Mission Submissions

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Feb 18, 2008
Mission Submissions

An item is an object or piece of equipment that your character can use. As implied by their name, these objects are completely physical. Extraordinary items can range in function, with some being better suited to combat than others.

Missions are tasks given out by game staff, or other players that can be undertaken by you to earn Exa and other rewards. These missions can have a variety of stipulations or requirements for completion based on who has commissioned them, but are generally organized into distinct ranks based on their perceived level of difficulty.

D-Rank: The lowest ranking level for a mission, these undertakings are typically suited for new players, or those looking to make a quick buck without too much work.

C-Rank: Intermediate level tasks typically fall under this designation. These missions are generally more involved and may involve a level of danger that makes them unsuitable for newcomers. Still, enterprising types still stand to make some decent cash if they can handle the risks.

B-Rank: Missions of this rank are generally reserved for the more battle-hardened in Araevis and are assumed to involve some level of combat or chance of injury. Those undertaking such commissions should be prepared for difficult times -- though the risk is often worth the reward.

A-Rank: Technically speaking, missions of this type are the most difficult available. Only highly skilled individuals should attempt taskings of this rank, and even then success is not guaranteed. Generally speaking, these missions will involve a great deal of combat, or require specific skills, and the likelihood of fatal injury is very real.

S-Rank: While the previous rank generally represents the 'most difficult' undertakings, missions in the S category fall outside the bounds of normality, and likely sanity as well. Tasks listed under this ranking have been deemed impossible, and should not be taken on lightly; some have been posted for years or even decades. Death is almost guaranteed, even for groups of skilled individuals. Proceed with caution.

Submitting a Mission:

Any player may submit their own missions for others to undertake. These may be personal requests, or missions from in-game organizations and factions. There are, however, a few stipulations in place to help cut out nonsensical additions to the Mission Board.

Firstly, tasks you request require context! For example, if you wanted to post a mission offering to pay a fellow player to help you take down a particularly tough Vistra, or to craft you some fancy new gear, that's great! But if you want to post a mission asking someone to assassinate the Pelagian Emperor with a spoon despite having never met him or your character having any inclination against him, that's not gonna pass.

You should also refrain from making missions specifically for your characters or trying to submit low-risk, high-reward missions for the larger factions. Just because you can make missions from the larger in-game organizations doesn't mean you should use them to get a bunch of easy Exa. Try to stay classy.

Secondly, the reward should match the task. I can understand if you're strapped for Exa and you're looking for a bargain. That's fine. But you should also be prepared to offer fair compensation for services. Don't expect to post a request for someone to help you hunt fifty Striavermis in the desert with the intent of only giving them two exa and a bronze dagger. That's not fair, and not only will people likely avoid your posting, chances are good it won't be approved to begin with.

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