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Aug 28, 2008
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So I had an idea a little while back, it'll probably add some flavor to the game and I was wondering what all you guys thought about this.

Nicknames, a way to distinguish a character for their notable actions during times of crisis and strife. This would be an unofficial way of referring to a character, often used by newspapers and commoners to requisition a certain persons aid. This is usually circulated within the newspapers first and often picked up by those that read them. This is generally given at Esteem tiers of Prominent or higher, though that is up to the writer and their character's contributions.

Titles, a way for a government to recognize deeds worthy of being spread throughout their nation. It is bestowed by a ruler of a nation, and is often considered an endorsement, official or otherwise, of the government's legitimacy. The government that bestows a Title is looked at as having the backing of the character who was given the Title, whether they reside within that territory or not, and are often counted as a part of their military power.

Generally, its considered courteous to ask the government who bestowed the Title for aid from the Title Holder rather than to directly contact the Title Holder. This can cause either an increase or decrease in requests for that specific character, depending on the Writer's wishes. A Title is often given out once one hits Renowned esteem or higher and, unlike a Nickname which is spread through news media, can be refused or deferred to a later date, though if refusal persists it can have political consequences.

Nicknames became popular due to the aftermath of the Convergence of Tides and Emperors Pleasure events due to the Newspapers and other media outlets running wild with stories, rumors and conspiracies. It'll be a while before the Nobility of the various Nations become involved, but eventually they will view this as a great opportunity to bolster their supposed strength in a dangerous and often unfriendly world.

Both a Nickname and a Title generally consist of at least two out of three things, though it could contain all three. It refers to Deeds, Appearance and/or Personality. This can also give someone requesting a job to be done an idea ahead of time of whom they are going to be working with.

Some example Nicknames/Titles are as follows and are subject to change.

Barbed Blacksmith: Keydis Leysistrata
Scrapyard Detective: Laermont
Steel-Blood Kinner: Dante

If you guys would like to do this, which would be more for flavor but could add in some fun little name calling and possibly political drama if you so desire, just let me know. Also, I'd love to have some more ideas on what Nicknames you would prefer your characters to be called. Just post below with ideas so when I, Inks and or others write as our Journo characters we know what nicknames to give out.

Also, this is still a work in progress so if you guys have any ideas for tweaks and edits be sure to post them as well.
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