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Hello all. I am looking for people willing to spend quite a lot of time and help me out. What I need is some people to preread/proofread a young adultish(?) semi fantasyish(?) novel I have written. All in all, it's pretty full length, and I would like some opinions on it. And almost certainly, I will have missed some things in my own editing of the story.

The main character is a teenage girl, Selaf, living on a continent where the sun only weakly shines. Vicious monsters, known as dizaks, roam the wilds. Yet, the dizaks are integrated into the culture of the people. These monsters are used for enterainment and power.

Selaf was always a girl that had to survive on her own. Quite suddenly, her life was thrown into disarray as the town she was hiding out in was destroyed. She is then drawn into country where the highest concentration of dizaks roam. It is there that she is given the opportunity to get out of her current wandering and thieving lifestyle. But her new life is also filled with dangers.

That's the basic gist ofthe story. Let me know if you want to preread/proofread for me and I will get you a copy of it. It would really help me out a lot.


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I'd be happy to act as your editor/beta reader if you'd like Finny :)

Feel free to IM or PM me about getting started and we can work out what you're looking for and what I can help you with.


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First off, congrats on actually finishing something like this!

I can't promise quick results, but I'll certainly take a look over it.


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I'm always looking to support and read new, promising authors. Let me know if you'd like me to look things over!

Congrats on getting this far!


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I'm totally up to help if you need more people to look at it!


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Whoa, thanks for the interest. I think 5 people is great. I'm going close requests for now since I don't know what I'm doing. I don't know how stuff works. 5 might or might not be too much for me to handle.
I can take the ones you don't want, Finny. I have a Dresden Files-esque urban fantasy novel that's been sitting for a while waiting for me to decide how to proceed, and I certainly need beta readers if I was planning to self-publish...

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