[Oc/Ca] Week 270: Observe and Report

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Sep 22, 2009
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Word Count: 2046
Moon = Laermont
Brood =Vita​

This time, Laermont had invited Vita to his makeshift office at the edge of the Lupanar district, ready to make the first report of what he’d discovered about the collective that his diminutive demvir employer had been so interested in. His experience with what was called The Fracture had driven him harder to learn more about what the collective’s connection to the whole thing might be. Now, he set the papers down in front of him, waiting patiently for his client to arrive. He found Vita himself fascinating and was also hoping to learn more about the zealous demvir and his goals for the people of whom he felt so intensely proud.

Laermont didn’t really understand the kind of fervor that his employer had. Oh, he believed that the demvir were mistreated in many cases, but he just didn’t think that what Vita wanted to do was the right path forward. He still, however, wanted to understand why the enchanter felt the way that he did.

The week dragged on for the Enchanter. He attempted to make headway in a new field of study that piqued his interest but in the back of his mind Vita paced. The days were mentally exhausting and his work had suffered the consequence. To help the time pass he began construction on a new shop. The funds for which came as his reputation for medicine and enchantments started to spread through Terminus. His natural ability to identify objects that were worth more in value than the owner knew slowly gave him the nickname, The Curator.

The sun was just over the horizon and the smell of fresh bread filled the streets. Terminus took its time waking up this morning as his steeled feet marched toward Lupanar. Vita found it interesting that the office of Laermont would be in such a corrupt part of the city. Either he had a death wish, skimmed off the top, or felt he could do the most good in this location. The keen-eyed enchanter filed a thought he had about Demvir to the back of his mind.

It would seem that a pattern for my people tends to surface the more of us I meet. Martyr’s, Zealots, Slaves, none of them are just simple people. They all take a facet of human life to the extreme, myself included.

This line of query kept his mind busy to the passing time it took him to arrive. Three precise knocks echoed off the double doors that lead to Laermont’s office.

Standing up, the gigantic demvir crossed his office in three strides, opening the double doors and ushering his diminutive companion into the room. He peered around outside before swinging the doors shut. He returned to his large, heavy wooden desk and sat at the specially reinforced chair behind it. He extended a massive metallic hand in Vita’s direction. “Sit, please.”

He shuffled through the papers on the desk once more and looked up at his employer. “I have some conclusions for you, but first let me ask how your own researches are going? Perhaps you have made your own discoveries, Vita?”

Sitting back in his carved, reinforced chair he let his eyeplates run over the tiny demvir’s frame, seemingly trying to draw knowledge from him with a gaze alone. The detective’s expressionless faceplate allowed him to look over the other without being noticed.

The small demvir felt like he was in a fun house once he passed through the doors. It was clear to him as he marched toward the desk that everything for the detective was a bit larger than life. The chair creaked in the strain as his weight settled in before addressing the small enchanter.

Vita’s usually calm nature was softened by the anticipation of the next few moments. What did he discover about the Collective? Were they evil or was it something of the next step in Demvir evolution? His enthusiasm was hard to push down after pleasantries were exchanged.

“I tell you, I have not been able to make much headway in this new study I am calling Sacred Geometry. The building blocks of the Universe the Vis used to make everything.” His hands glided in front of him mystically to emphasize the strange nature of the otherwise concrete mathematics involved.

“Sacred Geometry hm? This sounds like something that would elude me.” There was a tone of gentle self-mockery in Laermont’s voice before he set his huge hands down on the desk in front of him and interlaced the thick fingers in a surprisingly delicate way.

The week has passed far too slowly for my liking due to my own anticipation. Once I have fixated on something like the Collective all else in my mind falters. Perhaps I should allow you a discourse over my findings between updates of your trip.”

Laermont briefly inclined his head. “That seems a good way to proceed. Speaking of which…” The detective gathered his thoughts and then spoke carefully. “Bearing in mind that I am only in the initial phases of my investigation, I have discovered that this Collective seems to be linked by something common that is intrinsic to them.”

“What I mean to say…” He elaborated, “ is that they seem to have had some common element introduced into all of them. It is...almost like a colony of insects in that they have a ‘hive mind’. All the knowledge they have is shared between members.”

Glancing over at Vita, he queried, “Is this helpful so far? I don’t really know if this is good information or bad information.”

The plates that restricted light into Vita’s eyes widened with wonder. This was exactly what he was looking for. “Do you think this is what I saw in the Fracture?” He pulled out a notebook covered in notes from previous meditations.

“It’s fascinating and alarming. A colony of ants is not a threat to the world because they act to serve the Queen. However, it is unclear if that is what’s going on here.”

In the flash of an eye, the researcher unloaded a bag of enchanters tools, measuring devices, and parchment onto the table. “I was so interested with the message this Collective gave me that I started to dive into the magic that made it.”

Vita drew a two-dimensional tetrahedron at the center of the paper. “Shapes like these are all I can see when I dive into this Fracture. Even more intriguing…” He pulsed magic through it and the shape began to glow and contain the leftover magic within its walls, projecting a holographic version of a flower for the onlookers at the table.

“I have never come across magic like this before.”

Laermont’s eyeplate flashed brightly and his voice, if not his face, smiled. “Sacred Geometry! I recall learning about those eternal shapes. So they aren’t merely beautiful to look at! They actually have a magical function.”

The detective leaned forward, resting his chin in a massive metal hand, looking across the table at Vita. “Perhaps their magical significance has something to do with how the Collective creates and maintains a hive mind?”

He added, “I suspect that, going forward, we are going to have to tread most carefully. I’m sure they’ll be able to detect excessive probing into the Fracture.”

Vita removed his hands from the table and sat back in his chair clasping his hands together in front of him. Despite his brutish appearance his chosen partner for this task surprised him more than most. That was a point in his direction, that did not happen often. The enchanter liked to play out conversations in his mind and go through the permutations to be able to steer events in a way towards his liking. However, that was not happening here.

“You, amuse me.” The metal man waved a hand as his supplies magically rolled up and placed themselves back into the bag from which they came. “I suspect you are correct in that regard. I would base this connection in either two schools or something innate to our people no one has revealed to the public.”

“It may be something that most of our people are unaware of themselves. I’ve certainly never experienced anything of the sort that you’ve described, Vita.” If there had been eyebrows on Laermont’s face, they would have knit together at this point.

It was then that Vita began to speak at an alarming speed as if he was running with a thought that he was trying to catch up to. “Firstly, there is alchemy with its way to create things from seemingly nothing or even change the nature of substances. Perhaps a core of some kind that allows them to share information much like the communication crystals but far more advanced.”

Realizing he was about to go on a tangent the small researcher paused to allow the brawn to catch up.

“If the core exists,” the detective mused, “It should have a physical location. It might be worth trying to find out where it is located and who maintains it. I would imagine that it would need attendants and people who ensure that it functions properly.”

He turned his piercing gaze on Vita. “We do seem to be taking some interesting pathways here, don’t we?”

“Assuming that it even is a core. There is also enough information to suggest that enchanting is playing a role here. I am not sure what it is but…” Vita gave pause as dots in his head seem to connect.

He abruptly got up from the table and began to pace around the room. “What if this Fracture is exactly what we are talking about. It feels like a space that was created. More robotic and logical in nature. I do not think that the other races would be capable of something like this.”

“I would agree! It seems likely that we are dealing with something more connected to the demvir race than anything else. The question is...did it happen spontaneously or did they want to create it deliberately?”

Now the gigantic metal hulk of a being stood and also began to pace. “If it was deliberate, it might speak to the way the demvir used to communicate before the Cataclysm. Perhaps it was some vestige of life from before. I am sure we had different ways of connecting that were lost until we reawakened.”

He turned his glance in Vita’s direction. “You do realize what it means? It means that whatever happened during the Cataclysm didn’t stop what we developed before it. All of this infrastructure could still be out there.”

The theories that flowed in this small room were larger than the space allowed to them. Bouncing ideas back and forth was going to get the pair no where in the grand scheme of things.

“If we are going to confirm the existence of a core or something akin to that. I will need to create a measuring device to detect the type of magical energy produced by it. I think a good place to start would be with this “Sacred Geometry” as you called it. I will have something ready by the end of the week.”

Laermont nodded in confirmation. “Very well. I will start out on my attempts to locate this core. I will return at the end of the week so that we may compare notes and begin to make moves in the direction of assessing this core and what it is capable of.”

His eyeplates swept over Vita again. “I believe that we should be taking some precautions. Watch yourself over the next while. I have no doubt that there are forces acting here that cannot be taken lightly.”

Once again, he tilted his head in the direction of the other demvir. “Unitl then?”

Vita gave him a nod before waving the door open and exiting the intimate meeting. He would save this meeting in his memory for later. Review was crucial to future interactions with Laermont.

These studies would push Vita’s knowledge to new schools of study and change the way he thought he understood of himself. As his curiosity grew for things he did not understand that he would need to enlist more helpers of whom he could trust or make them.


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