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Jul 29, 2008
There are two paths for Nobility

  • Granted by Central Forty-Six
    • This method is required for the Seireitei level of nobility (aka land in Seiretei)
  • Given land by existing nobility
    • Being given land by another noble denotes you as their vassal and lessens that family’s power/influence
    • Can only be applied for land in Rukongai

In-Game Central Forty-Six Path

  • Individuals/Families seeking nobility may petition the Central Forty-Six for land - either for initial nobility or for those wishing to be promoted to the next level
  • For those wishing land in Soul Society, they must have positively affected the entirety of Soul Society and have the recommendation of at least two noble houses holding land in Seireitei
  • If an individual/familiy does not petition, they may still be considered for land given the factors below and granted the title of Prominent House temporarily
  • A vote will be conducted at Central Forty-Six meetings and will be decided by the following factors
    • Scope of feat(s) that garnered Central Forty-Six's attention
    • Reputation of the individual/family in question
    • Recommendations by other houses (and their reputation)
    • Benefits of Soul Society having them as nobility
  • If accepted, they shall be granted land (i.e. sign of nobility) in one of three areas:
    • Further Rukongai (21-60)
    • Nearer Rukongai (1-20)
    • Seireitei (limit 8 noble houses divided into 4 quadrants as vassal houses to the Soul Society level)
    • Note: Levels of nobility can be dropped when reviewing for promotion in noble rank; take this into consideration before petitioning
  • IMPORTANT: Soul Society level of nobility cannot be replaced.

Out-Of-Game Central Forty-Six Path

  • Four times a year, we will have a thread for the Central Forty-Six to review any potential houses for possible noble status
  • Writers will submit their PCs/houses for consideration prior to the start of these threads
    • Communication will be posted a week before the start to give everyone fair warning
    • Submissions must be added to the Noble Submission Thread prior to then
  • Writers who have a PC/house up for a review in this process cannot RP a judge for that review thread
  • Just for fun, here’s a breakdown of submission process:
  • Submit information to Noble Submission Thread
    1. Include the following information
      1. House Name
      2. House Status (level of nobility sought)
      3. List of Feats that you believe garner you land (include links to threads)
      4. Recommendations by other nobles (if any)
      5. Members of Family (if approved as house)
      6. Crest
      7. Patron House (if any)
      8. Relations with other noble houses (good and bad)
  • Preliminary approval (OOG) for glaring issues before thread begins
  • Thread created once a quarter (of year) to review possible houses
  • Approval or Denial based on thread
  • Reapply if failed last time (requires at least one new major feat)

In-Game Gifting Land Noble Path

  • Collab discussing/denoting land being given

Out-Of-Game Gifting Land Noble Path

  • Minimum 8000 words written together prior to land being given (may include wordcount of thread in which land is granted; however, count must be within 2000 words prior to start of the granting collab)
  • Must still submit above information to the noble submission thread
  • Must be approved in submission thread before gifting/granting land can be written
    • Note: House will be considered a Prominent house if approved and until the gifting collab is written
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