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Feb 18, 2008

Sayis is being promoted (grudgingly) to Soutaichou. 1st Division will become Arcane Specialists. 10th Division open for a new captain.

Kago is being demoted. 12th Division open for a new captain.

Each division will now have a 'civilian' adviser who will monitor the division members, primarily the captain. This adviser cannot be touched and only a VC or C can question their demands. Anyone else caught doing so will spend a week in the 7th.

It is now illegal to release (shikai or bankai) within the walls of Seireitei during peace time. Anyone caught doing so will spend one week in the 7th (shikai), or two weeks (bankai).

It is now illegal to release bankai in Rukongai. Anyone caught doing so will spend two weeks in the 7th.

It is now illegal to cast spells higher than rank 50 within the walls of Seireitei during peace time. This is not modified by Izonkankei. Anyone caught doing so will spend a week in the 7th.

It is now illegal to cast spells higher than rank 90 in Rukongai or the living world. Anyone caught doing so will spend two weeks in the 7th.

All Bankai-users going to the living world will have to call in for bankai-limiter release. This only prevents bankai, and does not reduce stats.

There are currently three areas where high-ranking spells and releases can be used without restriction: the Gardens of Arimanthium (only for those who know where it is), the testing pits (secluded location in Rukongai; where taishuu practicals are conducted), and the tournament grounds (a stadium in Seireitei, where the Grand Tournament of Seireitei was held).

Potential captains may now speak to Sayis when interested in taking a taishuu.


- Pending -


Vizards are forbidden from entering Soul Society for any reason, voluntary or involuntary. If a Vizard is found in SS, they will be taken for execution.

The Vizards will receive minor support from the Gotei. Enough to provide for meager accommodations (other than abandoned warehouses), but not much else.

Vizards will be host to a representative from the Gotei at all times, usually a member of the 3rd or 13th divisions. They will be present to monitor for signs of hollowfication taking over. Any attacks against these representatives will be considered attacks on Seireitei, but otherwise they have no authority to give commands.

There are no restrictions on spells, masks, or releases.


Quincies are caught between those wishing to reunite the bloodline (the Erdeschalks) and those wishing to mobilize (the Quincy Resistance Front). These two are not at war with each other but are idealistically opposed.

Shinigami are not actively hunting Quincies but if a Quincy is caught killing a hollow in front of a Shinigami, that Shinigami must apprehend them.

Quincies are open to be NPC'd, but may not be Burnout level. Quincies are not open to new PCs.

Enemy Factions

Although weakened, the enemy factions remain and are available to be NPC'd as normal baddies:

United Kanda Insurrection (UKI): This is a revolt/terrorist group spread throughout Rukongai. These citizens do not possess shinigami powers or training.

Order of the White Horse (WHO): A para-military group opposed to Orpheus, these white-coated agents use guns and smaller mecha that utilize captured hollows for power sources. Note that nothing larger than man-sized suits are available to be npc'd.

HYDRA: A splinter cell of Cerberus, these agents are mostly gone into hiding and trying to use stolen resources and documents to create their own rival group to Cerberus. They don't have near enough to compete yet, and will use any means necessary to get the funds or research materials they need.

Chimera Organization (CMO): A branch of Cerberus that primaries in human experimentation. Their motives are unclear but they lack in any moral restraint.


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