Ryoka - Fuyubi Tenkyuu

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Ryoka Fuyubi

<div class="bbWrapper"><b>Name:</b> Fuyubi Tenkyuu<br /> <br /> <b>Age:</b> 18<br /> <br /> <b>Physical Appearance:</b> Fuyubi, though not blessed at birth with a powerful body, had his slowly hammered into shape. Contrary to his assumed name, Fuyubi is not Japanese; he isn't even remotly Asian. He is a full-blooded Caucasian male, with all the typical superficial characteristics. His initially weak form became condensed with thin, tough muscles covering most of his body, though most don't perceive this trait due to the baggy clothes he traditionally wears. This garb also conceals a far more telling patchwork of scars spiraling out from a cylindrical chunk of metal embedded in his right pectoral muscle. <br /> <br /> His leanness further emphasizes his height (which with any other build would seem only slightly above average) causing him to appear to be quite a bit taller than he actually is. His hair is dark brown and fairly long, falling loosely near the bases of his eyebrows, ears, and neck when he doesn't mess with it. Most of the time, however, he keeps his hair flowing backward, enunciating his high forehead, minimal eyebrows, perpetually staring eyes. Though not often a topic of discussion, those eyes have been defined as anywhere from bright, vibrant green to dull, uninterested hazel - a range large enough for Fuyubi to stop caring what color they were at all. He eschews all forms of physical adornment, maintaining that he's too identifiable already.<br /> <br /> <u>Stats:</u><br /> <br /> <b>Reiatsu:</b> 4,325<br /> <b>Combat:</b> 1,000<br /> <b>Agility:</b> 500<br /> <b>Ability:</b> 2,825<br /> <b>Harmony:</b> 6,325</div>


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