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So, every year around November is a writing competition called National Novel Writing Month.

Participation in NaNoWriMo is pretty easy. You go there, sign up/in and when November hits, you let loose with all your writer's fury to dump out 50,000 words of pure (maybe) unedited first draft material.

So who wants to do it this year?


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Gave some thought to it after one of my co-workers did it last year, but I can't even do 50k consistently here. :/


That One Guy
Just a matter of willpower, I think.

At it's minimum you need something around 2k words perday if you want to make it.


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Having a lot of the preliminary research, planning, and outlines in mind before hand can make writing 2,000 words a day a lot easier.

I don't know if I'll participate, but I think I should.


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I have two jobs and no internet but I am still going to participate in NaNo this year, though I doubt I'll be able to finish.. I'll post a doc link as soon as I have something written. I have an overall idea of plot but for the most part, this unplanned awesomeness will be free-handed. Good luck to all writers!
Lambo gave up on NaNoWriMo this year after 1000 words. u________u

But it's an improvement (!), since last year I gave up after 600. If I keep up this pace, I should actually complete a NaNo attempt in something like the year 2045 hahaha


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It looks like Nanowrimo is Nanowrimover. Eh? Eh?

Nevermind. Well, alright then. Congrats to moon for finishing his story.

I finished mine as well.



I made that up

Get on my level bitches.
In response to spirit of this thread, who will be doing camp NaNoWriMo in April?

I'll be in it in the event someone is looking to join a cabin.


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I've been meaning to join a NaNoWriMo ever since I did a presentation on it during one of my university classes, but especially now with my own novel taking shape, and HD being ever prevelant, I feel like taking the time to just write 50k+ words for it feels like a waste of my resources, honestly.


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I'm using this Camp NaNoWriMo is to help me actually make ground work on my current novel. Besides, you pick whether your goal is 10k-1mil words; it's purely up to you.

Current Writing Week is 201

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