[Oc/Be] Week 192: A Voyage Towards Destiny

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Sep 22, 2009
Dys = Ignis
Mwn = Aeria

After the excitement of the attack died down, Ignis retreated below deck with Aeria. They returned to Ignis and Deni's room because it was the closest.

The avian kicked aside the clothes on the floor of the small cabin and flipped the light on. She ruffled through her cloak for salve while Amicus tugged at Aeria's hand to lead her over to a chair in the corner of the room. The mild disarray reflected how quickly Ignis and Deni had abandoned their room when the alarm sounded earlier.

Even though Aeria had said she would be alright earlier, Amicus wanted to finish healing her. Ignis, for her part, knew she would get no rest without soothing her companion’s concerns.

The pain wasn’t diminishing much, but Aeria was able to manage it well enough. As she sat down, she felt a wave of exhaustion slam into her. She hadn’t realized how hard the fight had been on her. It had been a long time before she’d been in any kind of serious scrape, so she’d forgotten how draining it was.

“So… you might um have to remove or lift your shirt so we can get at your injuries,” the avian said, breaking the silence. “That is um... if you don't mind. Amicus can do most of the work and I can turn around if you like.”

She resumed her search for bandages to avoid looking at the other woman's face.

Given the circumstances, the slight spurii had to chuckle internally at how demure Ignis was being about her removing her shirt. She smiled slightly and shook her head.

“Unless you’re uncomfortable, you don’t have to look way. Let...ugh...me...jusssst...:”

Pain shot through her chest and shoulders as she worked the shirt off and cast it aside. She waited for the small tree-like familiar to begin its work. There was something about Amicus that made her feel like crying. The creature was so gentle and kind seeming that it always made her protective. She felt like the poor little thing had seen too much of the world, although she knew that it was unlikely that it affected him in the way she thought.

As she settled back, she looked towards Ignis.

“Are you alright, Ignis? It was quite a shock for those demons to appear. It looks like you rushed out of here in a pretty big hurry!”

“Me?” The avian sounded distracted. Ignis came closer and peered at Aeria's shirt. It was ripped in several places, and probably wasn't salvageable.

“I'm alright, I suppose. I didn't have much time to really think about what was going on.”

Ignis resolved to take pity on Aeria and cut her shirt off instead of trying to lift her arms to pull it off. She used a claw to cut the fabric carefully, taking advantage of it's somewhat tattered state.
“I'll owe you a new shirt,” the senior engineer promised, leaning forward to inspect the wounds after the torn fabric fell away.

Aeria replied thoughtfully.

“Oh don’t worry about the shirt. I think we’ve got bigger concerns now than my torn shirt.”

She continued, “So...you came with Deni? Have you been traveling with him then? It’s quite a hike from Terminus to Navale, so I figured maybe you’d already been in Navale before this kicked off.”

Of course, what Aeria really wanted to ask was how things were going for Ignis and Deni, but it wasn’t really the time to talk about relationships. The middle of a stressful situation was rarely ripe for discussions of a personal nature. Maybe she’d work up to it but right now, she was still in enough pain that treatment was upmost in her mind.

Ignis didn't answer immediately, her eyes focused on the scratches Aeria had gotten. She had found a bottle of antiseptic.

“This might hurt a bit.”

Without additional warning, the engineer poured the liquid onto Aeria's shoulder.

"Vis-damned bloody hell!”

The curse shot out of Aeria’s mouth before she could even think. The pain was raw but it quickly tailed off. She managed to get control of herself as Ignis worked on her and she was able to speak easily.

Ignis winced but didn't comment on Aeria's reaction. “We didn't arrive together… we went on different missions in Navale.” The rust-feathered woman dabbed excess antiseptic from the wounds gently, occasionally pausing to pull a bit of debris from the cuts while she talked. “Before that we fought a dragon… he wasn't too thrilled about that.”

“I can imagine that it wouldn’t be too thrilling. It’s a shame you two had to come back together under these circumstances,” She tapped her fingers on the table and looked up at Ignis before she said, “Speaking of these circumstances, what do you think is going on? I mean, did we bring these demons on ourselves like some of the religious types say? Why are they coming and why now?”

“Other than what Ego told us about that portal, I don't know.”

Once the spurii's wound was cleared, Amicus raised his leafy hands and they glowed. Relief coursed through Aeria's shoulder as the wounds began to heal faster.

“Maybe someone wants demons to cause trouble everywhere for some reason. I think we'll find out more about who's behind this when we arrive.”

“Yes….we will. I don’t think that it’ll be a particularly warm welcome once we get there. The demons don’t exactly seem all that eager to back down. I guess it’ll just be fighting and more fighting. I don’t think I ever saw myself in this kind of situation. Did you ever think you’d be in the middle of a war?”

The warmth spreading over Aeria was incredibly soothing, so much so that she had to keep herself awake. She was enjoying this conversation and didn’t want to go drifting off at the moment. It was nice to share some of her concerns and worries with Ignis, free of any distractions besides the healing.

The quiet that followed Aeria’s question made dozing off even more tempting. Just as the spurii had started to give up on keeping her eyes open, she felt something soft fall into her lap. It was a dark blue tunic with mid length sleeves. Lighter blue geometric lines decorated the neckline and the cuffs of the sleeves.

“I don’t think I expected to end up on an adventure like this… this is more than I could have imagined getting myself into.”

The enlil let out a yawn of her own. “I know Deni didn’t really want any of this.” A frown crossed the pale woman’s face. “He should be back soon.”

The more senior engineer plopped down onto the bed beside Aeria, only centimeters away from touching arms. “I wanted to be awake when he got back, but everyone being so tired makes me sleepy.” The end of her sentence was muffled by another yawn.

Aeria laughed.

“I think battles make us all tired. I’ll be sure to go when Deni gets here, but maybe resting isn’t such a bad idea. I know I need to do it big time, It is nice to actually talk to someone though. I mean without it being a yell for help or a command, that is…”

She leaned back a little against the bed as Amicus kept working. She asked, “I wonder where Kincaid is in all of this? I miss the Societas you know. It seemed so...tame...in comparison to everything that’s been happening.”

Ignis nodded, then frowned. “Kincaid?”

The engineer was too tired to be surprised that Dullius wasn't who he'd claimed to be. “Thought his name was something else,” she mumbled.

“Guess now isn't really the time to worry about it. Things are a lot more intense now…” the red-feathered woman trailed off as she started to doze off.

Aeria realized that she’d made a mistake and she didn’t know how to take it back. She decided that perhaps redirecting the conversation at this point might work well on Ignis’ drowsy brain. “Does Deni do a lot of this? I mean not showing up when you’d expect him?”

“Mmm… Deni’s pretty reliable,” Ignis mumbled sleepily. The rest of her reply was incoherent, the enil’s voice having gotten too low to hear clearly. The avian slumped over, body curling around Aeria as she fell asleep. Another murmur crossed her lips, “not always happy about it, but he’s there….” Then, the spurii could feel her friend cuddle closer and then relax, clearly too far gone to be of much help.

The combination of her own exhaustion, the warmth of Ignis laying against her and the fact that it wasn’t much use trying to talk to someone who was asleep began to lull Aeria into her own slumber. Soon both the enlil and the spurii were cuddled up, drowsing away as the motion of the ship gently rolled them back and forth.

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