Mille Piscatus

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Mar 13, 2009
New Zealand
User name: Pho

Common Name: Mille Piscatus, meaning "Thousand Catches"

True Name: Nof he, meaning "Red Foot" (Often shortened to Nof, meaning "Red")

Age: 20

Birthday: March 27th

Race: Enlil (Avian)

Mille grew up in a fishing village on the coast of Boreas. Having such a peaceful, stable environment lead to him being awfully innocent. He likes to help out and do things for others, and loves the action-packed/tasty-reward combo of spear-fishing. Mille enjoys learning from others, so he can in turn do more for others too. Consequently, he's picked up a fair few skills for someone from out in the boonies. This particular avian grew up with a biracial parent, so he hates the negative connotations of the term spurii, but his own reason for not identifying as one is that he really just didn't inherit a lot of his grandfather's genes. The only manifestation of his Velen blood so far is the surface of his forearms and lower legs, as detailed below.​

Physical Appearance:
Mille is a young adult male Enlil, standing five feet and six inches tall. He is covered in variegated feathers of saddle brown on the inside and dark red around the outside. The plumage on his head explodes into colour, with streaks of every colour in the rainbow featuring upon him, dominated by reds and greens. He does not have the bony facial protrusions that rare Enlil possess, but has a physical feature even rarer. Where most Enlil have a keratin-like substance beyond their elbows and knees, Mille instead has chitinous scales. They start the same brown as his feathers, but pass through a gradient to the same shade of red as his feathers at his feet and hands. He wears the traditional garb of four leaf-shaped pieces of cloth, but supplements it with the modern additions of underwear and a fisherman's toolbelt, containing handy items for untangling people and extracting hooks from them. Hidden in his belt Mille has an aquamarine for casting the spells of Castus, and a spherical stone for casting the spells of Aquila.​

Mille is a fisherman in the Greensea Clan, located on the western coast of Boreas. Before the cataclysm, fishermen would go on great voyages and return home with a great haul, but nowadays they must stay close to the coast to avoid the attention of what lurks beneath. His favourite method of fishing is spear-fishing, but he can do the rest just as well. When the others saw him tinkering with tools and trying to fix them, he was encouraged to go to the Gray Mountain clan to learn blacksmithing. When they saw how he cared for his injured clanmates, he was encouraged to go to the Blue Forest clan to learn healing magic. When his father saw his magical skill, he was encouraged to go to the Emerald Glade clan to learn protective magic. Not wanting this investment to go to waste in a fight, his grandmother sent him to the Silver Spear clan to learn the ways of combat.​

Vigor: 1000

Esteem: Unknown

Racial Traits:
Feather Fall (Aerial Gliding)​

☗☖☖☖☖ The Art of Aedificare, The Blacksmith (Weapons and Armor)
☗☖☖☖☖ The Discipline of Contigeri, The Lancer (Polearm Melee Combat)
☗☖☖☖☖ The School of Castus, The Immaculate (Recovery Magic)
☗☖☖☖☖ The School of Aquila, The Bulwark (Protective Magic)

Spear (Melee Weapon - Standard)
Fishing Tool Belt, containing:
Fish fillet knife​
Small pliers​
Small roll of cloth​
Aquamarine (Arcane focus - Castus)​
Spherical stone (Arcane focus - Aquila)​
Salve - Standard x2​
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