Lorcan Winnoll

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Apr 25, 2015
Name: Lorcan Winnoll
Age: 23
Race: Laicar (Terran)

Vigor: 1000
Latens: 0

Persona: Lorcan is rediscovering the personality years of indifference and drunkenness hid. He still struggles with being honest and respecting rules, but has an appealing earnestness. He has a sense of humor that can range from dry to goofy. His temper tends to flare inordinately then quickly abate, leaving him sheepish at the aftermath. Humility has been forced on him, as it is very difficult to be proud while apologizing for drunkenly pissing in someone’s closet. He is quietly stubborn and prejudiced toward robots.

Physical Stature: Lorcan is a few fingers shy of six feet, but will adamantly deny the lack. He likes the round number and is sticking to it. His hair tends to be shaggy and a bit past his collar. It’s an indistinct reddish brown. He has a broad, crooked smile that shows a pronounced fang, and is quick to assert it’s not from any muddling of his ancestry. His eyes are steel blue.

His build resembles a swimmer’s with broad shoulders and a narrower torso, and is more lean than muscular.

Biography: The middle of five children in a working class family, Lorcan was accustomed to fighting for necessities as basic as his own toothbrush. Willing to do anything to get out of his tumultuous house, he embraced a lifestyle of escapism. It began in a healthy fashion with a love for books and tinkering. But, the day he knocked another kid on his ass and felt the awe of onlookers, Lorcan realized there were faster ways of getting what you wanted. The ‘do or have it done to you’ spirit followed him into adulthood, and his methods of escape took unhealthy turns. After spectacularly slamming into rock bottom, Lorcan decided to get sober and clean up while he was still young. He is now fumbling his way through living honestly.

Character Skills

School of Castus (The Immaculate)
School of Aquila (The Eagle)
Way of Pistolii (The Duelist)
Art of Ingeniarius (The Engineer)


Writing Week is 289

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