Naevius Squalidus

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Feb 18, 2008

Name: Naevius Squalidus
Age: 44
Race: Enlil (Avian)

Character Skills
School of Castus (The Immaculate)
Way of Cannonis (The Bomber)
Calling of Daemonium (The Summoner)
Art of Alchemia (The Alchemist)

Persona: Naev is highly intelligent and intensely analytical of everything and everyone around him, as well as driven to excess in everything he does. He is a wreck of a person, plagued by insomnia, a constant and ravenous hunger, and the heights of paranoia. He is high-strung at all hours of the day, constantly eating or drinking while plotting out the newest improvements in his two greatest loves: cooking and explosions. Naev is forever trying to create better, more extravagant flavors at the same time as he strives to create bigger, more glorious destruction.

The chemist is blunt and rude, but often considers that the price others pay for the boon of his presence and any knowledge or assistance he may grace them with. There's a definite hypocrisy in the criticisms he levels at others and his disregard for the faults and repercussions of his actions. As long as he can pursue his desires, he has few qualms about dealing with whatever gets in the way, and he is likely to happily provide his services to those who appreciate how valuable they are.

Physical Stature: Standing well above most of his brethren, Naev peaks at 6'1" but his gaunt and gangly frame almost makes him seem even taller. The four talons of his hands are long, thin, and highly articulate. Naev's feathers are a light chestnut; the feathers on his head fade to white or grey at the tips and are wildly unkempt, clearly not preened for days or weeks at a time. The feathers in the center of his chest are also completely grey, in a diamond pattern. His skin is remarkably pale, though dark circles surround his sunken, orange-colored eyes. He often wears a pair of sunglasses with small round lenses to protect his eyes from light, though with their penchant to slip down his nose he is constantly having to push them back into place. Naev's face is thin and angular, with a squared chin.

For attire, Naev wears a pair of tan slacks, held up by a canvas belt with many additional holes added. He wears no shoes, the claws of his lower talons sometimes clicking against the ground when he is irritable. Nor does he wear a shirt; instead, he wears a long white coat, covered in stains and burn marks, worn and tattered around the ends of the sleeves. His name is sewn into the left breast of the lab coat, and there are many, many additional pockets sewn into the garment, some plainly visible, others hidden, but all stuffed with a variety of ingredients, tools, and concoctions.

Biography: Naevius Squalidus was born into a well-to-do family in the Arboreal City, Astrum, as the third child of five. Even as a child, he was remarkably bright, but with all of the expectations falling on his older brother and sister, and all of the coddling falling to his youngest sisters, Naev somewhat fell through the cracks. He never felt neglected, of course, and his family wanted for nothing; he received high praise from his parents and teachers.

One thing he struggled with as a youth was making friends. His blunt nature turned people away, and the few who tried to look past it had to deal with constant criticism until they went away. Without friends, and with little attention from his family, Naev retreated into his own interests and filled the void of loneliness by eating. He filled the void of boredom by eating. He fueled his mind by eating. Soon, he decided to make it a challenge: he would eat something new, try to decipher from taste alone what it was made of, and then try to recreate it.

His first experiments were simple candies and beverages. Later, they expanded to complex chemical concoctions, several of which left him ill. Undeterred, he began experimenting with drugs and trying to mix synthetic versions of them, better versions of them, more extravagant ones. In early adulthood he was arrested several times, eventually getting a legitimate job manufacturing fuel. However, it wasn't long before he was applying his newfound knowledge in the manufacture of explosives, instead. After a few more arrests, Naev decided to leave Astrum, and Boreas altogether, to find someplace where he could pursue his interests with fewer short-sighted laws getting in his way... or at least where fewer guards knew his face and name.
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