Looking for prereaders, Feast of the End 2

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It's finished! Feast of the End, Dismal Article (working title)

I am hoping for some of you fine people to help out again in prereading/proofreading. It really helps as I make a lot of mistakes, and I also write a bunch of stupid stuff if no one checks it.

Feast of the End is a fantasyish novel. The main character is Selaf, a girl trying to find her way in a world of treachery, plots and secrets. While the land is full of monsters, the most dangerous ones are the people trying to obtain power, and Selaf is in the middle of all of it. Book 2 includes new lands, other nations and stranger dizaks than ever.

Your help is appreciated.


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I'll preread/proof book two. Especially since I just finished my kindle copy of Book 1! :)

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