[Craft] [PC] Week 281: The Fracture: The Amber Forest IV: Manipulation And Trust

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Vita Dominus

New Member
Apr 20, 2019
Unaware of the choice that Vita made Albinon blissfully worked with his instruments for the best time to enter the normal plane of existence once more. The Professor once taught at the Arcanum but was cast out when his methods came into question. Some of his experiments regarding the planar theory become the subject of scrutiny when one of his students disappeared under his supervision. He did well to recover his reputation but was considered the laughing stock of the community ever since that incident.

Twitchy hands grabbed ingredients and tools from all over the cave as manic thoughts raced through his mind. I will prove them all wrong. They will not laugh at me anymore when I show them the worlds are all interconnected.

Vita emerged from his tent with newfound temperance. He walked over to the professor and observed the intricate workings of each tool he used to calculate the overlapping of alignments. Septa’s instruments were a wonder to watch in action. The effortless readouts, the smooth movement of each cog or wheel. Intricate markings in a language Vita did not know were embossed on every inch of the astrolabe-like instrument. Focusing on them he could see the magical energies that swirled inside; it was clear to him that there was much more to the meter than what was seen.

The more Vita walked around studying the more he found his interest peeked. The strange markings at the front of the cave in blood, the odd glass and matrixes keeping the fae separated, the unknown language of Septa’s instruments. Many things here competed for the attention of the machine. He began to work on something of his own design while deciding what to do.

” Professor, I require a workspace for enchantment research. I will work by the captured creature.” Vita unfolded his arms and gestured over to the glass cube with the phantasmal fae in it.

“Fine! Do not touch her though! She is needed to study.” He let out a shrill and went back to his outputs.

Vita sauntered over to a table near the creature and with a wave of his hand removed everything from it as if he had swiped it off with his arm. His other hand coaxed his working materials out of a luggage case. They sprang to life and organized themselves in the preferred working order he was accustomed to.

I refuse to work in the filth of others.

Vita dipped a glass nibbed pen into a decanter filled with liquid dahlitium. One mechanical eye magnified on the rare paper he was working with inspecting it for imperfections. With a gesture, his research journal opened to a page littered with many enchantment matrixes and alchemical formulas. Carefully he drew two circles an inner and an outer. Then a square within the inner circle careful not to touch the edges of either of the circles. Lastly, he drew a diamond that connected the top, bottom, left, and right of the circle and simultaneously crossed each corner of the inner square. This completed the enchantment matrix of sealing. He repeated this process two more times and sat back observing his work. He pulled out a small leather pouch of dahlitium volantis and poured carefully measure piles of the tera regia into each inner square proportionate to the spell he was attempting to seal.

He took a deep breath and his fingers began to dance in the air as he pulled vigor from his core. He made four strokes in the shape of a cloud. The fog began to condense and form swirling around Vita slowly expanding outward. The scripta volanta quickly reacted to the spell and drew in the expanding vapors its pulveris sinking into the paper and sealing the spells within them. They were only basic spells but, this was the height of his personal research. With these, he could bypass the concentration of the spell and cast it instantly at full strength at the expenditure of the vigor required to unseal it.

Albinon was extremely curious about what had just happened. He followed the procedure diligently not familiar with the method of enchanting. The sly machine knew this would get him to open up more and felt that if he shared some of his work Albinon would be more inclined to explain things here. Bio manipulation was a skill he curated over many months as a servant.

”This is most peculiar matrix. What mathematics did you derive it from?”

Slightly tired Vita turned to the avian with a cursory glance. ”Nor would I expect you to. This is a matrix of my own design used for sealing spells within a curated paper.”

Albinon grabbed a magnifying glass that contained three separate colored glass circles that could be swapped and overlapped showing different properties of an item. He ”I see. You can actually see the spell trapped in a net here. Not easy to do. This is a very new field of magic sealing. I would like to see your notes on this, could prove useful for the future.” He moved a hand to touch the warm enchantment on the table.

Vita moved with quick precision and fury behind his eyes. He grabbed the bird’s hand and slapped it away. ”Do not touch my work, organic.” The Adept enchanter waved all the equipment from the table back into his crafting case and with systematic unity, everything went to its place as the leather-bound case shut and buckles clasped.

”Tell me of your work and I shall do the same. Starting with the special Septa you have. I am curious as to why the readings it is giving off about planar alignment, why accurate, are not anything worthy of a Septa level instrument.”

Albinon coward back as his hand was slapped. Retreating to the caged fae in the ornate glass cube. ”I don’t know, ask the dead fish. I do not know how to operate it as she did. It has slowed my work down. This, however, I can tell you everything about.” The Enlil let out a guttural koo in excitement.

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