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Mar 19, 2005
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- そんぶたいめいじょうたいせい -
Sonbutai Meijou Taisei

August Echelon -- The Grand Order

Status : [ ALWAYS OPEN ]


Primary Requirements:
  • Must be a member of the Gotei 13 only.
  • At least 40,000 Connection (Class S Shinigami).
  • An approved Ousaku Ban Kai.

Secondary Requirements:
  • Must have fought at least one person within 5,000 Connection of yourself.
  • Must have earned at least one Feat slot.

General Overview:

Following the evolution in Captain-level strength from a handful of men and women, who had trained for decades to accumulate legendary power, into an increasingly larger amount of Shinigami who had acquired the same formidable strength within the breadth of a year, the powers that be created a sub-organization within the Gotei 13 itself known as the August Echelon, a unique congregation of Shinigami that would be inducted immediately when they reached a pre-designated level of strength. Members of the August Echelon don the roles of paragons within the Gotei, made apparent not only by their service in this hallowed group, but by the qualities of their trademark leadership and their prowess on the battlefield. One may distinguish the mark of a member by a single spiral-sun emblem either pinned or embroidered anywhere on his or her attire that he or she so chooses.

This exceptional affiliation of warriors has achieved abilities considered extraordinary even by Captain standards, ensuring that whether its members are below or above the Shinigami Genkai, their power is a truly fearsome key to the Gotei's continual dominance in the domain of Soul Society, in that these miraculously gifted individuals have honed their skills in order to successfully place themselves within reach of special skills that are legendarily renowned.

By becoming a member of the August Echelon:
  • Your character will not lose any of his/her duties or his/her rank within the Gotei 13.
  • May participate in meetings with fellow members of the August Echelon for unique collaborative opportunities.
  • Will be capable of being mentioned by everyone in the RPG due to your character's fame.

Class Skills:

[ Kazan Kikan no Daikouketsu ]
"The Volcanic Engine's Thundering Rule"

All members of the August Echelon are infamous throughout the whole of Soul Society, Anoyo, and Hueco Mundo, and such is the same for the magnitude of their Zanpakutou as well. Their fearsome releases have been used in the face of many threats, and the resultant bond and advanced levels of proficiency has elevated the scale of such releases to new heights. This skill is born of such a connection, and enables a member of the August Echelon to further expand and augment the power of his or her Ousaku Ban Kai release by adopting one of many sub-skills offered. Also, should the pertinent circumstances necessitate dire measures, one is now able to release Ousaku Ban Kai without having to enter Shikai beforehand. Note that any given character may only adopt one of the following skills:

  • [ Mubaku Gekioku ] -- "The Uncurtained Theater"
    Having reached a profound level of bond with the Zanpakutou, a member of the August Echelon becomes empowered with the capacity to unleash both an opening, Ban Kai-level attack at the very instant Ousaku Ban Kai is activated, and a closing attack of the same severity once the Ousaku Ban Kai shuts down. Thus with the skill Mubaku Gekioku, the Shinigami may punish the opponent even before the final release is realized, and similarly deal a finishing blow at the very end of the release's duration.

    [Must have released Ousaku Ban Kai from opening to finish at least four times beforehand.]
  • [ Jittan Seppen ] -- "The Sun-forged Chorus"
    Certain types of Ousaku Ban Kai may heavily emphasize the power of its form. Those that favor the individual aspects of their form change will develop the Jittan Seppen, a trained skill that allows the August Echelon member to amplify the power and/or properties of his or her Ousaku Ban Kai form change by +40% for half the number of maximum turns he or she is capable of staying in the final release.

    [Must have used Ousaku Ban Kai at least two times beforehand. Form change must be the dominating aspect of the whole release itself.]
  • [ Gesshou Dokugo ] -- "The Moonlit Soliloquy"
    In the same vein as Jittan Seppen, this skill may be developed by those that prefer to further expand upon the effectiveness of their Ousaku Ban Kai abilities. Gesshou Dokugo allows for the amplification of an August Echelon member's Ousaku Ban Kai ability by +40%, which lasts for half the full amount of turns he or she may stay in the final release.

    [Must have used Ousaku Ban Kai at least two times beforehand. Ability must be the dominating aspect of the whole release itself.]
  • [ Gekisensou ] -- "The Staged War"
    The Goliath attacks of many Ousaku Ban Kai are often the epitome of such releases. Members of the August Echelon that would rather unleash the full offensive brunt of their final releases upon the enemy will develop the Gekisensou, whereupon he or she may execute one of his or her attacks with a +50% boost in output power. However, he or she may only use Gekisensou for the same number of Ousaku Ban Kai attack slots that he or she has. So if he or she possesses two attack slots, then Gekisensou may be used twice every time Ousaku Ban Kai is released.

    [Must have used an Ousaku Ban Kai attack for at least the same number of times as that of the number of attack slots. Attack(s) must be the dominating aspect of the whole release itself.]
  • [ Mujigen Ren'ai ] -- "The Endless Romance"
    Lastly, there are those that wish to prolong their ability to pummel the opponent wave after wave while in Ousaku Ban Kai. By opening up a freer channel of energy with his or her Zanpaku, a member of the August Echelon is blessed with a higher capacity of turns he or she may spend while in Ousaku Ban Kai. This results in a growth boost in his or her number of turns, in which succeeding increments of 10,000 Connection after 30,000 Connection will add yet another turn to his or her maximum amount on top of the normal growth of turns. This also applies to the very instant he or she attains Ousaku Ban Kai at 30,000 Connection: he or she will start off with five turns, rather than just three.

    [Must've stayed on Ousaku Ban Kai for at least a total of fifteen rounds beforehand.

[ Seidou no Hyakuman Kadotachi ]
"The Sacred Hall's Million Gates"

Through the participation in a number of missions, as well as accumulated experience within innumerous battles and ordeals, a Shinigami will come to realize the nature of his or her most profound strengths. The August Echelon recognizes these unique traits as what will be delivering factors should Soul Society ever be in tremendous peril, and have made accommodations to suit each and every one member into sub-classes of combat specialty. It should be noted that each member is only capable of adopting one sub-class.

[ Ayatsuchi ] -- "The Heraldic Hammer"
Those falling within the categorization of the Ayatsuchi tend to exhibit explosive amounts of strength, as their favored output of punishment and offense comes from their use of volatile Reiryoku and Reiatsu. Their combative pride lies in their capability to cause wide destruction and demolition, thus the Ayatsuchi are able to gain two skills from their specialty:

  • [ Juntai ] -- "Martyr Zone"
    During certain situations, be it dire or climactic, an Ayatsuchi may compress and output his or her Reiatsu to a unique threshold, upon which a phenomenon occurs where the released soul pressure will violently manifest in a tempest of power. It is at this point that Juntai may be executed, a special attack which consumes 15% of the Ayatsuchi's Reiatsu to generate a harrowing, large-scale assault upon the opposition, whose output power is worth double of the spent Reiatsu. However, this skill may not be used in tandem with any other skill that is not primarily fueled by Reiatsu.

  • [ Jousou ] -- "Castle Spear"
    Pushing Reiatsu into a confined and fixed space results in compression; Ayatsuchi fighters that have mastered such utilization and sculpturing of their Reiatsu are able to further refine the process to the point where a makeshift, elongated zone of high Reiatsu compression can be generated. This zone, though invisible, is explosively pressurized and takes the shape of a horizontally laid pillar. Once the massive spiritual pressure is unfettered, incredible amounts of force and energy are released all along the 'pillared' zone, resulting in an attack that can pierce through various bulwarks and blast holes through the opposition. This attack consumes 3% Reiatsu per use with an output power worth triple the spent Reiatsu, though there is no cost applied for the first time it is used in a given battle.
[ Kinbukigura ] -- "The Auric Armory"
Shinigami who belong to the Kinbukigura prefer versatile and indirect modes and methods of combat above anything else, including Zanpakutou abilities, Kidou spells, and Gotei Techniques (though not any Bujutsu) that allow such a style to be adopted. Consequently, members of this class tend to favor mid-long range combat, where they may use various incapacitating tactics and stratagems to take down their opponents without excessive use of force.

  • [ Onmyou ] -- "Yin Yang"
    By attaining worldly knowledge concerning the nature of innumerous attack methods, a Kinbukigura comes to acknowledge a higher concept of 'opposites.' It is by this teaching that he or she is able to suffuse the energy of two almost or completely opposite skills and interlock them together to form not a total negation of powers, but a temporary, yet powerful synergistic skill. The cost of using this new skill is 150% of the combined costs of the two merged skills, but the resulting output power may be valued anywhere from double to triple of the consumed Reiatsu.

  • [ Kenmon ] -- "Watching Gates"
    Keen observation and an open mind are key elements toward being able to understand the qualities and Ways of various things. A Kinbukigura who has attained a refined understanding of this teaching is able to distinguish the nature of an attack that he or she has never been struck by, so long as the primary combat stat used to power the attack is rated not any more than 7,500 points above the same stat as that of the Kinbukigura's. However, this requires that he or she be actually hit by it and/or succumbed to its effect(s), and this skill may not work if that hostile skill is a Feat.
[ Shinshitou ] -- "The Sylvan Sword"
Prodigious fighters and warriors who have honed their physical prowess and skills to the highest levels congregate under the Shinshitou class. It is here that practitioners of different Bujutsu, as well as connoisseurs of either the armed or empty-handed martial arts find their place amongst the ardent members of the August Echelon. However, with such a vast degree of diversity even within a sub-class, the abilities attainable by those of the Shinshitou work to emphasize individual power as such:

  • [ Akanu ] -- "Clearest Moment"
    Having to plunge into direct and close-range combat is often a fatal undertaking, where versatility and spirit are frequently the only things that will allow one to emerge alive. Being able to properly and unhesitatingly counter a decisive strike is of equal importance, and with the skill of Akanu, a warrior of the Shinshitou is given an empty skill slot that is considered neither a Technique nor a Feat in technical nature, but may be filled by a unique counter skill-- equivalent to the level of a Feat or succession Technique-- that is special to each member. The respective skill may be used to turn around dire situations where there may be no escape from an overwhelming enemy attack, and even drastically shift the favor to the Shinshitou warrior's.

    [Must have effectively parried or countered at least fifteen different attacks beforehand in PC vs. PC fights or plot fights.]

  • [ Kui ] -- "Tradition of Crimson"
    There were once rumors of master-warriors that have transcended legendary and mythical status and onto that of the phantasmagoric Hisakusa itself... having become of such epic and mystical identities that mere humans are no longer capable of either sensing or remembering them. Seeking and pursuing this level of "unfathomable fame" has been the object of aspiration to many earnest warriors, and those that have been said to 'touch' that level are regarded as having received a divine glance from that of the gods. By such a sacred bequeathal, those who purportedly crossed paths with, fought, and narrowly survived against these warriors told tales of indescribable, indiscernible, and undeniable skill, tersely terming it as "Kui," the Tradition of Crimson, but for one belief: using it guarantees the shedding and splashing of blood.

    Amagawa Sougen has arranged for the rigorous attainment of this skill for only the most proficient and masterful of martial art practitioners. Through innumerous hours of continuous meditation, a Shinshitou may be bestowed with Kui, the ability to double the gap in combative capacity between him or herself and the enemy. This works by taking the difference between the Shinshitou's current Zanjutsu or Hakuda and that of the opponent's, doubling that value, and letting the said value be the new difference in Zanjutsu or Hakuda between the Shinshitou and the enemy. With that, the Shinshitou's ability to read, parry, evade, or counter against the enemy is increased, while the opponent's same abilities are lowered against the Shinshitou, all as according to how large the gap grows as the result of Kui. However, the Shinshitou's maximum Zanjutsu or Hakuda stat must be at least 500 points higher than that of the opponent's base Zanjutsu or Hakuda in order for Kui to work, and the increased gap in Zanjutsu or Hakuda does not affect any pertinent calculations in any skill. Whenever Kui is in effect, the opponent will always view the Shinshitou's fists or sword blade as being heavily splashed and caked in blood.

    [Must have defeated at least four different PC or plot opponents beforehand.]
[ Shuunin ] -- "The Errant Edge"
Those who prefer to adopt a balance between all four fighting ways of the Shinigami would find themselves within the Shuunin sub-class. Having a fair balance in all aspects of Shinigami combat affords greater adaptability and the highest minimization of weaknesses, though one would come to acknowledge no obvious emphatic strength. Just the same, however, as the very ideology of balance itself may be a strength, and it is through the afforded skills of the Shuunin that this is made apparent:

  • [ Yaoyorozu ] -- "Myriad"
    Having been thoroughly familiarized with all four fighting ways of the Shinigami, a Shuunin member is now capable of putting his or her varied combat experience and applying it all into a singular, unique attack that makes use of at least three combat stats. This enables not only most if not all of the Shuunin's balanced strengths to be put to use at once, but for all pertinent fighting ways to synergistically form into an attack that is rated equal to the sum of 1/3rd of all applied combat stats.

    [Must possess at least eight different attacks that are specifically oriented towards a particular combat stat (includes Techniques/Abilities, Feats, Zanpakutou Kai, Kidou, etc.)]

  • [ Eishouken ] -- "Everglance"
    Through unlocking the Ousaku Ban Kai in battle, the resulting field of compressed Reiryoku as born from the manifested Zanpaku will work to accentuate the balance of energy within the Shuunin's body. Therefore, whenever a Shuunin member enters Ousaku Ban Kai, his or her four combat stats will all increase by +1% for every passing round of combat until the final release expires.

    [Must not have any stat boosts derived from the Ousaku Ban Kai itself. Also, must have used Ousaku Ban Kai at least three times beforehand.]
[ Kuuseisou ] -- "The Skyborn Scabbard"
The Kuuseisou sub-class carries the highest defensive emphasis within the August Echelon, focusing primarily in being able to absorb large amounts of damage with little, if any wavering at all. Members of the Kuuseisou pride themselves in their ability to actually stave off certain levels of damage with no incurred injury at all, very much reminiscent of the legendary Zaraki Kenpachi of so many millennia ago.

  • [ Inga Ruten ] -- "Fate Cycle"
    A powerful skill unique to the Kuuseisou of the August Echelon, the Inga Ruten is derived from the ubiquitous force of karma. During battle, a faint golden aura will exude from the Kuuseisou, signifying the activity of the Inga Ruten skill. It is during that time that whenever the Kuuseisou receives a bodily injury, he or she is able to project the karma-charged power of Inga Ruten directly to the hostile opponent, whereupon that enemy will receive the same injury identical in severity, much in the same way as 'damage reflection.' It is worth noting that this effect will never miss. However, this is not without repercussions. The injury that the Kuuseisou receives while Inga Ruten is radiating will not receive the benefits of Nejiro, therefore the full severity of the injury will be retained. Also, should the respective injury be healed during battle, the reflected injury upon the opponent will also heal proportionately. However, Inga Ruten cannot 'reflect' damage derived from an attack that primarily pierces defenses, as the said attack will also pierce Inga Ruten's effect. The Kuuseisou may use this skill once every 20,000 points in base Reiatsu that he or she has during a given battle.

    [Must have received at least a total of four critical injuries from past PC vs. PC fights and/or plot mission battles.]

  • [ Nejiro ] -- "The Citadel"
    By possessing the greatest defensive capacity of any other sub-class, those of the Kuuseisou will come to attain the Nejiro, an adamant trait that enables not only reduction of damage, but also invulnerability against certain attacks. Kuuseisou who possess this inherent skill will be able to take -10% less damage from any attack, and be able to bear-- without injury-- the brunt of any attack or spell rated less than (but not equal to) 3% of his or her current Reiatsu. However, Nejiro cannot provide protection against any attacks or spells that are specialized in explicitly piercing defenses, as Nejiro itself will be pierced. Also, if the Kuuseisou nullifies physical damage from an attack through the 3% defensive invulnerability, he or she will receive ½ the damage to his or her Reiatsu.

    [Must have received at least a total of fifteen different wounds from past PC vs. PC fights and/or plot mission battles.]
[ Setsudaikyuu ] -- "The Ardent Arbalest"
Masters of ranged combat and tactics will find themselves gathered in the Setsudaikyuu sub-class, a category of August Echelon fighters who both emphatically stress and take advantage of various forms of mid-long range skills. It is not rare to see tacticians of the Setsudaikyuu sniping from vast stretches of distances away from the target; such astonishing feats are possible through the advanced skills afforded by this sub-class:

  • [ Futaimakyou ] -- "Phantom Bridge"
    Those of the Setsudaikyuu have been rumored to possess superhuman levels of visual capacity... and such is not too far from the truth. Through intensive meditative training, a Setsudaikyuu will come to acquire age-old knowledge and methods of manipulative Reiryoku distribution. By re-routing more natural flows of spiritual energy to the eyes, a highly acute level of visual sensing can be achieved. By this, a Setsudaikyuu with the Futaimakyou training will inherently possess a sharper degree of vision that, by fine-tuning channels of Reiryoku to the irises, is able to zoom both in and out, thus allowing him or her to view a distant object more closely, or scan a wider range of landscapes and terrain. Whenever this skill is being used to its fullest, the user's eyes and senses will be able to glean and process over 300 frames of information per second, allowing him or her to account for every instant of action that occurs within the observed field of vision, though it should be noted that this enhancement should only be used with a zoomed in vision, rather than a zoomed-out vision. Also, because of the increased presence of controlled Reiryoku within the eyes, the Setsudaikyuu's vision is retained at optimal levels. Consequently, the integrity of his or her visual accuracy never wavers in combat, even if he or she should be near death, and the status of his or her vision will never degrade or retard, affording the Setsudaikyuu with elevated immunity against enemy methods that work to impair his or her vision.

    [Must have learned and used Kankatsugan Bougyodou spell at least six times beforehand.]

  • [ Seishoku Mondou ] -- "Ecliptic Gateway"
    Having skills and weapons that are able to accurately strike from a distance as far as the wielder him or herself can see is critical towards retaining effectiveness while in ranged combat. This demand for such far-reaching measures and attacks has been remedied by the Setsudaikyuu's expertise: by affixing a spiritual harmony between ideological necessity and fulfillment, the maximum reach of all the Setsudaikyuu's ranged skills increase by four fold, thus allowing him or her to strike the enemy from unexpectedly distant locations and angles. Such a vast degree of range also affords another benefit. If a projectile or ranged attack is executed from a significantly higher level of elevation or lower level of depression, an enemy struck with the said attack will be dealt with +50% more damage than normal.

    [Must have at least eight different long-range skills and/or items beforehand.]
[ Aoshikagan ] -- "The Malachite Mirror"
The Aoshikagan is a class specifically catered to those who specialize in the field of the Kidou practice. Their versatility in battle is extremely well-hidden by the fact that their knowledge and preference of certain spells are not made known to the enemy until they are used, and it is for that reason that practitioners of Kidou are well-suited to deal with a myriad of situations... but those finding themselves within the Aoshikagan category are not satisfied with just 'versatility.' No, they seek to possess forsaken skills that not even the prodigies within the Kidoushuu are capable of attaining.

  • [ Kasokuki ] -- "Accelerator"
    Kichouji is often considered as a hampering skill, despite its benefits for accentuating the power of recited spells... However, Kichouji itself was not meant to be a standalone skill. Rather, it has been secretly revered as the basic and most fundamental stepping stone towards learning the Kasokuki, a furtively-hidden skill that uses Kichouji as a base, and gives the Aoshikagan the innate ability to recite Kidou spell incantations at inhuman speeds. Whole sentences can be spoken within the fraction of a second, and the longest incantations can be recited from start to finish in the same time it takes to bypass any spell with Eishouhaki. This allows a deadly combination of casting speed and the natural benefits of Kichouji: the power, speed, accuracy, and recoil-recovery of all spells used with it increase by +30% in magnitude.

    [Must have learned Kichouji beforehand, and must have used it at least eight times.]

  • [ Fukouhi ] -- "The Unimaginable Door"
    At one early point in Seireitei's history, descendents of the founder of the Kidou practice have stole themselves away from the public eye, and continued research upon escalating the Way of Demons to unheard of heights... The results have been concluded as being highly destructive and inhumanely inequitable, thus the prostrate family secretly scattered their teachings all about Seireitei before vanishing from history itself. A series of notes has been left behind by a certain descendent, and kept in isolated storage within the information banks of Seireitei. However, the Aoshikagan of the August Echelon, upon given permission from the Commander General himself, are able to access these files, conduct an investigation on the whereabouts of one of these coveted tomes, and acquire for themselves a forsaken Kidou teaching by being branded with the Fukouhi, a demon seal upon the Aoshikagan's nape that allows the usage of one of these formidable skills.

    [Must have thoroughly investigated pertinent affairs in order to be able to locate forsaken teachings.]
[ Shichirukoe ] -- "The Vindicating Voice"
Unique to the August Echelon, the Shichirukoe sub-class is one that centers around the concept of 'purity' through not only acting as a medic-type class, but also one that wills the disassembly of and end to impure beings. It is through this righteous ideal that they practice the dual ideology of reconstruction and deconstruction, thus they pass on through life knowing cruel principles of ephemerality.

  • [ Namioto ] -- "Sound of Waves"
    Those of the Shichirukoe often carry with themselves an atmosphere of seemingly divine tranquility... as serene and settling as the sound of breaking waves. Being able to embody this aura into practical use necessitates arduous meditation, but what results from such honorable efforts is the Namioto, the capability of a Shichirukoe to empower and rejuvenate comrades around him or her just by merely being present. The maximum radial range of this aura extends for two meters per 8,000 points in his or her Connection, and allies positioned within it are able to regenerate 1% Reiatsu per 8,000 Connection the Shichirukoe has after each passing round. This restorative aura lasts five rounds for each skill activation, of which the Shichirukoe gains one of for every 10,000 points in Connection he or she has. However, the Shichirukoe him or herself can only enjoy half of the benefits whenever Namioto is used, and if he or she is alone, none of the benefits may be experienced... But against Hollows and Hollow-type beings, whenever any of these entities enters the Namioto field, their total Reiatsu value will fall by 1% Reiatsu per 8,000 Connection the Shichirukoe has after each passing round for the same maximum duration; entering the field for even the slightest moment will result in the Reiatsu loss.

    [Must have at least three-fourths of equipped Kidou be Chiyudou spells.]

  • [ Hiranomechi ] -- "Billowing Cloud Formation"
    Clouds are known to form and disintegrate as nature allows them to... A Shichirukoe realizes this as an exemplified principle of ephemerality, and is soon able to embody its teaching into a skill known as Hiranomechi. With it, he or she makes a sacred pact with the laws of Nature, and is empowered to revert a critical wound, a lost limb, or reconstruct a compromised defense, an item, or a weapon in battle once for every 8,000 Connection that he or she has, all by sacrificing a proportionate section of the surroundings into primordial and malleable Reishi. When faced against a Hollow or Hollow-type being, however, Hiranomechi may be used to deconstruct newly resuscitated bodily mass, or any external, renewed article such as a defensive construct, an item, or a weapon in battle once for every 8,000 Connection. Using either mode takes away from the overall total amount of allowed usages, however.

    [Must have learned at least twenty different Chiyudou spells beforehand.]

[ Soraichi no Fukai Kyoku ]
"The Aerial City's Untouchable Zenith"

The fabled Kikouou that once stood watch over the Sou Kyoku execution poles was often glorified as the 'million Zanpakutou,' an allusion to its fearsome and overwhelming appearance and manifested release. A member of the August Echelon may hope to attain such a level of power with their own Zanpakutou once 40,000 Connection is reached... and with it, claim dominion over those lesser than him or herself. Soraichi no Fukai Kyoku affords such an altitude of strength, whereupon no opponent with Connection (or any other pertinent stat that acts like Connection with the exception of Reiatsu) equal to or lesser than 10,000 that of the August Echelon member's may ever hope to engage in equitable battle with the Master Shinigami... as doing so will result in the complete destruction of the lesser Zanpakutou (or any other staple weapon). However, this all affords much more than mere dominance.

With the 'power of a million Zanpakutou,' the soul slayer of an August Echelon member gains a certain level of independence from the physical construction of the weapon itself, such that even should his or her Zanpakutou be compromised in combat, Kai releases may be retained and still activated with reasonable loss in power. Thus, even if his or her Zanpakutou's blade is entirely compromised, a maximum release of Shikai is still possible, though at a handicap of 80% of its full potential power. The same applies to Ousaku Ban Kai, however, the Zanpakutou blade must retain at least half of its blade intact in order for the final release to be activated.

The last facet of Soraichi no Fukai Kyoku is the execution of a geographical assault upon a particular region of an immediate landscape. It is by plunging one's Zanpakutou into the earth and pouring the synergistic Reiryoku into it that such a destructive spectacle may be witnessed. The grand-scale bombardment is not designed to obliterate a single target or a particular group of enemies... rather, its true effectiveness shows in being able to level stretches of territory, large enemy forces, and structures quickly and indiscriminately. However, any section of the targeted region that holds the same natural attribute or element as that of the inundating energy is kept intact.

[ Tettou no Shizuhisa ]
"The Iron Tower's Silent Creed"

Having been so familiarized and accustomed to one's strength and spiritual bearing leads to this higher branch of existence, the Tettou no Shizuhisa. Through assiduous training and emphasis upon one's natural strengths, the resultant Reiryoku will attune itself to passively augment the August Echelon member's forte as much as it can allow. It is by this harmonic circumvention of spiritual power that the August Echelon member is able to experience a +15% boost to his or her highest combat stat. However, if multiple combat stats are identical in value, then that +15% boost may be evenly distributed amongst them. The synergistic processes will continue to grow, allowing the default +15% boost to grow by +1% for every 5,000 Connection attained after 40,000.

[ Kinushiro no Musabetsu ]
"The Silken Castle's Indiscrimination"

To be absorbed into such a distinguished class of warriors and be known as the best Shinigami recognized within the Gotei 13 is often the highest honor one can receive... but bearing such a status is another matter entirely. Withholding authority and charisma in battle with utmost consistency is vital towards being role models of all younger aspiring Shinigami, and it is here that prior experiences in wars, missions, and innumerous battles come into play. Having to tirelessly assume leadership enables the August Echelon member to achieve the state of Kinushiro no Musabetsu, and develop an insurmountable resilience against the duress and compromises of combat. The culmination of martial knowledge and understanding gives birth to a higher degree of resilience against negative status effects, where low-level abnormalities may be outright blocked off and mid-to-high level abnormalities resisted to an even greater extent than before. This also extends to effects that work to dampen one's stats: whenever such a travesty occurs, the August Echelon member will only experience half of its severity due to his or her greater militaristic and characteristic bearing.

[ Meirai Fuuin no Seikigeki ]
"The Hunderouc Seal's Divine Comedy"

(This class skill has been sealed until further notice.)



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