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<div class="bbWrapper"><div style="text-align: center"><span style="font-size: 18px"><b>Saiyoisen</b><br /> <br /> 才嘉川</span><br /> <br /> <i>&quot;Genius from an Esteemed Bloodline&quot;</i>&#8203;</div><br /> <br /> <div style="text-align: center"><div class="bbCodeSpoiler"> <button type="button" class="bbCodeSpoiler-button button--longText button" data-xf-click="toggle" data-xf-init="tooltip" title="Click to reveal or hide spoiler"><span class="button-text"> <span>Spoiler: <span class="bbCodeSpoiler-button-title">The hair is wrong, but otherwise a good physical reference</span></span> </span></button> <div class="bbCodeSpoiler-content"> <div class="bbCodeBlock bbCodeBlock--spoiler"> <div class="bbCodeBlock-content"> <div class="lbContainer lbContainer--inline " title="" data-xf-init="lightbox" data-lb-single-image="1" data-lb-container-zoom="1" data-lb-trigger=".js-lbImage-_xfUid-1-1563766308" data-lb-id="_xfUid-1-1563766308" style=""> <div class="lbContainer-zoomer js-lbImage-_xfUid-1-1563766308" data-src="/xf/proxy.php?;hash=db5d67a357def020fce85af5930afdd5" aria-label="Zoom"></div> <img src="/xf/proxy.php?;hash=db5d67a357def020fce85af5930afdd5" data-url="" class="bbImage" data-zoom-target="1" alt="" style="" /> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div></div><br /> <div style="text-align: center"><div class="bbCodeSpoiler"> <button type="button" class="bbCodeSpoiler-button button--longText button" data-xf-click="toggle" data-xf-init="tooltip" title="Click to reveal or hide spoiler"><span class="button-text"> <span>Spoiler: <span class="bbCodeSpoiler-button-title">Pic of Sai with avis activated</span></span> </span></button> <div class="bbCodeSpoiler-content"> <div class="bbCodeBlock bbCodeBlock--spoiler"> <div class="bbCodeBlock-content"> <div class="lbContainer lbContainer--inline " title="" data-xf-init="lightbox" data-lb-single-image="1" data-lb-container-zoom="1" data-lb-trigger=".js-lbImage-_xfUid-2-1563766308" data-lb-id="_xfUid-2-1563766308" style=""> <div class="lbContainer-zoomer js-lbImage-_xfUid-2-1563766308" data-src="/xf/proxy.php?;hash=c19912dbc62de56de416a920fbeda852" aria-label="Zoom"></div> <img src="/xf/proxy.php?;hash=c19912dbc62de56de416a920fbeda852" data-url="" class="bbImage" data-zoom-target="1" alt="" style="" /> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div></div><br /> <br /> <br /> <b>Age:</b> Died when 27 in RL (appearance is of a 27 year old), has been in SS for 101 years.<br /> <br /> <b>Persona:</b> After returning, once again, from the brink of death and reaffirming his shinigami powers, he has begun to not really care about the little things and focus on the moment and what his soul tells him is right. After being given a few opportunities at life, he also has started to take things less seriously than he used to. When asked his honest opinion on a subject he plainly and calmly states what he thinks if someone asks and doesn't hesitate in order to sugar coat it for someone. He is very confident of himself and his abilities due to having been tested time and again in life threatening situations. He usually remains cool under most circumstances (with a known trait for heavy sarcasm), and although he used to have a pentient for losing himself in his rage during a fight, his induction into the Excelsior caused him to come to an epiphany about himself to where he uses his rage in a fight; he doesn't let it use him. Usually he has a half-smile on his lips, almost as if he is enjoying a private joke with himself. Of all things that get to him, he <i>hates</i> hollows, however this hate is merely fuel for the fire and no longer lets himself succumb to the lure of losing himself in it during a fight. He realized that his hate is not what has been driving him, it was his hope for a better world; his anger was simply the byproduct that was clouding his mind and altering his judgement; as such, he now takes a more optimistic view of the world.<br /> <br /> <b>Physical Stature:</b> Saiyoisen stands at 5'10&quot;, with the lean muscular body of a person who has mastered the martial arts. From his right shoulder all the way down to his left hip he has a thin scar from long ago: during his first Sou Kyouko Hill match where it was Setsujuko and himself versus Kenzo Matsumoto. His black hair is straight and hangs down to just a few inches below his ears. He is nothing short of attractive with angular features, and his black eyes are narrowed and alot of the time it appears as if he is angry (though that quickly goes away when he starts a conversation with a friend), and in addition to his half smile that only tends to go away when he's in a fight, he looks like he is up to something most of the time.<br /> <br /> Sai, having been both quincy and shinigami, has decided to just go with his own personal style for taste and function for clothing. For the basics he wears a black, button up dress shirt that is untucked in the front and loose-fitting black pants, both made of a fabric that mimics silk upon touch, but is very difficult to cut with even a razor sharp knife. On his feet, he wears a set of tall black leather boots that go up to just below his knees with three buckles in the back to ensure a tight fit. The outermost layer of clothing he has is a cut to fit, deep red overcoat that is made of a material similiar to leather but far more durable, trimmed with white on all of the edges. The coat comes down to a little past his wrists on his arms and the back falls to just above his ankles on the back where the standard double tail with one slit has been replaced with a triple tailed design with slits going up along where his legs are, giving him better movement with the tail and helping it keep out of his way. It has a vine pattern on the front, consisting of a bundle of about half a dozen vines colored slightly darker red than the rest of the overcoat that starts on the front of one side of the coat and goes to the other via going up one side, around the high collar that comes almost up to his chin, and then down the other side. The front of the coat is kept closed by a single clasp at mid chest level. The clasp is a silver octagon three inches in width with a flat face on which the symbol for his rara avis has been engraved in bright red, almost glowing, detail. On his hands he sports black, fingerless gloves and a pair of silver rings (which are his unique items and are described below)<br /> <br /> <b>Rank:</b> <span style="color: red">Rogue Shinigami</span> - <b><u>Excelsior Member</u></b><br /> <br /> <b>Zanpakutou:</b> After acquiring his Rara Avis, it has effected his blade somewhat and allows the persona of his manifestation to show through in the sealed form more than it normally would be able too. Since Saiyoisen has adopted the hakuda fighting path, he has neglected his sword zanpakutou, but with the new influence his soul has on its shape, it has taken on a form that he is able to utilize when sealed; not being forced to use it for its abilities when he releases. It has taken on the form of a bladed brass knuckle that he keeps in a sheath strapped to his thigh on the inside of his pants. The right front pocket has been cut at the bottom, so he is able to unsheathe his hidden zanpakutou and go from appearing unarmed to armed, utilizing it in a heartbeat.<br /> <br /> <div style="text-align: center"><div class="bbCodeSpoiler"> <button type="button" class="bbCodeSpoiler-button button--longText button" data-xf-click="toggle" data-xf-init="tooltip" title="Click to reveal or hide spoiler"><span class="button-text"> <span>Spoiler: <span class="bbCodeSpoiler-button-title">Moushuuou's sealed form</span></span> </span></button> <div class="bbCodeSpoiler-content"> <div class="bbCodeBlock bbCodeBlock--spoiler"> <div class="bbCodeBlock-content"> <div class="lbContainer lbContainer--inline " title="" data-xf-init="lightbox" data-lb-single-image="1" data-lb-container-zoom="1" data-lb-trigger=".js-lbImage-_xfUid-3-1563766308" data-lb-id="_xfUid-3-1563766308" style=""> <div class="lbContainer-zoomer js-lbImage-_xfUid-3-1563766308" data-src="/xf/proxy.php?;hash=d6c53739db0f89237d2cc3f1b2627d33" aria-label="Zoom"></div> <img src="/xf/proxy.php?;hash=d6c53739db0f89237d2cc3f1b2627d33" data-url="" class="bbImage" data-zoom-target="1" alt="" style="" /> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div></div><br /> <b>Zanpakutou</b> <b>Moushuuou - <i>Beast King</i></b><br /> <br /> The manifestation is one of a very large manticore; it has the body of a lion, the face of a feral human, large bat-like wings, and a scorpion tail. It is very condescending, haughty, and has a general distaste for everything and everyone. That said, he has a very tempered tolerance for Sai and compliments the shinigami's powers well.<br /> <br /> <div style="text-align: center"><div class="bbCodeSpoiler"> <button type="button" class="bbCodeSpoiler-button button--longText button" data-xf-click="toggle" data-xf-init="tooltip" title="Click to reveal or hide spoiler"><span class="button-text"> <span>Spoiler: <span class="bbCodeSpoiler-button-title">Moushuuou</span></span> </span></button> <div class="bbCodeSpoiler-content"> <div class="bbCodeBlock bbCodeBlock--spoiler"> <div class="bbCodeBlock-content"> <div class="lbContainer lbContainer--inline " title="" data-xf-init="lightbox" data-lb-single-image="1" data-lb-container-zoom="1" data-lb-trigger=".js-lbImage-_xfUid-4-1563766308" data-lb-id="_xfUid-4-1563766308" style=""> <div class="lbContainer-zoomer js-lbImage-_xfUid-4-1563766308" data-src="/xf/proxy.php?;hash=6fb4ae47ab527aaabaef52570f58c9dd" aria-label="Zoom"></div> <img src="/xf/proxy.php?;hash=6fb4ae47ab527aaabaef52570f58c9dd" data-url="" class="bbImage" data-zoom-target="1" alt="" style="" /> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div><br /> <br /> <span style="font-size: 18px"><b>Shi Kai:</b> </span><br /> <br /> Chikyuu Buchikowashite, Moushuuou! <i>&quot;Break the earth, Beast King!&quot;</i><br /> <br /> <div class="bbCodeSpoiler"> <button type="button" class="bbCodeSpoiler-button button--longText button" data-xf-click="toggle" data-xf-init="tooltip" title="Click to reveal or hide spoiler"><span class="button-text"> <span>Spoiler: <span class="bbCodeSpoiler-button-title">Shikai</span></span> </span></button> <div class="bbCodeSpoiler-content"> <div class="bbCodeBlock bbCodeBlock--spoiler"> <div class="bbCodeBlock-content"><b>FORM</b>: Moushuuou no Inji <i>&quot;Imperial Seal of the Beast King&quot;</i><br /> <br /> Upon saying the command phrase, the zanpakutou dissolves into dust and coalesces into several tiny motes of black energy. The motes quickly swirl, leaving a multitude of pencil-thin lines of energy in the air around Sai momentarily as they fly on to his body, with which they then draw many tattoos upon his skin.<br /> <br /> On his arms from elbow to the wrist, and on his legs from knee to ankle he has several tribal images of various claws of differing shapes and sizes. On his upper back he has a very large pair of stylized bat-like wings, with a large scorpion tail tattooed from in the middle of his back that starts just below the wings and goes down to wrap around his abdomen before curling around and ending back at his lower back; both tattoos are drawn along the same type of patterns as the others on his arms and legs. As these are on his skin and not on top of his clothes, he could appear as though he has not released his sword if his overcoat and shirt have not been damaged from battle. These tattoos are not merely decoration however, and are as hard as bloodstone, essentially giving Saiyoisen instant protection for his limbs and torso so that he may attack any opponent fearlessly.<br /> <br /> <b>ABILITY</b>: Atsuryokuha <i>&quot;Pressure Wave&quot; </i><br /> <br /> Moushuuou's mighty body is one built as a ferocious weapon of mass destruction: his teeth are like daggers, his claws are as deadly as swords, and his very tail is as a spear. These weapons are what he uses with expert precision in combat, and it is of the same ferocity in using one's own body as a weapon that Sai has been granted this ability. For the duration of his shikai, the tribal tattoos inscribed in his flesh constantly produce powerful energy that enhances Sai's limbs to be able to move and strike with power unattainable before. With Moushuuou's assistance in combat, Sai gains a 15% bonus to both hakuda and hohou. As a side effect of the nature of this power, Sai can mentally command the energy to cease for a specific limb, causing a build up of the &quot;pressure&quot; so that when he releases it an instant later it is shot in the desired direction.<br /> <br /> <br /> <b>ABILITY 2</b>: Moushuuou no Ibuki <i>&quot;Breath of the Beast King&quot; </i><br /> <br /> Not merely a pure physical being, Moushuuou is a creature of mythical power and has more ways to dispose of its enemies than by melee combat. By utilizing this technique, Sai has gained ranged attack to fill in the gaps of his usual favored style of attack. By summoning a portion of his power, four medium sized tribal images appear in front of him; three are in a triangle, with the fourth as the center. Taking his own reiatsu and condensing it down to the smallest possible space within his arm, his fist begins to glow brightly just before he slams his open palm into the center of the triangle. Using the pattern as a conduit, the energy from his arm is combined with the energy in the symbols and converted into a blast of pure power that rockets forth at his opponent in blinding speed and strikes with destructive power that shakes the very ground; using this attack takes anywhere from 1%-5% of his reiatsu, depending on how strong he desires the blast to be.</div> </div> </div> </div><br /> <span style="font-size: 18px"><b>Ban Kai:</b> </span><br /> <br /> Kenkon no Moushuuou <i>&quot;Beast King of Heaven and Earth&quot;</i>&#8203;</div><br /> <div style="text-align: center"><div class="bbCodeSpoiler"> <button type="button" class="bbCodeSpoiler-button button--longText button" data-xf-click="toggle" data-xf-init="tooltip" title="Click to reveal or hide spoiler"><span class="button-text"> <span>Spoiler: <span class="bbCodeSpoiler-button-title">Bankai</span></span> </span></button> <div class="bbCodeSpoiler-content"> <div class="bbCodeBlock bbCodeBlock--spoiler"> <div class="bbCodeBlock-content"><b>FORM</b>: Yoroiichigu Moushuuou <i>&quot;The Beast King's Suit of Armor&quot;</i><br /> <br /> Upon saying &quot;Bankai&quot; , the tattoos that were drawn upon his body nearly explode off of him from the amount of reiatsu that they are now channeling. A tiny amount of red, hazy reiatsu dissipates slowly into the air as they float around him, several inches directly above the spot that they rested upon his body originally as mere tattoos and taking upon the hardness of bloodstone, instantly giving him the equivalent of a full suit of armor; the shapes and images of the various claws on his forearm and legs nearly humming with the enormous reiatsu that they now channel into his body. The wings that were on his back now float behind him, unfurling to create a thin pair of bat like wings with a twenty-foot wingspan. The scorpion tail tattoo that wrapped around his abdomen also detaches from him and rests behind him, trailing behind him for fifteen feet. The wings can bear him aloft through the air, and along with the tail, can be manipulated as well as if they were natural limbs, allowing him to strike with those as well as his own body with the same amount of skill and power.<br /> <br /> <b>ABILITY</b>: Atsuryokuha Ooinaru <i>&quot;Great Pressure Wave&quot;</i><br /> <br /> The energy that was channeled through him in shikai has now multiplied several times over. When using his body, the tattoos compress downward upon the corresponding limb for just an instant, causing the energy to compress down into it and enhance it to levels of density and power beyond originally thought possible, increasing his hakuda and hohou by a 55% margin.<br /> <br /> The effect of this &quot;boost&quot; in movement can be apparent when an opponent tries to block an attack by Sai. The nature of the energy being thrown forward into the limb creates a momentum that breaks through blocks. In the event that his limb is blocked, he can mentally command the tattoos to 'pump' energy into his body again, effectively creating another full power strike even from a dead stop, which then would smash through someone clashing with him for control in a fight.<br /> <br /> <b>ATTACK1</b>: Kajou Kisei <i>&quot;Death Spiral&quot;</i><br /> <br /> Steadying his body into a neutral position, Sai expends reiatsu of his own to break the metaphysical bonds connecting the tattoos to his body, which causes the energy contained within to explode violently outward from his position. The forms are still naturally drawn to a central position, but the violent cyclone of energy created in the initial chain reaction pushes them further and further away as the explosion continues in the blink of an eye..<br /> <br /> By spending 5% of his reiatsu, the tattoos flash and explode outward from his position, spreading and spinning outward from him, instantly creating a tornado of energy with dozens upon dozens of razor sharp tribal images with the density of bloodstone, causing everything from an inch to one hundred yards away from his body to be violently slashed hundreds of times with the intensity of an F5 tornado.</div> </div> </div> </div></div><br /> <br /> <br /> <b>Bio:</b> Saiyoisen was born in the Meiji era of Japan, before industrialization really took over. He was a descendant of a samurai family and he was able to hone his warrior skills even during the time when the world was changing to become more peaceful. He died just after his sister had passed away and subsequently became a hollow, and killed him. After he was murdered he spent a few millennia as a hollow, ruled by his instincts and nothing more. He was saved some time ago by a shinigami and has only been in Soul Society for about a century before he found the spiritual power necessary to become a shinigami and both make the shinigami that saved him proud and to get revenge against the hollows. He climbed the ranks quickly, and was in the 3rd seat of his division for some time. <br /> <br /> Sai took part in helping to retake the Central 46's headquarters after the Red Moon invaded, though it was his team that set off the bomb that alerted a few dozen squads of soldiers to their presence. He fought and almost died to save his fellow shinigami Shiranui Luc from a massive Red Moon enforcer. Sai was wounded and was placed into a holding kidou until he could receive medical attention. As he was recovering, he took an interest in music with his Shakuhachi, a 1 1/2 foot long bamboo flute that is played vertically, and became quite proficient with it, to the point of developing a healing technique to ease the pain and weariness for him and his allies after a battle.<br /> <br /> In the final attack on the Red Moon base, Saiyoisen participated in the defense of a mostly empty Seireitei. After fighting a couple of waves of hollows, he stayed behind at the North Gate to continue fighting a hollow while the rest of his team hunted the one that had gotten through. Most recently, through a series of events that left a good friend and an even worse enemy, dead, Sai acquired bankai. He then rose to the rank of captain in order to prevent the tragedy that had befallen him from happening to anyone else.<br /> <br /> After a somewhat disappointing run as captain, Sai felt that he wasn't simply getting enough accomplished. As fate would have it, the option to do anything was shortly taken from him. When the siege of Seireitei had just begun, Sai was in position waiting for his division to begin his mission when he noticed the spiritual signature of an arrancar. After rushing to meet it, Sai found it was none other than Emptybones, one of the rogue hollows that had long fought against shinigami time and time again. Sai was no match for him and fell quickly under his blade after a valiant struggle that had left Emptybones blind.<br /> <br /> Sai had lost his body but the spark of his mind was still in the ether when he was called back. He had been called back to life in a new body, a gigai, and would come to realize that his previous powers had left him, and that a new set waited.<br /> <br /> His run as a quincy would not last forever though, as during a battle with a hollow much powerful than he could handle as a quincy, his spiritual powers re-emerged and in a fantastic display of power, purified the hollow and exploded his gigai in one tremendous blast. Shortly after getting used to his 'old' powers again, he headed off to join Masaru's new group: The Excelsior<br /> <br /> Shortly after arriving at the ruins of Antinimus, he and his three comrades that had shown up from the Gotei: Rei Jiiro, Jinsoku, and Junichi Terada, followed Shinkou Masaru down to the lower levels and were each subjected to an induction test. Sai's induction caused him to re-evaluate himself and look at himself through a new perspective, with the following fight with Magnus, a current member of Excelsior, giving him the basics of information needed for him to be able to bring out his own Rara Avis.<br /> <br /> <br /> <b>Stats:</b><br /> <br /> <b><i>Rara Avis</i></b> -- 10% || 1 Cycles <br /> <b>Reiatsu:</b> 31,234<br /> <i>Moushuuou - ~37,481~</i><br /> <i>Kenkon no Moushuuou</i> - <u>~62,468~</u> (<b>3 turns</b> /// *<b>10%</b>*)<br /> <b>Zanjutsu:</b> 0<br /> <b>Hakuda:</b> 14,392<br /> <b>Hohou:</b> 13,842<br /> <b>Kidou:</b> 3,000<br /> <i>Hadou #5, Demon Fist<br /> Hadou #25, Breaking Palm<br /> Hadou #73, Ebon<br /> Bougyoudo #43, Sude<br /> Bougyoudo #45, Daishunpo<br /> Bougyoudo #57, Malice Coil<br /> Chiyudo #32, Tangent<br /> Chiyudo #69, Arrosez Miroiter<br /> Chiyudo #79, Invincible Soul</i><br /> <b>Enishi:</b> 30,827<br /> <br /> Sai's distribution of power for the Rara Avis is as follows:<br /> <br /> 50% Hakuda<br /> 50% Hohou<br /> <br /> <b>Unique Item:</b> Kunginzen, <i>'Sudden Silver River'</i> 亟銀川<br /> Sai's unique item is composed of a pair of silver rings worn on the middle fingers of each hand, engraved with a simple, flowing wave pattern on each of their surfaces. Singularly, they serve no purpose. However when Sai's reiatsu starts to rise, (as in a fight) and closes his hands into fists are when they take their effect. The rings sync up with his reiatsu and form a sort of pseudo-kidou effect that hardens his forearms to the strength of metal. This allows him to be able to block or be blocked by slicing or piercing weapons as though he were wearing metal gauntlets. This effect is only minor however, and only works against weapons of little to no power, such as a normal or unreleased blade. If the opponent takes the fight to a higher level of power, this item can not keep up and Sai falls back on his conventional methods.<br /> <br /> <br /> <div style="text-align: center"><b>Feats:</b>&#8203;</div><br /> <b>[ Burning Siege Breaker ]</b><br /> <br /> In a fight, Sai's energy is always pushed to the very limits of what it is able to do; he never goes half way in a fight and pushes himself every time. In using hand-to-hand techniques for such a long time, the energy in his body -- his right arm specifically- has been honed to near perfection and has learned a way to utilize the inherent power in his body to maximum efficiency. By spending 2% of his reiatsu, Sai surges the energy from his body to the small space of his right arm, starting a chain reaction that causes the energy coursing through his arm to fire off, exploding energy with energy, causing the entirety of his right arm to appear to be at the center of a firestorm, but it is just the manifestation of his red reiatsu being concentrated to a specific point. This feat allows Sai to power up his right arm and strike with the force of a bomb concentrated on one specific target, whatever unfortunate thing that happens to be in his path, increasing the damage of his punch by a factor of ten.<br /> <br /> <b>[ Crystal Crimson Pattern ]</b><br /> <br /> Saiyoisen's kai releases have always been single minded and straightforward; enhancing his combat prowess by enhancing the power in his body and allowing him to fight by using his own body; not letting anything get in the way while doing so. It is only natural that the pure path that his kai follows would be taken by his body and pushed to the limits of effectiveness within. During a kai, the energy that is nearly exploding with its own power is strong but unstable; this feat is the result of Sai's own nature changing from losing himself in his rage to simply using it as fuel for the fire of his soul. This ability allows him to take the unstable power and alter it to where it is still as powerful, but much more stable and reliable thus increasing its efficacy many fold, altering his body to where that in a kai his hakuda and hohou is increased by 20%.<br /> <br /> <b>[ Slot ]</b><br /> <br /> <b>[ Slot ]</b><br /> <br /> <br /> <div style="text-align: center"><b>PrC Techniques:</b>&#8203;</div><br /> <br /> <div style="margin-left: 20px"><span style="font-size: 12px">[Rara Avis]</span> -- The quintessential and most easily recognizable ability of the Excelsior, the Rara Avis has come to be regarded as the band's essence. Using the Post Tenebras Lux technology that they have created and a unique &quot;ritual&quot; , the Excelsior enhance the base reiryoku of the individual in order to destroy any potential limitations in power growth and to ensure that the constitution of the soul works at maximum efficiency at all times. However, souls by their very nature are not intended to change from one form to another, especially at higher levels of strength...thus, to prevent any rejections by the soul's composition, this state of power, the &quot;<i><b>Rara Avis</b></i>&quot; , is tied to a member's zanpakutou, so that it can be used at will rather than simply be activated all the time, which would eventually lead to the self destruction of the soul.<br /> <br /> This fusion to the zanpakutou does not force the Rara Avis to be utilized only during Kai releases or during specific periods when the sword is being used. A Rara Avis can be activated at any time and independently to all other power ups. It is, in the most basic explanation, an unlocking of the new, enhanced strength the spirit wields after having its reiryouko augmented. <br /> <br /> This unlocking becomes visible through an easily recognizable change in the physical characteristics of the wielder: upon his or her face, a symbol forms. This mark is composed of a light that uses the same colors as the fighter's personal aura, and it shines for the duration of its handling. This emblem is unique to each member of Excelsior...the only characteristics that they all share is the perpetual glowing and the quality that all of the insignias are composed of two basic, fundamental shapes. These two shapes are mirrored individually on each hand. So, for example, if one's symbol is an &quot;X&quot; across their face, the left hand would consist of a &quot;\&quot; while the right would possess a &quot;/&quot; . This is a simplistic example, however, and most Excelsior symbols tend to be more complex than a rudimentary &quot;X&quot; .<br /> <br /> This emblem in itself is referred to as the Rara Avis, as it is the visible indication that the Rara Avis is being used. <br /> <br /> The effects become more easily appreciated as the Excelsior member in question grows in strength. When they initially acquire a Rara Avis, drawing on the Rara Avis' power only entails a total 10% statistical combat boost that can be distributed to any of the stats as the user sees fit. This means an Excelsior member may put the 10% stat boost on his Zanjutsu only, or could put 5% on Hakuda and the other 5% on Kidou, and so on and so forth. However, this number grows for every fight the Excelsior member engages in <b><i>AND</i></b> uses their Rara Avis in following their attainment of the Rara Avis using the following escalation system (the Rara Avis also grows a minute amount over periods of time naturally as it bonds further and further with the user's soul):<br /> <br /> <ul> <li data-xf-list-type="ul">No Bouts (Personal Chapters [1,000 Words]) - 2%</li> </ul><ul> <li data-xf-list-type="ul">Non PC vs. PC Bouts (Personal Chapters) [Regardless of Whether Rara Avis is Used or Not] -- 3%</li> </ul><ul> <li data-xf-list-type="ul">PC vs. PC Bouts (Loss) [Without Rara Avis] -- 5%</li> </ul><ul> <li data-xf-list-type="ul">PC vs. PC Bouts (Win) [Without Rara Avis] -- 8%</li> </ul><ul> <li data-xf-list-type="ul">PC vs. PC Bouts (Loss) [With Rara Avis] -- 10%</li> </ul><ul> <li data-xf-list-type="ul">PC vs. PC Bouts (Win) [With Rara Avis] -- 15%</li> </ul><ul> <li data-xf-list-type="ul">PC/NPC vs. PC Bouts (Plot Mission) [Without Rara Avis]-- 20%</li> </ul><ul> <li data-xf-list-type="ul">PC/NPC vs. PC Bouts (Plot Mission) [WithRara Avis] -- 25%</li> </ul><br /> The result is an ever culminating stat boost that continues to gain strength as the warrior seeks out more battles. When the Rara Avis boost reaches 100% total, the user takes the total 100% and makes the subsequent stat boosts their new base stats <b><i>ONLY</i></b> for the duration that the Rara Avis is active. The Rara Avis then drops down to a 10% total stat boost and the cycle restarts.<br /> <br /> After the completion of a cycle, the user has 10% in another. If the user has 1/2 of their Avis boost assigned to Zanjutsu, when the Rara Avis is active, the user takes the complete cycle bonus, the 50%, and multiplies that by their &quot;sealed&quot; stat, giving them a new &quot;released&quot; stat. They then take the &quot;in progress&quot; percent of 5% (1/2 of the current 10% overall boost) and multiplies that by the &quot;released&quot; base stat.<br /> <br /> Or<br /> <br /> ((skill x (1.5 ^ X)) x 1.05)<br /> where X is the number of completed cycles.<br /> <br /> The points added due to completed cycles are, for all other game mechanical intents and purposes, treated as regular points would and are added to stats and conn like any other points, but the % bonus from the in progress cycles are not and are considered a temporary boost.<br /> <br /> The distribution of the total boost is chosen by the user when they obtain a Rara Avis, and must stay constant for the rest of the 100% cycle. Thus, a player would have to state that they intend to put 1/3rd of their total boost in SP, Zan, Hak for the rest of the cycle, or they could put 3/10ths into Zan, Hak, Kidou and put the remaining 1/10th into Hohou. The possibilities are countless.<br /> <br /> In addition, the cycle system is used as a measuring stick for acquiring the rest of the Excelsior's techniques. For example, if a technique requires 3 Cycles of Rara Avis to have been completed before it can be learned and used by an Excelsior member, than the member must reach 100% 3 times before being capable of wielding the technique in question. Certain techniques also drain the Rara Avis' boost upon usage, but the boost can never be lowered below the base 10%. In the event that a technique which requires percentage from the Rara Avis would place it at a value below 10%, the technique fails and cannot be used.&#8203;</div><br /> <div style="margin-left: 20px"><span style="font-size: 12px">[Citatio de Amicus]</span> -- <br /> <br /> <ul> <li data-xf-list-type="ul">Number of Rara Avis Cycles -- Zero (0)</li> </ul><br /> The only technique that does not require any Rara Avis Cycles to have been completed before using, Citatio de Amicus is learned at the moment of induction into the Excelsior. All members wear a cloak, cape, or mantle of some sort, and these are knotted together with a special crest that bears the symbol of their Rara Avis upon its metal face. By placing their hand against this emblem and saying &quot;Virtus Unita Fortior&quot; (Virtue United [is] Stronger), the member can summon a single fellow comrade of the Excelsior to fight alongside him. The compatriot who receives the summons sees their ally's Rara Avis in their mind's eye, and promptly is warped to the location of the summoning Excelsior. The warrior will stay there for the duration of the battle, at which he can either choose to return to his previous whereabouts or remain with his comrade. He cannot, however, summon another Excelsior member himself...accepting the summons is considered <i>his</i> use of the Citatio de Amicus.<br /> <br /> It is possible to summon more than one fellow Excelsior to the battlefield, but in doing so, the user loses 5% of their Rara Avis boost for each additional initiation of Citatio de Amicus.&#8203;</div><br /> <div style="margin-left: 20px"><span style="font-size: 12px">[Lucis Insignio]</span> -- <br /> <br /> <ul> <li data-xf-list-type="ul">Number of Rara Avis Cycles -- One (1)</li> </ul><br /> Having completed a single cycle, the Excelsior member can now utilize the Rara Avis for the Lucis Insignio technique, a broad employment of the Rara Avis' symbol for two different effects. These effects are created at the tip of the newly enhanced zanpakutou, which is tied to the Rara Avis during the Post Tenebras Lux's period of augmentation on the member:<br /> <br /> <ul> <li data-xf-list-type="ul">By carving their symbol into any non-living material with the tip of their zanpakutou, an Excelsior member can project an opening into Hueco Mundo, Earth, or Soul Society without the use of a Hell Moth.</li> </ul><br /> <ul> <li data-xf-list-type="ul">By carving their symbol into a living being with the tip of their zanpakutou, an Excelsior member can temporarily endow the subject with a portion of the Rara Avis power, providing the target with a 5% boost to all of their stats for five RPG turns. (Cannot be used to aide fellow Excelsior members).</li> </ul><br /> It is possible to light more than one Lucis Insignio, but in doing so, the user loses 20% of their Rara Avis boost for each additional activation.&#8203;</div></div>


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