectiveness


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Mar 13, 2005
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Dahlitium (⏆50 per)
Bigatium (⏆100 per)
Auritium (⏆300 per)
Vitatium (⏆1200 per)
Caelitium (⏆6000 per)
Quick Update:

Before I do the barriers I had a quick update to factor in the number value of kidou attacks.

Basically kidou damage will be calculated as such.

Kidou Damage = 1/5 Kidou + Kidou Cost(Damage Modifier)

And the Damage Mods will be as such:

Damage Modifiers:

1-10 = 1.1
11-20 = 1.2
21-30 = 1.3
31-40 = 1.4
41-50 = 1.5
51-60 = 1.6
61-70 = 1.7
71-80 = 1.8
81-90 = 1.9
90-100 = 2.0

So, say someone's stats are like.

Rei: 40000
Zan: 10000
Hak: 10000
Hohou: 10000
Kidou: 10000

If they used a kidou that is in say 50 in cost the total damage for it would be. 2000+50(1.1) = 2055 Damage. Not much however, if he were to use one valued at 1000 and numbered 50 it would be 2000+1000(1.5) = 3500 Damage. Then say they used one of the forbiddens like Kuro that would be 2000+6000(2.0) = 14000 Damage.

These numbers are for the people who want to use them. Remember for the people who want to battle without numbers you aren't restricted to this rule. Like Zan and Hak, these numbers are for who choses to use them(and for Plot Missions).


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Mar 13, 2005
In your brains, taking your knowledge
Dahlitium (⏆50 per)
Bigatium (⏆100 per)
Auritium (⏆300 per)
Vitatium (⏆1200 per)
Caelitium (⏆6000 per)
Putting new kidou here until list stops being lame

Aisurondo - [Ice/Con/Tar] - 2000 Kidou(variant to Aisu)

A variant of the original Aisu, the user charges reiatsu into his or her feet, making it so that icicles pop up from the ground after each step. These icicles grow to be only about half a meter in height, but are infused with an unstable amount of the user's kidou energy and flash brightly to show this. Thus, whenever a person gets too close (within a third of a meter, roughly a foot) to the icicles, they will explode. Because this spell is a continuous effect, upkeep is roughly 10 reiatsu for each step; this upkeep is free for the first 20 steps. When the upkeep cannot be paid, or when the user utters the command, 'Shatter,' all of the existing icicles shatter automatically, and the spell ends.

It should be noted that if the user would flash step with this active, icicles would simply sprout from the first Flash step and the last Flash step.

Incantation: An extra line is added towards the end.

"The Frozen hand breaks, melting away the sun. The frosty breath blows, relentlessly assaulting the wind. The binding ice collapses, nurturing the earth's plants. May ice hark, and walk upwards from my steps. Hadou #30, Aisurondo"


Colossus -- Bougyoudo #93, 7000 Kidou

Description: One of the most, if not the most, powerful cloning kidou there is. Colossus works by creating a nigh indestructible clone of the user from a combination of the user's reiatsu, blood, and the earth around them. The Golem has 25% of it's user's stats and is intelligent to the point where it will use the same combat tactics as its original (it can even use the same kidou and techniques as its it's perquisites have to be up to it. Meaning if it's master has 10000 kidou and knows Kuro, since it would only have 2500 would not be able to do it...same with techniques. The clone still cannot use zanpakutou moves either however), though it can be controlled mentally.

However, the Colossus does have one glaring weakness, if it uses all its reiatsu it will collapse. Meaning when it has used up the 25% of reiatsu it has been allotted (from use of draining techs and kidou or damage), it will fade away. When heavily damaged, the Colossus simply reforms, the time it takes to reform being in part to the amount of damage it takes (however, the creature also needs to pay a reiatsu cost to reform):

Puncture wounds: Won't stop it. 1% reiatsu to repair.
Severed limb: Won't even stop it. 5% reiatsu to repair.
Giant hole in body: Disabled for 1 round. 10% reiatsu to repair.
Reduced to dust: Disabled for 2 rounds. 25% of reiatsu to repair.

After the recovery time is fulfilled, the clone will continue its assault.

Note: While the clone is in play, its controller suffers a 10% drop in reiatsu. Also, only one clone can be summoned at a time.

Incantation: From the ashes, a titan is born, the memories of cosmos flowing through it as if he has lived since the cosmos's creation. From the ashes, a titan is born, and as I have given it shall serve me 'til death. Bougyoudo #93, Colossus


Delirium -- Bougyoudo #58, 850 Kidou

Description: The user activates the spell by forming a needle of reiatsu. The needle can be formed from any part of the body, so it is difficult to tell where the attack is coming from. When the needle sticks an organic target, strong venom will course through their body. Over time, they will go the following effects.

Turn 1: They will feel a strong burning sensation through their body.
Turn 3: Their movements will become sluggish and the part of their body that was hit will become stiff.
Turn 5: They will start to hear and see things that aren't multiple images of their opponent and very strange sightings (some people have even seen flying clowns) and a very sharp ringing sound through their body.

The effects of this kidou continue as long as the target has been struck, but can by a Chiyudo spell or antidote (the venom is considered mid-level like the spell).

Incantation: As the blood moon rises, the mind will betray. Becoming one's own enemy, it spreads its lunacy. Bougyoudo #58, Delirium


Diamond Cutter -- Hadou #29, 290 Kidou/S3

Description: Jagged crystalline spires of earth shoot wildly from the earth under their target, skewering whatever they hit. The spires shoot out in a 10ft area starting from the center with the target. They shoot out randomly, but cover up pretty much all of the area they hit.

Incantation: My word powerful enough to move the very earth, to give life to what is lifeless and bend invincible stone to my will...and cold enough to break fragility before me. Hadou #29, Diamond Cutter


Dispel -- Chiyudo #35, Requires 375 kidou to learn

Description: A spell used to negate the lingering effects of all non-zanpakutou abilities on oneself; Dispel is considered one of the most powerful Chiyudo there is, especially for its learning cost. By expending a fixed amount of energy, the user is able to negate nasty effects (such as poison or stat reductions) that are left over from kidou and other techniques. Dispel only negates the direct effects something has on the body and returns it to its previous unafflicted condition, as such it cannot negate most bakudou (since they do not effect the body directly, that simply place a binding over it...however, it will negate the lingering effects the some bakudou have). The cost for the spells is as such.

*Note: Because of the power of the spell proper experience is needed in negation. Because of this the user much have a kidou equal to or higher than the cost of the spell they're negating, and a kidou stat equal or higher than the maximum perquisite for a technique.

*Note: For techniques, the number means the perquisite to learn. The negating cost, however, is the reiatsu cost of the technique.

Kidou/techniques under 1000: 50% of usage cost to negate lingering effect
Kidou/techniques under 3000: 60% of usage cost to negate lingering effect
Kidou/techniques under 5000: 70% of usage cost to negate lingering effect
Kidou/techniques 5000 and over: 80% of cost to negate lingering effect

For techniques and kidou that don't have energy expenditure, the required negating cost is as such:

Kidou/techniques under 1000: 375 kidou to negate lingering effect
Kidou/techniques under 3000: 600 kidou to negate lingering effect
Kidou/techniques under 5000: 800 kidou to negate lingering effect
Kidou/techniques 5000 and over: 1000 kidou to negate lingering effect

Incantation: None, simply Chiyudo #35, Dispel


Dragon's Roar -- Hadou #17, 800 kidou/S2(Variation to Dragon's Breath)

Description: A more powerful form of Dragon's Breath, it basically increases the size of the flame dramatic. While Dragon's Breath only has a range of 5 yards at most with a yard or so area, Dragon's Roar has a maximum range of over 80 ft, and a maximum area of about 20 ft. However, because of the massive flame that is created, a much deeper breath must be taken for Dragon's Roar meaning that it cannot be used in quick succession like Dragon's Breath.

Incantation: Simply say Dragon's Breath's incantation and chance the end to Hadou #17, Dragon's Roar.


Fallacy - Bougyoudo #72, 2000 Kidou

Description: When activated, energy is formed in the user's eye. The user then releases this out in a bright false of light. When the flash affects the sight of the target, an illusion is created. The illusion can be anything the user directs, and the target themselves will believe the illusion to be real. Any injuries from the illusion the target takes will feel real to them while they are under the effects, however, they will not be present when the illusion is over. A limitation of the spell, however, is that it cannot change the direct surroundings. It can add on to the surroundings, and if there is complete white or darkness it can change them, but if there is say a forest...the forest will still be present during the illusion. This effect lasts for ten turns and then is cancelled.

Incantation: The serpent spits its lies, stripping away what was once believed to be truth. Nothing lost, but even less gained...the pure mind dives into insanity. Bougyoudo #72, Fallacy


Field of Lost Dreams -- Bakudou #98, 8800 Kidou

Description: A powerful Bakudou, FoLD works by creating a small cylinder-like structure around the user and target. The radius of the field is about 25ft and is surrounded by an invisible gate and has four strange totems surrounding it. The gate reaches about 40ft high, and can only be seen when an opposing energy force touches it.

Once the spell is completed, the ground is covered in darkness...a slick, dark substance covering the ground. The substance does nothing itself and is pretty much like normal earth in its friction...however, when stepped on by an opposing force, small tendril will attempt to wrap around them. Meaning that an opponent will have to keep moving to keep themselves from getting bound...this is also true for when someone tries to climb or jump over the outer gate...however, the tendrils will be a lot more furious in those sections...even trying to skewer the target.

The main attack, however, are from the four totems sounding the gate. They are not truly totems, but containment units. The units contain an especially volatile fluid that is slowly lowered into the field. When it is completely leaked into the field or when the containment unit is a broken, a large blob will be released. There are four blobs and total, and each of them is about 15ft in size, with a large opening at their "head-end" which houses a massive row of teeth. The blobs move much like whales through the shadowy floor, even being able to "dive" and shoot out from the ground as if it were an ocean.

For the next ten rounds the spell is active, the blobs will shoot from the earth, viciously trying to attack the user's opponent. They'll bite at the opponent with their teeth and even try to slam into him/her with their massive bodies. They can even "shallow" the target and drag them into the first-harmless black field below. If they manage to do that, each of them blobs will converge and rip the target apart, spitting them out of the field afterwards.

Description: Rotting away thine selfish mold, created from the flesh of the given and coated in the lies of the dark. Within these walls, hope becomes a fantasy and truth becomes a far-off vision. Casing away the shackles of what would be...I create illusion. Bakudou #98, Field of Lost Dreams


Gust -- Bougyoudo #67, 1500 Kidou(Variation to Step of Shadows)

Description: The final variation on the step of shadows technique. When Gust of Wind is activated, the user's body disappears from sight and is replaced by a large, swirling group of leaves. The leaves all shoot out and every directly, making it hard to track the true destination of the user. When they want to reform, the swirl of leaves that was cloaking the user's body when then twirl into a giant clump and disappear, the person appearing from within the clump.

Incantation: Dancing winds, guide my soul's path upon nature's recourse! Bougyoudo #67, Gust!"


Hadou #88, Kaiton Saihou [Non/Sht/Lng] - 5,700 Reiatsu (fixed)/S4 (Gotei 13 only)


Kaiton Saihou - Hadou #88, 5,700 Reiatsu

The fastest Hadou spell ever created, and also one of the newest. Kaiton Saihou ("Ashen Primeval Chaos, Disaster Cannon") is unique in that its summoned program shape is modeled like a fist-sized sphere: once the caster recites the incantation or calls forth Kaiton Saihou's designation, the Kidouryoku consumed to fuel this Hadou will collect and compress into that single receptacle, usually placed directly in front of the caster or where he or she aims with an exposed palm. This collection process is a harrowingly intense one, such that the gathering Kidouryoku, which is normally invisible, condenses with such activity that it becomes visible in the form of a blindingly white haze congregating into a single point in space, after which it will appear as though it were a miniature, floating quasar. The immense condensation of energy serves not only to escalate the impact power of the spell itself, but also to instantaneously accelerate the resulting blast to unheard-of speeds.

The "charging" period requires two to three seconds, regardless of the user's skill level, during which (accompanied by the collecting haze) a shrieking cacophony like that of a revving jet engine will occur... so much that even the caster's recitation or designation of the Hadou will be completely muffled out. After the energy is completely gathered, it will remain in its "silent" state for a maximum of five seconds. The caster may aim and release the Hadou spell at any time during those five seconds, but failure to do so will result in a cataclysmic fragmentation of the spell that may critically wound whoever is caught in the tumultuous explosion.

Once the caster decides to fire the Hadou, a visible sonic boom will erupt in its wake: the force of the shell release is enough to break the sound barrier. The resultant projectile fires off in a straight path, appearing as a blinding, white orb the size of a cannonball, and due to its intense composition, which causes the air flowing around it to ignite in ivory flames, the projectile itself looks like a blurring streak, and may trick observers into thinking the spell itself has the form of a laser. However, the peculiar nature of the blast lies not only in its lightning-strike appearance, but in its velocity. By far, Kaiton Saihou is the fastest Hadou, capable of reaching supersonic speeds (as determined by the user's current Kidou) and causing damage easily equivalent to Hadou spells numbered in the 90's. The blurring projectile itself travels for miles upon miles without diverging even a degree from its straight path, much like a laser beam. Upon impact with the target or an obstruction, Kaiton Saihou will erupt into a fierce, incinerating flare the size of a large house that generates a deafening boom and causes most types of matter caught within its blast to degenerate into ash. The percussive force of the explosion is so great, given the velocity of the spell itself, that it is not uncommon for targets to be utterly blown away by scores of meters.

Unlike other Kidou spells, however, Kaiton Saihou's cost cannot be bypassed. Cost reductions cannot be applied to this spell, as it specifically needs its listed amount of Reiatsu for optimum results. However, given the caster's base Kidou stat, it is possible to increase the output power of the spell itself (for instance, with at least 28,500 Kidou, being able to normally reduce the cost of this spell by 50% will not result in the cost reduction, but rather a power increase of +50% instead). It should be noted, however, that any other skill that modifies the cost of Kidou cannot be applied to this particular spell, even if it increases its power in the same vein. Therefore, such skills as Toukihaku or Senmonka will prove ineffective in augmenting Kaiton Saihou.

Because of its relative youth compared to many other Kidou spells, Kaiton Saihou can only be learned and utilized by members of the Gotei 13 and its branching organizations (Kidoushuu, Onmitsu Kidou, etc.).

Japanese Incantation: "Senhyakujuuichi no Fuseiran, Hyakujuuichi no Kokusesshin, Juuichi no Raunka, Itsu no Shakkou, Rei no Mumyou. Kuuzen o ware. Hadou no Hachijuuhachi, Kaiton Saihou."

Translated Incantation: "1111 Unborn Chaos, 111 Black Snow Forests, 11 Naked Clouds and Flames, 1 Red Chimera, 0 Darkness of the Ignorant. Cut the entire sky in half. Hadou #88, Kaiton Saihou."


Lunatic Seal -- Bougyoudo #100, 10000 Kidou

Description: All techniques are garnered from the memory. When a technique or kidou is used, one must first recall the technique and then place energy into it. However, the Lunatic Seal has the power to negate all that. The user forms a seal on the palm of their fist and slams it into their opponent. Once activated, the inflicted opponent is restricted from using all non-zanpakutou techniques that involve the use of reiatsu in any way (basically any attack that isn't 100% melee in form) for 15 rounds and all non-zanpakutou techniques that were already in play are stopped and negated. The only technique that can be used through this is the one known as dispel which was specially built for the negation of such spells.

Description: The ethereal eye of the divine, cast away into the abysmal pit of shadows. Those who were once blessed by the gods now shiver in infamy as those to cry for their once noble blood seek it. Bougyoudo #100, Lunatic Seal

Spatial Displacement -- Bakudou #52, 640 Kidou
Description: User specifies a target point in the air with extended index and middle fingers (point must be within 5 metres). After a one second delay, the specified point, marked only by the pointing fingers, will instantly become a purple/black sphere of pulsating energy which is 50cm in diameter. Whatever is within the space at the moment of time the sphere erupts, is held in the exact space it occupied. Nothing can enter or exit the sphere during the 20 seconds it remains up, but it will not separate objects attached to that inside with its energy alone as the sphere's space is not restricted by physical or spiritual forms/objects.

Incantation: Ancient punishment. A hand from a thief, the eyes from a spy. Take the criminals very space and hold it against them. Bakudou #52, Spatial Displacement.

Extension: Gravity Placement -- 2500 Kidou
Description: The user aims an open palm towards the sphere created in the previous kidou before clenching the fist in representation of the crushing motion to be made by the sphere. The gravity within the sphere is increased towards the central point, causing damage to the objects inside which can range from, if taking a human limb as example, slight skin tearing to multiple bone fractures. In general, more damage is suffered the closer the object within is to the centre of the sphere due to gravity's central point.

Incantation: <iono>. Bakudou #52, Gravity Placement.


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With the system changing a bit, I thought it would be a good idea to update how barriers work for both creation and usage. So, as of now, this will be the restriction for barrier. Remember that these are only guidelines and things like types of attack used (weak or super strong) should be taken into the user's discretion when they use them. Also, this is the first draft and we will be working on it as the need arises.

Note: Because I am unable to properly edit the kidou list at this time, some of the barriers will have different wordings than what this lists has down. This list however, will supercede whatever the barrier has written...unless that is a special effect.

New Barrier Guidelines -

Power Ranges(Defense against reiatsu) -- Take in mine that all these calculations for power are against moderate attacks. The barriers will be able to block a bit more from weaker attacks, and will block a bit less from stronger attack. Basically, the barrier would be able to block a weak stab from someone a little bit over limit, and it stands a good change of failing against a very power attack from someone who is right on limit.

Low level:

Low-Low(1-150 cost) - Unable to block more than .5 to .8 of own user's reiatsu without damage (Safe). Barriers completely shatters when blocking own level of reiatsu or higher (Danger). Between safe and danger ranges, damaged will be halved.

Mid-Low(150-350 cost) - Unable to block more than 1.0 of own user's reiatsu without damage(Safe). Barrier completely shatters when blocking 1.3 times user's reiatsu(Danger). Between safe and danger ranges, damaged will be halved.

High-Low(350-500) - Unable to block more than 1.15 of user's reiatsu without damage (Safe). Barrier will completely shatter when blocking 1.3 times user's reiatsu (Danger). Between safe and danger ranges, damaged will be halved.

Mid Level:

Low-Mid(500-900) -- Blocks between 1.15(low end) and 1.35(high end) of own user's reiatsu without damage (Safe). Barriers completely shatters when blocking 1.5 of reiatsu or higher (Danger). Between safe and danger ranges, damaged will be halved.

Mid-Mid(900-1500) -- Blocks 1.5(low end) to 1.8(high end) of own user's reiatsu without damage(Safe). Barrier completely shatters when blocking 2.0 times user's reiatsu (Danger). Between safe and danger ranges, damaged will be halved.

High-Mid (1500-2500) -- Blocks more than 2.0(low end) to 2.2(high end) of user's reiatsu without damage (Safe). Barrier will completely shatter when blocking 2.4 times user's reiatsu (Danger). Between safe and danger ranges, damaged will be halved.

High Level:

Low-High(2500-3500) -- Blocks more than 2.3(low end) to 2.6(high end) of own user's reiatsu without damage (Safe). Barriers completely shatters when blocking 2.75 of reiatsu or higher (Danger). Between safe and danger ranges, damaged will be halved.

Mid-Mid(3500-5000) -- Blocks more than 2.75(low end) to 3.0(high end) of own user's reiatsu without damage(Safe). Barrier completely shatters when blocking 3.25 times user's reiatsu (Danger). Between safe and danger ranges, damaged will be halved.

High-Mid(5000+) Sense there is no upper limit, there isn't a max to the power which a person can block. However, the rest of the guide should be enough to show how fast it works.

Speed and Size: In pertaining to a barriers, size use this equation. The larger a barrier is, the generally slower it is. Meaning that a barrier that is about the size of a bowl shield will be a lot faster than one the size of a big stone wall. This rule however can be bypassed if more than one person is needed to cast a barrier.

Barriers with special effects: A good rule to follow is that a normal barrier with no special effects is a bit stronger than a barrier within the same class that has a special effect. The maximum power of that barrier will be determined by the power of the effect. The stronger the effect is, the weaker overall power is. However, this is with taking class into account. Higher-class barriers can have better special effects then lower class barriers with a much lower downgrade percentage.


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Mar 13, 2005
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Bigatium (⏆100 per)
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Due to circumstances beyond my control, I've find myself having an almost impossible time editing the kidou list as of late.

While that wouldn't be too much of a problem, seeing as the reforms and new kidou keep coming and I have to do a lot of edits myself...leaving it as is cannot work.

Because of that I will be hosting the kidou list off the forum from now on. Until further notice the kidou list will now be hosted at Phpbb with the following address Overview)

To make sure it doesn't fall into complete disarray, I will try my best to keep the list updated weekly. Also, If I don't talk to you in person could the kidou list staff please sign up for the forum so I can sign you in.

Also, only the kidou list will be located there. User created kidou will still be posted in the announcement on kidou thread for review. And topics on the kidou list should still be posted in RPG discussion.


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Mar 13, 2005
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Dahlitium (⏆50 per)
Bigatium (⏆100 per)
Auritium (⏆300 per)
Vitatium (⏆1200 per)
Caelitium (⏆6000 per)
Basically Kish has given me a new formula to measure how much barriers can defend against and I think it works pretty decently(better than the one I threw together at least). (For more information on barriers go to kidou

It is as follows -

Shield Protection

Shield Protection = 1/5 Kidou + Kidou Cost(Protection Modifier)

And the Protection will be as such:

Damage Modifiers:
(Default Cost = Protection Mod)

0-60 = 1.1
61-150 = 1.2
151-300 = 1.3
301-550 = 1.4
551-900 = 1.5
901-1400 = 1.6
1400-2200 = 1.7
2201-4000 = 1.8
4001-6000 = 1.9
6000+ = 2.0

So, say someone's stats are like.

Rei: 40000
Zan: 10000
Hak: 10000
Hohou: 10000
Kidou: 10000

If they used a kidou that is in say 50 in cost the total protection for it would be. 2000+50(1.1) = 2055 Damage. Not much however, if he were to use one valued at 1000 and numbered 50 it would be 2000+1000(1.5) = 3500 Damage. Then say they used one of the forbidden like Kuro that would be 2000+6000(2.0) = 14000 Damage.

Basically, barriers will block that much no matter what. So, if you receive an attack that is under the maximum damage limit of your barrier, the attack will be negated. However, if an attack goes over your massive damage limit, the barrier will break and you will take damage being the difference between the total attack of your attack minus the total protection ability of your barrier.


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