Seiji Yasuo - 1st Judge of the Central 46

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Name: Seiji [Given surname; no family] Yasuo [Chosen name] ROGUE SHINIGAMI

Yasuo's back.

Age: Unknown due to background factors, but estimated to easily be over 1,500 due to appearances in various battles before and during the Great Hollow War. Physically appears to be no older than if he were in his mid or late twenties.

Persona: After seeing centuries of bloodshed and war, Seiji has now lost much of his old taste for battle and has adopted a loosely pacifistic philosophy for personal conduct. Even though drinking was quite the past time for him in the 12th Division, he has learned to keep his temper in check at least some of the time, but still engages in a few bar brawls here and there. Mostly laidback and sometimes even carefree (especially when at home in Rukongai), Seiji's biggest vice is his fear to draw his Zanpaku and converse with the spirit inside of it. As such, these days in battle he almost always freezes in dire situations thanks to a horrible, powerful, and recurring memory that transpired in his war days. Only a few, Shinkou Masaru numbering among them, know the dark truth of Seiji's mannerisms regarding his Zanpaku, and those that don't can only wonder why a Judge of the Central 46 would carry a named Zanpaku yet refuse to unseal it.

Physical Stature: Seiji was never known for a dominating appearance and is actually frequently the subject of grossly exaggerated tales in which he is told to be a giant that struck down many Hollows and corrupt Shinigami. The truth is that he stands nearly a head's height under most Shinigami and is thinly built with a light stubble on his chun (He's also the subject of children's jokes regarding goats for this whenever he leaves his personal chamber in Seireitei for the much more homely streets of Rukongai). During the Great Hollow War, Seiji found that longer hair quickly became a nuisance in extended battles and swore off his shoulder-length hair. Seiji now keeps his short silver-white hair slicked back in a streak. As for his regular garb, on duty or off, Seiji keeps the tradition of wearing the trademark gray overcoat that the old Central 46 wore millenia ago. Additionally, from time-to-time when behind stacks of paperwork, Seiji can be seen wearing his half-moon frames while he frantically pens through forms and slips.

Division and Seat: Once an initiate into the 12th Division, Yasuo received a commission to become the 7th Seated Officer, but was never promoted due to the chaos of the Great Hollow War even though he slowly attained his Zanpaku's Bankai in his battles alongside the famed hero Shinkou Masaru. Today, Yasuo has left the Gotei 13 to head the 6 Judges of the Central 46 and is now a prime representative of the popular will of Rukongai.

Zanpakutou Name: Kaikou ("Mysterious Light") is the legendary Zanpaku that Seiji Yasuo wielded into battle during the Great Hollow War. Noted for its properties based in light manipulation, Kaikou is said to have personally slain one of the terrifying Maskless Ones leading the Hollow side in the Great Hollow War. These days however, Seiji has for some reason bound the Zanpaku in its sheath with multiple chains and refuses to show the blade to anyone, including his closest friends and aides for what observers have concluded as a fear of its powers.

Zanpakutou Shikai
: "Kagayakasu! Kaikou!" ("Light up!") is the unsealing phrase in which the Zanpaku is revealed to be a twin set of blades, one of the few ever to be seen after the the start of the Great Hollow War. "Boyakeru! Kaikou!" ("Haze up!") Kaikou's first skill, causes the blades to leave a tangle of motion blurs which can hide the weapon in a web of mirages. "Kirameki! Kaikou!" ("Sparkle!") Allows the two blades to be joined to Yasuo's wrists by lengths of chain at the bases of their handles for a longer reaching attack. The sheen off the weapons can now blind lesser opponents.

Zanpakutou Bankai:

"Tokoyami wo suka su... Kankiri Kaikou " ("To peer into the eternal darkness... Perception Cutter Mysterious Light")

When its Bankai form is activated, Kaikou immediately refuses into its single sword configuration and transforms into a scintillating no-dachi of extraordinary size. In this form, Kaikou's ability to manipulate light as shown in its Shikai form is increased to the point where it warps the way light is reflected in the wake of its swings. As such, after a few swings, a battlefield can turn into forest of immaterial mirrors which renders an opponent's sense of vision useless and can only be pierced by the wielder of Kaikou. Enemies with a total spiritual pressure and connection equal to less than half of Yasuo's connection stat will be blinded by Kaikou's radiant form. Lastly, due to the size of Kaikou in this form, Yasuo suffers a x % penalty to speed, but can apply x % to damage given.

Shinno Bankai: (Meimetsu Toukakansei, "Flickering Blackout")

If pressed further, Kaikou can now offer its wielder a much more focused manipulation of light; this time a type of fuel. In this form, Kaikou gradually absorbs the light in a certain area in order to change Yasuo's grip on the blade (which can either be in Kankiri no-dachi form for power, or Shikai form for speed and reach) in an instant. This ability can effectively change a rising cut to the head to a sweeping arc to the legs. The tell-tale sign of usage prior to execution of this "flicker" technique is the darkening of Kaikou from a pure alabaster sheen to that of a dark jet shade a fleeting moment before Yasuo "flickers" to another grip. This ability can continue to be used until all the light in a 50 foot radius is absorbed, at which point the fight must move elsewhere. Naturally, this ability is weaker during the night and can only be used then by first initiating Kaikou's Kankiri no-dachi form.

Kyousho Bankai (Kashoku Shuushinkei, "Brilliant Light // Lifelong Condemnation)

All of the properties of Kaikou's Bankai have not been seen for over two hundred years, and have only been witnessed and fully understood by none other than Shinkou Masaru... The only eyewitness accounts of its activation are testimonies from various Quincies, Rukongai citizens, and Shinigami that saw Yasuo's struggle against the unmasked White Corona. According to their description, "the land, for an instant, ceased to be a blighted battlefield and was transfigured into a perfect field of light" before their vision began to fail and all but the Shinigami hero and his Hollow adversary were permeated by an inky darkness. The moment the scenery returned to normal, White Corona had disappeared and the injured Yasuo was barely clutching a steaming, and now fully sealed Kaikou...

Biography: Yasuo (as per his namesake) is a Shinigami that has recently tried to adhere to an existence of peace following the maelstrom the Hollows brought upon the spirit world including Soul Society itself. Nothing is known much about Yasuo's early days in Soul Society other than his registration into the Old Shinigami Academy nearly 1,500 years ago from the slums of Rukongai. Quickly gaining marks for his acute swordsmanship and mastery of Kidou, Yasuo was one of the prized students of the institution, gaining the eye of his superiors and was even cleared for advance promotion directly into the 12th Division after only two years of training.

There, Yasuo met Masaru, who was something of a maverick within the Division and was immediately taken under his wing. However, just as Yasuo learned his Zanpaku's name under Masaru's tutelage, the years of grueling toil and endless battle known as the Great Hollow War erupted in the spiritual realms. After fighting alongside Shinkou Masaru, now the present 1st Division Captain and Commander-General of the new Gotei 13, Yasuo moved to become a champion of the displaced souls outside of Seireitei's shattered walls and won their support to become a key representative of the people as the new Chief of Rukongai.

However, seeing that a new Central 46 was needed to govern and oversee the reconstruction of Soul Society's infrastructure, Masaru personally elevated Yasuo to be the head of a new Central 46; one that would cease to be a militaristic oligarchy and would become a represntative democracy for the masses of Rukongai. Currently, Yasuo, clearly the most popular and influential Judge of the six in Seireitei's government, has succesfully approved 40 new wisemen to the Central 46.

With routes to the Dangai firmly secured and back under surveillance, Yasuo now turns to aid Masaru reestablish both the the Captains of the Gotei 13 and the superiority Soul Society once had over the Hollows and their much more cunning "Maskless" counterparts...


Kidou (Hadou):
[#4 Byakurai] -- A blasting spell, intended to pierce an opponent like a bullet.
[#31 Shakkahou] - Fires off a medium-sized ball of compressed Kidou constructed in order to slam into and pierce through a target.
[#33 Soukatsui] - Projects a flat projectile of Kidou that bears down on a target and violently explodes upon contact.
[#63 Raikouhou] - A wide, long-range spell that beats down a target with massive electrical discharges
[#90 Kurohitsugi] - A damaging area of effect spell designed to batter all enclosed targets into submission with massive and densely packed streams of spiritual energy.
[#97 Shounetsujigoku] - The most powerful fire-based Kidou. Multiple cyclones of fire rise from the ground and converge onto a focal point fifty meters from the ground. The resulting dome-like structure then collapses inwards into a catastrophic explosion that engulfs and incinerates everything within a twenty meter radius.

Kidou (Bakudou):
[#1 Sai] - Simple immobilization spell; used to bind minor/weak spirits in place.
[#58 Tsuijaku] - Scans for previously identified spiritual signatures within a radius of several kilometers.
[#61 Rikijyoukourou] -- Summons dense sheets of Kidou to immobilize a target.
[#63 Kingusari] - Golden chains of dense Kidou burst through the ground and actively pursue and bind an opponent for up to half a minute. Chains can be summoned all at once, or up to five can be stretched out over the span of a minute.
[#77 Tentei Kuura] - Establishes a long-range link with previously identified spiritual pressures. Useful for immediate and confidential communication.
[#99.1 Kin] - The most powerful immobilization spell known to Soul Society; wraps a target in sheets of reiraku pinned together with shafts of pure Kidou.
[#99.2 Bankin] - An extension to Kin; demolishes a target entrapped by Kin with a single massive block of Kidou.

Kidou (Bougyoudo):
[#49 Daishyunpo] -- Shyunpo for a limited time can now be used in mid-air and does not exhaust its user's endurance.
[#53 Fuseruki] -- A layer of Kidou suppresses Yasuo's spiritual pressure to zero, allowing him to move undetected.
[#57 Kankatsugan] - A powerful surveillance Kidou used by high-level Shinigami, it greatly increases a shinigami's field of vision. The user also becomes able to detect and separate every energy signature in their range perfectly. The Kidou has a limit though, since it can not be used in combat and will strain the user's eyes if used for an extended amount of time.
[#84 Kyoumon] -- Materializes an impenetrable shield of Kidou. No other actions may be taken or no damage can be done to the interior of the shield or the spell will dissipate.

Kidou (Chiyudo):
[#65 Aotenohira] - A relatively advanced healing technique that can reach from a medium distance.
[#94 Kenpu no Yakushi] - Upper-level healing technique that requires the caster to remain stationary and within a meter of the target. If the target's maximum spritual pressure is less than the caster's base Kidou value, the target is restored to full health with no status abnormalities.

Base Spiritual Pressure - 25,300
Shikai Spirtual Pressure - ~+5,250~ (Add to base value)
Bankai Spiritual Pressure - ???
Zanjutsu - 25,105 ("Shunshin" value = 31,380)
Hakuda - 16,330 ("Shunshin" value = 20,415)
Hohou -- 24,850 ("Shunshin" value = 44,730)
Kidou - 22,750
Connection - 35,770

Stat values at current point in plot:

(Recombinant Soul [β] -
Dominant Aspect: Shinigami)​
Base Spiritual Pressure: 25,300
Shikai Spirtual Pressure: ~+ 7,250 ~ (Add to base value)
Bankai Spiritual Pressure: ~+ ??? ~
Zanjutsu: 25,105x ("Shunshin" value = +25%)
Hakuda: 16,330 ("Shunshin" value = +25%)
Hohou: 24,850x ("Shunshin" value = +80%)
Kidou: 22,750
Connection: 35,770



[Incantation Bypass] -- Allows bypass of the chanting of a Kidou spell and simply state the name.

[Kidou Prodigy] - This character is recognized as a true master of Kidou and can utilize both sword and spell seamlessly in battle. Both the normal momentary delay in using Kidou (even with Incantation Bypass) and the recoil of using a spell (which delays the effective usage of a weapon) are ignored. Kidou drain is 50 percent less than normal, but spiritual pressure drains at 1.3 times the normal rate while using this skill.

[Perfect Shyunpo] - Rather than having to rely on bursts, this special form of shyunpo is a continuous flow of spiritual pressure that increases the distance that can be traveled ten fold and allows for a smooth transition into shyunpo and out of it consistently in battle. The character is allowed to evade many more attacks, but SP is drained at a quicker rate.

[Recombinant Soul [β]] - This soul is recognized as a Beta-level Recombinant and can utilize the corresponding powers [Ability Slots = 3]
  • Stat Feedback
  • Telekinesis
  • <Empty>

[Shikai Command Bypass] - After achieving Ban Kai, the calling of the command phrase for Shikai is no longer necessary. This technique allows the user to simply release his Zanpakutou instantaneously.

[United Front] - In battle, two characters who have spent much time together and are fighting together against an adversary recieve a 25% stat boost to all of their stats (except Connection). Characters able to initiate this feat with Yasuo are Shinkou Masaru, Tsurumaki Hiro, and Maehara Junko.


[Sakuganki] - A sword technique that utilizes advanced spiritual pressure control to repeatedly anchor the tip of a sword onto a target point. Repeated withdrawals of the blade away from the target, and the subsequent attraction of the blade's tip towards it creates a series of thrusting attacks that, with sufficient skill, can create a drill-like force that can punch through a target, or burrow through various obstructions ( 17 uses per battle / 28 thrusts per use / 476 maximum strikes per battle).

[Senka] - A special form of shyunpo where the Shinigami effectively moves behind the target, and in one swift, accurate attack, destroys his or her hakusui, effectively sealing off the victim's powers forever. If the opponent's Hohou or Zanjutsu/Hakuda is less than half this technique, it has a 100% success rate. (Can only be used on PCs with their permission.)

[Shunko] - Torrents of Kidou can now be channeled to support the body of the user in unarmed combat. Perfect for defensive fighting as it grants the Shinigami access to the [Hanki] technique that will effectively cancel any attack valued at less than Yasuo's current spiritual pressure. Shunko can only be used after the [Shunshin] state is enabled and will drain the Shinigami of any remaining Kidou.
  • [Hanki] - Cancels out non-Kidou attacks valued less than Yasuo's current spiritual pressure. If the attacker's spiritual pressure is lower than Yasuo's base Kidou value, they are subjected to a counter attack.

[Sunaheki] A technique which compresses spiritual pressure around a limb or weapon and releases it upon impact. The ensuing expansion of the coiled energy is violent in nature, but is directed outward from the user's weapon. In turn, the release causes a jarring impact that breaks the guard of a defending opponent or increases the damage done on an open one. Timing is important here, as the strike must be made the instant Sunaheki is activated. Otherwise the technique evaporates and loses form. Additionally, if two objects under the influence of Sunaheki come into contact, the one with more spiritual pressure wrapped into it nullifies the effect of the lesser. Each successful use drains a quarter of the spiritual pressure used in the technique, whereas a failed use drains all of it. Lastly, Sunaheki can also be used to wrap certain projectile Kidou with spritual pressure in order to increase its potential damage, but also drains spiritual pressure as if it were a failed use.


["Shunshin" (God of Shyunpo)] - By having this title, Yasuo's Hohou can increase to 1.8 times its normal value. Spiritual pressure and Kidou stats remain the same, however Zanjutsu and Hakuda grows by a factor of 1.25 as well.


Pics of Yasuo, Kanoko, and Hiro

Seiji Yasuo
Casual wear w/ Judicial haori slung over shoulders
(Finished and cleaned in Painter. Total time: 2.5 hours)


Name: Otono [Rukongai nobility; Northern] Kanoko [Given by parents]

Getting Down to Business
(Court Martial Style)

Age: 857; physically appears to be no older than her early twenties.

Persona: Meek and mild-mannered when out of session, it is very easy to mistake Kanoko for a Rukongai pilgrim in the streets of Seireitei if it were not for the flowing gray haori that she almost always wears. Even though people recognize her status as a high government official, Kanoko doesn't flaunt her prestige and power and asks to be addressed simply as -dono instead of -sama or no danna. However, when attending to Central 46 business her personality flip-flops to that of a completely possessed fanatic that holds no bars and takes no prisoners. It's for this passion and fervor with which Kanoko takes her work that makes her the single most influential member of the Central 46, quickly surpassing even Seiji Yasuo in the last few decades. Additionally, Kanoko's sense of humor is a bit dead and often conflicts with that of Tsurumaki Hiro's.

Physical Stature: According to many observers, Kanoko is another example of the classic saishokukenbi, one who is graced by both intelligence and beauty. Likewise, it's fairly obvious to say that Kanoko's been fairly sought after by many suitors, especially from her home districts in Northern Rukongai. Standing at around 5'10", Kanoko is a bit taller than most girls of comprable age, and her dark brown-black hair is always tied back into a long stream that reaches the small of her back. Not one to adhere to the conventions of cosmetics popularized in N. Rukongai, Kanoko rarely applies make-up and, due to her daily walks around Seireitei, has lost the trademark pale skin of the women of that region. Additionally, the ties in her hair were the gifts from Yasuo given to her when they first met.

Division and Seat: Having never attended the Shinigami Academy, Kanoko is more or less a regular Plus spirit. However, her status as a noble from Rukongai granted her a platform with which to ascend to the Judicial bench of the Central 46 as its 4th Judge.

Zanpakutou Name: Kanoko carries no Zanpakutou, but instead carries other means of defense on her person.

Biography: (To be written)


Name: Tsurumaki [Rukongai peasantry; Northern] Hiro [Unknown origin] DECEASED

Age: 281; physically appears to be no older than his mid-teens.

Persona: Single-handedly known as the genius of generation (and knowing it himself), Tsurumaki Hiro is the youthful energy that drives debate in the Central 46. Amicable and nearly always in good spirits are the basic definition of Hiro's personality. Those traits are what enables him to connect to the younger base of Rukongai and Seireitei and voice their concerns in the government. However, despite his age and usual demeanor, there lies an ambitious politician under his cheerful countenance. Since his education in the Shinigami Academy was allowed to be self-customized by a mandate from the Central 46 for his inordinate academic strengths, Hiro has spent most of his life studying the political science of Soul Society. As a result, not only is Hiro entrusted with the office of 2nd Judge, but he is also in charge of the intelligence communique with the Onmitsu Kidou and possibly knows more secrets of the new Soul Society than even Seiji Yasuo or Masaru Shinkou.

Physical Stature: Being an adolescent, Hiro's physique is in short, non-existant. His nature of being a bookworm at the Academy has left him with little time to tackle physical conditioning and a tall, lanky stature. To be more precise, he's closer to being a bit underweight standing at 5'11" yet weighing only a little more than Kanoko (as discovered during a drinking game...). The messy black tangles that Hiro calls his hair goes ungroomed in the daytime and often stands up at awkward angles during sessions at the Central 46. However, the young women in Seireitei don't seem to mind those characteristics in particular given that Hiro is in possession of the "cutest grin" in Soul Society (as voted upon by the Shinigami Academy's Sorority many years running).

Division and Seat: During his accelerated education at the Shinigami Academy, Hiro's skills at Kidou were honed (and continue to be) personally by Seiji Yasuo. Consequently, Hiro's natural talent at Kidou blossomed into a formidable force that many of the Divisions of the Gotei 13 began swooning over. However to the disappointment of the Division scouts at the Academy, Hiro showed no interest in joining any armed forces and sought an internship at the Central 46. Today, he's risen meteorically through the ranks of the government and sits at his mentor's side as the 2nd Judge of the Central 46.

Zanpakutou Name: Since Hiro is a Shinigami Academy graduate, he possesses his own Zanpakutou. However, since he never resumed his martial training, it remains nameless and stored for safe keeping in Yasuo's office under an arcane binding method.

Biography: (To be written)

Base Spiritual Pressure - 8,870
Shikai Spirtual Pressure - N/A
Bankai Spiritual Pressure - N/A
Zanjutsu - 510
Hakuda - 255
Hohou -- 805
Kidou - 7,545
Connection - 120


Name: Maehara [Seireitei nobility] Junko [Given by parents] ROGUE SHINIGAMI

Keigun Pride; Retro Version​

Age: 1457; physically appears to be no older than her in her early twenties when she was last seen.

Persona: Raised to be a pure professional, Junko was expected to be one of the leaders of the Maehara clan when it was determined that one of her distant cousins lacked the skillset to succeed the family name in the Keigun. As such, she approached all of her assignments, from the most mundane to the highly sensitive, with a cold and calculating mind that executed with mathematical precision. However, after she met and fell in love with the young Seiji Yasuo while attending classes at the Shinigami Academy, she began to lose some of her trademark alienating indifference and became more and more amicable and personable towards others. However, after years of courtship, she was crushed by her fiancee's apparent betrayal of Soul Society decades in the making and began to assume an even harder authoritartive, and sometimes even sadistic, mindset when the Keigun assigned her to train raiding parties and to track down traitors at the war's outbreak.

Physical Stature: With a warm oval face carefully framed by raven-black hair (which was only let down before retiring for sleep), one could easily remember the happier days of Junko's life. However, her expression at the outbreak of the war was almost always contorted into pessimistic smirk that held a hint of sadness whenever one looked into her gaze. She stood at around 5'9", around an inch or so below the average size of the men under her command. Being in incredible athletic shape to complete field work in the Keigun, Junko also had a very slim and slightly muscular build, but was able to wear a variety of outfits to great effect (for undercover work or otherwise). However, Junko's ears were a bit sharper than normal and became the object of her family and close friends' teasing. Consequently, it was Yasuo who first thought to cover them with ribbons in her hair, an accessory that Junko kept regular use of even after the said Shinigami's apparent banishment.

Division and Seat: Junko was never inducted into the Gotei 13 and was subjected to a rigorous academic and athletic training regimen at the Maehara estate in order to join the Keigun. However, partly in order to familiarize herself more with Seireitei, she joined the Shinigami Academy to supplement her initial education. Once formally adopted into the Keigun, Junko became a junior officer in charge of information collection and analysis. By war's outbreak, she then became an official Keigun enforcer and was actively involved in training special units as well as neutralizing high-profile targets and obtaining the most well-kept of secrets.

Zanpakutou Name: Classified

Biography: Classified

Stats: Classified

Further details about Maehara Junko are to be released pending future Central 46 decisions.


The Sanbagarasu

Name: Mizaru [Codename]
Fuyutsuki [Given surname; Seireitei nobility] Nimuro [Given name]

The concept art for Nimuro; he's actually a few years older in appearance now.

Age: 574; physically appears to be in his late teenage years

Persona: Noted for his immediately positive disposition, even towards strangers, Nimuro was considered one of the most personable individuals in all of Soul Society by his peers. While not a practical joker by nature, given his age, it isn't surprising to see one still so youthful engage in pranks. However, while on the job, Nimuro's been commended by his superiors and seniors for his impeccable work ethic and eye for scouting and nurturing potential amongst talented individuals. Quick to find humor and romance, he spends much of his offtime becoming quite the charming womanizer.

Physical Stature: Noted to be the next shortest and youngest Captain in the last full ranks of the Gotei 13, Nimuro stands nearly a head below the height of an average-sized male Shinigami. He also sports short brown hair slightly raised at the bangs and at times, a few antenna hairs near the top of his head. His hands and feet are slightly larger than normal currently, the result of a possible final growth spurt. Additionally, his eyes are usually scored with bags from sleep deprivation thanks to his duties. Though when he gets a full night sleep every couple of dats, his complexion seems to completely rejuvenate, showing absolutely no signs of stress or prior fatigue. He is also ambidextrous and can wield a weapon effectively in each hand and has a low center of balance, making him hard to knock over when slapped around by the women he hits on.

Division and Seat:

Zanpakutou Name:

Zanpakutou Shikai:

Zanpakutou Bankai:




Name: Kikazaru [Codename]
Todoko [Given surname; no family] Kenji/Kenpachi [Chosen names]

So I pretty much abandoned the older design in favor of a longer hair one; sue me. (At least this way I won't have to deal with those scars on the other side of his head.

Age: 2,140; rumored to have appeared as far back as half a millenia earlier however. More or less middle-aged, his hairline seems to be receeding.

Persona: Kenpachi's been known to periodically shift between two personalities, both equally infamous for various reasons. In his "calm" state, Kenpachi is rational, yet still slightly a bit of a condescending jerk that maintains an air of supreriority around his peers, challenging even those considered to be more powerful than he is. His rationality is at least somewhat negotiable and sensible when this half is active, but is still very stubborn over all. It wouldn't be a surprise to find one's self consitently insulted or belittled when in this man's company at these times. His second personality only manifests in the heat of battle and can only be truly and properly described as that of a berserker. Like many warriors noted for their bloodlust, Kenpachi is equally dangerous to friend and foe when swords clash and is often separated from friendly units and deployed as a single solitary unit to finish off stragglers or to cut a path for advancing columns from his far rear.

Physical Stature: While not immediately physically intimidating, upon closer inspection, a patchwork of scars on and around his neck, chest, and right arm will betray his true identity. His hair often changes from a short to pony-tailed length, but always remains a very dark brown. In brightly lit rooms however, his hair seems to shift to a redder shade; attributed by legend to the amount of blood his victims leave in his hair. His average height and frame is counterset by piercing orange eyes and a pointed, and dimpled chin. He has also been noted to constantly have a fruit of some sort in his crooked sword (right) arm's hand.

Division and Seat: Following his induction into the 5th Division as a seated officer, Kenpachi eventually rose to become its Vice-Captain, and eventually its Captain. Currently, Kenpachi has severed his ties from the Gotei 13 and has become one of three chief retainers of a shadow organization operating in and outside of Soul Society.

Zanpakutou Name: Hakamori ("Gravedigger")

Zanpakutou Shikai:

Zanpakutou Bankai:




Name: Iwazaru [Codename]
Ohara [Given surname; N. Rukongai] Aya [Chosen name]

Her hair color changes a lot since she does a ton of fieldwork undercover. Like Alias, but with a lot less talking ^^;;.



Physical Stature:

Division and Seat:

Zanpakutou Name:

Zanpakutou Shikai:

Zanpakutou Bankai:




??? and Nimuro
Are these two really brothers like Lott suspects?
(Totally drawn in Photoshop CS; Total time: 3 hours)


Updates (12.7.05):

*First off, I know you're reading this, but thanks for using my characters for that project, it's an absolute thrill to have creations be used for conceptual art like this (makes me wish I attended the Academy instead of pursuing to shrink minds @___@).

*In any case, the gorgeous line art for these three portraits was done by AkiDot of the Academy of Art's SFO campus. Absolutely amazing work that was put together in only a few weeks of idle AIM banter on general character design. I just hope my CG was enough to do them justice; these pieces looked KILLER with that charcoal finish .____.;; *apologizes in advance*

*Since Imageshack's email login link's being Nazi, I'll just put links to all three portraits here and then move them into appropriate character profiles as time goes on:

Aki's Recombinant Yasuo:

Aki's Lott

Aki's Taka



Updates (2.12.06):

*More stuff by AkiDot (Pencils) and myself (CG). Here's a pair of characters that haven't been introduced into the plot yet, but feel free to speculate as to who (or what) they could be.

Aki's Mystery Folk #1:

Aki's Mystery Folk#2



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