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Aug 29, 2016
User name: Gloam

Character Name: Nevaeh, Ardentus, Nev

Age: 19

Race: Spurii (Cross-breed)
If Spurii, Select Bloodlines:
Laicar, Velen​
Racial Trait:
Velen - Aquatic Affinity (Enhanced Mobility Underwater)​

Nev is a quiet girl, having kept to herself for most of her life because of the ancestry. Afraid of judgement from her peers, she is very self-conscious and can be deemed as submissive by the actions she takes, such as avoiding eye contact and really only speaking when spoken to.

Because of her fear of judgement, she strays from being the center of attention, or really even in the space that could be defined 'attention', preferring to sneak away to the outside of such spaces and cling to the walls like some sort of socially awkward gecko. The only time she does anything remotely out of the ordinary is when she practices her Schools, with her magickal abilities being the only thing she strives to perfect.

She abhors the School of Bellator, stating it's only use is for causing misery and pain. Instead, she practices the other Four Schools, with exceptional skill in the School of Occultus, as the ability to create illusions to hide her or allow her to manipulate her very existence from those around her is the most enticing thing for someone who wishes to simply blend into the background of history, for those around her to never know of the crime she had committed.​

Physical Appearance:
The defining traits of Nev's lineage reside in her neck and torso, especially alongside her back. Behind her ears are the telltale gills of a Velen breed, however, hidden underneath her alabaster locks. From the nape of her neck to just around her waist, covering her chest and midriff, one can find the scales of a Velen breed. Nev's scales are turquoise, with a glow that seems to become violet in the sunlight. They fade in colour towards her neck, becoming silvery, with a light blue hue.

To hide her scales and gills, Nev often wears her hair down, with the only exception being when practicing magic, as she will wear her hair in twin-tails to keep them out of the way then. For her scales, she wears what could be considered bulky clothing, with no skin showing except for her hands and her calves. The first layer of clothing is a shirt that was once white, now tanned by dirt and wear, with a pair of black pants, with the knees cut off and left ragged, giving the idea that perhaps they have seen their fair amount of usage.

She wears a thick cloak over her clothes on most days, suited more for winter use than the use it sees most of the year. It has a hood that covers her head well, able to cover even her eyes with the size it seems in comparison to her own small 5'5" body.

Nev's eyes are sea-blue, with flecks of green scattered around her pupils. Her skin is pale, a complete contrast to the turquoise scales that litter most of the body of the cross-breed woman. She isn't much for makeup, opting only to paint her nails if the desire comes over her, which doesn't seem often enough.​

Nev was the child of a Terran father and a Velen mother, but was raised by her father. Her mother was dedicated to her life underwater, with rumours being spread by her father about her mother having a second life and family, that Nev and her father weren't worth it.

Being raised in poverty, with a father who was forced to raise her alone and support the two by himself, Nev learned to ask for little and to help as often as she could from a young age. She stayed by her father's side, helping in what ways she could, while demanding little in return, trying to make her father's life as easy as it could be.

When she was a young teenager, she began to pursue a small education of her choosing thanks to her father deciding to spend the little savings they had on hiring someone to teach her on what she wished to learn. Because of the seemingly boundless ways that it could make life easier for the two, Nev asked for a tutor in the Schools of Magic, with her father agreeing and allowing her to pursue what she could in the way of the mage.

While magic didn't seem to come easy to the Crossbreed, she eventually found comfort in weaving illusion glyphs and sigils, enjoying the effect they would have. Her tutor would get frustrated at her neglect of the Bellathor School, stating that if she pursued magecraft, she would eventually need to learn destructive magic to protect herself or her father.

When she began to train in the School of Bellathor, much to her chagrin, she found it as easy and natural as the magic in the other Schools. Once it began to grow comfortable within her control, a cruel act of those above her began to take place. While training, her focus was shifted to her father mid-spell. The spell flew errantly, impacting against her father and ending his life instantly. Her tutor was in shock, but in control of the situation once her was able to get his bearings.

The mage began to hurry, treating the body as best as he could, though failing to bring her father back to good health, or any at all. When resurrection or healing failed, the only other alternative was to get rid of the body. Cremation was quick, and the ashes of her father were scattered about, with only a small amount saved for her to keep, no matter how much she protested against the thought of carrying her murdered father - murdered at her own hands, nonetheless - in a small vial everywhere.

She was alone, without a father to follow or raise her further, and as far as she knew of, no mother to tell her what to do in life to succeed. She was alone. The mage would eventually leave, once he made sure she was fine enough to carry on her own. She wasn't sure if he'd report her to the guards for some crime, though his own hand in that made her sure that he wouldn't. Probably.

To the current day, Nev still lives in her home, keeping to the shadows. She knew of her crime, and nothing she did could reverse the damage she caused. It wouldn't stop her from advancing her knowledge in the Schools, avoiding that of the Bellathor School, and instead studying anything she could to bring her life back together.​

Skill 1: School of Occultus (Illusion Magic)
Skill 2: School of Castus (Recovery Magic)
Skill 3: School of Aquila (Protective Magic)
Skill 4: School of Serpens (Debilitating Magic)


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