Lucian Atrius

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Araevis' Lead Ecologist
Apr 5, 2008

Age: 27

Lucian stands an imposing 6’4â€. His heavily muscled body belies a frame that is more weathered than the sum of its years. His olive skin is chapped along his hands and arms, a gift of his hard life’s work.The self-declared muscleman prefers casual fair, a need for restraint being seen as vital towards his job. A closer look at the man, however, belies a number of eccentricities. The most glaring is the small armory Lucian carries on his person. These include a machine gun, a great hammer, a not insignificant amount of explosives, and a number of esoteric tomes.

The man’s deeply sunk brown eyes belie a plain, if charming, face. The one notable exception to this being the young man’s slightly crooked nose, a gift from a job he refuses to have corrected. Lucian keeps clean shaven, a difficult task given his near constant wanderings. His dirty blonde hair is trimmed short and neat.

Some men find their destiny exploring the world, others have it chosen for them from birth. Lucian is one of the latter. Born to two researchers belonging to [Text not found], the boy was selected by his parents from birth to join in their life’s work. The young man found his talent in his penchant toward heavy weaponry becoming a demolitionist of some renown. The found success after Operation Almandel where by Lucian [Data Corrupted please see administrator]. After joining task force Sigma-66. Lucian mixes laboratory containment with the fieldwork he has come to love.

Some men prefer to think long and hard about their next move, Lucian is a man of impulse and intuition. Whether this is a good thing or not the young man has yet to decide. Boisterous and not one for subterfuge Lucian lets everyone know exactly what is on his mind. His past experience has made him especially prone toward direct action in his line of work much to the chagrin of those who find themselves working with him.

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