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Bat Cthulhu

[Message Deleted]
Jun 18, 2009
Okay, I know that this thread was a lot for you guys. It’s like 4 pages long. It’s gonna be weird that the review is a little short. It’s not as short as it could be, but that’s not always a bad thing. My comments are also going to be more general since I don’t have anything specific in mind for you guys, even though you guys had specific scenes.

Mechanically, most of you guys have been writing long enough that I can’t teach you anything. The collab has a good flow to it, from drinking to drinking and singing to drinking and dancing and so on. For this thread, however, I only care that’s readable.

Guys, you all had Fun.

Fun oozed through this thread. I was smiling and laughing for the whole thing. Even when things got a little tense, you could feel the excitement and happiness that poured out of each turn. Everyone got in their little scenes and was happy. Even the now substantially wealthier Cielty got her moments in.

Do you people know how impossible it is to get 8 different writers to work on a single thing and make it feel at least semi-cohesive? It’s like herding frickin’ cats! You guys did it amazingly here. I could just gush on and on about how cute Dante and Aeria were, or how hilarious Aelfhead “vs” Keydis was. It’s one of the best large collabs I’ve ever read.

The songs were well thought out, the drinks were creative and creatively named. This was a party at the bar. Not some nameless place as a set piece. You guys made this place come alive.

Give yourselves a pat on the back, guys. You deserve it

Recommended Reading: This. If you guys feel down, or feel like you’ve hit a roadblock or are a little sad because of the day’s events, go back and read this thread. It’s a bunch of people showing why we stick around in this RP. Friends having fun writing about friends, strangers, and enemies all having fun. Especially go through and read this start to finish if you haven’t. It’s a treat.


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