Patch 2.1.0 Notes: Cantrips, Racial Updates, Languages, and Restructuring


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Feb 18, 2008
Patch 2.1.0 Notes: Cantrips, Racial Updates, Languages, and Restructuring

In brief: To liven the economy and encourage activity, players will start receiving exa paychecks each week they have posted. To add a little more personalization to characters, we are also expanding the number of feats available.

New: Cantrips

Even the simplest spells are made up of multiple components and it is the learned or practiced combination of these components which allows the desired effect to take form. Those who study the Schools of Magic are taught how to cast particular well-known and well-studied spells. A cantrip, however, is a less complete spell, a more free-form application of magic. Frequently used to practice elements of a proper spell, cantrips are not without their own uses.

A cantrip allows a caster to utilize effects from their school of magic, without taxing the caster's vigor; they cannot be enhanced by catalysts or Terra Regia, and have a maximum magnitude equal to the caster's level of skill minus two (magnitudes lower than one tier would be considered tier one in combat, but would generally be more suitable out of combat).

Cantrips are intended to be creative expressions of magic, but bear in mind the existing spells and their base magnitude when deciding what a cantrip can do. Casting a cantrip requires some verbal or somatic components, as normal for its school, but like the cantrip itself, these are less strict; one could hum a tune for verbal elements or open a small tear instead of a proper portal for somatic. To best determine the potential range and complexity of a cantrip, compare it to other spells of a similar magnitude within the same school. At novice level, most cantrips will be limited to touch range. Cantrips do not last for multiple rounds, unless the caster continues actively casting them round over round.

For example: the School of Aquila has a tier 2 spell, Telekinesis, which has a range of 25m. An Aquila cantrip could be used to replicate a similar telekinesis effect, but reduced magnitude would mean weaker grip and smaller range.

Cantrips can be used for minor displays of prestidigitation or mundane practical features like igniting a small flame at the end of a fingertip, and can serve as a last line of defense in combat or as a means to preserve vigor for bigger encounters.​

Updated: Racial Techniques

Racials updated as per this thread. In addition, Spurii racials have been updated: view changes here.​

New: Languages

A Help page for Languages of Araevis has been added. There are (or were) many other languages, but these are some prominent languages in the history of each race.​

Update: Restructuring

Minor forum restructuring to move certain things to an OOC (Out of Character) location.​

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