Patch 3.1.0 Notes: Real Estate, EX Expansion, Allied Techs

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Feb 18, 2008
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Patch 3.1.0 Notes: Real Estate, EX Expansion, Allied Techs

This is a relatively small update.

Summary of Updates

Land and Property Ownership

The addition of land/home ownership is already covered in its own thread here.

EX Item Expansion

First, for simplicity, when an EX Item is approved, I will also offer an exa value to represent the TR required, to prevent the necessity of converting exa to TR. There will still be the option to use TR directly if it's available.

Exclusive Items (EX Items) are being adjusted as follows. Rather than the current system, which allows a character to carry two EX items, one up to their current esteem level and one up to the level below that, this is being simplified and expanded. A character may carry one EX item per esteem level, up to the tier associated with that level. An Exalted character can have one EX Item of each rarity (D, C, B, A, S) but not five S-tier EX Items.

Exclusive Items: Each character is capable of carrying one exclusive item per esteem tier. Items are separated into tiers of strength and items of higher tiers can only be used when your character has achieved a certain level of esteem. An EX item's tier may be up to the esteem tier it is associated with. For example, a character with Notable Esteem can have one D-tier item (for Unknown) and one C-tier item (for Notable); they can have two D-tier items (the item for Notable can be up to C-tier, but can also be lower); but they cannot have two C-tier items (the item for Unknown cannot be greater than D-tier). Eventually, an Exalted character could have one EX item of each rarity.

You can carry additional items, not counted as exclusive, within reason. You can also have additional possessions, including additional exclusive items, which are not carried on your character.

Item Tier

Esteem Tier


Exalted (60,000 Vigor)


Renowned (30,000 Vigor)


Prominent (10,000 Vigor)


Notable (3,000 Vigor)


Unknown (0 Vigor)

The higher the tier of the item, generally, the stronger the item is. Lower rank items can be resubmitted to strengthen them once the user has reached a higher tier. However, upgrading requires contacting a crafter to perform the upgrades or completing them yourself. All exclusive items, regardless of acquisition, must be submitted to staff for approval.​

Allied Techniques (United Front/Fated Alliance)

Previously, there were two technique types, United Front and Fated Alliance, that could be submitted based on wordcount between characters. This was a carryover from Halcyon Days, but it never saw a lot of use there. In PT, with multiple PCs for each player, it's even more difficult to track wordcount in a way that makes sense. The older variant required writing a combined 50,000 words with another player (across any collabs) to earn a United Front technique between one character from each writer, and a combined 150,000 words with another player (across any collabs) to earn a Fated Alliance technique between one character from each writer (replacing the United Front).

To better represent the idea behind the tech, while also updating it to reflect changes in the RP, it will be updated as follows: United Front is being removed; Fated Alliance will now be PC to PC, not player to player; it will require one dedicated collab of 10k or more words. Like Magnum/Ultimum, there isn't a strict requirement before attempting to gain your Fated Alliance, but it will be a judgment call by the staff member or GM that reviews your submission. Please don't write 10k words on recreating the "Dueling Banjo (Farts)" scene and expect to win anybody over.

Fated Alliance is the crystallization of real, unconditional camaraderie. It is a rarity that comes only to those true of heart. Allies that have attained such a legendary bond are said to be inseparable and unbreakable. Their familiarity with one another allows them to achieve levels of skill that far exceed what either could do alone. Fated Alliance emphasizes the power of invincible bonds, allowing indivisible comrades to combine their efforts into a singular, unique, and synergistic skill.

To submit a Fated Alliance technique, two players must write a collab of at least 10,000 words that explores or encapsulates the bond between the two PCs who will be forming the alliance. To count, this collab may not feature additional PCs. The players may then submit a single tandem ability to Feat staff. This ability is tied to the two specific characters upon submission, and can be used when both characters are present. It is similar in strength to an Ultimum Ability.

A character may form multiple Fated Alliances, each with a different player and PC. A Fated Alliance cannot be formed between two PCs written by the same player, or between a PC and an NPC.


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