Memoirs: The Great Hollow War

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The following are footnotes taken from the personal memoirs of the honorable Seiji Yasuo, First Judge of the Central 46, regarding the events surrounding the tumultous past of Soul Society...

[Memoirs: The Great Hollow War, Chapter 1]

??? P.N - The Hollows "Brainfang", "Emptybones", and "White Corona" begin to amass together all Hollows, both intelligent and primitive evading the detection of the Onimtsu Kidou in the process.

1860 P.N. - Shinkou Masaru enrolls in the Old Shinigami Academy.

1854 P.N. - Shinkou Masaru graduates to the 12th Division under Capt. Suikuske Oowanryuu.

~1500 P.N - Seiji Yasuo enrolls in the Old Shinigami Academy and enters the 12th Division only two years later.

1499 P.N. - An infamous series of slayings in which Rukongai peasants are killed and found with a hole in their forehead begin and end a decade later.

1493 P.N. - Seiji finally meets Masaru and become friends.

1214 P.N.. - Commander Ro-hanken appoints Hajime Soren Captain of the 6th after former Captain, Gorudo Mahara, is killed outside of Seireitei. Nobody can determine the cause of death, but an odd hole has been drilled into the side of Mahara's head, and the skull cavity is empty. Only a few recall the slayings in Rukongai, but dismiss the memory since the victim was a Captain and therefore likely unrelated.

1143 P.N. - With Masaru's help Seiji finally awakens Kaikou and activates its Shikai in battle against a group of Hollows.

1070 P.N. - For the first time in the recorded history of Soul Society, a Hollow breaks through the special Bloodstone-produced wall of spiritons around Seireitei and attacks the heart of the Gotei 13. It is only a weak and unintelligent Hollow, but it's arrival catches the Gotei completely off guard and thus some Shinigami are killed before the Hollow is brought down. Since the Hollow was very primitive, the Gotei 13 dismisses the incident as a fluke.

987 P.N - An unheard of Shinigami who simply goes by the name of "Karappo Kotsu" graduates from the Academy and rises through ranks in record time. He challenges and defeats Captain Suikuske Oowanryuu of the 12th Division, taking his place as Captain of the 12th. A large number of the officers in the Division, including Masaru and Seiji become disenfranchised under their new leader's... personality.

862 P.N. - The second time a Hollow breaks through into Seireitei. It is not treated as a coincidence, and is investigated thoroughly. It is noted however that only Captains know of a mysterious substance to dissolve the Bloodstone walls of Seireitei.

860 P.N. - Captain of the 4th, Inoue Takana, is murdered. It is the fifth time a Captain has been murdered outside of a duel in history. The prime suspect is Karappo Kotsu, but not enough evidence is drawn into convict him, despite many witnessed conversations between him and Takana that were heated. Many Shinigami will remark for years the stunned expression on Takana's corpse.

854 P.N. - Karappo Kotsu's Vice-Captain, Mikagami Gawa is killed. The evidence convicting Kotsu is astounding. However, the day before the verdict, a member of the Central 46 named Byakuya Koukan gives a 1 minute long speech, the details of which are not revealed. The speech single handedly convinces the remaining 45 Council Members to declare Kotsu innocent. Commander Ro-hanken is infuriated, and actually pulls aside three members of the council, questioning their decision and asking what could one man possibly have said to change their minds. The three reply with a blank stare, then each recall nothing but a white light.

686 P.N. - Shinkou Masaru's performance in the Gotei 13 earns him the Vice-Captain position under Karappo Kotsu. He secludes himself from the others, including Seiji, after becoming extremely suspicious of his Captain and his long abscences outside of Seireitei.

685 P.N. - Seiji Yasuo begins his surveillance of the Bloodstone walls around Seireitei with specially developed equipment from the Research Department. Mysteriously, when Seiji returns to collect the data in each device, the gear is destroyed by what appear to be slashes from a bladed weapon.

680 P.N. - Shinkou Masaru climbs out of his self-imposed ostracism and approaches the one person he deems that he can trust, Seiji Yasuo. Masaru quickly digresses his speculation of a possible conspiracy within the walls of Seireitei centuries in the making. Knowing that against such powerful adversaries, they would be crushed in any attempt to reveal the conspiracy, the two leave the Gotei 13, surprising many officers who had felt such promise in them both. They then leave Seireitei and move into the outskirts of Rukongai and eventually, the physical world, keeping an eye out for the worst, and begin to train themselves and their Zanpaku for the Bankai they know they will need...

[End Memoirs: The Great Hollow War, Chapter 1]


The following are the conclusion of the footnotes taken from the personal memoirs of the honorable Seiji Yasuo, First Judge of the Central 46, regarding the events surrounding the tumultous past of Soul Society...

[Memoirs: The Great Hollow War, Chapter 2]

540 P.N. - Karappo Kotsu reveals seemingly ****ing evidence of Shinkou and Seiji's treason in the murders of Suikuske Owanryuu, Gorudo Mahara, Inoue Takana, and Mikagami Gawa with the help of Byakuya Koukan. The Shinigami are then ordered to full alert and lockdown status for the next decade and send elements of the Gotei 13 out to kill the two "traitors" on sight. Over the next decade, dozens of the brightest Shinigami in the Gotei 13 sent out to eliminate Shinkou and Seiji are cut down again and again by unnaturally large hordes of Hollows.

530 P.N. - The worst Hollow invasion occurs and the historians note this as the beginning of the Great Hollow War. Scores of Hollows break through dissolved Bloodstone into Seireitei, killing hundreds of Shinigami. Two Captains, Fyourin Marisen of the 7th and Zan Liufei of the 2nd, are killed in combat. No successors are decided. The Captain of the 13th, Mitori Yanagawa begins an investigation to find out how Hollows are breaking through.

534 P.N. - After 6 years of investigation, Miroti realizes the entire matter began with Captain Gorudo's death. He goes back to investigate the dusty report and realizes the hole through in the skull might've been used by a Hollow to get the secret to breaching the wall of Seireitei. He notifies the entire Gotei 13 of this, but despite pleading for new means of defense, the Central 46 quietly refuses to make changes. It is said that one man once again held sway over the rest's decisions. Meanwhile massive Hollow attacks dating from the assault on Seireitei take place on Earth; the Gotei 13 are hard-pressed to maintain the balance of souls.

510 P.N. - Shinkou Masaru and Yasuo achieve Bankai and continue training by anonymously aiding Shinigami and Quincy fight off Hollows in both the spiritual and physical realm. They wait for the instant that Kotsu will make his move.

436 P.N. - Captain of the 9th, Shorin Hyourin is found dead, with Kotsu's "zanpakutou" in his heart. Commander Ro-hanken attempts to arrest Kotsu, only for Kotsu to transform between him and Captain Miroti's eyes into a Hollow. Kotsu reveals himself as the Hollow "Emptybones", and fights Commander Ro-hanken and Captain Miroti. In the course of the fight, Miroti is killed, and Ro-hanken severely injured before fending off Kotsu, who retreats. Ro-hanken is unconscious for the better part of a year in a coma and thus unable to reveal to anyone what exactly happened.

435 P.N. - The largest section of fighting in the Great Hollow War begins. Emptybones and Brainfang, who is the Hollow that dug the secret of Seireitei out of Captain Gorudor's brain, lead the assault. The battling lasts non-stop, and both sides constantly lower in number. However, the Hollows continue to receive a steady supply of warriors while the Shinigami run lower and lower. With the Shinigami in utter distress at this point, Masaru and Seiji split up and help defend both realms simultaneously.

434 P.N. - Commander Ro-hanken, weakly awakened, makes way to the Central 46 to force them at the tip of his sword to allow the Shinigami to move out of Seireitei. He finds them all dead, except for one: Byakuya Koukan, who shows his true form as the Hollow "White Corona". In his weakened state, Ro-hanken is no match for the strong Hollow and is killed. Abandoment of Seireitei. The Shinigami flee into Rukongai while the Hollows terrorize all of Soul Society. Seiji's reappearance during the Shinigami exodus and his assistance with their retreat earn him the greatest gratitude any one Shinigami can receive.

429 P.N. - Rukongai citizens, once in disarray, have been banded together by Seiji and the remaining Shinigami and begin to fight the Hollow occupation together.

424 P.N. - Seiji's messengers finally reach Masaru in the physical world where the battle is faring much better for stationed Shinigami and repopulating Quincy. Masaru learns of the situation in Soul Society and hastens the search for the source of the Hollows in this realm. Through elements of the remaining Keigun, Masaru finds out that the Hollow Brainfang is the primary commander for the invasion of the earthly realm. A confrontation is provoked, and Masaru succeeds in destroying the Maskless Hollow, thus ending the danger to human souls.

423 P.N. - The repopulating Quincy from Earth arrive and begin to aid the Shinigami and Rukongai citizens. Strangely, Masaru is nowhere to be seen...

418 P.N. - 1/3 of Rukongai's districts have been wrested from the control of Emptybones and White Corona's forces thanks to the campaign spearheaded by Seiji Yasuo.

410 P.N. - Emptybones finally captures the various leaders of the districts still remaining in Hollow control and prepare to eliminate them. Meanwhile, White Corona fights a holding action against Seiji's rescue forces to a standstill. Just as the execution begins, Masaru appears having infiltrated the districts as a Rukongai citizen and manages to drive off Emptybones and save the elders. Sensing his comrade's defeat, the Maskless Hollow White Corona is distracted while in a duel with Seiji Yasuo and his annhilated by his Bankai attack.

405 P.N. - Without a leader to herd their forces, the remaining Hollows in Soul Society are rounded up and defeated by joint-Shinigami and Quincy forces. Masaru and Seiji organize the survivors. For his incredible planning and execution, Masaru is named as Ro-hanken's successor. Then, for his bravery and committment to the people of Rukongai, Seiji is named the new Chief as Rukongai.

215 P.N. - After much hunting, Masaru and Seiji finally locate the retreating, yet fully revitalized Emptybones. A battle ensues and Seiji's Zanpaku-related condition severely hampers his effectiveness. It is Masaru's Bankai bolstered by Seiji's best Demon Arts, that take down the final known Maskless Hollow

The Great Hollow War ends.

214 P.N. - Rukongai begins to rebuild and the Quincy are sent back to the physical realm.

200 P.N. Seireitei begins to be rebuilt. With the approval of every soul in Soul Society, the Gotei 13 and the Central 46 are reinstated to be the realm's leadership.

109 P.N. - Yasuo finally completely fills the new Central 46.

55 P.N. - Seireitei is nearly rebuilt, and construction on the new Academy is begun by Masaru.

1 N. - The current year. The first class of the Academy graduates, and begins their march through the ranks!

[End Memoirs: The Great Hollow War, Chapter 2]


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